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August 30, 2020

I will not be doing the news the next few days due to some eye irritation. I have been advised by my doctor to stay off the computer as much as possible for awhile.


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Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

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Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location

COVID -19 Update from Office of Director of Health Services
This is our data for today. A total of 343 samples were processed today. A total of 94 of these samples are reactive for SARS-CoV2. The preliminary breakdown is as follows: Corozal District - 7 Cayo District - 7 Stann Creek District - 9 Belize District - 26 (17 in San Pedro) Orange Walk District - 45...

COVID-19 Update
We have indicated that some CARICOM countries are having similar trends such as ours and mainland countries such as Guyana and Suriname have parallel border dynamics that influence their numbers. Growth curves similar to ours can be seen in The Bahamas, Jamaica, Guyana, Suriname and Trinidad & Tobago. This data as presented is compiled and presented through a UWI platform.

Ground-breaking for Maximum Water Park project in Corozal
This morning Corozal Town Mayor Rigo Vellos, Deputy Mayor Hilberto Clarke and Councillors were joined by Mr. Marwin Humes, representative of Maximum Water Park project, Corozal’s first world-class, eco-friendly inflatable Water Park, for a symbolic ground-breaking along the Rainbow Beach area. The Maximum Water Park project will remain under the watchful eyes of the Corozal Town Council and the Department of Environment to ensure that the project produces sustainable economic development while maintaining respect for the environment.

Change for San Pedro Formed, Concern over Gov't Covid-19 Response

San Pedro Lions Club Reaches out to Senior Citizens with Food Pantry Assistance
San Pedro Lions Club - Without community service we would not have a strong quality of life. Thanks to The Belize City Lions Club and Caribbean Depot, we were once again able to help our senior citizens who are in need of support at this time.

Sisimite native to the world of the Maya, the name Sisimite is a corruption in Maya from a Nahuatl – Aztec – word tzitzimitl which loosely means "Demon" or “supernatural creature.” While known to the Maya for centuries, especially between the Yucatec Maya ,Itza Maya and Lacandon Maya ,the first outside report of the Sisismite came from a group of Spanish gold prospectors in the 18th Century. So, what does this creature look like ? The Sisimite has been described as a hairy ape-like creature, much larger than a human, with the face of a human. Some say it can be up to 9 Feet tall . It has only 4 fingers and no thumbs, and in some cases it has been described as having backwards-facing feet. Sisimites walk upright, like humans. They let out high-pitched screams but have no language. They are generally regarded as being hostile to humans and have been accused of kidnapping people.Their apelike fur has been described as ranging from a chestnut color to pitch black.

Boa constrictors and Belize
by ACES / American Crocodile Education Sanctuary. This week we had the misfortune of seeing and hearing about some maltreatment and killing of a harmless kind of snake, the boa constrictor. We want to use this opportunity to help inform those who may not know how to identify boas and educate those who generally fear snakes due to a lack of knowledge or misunderstanding of the animal. Boa constrictors are a commonly seen snake in Belize, and while their large size can incite fear, they pose no threat to people...

Channel 5

2020 Queen of the Bay
The Queen of the Bay designate 2020 is Miss Belmopan, Myra Sibrian

Belmopan City Council Employees all test Negative

Chon Saan Palace Closes Down After Second Employee Test Positive For COVID-19
The Management of Chon Saan Palace informs the public that it has decided to temporarily close the restaurant once again. The health and safety of our customers remain our highest priority and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by our closure. The decision was taken following the confirmation of a second member of staff testing positive for COVID-19. Though the employee has not been to work for a week, we have decided to close until all employees test negative for COVID-19.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Barack Obama and others pay tribute to deceased ‘Black Panther’ star Chadwick Boseman
Former President of the United States Barack Obama has led tributes to the late Chadwick […]

Prime Minister optimistic that Belize’s economy will rebound despite deep contraction in second quarter
“There is no way we can say all is well,” Prime Minister Dean Barrow said […]

Belize’s International Airport (PGIA) set to re-open October 1, 2020
At Friday’s press conference, the Barrow government announced plans to re-open the Philip Goldson International […]

Foreign currency tight but Central Bank reserves firm says PM Barrow
Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow, affirmed the nation during Friday afternoon’s press conference that […]

Miss Belmopan Myra Sibrian is to be crowned Queen of the Bay 2020/2021
Miss Belmopan, Myra Sibrian has been selected as the Queen of the Bay designate for […]

COVID-19 cases in Belize soar to over 960
Health officials in Belize are currently monitoring 836 active cases of COVID-19. Belize has experienced […]

Ministry of Health confirms 13th death associated to COVID-19 in Belize
The Ministry of Health confirmed minutes ago that another person lost their life to COVID-19 […]

94 new cases of COVID-19 identified
The Ministry of Health today confirmed that of the 343 samples processed today, 94 new […]

Employee of Chon Saan tests positive for COVID-19
The Management of Chon Saan Palace issued a statement today informing that the restaurant will […]

Elderly man killed by africanized bees
An elderly man was killed by africanized bees late Thursday evening. 74 year old Roy […]

Names of outstanding public officers to be inscribed along walkway in Belmopan as a public memorial
h ntr f th ubl rv nd lmn t unl hv grd th wk n tblhng  ubl rv Wlk f Rgntn nd nrtn […]

Mexico records 3rd highest number of deaths in world due to COVID-19
While neighboring Mexico has recorded the 3rd highest death toll due to COVID-19 with 63,146 losing their lives to the virus […]

Names of outstanding public officers to be inscribed along walkway in Belmopan as a public memorial
h ntr f th ubl rv nd lmn t unl hv grd th wk n tblhng  ubl rv Wlk f Rgntn nd nrtn […]


Belize’s Grand Wonder: The Great Blue Hole
Though its aerial perspective is breath-taking, its true wonders lie underwater: giant stalactites, dripstone sheets and limestone columns (all proof the cavern formed above sea level) are now inhabited by curious Caribbean Reef Sharks and Black Groupers. Descending by tank through its thermocline is an expedition into darkness; its limestone wall is a calming reference as you slowly sink to the recreational diving limit of 130ft. Here, an eerie hue of dusky cobalt illuminates’ greyscale columns carved by erosion during the last ice age. In just a few minutes of immersion, it becomes difficult not to be in awe of nature’s handiwork.

A Visitor Checklist for Entry into Belize
Announced August 28, Belize confirms to reopen for international travel on October 1, 2020. In preparation for your trip to Belize, here are the overarching requirements and guidelines to follow. During this third phase of Belize’s Travel Reopening Plan, tourists are limited to safe corridors, with accommodations limited to Gold Standard recognized hotels. Before arrival, you should take a COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours of your travel to Belize. A negative result from your PCR will allow for a ‘fast track’ arrival process. However, all passengers without proof of a negative PCR Test will be rapid tested once in Belize. The rapid test is at a cost to the tourist, priced at US$50.

The Most Popular Maya Ruins in Belize You Must Visit
*These are our recommended top 5 most popular Maya Ruins in Belize. This does not include caves or other archaeological sites. Belize is literally filled with Maya Archaeology Sites! Whether it has been excavated or not, you can climb up a Maya Site in any district of Belize. Most of these sites are just a few miles away from any major town or city. They can also be located in a village. Although you can visit these sites on your own, it is recommended that you take along a guide or ask for a guide to get the most out of your tour. The guides, who you can hire from a tour company or at the site, are well trained with all the facts and stories about the Maya Ruin that will make your trip worthwhile. Tour guides in Belize must pass a rigorous examination each year to keep up to date with the knowledge for the tours they lead.

While Mexico receives most of the attention when it comes to ruins, the Mayan kingdom reached down into parts of Central America, including modern-day Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. By this point, I’d spent six weeks travelling through the Yucatan and I have to confess I was starting to feel ruined out, but after hearing that the ruins of Xunantunich were easily accessible from San Ignacio and were likely to be void of tourists, I knew I’d regret skipping out on them. And now, a pronunciation lesson: Xunantunich is pronounced shoo-nan-too-nitch.

To Boldly Go Where No One Wants To
The current pristine state of Belize’s Sarstoon-Temash National Park’s unique wetlands and mangrove complex owes much to its remoteness, difficult access, and hostile habitat; the discovery of oil there is changing that. A team of scientists collects ecological data which might help guide the Park’s management. The skiff drifts quietly toward the riverside, the outboard still. A young man standing in the bow gently parts the branches overhanging the water till the boat touches the bank. He ties the bow line securely to a tree, then pulls the boat parallel to the shore.

International Sourcesizz

Cancun Eyes 60 Percent Occupancy by End of 2020
Cancun and other tourist-friendly destinations in Quintana Roo, Mexico are poised to bounce back in the final third of 2020, according to the Tourism Promotion Council of Quintana Roo (CPTQ). According to The Riviera Maya Times, occupancy is expected to double and reach 60 percent by the end of the year, helping restore tourism jobs in the region.


  • Puppy in Belize adorably chases his tail in his new home, 1min. Buddy is an adorable little puppy who has just found his forever home with a family in Belize. He's a mix of wiener dog, chihuahua and several other small breeds. He belongs to Nito, a scuba dive master who lives on the island of Amergrise Caye in a town called San Pedro.

  • 2020 Queen of the Bay, 2.5hr. 75th Annual Queen of the Bay Pageant

  • Female loggerhead turtle heading back out to sea, .5min. Exciting sighting on Half Moon Caye this weekend - BAS ranger Rodel saw this female loggerhead turtle heading back out to sea after nesting on the beach. She made it all the way up the beach to the water tower to find a safe spot for her nest, which is the 21st turtle nest to be made on HMC this season. Hopefully that means we will have lots of baby turtles hatching later this year!

  • Caye Caulker, Belize 2020, 4min.

  • I went to Belize, 8min. This video is about a fantastic journey in the Caribbean. Belize notre amour.

  • Ceviche in Belize, 6min. Today we're going to Belize and we're enjoying some Ceviche. I particularly like how easy it is to make and how refreshing it is on a hot day.

  • Belize COVID-19 Tourism Business Digital Toolkit Part 1 - Consumer Sentiment, 3min. Welcome to the COVID-19 Digital Toolkit six-part video series. The purpose of the digital toolkit is to provide tourism businesses with the latest information on digital strategies to best position and promote your business as the industry recovers from the impact of the global pandemic. Video One: Consumer Sentiment. How to address travelers sentiments in the new COVID-19 normal, how it has affected the tourism industry, as well as the potential tourists markets of Belize.

  • Belize COVID-19 Tourism Business Digital Toolkit Part 2 - Content and Messaging, 7min. Video Two: Content and Messaging. This is one of the most important components to focus on as you think about shifting your marketing that sets the right mood and tone of your public messages and promotional content. As a competitive industry, engaging and informative content and messaging is essential for your business to stand out and attract future travelers.

  • Belize COVID-19 Tourism Business Digital Toolkit Part 3 - Website Best Practices, 2.5min. Video Three: Website Best Practices. It is important that tourism businesses provide potential travelers with correct and up-to-date information about how they, and their destination, are dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, and how they are preparing to deliver safe experiences.

  • Belize COVID-19 Tourism Business Digital Toolkit Part 4 - Social Media Best Practices, 4min. Video Four: Social Media Best Practices. In this section, we will focus on Best Practices in Social Media, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and what you can do to maximize the most out of your presence on these Social Media Platforms.

  • Belize COVID-19 Digital Toolkit Part 5 Online Business Listings (Expedia,, 6min. Part 5: Online Business Listings (Expedia, If you are using third-party channels such as Google or TripAdvisor for promotion and booking, it is important to provide up-to-date information on operational & service changes, including temporary closures and reopenings, operating hours, availability of services and amenities, and additional health and safety precautions visitors would need to consider.

  • Belize COVID-19 Digital Toolkit Part 6 - Online Business Listings (TripAdvisor, Google My Business), 10.5min. Part 6: Online Business Listings (TripAdvisor, Google My Business). If you are using third-party channels such as Google or TripAdvisor for promotion and booking, it is important to provide up-to-date information on operational & service changes, including temporary closures and reopenings, operating hours, availability of services and amenities, and additional health and safety precautions visitors would need to consider.

    August 29, 2020


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

    The San Pedro Sun

    Minister of Health Pablo Marin shoots intruder at his residence

    San Pedro is Belize Too: Islanders unite online to demand more from local and national authorities
    Residents of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye are rallying online for change and fairness from the Government of Belize (GOB). The island is the only municipality in the country which continues lockdown because of COVID-19, and residents are alleging there is little to no support from GOB. With the collapse of the tourism industry, islanders seek to negotiate with the government to kick back some funds into the local economy, better allocations for Ambergris Caye, and to put a robust mechanism in place to properly screen persons traveling to the island.

    Various Belizean Sources


    Flood Forecast for August 28, 2020
    River Conditions: REGION 7 - On the RIO HONDO at Blue Creek and downstream at Santa Cruz, San Antonio, San Roman, and Douglas levels are above nonnal and steady. On the NEW RIVER at Tower Hill and Caledonia levels are above normal and falling. REGION 9 - On the MACAL RIVER, reservoir levels are below the spillways at Chalillo Mollejon and Vaca facilities. At San Ignacio, levels are below the low-level bridge and falling. The MOPAN RIVER at Benque Viejo Town is above normal receding. On the BELIZE RIVER, levels at Banana Bank and Double Run are above normal and steady. On the CROOKED TREE LAGOON levels remain below the causeway and steady. ..

    COVID-19 Update
    This is our data for today. We have 52 new positive cases in 333 samples processed today. The preliminary breakdown is as follows: Cayo District -5 (Armenia, Yalbac, Belmopan) Orange Walk District - 14 (San Pablo, San Jose, Trial Farm, San Felipe, Yo Creek, San Estevan, August Pine Ridge, Orange Walk Town) Belize District - 15 (Belize City, San Pedro, Caye Caulker, Biscayne) Corozal District - 18 (Corozal Town, Caledonia, Libertad, Xaibe, Chunox, Libertad, San Narciso) We have 39 recovered cases.

    Ministry of Public Service and Belmopan City Council Sign MOU for Public Service Walk of Recognition and Inspiration
    On August 26, 2020, Dr. Peter Allen, CEO of the Ministry of Public Service, and Mayor of Belmopan Khalid Belisle signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the establishment of the Public Service Walk of Recognition and Inspiration. Amid COVID-19, the 2020 Public Service Awards Gala was cancelled. Instead, the Public Service Walk of Recognition and Inspiration has been created to achieve the same goal of the gala to recognize innovative and dedicated public officers. Located on the walkway beginning on the west Ring Road between the Belize Bank and Angelus Press and leading up to the stairs of the National Assembly building, the Walk will serve as a public pillar and potential framework for economic and social development in the City of Belmopan.

    University of Belize Faculty & Staff Union Reject Labour Bill 2020
    The University of Belize Faculty and Staff Union joins the National Trade Union Congress of Belize in rejecting the Labour (Amendment) Bill 2020. It is our view that the Bill is generally stacked against the employee and in favour of the employer. This cannot stand. At this time, in the midst of a global pandemic when employees throughout the country are particularly vulnerable, the UBFSU implores the Government of Belize to refrain from taking any action that will erode employees’ legal rights and further destabilize their job security. Sections of the bill that afford employers broad discretionary powers threaten to do just that.

    BEL Vacancy for Loss Reduction Representative
    A vacancy exists for the post of Loss Reduction Representative I in the Metering & Loss Reduction Unit of the Distribution Services Division (Belize City) of Belize Electricity Limited.

    BEL Vacancy For Apprentice Lineman
    A vacancy exists for the post of Apprentice Lineman I in the Distribution Operations Department (Belize City) of Belize Electricity Limited.

    BEL Vacancy for Administrator
    A vacancy exists for the post of Administrator, Executive Services in the Executive Services Department (Belize City) of Belize Electricity Limited.

    Call for Events
    Do you have an activity or event you would like to be featured in this year's September Calendar? Contact the National Celebrations Commission by Monday to have it included!

    Virtual Art Exhibit
    Are you a visual artist? Would you like to be a part of our FIRST EVER Virtual Art Exhibit?! That’s right! We will be highlighting the work of some talented young Belizean artists soon, and we need your help finding them! If you are a painter between the ages of 15-29, email us with a copy of your bio and some photos of your work. Make sure to submit by September 9th! Help us spread the word guys!

    A Nukuch Tat with his offering of Sakab
    The Nukuch Taato'ob (Balamo'ob) are respected guardian Spirits between the Yucatec Maya of Belize. For gratitude and respect the Yucatec Maya of Belize give them offerings . Traditional offerings include Sakab , Balche' (Holy wine) and Ch'ookob (Holy food) . In recent times offerings of tobacco and sweets have been included . Others when getting medicinal plants, simply ask the Nukuch Tato'ob for their permission and blessings.

    Channel 7

    Minister Marin Killed Burglar
    This afternoon, Prime Minister Dean Barrow held a virtual press conference on the latest with COVID-19. Normally, he would have been flanked by Pablo Marin, the Minister of Health, but today, Marin was otherwise engaged; he was at the Corozal police station, being interviewed by police investigators about the alleged burglar he killed last night. A burglar broke into his home in Corozal last night, and Marin says that he was forced to defend life by shooting the assailant with his licensed weapon.

    PM Stands With Minister
    Knowing that the press was going to ask about it anyway, Prime Minister Dean Barrow opened his virtual press conference by briefly discussing what he knows of the fatal shooting. The PM says that Marin has his support: "Of course, the police are conducting an investigation, after which, as I understand it, their report will be submitted to the Director of Public Prosecutions, for her determination. All I will do this afternoon is to express my utter and complete solidarity with my colleague, Mr. Hon. Pablo Marin."

    A New, "Firm" Date For Airport Opening
    And, turning now to the main, COVID-related subjects coming out of the Prime Minister's press conference, the biggest announcement today was the opening date for the Phillip Goldson International Airport. First, it was scheduled for August 15, but a spike in COVID cases cancelled that; and then it was tentatively set for September third, but, again, COVID made that impossible. So, now, the date is October first and that PM swears that this date is firm:

    Rapid Testing Paves The Way To The Future
    And a part of that clear headed-ness about October first is what seems to be an excessive amount of confidence the Prime Minister is putting in a new type of testing module called the Antigen Rapid Test from Abbott labs. It promises cheap and fast testing and the US company has been approved by the FDA for for productions of tens of millions of tests. For the PM, the advent of this creates all kinds of opportunities, both for Belizeans and tourists - and it was the centrepiece of his presentation today. Today, he explained how the use of the rapid test in Belize will make for faster turnaround times for those whose samples are taken using the biosensor antigen rapid test:

    Testing Tourists In A Different Way
    And while that is the biosensor test, the PM believes that the advent of the Abbott test should make it easier for testing when overnight tourists start arriving in October, and even when cruise visitors start arriving: "So American tourists and Belizeans coming back from the States should have no trouble bringing an Abbott test with them. This thing is so portable. I don't want for them to test in the States and then bring us the results of their 15 minute Abbott test. I want them to bring the test and have the test administered right there at the airport so we can see..."

    Quarantine Requirement Eased For Belizeans
    And while those visions of an overnight and cruise tourist comeback are perhaps slightly fanciful, there's legit good news from Belizeans repatriates coming back from the United States. Presently when they return, they have to go on a costly 14 day quarantine in a hotel. That measure was introduced when Belizeans had a few dozen COVID cases. But now we have 870 going on a thousand - so is it really fair to ask them to pay for quarantine when most of them will test negative for COVID, which is widespread right in this community?

    Man Dies Of Bee Stings In The Deep Forest
    73-year-old Roy Martinez died early this morning while undergoing treatment at the Western Regional Hospital. The Bulldozer operator who works for a Gold Mining Company in the Chiquibul had been attacked yesterday by a swarm of killer Bees. And by 1:30 this morning when he finally arrived at the hospital he had entered a semi-conscious state. We note that the mining operation is deep, deep in the forest and many hours away from any medical care.

    Political Tension and Intensity: The Last Days Of The Transfer Period
    Tonight, there is only one day left in what may be the last transfer period before the next general elections. We say "may be" because no one knows for sure when the general election is. So, while the period could be extended depending on the date set for the election, as of right now, its pencils down for the political operatives on the ground whose mission for the last two months has been the rounding up and registering of every willing voter they could find.

    Family Carjacked By Cross Border Bandits
    Cross border bandits fired on police and BDF last night - as they recovered a vehicle that had been stolen. Events started to unfold around 07:30, when 44-year-old Byron Manuel Guevara, a Guatemalan farmer from Bullet Tree ran to the village police station. He told police that he and his family, including his wife and three kids, aged 3 to 13, were in his 1985 Toyota pickup on the El Pilar Road when three men emerged from the bushes, with their shirts tied over their faces. Each carried a firearm, and they forced the vehicle to stop; one of them demanded the farmer's money and the vehicle.

    COMPOL On Guat Border Jumpers
    The press also asked the Police Commissioner about the 2 Guatemalan border jumpers, 42-year-old Alfredo Colon and 38-year-old Junior Espinosa, who were both were caught by police on the waters of the Stann Creek district on Tuesday morning. As we told you, police officers from the Intermediate Southern Formation received information of vessels arriving with in-country with contraband goods. So, they went to the Old Forest Dock near Mango Creek, to intercept the boats.

    The Days of Diego’s Life
    The press also asked the COMPOL about the troubled days of Police Constable Reginald Diego. As we told you, Diego has been charged for extorting an American man for not wearing a mask. Shortly after getting bail for that charge on Wednesday, Diego was accused of going to People's Store in Orange Walk Town, where he allegedly shoplifted a Smirnoff and a Belikin Beer.

    The Investor Who Came On The Plane
    Who came on the mystery plane out of Saint Luis, Missouri in the USA on July 10th? That passenger then went on to San Pedro for business. The press has been after this information for a month - but it's been closely guarded by the Civil Aviation Department. And, it seems even the Prime Minister had to drill down to get the info. We wanted to ask him about it at last week's press conference but we were shut down by the moderator after only two questions. Today, one of our colleagues did ask, and here's what the PM disclosed:

    52 More COVID Positive
    The latest COVID numbers were also discussed at today's press conference. A record 333 samples were processed and there were 52 positive cases coming out of that. So, we now have a total of 870 cases, with 765 active cases. Dr. Russell Manzanero gave a breakdown of which communities those 52 positive cases are coming out of: "Yesterday in itself we had fifty two new cases. So I'll break it down by how they came in. for Corozal we have eighteen new cases, in Caledonia five. Libertad and Corozal Town two. Chan Chen three, Xiabe three and Chunox one. In Orange Walk District we have fourteen..."

    Alarming Number Of Frontline Workers Positive
    And while it's good to hear of so many recovered, we know there are many also in the COVID unit at the KHMH. For their families it is a scary and sad time - and that family includes the medical community since a 42 year old doctor from the western region is among them. The Director of Health Services discussed his case among the dozens of front-line healthcare workers who have been infected:

    Better Masks for Frontline Workers
    The CEO in the Ministry of Health also discussed the large number of infected amongst front-line workers and proposed new measures to protect them: "We basically are looking at the 28 healthcare workers now on the 26th and a total of 38, 36-38 and also with law enforcement we have 42 but I just want to empathize that it is not the doctors, it is not the nurse, it is the lab technician, it is the pharmacist, it is the receptionist, it is the administrator, it is the lab technician, the public health inspector..."

    CEO Says COVID Supplies Enough For 9 Months
    Doctor Gough also discussed the availability of those masks and supplies in general: "When it comes to the PPE suits, the ones that you see in the full white, we presently enjoy an inventory of about 100,000 in country in our warehouses and we have about 15,000 still coming from an IDB subsidy, not to say that we are going to be issuing them recklessly or irresponsibly. When it comes to the gowns for example, I am also glad to say that we have more than 34,000 of blue ones which are the sterile ones and we have over 20,000 of the non-sterile ones and we have a total of about 75,000 still coming into the country. When it comes to the masks, like the one I am wearing, we presently enjoy close to a million in the warehouse and I have close to about 700,000 coming in the next few weeks..."

    Finally, Bonus For Frontline Workers
    And, the Prime Minister announced that there is more relief for front-line workers, because a long delayed and much discussed bonus is on the way "The bonus package for the frontline workers in the ministry of health, this was a bonus package that we had promised some time ago, we are finally looking to get it together, the position is being sorted out between the ministry of health and the ministry of finance."

    QOTB, Virtual Style
    Tomorrow is the 75th Annual Queen of the Bay pageant. And this year, Belize's oldest pageant is going to be very different. That's because it's going virtual, streamed online and voted on via digicel texting votes. But while there won't be a roaring crowd you can still expect all of the usual Pomp and circumstances that makes the Queen of the Bay the pageant of the September season.

    Run Di $150!
    So far in the news tonight, you've heard a whole lot about the airport, rapid testing, and other COVID news. But what thousands of unemployed people out there want to know is when is the second tranche of the COVID unemployment relief coming through. It's $150.00 which may not be a whole lot - but for those who have lost their jobs and have no income, it is plenty. And while the relief program was announced weeks ago, for most, the money can't reach yet. The Prime Minister apologised today:

    San Pedranos Demand An End to Lockdown
    Today, San Pedro residents haled a virtual protest using their facebook feeds to demand that they come out of lockdown. They jammed the comments section of the stream of the PM's press conference saying they are San Pedro strong. Now, the island still has a high number of active infections but the PM says they won't be locked down much longer:

    GDP Contracted 23%; PM Expected Worse
    The Prime Minster also discussed the high contraction in the GDP in the second quarter. It was 23%. The PM said he thought it would be more:

    The Saga Of The Big Creek Tug
    And, the Prime Minister's press conference today ran for two hours and thirty three minutes. It covered a broad range of subjects including the sage of the Big Creek tug - of which 5 crew members came back COVID positive from Honduras. Here's the report:

    Channel 5

    Health Minister Pablo Marin Shoots and Kill Suspected Burglar
    There is a lot to cover tonight from the re-opening of the P.G.I.A. to the use of rapid tests coming out of a lengthy press conference with Prime Minister Dean [...]

    PM Barrow Stands in Solidarity with Cabinet Colleague
    The file of the fatal shooting of Matura will be sent to the office of the Director of Public Prosecution for determination.  Minister Marin did not offer any comments today, [...]

    PM Addresses Backlog of COVID Test Results
    Turning to COVID-19…the frustrations shared by many who have had to be swabbed and tested for COVID-19 include the lengthy waiting time for results to be made available.  With the [...]

    Government Considers Rapid Tests as an Alternative to PCR
    The use of rapid tests has up until now proven fairly unreliable, despite the quick turnaround time for results to be made known.  Consequently, the Ministry of Health has relied [...]

    PM Barrow Looks to Abbott Labs for an Answer to Rapid Tests
    On Thursday, the United States announced that Abbott Laboratories has commenced trials for its rapid coronavirus test to determine whether it could effectively be used on asymptomatic people.  This followed [...]

    36 Healthcare Workers Infected with COVID-19
    As to the patients, three are on ventilators at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. A doctor from the Cayo District, the ministry’s epidemiologist from the Western Health Region, is intubated [...]

    P.G.I.A. Set to Reopen on October 1st
    The other big news out of the PM press conference is in respect of international travel.  A fixed date for the reopening of the Phillip Goldson International Airport has been [...]

    Abbott Rapid Tests to be Used at P.G.I.A.
    As of November twenty-second, Delta Airlines will resume flights to Belize.  According to PM Barrow, the use of the Abbott Rapid Test should simplify the process of verifying one’s health [...]

    Patient 12 Died of a Heart Attack, Due to COVID-19
    The twelfth person to die from COVID-19 was a man from the Mennonite community in Indian Creek Village, Orange Walk.  Sixty-year-old David Wall began to experience breathing problems before he [...]

    52 New Cases of COVID-19!
    Belize has registered eight hundred and seventy cases of the novel coronavirus. Seven hundred and sixty-five are active cases – three hundred and thirty-two are females and four hundred and [...]

    COVID-19 Samples Backlog Cleared
    During the press conference today, Director of Health Services Doctor Marvin Manzanero confirmed that the Belize Central Medical Lab has caught up with backlogged samples.  And as reported, rapid testing will [...]

    Frontline Workers Will be Tested
    Public officers on the frontline of the fight against COVID-19 will also be tested as required, that’s according to PM Barrow, who emphasized earlier today that government’s resources, in respect [...]

    Enough Test Kits and Supplies to go Around at M.O.H.
    From rapid testing to the inventory at the Ministry of Health.  The number of testing kits, as well as personal protective equipment for medical personnel on the frontline of the [...]

    M.O.H. is Capable of Conducting up to 26K COVID Tests
    The present supply of resources available to the Ministry of Health can last up to nine months; that is with M.O.H. sharing drums of hand sanitizers and other items with [...]

    Armed Robbery on the Calla Creek/Santa Rosa Road
    Byron Manuel Guevara, a farmer in Bullet Tree Village, reported to police that armed robbers held him at gunpoint on Thursday night just after seven o’clock on the Pilar Road, [...]

    Two Guats and One Belizean Detained in the South!
    Two Guatemalans, who were picked up in the south earlier this week, were placed in a quarantine facility. Thirty-eight-year-old Junior Espinosa and forty-two-year-old Alfredo Colon were detained when they entered [...]

    A Stabbing in Belize City
    Two men were involved in stabbing incident on Thursday in the incident. Preliminary reports say that the incident happened between a step-father and step-son. The step-son reportedly got into an [...]

    PC Reginald Diego in Trouble with the Law Again!
    Corozal policeman Reginald Diego is in trouble again with the law. As we reported on Tuesday, Diego was arrested and charged for the crime of extortion. He met bail and [...]

    150 People Charged for Failure to Wear a Facemask in the Span of 3 Days
    On Thursday we told you about the lifting of the lockdown in Guinea Grass, Ship Yard and Santa Martha. As you know, police officers were critical in helping to maintain [...]

    Elderly Woman Succumbs Days After She Was Cut to the Throat
    Two men have been charged and arraigned for the murder of Rosa Chinchia. On August seventeenth, the fifty-nine-year-old was cut to the throat by a twenty-five-year-old man who asked to [...]

    Tensions and Threats on the Mesop Campaign Trail
    It wouldn’t be election season without tensions between opposing political candidates. As you know, campaigns are in high gear and transfer close on Monday so political candidates are rushing to [...]

    What’s Up with Foreign Exchange and the Economy?
    Earlier this week, the Statistical Institute of Belize released its latest figures on the performance of the economy.  The past three months have been dismal, to say the least, as [...]

    G.O.B. Follows W.H.O.’s Guidance, No Lockdown of O.W.
    With the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the north, will the Orange Walk and Corozal districts face a lockdown in the days ahead?  That notion is frowned upon by [...]

    No More Lockdown for San Pedro When S.O.E. Expires
    In San Pedro, meanwhile, the number of coronavirus cases is at a plateau and all indications are that the state of emergency on the island town will be lifted on [...]

    Elderly Man Killed by Bees in the West
    An elderly man is dead after he was stung to death by bees. Seventy-four-year-old Roy Martinez, a bulldozer operator, was working in the Chiquibul area when he was attacked by [...]


    New SI ends Orange Walk lockdown
    For weeks, the communities of Santa Marta, Guinea Grass and Shipyard of the Orange Walk District, as well as the entire town of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, have been under a strict lockdown due to the spike of COVID-19 cases originating in these areas. With the passing of Statutory Instrument No. 122 of 2020, however, these areas, with the exception of San Pedro, are no longer under complete lockdown after weeks of laments by the residents in these areas of the hardships they were experiencing as a result of being cut off from the rest of the country.

    COVID-19 update
    The surge in COVID-19 cases continues; as of yesterday, Wednesday, August 26, 30 new cases were confirmed, taking the total tally in the country to 760. Of the 760 confirmed cases, 695 are currently active, and 54 persons have recovered.

    Cop charged for extorting American who was not wearing face mask
    An investigation into an alleged act of extortion by a police officer, led to charges being brought against Constable Reginald Diego, Jr., 39, of Libertad, Corozal District, who is attached to the Orange Walk police. He has been charged with extortion and has been detained pending arraignment in court. The incident for which he was charged occurred on Sunday in Carmelita, at the police checkpoint near the Toll Bridge on the Philip Goldson Highway.

    Pastor pleads guilty to theft
    Pastor Roberto Ruiz, 49, a pastor of San Ignacio who was charged with three counts of theft, pleaded guilty to the charges yesterday in the San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court. His guilty plea was accepted, and he was fined $1,500 for each count, which resulted in a total fine of $4,500 plus $5 cost of court. Ruiz must pay all the fines by March 20, 2021.

    Bryan Guzman, 20, remanded for shooting taxi driver
    Bryan Navid Guzman, 20, a laborer of Hillview, Santa Elena, who allegedly shot a taxi driver during an attempted robbery of the cab driver, has been remanded until October 29 on charges of attempted murder and attempted robbery. The cab driver, Jerison Ramirez, 21, of Bullet Tree Falls, has since been released from the San Ignacio Community Hospital.

    Chinese businessman remanded for possessing firearm while under the influence
    Yinghui Zhen, 32, a Chinese businessman of a Central American Boulevard address, has been remanded until October 5, on charges of possessing a firearm while under the influence of alcohol and refusing to provide a blood sample for analysis. Zhen was taken yesterday to court, where he appeared before Magistrate Stephanie Gillett, who read the charges to him, and informed him that bail could not be granted for the offense, and directed him to apply to the Supreme Court for bail.

    Police officers deliver baby girl at police station
    Police at the Mahogany Street Police Station delivered a baby girl on the porch of the station at about 2:30 a.m. Saturday morning. Paramedics and the BERT ambulance later went to the police station and took the baby and her mother to the hospital for examination, and both have been released and are at home.

    Corporal Elton Elijio released on bail
    Yesterday, Corporal Elton Elijio, of the Dangriga police, who was charged with possession of a firearm while under the influence (of alcohol), and driving under the influence of alcohol, was remanded in the Magistrate’s Court until September 23. Today, however, his attorney, Richard “Dickie” Bradley, was successful in his bail application before Justice Antoinette Moore, who granted him bail with certain conditions after property documents were presented on his behalf.

