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November 24, 2017


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

Iris Salguero returns from Miss Earth 2017
San Pedro’s very own Iris Salguero returned to the island on Tuesday, November 21st after participating in the Miss Earth 2017 pageant in Manila, Philippines. Salguero represented Belize, and while she did not take the crown, she made the country proud by placing in the top 16 ‘Articulate and Intelligence’ segment. Belize’s beauty ambassador arrived in San Pedro Town via Tropic Air shortly after 2PM, where supporters and fans gathered at the waiting area of the terminal to welcome her. An emotional Salguero greeted everyone, stating that she had an amazing experience – one which she will never forget. Salguero told The San Pedro Sun that during the days prior to the pageant’s main event on November 4th, she and all the other participants from around the world took part in many activities. “We engaged in reforestation projects, beach clean-ups, school tours, educational and cultural presentations, and visiting protected areas,” said Salguero.

DOE issues stop order for over-the-water structure on Boca del Rio Drive
The Department of the Environment (DOE) has temporarily shut down construction of an over-the-water structure in the Boca del Rio area as of Friday, November 17th. According to DOE, the proprietors did not obtain an Environmental Clearance permit prior to starting the construction. As such, they must apply for one in order to resume work. DOE representatives indicated that they were not aware of the project until they were on the island conducting environmental inspections. After noticing the shell of the over-the-water structure, they proceeded to inspect it. They immediately found that it had not been granted the appropriate permissions from DOE. As such, the persons responsible for the construction were ordered to stand by until an Environmental Clearance was granted. DOE indicated that the project seemed to have consent from the local authorities, and perhaps other entities such as the Central Building Authority (CBA). However, by law, any over-the-water-building needs environmental clearance as well.

Copa San Pedro 2017 quarter-finals begin
Copa San Pedro quarter-finals kicked-off this weekend at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town, with the first two matches played on Friday, November 17th. At 7PM, Legends F.C took on G. Strikers, securing a slamming victory of 6-0. Sandy Point trumped Martha’s Ice 4-1, capping off the first round of quarter-final games. The Copa San Pedro 2017 quarter-finals continue this weekend. On Friday, November 24th, starting at 7PM, Jokers F.C will face United F.C, followed by Terror Squad facing off against Assassins F.C. On Saturday, November 25th at 7PM, Martha’s Ice takes on Sandy Point. That game will be followed by Legends F.C challenging G. Strikers. All football fans are invited to come show their support. Food and refreshments will be on sale.

2017 Children’s Week comes to an end with a grand parade
On Friday, November 17th, island schools joined educational institutions across the country of Belize to celebrate the culmination of Children’s Week 2017. This year’s celebration was held from November 13th through to the 17th, under the theme: “Children of Today; Our Keepers of Tomorrow”. Throughout the week, educational institutions across the country organized several activities for the children such as sports day, crazy day, arts and craft day, among other events. The national celebration recognizes the talents, skills, achievements, and rights of young people to enjoy childhood. Thousands of children and their families took part in the event through the participation of schools, kindergartens, cultural groups, youth departments and community groups.

Ambergris Today

Ambergris Caye: Spend Your Retirement Life In The Top Caribbean Relaxing Spot
Well, who doesn’t want to spend their retirement in the lap of nature while being away from the hustle-bustle of the world? But, not everyone knows about the best places where they can experience such a breathtaking ambiance!! Like, Have you heard of Ambergris Caye? I guess the answer won’t be a ‘Yes’ from the majority people, thanks to the fact that it is quite a secluded and small island in the Caribbean. But, this island with its stunning turquoise blue waters and the longest barrier reef in the Western hemisphere presents you with just the perfect place to spend your retired life in the most soothing way ever. And, when the companies like Travelogue is existing around you then to fly into such an exhilarating place is even not a tough task to do. Moreover, if you choose to live on Ambergris during your retired life then you could always expect to wake up each morning while hearing the mesmerizing sounds of the sea-waves lapping with love onto the white sand beaches outside your house. Won’t it be something worth living for?

Police Officers Accused Of Taking Nude Pictures Of Youth Cadets
According to news sources a pair of unnamed community officers are being accused of taking nude pictures of male cadets attached to the Placencia Youth Cadet Corp, while the parents of the cadets are not taking court action against the officers, their officers in command have taken disciplinary actions against the police officers. Their action are disturbing to say the least, as it is reported that not only did the officers forced the youth to take naked pictures but also charged them for using the restroom and drinking water. According to the head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch, Joseph Myvette, the two officers have since been placed on charged; one officer got five disciplinary charges and the other one had one single charge and both would be removed from the community policing unit.

Misc Belizean Sources


Belize Signs Status of Forces Agreement with the Kingdom of Netherlands
Today, the Government of Belize and the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands signed a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) concerning the Status of the Armed Forces of the Kingdom of the Netherlands while in Belize. Military Personnel from the Netherlands undergo Jungle Warfare Training with Belize’s and other international armed forces personnel in Belize. This Agreement sets out the legal framework within which personnel of the Netherlands will operate while in the country. The SOFA also constitutes the discipline and jurisdiction, privileges and immunities, communications facilities as well as the entry and exit requirements of personnel in Belize. It will serve to further strengthen the bilateral cooperation between the two countries which share thirty years of diplomatic ties.

Celebrating the biggest group represented at our 3rd annual Diabetes Run (promoting Diabetes Awareness)
On November 22, 2017 YWP- Wellness Ambassadors held a recognition ceremony for 50 future Young Diabetes Coaches from the Belmopan Comprehensive High School: they conquered 23 miles on the Hummingbird Highway on Saturday November 4th 2017 and deserved to receive recognition. All runners received medals and several received gift packages. The youngest male and female runner received cash prize.

Hi!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Better late then never!!! Come paint “A Quiet Beach Stroll” with us tomorrow Crazy Canucks Beach Bar at 2pm-4pm. Please make sure to sign up on the website! We know the signup will lock out tonight at midnight so private message us at Paint N Splash if you want to come.

GOB's Controlled Pump Prices (Belize City)
Effective Date: 24th November 2017

The Christmas tree goes up in Central Park, San Pedro

Big Ferry (Pueblo Nuevo) will be closed until Sunday
The most recent report from the Ministry of Works now says the Big Ferry (Pueblo Nuevo) will be closed until Sunday, November 26th at 5:00 PM. All we can do is hope ... sad times for the people of the North. Please continue to share these posts, and if you know anybody in Media or Government, it's time for them to help us get noticed. This road is too busy, and so much economy of the North relies on workers passing, plus the future generations...currently struggling to get to school everyday need this route to be reliable. There is no need for us to complain any longer, its time to explain why they need to improve our daily route.

Back by popular demand! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's the Rotaract Club of Orange Walk's RUMBA LATINO 2.0??? It's all going down on Saturday November 25th, 2017 at D' Gym Sports Bar (previously Butchy's). Come and dance the night away to only the best Latin hits of all time! Prizes and giveaways throughout the event! WARNING: uncontrollable body movement to the rhythm of latin beats. Wear comfortable dance shoes to Rumba all night long ??

CEMJC Crazy Day 2017
A lil late post but certainly worth the memories.

Postponed until further notice: Power outage scheduled for portion of Cayo District on Friday, November 24
from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.

Verdes FC Visit Octavia Waight
The Team Verdes visited the Octavia Waight Centre to spend some time with the older generation. Thanks, and go all the way this season! "Our Green Machine giving back to our elderly community."

Paradise Theater playing this weekend
American Made, American Assassin, The Little Vampire, Home Again.

BARROW Vs MUSA: Political Scions spar on Facebook
Today we saw a showdown of what might someday be the future Prime Ministers when two political scions, Kareem Musa and Shyne Barrow, squared off in what started with Shyne going for the jugular, Kareem hitting back and surprisingly the two ending the exchange by agreeing to the possibility of Barrow’s suggestion of a basketball tournament between Musa’s Caribbean shores team and Barrow’s Mesopotamia team with the teams playing on each other’s turf as a way to promote non violence on the south side in particular. Shyne suggested the match after he accused Kareem of “doing nothing for the people of Caribbean shores” and Musa responded by inviting Shyne to attend a tournament being held by Musa in Caribbean shores. Shyne said “to show we can disagree and not kill each other” would be the point of the two working together for this positive example. Kareem agreed and said “he was down for the positive movement”

Truck Stop 2-Year Anniversary Pool Party!
Sunday, November 26 at 2 PM - 9 PM. This Sunday, in honor of The Truck Stop's 2-year anniversary, we're going to be having our first pool party at the brand-new Truck Stop pool! DJ Debbie will be turning out the tunes poolside all afternoon, followed by live music on the front stage from Dennis C. Wolfe II and his band. And join us at 2pm for our weekly Cornhole Tournament! It's free to compete and the grand prize is a $100 bar tab. It's going to be an awesome Sunday Funday!

Channel 7

Will the "Nay's" Have It? Four UDP Reps Says they Would Vote Against 90 Million Dollar Judgement
Last night the news was all about that 90 million dollar judgement against the government for the Universal Health Services debt. But, tonight, the narrative has shifted, and that's because four ranking UDP Representatives say they will vote against paying all that money to the Belize Bank. To give you some background, the Caribbean Court of Justice granted permission for the Belize Bank Limited to enforce a 2013 arbitration award against the Government of Belize. The original award was for 36 million Belize dollars - but that was back in 2013, and since then interest of 17% has been running. The interest alone has now added up to another 50 plus million dollars, tot a total cost of 90.6 million dollars - for a hospital the government doesn't even own.

Hon. Saldivar Firm And Clear Cut: He Will Vote Against It
And while Finnegan is prepared to go to jail, Belmopan Representative John Saldivar is prepared to go right down to the wire. He says he cannot see himself voting for such a bill:.. Jules Vasquez, reporter "Would you support the government paying 90 million to the Belize Bank to settle this matter?" Hon. John Saldivar, UDP Belmopan: "First of all, Jules, let me state that I am disappointed in the decision of the CCJ and secondly, I certainly cannot, under any circumstance support passing a bill to pay moneys to Michael Ashcroft." Jules Vasquez: "However, that may be an emotional reaction, but - real talk- the Minister of Finance, the Prime Minister, is obligated to take it to the National Assembly and you have to support your Prime Minister. You can't- it is an existential crisis for the UDP if members of his own government- if he says 'yay' and they say 'nay'. That's like a vote of no confidence in the PM." Hon. John Saldivar: "Well, I think you're assuming that he will say 'yay'. What is clear from the decision is that the court has made it clear that the Ashcroft people cannot collect on this award unless it is passed by the parliament. And so it is clear also to me that the CCJ cannot direct or compel the parliament to pass a law. And so it is clear to me, also then, that the CCJ is saying that the parliament must decide if they will or will not pay this award."