    38 lbs. of weed, and ammunition found
    Thirty-eight (38) pounds of cannabis was found on Linda Vista Street, in the Lake Independence area, this morning by police. Police said that the cannabis was found in 18 packages in a bag hidden in the bushes. At the time of the discovery, no one was in the area, and no one has been arrested for the drug.

    Editorial: Our authorities have not explained
    Since there is almost no way in Belize to get to the bottom of anything when the ruling party wants to keep things under wraps, and the main opposition party is not too interested, we can only speculate on the main source of the COVID-19 virus that is now loose in the country. There has been a serious spike in cases of the disease, and people have died, people are lining up to be tested, and staff and space at our main hospital are severely strained. A month ago we appeared to have everything under control, then things fell apart. The government owes us a full explanation of what caused us to suffer this serious outbreak. Belizeans have every right to be disappointed, because so many are doing all they can to help our country avoid another extremely costly lockdown.

    Popular artist saves the day with an easel!
    Highly acclaimed Belizean painter, Alex Sanker, took social media by storm on Tuesday, August 25. The enraged artist went live on his personal Facebook page after fighting off two would-be robbers who were violently assaulting a tamales vendor. Sanker heard the commotion outside while painting in his art studio, and he immediately sprang into action. He grabbed a used easel and proceeded to fight off the two young men with it.

    Belize’s indigenous communities suffering the most during the COVID-19 pandemic
    COVID-19 pandemic has affected every facet of our lives: the way we interact, travel, do business — even the way we eat. Admittedly, the newsreels have been dominated by urban-centric narratives of long ATM lines, crowded food distribution stops and images of an undisciplined populace who are not complying with the public health measures, but what about our rural communities?

    Belize’s economy contracts for 5th consecutive quarter, this time by 23.3%
    On August 26, the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) released its report on economic activities for the month of July 2020, the period April to June 2020, and the seven-month period, from January to July 2020. As expected, the news is not good; in fact, it is bad, about as bad as we have ever seen it. Belize’s gross domestic product (GDP) was down by $169.9 million (23.3%) in the second quarter of 2020, when compared with our output in the second quarter of 2019. Our domestic exports for July 2020 were down 37.3% or $17.2 million when compared with exports for July 2019, and our total merchandize exports from January to July 2020 were down 13.1%.

    A new health policy under the PUP
    Yesterday, Wednesday, August 26, the People’s United Party, through a virtual broadcast, launched the second phase of their manifesto, better known as “Plan Belize,” in which a policy for health reform is proposed for the country. The virtual rollout featured a number of PUP stalwarts and experts providing insights on the current status of the country’s healthcare system, as well as on the challenges being faced within the healthcare sector as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    From the Publisher
    While I was studying at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire between 1965 and 1968, I visited the small city of Lacrosse, Wisconsin, for a spring break. It was a 1500 mile automobile trip from New Hampshire to Wisconsin during the spring break of 1967. The winter weather was bad, dangerous. We negotiated a ride from Dartmouth as far as Chicago, if I remember correctly, I’m not sure. From there, or maybe somewhere in Michigan, we hitch hiked the rest of the way. I was travelling with my then best friend, a big, football-playing white guy named Steve Cline, and we passed through Chicago and Detroit on the way back, where I visited the late Dr. Neil Garbutt, who was studying at Wayne State in Detroit at the time.

    A 1970s flashback on Inter-District football – the match that wasn’t played
    It was sometime around the middle of last year, shortly after renowned midfielder Rudolph “Peru” Olivera returned to the Jewel and was featured in an Amandala story, that a post-game discussion/argument erupted among some fans at the MCC over which opponent Stann Creek had faced in that epic 1972 Inter-District final, Orange Walk or Corozal, when Peru had “struck twice” in the last five minutes of the game to secure the victory and the championship for Stann Creek. It turned out that there were two such dramatic championship finishes for the Stann Creek team, the other being two late strikes by left winger Dean Lewis in 1977, with the legendary Garrincha Adderley recording the assists on both occasions.

    We shouldn’t be thinking too much about September celebrations
    About this serious increase in COVID-19 cases in our country, our authorities can say, “we told you so; we warned you”, and we could say, “well, yes, but you opened the bars, and you gave the green light to the parties, and yes, you opened the churches so they could carry on with their high-spirited praising.” We let down our guard, and now the virus is so dispersed everywhere that it could be labeled endemic. We have heard people who caught the disease say how hard they tried to prevent catching it, so we know how difficult it is to stay safe. This disease, it’s like trouble.

    Are we better off since Independence?
    Usually, around this time, the country would be abuzz — as it was last year. People would be hustling and bustling in a flurry of movements to get into the celebration mood. The towns and cities would be intricately and ceremoniously draped in national paraphernalia that would put on display and promulgate our sovereign nationalism. The various radio stations and media outlets would be engaging the national populace in the usual “Tenth” songs that reverberate deep in our bones. A host of activities would be planned and would be getting underway; but instead, there is simply no feeling of joy or elation that “September is around the corner.”

    The COVID-19 pandemic and the scheduling of general elections in Belize
    As we approach the constitutional deadline for general elections in the context of a national state of emergency, the question arises as to whether a national State of Emergency can be used to justify a delay in the scheduling of general elections beyond the constitutional deadline. The question gives rise to constitutional issues and requires an appreciation of the provisions in the constitution governing the dissolution of the National Assembly and the scheduling of general elections thereafter.


    PM says BEL is not ripping off consumers
    Consumers across the country have been complaining about inexplicably high electricity bills since the start of the pandemic. Belize Electricity Limited has gone on record more than once ensuring Belizeans that more persons staying at home equals more electricity being consumed.

    MOH breaks down recent covid-19 cases
    The Ministry of Health announced fifty two new cases of covid-19 in Belize. At today’s press conference, Dr Russel Manzanero gave a break down of the new cases as well as the numbers in terms of deaths and those who have recovered.

    Online classes and the vocational studies
    While online classes will be the way to for the next few months there are some classes that would prove difficult to be carried out online. Some of these include vocational studies like welding, cooking and technical drawing. These are the classes that will be the exception to the rule providing that the social distancing protocols are adhered to. Chief Education Officer Dr Carol Babb spoke on this issue in yesterday’s edition of Ask the Expert.

    Man killed by bees
    An elderly man of Blackman Eddy Village, Cayo District lost his life after he was attacked by a swarm of bees. Correspondent Fem Cruz has the story.

    PGIA set to reopen on October 1
    The Philip Goldson International Airport is now set to reopen on October 1. The previous reopening date of August 15 was postponed after there was a rapid increase in confirmed cases of covid-19.

    Health Minister shots and kills burglar
    Minister of Health Pablo Marin is in the news tonight after being the victim of a home invasion last night. The 52-year-old Government Minister was at home at around ten thirty last night when he heard noises in the lower flat of his house. He made checks and moments later came face to face with a robber who had ransacked his home. Minister Marin fired a warning shot followed by two more shots that injured the intruder. He was notably absent from today’s press conference with the Prime Minister.

    Meet the Queen of the Bay delegates
    The five Queen of the Bay delegates are set to take the proverbial stage tomorrow. We say proverbial because seventy fifth Queen of the Bay National Pageant will be held virtually in order to maintain safety protocols to mitigate the spread of covid-19.

    DHS says stop politicizing health of citizens
    The Director of Health Services, Dr Marvin Manzanero has called the statements made by a medical doctor as unfair and erroneous. Earlier this week Dr Victor Rosado spoke on the current situation in Belize’s health sector as part of the PUP’s health plan and brought harsh criticisms against the country’s health system.

    Renovations completed at WRH
    Renovations have been completed at the Western Regional Hospital and a new Covid-19 Centre will be opened shortly. Our Cayo correspondent Fem Cruz has that story.

    An accurate rapid test for covid-19
    Belize currently uses the PCR and GeneXpert methods of testing for covid-19. While reliable, these take a significant amount of time to process the result.

    Frontline health care workers to get care package from government
    The government has promised frontline health care workers a care package, and this will come in the form of an ex-gratia payment. CEO in the Minsitry of Health, Dr George Gough explained more about this.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Pablo Marin: “I had no choice but to defend myself”
    The last word, for now, on Thursday night’s events in Corozal Town comes from Pablo […]

    Belmopan City Council: All employees test negative for COVID-19
    Last week, the Belmopan City Council informed that as a preventative measure, it had sent […]

    Doctor from San Ignacio intubated at KHMH
    Today, during a virtual press conference, Director of Health Services, Dr. Marvin Manzanero informed that […]

    Health officials monitor 765 active cases of COVID-19
    Health officials in Belize are currently monitoring 785 active cases of COVID-19 The country has […]

    Pine Lumber Company “turns ordinary into extraordinary”
    The Cayo-based company Pine Lumber Company Limited is almost as old as Belize is, having […]

    Prime Minister expresses “solidarity” with Pablo Marin
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow opened this afternoon’s briefing with a note of “solidarity” with Minister […]

    No state of emergency extensions, P.M. expects
    The national State of Emergency regulations expire on September 3 and Prime Minister Dean Barrow […]

    Second round of Unemployment Relief Program begins Monday
    With apologies from the Prime Minister, payments through the National Bank of Belize Limited for […]

    We are giving our best, says P.M. of health system
    Responding without political rancour to the assessment of the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) that […]

    Putting in backstops for false results
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow discussed how testing backstops will be put in place moving forward. […]

    Ministry of Health: 52 new cases of COVID-19 identified
    The Ministry of Health informed that of the 333 samples processed today, 52 new cases […]

    PGIA to re-open October 1
    The government now plans to re-open the Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) for other returning […]

    Prime Minister: We are working on reducing backlog for testing; rapid tests will now be employed
    As of this weekend, says Prime Minister Dean Barrow, the backlog on testing at the […]

    Dr. George Gough says Belize “comfortable” with COVID-19 supplies
    CEO in the Ministry of Health Dr. George Gough has been stockpiling supplies for hospitals […]

    UN chief calls for sustainable recovery of tourism from COVID-19
    Launching a policy brief on tourism and COVID-19, Secretary-General to the United Nations Antonio Guterres […]

    UB Faculty and Staff Union joins in rejecting Labour Amendment Bill 2020
    The University of Belize Faculty and Staff Union ( UBFSU) issued a statement saying that it […]

    Man shot dead in burglary of Minister’s residence named
    The man accused of burglarizing the residence of Minister of Health, Pablo Marin, in Corozal […]

    Three armed thieves hold up and steal vehicle from farmer and family
    Police are investigating a report of an armed robbery that occurred last night on the […]

    Police: Health minister Pablo Marin shoots and kills home intruder
    Health Minister Pablo Marin shot and killed an intruder who attempted to steal from his […]

    Belize’s border could remain closed for remainder of 2020
    Officials of neighboring Chetumal, Quintana Roo are concerned about the continuous closure of Belize’s border, […]

    Tropical Storm Laura leaves over 47,000 people without electricity
    More than 47,000 people were left without electricity this morning as Tropical Storm Laura moved […]

    Family fight in Belize City leaves one injured
    One is stable and another being sought by police after a reported domestic incident on […]

    Minister of Health reportedly shoots and kills home intruder
    Minister of Health Pablo Marin, a resident of Corozal Town, appears to have reportedly shot […]

    Family ambushed on El Pilar Road
    Police are investigating a reported robbery of a Guatemalan farmer and his entire family on […]

    Belize Emergency Response Team goes beyond WHO health guidelines to protect patients and staff
    The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on frontline healthcare workers has been widely reported over […]


    End of Third Week of Total Island Lock-Down #2 on Ambergris Caye
    We have been doing our best to abide by the rules set down by the Government of Belize. Only head to town for essentials during non-curfew hours. But stay at home as much as possible. Our COVID positive numbers are still rising…but it isn’t only this island. Cases and unfortunately deaths have been moving up. We have had no big official national announcements during this time – no mention of a re-opening or if the restrictions will continue when this State of Emergency ends officially on September 4th.

    International Sourcesizz

    Mexico could keep Belize border closed for remainder of year
    In what the Belizean authorities are calling “not very encouraging news”, the neighboring country could keep its borders closed for the rest of the year. President of the National Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of Chetumal, Jaime Mingüer Cerón, says that the economy for the state’s capital city is already going through a crisis and is on the verge of collapse since more than 50 percent of visitors arrive from Belize.

    Prime Minister of Belize’s Briefing: International Airport to Re-Open October 1, 2020
    Here is what you most want to know: THE PGIA RE-OPENING is OCTOBER 1, 2020 Complete confidence that the flow thru the PGIA (International Airport) will be ready. American Airlines will fly to Belize 5 days a week – every day but Tuesday and Thursday. United will fly to Belize on October 1st – every day. Delta to come mid-November. THIS WILL NOT CHANGE BARRING A HURRICANE because the ABBOTT test will be a game-changer – DON’T BRING RESULTS – BRING THE TEST! This new Abbott rapid should also mean that cruise ships should be easily able to test and get running in 2020.

    Sanctuary Belize Execs Face $120M Judgment In Scam Suit
    The operators of purported luxury development Sanctuary Belize will have to pay more than $120 million in addition to facing bans from certain business sectors after a Maryland federal judge ruled Friday that they had run a real estate scam that swindled American consumers.

    Caricom with over 20.490 Covid-19 cases
    The Caribbean Community (Caricom) is close to exceeding 20.500 Covid-19 cases, as 15 member states are reporting active patients in their hospitals. According to the regional site Caricom Today, six member countries of the community bloc exceed a thousand patients with Covid-19. Only Anguilla, Barbados, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Monserrat and Saint Kitts and Nevis show control in the spread of the pandemic.

    World Bank Provides US$8 Million to Strengthen Agriculture and Food Security in Belize
    Belize will strengthen its response to the socioeconomic hardship caused by COVID-19 with a US$8 million reallocation of funds from the World Bank to support the country’s agricultural sector and improve food security in the context of the pandemic. The program will benefit more than 8,700 agricultural households in the country. “Agriculture is essential to support lives and livelihoods in Belize, particularly during this challenging period. This financing will assist farmers who have been affected by COVID-19 and drought and increase farmers’ ability to provide food for the nation,” said Tahseen Sayed, World Bank Country Director for the Caribbean.

    Celebrating the gentle giant, the Whale Shark
    Key stakeholders from across the globe working on the conservation of the endangered species ‘Whale Shark’ came together to commemorate International Whale Shark Day which will be observed on 30 August. Sixteen years after pioneering a deep dive into a whale shark conservation, Wildlife Trust of India and its partner Tata Chemicals Limited have much to celebrate with the Gujarat Forest Department and the fishing community living along the coast of t...


  • Prime Minister's Virtual Press Briefing, 2hr38min.

  • WEBINAR: “Risky Business": Risk Planning and Financial Recovery Post Covid-19, 1hr52min. Join Dr. Carla Barnett, Dr. Leroy Almendarez of Beltraide, DFC and QSSI as we discuss the financial road to recovery for the Hospitality & Tourism sector. Explore the plans, support systems and facilities in place to help navigate these challenging times.

  • The Ministry of Health advise people to self quarantine if exposed to Covid-19, 1min.

  • Queen Kim has a message requesting information about any families that might need feeding assistance, 1min. The Colorado community outreach program is collaborating with the SISE Town council and myself to provide grocery assistance to families in need. Kindly private message me @Kimberly Santos if you know of anyone in need.

  • Meet the Delegates of the National Queen of the Bay Pageant 2020, 4min.

  • Sperm whale spotted today about 2.30 pm, 1.5min.

  • Mahogany Bay Resort, Belize, 10min. My visit to Mahogany Bay Resort in Belize

    August 28, 2020


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

    The San Pedro Sun

    Health plans for Belize Rural South unveiled by Leader of the Opposition
    Ahead of the general elections in November, the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) presented its plans to address the health issues in Belize, particularly as the country battles to contain the current COVID-19 pandemic. The plan calls for the building of health facilities in several municipalities, including San Pedro Town. On Thursday, August 27th, PUP Leader Honourable John Briceño spoke to island residents, discussing his intentions to deliver adequate health services on La Isla Bonita and Caye Caulker.

    2020 September Celebrations Theme Chosen
    The winning theme was submitted by Precious Martinez, a 13-year old student of Sacred Heart College in San Ignacio Town. It reads: Overcoming Adversity, Creating Opportunity, Belizeans: Unite for Prosperity!

    Rejected Payments for Unemployment Relief Program due to Wrong Bank Information
    Payments under Phase Two of the Unemployment Relief Program began on August 24, 2020. Payments are already being rejected by commercial banks because the applicant’s banking information is incorrect or the account is inactive.

    BERT Air Ambulance transfers two island residents with respiratory complications to Belize City
    Two elderly patients (male and female) with respiratory complications were airlifted to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) on Wednesday, August 26th. Both patients were swabbed for COVID-19 and then transferred via an air ambulance from the Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT). The aircraft had to make two separate trips between the island and Belize City, as it did not have enough space for two patients. The medical personnel at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II saw the need for their transfer to the KHMH, where they have better resources to help them with their respiratory problems. The symptoms are highly suspected to be caused by COVID-19, but that can only be known after their samples have been processed for the deadly virus.

    Ambergris Today

    Mexico To Donate Ventilators To Belize And Other Caribbean Countries
    During a ceremony held today at the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs (SRE), Mexican Minister of Foreign Affairs Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon announced the donation of ventilators manufactured in Mexico to eight Caribbean countries: Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Dominican Republic, Guyana, Haiti, Saint Lucia, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago. Ebrard Casaubon reflected on how, in a few months, Mexico went from lacking ventilators to attend to COVID-19 patients, to producing its on supply of ventilators. This gave Mexico the opportunity to stand in solidarity with nations that are where Mexico once stood.

    Various Belizean Sources


    Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
    Friday, August 28th, Meal Pick ups: Location: SPORTS BAR. Times: Village: 11:00-11:45, Bahia: 11:45-12:30.

    Rejected Payments for Unemployment Relief Program due to Wrong Bank Information
    Payments under Phase Two of the Unemployment Relief Program began on August 24, 2020. Payments are already being rejected by commercial banks because the applicant’s banking information is incorrect or the account is inactive. Text messages will be sent to each applicant whose payment was rejected stating the following: “Your bank rejected your URP payment. Pls ask the bank for correct banking information and send that info to”

    Caye Caulker Covid stats
    Total # of Positive Cases: 20 Total # of Negative Cases: 25 Total # of recovered patients: 2 Total # of active cases: 18

    The SAVE the MACAL RIVER in Belize group planted 30 saplings at the Macal River Park
    The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. CORE planted 30 seedlings at the Macal Park.

    The Youth Connection Band will be performing on Saturday evening
    Let's Enjoy Together another VIRTUAL SHOW.. Music can help us forget everything or remember everything. Let's keep our spirit in optimism.

    List of Objections and Appeals from the Elections and Boundaries Department
    Kindly click the link to access a List of Objections and Appeals from the Elections and Boundaries Department.

    This is our data for today: A total of 255 samples processed with 58 new positive cases to report. The preliminary breakdown is as follows: Corozal District - 9 (Corozal Town, Buena Vista, Patchakan) Cayo District - 2 (Roaring Creek and San Ignacio) Belize District - 18 (16 in San Pedro and 2 in Belize City) Orange Walk District - 29 (Orange Walk Town, August Pine Ridge, Guinea Grass, Trial Farm, San Estevan, San Pablo, Trinidad) We are also able to confirm a death in a person diagnosed with SARS-CoV2 at a private institution, the diagnosis was done post mortem.

    Public Notice - Land Registry Department
    The Ministry of Natural Resources informs the public that effective Monday, August 31, 2020, the Land Registry Department, in compliance with the Ministry of Health guidelines, will be providing services for the pick up of completed documents and submission of original documents services by appointment only. Land Registry Department services guidelines: 1. Certified/uncertified copies of Register, Deeds and other land documents must be requested online via the Ministry’s website and payment must be confirmed prior to booking an appointment. ..

    Public Notice - National Estate Section
    The Ministry of Natural Resources hereby informs the public that the National Estate Section remains open to the public. However, as a COVID-19 preventative measure, effective Tuesday, September 1st, 2020, land documents, with the exception of Grant Fiats and Land Certificates in respect to national lands, will be made available for pick up at district offices. • Please note that the approvals are issued in the district where the land is located.

    UB Library Closed Until Further Notice
    Disenchanted, the employee said verbatim “I'm an employee of the University of Belize, Library Department. Our department was told by our supervisor that the entire library staff at UB will be made redundant because, almost effective immediately, the library will be dismantled/closed down. How can a university operate without a library of any form? It’s baffling, and to add to that, they even charge their students a library fee of $20.00 per semester. Imagine an approximate 4,000 students paying $20.00 per student for a service the institution won't make available to them. That's an approximate $80,000.

    Belize Sugar Industries Ltd. (BSI) learned today that two of our employees have tested positive for the novel coronavirus COVID-19. We have acted decisively and quickly in collaboration with the Ministry of Health (MoH) to conduct our risk assessment and contact tracing for all other employees possibly exposed to these individuals. Additionally we have responded according to our strict protocols to ensure our employees’ health and safety. All employees identified as having close contact with these individuals have been informed and placed on self-isolation.

    The Corozal Town Council has carried out upliftment work at our historic Soldier's Park
    With the support of the business community, we carried out some renovation of the park benches, adding a new design utilising concrete and hardwood. Of course, the image of the bench with the unfinished work is simply to show a before-and-after picture.

    The Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institue in Belize (CZMAI) highlighted Dr. Emil Cherrington, a Belizean scientist and former employee of CZMAI. Dr. Cherrington previously worked at CZMAI back in 2005 as the Data Analyst for the organization. He was responsible for managing the largest national holdings of geospatial data on Belize’s coastal & marine resources as well as the implementation and collaboration of projects between CZMAI and UNDP as well as a host of other activities. This all changed one day when he got a call from Dan Irwin, global program manager for SERVIR, who asked him to work for NASA’s SERVIR program.

    Intermittent road closures at the entrance to Cristo Rey Road on the George Price Highway
    The public is advised of intermittent road closures at the entrance to Cristo Rey Road on the George Price Highway in Santa Elena Cayo during the months of September and October 2020. These closures shall be on weekdays only and between the hours of 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM. These closures are necessary to upgrade water mains and to construct concrete drains on this road related to the upgrading of the Cristo Rey Road. Alternative routes to access the Cristo Rey Road are recommended at the street coming off the George Price Highway opposite the former location of Allen’s Hardware and at the road adjacent to Highway Supermarket near the Hawksworth Bridge on the George Price Highway.

    Rescuing Belize Botanic Gardens, organized by Judy DuPlooy
    Belize Botanic Gardens , due to the Covid-19, Pandemic, has been without its main sources of income since March 2020 when the country closed to tourism. Our borders and airport continue to be closed with no definite opening date. We need your help! Our operating income is derived mainly from entrance fees and guided walks for visitors and hosting international students to overnight here and study native flora. We offer gardeners' training and host thousands of local school children from all levels. Together we support this precious environment!

    Chiquibul jungles flash floods
    Rains are here and in the Chiquibul jungles flash floods have been recurrent. On this instance, the Karst Management Unit set up a small camp at Resumidero; five days later it was absorbed by the rising Chiquibul River. Resumidero is one of the main entrances of the Chiquibul River into the Chiquibul Caverns.

    Channel 7

    Another COVID Death from Orange Walk, Total Now 12
    There has been one more COVID death - and this patient - a male - died at a private clinic. We are told he is a patient from Orange Walk and was taken to a COVID ward at a private facility in Belize City. His diagnosis was done posthumously - and no details on his age have not been provided. So that brings the total number of deaths to 12, of 818 confirmed cases, which is a mortality rate of about 1.5%.

    Smugglers Blues At Santa Cruz
    The contraband and border jumping laws have been changed so that they are now severe - all in the hopes of stopping smugglers from bringing the Coronavirus into Orange Walk. But the border hustle continues - and last night, the police border patrol team caught one contrabandist. Last night after 7:00 police saw three men unloading goods from a canoe that came across the Rio Hondo from Botes Mexico to Santa Cruz, Orange Walk.

    Guat Border Surfers Caught Coming Into Stann Creek
    A pair of Guatemalans caught on the waters of the STANN CREEK District may also be among the first to face penalties under those strict, new contraband laws. On Tuesday morning police from the Intermediate Southern Formation received information of 2 vessels coming across from Guatemala with un customed goods, headed for the Old Forest Dock near Mango Creek. A police surveillance team saw the vessels arriving at daybreak, and the cops sped to the dock where they found 2 Guatemalans on board, 42-year-old Alfredo Colon, and 38-year-old Junior Espinosa. A search of the 2 boats yielded a pair of cartons Of Ultra cigarettes and several other loose food items that did not originate in Belize.

    Sanker Beat Alleged Robbers; The Judge Sent Them to Jail
    Tonight two men form the Pickstock area, 23-year old Raheem Vernon and 19-year-old Kirk Antonio Broaster, are on remand at the Belize Central Prison. They are accused of the broad daylight robbery of a Tamales vendor. You'll remember that on Tuesday the duo were thwarted from the Rayburn's Alley beatdown of 27-year-old Candelario Gonzalez when local artist Alex Sanker came to his rescue armed with the broken support of an easel.

    Prada's Proud Papa
    And while there's no doubt about Sanker's bonafides as a community hero, there may be some doubt cast on the actions of the police officers, who on Saturday were said to have delivered a woman's baby. The couple in question visited our Channel 7 studios this morning, their precious bundle in tow, to tell us what really happened in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Cherisse Halsall has the story. Prada Haylock is 5 days and while she may look like your typical new-born her birth was anything but typical. That's because she was born on a sidewalk.

    PC Diego Does It Again
    Last night we told you about the case of Constable Reginald Diego, who was charged for extorting an American man for not wearing a mask. Well, now he has been charged for making off without payment.

    In New Education Paradigm Parents Become Co-Teachers
    Primary school starts in ten days - but, of course, it won't be anything like regular school, since there will be no in person instruction. That means parents will have to become co-teachers for these young students. It's a sharp change in roles, telling of the trying times were living in under COVID. And today on Ask The Experts, the Chief Education Officer outlined the changing role for parents - who first have to find a place at home for their students to set up:

    PSE On Pause
    And while it will surely be a trying time for the parents of these 100,000 students who have been out of school since March, one thing they won't have to worry about is the PSE for standard six students. The Chief Education Officer kinds confirmed that the PSE is on pause: "The PSE will not did, it wasn't administered last year, and we doubt very much that it will be administered next year because we are working under not so normal circumstances, right..."

    SBA's & C-SEC For High Schoolers A Bridge Too Far
    And those parents of high schoolers entering fourth form most likely won't have to worry about those difficult SBA's and C-SEC examinations. The Chief wouldn't commit to calling them off altogether, but clearly suggested that they may be a bridge too far: "Well most of the SBA's were completed for last year. For this coming school year, we're not sure. These are the things that we need to re-visit and discuss and decide how we will move forward because remember that secondary schools will not officially start until the 5th of October..."

    Print Materials Are Primary Source For Primary Schoolers
    And while those big end of year hurdles are out of the way - for most parents and teachers the stress is the start of the year. How the heck do you give young students meaningful instruction at home? Well, for Primary school students there will be guidance for distance learning in the form of printed material. Here's how the Chief Education officer explained it: "Our primary medium that we are suggesting, we are asking schools to get that information out, is through print resources because that is the way we know it will reach to all corners of Belize but where there are cases where they can engage them in using some means of technology, that can be used to compliment the print material that they have."

    Secondary School Solution
    And, for secondary schools, distance learning will be done by computer tablets. Here's a broad outline for that program which starts on October fifth: "Distance education will be a little bit different at the secondary level. It will be done primarily online. The Ministry of Education will also be distributing very shortly, digital learning devices and eBooks to all secondary schools who do not have access to these resources..."

    Funds For Farmer's
    The Barrow Administration currently has the Unemployment Relief and the Food Assistance programs running to aid poor Belizeans who lost their jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic. They also in the process of assessing business owners who applied for help under the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises program. And now, they've launched a government aid program to help the nation's farmers who continue to be devastated by the pandemic. It's called the Farmer Assistance program, and with 8 million US dollars from the World Bank, the government is hoping to help more than 8,700 agricultural households in the country. This money was part of another loan from the Bank, but it has now been re-allocated to fund the Farmer Assistance Program.

    Relief for Farmers Who Lost Due To COVID
    Hulse and his team made sure to carefully explain that the farmers will get government aid, based on which adverse circumstances caused them to lose business. One of the criteria that a farmer might qualify under is the loss of revenue due to the COVID-induced shrinking of the markets they supply. Hulse explained how the program aids these types of farmers: "The way this will be divided is as follows. For market contraction - and that is exactly what it says. Because we reduced sales due to no tourists coming, in many cases reduced exports..."

    Dollars For Drought Damages
    A major consideration is also being given to farmers whose crops were devastated by the droughts from last year or this year. Hon. Godwin Hulse - Ministry of Agriculture: "For drought, as I told you before, while tourism suffered from COVID-19 principally, Agriculture got 3 hits: market contraction due to COVID, drought, which came before, and in some cases flood, which came afterword. Those are the sensitivity within the production, but this leg keeps standing and has to remain standing..."

    Cash For Some Farmers
    There is an element of the Farmer Assistance Program which resembles the Unemployment relief program, in which qualified farmers will be given cash transfers of $500 each. The Minister made it clear that this is the only part of the program where cash will be given directly to the farmers. He explained why: "Then there is financial support. As you know Government gave out to all and sundry, let's say, people who are unemployed as a result of COVID..."

    Bittersweet News for Sugarcane Farmers
    The sugarcane farmers of the north will also receive a little less than 3 million dollars in relief funding under this program, and it will complement the 2 million dollars they will get access to under the CDB Enhancing Sugarcane Famers Resilience to Natural Hazard Events Loan motion, which parliament passed last month. You'll remember how the Opposition criticized the government saying that this drought relief program is not nearly enough to ease the suffering of the farmers in the Corozal and Orange Walk Districts. Well, Hulse said this Farmer Assistance Program will bolster that CDB-funded program with more money:

    Hope on The Horizon For Irrigation Systems
    The Agriculture Minister also announced that the Government is in negotiations with the World Bank for a 50-million dollar climate resilience program for farmers. The hope is that if this initiative gets the green light from the Bank, farmers will start to implement irrigation systems at their farms, to mitigate against future droughts that might hit the country. Hulse said that he is hoping that he'll be able to launch that one before the Barrow Government's Administration ends later this year:

    Caribbean Chicken In Talks to Re-Open
    On Monday's newscast, we told you how the Caribbean Chicken processing plant in Blue Creek Village in the Orange Walk district was forced to shut down for sanitation. That's after Natalio Wicab, one of their employees from San Felipe Village, passed away due to COVID-19. A few days later, Wicab's sister passed away, also a victim of the coronavirus. It's a pair of losses that are beyond devastating for that family, and it has also forced the temporary closure of Caribbean Chicken.

    Cattle Exports Went Down, But Not Production
    Hulse also took today's opportunity to address the cattle industry's diminished performance, which the Statistical Institute of Belize identified yesterday. You'll remember that according to the SIB, cattle production was down by 69% in the second quarter of this year. Well, the Agriculture Minister said that it is not the production that's down. According to him, it's the illegal, cross-border trade of cattle that came to a standstill. Here's how he spun it:

    Western Region Doctor Intubated
    Frontline workers continue to be disproportionally affected by COVID infections, and tonight it is hitting home for the western health region. 7News has been reliably informed that a Doctor from that region is tonight intubated at the KHMH. He is a male in his 40's. Reports say he was brought in from San Ignacio earlier today. We'll keep following this story.

    NASA Scientist: From Kelly Street to Future Fairy Tale
    He's an Earth Observer with NASA who's recently had a hand in taking Belize's barrier reef off of UNESCO's list of endangered heritage sites. That's a move in the right direction proving that when it comes to conservation awareness, the government is keeping its promises. But Emil Cherrington started out as just another civil servant right here in Belize. Cherisse Halsall spoke to him via zoom today for an update on his latest projects and a dose of inspiration.

    CPI Showed Marginal Increase in July
    Institute of Belize. You saw the experts discussion that GDP contraction and the import/export picture. But, they also presented on the Consumer Price Index for July. That's the statistic used to indicate how prices for a basket of goods go up or down over time. And, for this July, the Belizean food basket went up by...point 1 percent (.1%). It's not much at all and here's why:

    The Basket is Obsolete
    And if those very marginal year to year increases don't jive with your reality when you go to the grocery store or supermarket, it could be because the shopping cart that the SIB uses is out of date. This is supposed to be updated, but, Blame it one COVID: Jules Vasquez: "Is there any attempt to update the shopping cart to make it perhaps more reflective of what consumers go through?"

    Channel 5

    A Twelfth Person Dies from COVID-19; 58 New Cases Identified
    A twelfth person dies from COVID-19 in Belize. The most recent data released from the Office of the Director of Health Services confirmed late this evening that another person who [...]

    Central Lab Working to Clear Backlog of Samples
    So the new number of cases is fifty-eight.  The Belize Central Medical Lab has been churning out COVID-19 test results every day.  And despite their best efforts, the samples have [...]

    COVID-19 Testing in the Private Sector – Can It Happen?
    The Central Lab is admittedly limited in resources, so is COVID-19 testing a possibility in private sector? It can be, according to Doctor Marvin Manzanero. Presently, the private medical facilities [...]

    Well Known Food Vendor Robbed at Gunpoint; 1 of the Robbers Escapes Police Custody
    Earlier this week a food vendor was brutally beaten and robbed by two thieves and fortunately for him, painter Alex Sanker, bravely fought off the duo. Another food vendor, Alva [...]

    Santa Cruz Contrabandista Caught; Will Face Full Extent of the Law
    The cops have been in pursuit of border jumpers and contrabandistas to minimize the risk of COVID-19.  As you know, government has amended the law to impose a prison term [...]

    Belize Formalizes Cattle Trade with Guatemala
    Cross-border cattle trade with Guatemala was formalized several months after the illegal export of livestock was suspended due to concerns of COVID-19.  Despite its informal nature, the business of transporting [...]