Hon. Boots Says His Conscience Wouldn't Allow Him to Vote In Favor of $90M Payment
And while Saldivar was cut and dry, and very firm, Port Loyola Representative Anthony Boots Martinez was a little more animated. He says he is going to the grave with this one on his conscience if he votes "yes":... Hon. Anthony "Boots" Martinez: "Parliament will decide, and my vote is mine. My vote belongs to the people of Port Loyola, and I must vote my conscience. And if I tell you that I noh sleep good last night, I can't do nothing else but vote what is my conscience." Jules Vasquez, reporter: "But if the Prime Minister and the minister of finance brings a motion like that to the house to make certain payments out of the consolidated revenue fund, the government side has to support him. Never in history has he not - has the Prime Minister, whoever it is..."

UDP Albert Rep Says She Is Against Fleecing, Would Vote Against
And the member for the Albert Division, Tracey Taegar - Panton says she joined the UDP to stand against corruption - and if she votes for this, it would be supporting what she calls the fleecing of public funds:... Hon. Tracy Taegar Panton, UDP Albert: "I feel very strongly about it, Jules. I think the only word I can use to describe it is criminal. It is no secret that I come from a family that supported the People's United Party, and one of the reasons I made a decision to run under a UDP umbrella was because of the fleecing of public finances under the PUP administration. So I am very clear on my view on this matter. It was an illegal act as far as I am concerned and there is no way that this administration should be made to pay for an act that I clearly believe was illegal and a fleecing of public funds."

DPM Faber Opposed Judgement, Lambastes Rt. Hon. Musa
Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber joins his UDP colleagues in rejecting the CCJ judgment. Today at another event Faber gave his view on this matter and at the same time, called out Former Prime Minister Said Musa for being at the root of this $90 million dollar problem. Hon. Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister: "It is terribly disappointing, it continues to have us make the point that the horrors and the evils of last PUP administration continue to haunt us. Of course our position is that this is not something we should be paying at all, there are no benefits to the Belizean people and so it is an absolute nightmare for us that this is the outcome coming from the CCJ. We will now have to discuss what our position will be as a government. We did have preliminary discussions in cabinet on Tuesday but we did not know what the official outcome would have been so it is left to be seen what those discussion will yield. But if you want my personal view right off I don't think this a burden that the Belizean tax payers should be carrying at all and it is going to deprive us of monies that we could be doing a whole lot more things with."

AG Peyrefitte Stands With The PM
So, while the Deputy Prime Minister was more circumspect about what will come out of Parliament, Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte says that he will support the decision of the Prime Minister. As an un-elected Senator he can't do much about a money bill, but Peyrefitte made it clear that his gut reaction is an emphatic "no" to paying that 90+ million dollar award: Hon. Mike Peyrefitte, Attorney General: "The CCJ made it very clear that that money has to be made available by parliament. So we don't know what will happen. The minister of finance, in my view - and we are still making sure that we get all legal advice so that we are on the right page, on the same page with everybody. But in my view, the Prime Minister as the minister of finance should not pay that 90 million until it has been budgeted for and the only way it can be budgeted for is if the matter is taken to parliament and parliament votes for it to be budgeted for."

The Best & Brightest That Belize Has
Almost 400 students from all over country traveled to the Sacred Heart College Auditorium in San Ignacio for the 23rd CXC National Awards today. Now like the PSE, it is important to highlight those outstanding performers because it certainly took a lot of preparation and dedication to nail....let's say 16 CSEC exams with grade one's and two's or 9 CAPE units with all grade one's. That's pretty stellar and it's just what these students did. We were at the awards ceremony and the Chairperson for the CXC National Committee of Belize Brenda Armstrong told us how important these achievements are in a student's academic life. We also spoke to the proud awardees and their parents.

Scholarships For The Best
Now although taking all these exams can be a grueling task, it comes with great reward. Minister of Education Patrick Faber outlined the scholarship opportunities and grants that are given to top CSEC and CAPE achievers. Hon. Patrick Faber, Minister of Education/Deputy Prime Minister: "We increased the award for the Belize Open Scholarship which goes to the Top CAPE performer. That award used to be for $80,000 dollars." "That money is a very small contribution if you compare it to what we pay for professional and technical scholarships for example, it is a very small contribution to their education so we increased it and so for the last few years it has been $200,000 so that top performer today received that scholarship for $200,000 and the top CSEC performer as well as the second place also at the CAPE level will receive scholarships courtesy of the Government of Belize."

Works CEO Says Blame Drivers For Accidents, Not A Bad Bridge
The Ministry of Works CEO says "Don't blame it on the Bridge." As we have reported there were 3 accidents near the St. Margret's Bridge on the 19th weekend causing 4 fatalities. Harold Smith, Keith Frazer and their friend Marlon Flowers died in one accident on their way to Burrell Boom on Sunday afternoon while Glenn Reneau was killed in an accident on his way to Dangriga on Saturday night. Now the families all agree that the bad conditions of the bridge caused these accidents but CEO Gentle has a different perspective. Errol Gentle, CEO, Ministry of Works: "We need to be very careful as drivers because we continue to upgrade the highway and every time we upgrade the highway, every single highway in this country that has been upgraded we have accidents and it is because of speeding or some driver error the thing is, to be very honest a road or a bridge don't cause accident it is the driver."

Cops Charge Cross Border Weed Smuggler
Today, the police held their bi-weekly press brief but seemed to have been stung by a recent release from the PUP United Women's Group. That release zeroed in on the slow-going investigation into an allegation by two women of rape at the Independence Police Station. And, second, the PUP criticized the cops for seeming to blame murder victim Michelle Anison's friendliness for contributing to her demise. So, today right off the bat - the Police Media Relations Unit told us there would be no comment on those pressing matters at today's press brief.

Anison Murder, Cops Have Lots Of Leads, No Arrests
And moving unto the case of British National Michelle Anison who was murdered in Ladyville sometime last week - like we said, the police didn't want to comment on it, but Superintendent Cowo seems to have sort of stumbled into a minor update. He says police had plenty of leads but no arrests yet. ASP Alejandro Cowo, O.C., C.I.B., Belize City: "The Michelle Anison is still under investigation. We are following several leads that we are dealing with at this moment. The police is still following leads that we are getting and we are getting good leads and we are following up on that."

Cops Says They Have Been Actively Assisting In Search for 83 Year Old
And the police also bristled at the suggestion that they have not been doing enough to find missing 83 year old Hubert Richards. The Sandhill resident has been missing for a week now. Last night the family told 7News that they had not been getting assistance from police in their search. Well, Superintendent Cowo said that it is the family who failed to make a missing persons report until yesterday - but even without that police have been doing searches since the 17th - when the missing case was first reported on social media:... ASP Alejandro Cowo, O.C., C.I.B., Belize City: "We are aware that this information has been on social media from the date that he disappeared which was the 16th, Thursday last week. However, an official report was made to the police until yesterday at the Ladyville Police Station. But before we have received the report we have been following it up from other leads that we have been getting and we are assisting the family as much as we can at this moment."

Charges For Injured Man After Accident
He's an accident victim in his own right, but also the man alleged to have caused the deaths of Mark Leslie and Myrna Vasquez. Two weeks ago, Leslie and Vasquez were in a Toyota Corolla which collided with a GMC Yukon driven by Delmar Ortega who was overtaking a tractor hauling oranges. Well Ortega has been in the Hospital since, and just after he got out - even though he could hardly walk, he was taken too out today and charged. Police told us for what:... ASP Alejandro Cowo, O.C., C.I.B., Belize City: "We were told that he will be in Dangriga this morning along with his attorney. The charges are two counts of manslaughter, 2 counts of negligent harm and 1 of driving without due care and attention."

Pinks Alley Fire Not Conclusively Arson
Police also commented on the small fire in a Pink's Alley apartment which occurred on Tuesday afternoon. The homeowner claims arson, but police say that they're not so sure:... ASP Alejandro Cowo, O.C., C.I.B., Belize City: "It was just a minor sofa and a table that were damaged, in reference to that arson. We cannot say it's an arson yet because the fire department is still investigating. It is almost completed, but they have mentioned to us that it could have possibly been an electrical problem, not any arson. You have to understand that arson is when somebody actually lights up a building and when it comes to a house fire, there are many causes for a house fire which have to be determined by the fire department."

All Things Marijuana Considered At CARICOM Forum
In Tuesday's news, we told you how the Attorney General's Ministry was teaming up with the CARICOM Commission on Marijuana to have a conversation on whether that drug should be legalised. The Commission intends to visit all the Caribbean states, sample the opinions of the citizens and produce a report which reflects the CARICOM groupthink about marijuana its treatment under the law. That report will then be handed over to the CARICOM Heads of Government for their consideration. The Commission was at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel today for an all-day consultation with as broad a cross section of the population as they could reach. It was well attended, and 7News was there to see how it went. Here's what the Chair of the Commission, and the participants had to say about the hours of conversation about the herb:

16 Days Of Activism, Where Are The Men?
The National Women's Commission, today launched the 2017 version of 16-Days of activism against Gender-Based Violence, especially violence against women. They had a lengthy and emotional ceremony at the Radisson today where we picked out the women at the front and center of the campaign to ask them, where are the men?: Ann-Marie Williams: "16 Days of Activism is an international observance and so it's not only Belize, but Belize joining the rest of the world and we have to continue to do it as long as men continue to violate women and girls. If there were no violations, we don't have to do it, because these 16 days ramp up the activities that we've been doing all year round." Kim Simplis-Barrow: "For us this is symbolic. it's a time to really focus and look at it in a way that we try to bring people together to give their testimonies and so forth."

Celebrating Energy Efficiency
This is Energy month all across the Caribbean and lead agencies in different countries are spearheading activities to promote efficient energy. In Belize, today was an energy awareness fair. Different companies came out to showcase energy-efficient products. 7 news was there and spoke to a few of the companies. The Ministry of Energy, and Public Utilities has been in charge of the energy week and the energy awareness fair is one of many things they have done throughout the week to promote energy efficiency.

Dance X Excites
The Dance X 2017 festival starts tonight where dancers in all styles from all over the country display their talent, their flair and their form at venues in Belize City, Orange Walk, Dangriga and San Ignacio. This year's festival has a special guest from Mexico that has come to perform her dance called "masterpiece". She told us about what people can expect from her unique performance. Robinson's performance should be on stage right now at the Bliss Center in Belize City.

SDG Goals And Realities
Earlier this month we told you about the 2017 Global Youth Conference held in Belize. The main objective was to discuss the sustainable development goals from a youth perspective. Well today, government agencies and civil society partners presented the work they have done on those same Goals. They held a knowledge fair at the Belmopan Civic Center and we dropped by. The plan spans 15 years.

Channel 5

Deputy Has P.M.’s Back as Discussion Begins on U.H.S. Payment
Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber minced no words earlier today when he openly spoke out against the decision by the Caribbean Court of Justice on Wednesday.  The CCJ has ordered [...]

Faber Cries Shame on Ex-P.M. Musa
As you heard in the news on Wednesday, former Prime Minister Said Musa said that the matter could have been settled during his term in office and that government had [...]

National Assembly Has Tough Decision to Make
But with all that said and done – the CCJ judgment still stands and G.O.B. must now cough up ninety million Belize dollars. And where will this money come from? [...]

CARICOM and Belizeans Ponder Marijuana
The debate about recreational usage of marijuana continues, even after the decriminalization of possession of ten grams or less of the drug took effect earlier this month. While there is [...]

A.G. Says New Law Didn’t End the World
Closer to home, how have things been going since marijuana decriminalization went into effect on November first? Very well, according to Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte, who told us that the [...]

1 Small Step for Weed – 1 Giant Leap to Cultivation?
A persistent question being asked is, if the law can ease up on users of marijuana, what happens to those who plant fields and cultivate and sell “weed” for recreational [...]

This Isn’t 10 Grams! O.W. Cabbie Busted in Corozal
While legislators were busy discussing the decriminalization and the reclassification of marijuana from a regional perspective, local law enforcement was proceeding with drug trafficking charges against a cab driver in [...]

Robbers Strike it Rich with Escuela Mexico’s Dinero
Was the theft of a substantial amount of monies from the principal and bursar of Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico the result of a well-orchestrated heist or did their assailant benefit [...]

Pinks Alley House Burns; Was It Arson?
A small house fire in Pinks Alley on Tuesday afternoon destroyed the contents of a cement structure belonging to Lorna Wade.  According to twenty-three-year-old Dawn Higinio, she was asleep inside [...]

Who Set Fire in Abandoned Van?
Around twelve-thirty this afternoon, a large plume of smoke rose above the Haulover Creek in the vicinity of Belize Water Services Limited. An abandoned van in close proximity to a [...]

Search Continues for Hubert Richards, 83; Seen in Los Lagos & Orange Walk
Eighty-three-year-old Hubert Richards remains missing tonight, despite all efforts being expended by his loved ones in trying to locate him alive.  The elderly man is said to be suffering from [...]

C.E.O. Errol Gentle Says Don’t Blame the Road or Bridge for Accident
Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Works, Errol Gentle, says that neither roads nor bridges are to be blamed for the fatal accidents that happened between miles thirty-one and [...]

Hummingbird Highway to be Rehabilitated
And as we reported on Wednesday night, Ministry of Works, Cisco Construction and the Belmopan Police are putting in some remedial work at the bridge in Saint Margaret Village. These [...]

SolGen Promises Training for Top Public Officers at Public Service Commission
Solicitor General Nigel Hawke was actually the second of two witnesses called on Wednesday by the Senate Special Select Committee. On Wednesday morning, the senators held a private, in-camera session [...]

What is Everybody Waiting for from Senate Committee?
We leave this week’s hearings with a reminder of just how important they have become in the eyes of some. One year ago this month, the six members of the [...]

Feel the Power: 16 Days of Activism Off to Enlightening Start
Over the next two weeks, a number of anti-violence presentations at schools, as well as health talks and an exhibition by the Women’s Department, will take place as part of [...]

CSEC, CAPE’s Best Honored in the West
The CXC national committee recognized the best and the brightest in the Caribbean Secondary Education Examination and Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination for Belize. The high academic achievers from all across [...]

Harnessing Energy to Help the Community
Energy Week commenced this past Sunday, but today, a fair was held at the Biltmore Plaza to showcase the local energy sector and shift the focus on renewable energy sources. [...]

Channel Five’s Veranda Tales is Back!
Tonight, Channel Five is bringing back an old favorite. “Veranda Tales” was an original series in the 1990’s which employed familiar faces to read to primary school-aged children. It’s part [...]

Healthy Living: Be Good to Your Skin
As the end of the year draws near, cooler temperatures will start to set in and our version of the “Caribbean winter” will commence. While a break from the hot [...]


Faber Reiterates GOB’s Disappointment in CCJ’s Ruling
On Wednesday the Government of Belize lost a case against the Belize Bank and was ordered by the Caribbean Court of Justice to pay the bank an arbitration award that was granted to the institution since 2013. The case dates back to 2004 when the Said Musa led government signed as guarantor for a loan […]

AG: “CCJ cannot compel GOB to take Money out of Consolidated Revenue Fund”
Today, the Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte commented on the CCJ’s judgment. Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte “The judgment is the judgment, the way we analyze it is what the CCJ said was that the Privy Council has already said that the loan note which was really a promissory note was a legal contract entered into by […]

National Consultation on Marijuana
On October 25, the Misuse of Drugs Act which decriminalizes ten grams or less of marijuana was passed by the Senate. The bill had a lot of opposition to it, nevertheless, it was passed into law.Today, a National Consultation facilitated by the Regional Commission on Marijuana was held at the Best Western Plus, Belize Biltmore […]

When will UNCAC be Implemented?
Last year on International Anti-Corruption Day, December 9, Belize signed onto the United Nation’s Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) making it the one-hundred-eighty-fourth country to sign the convention. This came after several demands from civil society and a number of non-government organizations. In January, the government started to take steps toward the implementation of UNCAC, including […]

Works CEO comments on Traffic Accidents that claimed Four Lives
Last weekend, four persons died in two separate traffic incidents that happened at the bridge located between miles 31 and 32 on the Hummingbird Highway, in the vicinity of Saint Margaret’s Village. The incidents have stirred concern over the safety of the bridge, a one-lane crossing. Today, we spoke with the CEO in the Ministry […]

“Leave No One Behind; End Violence Against Women & Girls”
On Saturday countries around the world will commemorate International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The day marks the commencement of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign. The theme this year is “Leave no one behind; end violence against women and girls”. It is a time when several organizations incite […]

UB pays Tribute to Fidel Castro
The University of Belize teamed up with the Cuban Embassy for a tribute to Fidel Castro to mark the first anniversary of his death. Correspondent Fem Cruz has the story. Fem Cruz “An official ceremony was held today at the Jaguar auditorium in Belmopan to celebrate the first anniversary of the passing of the first […]

Abandoned Van goes up in Flames
An abandoned van went up in flames at around midday today in Belize City. Residents of Consuelo Street in the Lake Independence area, say that they heard a loud bang and upon making checks they saw the van on fire. Firefighters quickly managed to take control of the blaze, preventing it from spreading. A resident […]

Marijuana Bust in San Andres Village
Yesterday morning a routine customs operation resulted in the discovery of twenty pounds of marijuana. The bust was made in San Andres Village. ASP Alejandro Cowo shared more details. ASP Alejandro Cowo “Sometime after seven in the morning, the police responded to assist a custom personnel in the San Andres Village, Corozal District. Whereupon arrival […]

Police investigate Fire in Pinks Alley
Yesterday we reported on a house fire that damaged a portion of the apartment that Dawn Hijinio and her family were staying in. The fire broke out on Tuesday afternoon while Hijinio and her two children were asleep. Initially, the fire was believed to be a case of arson, but this morning ASP Alejandro Cowo […]

Corozal Robbery: Opportunistic Crime
Police are looking for two men in connection with an armed robbery that occurred in the Corozal District. As we reported yesterday, the Finance Assistant of Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico, William Mendoza, and principal, Carlos Castillo was on their way to Corozal Town to deposit monies in a bank account. On their way the car […]

“Re-Thinking Energy: Shaping a Resilient Community”
Belize is celebrating Energy Week under the theme “Re-Thinking Energy: Shaping a Resilient Community”. Mark Usher, Electrical Engineer at the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) told Love News that during Energy Week several events are held to create awareness of the use of energy.Usher described energy as being the “lifeblood” of the country. Today the Ministry […]

BAY to hold Arts Festival
The Belmopan Active Youths, BAY, will be hosting its third annual Arts Festival at the Belmopan Civic Center on Saturday, November 25. Co-Founder and Executive Director of BAY, Anna Banner Guy along with Coordinator of the Festival David Smith stopped by our studios to share why you should stop by. “The youths are very innovative […]

The Guardian

CCJ says GOB to pay $90 Million for UHS… only if parliament approves!
The Caribbean Court of Justice has issued a judgment for the Government of Belize to pay an Arbitral Award which the Belize Bank had gotten against the Government back in 2013. In a release the CCJ says, “In the case of The Belize Bank Ltd. v The Attorney General of Belize, the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) today granted permission for the Belize Bank Limited to enforce a 2013 arbitration award against the Government of Belize. The arbitration award, made by a Tribunal of the London Court of International Arbitration, required the Government to pay the Bank the sum of BZ$36,895,509.46 together with interest at 17% and arbitration costs of £536,817.71. The CCJ’s ruling means that the award now has the same effect as if it had been a judgment given by the Supreme Court of Belize. In addition, the Court also granted the Bank its legal costs in the CCJ and Belize’s Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture survive plane crash
It caused a stir all over Belize on Friday, November 17, when news went out that a Tropic Air plane, carrying Acting Prime Minister, Hon. Patrick Faber and Agriculture Minister, Hon. Godwin Hulse, went down. Fortunately, the two Government leaders and the other 7 occupants on the plane survived a crash landing in the sea off the Placencia Peninsula. Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber told the press that he, Hulse and Christy Mastry, the General Manager of the Belize Infrastructure Limited, were all on the same flight heading to Punta Gorda Town. Their intention was to participate in the official opening ceremony of the new PG multi-purpose sporting complex. So, they left on a flight from Belize City, which makes stops in several different locations on the way to PG. DPM Faber recounted that the plane landed in Dangriga without incident, and the passengers were dropped off. They then took off and left for Placencia, where they landed, again without incident.