    Godwin Hulse Disputes S.I.B.’s Figures on Cattle Production
    Hulse’s announcement this morning came hard on the heels of the latest figures released by the Statistical Institute of Belize for the second quarter of 2020.  During a presentation on [...]

    Farmers to Receive COVID Relief in the Agriculture Sector
    The agro-productive sector is getting some much needed COVID relief from the Ministry of Agriculture.  A sum of sixteen million dollars will be made available by the end of September [...]

    Financial Assistance is Never too Late for Farmers
    Minister Hulse breaks down how the funds will be disbursed based on the constriction of the agriculture sector due to COVID-19.  The Belize Agriculture Information Management System is the database [...]

    Distance Learning – Start by Setting Up a Learning Space for Your Child
    Students have been out of the classrooms for about five months since the COVID-19 pandemic began destroying all sectors of society.  The Ministry of Education has announced that preschools and [...]

    M.O.E. Learning Packages to be Distributed to Students
    The ministry’s learning packages are currently being prepared and expected to be distributed to the students by next week, in time for September seventh. According to Doctor Carol Babb lessons [...]

    Free Textbooks for Students for Distance Learning
    September is being considered as a trial month for distance learning by the Ministry of Education and so teachers are advised not to grade the work that students hand in, [...]

    P.S.E. Not Likely to Happen Next Year
    With five months of class sessions missed, it is not expected that students will be able to successfully sit the Primary Schools Examinations and CSEC Examinations next year.  In fact, [...]

    Increasing Utility Bills on Ambergris Caye
    You met him last week when he organized a four-man protest in front of the San Pedro Town Council Office on Ambergris Caye clamouring for assistance from the mayor and [...]

    Complaints of Bribes to Transfer Votes
    The transfer of voters closes at the end of this month which means there is a rush at Elections and Boundaries offices to get voters in the rolls to be [...]

    Airline Industry Continues to Reel from Airport Closure
    With a deep drop in tourism arrivals due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the local airline industry has been devastated.  According to the latest figures from the Statistical Industry of Belize, [...]

    The Stress of COVID-19 on Income; G.O.B. Economic Response
    The economy contracted as much as twenty-three percent between April and June due to COVID-19.  Most sectors felt the devastating effects of the pandemic rending thousands of Belizeans jobless.  Today, [...]

    Sixth Meeting of FOPREL’s Inter-Parliamentary Committee on Education & Health
    Speaker of the House, Laura Tucker-Longsworth chaired a virtual meeting today for the Inter-parliamentary Committee on Education and Health of the Forum of Presidents and Presidents of the Legislative Powers of [...]

    The Belize Education Experience During the Pandemic
    The FOPREL meeting is to define strategic actions to ensure that educational systems are strengthened to guarantee safe and inclusive access for all students. So, as a part of the [...]

    Meet the Delegates of the National Queen of the Bay Pageant 2020
    The traditional Queen of the Bay Pageant, held annually in August as part of the national celebrations, is on and running for its seventy-fifth year. Having reached that milestone, organizers [...]

    Healthy Living: Mask Efficacy
    Are you using the right face mask? The type you choose could make a big difference. When it comes to slowing the spread of COVID-19, not all masks are equally [...]


    Farmers affected by covid-19 receive assistance
    The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Immigration have launched their Farmer Assistance Program to assist farmers across the country that were affected by COVID-19.

    Relief for Sugar cane farmers on the way
    For over one year now the sugar cane farmers have been waiting for the relief that the Government had announced amid last year’s drought.

    Ministry of Education gives advice for students learning at home
    Learning from home is not always easy, especially when there is no teacher to monitor a student’s performance or when students are not disciplined enough to carry out their class work.

    Belize register its 12th covid related death and fifty eight new cases
    A man from the Orange Walk District has died after being tested positive for Covid-19. This patient makes twelve deaths reported to date under the Covid-19 data. According to the Director of Health Services, Dr Marvin Manzanero, the patient passed away at a private facility in Belize City.

    COVID-19 testing policy revised
    In recent weeks the Ministry of Health has come under serious public scrutiny when it comes to Covid-19 testing. Many are of the opinion that the Government should allow for testing to be conducted on every person who has had contact with a positive patient. The revised policy on testing indicates that only those who exhibit symptoms will be tested.

    Police report on several issues
    The police department’s border patrol team intercepted a man in the Santa Cruz area in Orange Walk District with an assortment of contraband items.

    Queen of the Bay to be held virtually this year
    The seventy-fifth Queen of the Bay National Pageant will be like no other as it will be held virtually for the first time. It is important for the pageant’s committee as they will get more participation from the Belizean public and they will not break the annual tradition since 1946.

    Ministry of Education will procure devices to assist students
    Teachers, students, and parents have had to maneuver through this pandemic between traditional teaching and distance learning. With this second wave of Covid-19 in full swing the Ministry of Education has had to step up their game and is now working on equipping some students with electronic devices that will allow them to participate in the online lessons.

    A nurse loses her fight to Lupus
    While Covid-19 is the primary focus for the country there are other diseases that are affecting many. Recently, a nurse from the Toledo District lost her fight against an autoimmune disease.

    Ongoing risk in the agricultural sector
    The agriculture sector in the region is heading to some turbulence due to the excess produce on hand in various countries. According to the Minister of Food and Agriculture, Godwin Hulse, it is a concern that Belize should brace itself for in the coming months as the competition will be fierce.

    SIB gives latest statistics for Belize
    The statistical institute of Belize (SIB) has released their number for the month of July. Their report revealed that the inflation rate increase by 0.1% when compared to July 2019. According to Daysi Montero, Statistician for SIB, the cost of living went up marginally last month and this was as a result of higher prices on a variety of food items and on home rental costs.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Belizean contrabandista busted
    Belizean Walter Morales, 39, was busted by the border patrol team in the Santa Cruz […]

    Orange Walk resident is COVID-19’s 12th victim
    An Orange Walk resident whose name was not released is the 12th person in Belize […]

    Health officials monitor 752 active cases of COVID-19
    Health officials in Belize are currently monitoring 752 active cases of COVID-19. The country has […]

    Land Registry Department announces amended procedures due to COVID-19 regulations
    The Land Registry Department (LRD) of the Ministry of Natural Resources, announced today that there […]

    Family brawl ends in stabbing
    A fight between cousins in Belize City this afternoon ended in one man being stabbed […]

    House fire reported in Punta Gorda
    Authorities are investigating the cause of a house fire in Punta Gorda. Around 2 p.m. […]

    Two Belize Sugar Industries employees test positive for COVID-19
    The American Sugar Refineries Groups’ Belize Sugar Industries (ASR/BSI) reported today that two of its […]

    Ministry of Health confirms 12th death associated to COVID-19
    The Ministry of Health today confirmed that another person in Belize that was diagnosed with […]

    Ministry of Health: 58 new cases of COVID-19 identified
    The Ministry of Health informed that of the 255 samples processed, 58 new cases of […]

    Santa Elena man charged for aggravated assault
    Santa Elena resident, Bryan Guzman, 20, has been charged with dangerous harm, use of deadly […]

    11 thousand secondary students projected to receive learning devices for school
    A survey by the Ministry of Education has revealed that approximately half of all secondary […]

    “Doubtful” PSE returns next year; no grades in first month
    The Primary School Examination (PSE) was not administered this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. […]

    Teachers planning curriculum for in-person and virtual classes in school re-opening
    Schools are closing in on completing their Learning Continuity Plans, establishing how they plan to […]

    Caribbean countries record a collective 1,000 COVID-19 cases on Wednesday
    News Americas Now is reporting that 16 Caribbean countries reported a collective 1,000 positive COVID-19 […]

    Secondary education for some schools can reopen after Independence Day
    While secondary schools generally can reopen on October 5, some may reopen earlier. Chief Education Officer […]

    Ask The Experts: Education chiefs call on parents to support children’s learning
    Chief Education Officer Dr Carol Babb and her deputy Cecilia Smith are guests this afternoon’s […]

    How UNICEF is supporting children in Belize during the COVID-19 pandemic
    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect Belize and the rest of the world, the […]

    Belizean scientist, Emil Cherrington and research project featured by NASA
    Pictures courtesy: NASA The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently featured Belizean scientist Emil […]

    Health professionals receive medals of appreciation
    Nurses and doctors of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT) […]

    Global COVID-19 infections now over 24 million
    The COVID-19 pandemic has not shown any signs of slowing down, with global infections owning […]

    COVID-relief payments rejected by banks due to wrong bank info, says Government
    The Government of Belize informed today that some payments under Phase Two of the Unemployment […]

    Showdown at Elections and Boundaries registration office
    Reports filtered in from Tuesday of an altercation between a worker for United Democratic Party […]

    Showdown at Elections and Boundaries registration office
    Reports filtered in from Tuesday of an altercation between a worker for United Democratic Party […]

    Moving to Belize Could Be the Best Decision You’ll Ever Make
    If you have been contemplating a move to Belize, either as a tourist or to […]

    Japan issues travel advisory against 13 countries including Belize
    The news outlet NHK World-Japan is reporting that the Japanese government has issued travel advisories […]

    Agriculture sector suffers during second quarter 2020
    The latest data from the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) says that revenues from the […]

    “Exports down by over 37 percent for July,” says Statistical Institute of Belize
    Belize’s revenues from domestic exports fell by 37.7 percent for the month of July 2020 […]


    Top Locations for Spotting Wildlife in Belize
    Belize’s sparse human population and history of relatively low-key human impact have yielded a vast diversity of wildlife. Not to mention, the country has an admirable conservation agenda, pursued by governments and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Central America’s pocket of paradise is blessed with boisterous wildlife; from majestic whale sharks and emerald-hued iguanas to towering jabiru storks. Here’s how to experience the best of Belize’s wildlife, where an experience awaits everyone.

    Why the Port Honduras Marine Reserve is a Must-See in Belize
    Punta Gorda‘s coastline may not be classed as a beach, but just offshore from Toledo lie some of the most pristine cayes in the entire country. Specifically, the Port Honduras Marine Reserve’s marine life boasts incredible snorkeling, as well as trolling, bottom fishing, and fly-fishing in these world-class waters. While in Belize, be sure to add Port Honduras Marine Reserve as a must-see spot.

    Belize in September! Here’s How Belizeans Celebrate
    According to early history, Belize was once under Spanish rule before British settlers were allowed into the area. However, during the week-long battle of St. Georges Caye in September 1798, the British fought the Spanish and eventually gained control over the territory. Belize, formerly called British Honduras, gained self-governance in 1964 and became fully independent on September 21st, 1981.

    Why Work From Home When You Can Work From Belize
    The world was hit hard by Covid-19 in 2020. While this was stressful for many people, there has been a silver lining. Many workers have discovered how easy it is to do their job from home. While the technology was there prior to the pandemic, many companies were not open remote work. Now, however, thanks to the coronavirus, corporations have been forced to upgrade their policies. This has been a boon to workers in fields from high-tech to the arts. As more highly skilled professionals find themselves working from home, they may wonder – why are they staying in their current location? They don’t like the traffic jams, the winter weather, or the stressful lifestyle. Plus the cost of living just keeps going up.

    Working Remotely From Belize Isn’t Just Possible – It’s Probable!
    If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught the world a long list of lessons, one of the best may be that remote work schedules not only work for businesses but offer myriad advantages for workers, too. According to Fox Business News, “Around 40-percent of Facebook’s employees were interested in permanent remote work, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in May. Three quarters… said they might move to another place.” Plenty of these careerists are thinking out of the box and considering relocating beyond the boundaries of the U.S. and Canada. A growing number of the 398,728 people currently living in Belize, according to World Population Review’s 2020 estimate, are ex-pats from the U.S. who love the fact that they can escape seasonal bad weather, pay astonishingly low real estate taxes, enjoy unlimited access to Caribbean water sports and live like royalty on around $2,000 USD monthly.

    International Sourcesizz

    World Bank provides millions to strengthen agriculture and food security in Belize
    Belize will strengthen its response to the socioeconomic hardship caused by COVID-19 with a US$8 million reallocation of funds from the World Bank to support the country's agricultural sector and improve food security in the context of the pandemic. The programme will benefit more than 8,700 agricultural households in the country. “Agriculture is essential to support lives and livelihoods in Belize, particularly during this challenging period. This financing will assist farmers who have been affected by COVID-19 and drought and increase farmers' ability to provide food for the nation,” said Tahseen Sayed, World Bank country director for the Caribbean.


  • Thursday's "Ask the Experts", min. Dr. Carol Babb, Chief Education Officer, and Mrs. Cecilia Smith, Deputy Chief Education Officer, were the guests on today's session of Ask the Experts.

  • Launch of Farmer Assistance Program, 1hr40min.

  • Do you know about the loan component of the MSME Support Program?, 1min. Learn more here

  • Ministry of Education Update, 3.5min. While this pandemic has disrupted lives, businesses, and even the public sector, our Government of Belize continues to do everything imaginable to ensure that the education of our country’s students can continue with the least disruption possible. In that light, the Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture, Hon. Patrick Faber, announces the following:

  • WEBINAR: “Risky Business": Risk Planning and Financial Recovery Post Covid-19, 1hr52min. Join Dr. Carla Barnett, Dr. Leroy Almendarez of Beltraide, DFC and QSSI as we discuss the financial road to recovery for the Hospitality & Tourism sector. Explore the plans, support systems and facilities in place to help navigate these challenging times.

  • Old Commercial, Blades Fountain truck and the palatas guy!, .5min. In 1989 I created my own production company in Belize City and made a bunch of commercials and other video productions. Here's another of my favorites that survived the times. This was made around 1990-91. Not sure if any of you all remember the Blades Fountain truck and the palatas guy! Enjoy.

  • Cultural Survival Webinar, 1hr13min. Indigenous Peoples are heavily represented among migrant farmworkers in the United States, and they are highly impacted by COVID-19, due to the exclusion of undocumented people from most benefits, as well as other structural inequities in access to health and other resources that affect both documented and undocumented people. Watch this panel held by Cultural Survival in partnership with International Funders for Indigenous Peoples.

  • Mental Health Coordinator & The Ministry of Health, 34min. Have you experienced irritability and restlessness lately? These are some of the signs that you are experiencing stress and need to do a mental health check-in. We decided to keep this conversation going as many are struggling with the challenges resulting from a positive COVID-19 diagnosis and the economic and relational impact. Iveth Quintanilla, Mental Health Coordinator with the Ministry of Health talked to us about how they are helping. She reminds us that families can get help through the psychiatric nurses and psychiatrists available through the Mental Health Unit.

  • Belize Red Cross Society - Disaster Preparedness, 24min. We cannot say it enough - we have to stay prepared in the event there is a hurricane threat. Fred Hunter, Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation Officer with the Belize Red Cross Society shared a timely reminder on how to stock up on your hurricane emergency supplies.

  • 100th episode - "What Yuh Know", 20min. Daniel Loveless returned to our show to talk about his one hour special airing on August 31st at 3:00pm. The show is his 100th episode and is a compilation of the best of his interviews across the region. He talked with us about what to expect and how he has been adjusting to the new normal.

  • Standard Bearer of the People's United Party and Leader of the Opposition Addressing the pressing issues, 1hr23min.

  • Dialogue with the Diaspora (Episode 4), 66min. Belize's Diaspora is expansive and is an invaluable lifeline for Belize! An engaged Diaspora strenghtens Belize and is the key to accelerated development. Dialogue with the Diapora connects decision makers at home with Belizeans abroad to discuss topics important to the diaspora! Tonight we speak of the next generation of Belizeans abroad.

  • Gas Tomza protocols for buying butane during Covid-19, 1min.

  • Deep Water Snapper/Placencia Belize, 9min. We struggle with bait but still caught some deep water snapper. Champagne, Black Wing and Yellow eyes Snappers.

  • Thunderstorms in Paslow Falls, Belize, 15sec. There was a storm cell hovering over the area of Paslow Falls, Cayo, Belize, which is a small community about a half mile East of the Guatemala Belize border

  • Queen of the Bay BELIZE 2019, 3hr43min.

    August 27, 2020


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

    The San Pedro Sun

    Lockdown lifted in Orange Walk villages; Ambergris Caye remains quarantined
    On Tuesday, August 25th, the Government of Belize made an amendment to the current State of Emergency (SEO) lifting the special lockdown for the villages of Guinea Grass, Santa Martha, and Shipyard in the Orange Walk District and excluding San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye. These villages and San Pedro have been on a special lockdown since August 7th following an increase in Coronavirus. That lockdown, which is part of a national SOE, expires on September 3, 2020.

    GOB’s COVID-19 Relief Food Assistance Program assisting Ambergris Caye’s residents
    To help residents in the currently locked down communities of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, and Santa Martha, Shipyard, and Guinea Grass Villages in the Orange Walk District, the government through its Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation established the COVID-19 Relief Food Assistance Program. The program is only available in the mentioned areas which were locked down following a surge in cases of COVID-19. Residents who are not receiving aid from any other food program, are asked to apply by visiting the LINK and wait for a representative from the ministry to get in touch with them. The ministry has partnered with members of the business community, through which the food items are distributed to persons screened and approved.

    Three San Pedro Pirates F.C. players called to join the National Football Team
    Three footballers of the San Pedro Pirates Football Club have been called to be part of the Belize Football National Team. The selected players from San Pedro Town Jesse Smith, Asrel Sutherland and Moises Hernandez will join the A team in its upcoming qualifying matches for a ticket to represent the Jewel at the 2022 World Cup event to be held in Qatar.

    Various Belizean Sources


    Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
    Thursday. August 27th, Meal pick ups. Location: BELIZE DIVING SERVICES, Ltd. Times: Village: 11:00am - 11:45am, Bahia: 11:45am -12:30pm.

    July 2020 External Trade & CPI, 2nd Quarter GDP
    Economy contracts 23.3% in the second quarter, consumer prices up 0.1%, and both imports and domestic exports down 37.8% and 37.3% respectively in July 2020. The most recent figures from the Statistical Institute of Belize’s monthly Consumer Price Index (CPI) survey show that, as of July 2020, the All-Items CPI stood at 105.4, a marginal overall increase of 0.1 percent from 105.2 in July 2019. This was the result of higher home rental costs and prices for a variety of food items being balanced out by substantially lower prices for fuel and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

    Town Council Offices Sanitized, Re-opening Aug. 31
    Mayor Daniel Guerrero and the San Pedro Town Council hereby inform the general public that our offices have been properly sanitized and disinfected by the Ministry of Health. In addition, our offices will be sanitized periodically throughout the day to welcome you as we will be re-opening Monday, August 31st, 2020, on our regular opening hours: Monday to Thursday: 8:00 a.m. to 12 noon, 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 12 noon, 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

    BHA INFORMED| Join our Live Webinar Today at 2 PM
    Join us, as Dr Senator Hon Carla Barnett, Dr. Leroy Almendarez of Beltraide, Mr. Armin Cansino of DFC and Ms. Sheryl Anderson of QSSI discuss the financial road to recovery for the Hospitality & Tourism sector. Ask your burning questions. Learn about the support systems and facilities in place that are meant to help navigate these challenging times!

    This is our data for today. A total of 266 samples were processed today with 30 new cases identified. Unfortunately, we can confirm one death in a female from San Felipe who died on her way to the hospital. This happened on Monday evening. The 30 new cases have a preliminary breakdown as follows: - Orange Walk - 8 (2 in OW town, 2 San Felipe, 2 August Pine Ridge, 1 San Pablo, 1 San Jose). - Cayo - 2 (1 in Belmopan and 1 in San Ignacio). - Stann Creek - 2 (both in Independence). - Belize - 18 (San Pedro 11, 4 Caye Caulker, 2 in Belize City, 1 Ladyville). We have 6 recovered cases.

    COMPOL Chester Williams visits police officers of Caye Caulker
    With a gracious heart & a big smile, COMPOL Chester Williams, along with Eastern Regional Commander ACP Dr. Richard Rosado, this afternoon, visited the police officers of Caye Caulker Village & gave each of them a warm cooked meal along with a cold beverage for lunch. As part of building moral, support & self esteem, COMPOL Williams also gave each police officers positive words of encouragement. There is also a new Officer Commanding Caye Caulker Village Police Station, Supt. Francisco Ack. Presently, there is a high number Police Officers who are attached to the Caye Caulker Police Station are being quarantine & are awaiting their COVID-19 results.

    Passing of Ms. Emily Jacobs
    Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its sincere condolences to the Jacobs family on the sad passing of Ms. Emily Jacobs. Ms. Jacobs was a loving wife, mom, sister, grandmother, aunt, and she will be greatly missed! We hope her family and friends find the strength in each other to overcome this great loss. May her soul rest in peace and rise in glory.

    ITVET Corozal Instructors Upset
    CTV3 News is reliably informed that a number of ITVET Corozal instructors are up in arms after they were informed this morning, via a virtual meeting with the Board Chairman Raul Rosado, that they are required to report to work tomorrow. The instructors are concerned that ITVET Corozal is a COVID19 quarantine facility for the Corozal District, housing individuals and patients who remain under observation. Up to this day, the center has medical and security staff present and from what we understand is basically out of space to take on additional COVID19 observation patients.

    MER BEL announces courier service from Merida to Corozal
    MER BEL announces its courier service from Merida to Corozal and from Chetumal to Corozal. For information, please contact Diana Leiva via Whatsapp at 9993359669 (México #).

    Smart is having a triple up this Friday on purchases of $21 or more
    Great news, Smart customers! On Friday, August 28th, enjoy DOUBLE & TRIPLE UP with Smart! Customers who add $1 - $20 credit will receive DOUBLE UP, while customers who add $21 & UP will receive TRIPLE UP!

    Channel 7

    Guinea Grass Gets Free
    You saw them protesting on successive days last week, demanding an end to the lockdown. And, as of 12:01 am this morning, Guinea Grass villagers are free, as well as their neighbours in Shipyard and Santa Marta. That's thanks to Statutory Instrument 122 of 2020, crafted because because the Ministry of Health is sufficiently convinced that the community spread of COVID 19 which was identified in those Orange Walk villages at the start of August has now subsided.

    Swift and Stiff Penalties For Cops Who Extort
    And this SI 122 also puts into law stiffer, swifter penalties for extortion by cops. Under the SI, any member of the security forces found to be extorting an individual under the guise of their office is liable to one year imprisonment Also, SI 122 makes it an offence to bribe or offer anything of value to a member of the security forces or any public officer to avoid prosecution. These offences carry a minimum sentence of one year imprisonment.

    Already Charged For Extortion, Cop Now Being Investigated For Theft
    And the troubles for Constable Diego aren't over yet. Information suggests that after he got bail on the extortion charge today he was detained in connection with another investigation, this one for theft.

    Two Deaths Within Days For Wicab Family
    On Monday we told you about the death of Natalio Wicab, the San Felipe resident whose death caused the closure of Caribbean Chicken outlets countrywide. And later that night the Wicab family was shocked by another death, this time of Natalio's sister, Teresita "Tely' Cruz who also succumbed to complications caused by COVID-19. Cruz who had experienced fever and shortness of breath a week before her death had seemed to recover but then on Monday evening she complained of shortness of breath and extreme fatigue.

    Latest COVID Numbers Show More Infections in OW and San Pedro
    The latest COVID numbers mark her death as the 11th. They also show 760 confirmed cases with 695 active cases. A total of 266 samples were processed today and 30 new cases were identified. They are as follows: eight in Orange Walk, namely two in the town, two in san Felipe, two in August Pine Ridge, 1 in San Pablo, and 1 in San Jose.

    Charged For Chinchilla Murder
    Last week we brought you the horrific story of the woman who was slashed to the throat after refusing to lend money to a man she knew. She was in critical condition at a private hospital for one week, but died on Monday morning.

    Citizen Sanker Gets COMPOL’s Commendation
    Yesterday, we told you how painter and patriot Alex Sanker saved his neighborhood tamales man from a brutal beatdown. It's a story that got national attention after Sanker's facebook live which featured a passionate and obscenity-laced re-cap of the attack. And this morning social media Supercop, Chester Williams invited Sanker to his office and commended him for his act of bravery.

    20 Year Old Charged For Robbing Cayo Cabbie
    Last night we told you about the suspect detained for the shooting and robbery of a taxi man on the Bullett Tree Road in Cayo. Well, tonight Cayo police have moved quickly to charge 20 year old Bryan Navid Guzman of Hillview Area, in Santa Elena Town.

    Doubles Whammy From Contractor and Court
    Boots Crescent Resident Jacqueline Banks is incensed at Carlos Alvarado Jiminez, the contractor who she says swindled her out of thousands of dollars meant for the construction of her home. Her ire only increased when a committal warrant put out for his arrest was allowed to slide. Banks says she's been wronged, first by a shady contractor and then by the courts. But as always there are two sides to every story. And this morning Cherisse Halsall heard from all parties concerned.

    GDP Contracted By 23% in 2nd Quarter
    Turning now to the economy, the Statistical Institute of Belize today released the figures for the second quarter of 2020. That's April first to June 30th, three months which were spent mostly under lockdown. And the figures reflect that. Belize's GDP took a historic nosedive, contracting by 23% in that second quarter. Here's more from the SIB's quarterly press conference which was held virtually today via ZOOM:

    Cattle Production Down by 69% Due To Guat Border Closure
    And it wasn't only COVID slowing down the economy, drought conditions also affected agricultural output. And there were trade issues, where cattle could no longer be exported to Guatemala causing a huge downturn in that sector. Here's an overview of the various contractions in housing, agriculture and forestry: Jacqueline Sabal, Statistician II, SIB: "Within the primary sector agriculture, hunting and forestry contracted by 10.5% or 8.1 million, totaling 68.8 million dollars..."

    Beer Production Declined Sharply During Shutdown
    And, in the secondary sector, which covers manufacturing, electricity and water and construction, production at the Belikin factory was way, way down. That has to do with the cancellation of tourist arrivals and the shutdown of bars. Here's more on that decline in beverage production in the second quarter: "Within the manufacturing and mining industry, beverage production suffered immensely from the lack of tourist visitors to the country, the closure of restaurants and bars and the restrictions placed on alcohol production due to COVID19..."

    Imports’s Record Decline
    And looking now at imports and exports, the widespread economic slowdown in the second quarter also led to a sharp decline in imports for the first six months of 2020. Imports were also way down - and the only thing that went up is cooking oil: "For the period January to July 2020 Belize's imports were valued at nine hundred and twelve point eight million dollars..."

    Free Zone Imports Crashed
    Here are the areas that had the sharpest downturn - including the free zone and food imports, again, with that cooking oil exception: "Once destined for the commercial freezone fell by 50.9 million dollars to 132`.6 million. This was a 28% drop due to decrease imports across a number of items including clothing and bags..."

    Exports Were Down, But Bananas and Beans Went Up
    And, of course, during that worldwide slowdown, exports also declined across many sectors, including petroleum exportation where not a single barrel of oil has been exported. "For the period January to July of 2020 Belize's Domestic Exports were valued at $220.4 million dollars, this was a decrease of 13.1 percent or $33.3 million when compared to exports of January to July 2019..."

    A Time Of Statistical Abberation
    For the SIB, capturing the statistical anomalies of this time is an eye opener. The record 23% downturn in GDP is an aberration, We asked about that: Jules Vasquez: "What is it like for you all to see these large statistical aberrations?" Diana Castillo - Trejo, SIB, Deputy Director: "We are though, seeing as you said unfold in almost real time in the data that we produce and publish..."

    The PUP Plan For Health
    2 weeks ago, we brought you a detailed snapshot of the PUP's education reform plan, the first chapter of its Plan Belize, basically their manifesto for the upcoming election. Well today, they returned with the second chapter of that plan, which they call Plan Belize Healthcare. But, since it is currently illegal to host gatherings of more than 10 people under the State of Emergency Regulations, they officially unveiled their plans via a teleconference event, which was carried live on their Facebook page. 7News was tuned in for their presentation, and Daniel Ortiz reports:

    Politics Back And Forth
    And keeping it on the subject of politics, there is a he said, she said story coming out of the Elections and Boundaries office for Fort George, Freetown and Caribbean Shores. Activity at this office is feverish right now because it's the end of the last registration period before the general election. Tensions and tempers often run high between political operatives for the two mass parties.

    A September Theme For Unity In A Time of COVID
    The National Celebrations Commission has selected the winning theme for the 2020 September Celebrations. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us to adapt to social distancing, and only leaving our homes when it is absolutely necessary, there will still be a scaled-down observance of the 222nd Anniversary of the Battle of Saint George's Caye, and the 39th anniversary of Belize's independence. This year's September celebrations will be commemorated under the theme: "Over Adversity, Creating Opportunity, Belizeans: Unite for Prosperity!"

    Chester At Sea
    Yesterday, Police Commissioner Chester Williams went to Guinea Grass to deliver a donation of groceries to the residents of that lockdown community. And today, he went to visit his officers who are attached to the Caye Caulker Police Station. He was accompanied by ACP Dr. Richard Rosado, the new Eastern Regional Commander. The Compol provided them with a meal and a beverage for lunch as a show of appreciation.

    Air Ambulances to City
    At this very moment, a B.E.R.T air ambulance from San Pedro is traveling to the City. Reports tell us that it's transporting an elderly man suffering from respiratory complications who is bound for the KHMH.

    Channel 5

    30 New COVID-19 Cases!
    There are thirty more COVID-19 cases to report tonight. The Ministry of Health says that the new cases came out of a batch of over two hundred and fifty samples. [...]

    Teresita ‘Tely’ Cruz is Belize’s Eleventh COVID-19 Related Death!
    Back to the eleventh death. That victim is fifty-year-old Teresita ‘Tely’ Cruz of San Felipe. We reported on Cruz’s case on Tuesday – and as we shared from our interview [...]

    COVID-19 Patients Transferred from San Pedro to K.H.M.H.
    Two suspected COVID-19 patients from San Pedro were rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital late this evening. According to a colleague on the ground in San Pedro, two elderly [...]

    Testing Capacity of the Public Health Sector is Inadequate
    The People’s United Party launched its health plan this morning and we will come to that later in the newscast. This morning, the virtual event included experts in the sector [...]

    Waking Up to Another S.I., Some Relief for Northern Communities
    A new Statutory Instrument has come into effect which sees a relaxation of the states of emergency in several communities within the Orange Walk and Corozal districts.  With the new [...]

    Monitoring Increase in COVID-19 Cases
    The COVID-19 situation remains fluid and the National Oversight Committee has had to remain on the ball on an hourly basis.  That’s according to AG Peyrefitte who sits on the [...]

    P.U.P. Launches its Plan Belize Health Policy
    As the coronavirus pandemic batters the health system, the People’s United Party this morning rolled out a health plan that it says will make healthcare efficient, affordable and accessible to [...]

    P.U.P.’s Plan to Tackle COVID-19
    While the P.U.P.’s health plan is broad, covering ten primary areas; how would it tackle COVID-19?  The party plans on investing in technology and human capital by building epidemiological and [...]

    John Briceño: “Coronavirus Response Will Take Effect from Day One”
    Prime Minister in waiting, John Briceño says that when the P.U.P. assumes control of the government, the COVID-19 plans take effect immediately to ensure that there are ample medical supplies [...]

    Low Cost Medication and New Hospitals for Several Municipalities
    John Briceño says that the P.U.P. recognises the need to address mental health challenges across the country. Technology must be used to develop professional virtual mental wellness services in partnership [...]

    Economy Contracted by 23.3% between April and June 2020
    There is grim economic news tonight; the economy contracted by twenty-three point three percent in the second quarter.  That is the highest contraction we’ve seen in the past two decades. [...]

    Production Across All Sectors Recorded Major Decreases
    The primary sector contracted by twenty point two percent during the second quarter of the year, from eighty point six million to seventy point eight million dollars.  Sugarcane production declined [...]

    Secondary Industries Decreases by 19.5%
    In the secondary sector, a decline of nineteen point five percent over the three-month period was recorded.  Within this sector, the ‘Manufacturing and Mining’ industry saw output fall by twenty-two [...]

    Food Home Rental Costs Up, Fuel and LPG Prices Down
    The most recent figures from the Statistical Institute of Belize’s monthly Consumer Price Index show that on average Belizean households saw the overall cost of regularly purchased goods and services [...]

    Are C.P.I. Figures a True Reflection of On the Ground Situations?
    According to the Acting Director General Diana Castillo-Trejo, the price collection basket used to determine the Consumer Price Index is an old model. The updated model was not used and [...]

    Exports, Imports Down
    External trade decreased significantly due to COVID-19 for July 2020.  In July, the country imported goods valuing one hundred and nineteen million dollars, a decrease of thirty-seven point eight percent. [...]

    One Year for Bribery or Extortion Over Face Masks
    One year in prison for bribing an officer to give you a break for not wearing your mask is also the same jail time officers will receive should they coerce [...]

    Countrywide Lockdown Still on the Table if Necessary
    While we had the AG, we asked if the two-week curfew period is sufficient for the mounting COVID-19 infections to be brought under control given the ever increasing report of [...]

    Guinea Grass Chairman Welcomes Lifting of the Lockdown!
    So, as you heard just now, the Attorney General announced the lifting of the lockdown of three communities in the north – one of them being Guinea Grass. As we [...]

    September Celebrations Theme 2020 is Chosen
    “Overcoming Adversity, Creating Opportunity. Belizeans: Unite for Prosperity” – that’s the theme for this year’s September celebrations.  The theme was chosen from among a record breaking three hundred and twelve [...]

    Precious Martinez Submitted the Winning Theme!
    The winning theme was submitted by a thirteen-year-old second form student from Sacred Heart College in San Ignacio. Precious Martinez is the youngest to win the competition. Today, she shared [...]


    Attorney discusses new amendment to labour act
    Much opposition has been stirred after a Bill to amend the Labor Act was passed in the House of Representatives on August 14. This Bill allows employers and employees to agree on a reduction of wages in instances where working hours have also been reduced, as well as to provide exemptions from periods of rest.

    MOH confirms eleventh covid-19 related death
    Belize has registered eleven confirmed Covid-19 related deaths. As we reported yesterday, Teresita ‘Tely’ Cruz Wicab passed away on Monday night after complaining of breathing difficulties.