Deadly bridge at St. Margaret’s claims 4 lives
A triple fatality on the Hummingbird Highway has turned the Garifuna Settlement Day celebrations into tragedy for 2 families. The victims, 37 year-old Harold Albert Smith, 37 year-old Keith Alonzo Frazer, and 41 year-old Marlon Flowers, died after the car they were travelling in ran off a bridge and went into the creek below. This very same bridge had claimed a life less than 24 hours earlier. At around 2 p.m. on Sunday, November 19, 2017, Belmopan police were alerted to an accident which happened between miles 31 and 32 on the Hummingbird Highway. When they responded, they found a gold Toyota Camry Car at the bottom of the Saint Margaret’s Village bridge. The driver, Harold Smith, was found trapped inside the vehicle in the driver’s side. Unfortunately, there was nothing that the authorities could do after they rescued him from the vehicle. Smith had already passed away. His nephew and best friend, Keith Frazer, was found motionless on the ground nearby; the accident also killed him at the moment of impact or shortly afterwards. The final passenger in the vehicle, Marlon Flowers, had already been rushed to the Western Regional Hospital by the time police arrived on the scene. Unfortunately, he died on the way.

Deadly bridge claims life of Glen Reneau
Glen Bert Reneau, a 36 year-old Belize City resident, died in an accident, hours before the Garifuna Settlement Day celebrations. He was on his way to Dangriga, the “Culture Capital”, but he and his 2 passengers never made it because he ran off a narrow, one-lane bridge into a creek at the bottom and totaled his vehicle. At around 9:51 p.m. on Saturday, November 18, 2017, Belmopan police responded to reports of an accident at mile 31 and 32. On the scene, at the Saint Margaret Village Bridge, they found a grey Honda Accord car, which was submerged in the water, and which had extensive damages. Police have not specified if they found any of the occupants in the vehicle.

90 million more for Vampire Ashcroft thanks to the PUP
The Caribbean Court of Justice on Wednesday handed down a judgment that says that government should pay 90 million dollars to the Belize Bank for a loan which was resisted first by the people of Belize and then by the UDP government. Now the decision lies on the National Assembly to instruct that payment be made. Some readers will recall that when the Musa administration on Friday May 18, 2007 attempted to pass a bill which would have seen the PUP pay a 33 million dollar debt incurred by Universal Health Services Belmopan was literally torn up. Thousands of Belizeans literally resisted causing chaos in Belmopan. After the mass discontent the PUP secretly paid the debt, obtaining 10 million dollars that the Venezuelan Government had granted Belizeans for the construction of new homes for the needy and additionally 10 million dollars that was granted by the Taiwanese government for improvement of healthcare in Belize was used to pay the debt.

Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Entry into Belize of Guatemalan Kaibil on November 17th, 2017
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been notified by the Benque Viejo del Carmen Police Station that at about 10:45 a.m. on November 17th, 2017, four Guatemalan Military Kaibil personnel crossed into Belize along with three Guatemalan journalists. Belizean Police Officers, stationed in the vicinity of the border, approached the Kaibil who were at the “Welcome to Belize” sign, and informed them that they were in Belizean territory; the police requested that they leave immediately, which they did without incident.

BTIA Cayo Chapter meets
The Belize Tourism Industry Association BTIA Cayo Chapter held an important meeting on Tuesday night at the Cahal Pech Resort Conference Room in San Ignacio Town. For all those attending it was a learning experience to get a snap shot of what is currently affecting the tourism sector. First to present was Rudolf Orio, who said that there should be all efforts to “…protect tourism, the goose that lays the golden egg.” He invited members of the BTIA Chapter to work along with the bodies that are now in place to ensure public security such as the People’s Coalition, Neighborhood Watches and Volunteer Special Constables. Rudolf Orio also recommended to the group that a Tourism, Taxi and Village Watch also be formed to enhance security. (There is now one Business Watch in place for San Ignacio Town.)

Schools in Southern Belize Become a Part of a Food Security Program
As part of the “Mesoamerica Without Hunger” initiative, a project was implemented in schools in southern Belize to improve food and nutrition security as well as to encourage healthy eating habits for those communities, a project that extends across the region to include, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, and the Dominican Republic, as well as other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean of which Belize is the first Caribbean country to sign. The program, which was introduced on April 2016, was officially launched on Thursday, November 17, 2017 at the Conference Room on the National Agriculture and Trade Show Grounds in Belmopan during a ceremony which featured representatives from the ministries of health and agriculture as well as the Mexican Ambassador to Belize. There, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed which will extend the project countrywide.

The Most Hated Man in the PUP
It seems like every time we turn around , there is another PUP QUARREL from inside the PUP to report on. Although the combatants may appear to change at times, there is one constant that remains the same. That constant is that whoever the combatants may be at the particular time, the genesis of the quarrel, stems around being in control of the PUP. Now once again we are seeing another such PUP quarrel playout on social media. In this latest PUP QUARREL the focus of the attack is Johnny. He is being attacked over his relationship with one Ambassador Stewart Leslie.

Mentorship program in Belmopan gathers strength
The guiding force of our youths towards their productive capacities have taken on a new dimension in the Nation’s Capital. The City of Belmopan now has ten newly trained mentors. These are people who decided that they will take the time to guide, teach, mold and build lasting relationships with youths in their community. Each newly trained community member will be given the opportunity to mentor one youth between the ages of 11 and 16. This is possible through efforts of the Belmopan Active Youths BAY, the Belmopan City Council and the Child Development Foundation.

New Registrar and Registrar General appointed
Trienia Marie Young, the 37-year-old former Head of the Police Prosecution Branch, has been sworn in as the new Registrar of the Supreme Court and the Registrar General of Belize. Thursday, November 16, 2017 was Young’s first day on the job after being sworn in on the previous day. Young succeeded former Registrar Velda Flowers. In her capacity, she will be overseeing the Supreme Court, Vital Statistics Department, BELIPO, and the Belize Companies Registry. Young is a former graduate of Saint Joseph Primary School and Pallotti High School. She began her career in law when she entered the UWI- Mona Campus in Jamaica in 2003 and graduated in 2006. She later entered the Norman Manley Law School in 2006 and graduated in 2008.

Promoting Agriculture in Toledo primary schools
On Friday November 17th, the Ministry of Education along with the Food and Agriculture Organization and AMEXCID the Mexican Agency for Cooperation and International Development cut the ribbons declaring open 4 structures 30 feet by 40 feet. The structures are located in four primary schools in the Toledo District, namely in Pueblo Viejo, Santa Elena, Santa Cruz, and San Antonio. They are part of a collaborative effort between the aforementioned organizations to promote gardens for vegetable production. The overall objective is to introduce agriculture and self-sustainability at the primary school level in the Toledo District. Under the program there will also be upgrading and or construction of new school kitchens.

Albert Valentine and Minor freed of murder charge against a taxi driver
On Friday, November 17, 2017 in the Belize City Supreme Court, Justice Denis S. Hanomansingh, who is presiding over matters in the Dangriga Supreme Court, handed down a ruling that set two persons free of murder. They are 24-year-old Albert Valentine and a 17-year-old minor. They were acquitted of the murder of taxi driver Antonio Rodriguez of Eldred Village, Punta Gorda. Rodriquez was stabbed multiple times to the body on December 15, 2015 in the Joe Taylor Creek area of Punta Gorda near a bridge at the entrance of PG. On the day of the murder, Valentine was heading to chop a yard on a bicycle when he met the minor and they allegedly decided to hire Rodriguez’s taxi with the motive to rob Rodriguez of his firearm.

Messenger charged with fake dealer’s license and driving unregistered vehicle
A messenger with Home Protector Insurance was arraigned on two charges, a criminal offense and a traffic offense, on Tuesday, November 21, 2017. He is 32-year-old Charles Requena of Fuller’s Lane in Belize City. Requena appeared before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford to answer to two charges, one count of uttering upon a false document and one count of driving an unregistered motor vehicle. The allegations are that on Thursday, November 16, 2017, he uttered a Belize City Dealer’s License dated August 2017 knowing it to be forged. Further allegations are that on that same day, he drove a Lincoln Zephyr without it being registered.

Liberty Children’s Home volunteer killed in Ladyville
Ladyville police have detained several men for questioning in connection with the murder of 46 year-old Michelle Anison, a British national who was volunteering at the Liberty Children’s Home. She was found inside her Ladyville apartment with stab wounds to the neck and chest. At around 10:55 a.m. on Friday, November 17, police visited that apartment, located at #6 Perez Road, and inside they found her body, with the injuries inflicted on it. The cops searched her home and determined that her only missing property is her grey Nissan Rogue SUV. It was not parked outside the apartment’s parking lot, as it normally was. The last time that she was reportedly seen alive was on Monday morning, November 12, about 4 days before she was found dead inside her home. Police say that her body was in an advanced state of decomposition.

Mother and son in court on weed charges
A mother and her son were taken to court on Thursday, November 16, 2017 on a single charge of possession of a controlled drug for 29 grams of cannabis which was found wrapped in a polo shirt in their yard. They are 45-year old Stephanie Gotoy, a babysitter, and her son 27-year-old Adrian Gotoy both of Kings Park. The duo appeared before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford in Court where Adrian wasted no time and pleaded guilty with an explanation to the charge while Stephanie pleaded not guilty. Adrian recanted his plea when he heard what the police said that it occurred during the house search.

12 year old raped in Ladyville
Police in Ladyville are investigating a case of unlawful carnal knowledge in Ladyville which occurred in July of last year. A 12-year-old Belizean student visited the Ladyville Police Station in the company of her mother and reported that sometime in the month of July, 2016, she visited the residence of a male neighbor in Ladyville to charge her mother’s cell phone and the male person had sexual intercourse with her. A medical examination was conducted on the minor where the doctor certified that she was carnally known. Police are investigating.

Alleged robbers on bail
Two persons, a 19-year-old and a 17-year-old minor, were before the court on Thursday, November 16, 2017. They were charged in connection to an attempted robbery of two men in Belize City and for allegedly causing a wound to one of them during a struggle. The 19-year-old has been identified as Degron Joseph, a student of King’s College. Joseph and his accomplice were arraigned before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford on separate charges of robbery to which they both pleaded not guilty to. The allegations are that they committed the offense by use of force but not with a firearm upon two friends whilst on Orange Street in Belize City. The two victims, Oscar Itza and Dennis Eck, were both walking together on Orange Street between the hours of 7 and 8 p.m. when they were approached by the two male persons.

Verdes FC and Belmopan Bandits FC came up with big scores in Premier League playoffs
The Premier League of Belize 2017-2018 Opening Season semi-final round commenced last weekend with 2 games on the schedule. On Saturday 18th November, at the MCC Grounds, Verdes FC the number two team into the playoffs blasted the Belize Defence Force FC by the score of 7-1. Verdes FC cored first when Alcides Thomas scored the 1st of his 3 goals in the 15th minute of play to give his team a 1-0 lead. The Belize Defence Force FC was able to tie the score at 1-1 when Vallan Symms scored the equalising goal in the 30th minute of play via a penalty kick.

Sandhill Blue Hawks Leal’s Football Cup champions
The 2017 Leal’s Football Cup Tournament came to an end on Monday 20th November, with the third place and the championship game played in Sandhill Village. In the championship game, Sandhill Blue Hawks defeated Corozalito by the score of 3-0. The goals for the champions Sandhill Blue Hawks were scored by Travon Martinez, Charles Canton and Sergio Luna. Earlier in the day for the third place game, Ladyville FC defeated Lucky Strike by the score of 5-1. The goals for Ladyville FC were scored by Matthew Leal and Shawn Young (4), while the goal for Lucky Strike was scored by Fredrick Garbutt.

Football Federation of Belize to hold 11th Ordinary Congress
The Football Federation of Belize is pleased to inform the general public and the football world that it will be holding its 11th Ordinary Congress on Saturday 2nd December, 2017, at 10:00 am at the Ramada Belize City Princess on Newtown Barracks in Belize City. The high point of the 11th Ordinary Congress will be the elections of the President and Vice President of the Football Federation of Belize. The Football Federation of Belize Electoral Committee has reviewed the nominations and secondments submitted by the Football Federation of Belize General Secretary and the following persons have met the criteria as defined by the Football Federation of Belize Statues Article 32.4

National Elite Basketball League season to open January 18, 2018
The National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) will be tipping off its fifth consecutive season on Thursday, January 18, 2018, as the defending champions, Belmopan Bandits, will host the sub-champions San Pedro Tiger Sharks. The game will be played at the UB gymnasium in Belmopan, with tip-off time being 8:30 p.m. The upcoming season will have 8 teams. Six (6) of the teams from last season will return to participate in the upcoming season. These teams are Orange Walk Running Rebels, Belize Hurricanes, San Pedro Tiger Sharks, Belmopan Bandits, Cayo Western Ballaz and Dangriga Dream Ballers. Belize City No Limit has changed management and their new team name is Belize City Defenders. The eight team participating will be Agharta, which is a team from Chetumal, Mexico.

UB hosts Marketing and Small Business Expo
Marketing and Small Business students at the University of Belize took to the Princess Ramada Hotel and Casino King’s Room to display their creations on Wednesday, November 22, 2017. Items ranged from cosmetics, food and beverages, recycled materials, footwear, and several other innovative and useful materials. At the expo, there were over 20 groups and each group presented a different and unique approach to both new and existing ideas. One new idea was Backyardigan’s concept of recycling old tires and repurposing them. The tires are personally scavenged and decorated with paint and other embellishments to make comfy and beautiful chairs, center tables, and even coolers. The items start at $80 and go up to $170 for larger pieces. Lypp Magic was another group that presented a fairly new idea to the Belizean public. While lip scrubs are readily available outside of Belize, they are not as available here. Lypp Magic, a group of marketing students, used that available market to produce flavored lip scrubs to exfoliate, moisturize, and soften lips while removing dry and dead skin. There was a multitude of other creations that included wine, like Sugar Fix Wines, sweets, swimming products, and other creations.

Tourist dies suddenly at ATM cave
On November 16, 2017 about 1:00 p.m., police visited the Western Regional Hospital where they observed the lifeless body of Madhukar Jiggini, a 68-year-old doctor of California, USA. Initial investigations revealed that Jiggini was along with his wife and other tourists doing a river crossing at the ATM Cave in Teakettle Village, Cayo District when he began feeling weak and lost consciousness. He was immediately taken out of the river and transported to the Western Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead. No signs of violence were observed on the body and no foul play is suspected. The body now awaits a postmortem examination.

Celebrating the 19th in Western Belize
The mood in Western Belize on the 19th of November was celebratory as members of the National Garifuna Council NGC, San Ignacio Branch, came out in full traditional dress to observe the Yurumein. At about 7:00 am on Saturday two boats with Garinagu landed on the calm bank of the Macal River to be greeted by other Garinagu and Cayo residents. Closely watching the ceremony was Cynhtia Ellis, President of the National Garifuna Council in San Ignacio, who is just back in Belize after visiting indigenous communities in the Caribbean and Americas. Ellis spoke to us about the significance of the Yurumein. “Yurumein is a re-enactment of the arrival of the Gariganu to Belize. Part of the history is that we were exiled because we would not succumb to colonial rule and we were given the choice to stay in St. Vincent or to leave.

The AMAMDALA editorial of Friday, November 17, 2017 was a pleasant read because of some startling admissions: 1)“… revolutionaries leading the People’s United Party (PUP) were attracted by his [Arbenz] policies and saw Guatemala as an ally…” 2)”…PUP contact with Guatemala…” 3)”…sent Mr. Price home… because he had held talks with a Guatemalan official.” 4)”…the PUP Leader was trying to sell out the country “lock, stock and barrel.”” The above rank right up there with Smith’s:”…he [Price] had received financial assistance from Guatemala in the 1950s.” I say startling, because every PUP supporter had vehemently denied all of the above over and over and over – for years! PUP lied to cover-up dangerous national misdeeds! Guatemala has Pacific and Caribbean coastline, together longer than Belize’s! The south west limit of the Cayman Trough is at Guatemala’s toe – she has the best access to high seas!

Millennials and our Money
Youths today, are often referred to as millennials for having been born in or near the new millennium. One of the things we millennials have found and continue to find out is that life can get expensive; I am talking about the cost of simply staying alive. If you cannot relate then maybe you have not come into full independence just yet. As a young, independent millennial, I experience one of those “aha moment” every time I go to the store to purchase things that I formerly paid no attention to and took for granted; such as tooth paste and purified water. Growing up with my mom and dad, things like toiletries and drinking water were just always there. They were never things that I ever gave any thought to. Although they cost relatively little compared to most of my other expenditures, these are the things that remind me daily that I am officially an adult, responsible for financing my own existence.

Words of Life with Pastor Barry Fraser
Today we look at Roaring Lions. In the book of the Prophet Joel chapter 3, verse 16, we read, “The Lord God roars from Zion, and utters His voice from Jerusalem, and the heavens and the earth tremble. But the Lord is a refuge for His people, and a stronghold to the sons of Israel.”

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

83-year-old man still missing in Sand Hill, Belize District
Yesterday, Stanley Richards, 52, a Belizean laborer of Sand Hill Village, Belize District, reported that on Thursday, […]

Orange Walk taxi man arrested for drug trafficking
Yesterday morning around 7:25, police and custom officials conducted a check point in San Andres Village, […]

Belize signs status of forces agreement with Netherlands
Today, the Government of Belize and the Government of the Netherlands signed a Status of […]

The 88 million dollars bukut – Is Said Musa or Dean Barrow to blame?
By Hugh O’Brien: BUKUT NUMBER 1 – Former Prime Minister of Belize, Said Musa, guaranteed a Belize Bank loan for the Universal Health Services (UHS) owned by PUP cronies and ended up paying the Belize Bank $40 million for this private hospital in December 2007. Belizeans got nothing for this $40 million investment, not even the hospital or any of its equipment.


Fun Caye Caulker Itinerary and It Can Happen at Home too - Belize Time
I shortlisted the Caye Caulker Itinerary to second place as it was born from the invisible forces that were pulling me onto Belize time that led me to write it so first comes my story about getting derailed in my own home. You may have read in previous blog posts about how the island is like Sesame Street and a simple trip to the store can have you instantly on delay and often catapulted into a new direction for any number of reasons. You might run into friends and decide to hit a beach bar or, you could get “paraded”. Island people love parades and there is nothing better to remind you why you came here than to get caught behind one. It forces you to slow down and appreciate life’s unexpected surprises and delays.

International Sourcesizz

US State Department awards additional funding for sustainable local organizations in Belize and Latin America
The US Department of State has awarded the World Environment Center (WEC) and its partner, Le Groupe-conseil baastel ltée (Baastel), additional funding to grow innovative, sustainable local organizations in Belize and Latin America. The current program, known as La Red de Innovacion and Impacto (La Red), established in 2014, is a collection of 30 such innovative solutions from 11 nations across the region. The La Red network conducts training and workshops to scale business solutions to sustainability challenges; assists enterprises to participate in internationally renowned acceleration programs; communicates best practices throughout the network; and monitors and evaluates progress. To date, more than 2,230 MSMEs in Latin America have benefited from the technical assistance funded through this project, and more than 1,800 individuals have been employed or promoted. Some 1,240 farmers have improved their operations as a result of the work conducted through La Red.

Howlers, hot sauce and Hopkins - discovering the secrets of Belize
It is 9 a.m. and a sweltering 38C as we slowly walk a dirt path beneath towering mahogany trees. Even though we’ll hear him before we see him our eyes are scanning the tree-tops for a howler monkey. Our guide Conway, leads with a growl, hoping for an response. The quiet of the forest is soon shattered with an answering bellow from a male, and we are now standing below six members of a howler monkey family. The youngest monkey swings down the tree branches as he stuffs leaves in his mouth, keeping an eyes on us as we happily snap photos. Thanks to the dedication of a local women’s co-operative to protect the monkeys, travellers are able to learn about the monkeys, locally called baboons. There are 4,000 primates living in the Community Baboon Sanctuary in this Belizean village of Bermudian Landing. I’m here on a 10-day group tour with National Geographic Journeys G Adventures tour which offers a circuitous route through this Central American country, from a Mayan site north of Belize City, west to San Ignacio on the Guatemala border to the south coast beach town of Hopkins and to the second largest barrier reef via the island of Caye Caulker, a combination of Mayan history, wildlife and indigenous culture.

How will Francis Ford Coppola divvy up his business among family?
“Have you heard of Italian Alzheimer’s?” Francis Ford Coppola asks, brown papa-bear eyes playful. “You forget everything – except the grudge.” The 78-year-old padrino is At Home. Not his main residence, the sprawling historic Inglenook wine estate in California’s upmarket Napa Valley. But his home away from home: Bernalda, an insignificant dot of a non-tourist town set in the middle of southern Italy, where his paternal grandfather Agostino was born. (His mother’s side came from Naples.) More specifically, Coppola is sitting in a small kiosk with rickety kerbside tables on the edge of the town’s pretty piazza, where espressos are served in coffee-stained cups and cost barely €1 ($1.50). The kiosk is set directly across the road from Coppola’s grand boutique hotel, Palazzo Margherita, where his daughter and award-winning director and scriptwriter, Sofia Coppola, wed acclaimed musician Thomas Mars, of Phoenix fame, in 2011: Hollywood royalty marrying a French indie pop star in a marble-floored palazzo built for local aristocrats.


  • Bonefish in Belize, 1.5min. Tiny bonefish from the dock on a trout magnet. Ambergis Caye, Belize 2017

  • Belize Honeymoon, 5min.