    September Celebration theme announced
    The show must go on and the September Celebrations Committee is ensuring that even during a pandemic, Belizeans can still feel as patriotic as they have in past years.

    PUP announces health plan for Belize
    Under ordinary circumstances it would be ‘silly season’ in full mode in Belize. A general election is less than three months away and politicians are forced to scale back on their political propaganda, paraphernalia and house to house campaigns.

    Policing the police
    Border Jumpers are not the only ones being targeted by the police. Police are actually keeping an eye on their own. Over the last week we have heard of several complaints against police officers who are abusing their authority and taking advantage of the Covid-19 regulations to extort money from citizens.

    FCD gives update on damages caused by forest fires
    Earlier this year wildfires raged through parts of the Chiquibul, Vaca and Caracol Forest Reserves. Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) concluded their analysis and assessment report on these fires indicating that over 22,000 acres of land were affected by wildfires.

    Lockdown for Orange Walk Villages lifted
    The lockdown of the three northern villages has been officially lifted by the Government of Belize. The announcement came last night via a Statutory Instrument that signaled the lifting effective at midnight last night.

    PUP comments on the health sector
    The People’s United Party (PUP) launched its health plan this morning via a virtual presentation led by the Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno. Prior to unveiling its plans for the health sector Briceno had interactions with several stakeholders in the sector including medical practitioners.

    Repairs ongoing at mile 38
    Ten weeks ago we brought you the story of the portion of the George Price Highway at mile thirty eight that broke apart due to rains and flooding.

    Chaos at Elections and Boundaries
    The employee of Chon Saan Restaurant who was accused of having Covid-19 yesterday infront of the Elections and Boundaries Office on Cleghorn Street has come forward to the media defending his name.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Man robbed at gunpoint in Belize City today
    A man was robbed whilst walking on the street in Belize City this afternoon. Dion […]

    NBA playoff games postponed after planned boycott following Wisconsin unrest
    Photo Credit: The Stream The National Basketball Association (NBA) has postponed today’s first-round playoff games […]

    Consumer prices up by negligible 0.1 percent during month of July
    The Statistical Institute of Belize’s (SIB)s latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) says that Belizeans paid […]

    Belize’s economy contracts by 23.3 % in second quarter; five consecutive quarters of GDP decline
    Belize’s economy contracted by 23.3% in the second quarter of 2020 (ie. April to June […]

    COVID-19 has claimed the lives of 11 victims in Belize
    The COVID-19 pandemic continues to claim lives around the world. As medical professionals grapple […]

    Commissioner of Police takes food to Caye Caulker officers
    The Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams and Eastern Regional Commander Dr. Richard Rosado today visited […]

    Health officials monitor 695 active cases of COVID-19
    Health officials in Belize are currently monitoring 695 active cases of COVID-19 The country has […]

    Ministry of Health confirms San Felipe resident died of COVID-19
    Today, the Ministry of Health confirmed that San Felipe resident, Tely Cruz died as a […]

    Ministry of Health: 30 new cases of COVID-19 identified
    The Ministry of Health informed that 30 new cases of COVID-19 have been identified. The […]

    Sacred Heart College congratulates Precious Martinez for winning September celebrations theme contest
    Sacred Heart College congratulates Precious Martinez for winning September celebrations theme contest The Sacred Heart College Board of […]

    Opposition experts discuss current health situation
    PUP leader John Briceno turned the microphone on a few of the party’s health experts […]

    Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez: “We need a Center for Disease Control”
    Former area representative for Orange Walk East and head of the PUP Working Committee on […]

    People’s United Party discusses #planBelize for Health
    Two weeks ago, the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) shared its vision and plans for […]

    Pastor charged for stealing tools from Farmer’s Trading Center
    Police have arrested and charged Roberto Ruiz, 49, pastor of San Ignacio for theft. Ruiz […]

    US researchers find link between obesity and COVID-19 complications
    Researchers from the University of North Carolina (UNC) say that they have discovered a link […]

    Lord Ashcroft COVID-19 relief fund donates $20,000 to The Belize Zoo
    The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center has been proudly serving Belize for over 37 […]

    Director of Health Services to update nation on COVID-19 today
    Today the Director of Health Services, Dr. Marvin Manzanero and the Deputy Director of Health […]

    Marco weakens to Tropical Storm, Laura strengthens to hurricane
    After tearing through the Caribbean over the weekend, Hurricane Marco weakened to a Tropical Storm, […]

    Amendments to State of Emergency regulations lift lockdown in Orange Walk villages
    Yesterday evening the Government of Belize issued Statutory Instrument Number 122 of 2020, amending the Belize […]


    The Best of Belize’s Island Getaways
    Getaway – defined in the dictionary as ‘an art of escaping’. When I hear the word, I think of Belize’s islands. Specifically, it’s crystal clear Caribbean Sea, underwater adventures, the postcard-perfect beaches, and the laid-back lifestyle. And with over 200 islands dotting the Belize coastline, choosing which one may be the hardest bit of planning your getaway. Whether it’s castaway camping atop a natural monument or lulled asleep in rustic overwater cabañas, there certainly is an island fit for every traveler’s dream.

    The Difference in Cruising the Western Caribbean, like Belize
    For cruise fanatics, the Caribbean is the warm-weather option of choice. However, choosing where within the region’s three divisions — Eastern, Western and Southern — can prove daunting when itinerary planning. If you’re already looking forward to your next Caribbean cruise, here’s the difference in cruising between the western and eastern Caribbean, so you can choose the destination that’s best for you.

    A September to Remember: Celebrating Belize’s 39th Independence Day
    In Belize, we’re approaching an Independence Day that is far from traditional this 2020. Where some families might head out for an annual firework show, sandbar party, or even roadside Carnival march with friends, our “typical” plans are simply not possible this year. However, civic pride should never hinge on the celebratory activities, but solely on celebrating the month itself and the milestone achievements held within. Much akin to our current climate, Belize celebrates this September with the following national theme, thanks to Martinez, a thirteen-year-old second form student of Sacred Heart College in San Ignacio:

    International Sourcesizz

    Mexico to donate Mexican-made ventilators to 8 countries
    Mexico is not only making its own ventilators now to treat COVID-19 patients, it announced Wednesday that it will donate the machines to other countries. The foreign relations department said the Mexican ventilators would go to nations around the Caribbean. They include Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Guyana, Haiti, Santa Lucía, Suriname, the Dominican Republic and Trinidad and Tobago. Another 51 machines are also now being donated to 14 states in Mexico.

    Running on empty? Emerging markets burn through reserves fighting virus
    LONDON (Reuters) - Reserves are running out for several emerging markets as governments from Belize to Zambia use up their financial firepower to fight the coronavirus crisis. The problem is particularly acute for those burning through reserves to tackle additional challenges, from sliding economies to a shortfall in commodity or oil revenues. Among the larger emerging markets, Turkey stands out, having seen its gross foreign exchange reserves nearly halve this year as it sought to defend its currency.

    The future of Belize at risk in the upcoming general election
    By Wellington C. Ramos According to the constitution of Belize, every five years the prime minister has the power vested in him or her to call general elections. The prime minister also has the power vested in him or her, to call the elections earlier if he or she chooses to do so and that has happened several times in the past. Most of the general elections that were held was between the two major political parties namely; the People's United Party (PUP) the oldest political party in Belize and the United Democratic Party (UDP), a party that emerged out of three political parties in 1973. Since Belize obtained its independence on September 21, 1981, this will be the ninth general election to be held. The UDP won in 1984, 1993, 2008, 2012 and 2015. The PUP won the elections in 1989, 1998 and 2003.

    Over 1,000 New COVID-19 Cases In One Day In 15 Caribbean Countries
    Fifteen countries in the Caribbean saw a combined 1,000 plus new COVID-19 cases Wednesday and some 37 deaths, a News Americas tally shows. The new cases were especially high in the Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. The DR saw another 340 news cases yesterday as its total case load passed the 92,000 mark, while the country, the epicenter of the virus in the region, reported another 28 new deaths as its death toll past 1,600.


  • Belize - Global Leadership Adventures Service Trip, 3.5min. I got the chance to mentor a group of GLA students on a service leadership trip in Belize and it was a great time! Belize is such a cool place to travel and the people are awesome, I highly recommend!

  • Statistical Institute of Belize Press Conference, 1hr20min.

  • ROTARACT CLUB OF COROZAL DISTRIBUTES MASKS TO FRONT LINE WORKERS, 1min. In the spirit of our collective responsibility, the Rotaract Club Of Corozal distributed to our front line workers much needed masks as part of the Rotary Club of Belize "MaskupBz" project done in partnership with the Lord Ashcroft Covid-19 Fund

  • Dr. Manzanero has a message, and it mentions asymptomatic cases, 1.5min.


  • ROUTE TO CAYE CAULKER | BELIZE, 1.5min. Boat ride

    August 26, 2020


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

    The San Pedro Sun

    Less testing for COVID-19 being done on the island
    A total of 215 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in San Pedro Town, of which only one has officially been reported as ‘recovered’. The latest updates on the island are showing a significant decline in positive cases compared to weeks ago. This raises the question of whether the Ministry of Health is testing island residents. The MOH clarified that concern, stating that swabbing for samples continues to take place, but not as many as before.

    Various Belizean Sources


    Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
    The Soup Kitchen is happy to announce Pasta Per Caso will be serving tomorrow’s meal! Thank you Anna and Armando for all your support of the CCSK. They have made in kind donations and donated a percentage of sales to the Soup Kitchen and now will donate their kitchen and time to provide tomorrow’s meal! Wednesday, August 26th. Meal Pick ups: Location: PASTA PER CASO. Times: Village: 11:00-11:45. Bahia: 11:45-12:30.

    Scholarship Opportunity for Early Childhood Development and Family Studies
    There is a scholarship opportunity for an online program in Early Childhood Development and Family Studies at the UWI Open Campus. Deadline for application is August 31, 2020. Before applying for admission, students are encouraged to read the program description, and ensure that the study area fulfills their expectations and interests.

    Opening Hours, Contact numbers for Health Clinics
    Central Health Region adds more emergency lines to cover Belize City, villages in Belize District and the Cayes. Call us for any Covid-19 health issue.

    Statistical Institute of Belize Press Conference
    August 26th, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.

    This comes into effect on August 26, 2020. At 12:01 a.m. the special lock down for the villages of Guinea Grass, Santa Martha, and Shipyard will expire and they will now be governed by the regulations that apply to the rest of Belize. Special regulations remain in effect for Ambergris Caye. Under this new amendment, there is a penalty of one year imprisonment for any individual found to be bribing any member of the security forces. Furthermore, any member of the security forces found to be extorting an individual under the guise of their office is liable to one year imprisonment.

    Quarantine Center Cooks
    The Ministry of Human Development expresses sincere gratitude to the volunteers countrywide who have selflessly given of their time and skills to assist in providing meals for those detained in the quarantine centers.

    This is our data for today. A total of 129 samples were processed with 17 new positive cases. The breakdown is as follows: Corozal District - 9 Orange Walk District - 4 Belize City - 2 Cayo District - 2 We have 3 recovered cases: Chan Chen, Corozal; Belmopan, Cayo and one from Orange Walk.

    Monthly Weather Summary, July 2020
    July, on average, is the second wettest month of the year for the country of Belize. Systems that affect the country during this month normally include tropical waves, tropical upper tropospheric troughs (TUTTs) and occasionally tropical cyclones. Relatively moist and unstable conditions prevailed at the beginning of July 2020 as a tropical wave approached on the 1st and crossed the country during the morning of the 2nd. Isolated showers and thunderstorms affected inland and some central areas during the daytime on the 1st then a few showers and thunderstorms occurred over most areas during the night and persisted through to the 2nd morning.

    "We are very relieved to be able to report that everyone at Wildtracks has tested negative for Covid-19. Since discovering that Marvin was positive, we have isolated Wildtracks to keep Sarteneja safe, with strict protocols for food and water deliveries to avoid risk to anyone in the community. We have all been following the recommendations on self-distancing, masks and hand washing, protecting each other from infection....and it has worked. We have one more test later this week to confirm the all clear before we complete quarantine.

    Belize Water Services Prequalification of Bidders
    Belize Water Services Limited (BWS) intends to pre-qualify eligible contractors to facilitate bidding for its required works and services. Projects or works may be in any district location. Contractors are requested to indicate which district or districts they prefer. Below are the categories for work:

    Gold Standard approved Tour Operators
    As the industry prepares for when travel resumes, the list of Tourism Gold Standard approved Tour Operators are now available. Click the link below for the list that is being updated daily as the BTB continues to process applications. View list here:

    Oceana's CEO Andy Sharpless on Gillnet Decision
    With the recently signed agreement between the Government of Belize, the Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries, and Oceana to support gillnet fishers to transition to alternative means, Oceana's CEO, Andy Sharpless, shared his thoughts on this historic decision.

    Deep Dive Talks
    THIS Thursday, as Deep Dive Talks brings in another past Ocean Hero! We are excited to announce that our next guest will be Miguel Alamilla, a long-time lover of the sea who has dedicated over two decades of his life to conservation and country. Join us as our host, Analee Chuc, chats with Mr. Miguel about life, his long-time dedication to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and where his journey has led him today. Catch the chat on our Instagram Live this Thursday, August 27th at 12:30PM CST to catch the discussion.

    Channel 7

    Sanker Saves the Day
    It was the highlight of the morning, a viral video of a Belize City artist on a social media live rant after driving off a pair of violent thugs who had robbed and beaten the neighborhood tamales man. Our team was on the scene shortly after to get the full story from the artist who swung at robbers with wood from an old easel. Cherisse Halsall has the story. Well, known painter, Alex Sanker went live on Facebook this morning just after he'd chased off a pair of robbers who had thrown a man to the ground in front of his house.

    WPC Delivers Baby On Substation Porch
    And while Sanker was today's hero, we take a look now at two unsung heroes from early Saturday morning. They are WPC Nazira Abdullah and Corporal Lawrence Jones, the officers who delivered a baby on the porch of a police substation while waiting for an ambulance. Here are their recollections of their quick actions to safeguard the life of a mother and her child. Lawrence Jones, Corporal : "Coming to Saturday morning like about 10 minutes to three a gentleman arrived at the station, he said officer, officer I need assistance. My wife is going into labor. I just asked where is your wife? He said she's coming on the street so then I tried to call the control room, we tried to get the mobile-first then I got to the control room then they asked if we wanted B.E.R.T. I told them yes."

    Cop Charged For Extorting Man Without Mask
    And while those are two feel good stories for police - the next one is bad news for the cops, but good news for the community. A police officer has been charged for extorting an American man for not using a mask. It's a new pattern of corruption that we blew the whistle on weeks ago - where cops try to make a quick come up on persons who forgot to wear their mask and really don't want to face that five thousand dollar fine. The Commissioner got wise to it this weekend when an American man complained that a Cop shook him down for $300 at the Tower Hill checkpoint in Orange Walk.

    Cop Who Allegedly Smuggled Border Jumper Was Also Charged For Stolen Police Weapon
    And, in other news of allegedly corrupt cops - yesterday, in discussing the case of constable Johnathan Cal - accused of smuggling a pregnant border jumper into Belize - the Commissioner alluded to, quote, "other allegations where that police officer is concerned." 7News has learned that those allegations centre over this pistol - assigned to the Anti Drug unit in Belmopan, but recovered by Punta Gorda Police from a known criminal.

    A Thief In the Temple Of Hardware
    Reports reaching 7News tonight is that a 49-year-old Pastor from the Cayo District has been charged for theft after he was detained by a team of police officers from Spanish Lookout. Roberto Armando Ruiz is facing multiple counts of theft after the pastor is being accused of stealing tools from Farmers Trading Center in Spanish Lookout.

    Gifts For Guinea Grass From COMPOL
    Last week on the news, you saw Guinea Grass villagers protesting at their village boundary - which is a now a police checkpoint. Their village is under COVID lockdown and they were there making impassioned pleas for food assistance, especially for the community's children. Well, the Commissioner of Police heard their cry and today visited the Guinea Grass Village police checkpoint, where he met the Chairman, Benito Uck, and another resident. He then handed over several boxes of groceries, which the department is donating to this community in need. He told our colleagues from CTV3 News about this gesture from the department:

    Cops Found 37 Pounds of Weed
    Today, Police found a huge stash of weed, a total of 37 pounds of marijuana, hidden in an empty lot on Linda Vista Street in the Martin's area of Belize City. A team of police officers searched the lot and came up with a plastic bag, which contained 18 parcels of suspected cannabis. When they took it to be weighted, the 18 parcels had a combined weight of 17.055 kilos, or 37.6 pounds.

    Aug. 25th: 672 Active COVID Cases, Up 2750% From Aug. 01
    The latest COVID numbers realised this afternoon show that Belize has 730 total confirmed COVID cases, with 672 active cases. The 129 samples tested yesterday returned 17 new positive cases: 9 in the Corozal District, 4 in the Orange Walk District, 2 in Belize City, and 2 in the Cayo district.

    San Pedro Town Has Most COVID Cases, Ow Highest Among Districts
    Numbers released last night by the Ministry of Health show that the number of COVID cases in the Orange Walk district are on a path to surpass San Pedro Town. Those figures show that district has 204 positive cases since March, and 187 active cases presently. San Pedro Town still leads the entire country, with 216 cases confirmed and 213 active cases.

    COVID 19, Often Spread By Aerosol Transmission
    And, what's the best way to make sure that you don't become one of those statistics? Well, the latest science says six feet of social distance and wearing a mask anytime you're around anyone else talking, coughing, sneezing or even breathing. That's because of what is known as aerosol or airborne transmission. It's one of the main ways that the CORONA virus spreads. Contact tracing has found that much COVID-19 transmission occurs in close proximity, such as when people talk to each other at close range.

    COVID, the Toll It Takes On Mental Health
    And while those are for your physical health, right now, Belizeans are under a lot of stress and strain as they try to survive the health and financial consequences of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. These struggles can be very taxing to your mental health, and that's why the Mental Health Unit hosted today's edition of the Ask the Experts Webcast. One of the mental health coordinators was very detailed about what you can do to look after your own mental health. Here's an excerpt of her presentation in which she described what forms the COVID-19 stress may take:

    Cop Gets Bail After One Night On Remand
    Last night we told you about Elton Eligio, the police Corporal who over the weekend was arrested and charged for possession of a firearm without a license and whilst under the influence of alcohol, among other offenses. As we told you he spent an overnight on remand at the Central Prison. But, tonight, he's out on bail. This morning, his attorney Dickie Bradley got a special bail hearing before Justice Antoinette Moore in Belize City,.

    Cayo Police Getting Ready To Charge Taxi Robber
    A man has been detained for robbing and shooting a Cayo taxi driver. 21-year-old Jerison Ramirez, a taximan of Santa Elena town was shot to the legs and upper back on Saturday night by a gunman posing as a fare. It happened at about 8:15 when Ramirez and his wife were flagged down on the Bullet Tree Road by a man who asked to be taken to Santa Elena. They turned at the junction of Branch Mouth Road in an effort to get change for the passenger's fifty dollar bill. That's where his passenger held him at gunpoint - and shot were fired in a struggle that ensued. We got more details on the incident yesterday from ACP Joseph Myvette.

    San Pedro Cabbies Struggling To Put Food On The Table
    And while that cab driver was robbed and shot, for cabbies on the Caye, life without tourism has robbed them of their main source of income. One island cabbie today told the San Pedro Sun that with the current lockdown, it's a struggle to keep food on his family's table:

    Food Assistance For San Pedro
    And while that cab driver says he is waiting for assistance from the Unemployment Relief Program, others in San Pedro are getting helped by the Food Assistance Programs targeting lockdown areas. It's led by the Ministry Of Human Development which says that up to last week it had delivered well over 1,500 such packages to the town.

    Months Later, FFB President Chuc Discusses Controversial PLB Elections
    Last night, we showed you our teleconference interview which Sergio Chuc, the re-elected President of the Football Federation of Belize. We asked him about the controversy which played out at the congress held by the Premier League of Belize. Insiders tell us that on Saturday, June 20th, 2020, the constituents of the PLB showed up to the Marion Jones Sporting Complex for an election of a new executive to manage the league. We are informed that there was some sort of disagreement between the FFB's Electoral Committee, which was to supervise the elections, and the incumbent PLB President about who should or shouldn't be allowed to vote.

    Growing Football From the Youth Roots
    So, while that's but one of the administrative challenges at upper levels of the sport, Chuc says that he and his administration are placing a lot of focus and priority on the younger generation of footballers. They are currently executing development programs aimed at producing stronger, adult athletes, who can then help Belize's National A-Team to perform better in international tournaments, such as the Gold Cup, and the FIFA World Cup qualifiers. Here's what Chuc had to say about how his re-election helps him and his administration to follow through with that development strategy:

    E & B Tells Peace Movement Reports Non-existent
    The Elections and Boundaries Commission has responded to the Belize Peace Movement which wrote on August 3rd requesting annual reports from the Elections & Boundaries Commission for the years 2016 to 2019. These are legally mandated annual reports.

    Ashcroft Fund Donates To Zoo
    Yesterday, the Lord Ashcroft COVID-19 Relief Fund Michael Ashcroft made two donations, valued at a total of $155,600 We report first on his donation of $20,000 to the Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center. Lyndon Guiseppi, the Chairman of the Fund, handed over the cheque yesterday to Celso Poot, the Zoo's Operations Manager. Poot expressed gratitude to the donors on behalf of the Belize Zoo, and he explained that the funds will go directly into the care, nutrition, and quality of life of over 200 animals in the zoo's care, which represent 45 native species of Belizean wildlife.

    Police Will Get A Gym From Ashcroft Fund
    The Lord Ashcroft COVID-19 Relief Fund also donated $135,600 to the police department to cover the costs of retrofitting the Police Fitness Center. You'll remember this as one of the welfare improvements that the Police Commissioner wants to provide to his officers. Lyndon Guiseppi, the Lord Ashcroft Relief Fund's Chairman, handed over officially the cheque to COMPOL Chester Williams yesterday. The Commissioner was accompanied by Sergeant Jermaine Hyde, and Inspector Jane Usher, who was elected in June as the Chairman of the Police Association. The funds will be used to acquire "state-of-the-art" gym equipment and materials for the renovation of the fitness center.

    Channel 5

    Teresita “Tely” Cruz Dies Days after Exhibiting COVID-19 Symptoms
    We start our newscast tonight with the death of another San Felipe resident in the Orange Walk District, where the number of COVID cases is increasing. She is fifty-year-old Teresita [...]

    Tely Cruz Experienced Extreme Fatigue Leading Up to her Death – was it COVID-19?
    So, at this time, the family doesn’t know if Teresita Cruz’s death is due to COVID-19 as the results are being processed. Eldon Cruz reports that the family members who [...]

    17 New COVID-19 Cases
    There are seventeen new COVID-19 cases.  Those results were released earlier this afternoon.  This batch of tests shows majority of the cases are for Corozal, with a few for Orange [...]

    Increase in COVID-19 Cases in 3 Northern Communities
    At this time, the Ministry of Health has a team of officers working in the north where there is an uptick in COVID-19 cases.  The ministry is keeping its eyes [...]

    Suspect Cases at Dorothy Menzies Childcare Centre Test Negative
    A fear of spread has been dispelled at a child care facility in Belize City. News Five has confirmed that eight resident minors at the Dorothy Menzies Childcare Centre have [...]

    Overwhelming Poultry Demand to be Satisfied by Weekend
    The poultry industry has not been left untouched by the coronavirus. A few weeks ago, there was a shortage of chicken and this week, one of the biggest producers, Caribbean [...]

    DHS Speaks on COVID-19 at Caribbean Chicken Processing Plant
    On the matter of Caribbean Chicken in Blue Creek, Doctor Marvin Manzanero says that the ministry has been in contact with the poultry producer.  The company, he says, has committed [...]

    San Felipe Residents Fearful; Asking for COVID-19 Tests!
    Today we spoke with village Chairman Margarito Andrades who shared that since the death of Teresita Cruz, residents are scared and clamouring to be tested simply because they are workers [...]

    Artist4Life Comes to Aid of Vendor Who is Attacked and Robbed
    There was a brazen broad daylight robbery and beat down of a tamales vendor in Belize City this morning and it all went viral on social media, posted by the [...]

    Will Robbers Come After Alex Sanker?
    Police were quick to detain the two suspects, but one escaped. But did the good deed by Alex Sanker cast a shadow of fear on his life? The artist told [...]

    Policeman Reginald Diego Arraigned on Extortion Charge
    A police officer, Reginald Diego from the Corozal District, has been arrested and charged for the crime of extortion, following an incident over the weekend in which he allegedly coerced [...]

    Lord Ashcroft COVID-19 Relief Fund Hands Over Cheque to the Belize Zoo
    The best little zoo in world is located at mile twenty-nine on the George Price Highway. It is home to two hundred animals of forty-five species of Belizean wildlife.  Over [...]

    ComPol Comes Up Big for Guinea Grass!
    For the past week and half we have been reporting on the Guinea Grass villagers’ appeal for assistance with the Village Council going so far as to write to the [...]

    Positive Cases Linked to San Pedro are Showing Up in the North and West
    DHS Marvin Manzanero says that the Ministry’s contact tracing and swabbing exercise continues to capture patients connected to San Pedro. Manzanero notes that although some test results may not include [...]

    San Pedro Becomes Ghost Town; Residents Getting Support from Food Assistance Programme
    As you know by now, Ambergris Caye is at the top of the list with the number of COVID cases and residents on San Pedro have been experiencing hard times [...]

    Food for San Pedro a Success!
    There is another initiative, a fundraising drive, which has been started by attorney Audrey Matura to assist those whose lives have been devastated by a second lockdown. Residents, many who [...]

    Miss Universe Belize Scholarship Initiative
    Pre-primary and primary schools are to reopen on September seventh, but for distance learning only, meanwhile high school classes resume in October. But given the dire economic times, families are [...]

    A New Tourism Organization Comes on Board
    There’s a new tourism organization in town and its scope covers everyone in the industry, including hair braiders and small tour operators.  Its advent, however, comes at a time when [...]

    BLAST is Here to Fill the Void
    BLAST is entering a local landscape that is, for all intents and purposes, the domain of FECTAB.  The Federation of Cruise Tourism Associations of Belize has been experiencing some turbulence [...]

    Sergio Nal Junior Needs Your Help!
    The family of forty-seven-year-old Sergio Nal Junior is asking for the public’s help tonight. Nal was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and is in urgent need of a surgery. Today, his [...]

    COVID-19 and Its Mental Effects
    COVID-19’s effects on people differ in many ways. There are the physical, emotional and mental impacts that the global pandemic is having as it is ravages economies worldwide.  And as [...]

    Coping with COVID-19
    According to Quintanilla, there are several coping mechanisms that can be practiced to cope with the mental effects of COVID-19. Quintanilla says that people are naturally concerned for their own [...]

    Mental Health Expert Speaks on Dealing with COVID-19 Related Deaths
    The loss of a loved one is painful and the grieving process takes time, but dying to the novel coronavirus makes the grieving process even more difficult due to the [...]

    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners Trained to Mentally Deal with COVID-19
    The trauma related to COVID-19 patients and victims does not only affect families, but it extends to frontline workers such as nurses and doctors.  So who is there when these [...]

    Health Expert Shares Numbers for Mental Health Clinics
    Mental health officials are encouraging people to seek help if COVID-19 is consuming their well being.  Clinics in every district are open with mental health experts there to provide counseling [...]


    COVID-19 cases ballooning — now at 713
    The number of COVID-19 cases is ballooning in the country. This afternoon, Monday, the Ministry of Health issued a press release in which it informed the public that the number of COVID-19 cases now stands at 713, a 27-case jump over the tally of cases on Sunday, which was 686 — an 18-case jump over that of Saturday, when the total number of cases was 668. The Health Ministry’s press release today stated, “A further 181 samples were processed, of which 27 were positive.

    10 COVID-19 related deaths recorded
    Over the past few weeks, the number of cases of COVID-19 has been rapidly increasing within Belize, and within that short time, 8 new coronavirus-related deaths have been confirmed. To date, a total of 713 confirmed cases of the virus have been identified by the Ministry of Health’s epidemiological Unit. Today, during the Ask The Experts webinar, the Director of Health Services, Dr. Marvin Manzanero, provided details on the most recent COVID-19-related deaths. A female patient with a severe liver condition was transferred from San Pedro to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). Her condition deteriorated quickly and she was swabbed before she passed away.

    Wanted robber shot dead while robbing businessman
    A wanted poster had been issued in January, 2020, for the arrest of Dennis Lamb, 19, of Holy Emmanuel Street, for robbery, burglary and escaping from lawful custody. At about 9:30 tonight, however, Dennis Lamb was shot dead during another robbery. His body is now in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital morgue. The attempted robbery and shooting incident occurred in front of a yard on Eleanor Usher Street in the Gungulung area of Lake Independence.

    Potential hurricane, TD14, has Belize on alert
    We are headed into the teeth of the hurricane season, and while everyone is keeping their guard up to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 , the virus that causes COVID-19, our attention has expanded to include a bad weather system in the Caribbean that is headed in our direction. The National Meteorological Service of Belize (NMSB), in its report at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, said the weather system, Tropical Depression #14 (TD14), “was centered near latitude 15.1N, longitude 79.7W, or about 235 miles east of Cabo Gracias A Dios on the Nicaragua/Honduras border” and it “was moving to the West at 21 mph with maximum sustained winds of 35 mph.”

    Cop sneaked pregnant Guat border-jumper into PG
    A policeman was caught smuggling a border-jumper from Guatemala, who was pregnant, into the country. The woman gave birth at the Punta Gorda Hospital yesterday, and the birth went well, according to reports. The woman and her baby, however, will be placed in quarantine and at the end of the quarantine, she will be charged for border-jumping.

    Child at Dorothy Menzies Child Center has COVID-19
    A case of COVID-19 has been discovered at the Dorothy Menzies Child Center on St. Thomas Street, where 23 children live. One child has tested positive and eight others who are displaying symptoms of the illness have been placed in quarantine. The remainder of children, along with staff members of the center, have been tested, and are awaiting the test results.

    Justin Teck, 25, dies 9 months after being shot
    This morning, Justin Steven Teck, 25, a security guard of a Hunter’s Lane address, passed away at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital due to complications from gunshot injuries he had suffered on the night of November 23, 2019. He was shot in the abdomen, head and back by an unknown gunman while he was walking on New Road, as he headed towards the Queen Street Police Station.

    Gun malfunction saves Twin security guard’s life
    At about 7:30 this morning, a man went into Twin Superstore on St. Thomas Street, and quickly took out a gun, which he pointed at the security guard who was on duty at the store. The security guard struggled with the robber to disarm him, but during the struggle, the robber was able to pull the trigger of the gun twice. Twice, however, the gun misfired, saving the life of the guard.

    Guinea Grass residents protest against lockdown of the village
    Guinea Grass is one of three villages that were placed under complete lockdown by the Ministry of Health in an effort to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus from that village. The village was put under lockdown on August 6 because of the discovery of a cluster of COVID-19 cases — believed to be the result of border-jumping activities by Guinea Grass residents— in the village. Steps were then taken to isolate the village to try to stop the spread of the virus.

    Punta Gorda man escapes from police custody
    Police of Punta Gorda were on the hunt to recapture escaped detainee Kareem Chun, 25, a resident of Punta Gorda. Police said that Chun was being returned to the police station after he had appeared in court. Chun, however, suddenly sprinted away, and the police were not able to catch him.

    Editorial: The effort to sell Patrick
    At the last press conference hosted by Prime Minister Barrow, on Friday, August 21, the Prime Minister said, after the Minister of Education and leader-elect of the UDP, Hon. Patrick Faber, had outlined his ministry’s new plans for getting Belizean students back into the education system after a 5-month hiatus, that he didn’t want to sound like he was gushing when he described the efforts of the man whom his party had chosen after two tries to lead them in the next general election.

    Additional safety measures under the SOE
    In a press conference on Friday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow; UDP Leader-Elect and Minister of Education, Patrick Faber; and Director of Health Services, Dr. Marvin Manzanero, informed the public of further measures that would be taken in light of the consistent rise in the number of COVID-19 cases in Belize over the past two weeks. The press conference began with an update from Dr. Manzanero, in which he indicated some promising findings for the first time in nearly three weeks. While the curve which traces the increase in COVID-19 cases has yet to flatten, there was a minor decrease in the number of new positive cases near the end of the week.

    KHMH’s COVID-19 isolation unit full to capacity!
    On Saturday, August 22, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) initiated its COVID-19 Surge Plan after announcing that the designated COVID-19 isolation unit has reached its full capacity. The national referral hospital has thus activated an Alternate Emergency Area located at the Special Outpatient Clinic. New suspected and confirmed cases will therefore be managed at the Accident and Emergency Unit. A total of 16 ventilators are currently at the KHMH, where 4 ventilated COVID-19 patients and 5 confirmed non-ventilated patients are presently being treated.

    MOE is ready for the new school year
    At a press conference on Friday, the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Hon. Patrick Faber, presented a comprehensive plan for the delivery of coursework and lessons in the upcoming school year. This plan makes accommodations for the reopening of pre-schools and primary schools (as well as the provision of lessons for students approved for homeschooling) through distance education platforms by the proposed date of September 7, 2020, while classes for secondary schools are proposed to resume on October 5, 2020. Tertiary level institutions, on the other hand, have already been given approval to commence their online sessions.

    From the Publisher
    I don’t feel any sense of envy with respect to those of my contemporaries who have become personally wealthy over the last three, four, five decades. Of course I wish I possessed their material assets, but life was what it was, and it is what it is. They worked hard. The purpose of this column is to take a look back at the socio-political process in Belize involving the decision to submit the Guatemalan claim to Belize to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for arbitration and judgment. Off the top of my head, I can’t recall any wealthy Belizean who campaigned against the ICJ move. The money people (“Friends of Belize”) abroad and the money people at home, were of a similar mind.