  • Belize Maya Pax, 3min. Maya Pax is a kind of Music played by the people of Yucatec Maya Descent of Belize . Maya Pax is mostly played for days of celebration in the Yucatec Maya(Maya Mestizo) communities of Northern Belize . One of the most known Belizean Maya Pax bands was La Banda de San Jose who played for many years in different places . This video is from a Belizean Maya Pax playing in San Jose Nuevo Palmer (Orange Walk) .

  • Very touching what this young boy has to say about the state of our society today!, 4min. As part of the ongoing Universal Children's Day activities, the Office of the Special Envoy will be posting videos of children interviewing accomplished and prominent persons in society. In the first video, Brian Guardado, a second form student of Nazarene High School sits down with Hon. Tracy Panton.

  • Energy Management Limited and Green Sun Limited, 31min.

  • Dance X 2017 is here! Redondo Ballet School - performance of "Mi Gente.", 22min.

  • ATM Cave: Tailess scorpions!, 1min. The Mayans believed this cave in Belize was a portal to the underworld. Explorers still don’t know how deep it may go.

  • Whale shark today in front of town, 1min. You never know what you will find swimming in front of San Pedro Ambergris Caye....A lone whale shark. One of two protected species of sharks in Belize - travels along the reef between feeding sites peppered throughout the Western Caribbean and the MesoAmerican Reef. During this time of year whale sharks are found feeding on sprat, often accompanying schools of bonito"

  • Whale shark today in front of town 2, 1.5min.

  • LIGHT BATHERS BELIZE NOVEMBER 2017, 1.5min. A Mountain Spirit Wellness Community Experience. Cultural Immersion, Garifuna Healing and Spirituality. PUNTA GORDA, TOLEDO, BELIZE

  • Driving Pine Ridge, Caracol, Belize, Central America, 2.5min. Doing a little off-roading during our first trip to Belize, January of 2015. This was at the beginning of our travels together abroad.

  • Revolutionary Travel Family Walking the Bush, El Pilar, Belize, 9.5min. The Revolutionary Travel Family exploring the area around our latest project, Hills & Valley eco-community.

  • Belize Documentary, 20min.

  • Snorkel the Belize Barrier Reef, and Outer Atolls with Island Expeditions, 1.5min. Snorkel the most spectacular locations on the Belize Barrier Reef and outer atolls (Glover's Reef and Lighthouse Reef).

  • Walking in Caye Caulker, 72min. This is a complete overview of Caye Caulker island in Belize.. We walked along the small sand paths from the beginning of Caye Caulker Village to the Split.

    November 23, 2017


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Entry into Belize of Guatemalan Kaibil on November 17th, 2017
    he Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been notified by the Benque Viejo del Carmen Police Station that at about 10:45 a.m. on November 17th, 2017, four Guatemalan Military Kaibil personnel crossed into Belize along with three Guatemalan journalists. Belizean Police Officers, stationed in the vicinity of the border, approached the Kaibil who were at the “Welcome to Belize” sign, and informed them that they were in Belizean territory; the police requested that they leave immediately, which they did without incident.

    Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 2018 shoot on Ambergris Caye
    The Sports Illustrated Magazine team along with six models arrived at Mahogany Bay Village in San Pedro Town on Wednesday, November 15th, to shoot the 2018 Swimsuit Edition of the publication. For four days International photographer Yu Tsai photographed the models at Mahogany Bay as well as other destinations on the island. The six models included Olivia Jordan, Allie Ayers, Haley Kalil, Camille Kostek, Iyonna Fairbanks, and Tabria Majores. While some of the women had pageant and modeling experience, others are considered novices. Model Olivia Joran was Miss USA in 2015 and the second runner-up at the prestigious Miss Universe beauty pageant also in 2015, Ayers has a couple years of modeling experience under her belt, while Fairbanks, Kostek, Kalil, and Majores are somewhat new to the experience. However, all the participants hope that this opportunity will open more doors for their modeling careers.

    San Pedro Pirates lose first semifinal match against Belmopan Bandits
    The Belmopan Bandits defeated the San Pedro Pirates Football Club on Sunday, November 19th at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town during the first round of the Premier League of Belize (PLB) semi-finals. While the San Pedro Pirates did their best to properly represent the island, in the end, it was a clear 6-0 victory for the visiting team.

    Ambergris Today

    Government Of Belize Strengthening Development Of School Feeding Programs In Belize
    The Government of Belize has embarked on an agreement to strengthen School Feeding Programs in Belize in order to provide healthy food to needy school children in our country. This project is more than just a feeding program, a key element in the program is to incorporating agriculture into other areas of study while at the same time, promoting the value of self-grown food. On Thursday, November 16, 2017, a new cooperation agreement to foster the strengthening of the School Feeding Program in Belize was signed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Health and the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation.

    The Ya’axché Conservation Trust Celebrates Its Third Year Of Successful Agroforestry Farming
    Thirty farmers in Toledo are celebrating their third year of successful farming in Belize’s first agroforestry concession within a protected area. The cultivation of cacao among other crops within the Maya Mountain North Forest Reserve is being guided by an agroforestry management plan and a conservation agreement. Ya’axché Conservation Trust (Ya’axché) is working with farmers to ensure that both the environment and livelihoods are considered in protected area management. In 2012, 30 landless farmers with interests of farming within Maya Mountain North Forest Reserve made contact with Ya’axché to support their aspirations. Ya’axché, along with the farmers, developed an agroforestry management plan to guide the cultivation of cacao under the forest canopy and created a conservation agreement that incorporated the commitment of the farmers to protect the area of natural wonder.

    Belize Makes Fodor's Travel Go List 2018 At #10
    Belize has ranked number 10 out of 52 countries on the Fodor’s Travel Go List for 2018, underscoring once more the effective efforts of the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) to market Belize as growing, viable and a must-visit destination in Central America and the Caribbean. The announcement was made last week on Fodor’s Travel’s Website. In its introductory page, Fodor’s Travel said “Belize is full of rich history, rewarding explorations, and natural beauty ....part Caribbean and part Central America, Belize feels untouched by the rest of the planet, making it seem like a true getaway.”

    San Pedro RC School Library In Need Of Urgent Repair
    The San Pedro Roman Catholic School is reaching out the community of San Pedro to kindly assist in form of donations so as to be able to fix their library that is dire need of repairs. For some time now the current building has been deteriorating slowly and after the September Mexico earthquake the building shook and needs to be reinforced. The building has broken doors and windows and the exterior walls are all rotting and falling apart. Heading this fundraising initiative is Catherine Whitney also known by the students as “Teacher Kate” who has been volunteering at the library for several years now. The children have grown to love and appreciate everything Teacher Kate does and love spending time with her at the library reading stories and doing other fun activities.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Institute of Archaeology Report: Thursday 23 November 2017
    The Nohoch Cheen, ATM and Barton Creek Archaeological Reserves are open. The river level at the ferry crossing remains the same as yesterday, therefore,the Xunantunich Archaeological Reserve remains closed.

    Caye Caulker Liquor License Renewal Notice
    Caye Caulker Liquor License Board takes this opportunity to remind all business owners that applications for the renewal of Liquor Licenses for the year 2018 are now being accepted. Please be advised that the deadline for submitting all renewal applications at the office is December 15th, 2017. All applications must be completed before it's submitted to the office. Business owners who fail to comply will be charged a late fee. The Caye Caulker Liquor License Board also takes this opportunity to remind all License Holders to settle any arrears before the new year.

    CCJ Overturns Ruling of Lower Courts in UHS Settlement Case
    The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) today, 22nd November, 2017, handed down its decision regarding the matter of the Belize Bank vs the Attorney General of Belize where the Belize Bank was appealing the decision of the Belize Court of Appeal on the Universal Health Services (UHS) matter delivered on the 24th day of March 2017. In that ruling, the Court of Appeal upheld the Supreme Court’s decision that enforcement of the final arbitral award of the London Court of International Arbitration dated the 15th day of January 2013 by the High Court in Belize would be contrary to public policy of Belize, and offend the legal and constitutional order of Belize. The CCJ overturned the decision of the Belize Court of Appeal and ordered that the Government of Belize (GOB) pay to Belize Bank the money that the Said Musa administration had saddled the government with back in 2007. The total award in favor of Belize Bank is approximately BZ$88M plus interest and cost.

    Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Entry into Belize of Guatemalan Kaibil on November 17th, 2017
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been notified by the Benque Viejo del Carmen Police Station that at about 10:45 a.m. on November 17th, 2017, four Guatemalan Military Kaibil personnel crossed into Belize along with three Guatemalan journalists. Belizean Police Officers, stationed in the vicinity of the border, approached the Kaibil who were at the “Welcome to Belize” sign, and informed them that they were in Belizean territory; the police requested that they leave immediately, which they did without incident. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has raised the matter with the Guatemalan authorities to prevent reoccurrence.

    Pharmaceutical Licensing
    Effective 1st November 2017, all pharmaceutical facilities are required to have a Ministry of Health Certificate of Registration License in order to provide pharmacy services to the public. The Ministry of Health has publish the most updated list of Retail Pharmaceutical Establishments, Wholesalers and Importers with a valid MOH License. See the lists at the below links:

    A Christmas Recital
    O'Brien's Music Studio Presents! Dec 2, Saturday, at the Bliss Institute. Special invited guests The Belize Elementary School Choir.

    6th Annual Yoga & Meditation Vacation in Belize
    Sat Feb 03 2018 at 06:00 pm. Ak'bol Yoga Retreat and Eco Resort, North San Pedro Town, San Pedro, Belize Escape winter, relax, and nourish body, mind and spirit at the beautiful, peaceful Ak'bol Yoga Retreat Center and Eco resort on the tropical island of Ambergris Caye. Belize (the former British Honduras) is located in Central America and is about five hours from Chicago via plane. English is commonly spoken, and the dollar is widely accepted. The peaceful cultural melting pot of Belize is home to unspoiled beaches and jungles as well as the second largest barrier reef in the world. We will practice yoga twice a day on an exquisitely handcrafted platform at the end of a pier, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea.

    Dance X BZ Cayo
    The 2017 Belize Dance X will be performing at the Cayo Welcome Center this Friday, starting at 8:00pm. There will be local and international dance troupes performing. This free event is perfect for the entire family. "Performing: Belizean Heat - Cayo, Gen-Ex - Cayo, Faith Nazarene - Cayo, Dwayne Murillo - Belize City, Western Masqueraders - Cayo, DK Flix - Cayo, Teatro de la Danza del Caribe - Cuba, The Astor Johnson Repertory Dance Theatre - Trinidad."