    FFB sidesteps State of Emergency; holds Elective Congress outdoors
    There is “politics” in every area of human endeavor, but if there was ever any doubt, the events of the past weekend would definitely indicate that where the sport of football is concerned, electoral politics takes precedence. Football games and related events have been postponed in the past due to various reasons – weather, protests or appeals, etc. And the State of Emergency declared last week by Government was quite explicit – no gathering of more than ten individuals.

    Steering Council meeting held towards first ever Belize Football Players’ Association
    A couple Saturdays ago, on August 8, a historic meeting of twelve committed football individuals, including one female, took place from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon at the VIP Lounge of the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan; historic because those twelve individuals comprised the Steering Council towards what they intend to become – The Belize Football Players’ Association (BFPA). Not long after the first ever semipro football league was inaugurated in Belize back in 1991, veteran football stalwart Charles “Jim Baxter” Bennett commented to yours truly that what we needed now was a Players Association.

    Don’t fight him, Juan Manuel
    I think it is criminal to not give a man the chance to avenge a loss. When I was a little boy I was a total hound after a football. There were three younger boys, each two years my junior, in my yard — my younger brother, Ronald; my cousin Dave di Dude, who lived in Lindo’s Alley but spent all his free time in our yard at West Canal, and Francis Acosta, whose family lived in the lower flat of my dad’s two-storey house.

    Après Nous, Le Déluge
    Après Nous, Le Déluge is a French saying that, when translated, means “after us, the flood”. It is a French expression, attributed to Madame de Pompadour, the lover of King Louis XV of France. King Louis XV is said to have modified this saying to “Après moi, le déluge”, which, when translated, means, “After me, the flood”. This saying is believed to date back to the 18th century after the Battle of Rossbach in 1757, which was a disastrous time for the French.

    Our flag’s ship
    Dear Editor, Our Coat of Arms, which is incorporated into the national flag, includes “…a sailing ship proper.” There’s no guidance as to what kind of sailing vessel was intended, but one frequently hears the word “schooner” applied to the image appearing in the Unity Flag that is now being standardized.

    Strong words from Russell Czarnecki
    Dear Editor, I was heartened by your recent editorial and its logical recommendations for a path forward. Now whether or not the omnipresent oligarchs can be pushed aside — and this only through the will of the people — remains to be seen.


    Past covid-19 patient discusses mental stress associated with virus
    The general population has had to deal with sudden changes in the fight against Covid-19. It is not an easy task to adjust to the new norm but it is even much harder to deal with the situation if you are tested positive for Covid-19.

    FCD discusses manning the borders during a pandemic
    The issue of border jumpers has become the primary focus for security agencies in Belize in recent months. This is because the security forces are trying to prevent persons from bringing SARS/COVID2 or Covid-19 into the country.

    Sister of covid-19 positive patient passes away
    A woman of San Felipe Village, Orange Walk District passed away last night after testing positive for Covid-19. 50-year-old Teresita ‘Tely’ Cruz Wicab passed away after complaining of difficulties breathing.

    Previously poached scarlet macaws almost ready for release
    A little over two months ago, a Guatemalan poacher was caught with several young Scarlet Macaws in the Chiquibul Forest by rangers at Friends for Conservation and Development. The poacher, 36-year-old Porfilio Ramirez de Quiroz was shot and arrested while the macaws were taken to the Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic.

    Artist defends vendor from robbers
    Alex Sanker was dubbed a hero on social media today as he singlehandedly attacked to robbers who were assaulting a tamales vendor this morning.

    Elderly woman dies a week after being attacked
    An elderly woman was pronounced dead just before nine o’clock yesterday morning after she endured a brutal attack inside her home. 59-year-old Rosa Delia Chinchilla has been hospitalized since August 17 when she was cut to the throat by a man, she refused to lend money to.

    Are citizens abiding by regulations inside buses?
    Stringent measures for travelling on public transportation have been put in place to mitigate the spread of covid-19. Still, many Belizeans are not abiding by these regulations.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Two charged in the US for securities violation connected to Placencia airport scam
    The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has arrested and charged two US brokers […]

    Africa eliminates wild polio; lessons for COVID-19, says Pan American Health Organization
    The continent of Africa is officially free of the wild strain of poliomyelitis (polio for […]

    ComPol commends brave artist who saved tamales vendor from robbery
    Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, publicly commended artist, Alex Sanker, for his heroic effort today […]

    Pan American Health Organization asks countries to reinforce contact tracing and data systems as region reopens
    The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) has overseen a doubling of COVID-19 infections in the […]

    U.S. National Science Foundation applies grant to study Maya settlement at El Pilar
    US $289,806 (BZ$579,612) has been awarded from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to a research […]

    Health officials monitor 672 active cases of COVID-19
    Health officials in Belize are currently monitoring 672 active cases of COVID-19 The country has […]

    COVID-19 has claimed the life of 10 victims in Belize
    The COVID-19 pandemic continues to claim lives around the world. As medical professionals grapple […]

    Olympic Gold medalist Usain Bolt tests positive for COVID-19 after hosting birthday party
    Eight-time Olympic gold medalist and Jamaican athletics icon Usain Bolt tested positive for COVID-19 after […]

    Ministry of Health confirms 17 new cases of COVID-19
    The latest update from the Ministry of Health (MOH) says that 17 newly diagnosed cases […]

    Popular artist saves vendor from being robbed
    Earlier today, popular Belizean artist Alex Sanker reportedly saved a tamales vendor who was being […]

    Positive COVID cases in Belize above 650 now, deaths at 10
    Belize has confirmed 713 cases of Covid-19. Of the 713 cases, there are 658 active […]

    World Tourism Organization: “The safe restart of tourism is possible”
    The World Tourism Organization (WTO), an organ of the United Nations, insists that governments must […]

    “Healthy body helps for healthy mind,” says Ministry of Health
    Belizeans are encouraged to look after their physical health as a means of coping with […]

    Ministry of Health says focus on things that can be controlled to help fight pandemic-related stress
    Among its many recommendations to fight COVID-19-related stress, the Ministry of Health is encouraging Belizeans […]

    “Continuous exposure to COVID-19 news is bad for your mental health,” says Ministry of Health
    The Ministry of Health (MOH) is advising Belizeans to be mindful of how much time […]

    Ministry of Health addresses mental health on today’s Ask The Experts
    Today’s episode of Ask the Experts features a session on caring for your mental health, […]

    Patrick Faber expresses condolences to teacher who died of COVID-19
    Minister of Education, Patrick Faber has extended condolences to the family and friends of teacher […]

    Lord Ashcroft COVID-19 relief fund donates over $135,000 to Police Department for fitness center
    Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams presented a proposal to the Lord Ashcroft COVID-19 relief fund […]

    Shots fired near All Saint’s primary school, no injuries
    BBN has confirmed reports that multiple shots were fired near All Saints primary school in […]


    Dipping Your Toe into Travel? How About Belize’s AMAZING Jungle Lodges
    International travel might be all you are thinking of right now…or it might be on the backburner for a while…but either way, have I got a great spot for you. But not the Belize I’m talking about 98% of the time… I know that many of you thinking of beaches and snorkeling and sun when you think of Belize…but “the interior”. But what about if your beach is at the base of a waterfall (like Gaia Resort)? And your tours are private – just you and your very small group – to a site spot that also just might be you and your very small group! There are so many beautiful inland areas of Belize – filled with crazy beautiful birds and animals, rivers and caves, hill and mountains, Maya villages, Maya sites, and the friendliest people in the world. THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO!

    What to Expect at Belize’s International Airport (BZE) at Reopening
    As global economies gradually begin to open, what air travelers can expect are heightened levels of health screening at airports as questions multiply of how to safely restart air travel. The Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport (PGIA) which closed late March to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, reopens ahead of land borders and cruise tourism as Phase 3 of Belize’s Travel Reopening Plan. The PGIA handles more than 385,000 passengers annually; numerous changes have been done during its near 6-month closure: awareness signage, floor markings, and two-meter physical distancing precautions. As the travel industry rethinks design around pedestrian flow, here’s what to expect in Belize’s international airport the next time you travel.

    International Sourcesizz

    Belize Great Blue Hole Seen From ISS As Scientists Explore Mystery Submarine Sinkhole
    The Great Blue Hole off the coast of Belize has been photographed from space, with an astronaut onboard the International Space Station taking an image of it and the Lighthouse Reef atoll it sits in. The image was taken by a member of the Expedition 62 crew as the ISS flew over the Caribbean Sea in March. It was released by NASA as its Earth Observatory Image of the Day.

    Caribbean indigenous people return to roots as COVID-19 shrinks tourism
    Indigenous cultures in the Caribbean, struggling as their tourism-dependent economies are ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic, are returning to traditional farming and fishing roots for their livelihoods, local experts said on Tuesday. Being forced to look to older, more organic ways of survival can be a silver lining within the devastation of the pandemic, connecting communities with their history, they said in an online meeting held by the Organization of American States (OAS).


  • Tuesday's "Ask the Experts", 36min. Representatives from the Mental Health Unit in the Ministry of Health joined us.

  • Most Dangerous Bridge in Belize, UnBelZeable, 2.5min. During the dry season in Belize we go out for adventure with the family. I could not belief that there were people living at the end of this road. To our knowledge this is the most dangerous bridge in entire country of Belize.

  • Reconstruction and Upgrade of Belize City House of Culture Compound, 2min. As part of the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project executed by the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, the House of Culture Compound was reconstructed and upgraded.

  • Alex Sanker on Robbery, 13min. We are living in a society where if it doesn't affect you directly we don't give a f*** I did not get up this morning to get into no problem but when problem come to your door and when one of your fellow belizean Brothers getting beat down n getting robbed of his money then Alex will do what come natural and that is 2 help a fallen brother this country is in Crisis I have countless paintings that depict what's going on until we choose to look out for one another things just going to get worse I had no regret what just happened I had always leave my life trusting in God's hand and I'll continue to do so unite belizean no or never

  • COVID-19 Update - Maternal Health & COVID-19, 43min. Dr. Natalia Beer - Technical Advisor for Maternal & Child Health, Ministry of Health

  • Book Launch - Writing For Our Children, 16min. Writing For Our Children 1 is the latest book from literary and expressive art expert, Leroy Green. The book is intended to be a resource for teachers to learn how to write original material to incorporate into their lessons. We spoke with him about the process of creating the book and how it should be used for professional development.

  • The National Student Union of Belize - advocate for the rights of the tertiary level students, 26min. The National Student Union of Belize (NSUB) continues to position itself to advocate for the rights of the tertiary level students of Belize. NSUB is now an official member of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB). We spoke with their executives about this, education issues and the national response to COVID-19. Seidy Gomez - Co-Founder, NSUB. Ashley Longford - Communications Director, NSUB.

  • Jenny Lovell, Mental Health Therapist - tested positive for COVID-19, 46min. To date over five hundred persons have tested positive for COVID-19. With so much uncertainty about the virus it can be a difficult diagnosis to process. Mental Health Therapist, Jenny Lovell, has revealed that she has contracted the virus. Today we talked with her about how she is coping with her diagnosis and handling the anxiety and fear that accompanies this experience.

  • The New KIA Seltos to the Belize market, 27min. Can you see your self in this beauty? The folks at Belize Estate & Company Limited hope you do! They are introducing the new KIA Seltos to the Belize market. The model offers great features that will make driving more stylish and affordable. We talked with the team about the utility of the features and Marleni also took it for a spin to test drive its performance on the road. David Vasquez – Sales Manager/Assistant General Manager, BEC Ltd. Troy Gabb Jr. – Sales Representative, BEC Ltd. Ellis Sanchez – Marketing Manager, BEC Ltd.

  • Cellular World - The new Samsung Galaxy Note 20, 33min. Samsung has introduced the new Galaxy Note 20 which boasts many new features in a sleek design. Cellular World, the official dealer for all Samsung products in Belize, were our guests to have an official unboxing. They walked us through the functions and features. You can purchase the device at any of the branches countrywide. It retails for $2200 and $2700 for the Note 20 Ultra. Justin Ysaguirre - Software Technician/Social Media Manager Lawrence Chow - Head Technician Avril Eiley - Sales & Business Development Manager

  • Digital Music Platforms, 20min. The current situation has made it challenging for musicians to earn a living as most events and activities are cancelled because of COVID-19. We sought out two music producers who have experience with digital music platforms. They were our guests to explain how to market your music internationally and make money from digital sales and royalties. Kendoyll Simpson - Music Producer Dane Lenarez - Music Producer

  • ReefKeeper Belize - UnderSea Belize TV, 17min.

  • Feeding Kids in COVID-19 / Planning Super Market Trips, 22min.

  • Miss Universe Belize Scholarship Initiative, 3min. Pre-primary and primary schools are to reopen on September seventh, but for distance learning only, meanwhile high school classes resume in October. But given the dire economic times, families are finding it hard to cover school expenses for virtual classes. Well, Miss Universe Belize Destinee Arnold announced this morning that eighteen students from across Belize will be the lucky recipients of a one thousand-dollar scholarship each from her to be used for their tuition fees, books or supplies needed for the school year. News Five spoke with the beauty ambassador about this initiative, which she says is one of several activities that she has done to assist her village in Roaring Creek and the country.

  • Snorkeling at Hol Chan, Belize 2016, 4min. Here we are snorkeling at Hol Chan Marine Reserve in Belize. We booked our trip through Richland Adventures, and they took us to Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley. It was our first time snorkeling, and we had a blast. However, there are a few things you should know when you go here. If you are not an advanced swimmer, I would wear a life jacket or just stay close to the boat and others. I say this because at the beginning of the trip you are in shallow water (for how far out in the sea you are). When you first hop in the water it is about 6-8 foot deep. There are plenty of fun fish and coral to see. We even got to see an eel and hold a sea urchin.

  • A week of work in Belize - 2016 - Miss Blease, 6.5min. Linda Blease dj, actress, host, video director traveling around Belize for a week and a half. Deejaying in her home island, Caye Caulker, featuring in a movie " the heritage" (available on amazon prime), Visiting the institute of performing arts, deejaying on the radio. Beautiful Belize

  • Catholicism in San Pedro, The History of San Pedro's Church, 20min. In this week's feature story, we take a look at the history of the community of San Pedro that deeply intertwined with the Catholic faith as the name itself suggests in its translation... the town of St. Peter, Vicar of Christ. We sat down with multiple residents of San Pedro and these were their stories.

    August 25, 2020


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

    The San Pedro Sun

    Female resident of Ambergris Caye among most recent COVID-19 casualties
    COVID-19 continues to take lives in Belize, and among the four recent deaths associated with the deadly disease is a female from San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye. The patient had prior health conditions which are believed to have been worsened by the virus. Director of Health Services in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Marvin Manzanero, shared details on Monday, August 24th during the Ask the Experts live online show. Manzanero said the female island resident had liver complications, and when tested for other contributing factors, she was confirmed to be positive with COVID-19.

    Various Belizean Sources


    Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
    Tuesday, August 25th, Meal Pick ups: Location: FOOD REPUBLIC. Times: Village: 11:00-11:45. Bahia: 11:45-12:30.

    Flood Report and Forecast - August 24, 2020
    REGION 7 - On the Blue Creek sub-catchment of the RIO HONDO at Blue Creek and downstream at Santa Cruz, San Antonio, San Roman, and Douglas levels are above normal and falling. On the NEW RIVER at Tower Hill and Caledonia levels are above normal and falling. REGION 9 - On the MACAL RIVER, reservoir levels are below the spillways at Chalillo Mollejon and Vaca facilities. At San Ignacio, levels are below the low-level bridge and falling. The MOPAN RIVER at Benque Viejo Town is above normal steady. On the BELIZE RIVER, levels at Banana Bank and Double Run are above normal and receding slowly. On the CROOKED TREE LAGOON levels remain below the causeway and receding slowly...

    COVID-19 Update from Office of Director of Health Services
    As discussed earlier, this depicts the number of active cases including today’s data. In Stann Creek you will note a higher number than positive cases identified and that is because that is where the person is completing the quarantine period. This format will only be reported weekly. We are also following another suspect case who died earlier, this in Orange Walk.

    Ministry of Natural Resources Land Registry Department Closed to Public
    The Ministry of Natural Resources informs the public that the Land Registry Department office will be closed to the public effective August 25, 2020 until further notice. During this time, the Department will be providing services remotely. • For persons who wish to submit an application to the Land Registry Department, forms can be retrieved from the Ministry’s website at

    The Belize Companies and Corporate Affairs Registry COVID-19 Preventative Measures
    We are closely monitoring the updates around the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and we want to ensure that we are taking all the precautionary measures to avoid any risks. In an effort to reduce the spread of the COVID-19, the Belize Companies and Corporate Affairs Registry hereby informs the general public that effective Tuesday, August 25th 2020, our office will be opened on Tuesdays and Thursdays only from 8 a.m to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. for picking up, dropping of documents and making payments. Cashier closes at 3:30pm.

    GOB Announces the Close of the First Call for Applications under the MSME Support Program and the Opening of a Second Call
    The Government of Belize announces that the initial application period for the MSME Support Program closed at midnight on August 21, 2020. The program was launched on August 1, 2020 through a collaborative effort led by the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce, the Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development, and BELTRAIDE. It offers $14.5 million in the form of grants, loans, and wage subsidies to assist micro (two to four full time employees, including the owner), small (five to 20 full time employees), and medium (21 to 51 full-time employees) enterprises negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Santa Rosa and San Roman Having Water Problems
    The Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development hereby notifies the residents of Santa Rosa and San Roman, Stann Creek District, that the rudimentary water system is experiencing mechanical problems. Therefore, there is no water in the village. The Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Unit along with the Water Board is working diligently to have water restored by tomorrow, August 25, 2020.

    Additional COVID19 numbers for the Belize District
    Central Health Region adds more emergency lines to cover Belize City, villages in Belize District and the Cayes. Call us for any Covid-19 health issue.

    Process for Departing Belize
    The applicant must submit request to Belize's Director of Immigration via email to director( with a copy to protocolbelize( and consular( with the following: 1. Purpose of travel 2. Intended date of travel 3. Intended port of exit 4. A copy of the applicant's valid passport bio-data page If exiting Belize via the Norther Border Station, the applicant must include: 5. Evidence of reason for travel (i.e. school enrolment letter, or medical appointment letter) If exiting Belize for medical purposes, the applicant must provide...

    Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen Raises GoFundMe Goal
    It's time: We've decided to raise our GoFundMe goal. We hoped it wouldn't be necessary, but unfortunately it is. These last months the people of Caye Caulker have worked very hard to pull themselves up after the lockdowns in March and April. Some managed to stay afloat working a little here and there, some didn't find opportunities to work, others re-invented their businesses and started to do quite well. Now people feel that the rug is taken from underneath them. In the last weeks many new Covid cases have emerged in the country, including 14 on our Caye. The result: Restrictions have been reinforced to almost a lock-down level, businesses are once again closing, local tourism on the weekends has vanished and the airport remains closed...

    BCCI Calls on the Government to Consult on Amendments to Labour Laws
    Belize’s economy is estimated to contract by perhaps as much as twenty percent this year, affecting every business, every citizen, and shrinking the government’s revenues. It is unrealistic to assume that life continues as normal and that employers and employees remain unaffected. As such, the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) views progressive tripartism among Government, employers and employees as critically important to the way Belize negotiates this global pandemic and the resultant local impact. The BCCI echoes the sentiments expressed in the Senate on August 19th 2020 by Senator for the business community, Senator Markhelm Lizarraga, regarding the recently tabled and passed Labour (Amendment) Bill 2020...

    Belize Police Youth Cadet Corp (BPYCC) inspiring and developing young leaders
    For over 20 years, the Belize Police Youth Cadet Corp (BPYCC) has inspired and developed young leaders in communities across the country! THANK YOU Belize Police Department, Police Public Relations and Belize Defence Force for your excellent guidance of our future leaders. We are honored to assist the cadets countrywide with back to school supplies and much needed household items. The #BPYCC has 1049 cadet members countrywide who gain access to educational activities and tours, nutritional programs, camps, training seminars, physical and communication skills development, inter-district sporting events and local and regional Cadet exchange programs.

    Webinar: What is Your Formula to Face the Pandemic?
    The Department of Youth Services is having a webinar about dealing with the pandemic this Wednesday at noon. Hey guys! What are you doing this Wednesday (Aug. 26th)? Join in on the conversation at 12pm Belizean time as different people discuss how they’re facing this pandemic.

    Huay poop or Uay poop
    Black butcher bird in whose body is the spirit of Kakasbal. He falls on his victims and takes them away forever. This being of the Mayab we refer to the Huay Poop, a sorcerer who on certain nights takes the form of a horrible and gigantic black bird, but there are also many more who claim that this evil creature is one more the transmutations of the Genius of Evil, the "Kakasbal" .

    SIB commences training for September round of the Labour Force Survey
    The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) today commenced training for its upcoming September Labour Force Survey (LFS). Training will take place from August 24th- September 3rd and a total of 38 interviewers and 9 editors will be participating. In response to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, the SIB has adapted its method of training, from face-to-face to virtual training using Zoom.

    Channel 7

    COVID Deaths Double Over Weekend
    When we left you on Friday, there were 5 COVID deaths; tonight, there are 10. The death toll doubled over the weekend, while the number of confirmed cases increased by 65 from 648 to 713, with 658 active cases. Today on Ask the Experts, the Director of Health Services discussed the last four cases whited racked up in quick succession - including Verna Gladden, a new mother who had just delivered her daughter by C-Section. Dr. Manzanero begins his recounting with the death of San Felipe resident Natalio Wicab on Saturday night:

    San Felipe’s Natalio Wicab Dies Of COVID
    Similarly, 62 year old Natalio Wicab - who died from COVID complications on Saturday - reportedly has family members who are infected. And, the San Felipe villager also had an extensive network of co-workers who now have to be tested. He worked at the Caribbean Chicken Processing Plant in Blue Creek - and today Armando Cowo of the Poultry Association remembered his friend:

    Caribbean Chicken Forced To Shutdown & Sanitize After Wicab’s Death
    So, as you heard, Wicab had co-morbidities, or what you might call pre-existing conditions which complicated his COVID condition. And his infection and death also complicates matters for the Poultry Industry where his place of employment, Caribbean Chicken has been forced to close down for at least three days to conduct a contact tracing exercise. Cowo told us more:

    Wicab’s Sister Dies
    And, there is late-breaking news is that a younger sister of COVID death number 7 Natalio Wicab has also died. She is Teresita Wicab. At this time, her death is not known to be linked to COVID 19, but she was hypertensive and was having difficulty breathing at the time of her death this evening - according to CTV-3. He family does suspect its COVID - but we stress this has to be confirmed by testing. We can only send best wishes to the family mourning two unexpected deaths within days - while other family members are being treated for COVID 19.

    27 Positives Today, Majority From OW
    So, apart from the doubling of the death count since Friday, the weekend testing also showed 65 new infections. This afternoon on Ask The experts, Dr. Manzanero went over today's results - which include 27 positive samples: "We have 27 cases that are positive out of a 181 tests that were done. The preliminary breakdown is as follows..."

    Does Orange Walk Dist. Have Community Spread?
    As you heard, today's results show 16 new cases from the Orange Walk District, including in Orange Walk Town, August Pine Ridge, San Felipe, Yo Creek, San Lazaro, San Jose Palmar, and San Estevan. That's in addition to 15 over the weekend. So, does the Orange Walk District have community spread? Dr. Manzanero said a team went from Belmopan to that District to try and arrest just that:

    UDP Politician Lee Mark Tests Positive For COVID 19
    And one Belize City politician believes that the City may have much more spread than we know. The UDP's Lee Mark Chang has tested positive for COVID, and, to his credit, has come forward to discuss his experience, but also to warn the public that there are many asymptomatic carriers out there who don't know they have it. How does he know? Because he could have been one! He spoke to Jules Vasquez via Zoom video conference:

    When Will The Curve Peak?
    Another leading Belize City restaurant, the River Tavern announced that an employee tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday. They today announced that they immediately closed the restaurant for a deep cleaning and sanitization of the premises. They add, quote, "We are working along with the Ministry of Health to conduct a mapping exercise, and we continue to monitor the health of our other employees at The Tavern."

    KHMH’s COVID Unit Filled On Weekend
    And that means a very tough two weeks ahead for the staff in the KHMH COVID unit. On Saturday, the KHMH almost triggered a national alarm when it announced that the COVID unit had reached its full capacity, and the hospital was implementing its "COVID surge plan." That meant the activation of the Accident and Emergency ward as an extended COVID unit. Incoming A&E cases were then re-routed to an alternate area in the specialist outpatient clinic. Today, Manzanero discussed this event, and decidedly downplayed the apparent urgency:

    Police Officer Caught Smuggling Border Jumper
    Tonight police constable Jonathan Cal has been placed under quarantine pending charges. That's after he and his wife were caught attempting to facilitate a pregnant border jumper, who is reportedly a family member. It happened near the Jalacte checkpoint where the officer is said to have resisted arrest. And this morning Commissioner of Police Chester Williams told us that Cal, who should have been setting an example, won't be spared.

    Man Claims Cop/Mask Extortion
    And in more police bad behavior there have been widespread reports of state of emergency extortion. Cops, fully cognizant of the widespread community fear of getting caught without a mask, are making a few hundred dollars off people trying to avoid a $5,000.00 fine. And over the weekend that's just what an officer posted at Tower Hill attempted to do to an American national. Except he got reported. Here's what the commissioner plans to do with him.

    COMPOL Proposes Harsh Penally For Cops Who Hustle Off Masks
    And while that officer will be tried in the Supreme Court, his colleagues should take heed not to make the same error in judgment. That's because the Commissioner has devised a new punishment for extortionist cops. He told us more this morning. "We are in receipt of other complaints but not official complaints at this time. We are trying to get those persons to come forward and make their complaints and so I have also discussed the matter with the AG because I believe that there might be a lot out there but people are not coming forward how the law is currently structured..."

    Corporal Eligio In Trouble Again
    And while the Commissioner hopes the new penalty will straighten out a few rogue cops, there may be more than a few "bad apples" within the force. Case in point Corporal Elton Eligio, he's the cop who last year was charged for a flurry of traffic offenses in a fatal accident, including manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct, driving without a valid drivers license, driving an unlicensed motor vehicle, negligent grievous harm, and failing to provide a specimen for testing.

    Businessman From 88 Group Remanded
    And while that cop was remanded for failure to provide a gun license and believed to be under the influence of alcohol, late this evening, a big time Chinese businessman who says he has a business on the upper floor of 88 Shopping Centre, found himself in the same position and is also on remand at the Belize Central Prison. 32-year-old Yinghui Zhen of #3707 Central American Boulevard was arraigned late this evening in the Belize City Magistrate's Court on two charges: one count of possession of a firearm whilst under the influence of alcohol, and failure to provide specimen.

    Alleged Robber Killed
    There was a fatal shooting that happened in Belize City, and the man who pulled the trigger is claiming self-defense because the deceased man attacked him with a weapon. The victim is as 18-year-old Dennis Lamb, a resident of Holy Emmanuel Street, In January, Lamb made the evening news as a suspect on the run who was wanted by police for the crimes of burglary, robbery, and escaping from lawful custody.

    Supermarket Robbery Thwarted By Fearless Security
    And from that fatal shooting, we report now on what could have been another fatal shooting in an attempted robbery gone wrong at the Twins Supermarket, on Saint Thomas Street in Belize City. At around 7:30 on Saturday morning a gunman came barrelling into the supermarket and got into a tangle with a fearless security guard.

    PM Says September Airport Opening Slipping Away Fast
    Changing gears now. If things had gone as planned - (and in the COVID world they never do) - Belize would already be into a strange sort of tourist season. The airport was to have opened on August 15th - but that's just when COVID cases started spiking like crazy. So, there was no joy for tourism interest in August - and the question now is when will the airport open up for tourists? On Friday, in his press conference, the Prime Minister said it's still a known unknown:

    PM On PHI Shortage
    Of course, opening the airport in the COVID era is not just an isolate act - it involves many players from customs, to immigration, to health, to baggage handlers. On Friday when 90 Belizeans were repatriated multiple accounts say it did not go well. On Friday we asked the PM about the shortage of Public Health inspectors... Jules Vasquez: "Speaking specifically about the central region and the unavailability of public health inspectors, if the airport were to have open today we wouldn't have enough public health inspectors to handle it. I raised all this simply to ask additional funds have not been made available for the hiring of extra staff. Funds have not been spent on that, lavish funds have been set aside for this tracking device which I understand would be rented for 6 months, I am told a million dollars this tracking device that people would put on their hands or the Mike Singh geo fencing fantasy, are you able to speak about the priorities for the government in terms what really is the priority?" Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: I would agree with you if you are suggesting that the additional hires that are clearly necessary in terms of the human resources would be the number one priority, you won't get any argument from me..."

    Breaking Down Last Week’s COVID Deaths
    And fast forwarding to today's Ask The Experts Session, Dr. Manzanero discussed the two COVID deaths that occurred over the weekend of august 15th and 16th. "The third and fourth patient that died on the previous weekend of this one that just went by, they had had interaction with the system practically very minimal. In the case of one patient died while receiving care at a private institution and the other patient arrived - none of these patients arrived to the private or public institution with SARS-COVID2..."

    COVID Deaths Not Caused Principally By Respirators
    And, in that explanation, Dr. Manzanero explained that it's pre-existing conditions, not respirators that care causing deaths: "For our indication I think what we had said earlier in terms of chronic diseases it's started to become a reality in terms of our context with risk factor seeming to be right now..."

    Police Deliver Baby
    So far on the news tonight, we've told you about three instances of bad police behavior. They're the kind of offenses that do no credit to the department and leave the Commissioner to give sheepish and reluctant explanations. But it's not all bad news because on Friday night when a woman in labor stumbled into the Mahogany Street substation, the two officers on duty went above and beyond their job descriptions to safeguard the life of the new mother and her child. And earlier today they were both Commended by the Commissioner.

    COVID Causes Pregnancy Complications
    And while that mother had an easy if eventful delivery, it could have been a lot more dire, because pregnancy and delivery are also under the threat of COVID-19. That's because of the increased risk of Blood clots brought on by what we're quickly learning is a systemic disease. We got some advice for expecting moms from Maternal and Child Care expert Dr. Natalia Beer.

    Alfred Usher, the Man Who Talked Too Much
    Last week we told you about contrabandista Alfred Usher, he went from quarantine to Kolbe Foundation after a committal warrant for a 2017 unpaid fine came to light. And this morning Commissioner Chester Williams told us that Usher should have talked less and smiled more, explaining that the incriminating information only came to light after Usher's first media interview.

    AG On Why FFB Congress Still Happened
    When we left you last night after the news, it was with the impression from the Prime Minister that the Government wasn't going to allow the Football Federation of Belize to hold its Congress to elect a new executive. That's the clear message that Prime Minister Barrow gave while answering a question on that topic since gatherings of more than 10 people are currently illegal under the State of Emergency Regulations.

    Chuc, Back At The FFB Helm
    Today, Sergio Chuc, the re-elected president of the FFB, granted us a teleconference interview in which he discussed the outcome of the Congress. But, while we had the opportunity, we asked him what was so urgent that the Congress had to take place during a spike in the number of positive COVID-19 cases. Here's how he answered that: "The election had been called for over 6 months now, and it had been postponed twice already. And every time the election is postponed, we have to give an addition - whenever we are ready to start - we have to give 60 days' notice..."

    Curfew Back In Effect, Here's Why
    So, as we've shown you, the country's COVID-19 numbers increased once again with 65 newly confirmed cases since Friday, and 5 more COVID-related deaths, which brings the total to 10. During last week's Friday's press conference, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced how the enforced State of Emergency regulations would become more strict, as the government tries to slow the spread of the disease. Those latest changes to the SOE took effect on Midnight Saturday, which meant that on Sunday, they came into effect.

    Gyms Have To Close For Two Weeks
    So, while those businesses get a 24-hour pass as essential services, there are those businesses that have been mandated to close under the State of Emergency, due to the risk of amplifying the community spread of the virus. The AG had an update on those enterprises which have to close, and he said that gymnasiums are now among that list. Here are those comments:

    Around The Clock Services
    There were also a few changes the types of businesses that are being allowed to operate in this stricter version of the State of Emergency. There are a number of important ones that the government is granting permission to conduct 24-hour operations, regardless of whether they are in the communities on lockdown, or the rest of the country, in which gatherings of more than 10 people is now illegal. Here's what the Attorney General had to say about those types of businesses:

    Channel 5

    10 COVID-Deaths & 27 New COVID-19 Cases
    The number of COVID related deaths is sneaking up quickly and the situation is putting pressure on the health system. Four persons died from COVID-19 related complications over the weekend; [...]

    A closer look at COVID-19 related deaths
    So, as you heard just now – there are ten COVID-related deaths in Belize within the span of about thirty-six hours. Three of the deceased are females, while seven are [...]

    Caribbean Chicken and San Felipe Villager dies of COVID-19 complications
    Now, we take a look at the COVID-19 patients who died this weekend. We start off with patient number seven, Natalio Wicab of San Felipe Village. Wicab was a supervisor [...]

    Verna Gladden dies of COVID-19 complications days after giving birth
    Two more men died over the weekend – but now we turn to the case of thirty-year-old Verna Gladden who passed away just after nine this morning at the K.H.M.H. [...]

    Two more COVID-19 deaths – both men from northern Belize.
    The other two deaths to report tonight are two males; one is a sixty-five-year –old and the other is a fifty-eight-year-old Marcelo Alcoser of Caledonia Village. D.H.S. Marvin Manzanero tells [...]

    Lee Mark Chang Tests Positive for COVID-19
    Well-known restaurateur and former Senate President Lee Mark Chang has tested positive for COVID-19 and remains in quarantine at his residence here in Belize City.  The businessman received a phone [...]

    DHS explains KHMH Isolation Unit surge.
    With the number of deaths and positive cases climbing so fast, the COVID 19 isolation unit of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital has maxed out. On Saturday, the K.H.M.H. issued [...]