    Calling for Belizean Artists to submit their Original Art Pieces!
    Once again, the Museum of Belize is proud to invite its 2nd Call for Artists- Art submission for our talented Belizean Artists. We are requesting for artists to submit three (3) pieces of their original artwork, to be displayed in our new art exhibition on December 12th, 2017. Pieces should be no bigger than 24 inches by 36 inches, and must be submitted by Friday, December 8th, 2017. Artwork does not need to be theme-based, but must be family appropriate content. For more information, contact Ilona Smiling at or Yusleidy Chan at You could reach them at 223-4524.

    Belizean Rowan Garel as a Caribbean Ambassador for Adventure
    Oceana Belize is proud to support the nomination of Belizean Rowan Garel as a Caribbean Ambassador for Adventure. This young man continues to prove that nothing should stop us from exploring our beautiful Belize.

    Caye Caulker Environmental Awareness
    A list of restaurants and tour boats that use biodegradable take-out containers and refill water bottles:

    Corozal Sports Council District Sports Coordinators Serious and Committed to take NSC Primary School Sports Program to the next Level
    We visited 15 Rural Schools today Wednesday 22nd November 2017 from Chen Chen Government to Buena Vista RC as school Principals opens their school doors to discuss our sporting tournaments together with their Sports Coordinators,this effort has been very successful. Tomorrow we continue visiting the Town Schools. Play-Exel- Participate-Special thanks to all schools Principals and Education Officer Corozal Mrs Velma Godoy.

    Corozal Cleanup, Saturday November 25th
    Public Announcement - The Corozal Daily, Corozal Junior College Eagles' Environmental Club, Oceana Wavemakers and our Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College are joining their efforts this Saturday November 25th, for another Water Cleanup to make our Corozal Bay cleaner, more attractive, healthier and safer. We are expecting over 50 responders. This is an open invitation to the entire community so please join us. If you have a kayak and wish to join us kindly do so. If you can't participate but have a kayak that you would like to lend us, kindly call us at 602-2126 and we will personally pick it up one day prior. You can also inbox us your message through this media platform and we will respond. We would also appreciate if you can bring one trash bag. We will be meeting at the foot of the Thunderbolt Dock at 8:00 a.m. and will carry on until 12:00 noon. Come out this Saturday November 25th and join this incredible effort to keep our town safe and clean! Snacks and juice will be given. You Better Belize It!

    Celebration of Maya and Garifuna Cultures through the streets of Louisville Village, Corozal District
    Always proud of our heritage. The beauty and true treasures of Belize is that all culture reside harmoniously and respectfully with each other. Courtesy Adela Pederson.

    Attention to all Corozal Hoteliers
    The Belize Hotel Association is hosting its Bi-Annual General Meeting on December 5, 2017 at the Banyan Bay Suites in San Pedro Ambergris Caye. You are cordially invited to hear about the BHA's activities over the current membership year, and the exciting projects scheduled for the upcoming months! Dynamic Guest Speakers ! Kindly RSVP via email to or call us at 223-0669.

    Staff of (ESTM) Escuela Mexico Secundaria Tecnica Mexico robbed of over $8,600.00
    According to reports, yesterday around 3:25 p.m., twenty two year old William Mendoza working as the finance assistant at Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico reported to police that about 2:30 p.m., he left school with principal, seventy three year old Carlos Castillo, of Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico to make a bank deposit in a Navy Blue Ford F150. Mendoza told police that upon reaching miles 77 on the Philip Goldson Highway while he was heading to Corozal Town, the vehicle started to experience mechanical problems so they pulled off the road to check the vehicle’s engine. Mendoza said that while he was checking the engine, an unknown man held a machete to his neck and demanded cash.

    Attention to all Corozal Tourism stakeholders
    The Belize Tourism Industry Association is cordially inviting you to our 32nd Annual General Meeting to be held on December 7, 2017. Key items on the agenda will include the following: -ED Yearly Report -Presentation on 2018 Birding Festival - 2018/2019 Destination Belize Presentation Brunch -Elections of 1st Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer

    Artists in the Park 2017
    Pictures from the Artists in the Park 2017. Great art, and some rock and roll in the evening from Ascenthium. In related news, The 7th annual Cayo Art Fest will be on Saturday, December 9th, and the CWC. "The CAYO Welcome Center was happening yesterday for the 2017 Art Fest. Ascenthium rocked the park, once again. During the day, there were many different artists from around Cayo and Belize displaying their art. Thanks, San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town Council for yet another spectacular event at the CWC!"

    Belizean football player of the 1960s "Queens Park Rangers" Stephen "Cupcakes" Flores was honored on Saturday November 18, 2017 at the "Belizean Legends" studios in Los Angeles by the "Belizean American Football Hall of Fame". Flores who is seen here in the middle of the photo and third from the left, played forward as well as other parts of the field for the legendary football team of Belize in the 1960s, "Queens Park Rangers". He left Belize in 1964 where in lived in the states for the rest of his life. He was also a policeman in his hometown of Dangriga, Belize, and played on the police football team. The honor bestowed upon him by BAFHF as one of those legendary Belizean football players from one of the greatest football teams of Belize, came in a series of honors that the Belizean football hall of fame organization is spearheading.

    Garifuna Settlement Day in Belize City
    Lots of great photos....

    Channel 7

    Another 90 Mil: Crushing and Costly Defeat for GOB at CCJ
    90 million more - that's how much the Government of Belize will have to pay the Ashcroft Alliance - after losing another huge case at the Caribbean Court of Justice today. But this time, it has nothing to do with compensation for BTL. This one goes all the way back to 2004, when then Prime Minister Said Musa gave Universal Health Services a secret government guarantee for 35 million dollars in private debt owed to the Belize Bank. When they couldn't pay, the Government guarantee kicked in, and the Musa Administration then came up with a loan note to use public funds to cover the private debt. That was in 2007 - but when the UDP won, they refused to honor it - saying the undertaking to use public funds was made without Parliament's approval and that made it unlawful. But, in 2013, the London Court of International Arbitration held that the Loan note was valid and gave the Belize Bank an award of 37 million dollars.

    Hon. Elrington: Judgement Marks Sad Day For Country
    Speaking about the CCJ decision today, former Attorney General Wilfred Elrington said that it is a sad day for the country: Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs: "Whenever we get judgments of that type it makes it that much more difficult for us to provide for the people of Belize the badly needed goods and services that we so depend on. We are already such an impoverished country most Belizeans don't understand the extent to which we as a nation rely on grants and loans just to survive from day to day when you get a decision of this type it will ultimately have a devastating impact on the ordinary poor Belizean citizen. It is a shame that these things are happening. It is a sad day for the country when you get decision of this type given against."

    Making Deadly Bridge Safer In The Aftermath of Four Traffic Fatalities
    The public outcry was not ignored: Belmopan Police along with private contractors and the Ministry of Works have teamed up to upgrade the safety features, and renovate the deadly St. Margret's bridge. Works have already started to make both approaches to the mile 31 Hummingbird Highway bridge safer for drivers. Belmopan police say that reflective stickers will be placed on the bridge and the Ministry of Works will install guard rails at the approach of the bridge. CISCO construction says that they installed reflective stickers and other safety features in and around the bridge before, but vandals would remove the stickers and dump safety drums into the river.

    Contraband Area in Coro Stays Hot: Man Caught with Weed
    Tonight Corozal police are holding a man pending charges of drug trafficking after customs caught him with 20 pounds of marijuana. Early this morning, a customs patrol team was back in that area of "Estero" - which is a contraband river crossing near the village of Patchakan in Corozal North. At around 6:30, they intercepted a vehicle coming from the riverside landing. When he saw Customs, the driver of the Geo Prizm tried to reverse - and the passenger jumped out and threw a large object in the bush.

    UDP Area Rep Doesn't Defend Busted Brother
    Now that "Estero" contraband passing point is the very same area where customs caught Edgar Patt on Monday with a contraband stash. The stash valued at a thousand dollars was unremarkable, but the near riot by the Pachakan villagers made news. They pelted the customs officers with pints and rocks - and so customs charged Patt - and is seeking to fine him twenty thousand dollars. They're doing this to set an example because of the way the villagers acted. But how does that make his brother feel? We're talking about the area representative, UDP Minister Hugo Patt. Today he told CTV-3 that Customs has to do its job:.. Hon. Hugo Pat, Corozal North Area Rep.: "I am not in a position to respond to that. It is my brother who was caught, but if there is anything that needs to be responded to or any questions that need to be as a consequence it would be him. Personally I do my work and if you want to question my credibility politically, you can check the people from Corozal North and I prefer them to give you the answers on myself."

    ACP Broaster Wasn't Talking About Pachakan Showdown
    And, in a clarification of last night's news on that same Pachakan incident - we had comment from Police Commander of Operations Edward Broaster. We described the event in detail - explaining how customs had to call police for backup - but Broaster said there was really no confrontation. Well, it turns out he was talking about another weekend contraband bust Police made in Corozal. That involved One white Isuzu trooper which the cops stopped at a hundred yards from the junction of San Antonio and Yo Creek road. Police saw that it was loaded with contraband beers and the occupants along with the vehicle were escorted to the customs office. Customs counted the beers and found more than two dozen cases of canned Corona beer and 5 cases of bottled beers.

    Answers on What Those Clueless Kaibiles Were Doing in Belize
    Finally, tonight there are some answers about that incident we told you about last week where 4 Guatemalan soldiers and two media persons came over to the Belize side of the western border and were walking around without permission. Today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who is also the police minister said it should be interpreted as intimidating behaviour: Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs: "I was told that there was a visit by the Guatemalan military in the vicinity of the border but I didn't get the part that it was done in an intimidating way. The report I got was that they were spoken to by our police personnel and after that they withdrew." Courtney Weatherburne, reporter: "But is that usual, is that something normal to come over and do their own tour?" Hon. Wilfred Elrington: "I do not know the extent to which they came across if they did come across but we are neighboring countries and they must have some good reason why they want to be able to show what is the situation between us and them and I gather they were along with some journalists so it very well might have been an innocent expedition where they simply wanted to show the journalists what is the situation along the border with Belize."

    PUP Women's Group Bashes The Cops
    And keeping it on police matters, the PUP Women's group has spoken up to blast the cops for their loose language at yesterday's press briefing. A release says, quote, "It has been over a week since 2 women alleged that while in police custody at the Independence Police Station, they were raped by 3 police officers. Gang rape is a serious allegation yet the officers accused remain on active duty. (There) is a strong suggestion (by police) that it was not rape, something that the police are not in a position to say. The women's arm of the People's United Party condemns in the strongest possible terms the irresponsible and unprofessional manner in which this allegation of gang rape by police authorities is being handled." end quote.