    Backfire: Dennis Lamb Gunned Down During Robbery Attempt
    A nineteen-year-old man, who has had a history with the law, was shot and killed on Friday during an attempted robbery. He is Dennis Lamb and his fatal shooting occurred [...]

    Security Guard Injured During Robbery Attempt at Twins Supermarket
    A security guard on duty at Twins Supermarket on St. Thomas Street had a near brush with death on Saturday morning as an armed robber tried on several occasions to [...]

    Police Charged for Extortion
    And while that police officer in the south was caught facilitating a border jumper, in the north an officer was charged with extortion. On Saturday, the officer was posted at [...]

    New Law to Deal to Deal with Police Who Commit Extortion
    According to Commissioner Williams, incidents of extortion by police officers have increased recently. He says that the law is to be amended to fast track the process to get a [...]

    Police Officer Caught Facilitating Border Jumper
    Over the weekend a police officer was caught smuggling a border jumper in the south. The officer and his wife were stopped at a checkpoint in Punta Gorda.  Police and [...]

    Police Officer Caught Drunk Driving, With Unlicensed Firearm
    A third officer is in trouble with the law; the corporal of police was caught drunk driving and in possession of an unlicensed firearm. Elton Elijio was in a black [...]

    Police to sport a new gym courtesy of Lord Ashcroft COVID 19 Relief Fund
    Some good news for the police; the Department will be sporting a new gym at the Police Fitness Centre.  Funding has been provided by the Lord Ashcroft COVID 19 Relief [...]

    COVID-19 deadly among pregnant women with high risk factors
    The death of new mom thirty-year-old Verna Gladden has left many pregnant women concerned about delivering these babies during this pandemic. So, today the Ministry of Health’s Technical Advisor in [...]

    Tips for pregnant women to keep safe during the pandemic
    So, what can expecting moms do to protect their health and avoid contracting the virus? Beer says that it starts with the routine precautionary measures  – always wear a face [...]

    Baby is Born in Police Station
    While three cops went rogue over the weekend, two law enforcement offices are receiving praises for delivering a baby at the Mahogany Police Sub precinct. On Saturday morning a pregnant [...]

    FFB Holds 2020 Congress; Sergio Chuc Re-elected as Its President
    The Football Federation of Belize held its 2020 congress in Belmopan over the weekend, despite initial concerns from members of the organization regarding social distancing and other safety measures in [...]

    DHS comments on the repatriation process
    On Friday we showed you the arrivals of the Belizeans who came in on the repatriation flight at the Philip Goldson International Airport. The report was that close to a [...]

    Guinea Grass Village Council writes to PM – “ Lift the lockdown”
    Two protests were held in Guinea Grass Village last week. The northern community is under lockdown until the first week of September but villagers complain that they have been suffering [...]

    Will other villages in the north be placed under a lockdown?
    And while the Guinea Grass Village Council and NAVO champion the lifting of the lockdown of the village – D.H.S. Marvin Manzanero says that the spread of the virus in [...]

    Alfred “Big Red” Usher Wanted
    Alfred “Big Red” Usher last week bitterly complained to News Five that he has been illegally and unfairly detained and placed in quarantine. He was caught in Orange Walk with [...]

    The police needs in identifying a John DOE who was hit by car
    Police are asking the public for their assistance in identifying an elderly man who was knocked down over the weekend. The man was hit by a car that was driven [...]

    Police in Ladyville Investigate Stabbing
    Police in Ladyville are investigating a stabbing which occurred on Saturday night. Adrian Hulse was walking on Pigeon Street when he was reportedly approached by Elcide Bainton who uttered the [...]

    A taxi fare robs and shoots his taxi driver
    Police in Cayo are investigating a robbery which left a taxi driver with gunshot injuries.  On Saturday night Gerson Ramirez was operating his taxi with his wife in the passenger [...]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Angelus Press employee tests positive for COVID-19; Belize City store sanitized
    In a press release issued earlier tonight, the Angelus Press Limited advised the general public […]

    “Man reinfected with COVID-19 more than four months after recovery,” says Hong Kong researchers
    Reuters reports that researchers in Hong Kong have documented their first instance of a person […]

    Chamber of Commerce calls on Government to rethink recent labour law amendment
    The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) is calling on the Government of Belize (GOB) […]

    Belmopan Medical Center clarifies media reports on death of COVID-19 patient from Hope Creek village
    The Belmopan Medical Center (BMC) says that, contrary to some media reports, Iris Rose Barillas, […]

    Sister of San Felipe’s COVID-19 victim Natalio Wicab dies of breathing complications
    Tely Cruz, the sister of Natalio Wicab who died yesterday due to complications associated with […]

    Woman dies after being chopped to the throat
    Today, Rosa Chinchia passed away. Chinchia was stabbed on August 17, 2020 when she refused […]

    Land Registry Department closes office until further notice
    The Ministry of Natural Resources informed today that the Land Registry Department office will be […]

    Government announces closure of 1st call for applications under MSME program
    The Government of Belize informed today that the initial application period for the MSME Support […]

    Water system in Santa Rosa and San Roman experiencing mechanical problems
    The Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development today notified the residents of Santa […]

    Lee Mark Chang tests positive for COVID-19; Chon Saan Palace closed for sanitization
    Owner of Chon Saan Palace and United Democratic Party (UDP) standard bearer for Caribbean Shores, […]

    Caribbean Chicken temporarily closes countrywide after employee dies from COVID-19 complications
    Caribbean Chicken has temporarily closed down its branches countrywide, after an employee from Big Creek […]

    Guinea Grass makes plea to end lockdown
    The villages of Guinea Grass, Shipyard and Santa Martha, Orange Walk District, have been under […]

    Standard & Poor’s raises Belize’s ratings after debt restructuring completion
    Belize is out of selective default territory per Standard and Poor’s rating agency, but only […]

    Anglican teacher dies after testing positive for COVID-19
    Anglican Teacher, Verna Gladden, passed away this morning after testing positive for COVID-19. Gladden recently […]

    Ministry of Health investigating two more suspected COVID deaths
    On Sunday, the Director of Health Services (DHS) informed that a patient was transferred from […]

    Unemployment relief approvals yet to come
    On August 3, 2020, Belizeans began submitting applications for phase 2 of the unemployment relief […]

    Wanted man captured
    We have confirmed that police have recaptured Kaleem Chuc, who escaped custody two days ago. […]

    “COVID-19 will be around forever,” says UK scientist
    A former Chief Scientific Advisor to the United Kingdom (UK) says that SARS-CoV2, the virus […]

    Ministry of Natural Resources closes headquarters in Belmopan for sanitization
    The Ministry of Natural Resources informs that it is necessary for its headquarters in Belmopan […]


    Fish Right, Eat Right: Sustainable Seafood in Belize
    Ever been curious about the seafood on your plate? “How and where was my seafood caught”? Not to worry: you are not alone. Over generations, Belizean fishers have navigated our blues with the proper management of national fisheries in mind. Through these sustainability efforts, fishers and NGOs have partnered on various initiatives to not only ensure proper fisheries management, but to also find innovative ways that highlights the importance that responsible consumption can have in compliance with fisheries regulations and integrated best practices.

    Belize grabs 5 of the ’13 of the Best Resorts in Central America
    With everything from lush cloud forests to clear, azure seas, wildlife-filled jungles and Mayan ruins, a trip to Central America can be just as laid back or just as adventurous as you’d like it to be. After all, these resorts in Belize are some of the most ideal from which to take it all in. Below, read more on five resorts making 13 of the Best Resorts in Central America list by Trips to Discover.

    International Sourcesizz

    Mexico Is Saving Its Coral Reef From Hurricanes With A One-Of-A-Kind Plan
    In Quintana Roo, the reef is a crucial part of the local ecosystem and the local economy — and both are in peril. Last year the state accounted for some $15 billion of the $25 billion that tourists spent in Mexico. Now it is facing massive pandemic-driven losses. As the region slowly emerges from the coronavirus lockdown, an innovative experiment is underway to safeguard the reef and the tourism industry it helps support: A 100-mile stretch of the Mesoamerican Reef is the world’s first natural asset protected by an insurance policy. The policy is intended to provide an immediate infusion of cash in the event of a damaging storm, allowing the hotel owners and local government who pay its premiums to quickly repair the reef and forestall further degradation. It’s a novel effort to use the economic value of nature to pay for its conservation.

    When Royal Caribbean Ships May Start Sailing Again
    Royal Caribbean International could cruising again with some ships in North America later this year, while other ships could start up sooner in Asia and Australia pending local regulations. Other vessels may not start service until 2021. A look at the expected first sailing of each Royal Caribbean International ship as the cruise industry gets back into service (all information is subject to change due to the COVID-19 crisis):


  • Monday's "Ask the Experts", min. Dr. Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services, was joined by Dr. Natalia Beer, Technical Advisor for the Maternal and Child Health Unit of the Ministry of Health.

  • How to protect yourself where there is community spread of Covid-19, 46min. Dr. Fernando Cuellar was our guest to talk candidly about the current situation and how to protect yourself where there is community spread.

  • Fabrigas Belize Limited - medical and industrial oxygen available for customers, 24min. Fabrigas Belize Limited has prepared for escalating cases of COVID-19 by investing in tripling their storage capacity to have medical and industrial oxygen available for customers. They have also invested in cutting edge technology for remote monitoring of oxygen levels in all major hospitals in Belize. Our guests talked to us about these preparations and introduced the new face masks that are now available for purchase. Justin Sabido - Sales Manager, Fabrigas Belize Limited. Glenford Baptist - Special Projects Coordinator, Fabrigas Belize. .Limited

  • PPF Capital Belize Limited - Ways to increase your financial stability, 31min. OYE continues to share relevant information for our viewers to help them through this particular moment in time. In this segment we are helping you identify other ways to increase your financial stability. Chris McGann, Managing Director of PPF Capital Belize Limited, spoke to us about investments in the public utilities debentures. He explained how they work and the risks involved. He shared that some require as little as $1000.00 to get started.

  • United Memorial Medical Center - symptoms he's recorded in COVID-19 patients, 35min. We had a conversation with Dr. Joseph Varon who leads the COVID-19 response team at the United Memorial Medical Center. He shared his experience with treating COVID-19 patients as well as what he's learnt about how the virus affects patients. Dr. Varon will be speaking to our medical professionals on Wednesday.

  • Tux Belizean Fry Chicken can now be made in the comfort of your homes, 22min. Tux Belizean Fry Chicken can now be made in the comfort of your homes! The family-owned business is packaging their signature batter and making it available for purchase. We talked with the ladies behind the new product and got a quick lesson in how to mix the batter to the perfect consistency for that perfect fry! Phyllis Reyes - Tux Belizean Fry Chicken, Asusena Reyes - Tux Belizean Fry Chicken.

  • The National Women's Commission -New Victim's Complaint Mechanism, 25min. The National Women's Commission is introducing a new Victim's Complaint Mechanism to empower gender-based violence victims to be able to report when they have experienced dis-satisfactory support services from government and social sector entities. Eleanor Murillo, Program Officer with the National Women's Commission, explained how the mechanism will work to improve services/response to this vulnerable population

  • National Meteorological Service of Belize - monitoring and preparing for any storms, 38min. We're still in the hurricane season and must remain vigilant about monitoring and preparing for any storms. The mid-season hurricane prediction is for an above average season due to La Niña. We thought you'd benefit from a bit more explanation about this weather phenomenon. So we invited Ronald Gordon, Deputy Chief Meteorologist with the National Meteorological Service of Belize, to explain what this means for our weather and potential hurricane threats.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - NELSON EDWARD ZAYDEN SR., 1.5min.


  • Large towhead overturned on the Phillip Goldson Highway in Ladyville, 1min. The road was blocked while workmen dump sand on fuel which has emptied out onto the highway. There is no indication of anyone being hurt.

  • Seven wonders of the world for 2020 | Condé Nast Traveller, 1min. Conde Nast Traveller has released a video for their Seven Wonders of the Modern World. Caracol is on the list. "Of the original Seven Wonders of the World, only the Great Pyramids of Giza remain. Here, instead, are seven wonders for our time that can be seen firsthand. Find out more about these modern seven wonders of the world now:"

  • UnBelizable Buffet, 4.5min. Fly Fisning in Belize

  • Belize In Crisis | Times of Trouble, 14min. After spending 115 days on a tropical island, it was finally time to return home. As the Coronavirus was wreaking havoc throughout the world, I found myself in a country in peril. The Belize economy was crumbling, tourism had vanished in San Pedro, and my own personal health was declining due to a mystery illness. Before my plane departs, I wanted to take a moment to visit some of the most memorable friends I had made on the island, and ask them to tell us just 1 thing about Belize they want the world to know. I had such a lovely time, and met so many wonderful and kind people in Belize, so I hope these past videos have shown you how kind and amazing the people of Belize are.

  • Aerial Video of Haulover Creek, Belize City, Belize!, 2min. A little aerial view of our beloved little Jewel of Belize City, Belize District!

  • Monday With The Maya, 2.5min. Today marked the end of the “Pantheon of Gods Campaign” and we consolidated all the posts into a little video for your enjoyment!

  • Yuum balam(Nukuch Tat) -The great keeper of the milpas, 15min. José (Martín Noh) is a young man skeptical of his culture, after living outside his community, he loses respect for his Maya traditions and ignores everything his family has transmitted to him, however, one night while walking in the mountains he listens a whistle that you will never forget and you will soon experience an encounter with a being, who leads you to lose yourself and become one with nature.

  • Baron Bliss Lighthouse, 1min. Baron Bliss Lighthouse is a lighthouse in Belize City. Established in 1885, it has a focal plane of 16 m (52 ft) and is painted white and red. It is named after one of Belize's greatest benefactors, Baron Bliss, who is known to have never actually set foot on Belizean shores but was impressed with the people's warm hospitality. He was a sailor and fisherman who traveled the world aboard his yacht the "Sea King". On March 9, 1926, Baron Bliss died.

    August 24, 2020


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

    The San Pedro Sun

    ‘Food for San Pedro’ assists 157 island families during lockdown
    A total of 157 families received assistance in the form of food items on Thursday, August 20th, through an initiative baptized with the name ‘Food for San Pedro’. Belize City Attorney at-Law Audrey Matura, along with a host of volunteers on the island, has started this project to assist those that have been heavily affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic and are most in need.

    Various Belizean Sources


    Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
    Monday, August 24th, Meal Pick ups: Location: HAPPY LOBSTER. Times: Village: 11:00-11:45. Bahia: 11:45-12:30.

    Bat Chat: Secret Lives of Bats with Dr. Brock Fenton
    Tune in to learn about bats and the ecosystem at Ka'kabish site in northern Belize! This is a great resource for guides in the Lamanai area! Join bat expert Dr. Brock Fenton for an evening of virtual bat chat. Learn from Dr. Fenton about how bats live, the basics of bat biology, their amazing diets and why humans have been fascinated by these misunderstood mammals for thousands of years. Q&A to follow. After Brock's talk, Emily and Jon, from the High Park Nature Centre, will be on hand to teach you how to use your bat detectors. All ages (most appropriate for ages 6+)

    Eighteen new COVID-19 cases were detected Sunday
    A total of 165 samples were processed with 18 new positive cases. The preliminary breakdown is as follows: Orange Walk: 4 Belize District: 7 (3 in city, 1 in Caye Caulker, San Pedro 3) Cayo District: 5 (all in Belmopan) Stann Creek: 1 Toledo: 1 (Border Jumper) In terms of the numbers from yesterday, cases in Orange Walk district came from Louisiana, San Estevan, August Pine Ridge, Orange Walk Town; Corozal District: Alta Mira, Chunox, Patchakan, Corozal Town. Cayo District: Ontario.

    BELIZE CONSTITUTION (EMERGENCY POWERS) REGULATIONS, 2020 - STATUTORY INSTRUMENT NO. 121 OF 2020. Good morning all, effective today regulation 121/20 came into effect. The following is now the law under the new SI- San Pedro Santa Martha Shipyard and Guinea Grass remains under complete lock down. The following shall apply to the lock down areas...

    Ministry of Natural Resource Closed on Monday for Sanitization
    The Ministry of Natural Resources hereby informs the public that it has become necessary for its headquarters in Belmopan to be closed on Monday, August 24, 2020. This closure is to accommodate the sanitization of the office for the protection and safety of staff and the public. For general queries, please feel free to contact Customer Service via email, or log onto the Ministry’s web chat at . Updates will continue to be provided as necessary via the Ministry’s website and Facebook page. The Ministry of Natural Resources thanks the public for its understanding and cooperation.

    Repatriation Story
    Let me tell yall how the repatriation process went: Arrived in Belize between 11:40-50am. We came out the plane and were placed in 2 lines outside in the heat which we thought were the lines to be tested for coronavirus. They then gave us a form to fill out which required out name, address and quarantine details. After being in the line for 45 minutes to an hour, I got to the front of the line where a woman used a temperature gun to test my temperature. This is where I noticed it was bad! The girl took my temperature and said "wow". Got me a bit frighten. Then I realised that the reading would be wrong since I was just in sun for an hour. Apparently, all the readings were wrong! I can't tell you what they were thinking, or maybe they weren't. We were never tested!

    Repatriation Story 2
    I am not really one to complain but I really feel this repatriation process in Belize deserves it. The flight from Houston arrived in Belize a little after 11:30 am. We did not leave the airport until almost 4pm! Without access to any food or water!!!! So we got off the plane and had to do a line outside the airport, it was very very hot. The line led to some covid testing booths and I thought we were in line to get swabbed which made sense. We were in line for about an hour to an hour and a half (depending where you were in line), when you got to the front of the line they took your temperature. The line was not to be swabbed for Covid, it was for Customs to check your carry on / bag / purse. I thought this was ridiculous, couldn't this be done inside?

    Westline Bus Co. Ltd's latest schedule


    There was a stabbing Incident in Ladyville Village, Belize District last night just after seven o’clock. 39-year-old Adrian Hulse and 23-year-old Elcide Bainton were in an altercation on Pigeon street when Bainton pulled out a knife an inflicted several stabs wounds to Hulse’s body. Hulse transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for medical attention.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Director of World Health Organization says COVID-19 pandemic could be “over in two years”
    Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization says that it is possible for […]

    Bayern Munich defeat Paris Saint Germain (PSG) 1-0 for Champions League title
    A Kingsley Coman goal in the 59th minute settled a tense, […]

    18 new positive cases of COVID-19 identified today
    The Ministry of Health informed a short while ago that after processing a total of […]

    Escaped convict still at large
    Authorities are still looking for a convicted man who escaped police custody on Friday. Kaleem […]

    University of Belize was designed to be hostage to whoever rules in Belmopan
    The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize […]

    Sunday Vibes Link up goes live on BBN at 3: p.m.
    Today marks the second round of the collaboration between Breaking Belize News and the Sunday […]

    Attacker and victim injured in Ladyville stabbing
    Two men were injured in a stabbing incident in Ladyville Village last night. Reports are […]

    Commissioner of Police breaks down new State of Emergency regulations
    As announced by the Attorney General last night, there are revised State of Emergency regulations […]

    More that 23 million COVID-19 cases reported worldwide, deaths keep climbing
    The global COVID-19 pandemic has now affected over 23 million people and killed over 800,000. […]


    Wide Open Nature: Why Belize is Naturally Resilient
    Crowded tourist destinations are out of the question. Those seeking rejuvenative solitude can find it in Belize’s wide open nature, meaning minimal contact and time to self – unfettered by family or work obligations. Social distancing regulations, paired with lower risks of contracting the virus in open spaces, leaves travelers opting for adventure in nature. After all, spending time in nature reduces negative thought patterns, stress, and depression – ultimately making us happier. While you may not have been a traditionally ‘outdoorsy’ person pre-pandemic, these experiences in solitude make it easy, with either wind-swept transportation, self-guided trails, or a suite of “at-home” luxuries in far-flung lodges.

    Chasing Sunsets in Belize
    There’s a reason sunsets are constant standbys of writers and poets – they are beautiful, mesmerizing and inspiring. Besides, there is something magical and relaxing about watching a sunset; the sky transitions from brilliantly red and orange tones into darkness. Belize’s diverse landscapes allow for watching gorgeous sunsets, with stunning vistas, regardless of what corner of the country your Belize adventure takes you.

    Exploring the Belize Spice Farm & Botanical Garden in Punta Gorda
    Belize has become a favorite international tourist destination. Divers love to explore the world’s second longest barrier reef. Nature-lovers consider the rainforest to be extraordinary, with its jaguars, tapirs, howler monkeys and beautiful birds. The Maya ruins are one of the wonders of the world. Now those who love fragrance, flavor and spice have a new favorite destination. It is the Belize Spice Farm and Botanical Garden in Punta Gorda. When the Mathews, an Indian-American couple, visited Belize in 1989, they found the climate to be just like that of Kerala, in India. They wondered if they could grow the same spices in Belize that are grown in Kerala. These spices include Tellicherry black pepper, cardamom, vanilla, allspice, and nutmeg. Thanks to help from the Government of Belize, the Mathews were able to import seeds and cuttings from India.


  • Q&A session about the Economic Recovery Strategy is online, 90min. A live Q&A with Alexya Pérez, where we go into the Economic Recovery Strategy document to tackle the 2020 pandemic in Belize and talk about what it means for your business!

  • Hot Mama’s Belize - SESB On-Grid Solar System, 1min.

  • Belize | Mayan Temples of Lamanai, 4min. Most people hit the beach in Belize, but not us! Join us high atop a Mayan temple, in the remote Lamanai Archeological Reserve.

  • Scuba Diving Belize 2018-11, 15min.

  • San Pedro Belize, 4min.

  • Yuum Balam - the Great Guardian of the milpa, 15min. A most watch film about the Yuum Balam . The Yucatec Maya of Belize know these Spirits as Nukuch Tat or Balamo'ob . The Nukuch Tat is a good spirit ,guardian of the animals ,milpa ,humans and forest . Although they are good spirits who every breaks the rules ,the Yuum Balames will punish. José (Martin Noh) is a young skeptical of his culture, after living outside his community, he loses respect for his Mayan traditions and ignores everything his family has transmitted to him, however, one night while walking on the mountain listen a whistle you will never forget and soon experience an encounter with a being, who leads you to get lost and become one with nature.

  • Pigeons in flight & a fire rainbow cloud developing behind, .5min.

  • Brent's Two Cents Episode 8 - More Community Heroes in Caye Caulker and San Pedro!, 28min. A special "good news" podcast featuring community heroes in Caye Caulker and San Pedro. The Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen is currently feeding over 20% of that village's population daily. While in San Pedro, a chef and restaurant owner is operating her own feeding program for residents of her island. Two inspirational stories of community service on this special "good news" episode of Brent's Two Cents!

    August 23, 2020


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

    The San Pedro Sun

    San Pedro Catholic Church Distributing Food in San Pedro
    As every Saturday, the San Pedro Catholic Church continues to distribute basic food items to those in need. Distribution takes place early in the mornings by the Chapel in San Pablo and by the Lions Den in the downtown area. This uninterrupted food assistance has been ongoing since March, when the current COVID-19 pandemic hit the island jeopardizing people’s livelihood with the shutdown of the tourism industry.

    BEL responds to complaints of unusually high utility bills
    Representatives of the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) spoke with The San Pedro Sun, explaining the possible causes and suggesting some measures customers can adapt to manage their energy consumption. The company also urges its customers to contact BEL when they have concerns about their bills immediately. The company reminds customers that it remains available through various options including calling 0-800-BEL-CARE, online chat at, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp 600-6097 or an email to

    Various Belizean Sources


    KHMH current hospitalized cases
    We have activated our Alternate Emergency Area. Please be advised. - Corozal has one hospitalized case, highly suspect for COVID-19 - NHR has two hospitalized cases - WHR has one hospitalized case, highly suspect KHMH has 4 ventilated patients, all confirmed cases and 5 confirmed, non-ventilated patients. The KHMH has 16 ventilators for COVID-19 cases, these are outside of their routine ICU care. The move as per advisory is according to the plan and is done to enhance the flow of patients through the A&E for non COVID-19 cases. While the concern is the overall bed capacity beyond just ventilators, we do want to continue to stress the overall importance of prevention as we do want to keep the hospitalization rate at the lowest possible levels.

    COVID-19 update:
    This is our data for today. We processed a total of 165 samples with 20 positive cases: Cayo - 1 in Ontario linked to a previous case. Corozal - 6 all linked to previous cases BeliZe - 2 - 1 in San Pedro and 1 in the city linked to a previous case Orange Walk -11 - 9 linked to previous cases We have 1 recovered case.

    Repatriation Flight Described
    This was my nieces experience! Here is what a repatriation flight to Belize looks like for Belizeans who would like to enter back into the country. You get on a plane and show them your passport and ticket and you enter the plane waiting to fly into Belize. You think it’ll be a quick flight and maybe an hour wait and then you are tested and can get your things and go to the expensive hotel you are required to pay for to rest after a long day of travel. But sadly it was not that easy. They had us wait an hour in line outside in the hot afternoon sun to turn in a paper saying where we were going to be staying and our name and emergency contact. ..

    Monday's Creative Discussion lineup

    Stress Management Webinar
    The Belize Institute for Service Excellence, Leadership and Research has some upcoming webinars, and the Stress Management starts on September 1st.

    Message from ACES / American Crocodile Education Sanctuary
    There have been some comments made in recent weeks by those seemingly disgruntled with the services we provide. So sadly I feel compelled to remind you all that these are services we provide FREE OF CHARGE, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Nobody pays us for the costs of these services. No one pays me for the health risks of crawling over broken glass and garbage to capture a croc residing under an apartment building, or for crawling through a combination of rain water and sewage to remove a croc residing under a families home

    Channel 7

    Highlights of last evening's "Ask the Experts"
    *Football Federation of Belize held their elections in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Government. * Lockdown still in place for San Pedro and the three villages in the North where curfew is 8pm-5am *Standard curfew from Monday-Sunday 9 pm-5 am until September 4 *Children curfew remains at 6pm *cycling will be allowed, single file only 6ft apart and no mask. Walking and running also allowed * Gymnasiums will be closed * No private parties with persons outside the household * No sporting events, whether recreational or competitive *Only 10 persons at Weddings ...

    Channel 5

    Attempted Robbery Caught on Camera
    This morning police were called out to Twin Supermarket on Saint Thomas Street in Belize City where an attempted robbery had just occurred. Security footage of the incident shows the gunman entering the store and pulling out a firearm before the security officer intervened. A struggle for the firearm ensued during which the gun snapped. The would-be robber escaped. The security guard was wounded to the back of the head, knee and elbow.

    $135,000.00 donated to COMPOL by Lord Ashcroft COVID-19 Relief Fund
    This afternoon, at the Matalon Building, Belize City, Belize Bank's Executive Chairman, Mr. Lyndon Guiseppi, handed over a cheque for $135,000.00, on behalf of the Lord Ashcroft COVID-19 Relief Fund, to COMPOL Chester Williams, the President & Deputy President of the Belize Police Department Association. This cheque donation is for the purchasing of new exercise/workout equipments, refurbishing of the Queen Street Police new "Health & Fitness Center". This new police health & fitness center project will commence work 24th August & will be completed by the end of the month of November 2020.

    One man dead after failed robbery
    It happened last night in the St Martins De Porres area of Belize City. According to sources, Dennis Lamb attempted to carry out a robbery with a BB gun when his would be victim pulled out a license firearm and shot Lamb.

    Dennis Lamb shot and killed in Belize City
    A man identified as Dennis Lamb, wanted by Police for multiple crimes, was shot and killed on Eleanor Usher Street in Belize City on Friday night. Around 9:30pm Police were called to the area and found Lamb bleeding from multiple injuries. Reports are that a man was inside a yard when he was approached by Lamb who pointed a gun at him. The man allegedly pushed the weapon aside and took out his licensed firearm and shot Lamb. He was pronounced dead at 11:05 at the KHMH.


    A female died with liver complications but was also diagnosed with COVID-19. There was also a C-section done on a positive COVID-19 case from San Pedro, both the mother and the child are recovering at the KHMH.

    A baby made its debut at the most unusual place in the wee hours of Saturday morning. An expecting mother visited the Mahogany Police Sub-Station in labour and her baby refused to wait on the EMT. Corporal Robert Sutherland, attached to the Gang Suppression Unit and a Woman Police Constable N.Abdulah sprang into action and safely delivered the baby girl. The baby girl was safely welcomed into the world in the arms of the officers.

    The Football Federation of Belize held elections today. Sergio Chuc was re-elected as president while Cruz Gamez was re-elected as vice president. Jacqueline Pelayo, Marlon Kuylen, and Shane Orio were elected as members

    This morning just after seven o’clock there was an attempted robbery at Twin Supermarket on Saint Thomas Street, Belize City. 38-year-old Washington Augustine, security guard of said establishment reported to police that a dark complexion slim built male person entered the Supermarket and pointed a firearm at him.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Man stabbed earlier tonight in Ladyville
    Breaking Belize News (BBN) has received reports that a young man was stabbed earlier tonight […]

    Fishing restriction last week sniffed out “fake fishermen” trying to leave San Pedro
    Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte earned some ire last week by restricting fishing activities on Ambergris […]

    At least 11 patients hospitalized across Belize due to COVID-19
    The Ministry of Health informed the nation a short while ago that at least 11 […]

    Attorney General provides restrictions on sports, social events, bars, restaurants and other businesses
    In tonight’s Ask the Experts, Attorney General Michael Peyreffite, outlined that competitive and recreational sports […]

    Uniform 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew takes effect on Sunday
    Tonight – in fact, in the next hour or so – all Belizeans must be […]

    A.G.: Regulations are “one step forward, two steps backward”
    Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte has noted that as recently as two weeks ago, he was […]

    Football Federation election: Peyreffite details decision to move Congress to Belmopan
    It would have been very difficult to police today’s planned Congress of the Football Federation […]

    KHMH activates Alternate Emergency Area, COVID-unit full to capacity
    The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority (KHMHA) has informed that its COVID-19 Isolation Unit has […]


    Getting the Yes: Belize Redefines Romance
    These days, engagements and elopements are becoming more of an experience than an exact tale of old traditions. The mere definition of an elopement — an act of running off to marry — evokes images of romance and adventure. Meanwhile, choosing an intimate and unique location in Belize to propose can elevate your ‘yes’ to memorable, meaningful, and epic. Take your next big step towards wedded bliss in stride while in Belize for a spontaneous, yet special day – whether it’s for your elopement or proposal.

    Teacher Retirement, Island Style
    Well, it’s been 2 years since I officially retired from teaching. But it seems that I just can’t get it out of my blood. Not long after we settled into our new apartment on the tiny Caribbean island of Caye Caulker, Belize I went down to the local high school to see if they could use any of my “expertise”. After all, I do have a very special set of skills. But first, let me tell you about the education system in Belize. Education in Belize is compulsory between the ages of 6 and 14 years for primary education.

    Plan A Post-retirement Trip To Belize
    You may consider Belize to be an exotic travel destination for young thrill-seekers, but no matter what your age or activity level, you’ll find wonderful experiences here. If you are close to retirement or have retired, consider a post-retirement visit here. What are some things you can do on your vacation to paradise?

    Escape From America: Belize Is The Best Place To Move If You Want To Leave The U.S.
    Covid-19 is making life tougher in the US. Many Americans have lost their jobs while others are working remotely. It’s getting harder to justify staying in America, particularly with the ongoing political strife. Many people are dreaming of moving abroad. For those who are now working from home, there is the realization that the life of a digital nomad is an attainable goal. For those who have lost their jobs, opportunities to start afresh overseas beckon. It’s no wonder, then, that a record number of Americans are searching for information on how to move out of the USA.

    International Sourcesizz

    2020 Virtual Engage Realty Conference
    The Belize National Association of Realtors invites you to register for The 2020 Virtual Engage Conference hosted by our good friends at the Houston Association of Realtors (HAR). This event will be taking place between September 23-25, 2020. The 2020 Virtual Engage is a fully digital experience that will bring together the real estate community in new and innovative ways during these unprecedented times. There will be speakers, presenters and collaborators from all corners of the industry.


  • Ask the Experts with the Attorney General Hon. Michael Peyrefitte, 2hr.

  • Security guard fights robber at Twins Supermarket on St. Thomas Street in Belize City, 15sec. The gun snapped twice but no shots were fired.

  • Mexico, Guatemala and Belize trekking, 1hr47min.

    August 22, 2020

    For the latest on Tropical Storm Marco, click here


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

    The San Pedro Sun

    U.S. Government Delivers Disaster Response Supplies to NEMO
    On August 20, the U.S. Embassy delivered disaster response equipment and supplies valued at over U.S. $88,000 to Belize’s National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) in a handover ceremony at the NEMO Warehouse in Ladyville. Major Matthew Adams, U.S. Embassy Belmopan Office of Security Cooperation Chief, represented the U.S. Embassy when handing the items to Retired Lieutenant Colonel Shelton Defour, who received the goods on behalf of NEMO.

    Ministry of Transport Addresses Public Transportation Reports
    While the Department has increased monitoring and has mandated bus companies to increase cleaning efforts in response to the COVID-19 threat, the Ministry of Transport and National Emergency Management and the DOT have been receiving reports that public transportation operators including drivers and conductors along with travelling commuters are not adhering to the Regulations. Bus drivers, conductors and passengers are not wearing their masks when travelling in the buses, or in some instances, they are not properly worn. It has also been reported that in some instances sanitization of hands or of the buses is not being done.

    Agreement signed between the Government of Belize, the Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries, and Oceana to Support Gillnet Fishers to Transition to Alternative Means
    In a demonstration of its commitment to sustainable fishing, Dr. Hon. Omar Figueroa, Minister of Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development, for and on behalf of the Government of Belize, entered into an agreement with the Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries and Oceana.

    Ambergris Today

    1. The Ministry is proposing that preschool and primary schools reopen Monday, September 7th, and Secondary schools on Monday, October 5th for DISTANCE LEARNING only. No decision for face to face learning as yet 2. Physical workbooks will be developed and distributed to students 3. The first month of this teaching approach will be utilized to assess the students 4. Ministry of Education will be distributing digital learning devices to secondary level students in need and will be working with Digi to provide free internet access, to allow for online learning..

    Various Belizean Sources


    U.S. Government Delivers Disaster Response Supplies to NEMO
    On August 20, the U.S. Embassy delivered disaster response equipment and supplies valued at over U.S. $88,000 to Belize’s National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) in a handover ceremony at the NEMO Warehouse in Ladyville. Major Matthew Adams, U.S. Embassy Belmopan Office of Security Cooperation Chief, represented the U.S. Embassy when handing the items to Retired Lieutenant Colonel Shelton Defour, who received the goods on behalf of NEMO. “Hurricane season reminds us that even as the United States and the Government of Belize focus on reducing the spread of COVID-19 in Belize, we must also work together to prepare against the threat of natural disasters,” Major Adams declared...

    Flood Forecast for August 21, 2020
    REGION 7 - On the Blue Creek sub-catchment of the RIO HONDO at Blue Creek and downstream at Santa Cruz, San Antonio, San Roman. and Douglas levels are above normal and steady. On the NEW RIVER at Tower Hill and Caledonia levels are above normal and steady.

    COVID-19 update
    This is our data for today. A total of 272 samples were processed yesterday with 41 positive cases as follows/ Cayo - 9 (4 in Belmopan) Belize - 23 (15 in San Pedro) Orange Walk - 7 Corozal - 2 We have 5 recovered cases (2 in OW, 1 in Corozal, 1 in San Pedro, 1 in Belize City).

    Electronic Submission of All Social Security Claim Forms
    The public is hereby informed that due to the rising threat of COVID-19 to our staff, customers and their families, effective immediately: 1. Physical claim forms are no longer accepted at any SSB Branch Office. 2. All Benefit Claim forms (e.g. sickness, injury, maternity, funeral, retirement, survivor's, etc.) accompanied by proof of banking information and salary record from employers MUST be sent ELECTRONICALLY to A scanned copy or clear picture of the completed claim form is required...

    1) Preprimary and Primary schools will commence on September 7 with paper-based distance learning. Assignments are to be picked up from designated spots to be determined by individual schools. 2) Digital devices will be sourced by the Ministry of Education to facilitate as much of the students as they can for online learning; arrangements will have to be made through the schools and will have a minimal cost to have the text books uploaded onto the device. It is yet to be determined whether the devices will be on loan or for keeps ...

    Belize Fisheries Department Construction of Fisheries Docking Pier Bid of Tender
    Construction of a 100 ft x 8 ft docking pier at the Belize Fisheries Department compound in Belize City. The project also calls for the construction of a shed (25' x 8') at the end of the pier as well as loading and unloading platform to be included for easy access to load and unload cargo from vessels on both sides. In addition, lighting along the pier and on the shed is to be included. This project is being funded in partnership between the Government of Belize and the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) under the project entitled "Improving the management of Marine Reserve Network".

    Updated Plans for the Reopening of School: Frequently Asked Questions
    1. When will schools reopen for the 2020-21 school year? The Ministry of Education has made the decision to reopen schools for distance education only on the following dates: Preschools and Primary Schools: Monday, September 7, 2020 Secondary Schools: Monday, October 5, 2020

    Fisherman charged with nearly 50 lobsters within Half Moon Caye Natural Monument by Belize Audubon Society’s Ranger
    On Monday August 17th, 2020 at approximately 2:30 am Belize Audubon Society’s Park Rangers detained one fisherman from Chunox Village, Corozal District who was found fishing within Half Moon Caye Natural Monument. The individual was found in possession of forty-nine (49) whole lobsters of which ten (10) were lobsters with eggs and eight (8) were lobsters with spawn.

    In an effort to assist our stakeholders to improve their abilities to survive, adopt and overcome the negative economic impacts of the pandemic we will be offering a webinar titled: Building Resilience for your Business during COVID-19. Key workshop areas will include: -Finance -Humane Resources -Asset Management -Target Markets -Products & Services

    "Aqui esta mi Tuuch enterado"
    When babies are born in the Yucatec Maya tradition, the grandmother is who normally cures the baby's Tuuch (Belly Button). The Yucatec Maya of Belize have a tradition that when the Tuuch is cured, it is taken to the bush and buried. It is believed it will help the child to be brave in the future. The bush is a sacred space where the Yucatec Maya normally do milpa and rituals to honor the Yuumstilo'ob.

    Channel 7

    No Lockdown, But Added Social Controls To Slow Infections
    The Prime Minister held a press conference today to discuss the rising number of COVID infections. Tonight, Belize stands at 648 confirmed cases, which marks a 1,350% increase in the last three weeks. For some, the numbers and the daily rate of infection scare lockdown, but - citing advice from the World Health Organization - the Prime Minister today announced that he is not ready to go there - not yet, at least: "Total lockdowns are not recommended by the WHO because of the economic and social devastation that such lockdowns caused. So, I am fortified in my own thinking that we pretty much at all cost want to avoid anything like a total lockdown. I want to express the hope which is not just a pius or idle hope, based on all that I've just said that we can ultimately contain this new surge or these new surges."

    School Will Re-Open On Sept 7th, No Face to Face Instruction
    As you heard, those measures will be in place for two weeks starting on Sunday, August 23rd. They will be fully detailed tomorrow night in another Saturday night edition of "Ask The Experts". And while many openings are being restricted, pre, primary and secondary schools will have their own kind of opening. Pre and primary will open on September the 7th but there will be no face to face instruction, distance learning only. The Minister explained: "This afternoon I am proposing that we attempt to start in terms of the re-opening of schools for distance education only on Monday, September 7th, 2020. Again, this is for distance only for pre-schools and primary schools. For secondary schools, we are proposing the date of Monday, October 5th. These proposed dates are for distance education only. The official start date for those students approved for doing home-schooling is Monday, September 7th."

    GOB Will Provide Tablets For Secondary Schools
    And while that paper solution is the plan for primary school distance learning, the plan for secondary schools is much more ambitious. It involves the acquisition of computer tablets for students, and teaching their teachers how to conduct remote learning on mobile platforms. A giant leap, and it has to be made by early October. Here's the broad outline: Hon. Patrick Faber, Minister of Education: "At the secondary level, which we have indicated will reopen Monday, October 5th; distance education will be done primarily online. The Ministry of Education will be distributing digital learning devices and electronic text books to all secondary school students who not have access to those resources..."

    COVID Cases In your City, Town and Village
    And while those are the major announcements coming out of today's press conference, the Director of Health services also discussed the latest numbers. He began with the samples which were processed yesterday: Dr. Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services "We have 272 tests done. Out of those we have 41 samples as positive, 2 in Corozal, 7 in Orange Walk. For the Belize District we had a total of 23 with 15 being in San Pedro. 8 in the rest of Belize District. The Cayo district had a total of 9, with 5 in San Ignacio and 4 in Belmopan.

    100 Returned Today, Complaints Of Crowd Chaos
    And those numbers may go up, because 98 repatriates returned today, the largest number to return in a single day. And by the account of at least one traveller, it was a mess. This repatriate sent us pictures and called the scene "Out of order" and disorganized. The traveller also pointed out, no social distancing was being done. Today, Manzanero discussed the large number of repatriates and a change in the testing protocol:

    Port Authority Calls On COMPOL To Withdraw Charges
    You've heard the Comptroller of customs complain about the criminal charges brought against Jr. Officer Deon Castillo. He's the customs officer who signed off on the departure of the Big Creek tugboat A.J. Ellis's trip to Honduras. He was charged with abetting that vessels exit from Belize. As we told you there were also charges for an Immigration Officer and a Port Authority staffer who all signed off on the voyage. And tonight the Belize Port Authority has put its voice into the fray denouncing the charge against Young in the strongest possible terms and calling on the Commissioner of Police to withdraw the charges forthwith.

    PM Says Hands Off Criminal Charges Against Public Officers
    It's a huge mess: the Police Department charging public officers at Customs, Immigration and the Port Authority. So, will the Prime Minister intervene to try and have the charges removed? That's what the press asked him at today's press conference: "I can't, I don't see how I can, the police commissioner has preferred charges, that is now a matter before the courts..."

    PM Says Guinea Grass Lockdown Being Looked At
    The Prime Minister was also pressed to comment on the ongoing lockdown of the villages in the Orange Walk District. Shipyard, Santa Marta and Guinea Grass have been locked down for two weeks, and are now facing two weeks more. As you have seen for the past two nights, villagers have been protesting this extended lockdown, and today the Prime Minister said it is under review:

    Responding To Quarantine Complaints
    The Ministry of Human Development and social services says ample food packages have been distributed to all the villages under lockdown. And keeping it in Orange Walk, last night, we told you about the family of 7 from Blue Creek in the Orange Walk District, who say that they've been unfairly subjected to a quarantine period of 42 days and counting. 2 of those family members have been accused of border jumping, and because they initially tested positive for COVID-19, they were all detained for quarantine purposes. Now, a border jumper is supposed to spend only 14 days in quarantine. But in this case, some mix-up happened, and so, this family of 7 ended up spending 26 days additional days in quarantine. And they're still there!

    Now OCED Is A PhD
    Changing gears now... For 3 weeks, Assistant Police Commissioner Dr. Richard Rosado has quietly taken the lead at the Police largest formation, the Eastern Division, where he's the officer in command. He took over from ACP Alden Dawson, who was one of the 3 senior cops sanctioned for the Gang Suppression Unit's provocation of the waterfront workers during their protest on the compound of the Port of Belize last month. So, Dr. Rosado was selected in a hurry as the senior cop to take Dawson's place. He hit the ground running and today, he granted us an interview to discuss what his management style will look like as the head of the Eastern Division.

    "Prison Chance Mi Man"
    Tonight, a resident of the Stann Creek District is speaking out against the Belize Central Prison in what she is asserting is ill-treatment of her common-law husband, who is currently on remand in jail. He's 27-year-old Phillip Bowen, one of 2 people who police charged back in June for the double murder of 55-year-old Quentin Espinosa, a Belizean divemaster, and the 70-year-old American, Roman Burley. On May 22nd the bodies of both Espinosa and Burley were found on a property on Hopkins Road. Both had been shot to the head.

    PM Says No to FFB Conference, FFB Still Going Ahead
    In his press conference today, the press also asked the Prime Minister about this weekend's congress that the executives of the Football Federation of Belize have scheduled for tomorrow at the San Ignacio Hotel in San Ignacio. It's to elect a new executive of the FFB, but, as viewers are aware, it is currently illegal for any gatherings bigger than 10 people, since it can pose a public health risk. We have seen a letter from members within the community who have strenuously requested that the congress be postponed, given the ongoing spike in the number of COVID-19 cases. And, when the press asked the PM about the FFB's insistence to host this event tomorrow, he made it clear that the Government isn't going to allow it:

    TD 14 Will Sail By Belize, Forecasts Say
    Last night, we told you about Tropical Depression 14. That's the storm that formed several days ago off the coast of Nicaragua and quickly began gaining strength. Forecast models were suggesting that could make landfall on the Yucatan Peninsula, which meant that Belize, specifically the northern districts, would have been experiencing tropical storm force winds and large volumes of rain. Well, the updated information on this storm suggests that its path has shifted a bit more east, which means Belize may not be as heavily impacted, as was initially feared. But, you should still prepare for bad weather, related to this system's outer bands.

    From Quarantine to Kolbe For Big Fred
    Earlier we told you how one Blue Creek's family's quarantine ordeal may be coming to a quick end, but things won't go so smoothly for the other accused border jumper, Alfred Usher. Since Monday, he's been complaining that his quarantine in Orange Walk was unfairly extended to 21 days. As we told you, the 56-year-old Belize City resident was picked up in Orange Walk Town by cops who say he had 4 cartons of Sunny cigarettes, which are contraband goods.

    Groceries Going To Lockdown Villages
    And in another update to the Orange Walk situation generally, the CEO in the Minister of Human Development Judith Alpuche did give a detailed response to the complaint that enough food relief is not being funnelled into lockdown communities. Here's here breakdown of the numbers: "We certainly have done near 200 packages in Santa Martha and that as I understand covers almost the entire district..."

    A Soldier-Doctor’s Tale
    Like those lockdown communities, we all know about the COVID 19 disease, but what about the social sickness, the stigma? Tonight a BDF Doctor is speaking out about that stigma. As we told you last night Dr. Rahleel Jammal Elijio remains in quarantine after becoming one of the six BDF soldiers to receive a positive test. Yesterday in a Facebook post announcing his status the doc wrote, quote: "The stigma and discrimination that comes with Corona does not aid in the healing process of anyone infected.

    Kia, Call It A Comeback?
    And for some lighter news now, we'll take you on a test drive. Car dealer Belize Estate today launched its 2021 Kia Seltos. It's an attempt to bolster the Kia brand - which - to be kind - doesn't have the most sterling reputation in Belize. Jules Vasquez got behind the wheel to see if the Seltos is a slump-breaker:

    Gob Negotiates Gillnet Ban
    The Government of Belize has successfully negotiated a ban for gillnet fishing in Belize with the NGO's: the Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries, and Oceana Belize. The agreement was finalized yesterday between Dr. Omar Figueroa, the Minister of Fisheries and the Environment, and representatives of the two organizations. This agreement will see support for gillnet fishermen, which will allow them to transition to alternative income-generating opportunities, and to support them in the voluntary surrender of gillnets. There is a transition program that will be implemented for a planned phase-out of gillnets.

    Numb to The Numbers, But Not The Suffering
    And as we close tonight, we take a slight look back at the COVID craziness of the past five months. It has literally turned all our worlds upside down - as we have gone from a first shocking case which paralysed the nation with fear, to now, 648, and rising fast, a nation numbed by the skyrocketing infection rate. But, we can't be numb to the suffering, to the fact that many are literally living hand to mouth, and that's on a good day!

    Channel 5

    Curfew Adjusted as of Sunday
    COVID-19 continues to spread across the country so additional measures to stem the spread will come into effect as of Sunday and will last for two weeks.  Legislation to enforce [...]

    No Private Parties or Outside Visitors Allowed
    The new curfew hours will apply throughout the week and along with the additional measures that will be implemented as of August twenty-third, is a ban on private entertainment.  Visitors [...]

    Private Businesses to be Scrutinized for COVID Regulations Compliance
    The transportation industry, which includes buses and water taxis, will also be heavily scrutinized in the days ahead to ensure that passengers adhere to the regulations that are in place. [...]

    Gyms to be Closed During Two-Week Period
    Among the many cases of COVID-19 infections is the transmission of the virus from a fitness trainer to a client.  With this in mind, the DHS has also recommended the [...]

    Are Bars Playing Tricks with Their Licenses?
    Admittedly, the PM says that the situation involving bars is rather tricky since a majority of these establishments operate under a public and a special license, which allows them to [...]

    New COVID-19 Restrictions are Really Old Ones
    The restrictions that are set to come into force on Sunday morning are in fact limitations that were already in effect in the previous states of emergency and will be [...]

    A Date is Set for Pre & Primary Schools to Reopen for Distance Learning!
    At the press conference, the Ministry of Education announced the dates for the reopening of schools, but for distance learning.  This is where the students will be assigned work, through [...]

    8,000 Electronic Devices for High School Distance Education
    When it comes to the secondary level, distance learning will commence in the first week of October.  This, according to Minister of Education Patrick Faber, will be done primarily through [...]

    6,000 Tertiary Level Students to Get Data Packages for Distance Learning
    As you may know by now, majority of tertiary level institutions began distance learning earlier this month and the remainder are set to do so in the coming weeks. So, [...]

    Does G.O.B. Have Sufficient Funds to Cover Industries Amid COVID-19 Crisis?
    With the recent spike in COVID-19 infections and the economy still stuttering, following the previous three-month state of emergency, is government financially able to sustain various industries, including the agro-productive [...]

    41 New Cases of COVID-19!
    Out of two hundred and seventy-two samples that were processed on Thursday, forty-one positive cases were identified.  This brings the total of confirmed COVID-19 cases to all time high of [...]

    PM Barrow Optimistic with Decrease of Daily Confirmed Figures of COVID-19
    Even though new measures are being imposed due to the number of cases, as a cock-eyed optimist, Prime Minister Dean Barrow today pointed out that the number of COVID-19 cases [...]

    Three COVID-19 Patients Intubated!
    Five more patients have recovered from the coronavirus, which brings the total of recovered patients to forty-three.  A sixth person has now been deemed to have died due to COVID-19 [...]

    Dr. Marvin Manzanero Explains COVID-19 Testing
    At today’s press conference, Director of Health Services Doctor Marvin Manzanero explained that two platforms are being used for testing, the gene expert and PCR testing. He explained that the [...]

    Consideration Being Given to Allow Private Businesses to Conduct Rapid Test
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow confirmed today that there is a backlog of samples waiting to be tested. He says that if the situation worsens, consideration will be given for private [...]

    Testing Timeline Changes for Repatriates!
    While the Philip Goldson International Airport remains closed to international tourists, it was bustling with activities today.  Just after eleven, one hundred Belizeans came in on a repatriation flight.  After [...]

    A Teenage Girl Tests Positive at Dorothy Menzies; but How Did She Contract COVID-19?
    There is anxiety at the Dorothy Menzies Child Care Centre tonight as they await results of a batch of tests taken from children at the institution.  One teenager has tested [...]

    Belize Port Authority Slams Commissioner of Police over Baseless Arrest
    An employee of Belize Port Authority is among several public officers to be arraigned in connection with abetting the departure of a crew of five sailors onboard the tugboat AJ [...]

    No F.F.B. Congress on Saturday
    There will be no congress of the Football Federation of Belize on Saturday as was initially scheduled.  As we reported on Thursday, concerns were raised by candidates who are contesting [...]

    B.D.F. Steps Up COVID-19 Prevention and Control Measures
    The Belize Defense Force says that its five COVID-19 positive members are progressing well.  According to Brigadier General Steven Ortega, it remains unclear where the first soldier, who tested positive, [...]

    CEMO Prepares for Hurricane Season
    The Belize City Council and the City Emergency Management Organization say they have a plan in place for the hurricane season which is now underway.  CEMO will be working with [...]

    PM Barrow Responds to the Cries of Guinea Grass Villagers
    Today, Prime Minister Barrow responded to the cries of villagers of Guinea Grass in Orange Walk.  Residents have been protesting this week for the lack of assistance from the government [...]

    TD14 Doesn’t Present Immediate Threat to Belize
    Tropical Depression Fourteen is heading further north and away from Belize. That’s the latest coming out of the National Meteorological Service tonight.  The system is expected to make landfall over [...]


    Potential hurricane, TD14, has Belize on alert
    We are headed into the teeth of the hurricane season, and while everyone is keeping their guard up to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 , the virus that causes COVID-19, our attention has expanded to include a bad weather system in the Caribbean that is headed in our direction. The National Meteorological Service of Belize (NMSB), in its report at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, said the weather system, Tropical Depression #14 (TD14), “was centered near latitude 15.1N, longitude 79.7W, or about 235 miles east of Cabo Gracias A Dios on the Nicaragua/Honduras border” and it “was moving to the West at 21 mph with maximum sustained winds of 35 mph.”

    600+ COVID-19 cases confirmed
    The persistent call from the Ministry of Health is for all citizens to continue to take all necessary precautions to prevent the further spread of the COVID-19 virus. The number of cases of the virus in the country continues to rise — forming an upward curve that is in general steady, with violent spikes every other day. Director of Health Services (DHS), Dr. Marvin Manzanero, said that, “If you have 30+ cases identified every day, then that curve will be in ascending order. When does it start to plateau? Once you start having less than the average cases that you have had over the last 10 to 14 days”.

    Customs officer and Immigration officer arraigned as “border jumpers”
    Belizeans were aghast when they learned that five Belizeans left the country on a tugboat en route to Honduras, and that, upon their return, it was discovered that all five members were COVID-19 positive, and that they had not adhered to the proper quarantine protocols. Despite a press release from Big Creek Group (which is the company that employs the men and that sent them on the cross-border journey) in which the company states that they received authorization from all the relevant authorities to send the tugboat to Honduras and that the events which transpired after the men’s return were the result of miscommunication, an Immigration officer and a Customs officer were arraigned this week in Magistrate’s Court for having facilitated the trip.

    State of Emergency extended for another 2 weeks
    The members of the Senate convened at the National Assembly building on Wednesday to debate a number of bills, with the majority of those bills being related to law amendments that became necessary due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These included the motion to extend the State of Emergency in Belize for fourteen days; the Crime Control and Criminal Justice Amendment Bill, which seeks to expand the offenses for which a magistrate shall not grant bail, specifically to persons found in possession of contraband goods; a Bill to amend the Customs Regulation Act, which seeks to remove the imposition of a fine as a penalty for certain offenses and replace it with mandatory imprisonment...

    Belize confirms 5th COVID-19 death
    Today, Belize confirmed it 5th COVID-19 death. Reports are that Irus Rose Barillas, a resident of Hope Creek in the Stann Creek District who was in her early 70’s, was taken last week to the Western Regional Hospital, where she started experiencing respiratory problems. Barillas was then transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, where she was placed on a ventilator, but she passed away this morning.

    Belize City traffic officer tests positive for COVID-19
    In a Belize City Council press release dated August 18, 2020, it was confirmed that a traffic officer tested positive for COVID-19. According to the release, employees of the council who were in close contact with that officer have been placed in isolation. The release states, “While this officer may not have contracted the virus in the line of duty, we have asked the employees who have had close contact with the employee to go into quarantine for a two-week period.”

    PG pastor arrested for having more than 10 persons in church
    This morning at a press brief, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams revealed that a pastor in Santa Cruz, Toledo District, was charged for having more than 10 persons in attendance at his church service. According to Williams, there were 16 persons in the church. “Police officers visited the church … 5 minutes before the curfew hour, 8 o’clock p.m., and inside the church were 16 persons, when the law says that the limit was no more than 10. Based on that, the pastor was arrested”, the Police Commissioner said.

    Woman’s throat cut when she refused to lend man money
    A Guatemalan construction worker, Santos Edwardo Lopez Zepeda, 25, of a Belize City address, was charged for attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm, and harm. The charges are in connection with an incident that occurred on Monday, August 17. The victim, Rosa Chincilla, 59, was found with a cut wound in her throat at her residence on Lindo’s Alley.

    Editorial: Give di people land fu plant
    The strain on our reserves was significantly lessened earlier this week when the foreign holders of the so-called Super Bond agreed to a deferral of the US$13 million that was due. The amount will be tacked on to the capital we owe, to be paid at a later date. Our government justified the request for the relief with the claim of COVID-19 induced financial stress, but the truth is that we would have been scratching around for the funds to meet this obligation even if our economy had not been hurt by the pandemic. Belize has been in recession for about a year now, partly because diseases have decimated our citrus and farmed shrimp, and partly because of the way our government invested our resources.

    University of Belize vs UBFSU
    After receiving their long-awaited certification, it had seemed that the University of Belize’s Faculty and Staff Union (UBFSU) was satisfied with the progress they had made and were finally receiving the financial data they had been requesting from the school throughout the month of July. On August 10, 2020, however, another issue arose due to the scheduled date for resumption of classes at the University of Belize, and concerns over whether to go fully virtual at the start of the school year.

    Standard and Poor’s downgrades Belize’s credit rating
    Standard and Poor’s is a credit rating agency that provides a credit score tool that is used by the world to assess the likelihood that certain entities, such as large companies, cities or countries, will repay the loans they received. For the fifth time this year, Standard and Poor’s has downgraded Belize’s Foreign Currency LT credit rating — this time from “CC” to “SD”(selective default). This rating is given to countries that have been classed as borrowers which have “selectively defaulted” on a specific class of obligations, but will keep meeting obligations on other classes of obligations in a timely fashion.

    2 negative COVID-19 test results no longer needed
    Dr. Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services, in line with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendations, has said that while previously a person had needed two negative PCR test results in order to be allowed to go back to work, persons whose COVID-19 status was in question or who exhibited any possible symptoms of the illness, will now be allowed to exit self-isolation and return to the workplace and other activities after 13 days if certain conditions are met. That return to the workplace will only be possible, however, if after the first 10 days, he or she has not exhibited any signs or symptoms of the virus, and no fever or respiratory problems appear in the subsequent three days.

    Congress members request postponement; FFB Elective Congress still scheduled for this Saturday in San Ignacio
    As we go to press this morning, indications are that the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) is going ahead with its Elective Congress scheduled for this Saturday, August 22, at the San Ignacio Hotel. With an annual budget in the millions, it is perhaps inevitable that there will be much “politicking” whenever elections are due for the executive of the FFB. With 7 football districts having 2 votes each, and the Premier League of Belize (PLB) with 7 votes, it stands to reason that the aspiring FFB president will seek to have the PLB in his corner.

    If we won’t talk, then we must be made to tell
    San Pedro should never have gotten away. It has, and our authorities say that contact tracing is of little value now because the disease has spread to too many people. It has gotten so bad in San Pedro that the authorities have cramped the fishing. The story is that only licensed fisher folk are allowed to go to sea, and they can’t go farther than the reef. I read that on the 7News script. We can do better than that; we have to. This is a time when people need the best food, and all the doctors say fish is good to build up our immunity, so the people have to fish. I wouldn’t insist on a license. There are a lot of folk who can handle themselves on the sea but they don’t own a boat.

    “Black consciousness in Belize”?
    My sister Aria Lightfoot sent me an invite recently to a FB group called “Belize in the Old Days”. People tag me regularly to join various groups on social media, but I hardly ever join. However, I decided to take a look at the group, and a couple of things immediately manifested themselves to me: 1. The group is predominantly made up of middle-aged and older folks who seem to enjoy basking in the nostalgia of a Belizean reality that no longer exists. 2. Some folks who are the product of a colonial education system energetically talk about how happy they were for being raised in Belize, where they were sheltered from white supremacy and racial discrimination.

    The financial impact of COVID-19 for veterinary clinics
    Dear Editor, The COVID-19 outbreak has affected every aspect of our lives and impacted every sector of business and social interactions. In every region of the world, there has been a significant impact on employment and a downward spiral of the local economy. The harsh reality is that veterinary care is a business, and just as is the case for any other business, clients often provide the revenue for survival.

    Resetting the Bulls Eye (II)
    Dear Editor: This is in reference to Clinton Luna’s “Col. S.A. Haynes” (Amandala, 8/18/2020], which contains an oft-heard lament that Mayan heroes are “…never officially recognized.” I would urge him to read again the piece I wrote, captioned “Needed: A Bull’s Eye Reset” (Amandala, 7/21/2020), which seems to have jump-started a series of claims and counter-claims between himself and an Amandala columnist.

    Stay awake, Belize!
    Dear Editor, Last week, at the sitting of the House of Representatives, a Bill was introduced entitled the “Labour (Amendment) Bill 2020”. This (Amendment) Bill in essence seeks “to amend the Labour Act, Chapter 297 of the Substantive Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2011; to provide for employers to reduce wages where the working hours of an employee have been reduced in special circumstances, to provide for leave of absence without pay in special circumstances; to provide for exemptions from the period of night rest” and for other matters connected to or associated therewith.


    DHS gives an update on recent covid-19 cases
    Forty one new Covid-19 cases have been confirmed in Belize. Five persons have recovered from the virus and there is a sixth death of a Covid-19 infected person.

    Orange Walk Villages remain under lockdown
    While the country of Belize will be enduring stricter regulations, the three villages in the Orange Walk District, namely Santa Marta, Guinea Grass, and Shipyard, have been facing a total lockdown for the past two weeks.

    PM announces stricter regulations
    Several new measures are being put into place as at Saturday midnight which will see restrictions on the movements of residents as well as the operations of businesses. One such measure is the curfew which has been adjusted to 9pm each night.

    Surviving a storm and a pandemic
    14/41 - Boledo lovers would find these numbers interesting as there is Tropical Depression Fourteen out in the Caribbean and Belize latest data shows forty one new cases of Covid-19. We start our newscast telling you about the Tropical Depression Fourteen which is expected to upgrade to Tropical Storm Marco within a few hours.

    Minor arrested for not wearing a mask
    A 14-year-old girl was arrested and detained for not wearing her mask on August 7. The minor was reportedly buying sweets from a store across the street from her grandmother’s house when she was approached by two officers.

    PM explains list of regulations for private flights
    Concerns are numerous as they relate to private flights coming into Belize. These concerns were especially highlighted when it was said that a flight in mid-July may have been the source of the one of the cluster of cases in San Pedro.

    Residents ill prepared for hurricanes
    People who live in the low lying areas and those who are in houses that may not be able to endure a strong storm are the ones who most times are left to seek refuge in hurricane shelters. While Belize will be spared hurricane forced winds and rains this weekend the hurricane season remains open until the end of November and there is no telling what would happen.

    Government to expand on programs to assist Belizeans
    More money to assist Belize with Covid relief is underway; that is according to the Prime Minister. The announcement came when Love News asked for a current report on where Belize is regarding available funding and the money that has been spent so far.

    Staff members at WRH under investigation
    A resident of Silk Grass Village says she was shunned and denied treatment at the Western Regional Hospital on Thursday night. 26-year-old Emily Depaz was one of four persons who were involved in a road traffic incident in Armenia Village, Cayo District.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Alleged robber shot dead in Gungulung area
    A man was shot and killed a short while ago in the Gungulung area of […]

    Tropical Depression 14 strengthens to Tropical Storm Marco
    The National Hurricane Center is issuing advisories on newly formed Tropical Storm Marco. As of […]

    Fifteen-year-old girl reported missing in Orange Walk
    A mother from Orange Walk has reported her 15-year-old daughter, Shanika Bol , missing and […]

    P.M. calls on Central Bank to consider extending deferral of loans
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow told us that while he may have missed bringing up with the […]

    Government considering re-opening areas on lockdown
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow said the Government is carefully considering re-opening any or all of […]

    Might private health facilities be called on to assist with COVID-19 testing?
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow allowed that he would bring up the issue of asking how […]

    A list of revised State of Emergency regulations
    The following revisions to regulations under the extended State of Emergency, now in effect since […]

    Prime Minister: Regulations tightening, but still no total lockdown
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow said he would describe ever-tightening regulations regarding the State of Emergency […]

    Patrick Faber: Education, by distance, returns September 7
    Minister of Education Patrick Faber says he is proposing that distance education return on Monday, […]

    Forty-one new cases of COVID-19 reported
    Preliminary data show that 41 of 272 samples taken on Thursday returned positive for COVID-19, […]

    Millions of genetically modified mosquitoes to be released in Florida
    This week, state authorities in Florida, USA, approved the release of over 750 million genetically […]

    Diabetes Association hosting online educational session tomorrow
    The Belize Diabetes Association (BDA) is inviting those living with diabetes as well as members […]

    Prime Minister Dean Barrow to host virtual conference to update nation on COVID-19
    The Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow is scheduled to host a virtual press conference […]

    National Emergency Management Organization issues update on Tropical Depression 14
    The National Meteorological Services of Belize and the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) issued advisory […]

    Health officials monitor 562 active cases of COVID-19 in Belize
    Health officials are currently monitoring 562 active cases of COVID-19 in Belize. The country has […]


    The Highly Instagrammable Opp: Swim with Sharks in Belize
    Once a common area for fishermen to clean their catch of the day, Shark Ray Alley is now a popular snorkeling site teeming with nurse sharks, rays and marine life. Located inside Hol Chan Marine Reseve, the country’s first established marine reserve, spanning roughly three square miles, this is a perfect half-day activity for all ages: swim with sharks!

    Hard Choices Ahead for Tourism-Reliant Caribbean Countries
    It’s been a tough time for Caribbean destinations that reopened their borders to international visitors, as government and tourism officials have struggled to contend with the unprecedented challenge posed by COVID-19. Travelers can expect more such fits and starts as the resumption of travel forces hard choices across the region. The pandemic has placed tourism-reliant Caribbean nations in the problematic position of balancing public health with critical tourism activity. There are simply no easy answers when it comes to a global pandemic that is unprecedented in this generation.

    Press Conference with Prime Minister: COVID Cases Still Rising, Distanced Learning Will Begin and No Airport Re-Opening Announced
    Today, August 21st at 2pm, the Prime Minister as long as the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and our country’s leader held a press conference to announce updates regarding COVID and Belize. On Ambergris Caye, we are currently on day 15 of a mandated 28 “total lockdown” due to the outbreak this month. Update on COVID cases – cases still increasing (52 new cases yesterday now starter to spread country-wide – especially OW, Corozal, CC and AC) and 41 cases today

    International Sourcesizz

    Dueling Tropical Systems Could Threaten USA -- ON SAME DAY!
    For the first time since the Great Depression, it's possible that two tropical systems could make landfall in the mainland United States at virtually the same time.

    750 million genetically engineered mosquitoes approved for release in Florida Keys
    A plan to release over 750 million genetically modified mosquitoes into the Florida Keys in 2021 and 2022 received final approval from local authorities, against the objection of many local residents and a coalition of environmental advocacy groups. The proposal had already won state and federal approval. "With all the urgent crises facing our nation and the State of Florida — the Covid-19 pandemic, racial injustice, climate change — the administration has used tax dollars and government resources for a Jurassic Park experiment," said Jaydee Hanson, policy director for the International Center for Technology Assessment and Center for Food Safety, in a statement released Wednesday.

    In a first, two hurricanes could soon occupy the Gulf of Mexico simultaneously
    The National Hurricane Center is projecting that two hurricanes — Laura and Marco — will swirl above the Gulf of Mexico on Monday. If this comes to pass, it would be a first in more than a century and a half of record-keeping, and a high-impact situation for coastal residents. Such a scenario would severely strain resources amid an already busy hurricane season, when several Southern states are reeling from the coronavirus pandemic. The busy ocean basin is warm enough that it could even support a significant hurricane, though uncertainty abounds in how the storms will evolve. Meteorological history may be in the making, however.

    The 14 Best Private Island Resorts
    Congratulations to Cayo Espanto Island Resort for being named one of the best private islands in the world by Condé Nast Traveler! Click below to read what makes this Belizean island so special.


  • Prime Ministers Press Conference, min.

  • Secret Beach & Snorkeling For The First Time| San Pedro, Belize, 4.05min.

  • My aunt and uncle visited Belize in about 1966 from Mississippi, 1min. They documented their trip with a 8mm video camera. Here's footage of arriving at airport, going over Haulover Bridge into the city over Big Bridge and then to the old Grant's House where we lived on Barrack Road.

  • Belize Zoo Keeper Feature, 2.5min. Meet Carlos! Continuing with our “Bringing the Belize Zoo To You” series, we’d like to introduce you to one of our bird keepers, Carlos!

  • Corozal Community Hospital Update, 2.5min. Very important notice to the general public.

  • Corozal Town Council launches e-Public Consultation for tourism-based project in Corozal Town, 8min. Our beautiful town must prepare to overcome the COVID19 pandemic and move forward. In doing so, we must begin to plan and find practical and responsible ways of continuing the development of Corozal Town to create economic opportunities for our residents. In this vein, the Corozal Town Council is considering entering into a formal understanding with Maximum Water Project developers, Belizean investors Marwin Humes and Theodore Pacheco, who want to bring their idea of a world-class inflatable, eco-friendly Water Park to our Corozal Bay.

  • Glazed Out with Chef Sean, .5min. Chef Sean is coming out in a new series called Glazed Out, and it'll be shown on The National Channel. They are still recording episodes - they are shooting some in Cayo next week - so the exact date of release isn't set in stone yet. With Chef Sean at the helm, you know the meals created will be mouth watering.

  • A Maja Karakol Romjai BELIZE., 4.5min.

  • Ambergris Caye, Belize 1/4-11/202, 3.5min.

  • Enhancing Sanitization for Belize International Entry and Exit Points, 1min.

    August 21, 2020

    For the latest on Tropical Depression 14, click here


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

    The San Pedro Sun

    Boat owners asked to notify the Belize Port Authority on the island before relocating vessels as Tropical Depression approaches
    As tropical depression #14 continues to approach Belizean waters, representatives of the Belize Port Authority (BPA) on the island are asking boat owners to contact them if they need to move their vessels to a safer area. Boat owners are asked to send a message with the relevant information of their vessels to the phone number 601-9528. The Belize Coast Guard on the island will be provided with this information in order to make the movement of boats from the eastern side of Ambergris Caye more organized.

    COVID-19 Case Confirmed at Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center
    The Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation informs that eight of the 23 residents of Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center (DMCCC) were taken for medical care based on symptoms related to COVID-19. Two of the children were tested for the virus and one test returned with a positive result.

    Potential Tropical Cyclone Development In The Western Caribbean
    Belize and the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) hereby advises the general public that the tropical wave which is approaching has become better organized and is now accompanying broad area of low pressure over the central Caribbean Sea. The odds of development (as indicated by the national hurricane center) has increased to 90 percent indicating that this system is very likely to become a tropical depression later today or tonight.

    Ambergris Today

    Food Drive From Belize City To San Pedro
    Thousands of island residents are jobless, worrying about food, rent and their survival during these difficult time. While very little assistance is coming form government and local governance, many small groups of Belizeans and businesses are rallying together to assist as much as possible. Food for San Pedro is the latest initiative for assistance to the island community of Ambergris Caye that is in its second lockdown since the threat of the Corona virus pandemic to Belize.

    Various Belizean Sources


    Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
    Friday, August 21st, Meal Pick ups: Location: SPORTS BAR. Times: Village: 11:00-11:45, Bahia: 11:45-12:30.

    NEMO Advisory #1 on a potential tropical cyclone development in the Caribbean Sea
    The National Meteorological Services of Belize and the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) hereby advises the general public that the tropical wave which is approaching has become better organized and is now accompanying broad area of low pressure over the central Caribbean Sea. The odds of development (as indicated by the national hurricane center) has increased to 90 percent indicating that this system is very likely to become a tropical depression later today or tonight. Movement continue to the west but most of the models show a turn to the WNW once the system reaches NE Honduras. This would suggest landfall on the Yucatan peninsula around Saturday evening.

    2020 Young Professionals Programme (YPP)
    Are you a young, motivated professional who wants to make a difference? YPP is an entry examination to start a career with the United Nations (UN) Secretariat. Every year, courat les that are un- or under-represented in the UN are invited to take part in the exarnination process. What are the examination subject areas for 2020? • Management & Administration • Global Communication • Political Affairs & Human Rights...

    COVID-19 Tips for Police Officers
    Because we all in this together.

    Attention U.S. citizen voters in Belize
    Here’s how to return your signed and completed U.S. election ballot: Reminder: some states allow you to return your completed ballot electronically while others do not. If your state requires you to return paper voting forms or ballots to local election officials by mail, you can do so through international mail, professional courier service, or through the U.S. Embassy Belmopan Diplomatic Post Office (DPO). The DPO provides free mail service from embassies and consulates to a U.S. sorting facility...

    Partnership between the Corozal Animal Program and Believe in Belize
    I am pleased to announce a partnership between the Corozal Animal Program and Believe in Belize, which supports Belizean non profit organizations. CAP is struggling financially due to Covid. We cannot hold fundraisers and vets cannot come from Canada for our annual spay and neuter clinic. We need money to: 1. Subsidize spaying and neutering of cats and dogs belonging to Belizeans 2. Fix stray animals and get them adopted Please consider helping us during this difficult time by donating through Believe in Belize either with a one time or monthly donation.

    The multipurpose center at the Theodocio Ochoa Park is almost finished

    COVID-19 Update
    This is the data with results processed through yesterday. Starting today, the infographic will be presented after midday every day as that allows us time to inform all those who are positive and detailed as much information as we can. Today’s samples for example, will be presented tomorrow. For yesterday, we processed a total of 263 samples were processed with a total of 52 positives as follows: - 3 in Corozal - 5 in Cayo - 9 in Belize (7 in Caye Caulker, 1 in Ladyville, 1 in Belize City) - 35 in Orange Walk We don’t have any recovered case...

    Central Building Authority Building Control Unit Precautionary Measures for Preventing and Slowing the Transmission of COVID-19
    The Central Building Authority Building Unit (CBABU) would like to inform the public of its new procedures regarding the submission of plans in light of the national COVID-19 situation. Effective immediately our office hours are as follows: Mon.-Thurs. 8:00am to 12 noon & 1:00pm to 4:00pm Fri.: 8:00am to 12 noon & 1:00pm to 3:30pm Effective August 19, 2020, the CBABU will only be accepting plan submission via email for a period of one-month period initially (August 19 — September 18, 2020). No walk-ins will be allowed (luring this period except by appointment only. Site Inspections will be suspended until further notice.

    Understanding the Economic Recovery Strategy for Belize
    FRIDAY, AUGUST 21, 2020 AT 7 PM – 8 PM. Join our live Q&A with Alexya Pérez, where we go into the Economic Recovery Strategy and talk about what it means for your business! We will be going live on our Facebook page at 7 pm. You will have a chance to ask questions and find out how you might benefit from new opportunities.

    Number of Covid-19 Cases in each Community
    The breakdown in terms of communities affected and who currently have active cases is as follows (note that this doesn't include the cases reported earlier today): Belize District total = 275. Belize City 64, Burrel Boom 1, Caye Caulker 5, Ferguson Bank 1, Ladyville 10, San Pedro 194...

    Ministry of Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development (MFFESD), the Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries and Oceana
    Agreement signed between the Government of Belize, the Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries, and Oceana to Support Gillnet Fishers to Transition to Alternative Means Belmopan, (20th August 2020). In a demonstration of its commitment to sustainable fishing, Dr. Hon. Omar Figueroa, Minister of Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development, for and on behalf of the Government of Belize, today entered into an agreement with the Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries and Oceana.

    COVID-19 Case Confirmed at Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center
    The Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation informs that eight of the 23 residents of Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center (DMCCC) were taken for medical care based on symptoms related to COVID-19. Two of the children were tested for the virus and one test returned with a positive result. The Ministry of Health is currently conducting contact tracing and monitoring the children’s health. It was recommended for the other children who were displaying symptoms to be tested along with some staff who were in closer contact with the child. These staff members are now quarantining at home and new staff are being identified to temporarily cover their duties.

    Ministry of Transport Addresses Public Transportation Reports
    The Department of Transport (DOT) continues to work closely with the Police Department and the Ministry of Health to address the challenges of COVID-19 to safeguard and protect the health of the commuting public. On Saturday, August 15, 2020, the Attorney General introduced Statutory Instrument No.119 of 2020, which included new measures to be adhered to by all in the prevention of and control of the deadly COVID-19 virus.

    Belmopan City Council Precautionary Measures Against COVID-19
    As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and out of an abundance of caution the Belmopan City Council has made the decision to send a number of employees home to self-isolate. Although there is no positive case amongst- the staff, this measure of utmost caution was taken for the sole protection and safety of our staff and our residents_ The Belmopan City Council continues to ensure that all safety measures and guidelines mandated by the Ministry of Health are adhered to as we continue providing essential services to our City.

    Donation of two ambulances and a compactor truck to Belmopan
    A virtual handing over ceremony was held yesterday, August 19, 2020, between H.E. Remus Li-Kuo Chen Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Mayor Khalid Belisle for the donation of two ambulances and a compactor truck to the City of Belmopan.

    Temporary Closure of Ministry of Works Offices
    The Ministry of Works hereby informs all ministries, departments and the public, that the Ministry of Works Headquarters in Belmopan and its Santa Elena Office will close today, August 20, 2020, at 11:00 a.m. This is to accommodate the sanitization of both offices. Management regrets any inconveniences caused by this closure. Normal business will resume at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, August 24th, 2020.

    Temporary Closure of DOT Office in Santa Elena
    The Department of Transport (DOT) hereby informs the public that due to emergency measures taken to sanitize the Ministry of Works building in Santa Elena Town, the DOT Office in Santa Elena will be closed for regular business as of 1:00 p.m. today, August 20th, 2020, and will reopen on Monday, August 24th, 2020 at 8:15 a.m. The public is required to wear masks and sanitize their hands properly before entering any of the DOT offices countrywide. Anyone failing to adhere to these requirements will not be allowed into the offices.

    Garbage disposal at the Corozal Wholesale Farmer’s Market
    The Corozal Town Council has invested in a permanent garbage container that will help to improve garbage disposal at the Corozal Wholesale Farmer’s Market located in the Finca Solana area. CTC recognised that the market facility, which was built by Central Government with EU's funding of $384,032.00, did not consist of a proper garbage disposal system. The result was that waste would be left on the market grounds which would become an eye sore and a public health concern.

    Channel 7

    A Senior Manager Criminally Charged
    The incident with the St. James Tug has resulted in criminal charges brought against a "big-man" the Operations Manager of the Port of Big Creek. Operation Manager Gustavo Carillo was arrested this morning and arraigned today at the Belmopan Magistrate's Court on a single charge of "abetment to exiting Belize illegally." He pleaded not guilty and was released on bail of two thousand dollars. He was represented by attorney Hector Guerra. He is the fourth person to be charged in this unprecedented case: the other three are Customs Officer Deon Castillo, Immigration Officer Bobby Flowers, and Port Authority Officer Keyron Young. They all signed off on the certificates of clearance for the vessel to travel.

    COMPOL and COMPTROLLER - the Beef Is Deep
    And, after coming back infected - they were then briefly let out of quarantine - due to some major breakdown in internal controls at the Port. It's a public health mess - largely due to multiple omissions by the Port of Big Creek. And, yesterday, the Commissioner of Police told us that's why the multiple people along the chain of authority have to be held to account. But in bringing criminal charges against public officers who were just doing their jobs - he has incurred the ire of the Customs and Immigration Departments, and the Port Authority.

    TD 14's Bee-Line For the Yucatan Peninsula
    Turning now to news about this hurricane season, there is a weather system, now known as Tropical Depression 14, that has quickly developed over the last few days. Forecast models are indicating that it will strengthen and bring heavy rains to Belize this weekend. Several days ago, this system formed from a tropical disturbance in the waters of the Caribbean Sea, just off the coast of Nicaragua. Since then, it has strengthened to a tropical depression, and experts are predicting that it could become a tropical storm by Sunday before it makes landfall. As a result, there is a tropical storm warning for coastal communities, starting from the Honduras/Nicaragua border, and all the way to the northern edge of the Yucatan Peninsula.

    COVID #'s Climbing Steadily
    And while that weather system is coming over the weekend horizon, right here and right now, Belize's COVID numbers continue to spike to new highs daily. Yesterday 263 samples were processed, and 52 tested positive for COVID 19 - which is about 20%. 35 of those 52 cases were in the Orange Walk District, while 9 were in The Belize District, with 7 of those in Caye Caulker, 1 in Ladyville and one in Belize City.

    Confirmed COVID Case At Children's Home
    And, a very concerning single confirmed case is coming out of the Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center, known as the Children's Home. A release says "eight children were taken for medical care based on symptoms related to COVID-19. Two of them were tested for the virus and one test returned with a positive result." But other children are displaying symptoms and they have been recommended for testing along with some staff who were in closer contact with the child. the release adds, "These staff members are now quarantining at home and new staff are being identified to temporarily cover their duties."

    Remembering Iris and Her Difficult Dying Days
    And while there are concerns for those children's wellbeing, the elderly are among the most vulnerable to COVID 19, and that was underscored yesterday with COVID death number 5, a 74-year-old wife, mother, and grandmother from Hope Creek named Iris Barillas. Barillas contracted COVID-19 while being treated for an ear condition at Belmopan Medical Centre. It's a nightmare scenario and just the type the family was trying to avoid by seeking private medical care. It's left them with a deceased matriarch and five confirmed cases within their household. And this afternoon we heard more about their ordeal from a family friend who went above and beyond for the family during Barilla's final days.

    BDF Soldier - Doctor Comes Out Against COVID
    And, one of 6 BDF staffers who tested positive is speaking up to end the COVID 19 stigma. Dr. Rahleel Jamaal Elijio, the Force doctor put up a post this morning saying, "I am not ashamed to say I was tested positive for Covid19, however it comes with stigma and discrimination. As a doctor it is my duty to heal and do no harm to anyone. It is my responsibility to inform the ones who are dear to me and whom I interact with about my status.

    60 Year Old Lady Farmer Took Thieves' Weapons
    Changing gears now In Dangriga, a 60 year old lady farmer fought off two robbers - and took their weapons! Marian Williams told police that at 9:30 this morning she was outside cleaning her farm in the Wagierale area when she was approached by two dark skinned men wearing masks. One had a home made firearm and the other a machete.

    City Man Dies 10 Months After Being Shot
    After struggling to recover for about 10 months, 25-year-old Justin Stephens Teck passed away this morning from complications connected to gunshot injures he suffered last year. As we reported, on the evening of Thursday, October 21st, 2019, Teck, a security guard from Hunter's Lane in Belize City, was standing in front of a car wash on New Road. That wasn't too far from the Queen Street Police Station, and a series of fixed police checkpoints nearby. But, the possibility of being caught in the act did not stop a gunman from sprinting out of a nearby alley.

    Keith, The Cops And A troubling Pattern of Behaviour
    The last time Keith Yearwood was on the news, it was when the PUP stalwart got fired from city hall. That was in back in April, and he'd had a misunderstanding with his boss, the mayor Bernard Wagner about using a mask at the traffic department. Well, yesterday, Yearwood was arrested for not wearing a mask - and it was all captured on camera. The storyline may sound familiar, but Yearwood says there were extenuating circumstances - like the crying one year old in his hand. Jules Vasquez has the story:

    Guinea Grass-ers Going At It Again
    Heading now to northern Belize. Guinea Grass villagers continued their borderline protest this afternoon. As we showed you yesterday, a group of villagers went right up to the police check point - which is now the village boundary to demand that some provisions be made for desperate villagers. That village was put under COVID lockdown for two weeks, and that has now been extended by another two weeks. The protestors today told CTV-3 that it's too much - and they desperately need intervention and some breathing room. Here's one account of fatigue with authorities, including their village chairman:

    Big Fred, Still Fighting For Freedom
    And, keeping it in Orange Walk, on Monday's news, we told you about the complaints from the accused border jumper, Alfred Usher. He's the 56-year-old Belize City resident who says that he should have been out of quarantine for several days now. But, he says that the health and law enforcement authorities seem to have forgotten that he and other quarantine detainees are stuck in detention. As we told you, he was arrested in Orange Walk 20 days ago for being in possession of contraband. The cops say that he had 4 cartons of Sunny cigarettes on him. Usher claims that they found the items in a nearby lot, and not on him.

    Quarantined For 42 Days
    So, while Usher is complaining that he is being held in the quarantine facility for almost 3 weeks now, a family of 7 from Blue Creek Village is accusing the authorities of leaving them in quarantine for 42 days and counting. The Marroquin family says that an unknown member of the public reported to police that they engaged in border jumping and crossed over into Mexico. They dispute that, but they say that they were promised that the misunderstanding would be cleared up quickly. All that changed when positive tests came back saying that they were all infected with the coronavirus.

    DOT to Commuters: Report Buses Not following Protocols
    COVID cases are increasing daily, but the Department of Transport says public transportation operators, including drivers and conductors along with travelling commuters are not adhering to the Regulations. A release says "Bus drivers, conductors and passengers are not wearing their masks when travelling in the buses, or in some instances, they are not properly worn. It has also been reported that in some instances sanitization of hands or of the buses is not being done."

    Belmopan City Council Taking Precautionary Measures
    And, the Belmopan City council is reporting that it is sending a number of employees home to self-isolate. A release says, "Although there is no positive case amongst the staff, this measure of utmost caution was taken for the sole protection and safety of our staff and our residents."

    Motorbike Went Flying
    There was a wild motorbike accident today in Santa Elena, Cayo. Security video obtained by Belize Breaking News shows a Geo Prizm making a U turn on the George Price Highway within the town. He did not clear both lanes of traffic and went directly into the path of an oncoming motorbike.

    Jaheem's Gift
    Tonight 10-year-old Jaheem Carr is recovering at Belize Specialist Clinic. That's after the young boy underwent a complicated procedure to remove a large kidney stone. Now, you might be saying, what's a 10 year old doing with kidney stones? Well, apparently, he's genetically predisposed - but these cases are rare, and the surgery is expensive and highly specialized. In fact, much of the equipment had to be "macgyvered" for use on a paediatric patient.

    PBL Fired Stevedore
    The Port of Belize and the Christian Workers Union signed an historic Collective Bargaining agreement a few weeks ago, but they've already hit their first bump in the road: a stevedore has been fired, and the CWU says it is going to trigger the dispute mechanism. The Port of Belize Limited today terminated Stevedore Rodman Welch - he's the one who pleaded guilty to breaking the glass in the Port's security booth during the recent labour unrest.

    Medals For Frontline Workers
    As the COVID 19 numbers continue to climb daily, and the number of infected healthcare workers continues to rise - the owner of a trophy company thought he'd do more than just sing the praises of these frontline workers. Reginald Jex of Jex trophies crated close to a thousand medals to give one to all those doctors, nurses, and EMT's.

    Jankunu Laughter
    There's an old reggae song that says, "when the lights gone out and the food run out, all we have its music." Well, maybe during a quarantine, all we have is comedy. That's what the drama team at Jankunu productions hopes with its Virtual/Online Comedy Show called "Laff it off". The idea is to get people who really need a good local laugh to pay for the online tickets for some locally flavoured COVID stress relief. I spoke to the organizer:

    Channel 5

    Child at Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center Tests Positive for COVID-19
    There is a most alarming situation at the Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center which houses children on Saint Thomas Street where there is a potential of a spread of the [...]

    Big Creek Manager is Arraigned for Illegal Tugboat Voyage
    This afternoon in the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court, a senior employee of the Big Creek Group was arraigned in connection with the illegal voyage of the tugboat, AJ Ellis.  Gustavo Carillo, [...]

    Will Charge Against Customs Officer Affect Interagency Relationship?
    The sequenced of events started on Wednesday when Robert Flowers and Deon Castillo were first to be charged criminally for the tugboat. That voyage, according to the police, was illegal [...]

    ComPol Stands by Charge Brought Against Public Officers at the Big Creek Port
    …but what does Commissioner of Police Chester Williams have to say about the Customs Department’s comments on the charge?  Williams says he stands by the charge brought against Dion Castillo [...]

    Charges Coming for Other Parties Involved in Tugboat Voyage!
    Commissioner of Police Chester Williams wants to dispel any notions that the public officers are being made scapegoats in the process.  Williams says that if a minister of any other [...]

    ComPol to Customs Comptroller: “It’s nothing personal!”
    The charge against Dion Castillo prompted strong words from the Comptroller Griffith.  He also alleged that the police objected to bail on Wednesday.  Today, Commissioner Chester Williams responded to those [...]

    B.D.F. Doctor Tests Positive for COVID-19
    One of the new COVID victims is a frontline worker, Doctor Rahleel Elijio from the B.D.F., where a number of soldiers have also been infected. Doctor Elijio revealed he tested [...]

    COVID-19 Ravages the Barillas Family
    Seventy-four-year-old Iris Barillas was buried on Wednesday afternoon after becoming the fifth casualty of COVID-19 in Belize.  She was also the first woman who has died of the deadly virus.  [...]

    Protocols for the Safe Handling and Disposal of a COVID-19 Corpse
    The safe handling and disposal of COVID-19 corpse involves a string of procedures. While there is no scientific evidence that proves that a COVID-19 corpse is still infectious, there are [...]

    Additional Guidelines for Handling of COVID-19 Cadavers
    Today, during the Ask the Experts webcast, John Bodden explained that they are updating the procedures to provide additional guidance for the families who may experience a COVID-19 related death. [...]

    This Is How Quarantine Food Looks Like
    The Marroquin family of Blue Creek Village has been quarantined for as long as forty-three days at the Orange Walk Multi Purpose Complex.  Persons who are not positive are released [...]

    Guinea Grass Villager Protest, Again
    While the Marroquin family remains in quarantine, hundreds of persons are under lockdown in the village of Guinea Grass in Orange Walk. Guinea Grass along with Santa Martha and Shipyard [...]

    Repatriates Must Mandatorily Quarantine at Hotel
    A revision of quarantine practices and protocols for repatriated persons got underway on Wednesday by Ministry of Health officials. The process has changed several times. Initially, repatriates were swabbed upon [...]

    B.N.T.U. President says Threats Don’t Help the Situation
    The University of Belize remains in turmoil and at loggerheads with the U.B.F.S.U.  Earlier this week, the university’s Board of Trustees issued a threat to the teachers, telling them to [...]

    Long Time Unionist and Beloved Teacher Arcadia Carrillo Remembered
    Last week the Belize National Teachers Union lost a warrior. Arcadia Carrillo was a teacher for more than five decades and never defaulted in showing support and unity for her [...]

    $2.2M for Super Bond Legal and Consultation Fees
    On Wednesday, the Senate approved the spending of two point two million dollars to cover the legal and consultation fees attached to the consent solicitation process for the deferral of [...]

    TD14 Expected to Bring Rains over the Weekend!
    The National Meteorological Service is monitoring Tropical Depression fourteen. As of six this evening, TD-fourteen was about one hundred miles east of Cabo Gracias A Dios on the Nicaragua/Honduras border [...]

    Belmopan City Council Precautionary Measures Against COVID-19
    A number of employees from the Belmopan City Council have been sent home to self-isolate as a result of a COVID-19 threat.  While at this point, there is no positive [...]

    Belmopan City Council Working on a Shift System
    Back in March when the outbreak of the coronavirus in Belize was detected, the council began working a shift system; that has now been re-implemented so operations and services at [...]

    F.F.B. to Proceed with Congress Despite COVID Concerns
    The Football Federation of Belize is proceeding with its 2020 congress this Saturday in San Ignacio where it is expected that a new executive will be elected.  The gathering of [...]

    Hurricane Shelters During a Pandemic – Get Your Family Plans Ready!
    On Friday, we will have an update for you on Tropical Depression Fourteen, but as you heard from the National Met Service, if TD-fourteen remains on track, it will make [...]

    Taiwan Donates 2 Ambulances, Compactor Truck to City of Belmopan
    Sister City relations were established between cities of Taipei and Belmopan back in 2019.  A request was later made by Mayor Khalid Belisle for assistance with a number of trucks, [...]

    Healthy Living: Home Care Tips
    The recent spike in cases of COVID-19 detected in Belize means that hundreds of Belizeans who tested positive are now confined at home for self-isolation. Health officials should provide guidelines [...]


    Accident victims allege mistreatment by WRH nurses
    A resident of Silk Grass Village says she was shunned and denied treatment at the Western Regional Hospital last night. 25-year=old Emily Depaz was one of four persons who were involved in a road traffic incident in Armenia Village, Cayo District.

    Concerns arise for unfinished road works at mile 38
    Mile 38 was the site of disaster back in mid-June when a downpour deteriorated that portion of the highway. The broken culvert had blocked the flow of traffic for over twenty four hours.

    Guinea Grass residents protest over lockdown
    The rise in numbers of Covid-19 cases continue unabated in Belize. Last night the Ministry of Health identified fifty-two new cases. Three of those cases are in the Corozal District; five are in the Cayo District; nine are in the Belize District including seven in Caye Caulker, one in Ladyville and one in Belize City.

    Family in Orange Walk quarantined at length
    A family of seven in Orange Walk has been quarantined at the Multi-Purpose Complex in Orange Walk Town for forty-three days. 20-year-old Kevin Marroquin, his parents, and siblings were all placed in quarantine back in July when they tested positive for COVID-19. After the quarantine period was finished they were tested again and their results came back negative but they are yet to be released from the quarantine center. Tonight, the family has reached out to the media hoping that it would make a difference for them.

    MET Service monitors tropical depression
    Tropical Depression Fourteen is ripe for further development and its effects of wind and rains are expected to reach the north of Belize by Saturday morning. Belize’s weather experts at the National Meteorological Service are currently monitoring two systems in the Caribbean Sea.

    Weather and a Pandemic clashing
    The clash of Covid-19 and a tropical storm is what many if not all Belizeans have been praying against. Unfortunately, however, it is a situation that looms and will have to be addressed by the relevant authorities. Perhaps one of the most pointed concerns is the practice of social distancing within hurricane shelters should it come to that.

    Penalties for border jumpers debated in the Senate
    A Sitting of the Senate took place today in Belmopan as the Bills and Motions brought over from Friday’s House Meeting are being debated for ratification. One of the major debates this morning had to do with the border jumpers amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The Government of Belize is seeking to increase the penalties for those coming in and out of the country illegally via the informal crossings in the north, west and south.

    Frontline workers rewarded with medals
    Over a thousand nurses and doctors will be receiving medals in recognition of their upstanding work and dedication during the covid-19 pandemic. The medals will be given by Jex Trophies to uplift and encourage the frontline workers.

    The Belize Gold Book: The Gold Standard for Belize Travel.
    The re-opening of the Phillip Goldson International Airport has been postponed, but local tourism outlets are still producing products for the inevitable resurrection of the tourism industry.

    Customs and Immigration Officers charged in relation to tugboat incident
    A Customs Officer and an Immigration Officer have been charged in relation to an incident regarding a tugboat named “AJ Ellis.” The chain of events began when the tugboat was reportedly sent to Roatan, Honduras for repairs despite borders being closed.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Cayo police find weed and gun near a bus stop
    Yesterday, Cayo police were conducting a search in the Red Creek Area, Santa Elena Town, […]

    Two minors arrested and charged for Belize City robbery
    Police have charged two minors, one 17-years-old and one 13-years-old, in connection with a Belize […]

    Labour Minister says “good basis” established in University of Belize union talks
    De facto Minister of Labour, Senator Dr. Carla Barnett, mentioned the ongoing showdown between the University […]

    Man formally charged for cutting elderly woman’s throat
    Police have arrested and charged a Guatemalan man with multiple offenses after slitting an elderly […]

    Bill Gates says vaccine will help end COVID-19 pandemic by 2021, but many more will die before then
    Speaking to The Economist, philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, predicted that even with […]

    Belize Estate Company Limited presents “sporty, sophisticated” 2021 Kia Seltos
    Belize Estate Company Limited (BEC) will launch the 2021 KIA Seltos tomorrow, Friday, at its […]

    Baking Pot ferry in Central Farm closed due to ferry operators exposure to COVID-19 patient
    The Baking Pot ferry in Central Farm is this evening officially closed to the public. […]

    Today is Cordel Hyde’s birthday
    Deputy Leader of the People’s United Party (PUP) and area representative for Lake Independence, Hon. […]

    National Meteorological Service monitors tropical depression 14 as it approaches
    The National Meteorological Service of Belize is monitoring tropical depression 14 as it approaches. As […]

    Students of St. Benedict’s School in PG receive ‘wastewater’ garden from Salida Sunrise Rotary
    A report from Arkvalley Voice in Colorado, USA notes that students […]

    Tropical Storm Watch issued for Honduras as Tropical Depression14 approaches
    The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is issuing advisories for newly formed Tropical Depression 14 in […]

    Newly formed tropical depression in Caribbean Sea to bring heavy rains
    The National Hurricane Center is closely monitoring newly formed Tropical Depression 14 in the Caribbean […]


    Belize To Stay Calm but Vigilant as Tropical Weather, 97L, Approaches
    Our current weather is STILL. The last day or two have been incredibly hot, humid and still. The ocean calm as a millpond – almost no wake from the reef over the past few days. Let me just say that the mosquitos are LOVING IT. As are the swallows and the dragonflies. As our local NEMO office says: this is not a time to panic. And…for other reasons, most of Ambergris Caye has provisions like freshwater, food, medicines, and other essentials fully stocked right now. (We are currently on day 14 of a 28 day COVID quarantine)

    Belizeans have talent – young painters showcase incredible promise
    During the downtime that lockdown has put us in, there has been a chance to really look within our country and SEE her people and their talent. So many have taken the spotlight – from deejays spinning mixes, to singers acapella-ing on video, comedians, jewelry makers, specialty cooks, and artists. Now the word artist can encompass a variety of mediums, and what we speak of in this article is the painters. We’ve been particularly amazed by the young artists who have been sharing their work online. To say they are a ‘budding’ artist is almost an insult; their work is that of immense talent. It is almost as if they have been painting for years as professionals. So, imagine when we are introduced to some of these artists and learn they’ve only just started! Thanks to the Department of Youth Services, we have two wonderful young women to introduce to you!

    Chasing a Grand Slam in Belizean Waters
    The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) defines a “Grand Slam” as catching a bonefish, tarpon, and permit on the same day. While landing all 3 species is a given for any dedicated Belize fly-fishing trip, a Grand Slam is a feat elusively achieved by an angler over the course of a single 24 hours. Between seasoned fishing guides, mangrove channels, expansive saltwater flats, and 185 miles of coral reef, Belize is one of the best year-round locations in the Caribbean to turn your fly-fishing dreams into a reality.

    The Belize Weather – Another Reason Why People Choose to Retire in Belize
    One of the many reasons more and more people are choosing to retire in Belize is the beautiful weather. Belize enjoys consistent temperatures year-round, and it has only two seasons: the wet season and dry season. The hottest months are mitigated by cool sea breezes and the large areas of jungles and rainforest. Winter temperatures rarely go below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and summer temperatures typically stay around 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Belize Retirement: Can Moving Here Help You Live Longer?
    The slow, easy pace of life in Belize will reduce your stress on every level. Forget about road rage. You won’t have any traffic jams or long commutes especially in places like Ambergris Caye – one of the best places to live and retire in Belize. In fact, your commute probably won’t even involve a car. Most people travel by foot, bicycle or golf cart on this island therefore you’ll discover the joy of taking life at a slow pace. Forget the crowds. You can move easily around the country because there are no crowds. Even in the busiest tourist areas, you won’t have to wait in line to do something. You never need restaurant reservations. You won’t need to make doctor appointments or anything else months in advance.

    International Sourcesizz

    Close-up with crocodiles: amazing pictures from Sidmouth’s photographer’s trip to coral reef
    “Do not approach crocodiles close to the side, do not touch, and remain calm and confident”. That was the advice given to Sidmouth-based wildlife photographer Mark Taylor Hutchinson as he prepared to dive with American crocodiles in the warm waters of a coral atoll between Mexico and Belize. After an overnight stay at Xcalak and a morning dive on a local reef, they sailed to Banco Chinchorro in a small craft. Their accommodation was a small fishing hut on stilts, from which they were able to go into the water and interact with some of the 400 American crocodiles that frequent the mangrove lagoons of the island.


  • Thurday's "Ask the Experts", 1hr17min. Representatives from the Ministry of Health Belize joined us on 'Ask the Experts' discussing home care and management of COVID-19 deaths.

  • LIVE follow up discussion with the Caye Caulker Covid Medical Team, 26min. They provided official updates on where we stand as an island, as it pertains to COVID-19. We urge the the general public to tune in, as the information that will be shared is vital for our knowledge to properly combat this virus.

  • Sailing in Belize, 5min. Jan 2019.

  • Snorkeling Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker, Belize, 3min.

  • A message from the Belize Port Authority in San Pedro for boat owners, .5min.

  • Our 2016 trip to Belize, 50min. Started 2016 in Antigua and closed it out in Belize. We had a blast. I'm posting this just before Sole and I's 6th (9/23/20) wedding anniversary to look back at what a whirl-wind the last few years have been!

  • Scuba Diving Belize and the barrier reef, 3.5min. Advanced dives into the Big Blue Hole, Turneffe Atoll, Caye Chapel Tunnels, Cathedral Walls, Caye Caulker Marine Reserve, Black Beauty, Half Moon Caye, LIttle Caye Wall, Black Coral Wall, Mini Elbow, and The Terrace. Music by Danman of Caye Caulker. First is the plunge 140' into the Big Blue Hole then on to Half Moon Caye Wall and more.

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    4/13/2007 to 5/3/2007
    3/27/2007 to 4/12/2007
    3/9/2007 to 3/26/2007
    2/7/2007 to 3/8/2007
    2/3/2007 to 2/6/2007
    1/26/2007 to 2/2/2007
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    9/17/2006 to 9/21/2006
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    9/4/2006 to 9/8/2006
    8/29/2006 to 9/3/2006
    8/10/2006 to 8/28/2006
    8/9/2006 to 8/18/2006
    7/31/2006 to 8/8/2006
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