    Another (Much Smaller) Pinks Alley Fire
    Pinks Alley in the Fort George area of Belize City witnessed an epic fire in March of this year that left more than 50 people homeless. And yesterday, all that trauma came back when there was a fire at an apartment in the Alley. Fortunately, this one was much smaller and easily contained. Bu there's nothing easy about it for the family that got burned out. We spoke to the family about what happened. Sahar Vasquez reports: Yesterday afternoon before 2:00, Heston Young left his 2 children and wife at his apartment on Pinks Alley for a court appearance. But when he returned a fire was being put out at his apartment. A shocked and frightened Young scanned the yard and thankfully found his family standing outside. They were safe, but Young does not understand how this could have happened. The only conclusion he can come to is arson.

    Sol. Gen. Before Senate Select
    At the top of the news, you saw our interview with Solicitor General Nigel Hawke where he was speaking about the judgement from the Caribbean Court of Justice. Well, right after that court appearance in Belize City, he had to rush to Belmopan to appear as a witness in the 40th session of the Senate Hearings on Immigration. Now, Hawke wasn't in the hot seat. The senators only wanted his professional opinions on several different issues, as the lead administrator in the Attorney General's Ministry. This afternoon, he testified for an hour about the legal implications of some of the findings of the Auditor General. They asked him about those ill- gotten nationalities, and who in the Immigration Ministry is to be held accountable for the numerous cases of persons getting Belizean citizenship that they were not entitled to.

    Can Dubious Nationalities Be Revoked?
    So, since these persons holding nationality that they were not entitled to, the Senate also asked him about the process of revocation, and what would have to happen if and when this Committee makes that recommendation at the end of these hearings. He said that it will be the responsibility of the Director of Immigration, the Minister of Immigration, and the CEO to follow through: Eamon Courtenay - Senator for the Opposition: "Persons who have nationality, there is a list of about 2,000 people who, we've had testimonies, that they were irregularly granted nationalities. First of all, what is the process for revoking those nationalities?"

    Revocation Raises The Prospect Of Stateless Persons
    So, as you just heard, Senator Courtenay based his question on the premise that there may be persons who got nationality in the run-up to the 2012 Elections, who did not qualify. That's an important issue for the Opposition, which is convinced that in that rush, UDP politicians helped new voters who did not qualify for citizenship to get nationality in time for the elections. Since that revelation in January, where Former Immigration Director Ruth Meighan confirmed it in her testimony, the PUP have been pushing for the mass cancelation of those nationalities. There is still the question about those over 2,000 new Belizeans who got their nationalities in that time, and the Auditor General has recommended that this list be investigated to ensure that they properly qualified. Now, the current Director of Immigration was hesitant to go ahead and cancel those nationalities. She was concerned about the possibility that they may become stateless, since they had to denounce their citizenship to their birth country in order to swear in as new Belizeans.

    Can PSC Get Some Teeth?
    And finally from today's hearing, the Senate asked the Solicitor General for his opinion on whether heads of the different government departments can discipline public officers who are guilty of wrongdoing. The Sol Gen agreed that improvements need be made. Here's how he explained it: Nigel Hawke - Solicitor General: "I think at a general level, and I can perhaps take some blame for it as the officer solicitor general, I think what needs to happen is a lot more institutional training and the building of capacity in two instances even in relation to training for the commissioners or the public services commission in terms of the protocols that should be adopted, how cases and hearings should be conducted, and also more importantly public officers presenting cases before the commission. I've seen some instances where unfortunately you had a person who is bringing the case before the commission also presenting the case and that is a strict no-no. So, I think we all have to play a part and I would take some of the blame in the sense where we need to get to a level where I think if we are able to lift our level of capacity building and training I think we can get there."

    Motorbike Passenger Critical After Accident
    A man is reported to be in critical condition after he was knocked off a motorcycle today in Dangriga town. It happened at around 2:45 at the corner of George Price Drive and Ecumenical Drive. According to reports, Antonio Flores was turning out of Ecumenical into George Price Drive when he hit an oncoming Skygo motorbike carrying two persons. 20 year old Kayen Kerr and 17 year old Henry Thomas were flung to the pavement. Thomas was seriously injured and had to be rushed to the KHMH. Kerr is in stable condition at the Southern Regional Hospital. Flores has been served with a notice of intended prosecution.

    Principal Robbed on Roadside
    The principal of Escuela Secundaria Tecnica in Corozal was robbed in a frightening afternoon hold up. Yesterday around 3:25 Principal Carlos Castillo along with Finance Assistant William Mendoza went to deposit money in the bank. But they had some vehicle trouble along the way and pulled over between miles 77 and 78 on the Phillip Goldson Highway. That's when a man approached them with a machete and held them up. He hit Mendoza in the back of his head with the machete threatened to chop him. He fled with the principal's cell phone and the deposit bag with $8,667 dollars. The money was for the school cafeteria.

    Richards Family Says Cops Not Helping
    Tomorrow will make one week since 83-year-old Hubert Richards has been missing. The family has been searching tirelessly for their loved one and today after another long search they were feeling more than frustrated due to what they say is the lack of assistance from police. Now, this contradicts what police told us yesterday when they said that they were working with the family. This evening they told us that's not so, and they are making a plea for help from the authorities as the number of days increase. Sheri Richards, Granddaughter: "We've been coordinating with the investigating officer. He's been putting out the information. However, it's like the other police departments have not been working on the information received."

    UNICEF, Taking Stock
    Today UNICEF held its annual end of year review at the Biltmore. It was an all-day event highlighting the work they have done for 2017. The main objective like any review is to evaluate the effectiveness of their programs and to see how they can improve next year. Here's more. Susan Kasedde, UNICEF Country Rep.: "Today we are holding our annual review meeting with our partners. Every year of our country program, UNICEF intends to hold a consultative session with our partners in government, civil society, and the UN system and beyond to reflect on the commitments we made in support of children's health and development in Belize and the progress we have made towards those commitments and so today we will spend the entire day hearing some of the results that have been achieved in 3 areas: in child rights monitoring and reducing multidimensional poverty , in access to justice and safety and violence prevention and in the area of lifelong learning."

    Making Marketing Work At UB
    Almost any product you could think of was featured at this year's University of Belize marketing Expo. Food, drinks desserts even furniture - you could pretty much decorate your living room, if you shopped around at the Expo. We stopped by the Princess Hotel to see the creative business ideas the students came up with. For the Most creative product category Woodbrite Furniture came in first, second place went to Tropical Walk - they re- created sandals from recycled materials, and third place went to Kash U, Cum Up. There was another category with winners as well.

    OW, Tacos Town
    Orange Walk is where Belizeans go to get the best tacos in the land, and, tonight we'll declare that instead of Sugar City, that place should be called Tacos Town. And, if you have any doubts, try going there on Sunday for the annual tacos takeover. It's the 6th annual tacos fest, where vendors will serve up any kind of meat that can be wrapped in a tortilla. One of the organizers shared more about the highly anticipated event. Robert Usher, Event Organizer: "We will be having chicken tacos, beef tacos, seafood tacos. We will also be having tacos el pastor. The tacos that go around and the meat is turning around and you can cut it and drop it and make your tacos quick. They have the cochinita pibil that they put under the ground. They also have special from August Pine Ridge. They make their tacos right there and they make the tortilla with their hands. That is a ver y special part of the tacos festival as well. We have over 20 vendors that registered so we will have a lot of tacos."

    Fodor's Bigs Up Belize
    There is great news coming out of the tourism industry: Belize is featured on Fodor's Travel Go list 2018 as the 10th best place to visit. There are 52 countries on the list. Fodors is a prestigious travel guide that features some of the best destinations in the world.

    Channel 5

    C.C.J. Orders Belize Bank Payment for U.H.S.; Resistance is Futile
    The Barrow administration has been dealt yet another crippling blow by the Caribbean Court of Justice, after losing an appeal in respect of a long-drawn-out matter involving the defunct Universal [...]

    Costs from Arbitration Rose Due to Government ‘Obstinacy’
    According to Courtenay, a letter will be forwarded to government later this week requesting payment.  Should there be no response or a refusal to pay the outstanding debt, a certificate [...]

    G.O.B. Disappointed, Still Insists Deal Was Corrupt
    Solicitor General Nigel Hawke appeared on behalf of government and was first to express disappointment with the CCJ’s verdict.  While he is awaiting further instructions, the Sol Gen maintains that [...]

    Vindication for Ex-P.M. Musa in U.H.S. Affair
    The source of the lengthy proceedings is former Prime Minister Said Musa, whose administration back in 2004 entered into an agreement by signing a loan note between the Belize Bank [...]

    Musa Says Taiwan & Venezuela Grants Would Have Settled Debt
    According to Musa, the matter had been settled during his term in office and that government had indeed received funding from Taiwan and Venezuela that would have cleared the debt. [...]

    Belize Bank Says It’s All Over; U.S. Refused Hearing on Enforcement
    Late this evening, the Belize Bank also issued a press release on the decision, stating, “In its judgment today, the CCJ granted permission to the Bank to enforce the L.C.I.A. [...]

    Associate of Late Michelle Anison Disputes Portrayal of Her Character
    Are police any closer to cracking the murder case of Michelle Anison? The decomposing body of the British expat was discovered in her apartment on Perez Road, Ladyville last Friday; [...]

    Children’s Home Devastated by Loss of ‘Humanitarian’
    The murder of Anison has left the staff and children at Liberty Children’s Home traumatized. Director Valentine says that persons have been brought in to counsel them; she also describes [...]

    Plans in Train to Revoke Nationalities in 2012 Rush, SolGen Reveals
    Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay and Solicitor General Nigel Hawke were on opposite sides of the bar in a different forum this afternoon, specifically at the National Assembly in Belmopan where [...]

    Fixing the Guatemala Conundrum
    The other legal opinion has to do with clarifying the status of Guatemalan nationals renouncing their citizenship in order to become Belizeans. The process of granting nationality to Guatemalans has [...]

    Review on Whether Marriage Makes One a Belizean
    Also questioned was the matter of nationality through marriage to a Belizean. As seen in the case of Peter Dahlstrom, section eleven of the Nationality Act requires persons registering to [...]

    Ministerial Influence Not Necessary; Will Immigration Minister Do Something?
    And finally from the Senate Special Select Committee tonight, Solicitor General Nigel Hawke addressed the issue of ministerial responsibility and alleged interference in the Department through direct instructions and recommendations [...]

    Cisco, Works Move In to Address Site of Fatal Accidents on Hummingbird
    If you traveled along the Hummingbird Highway today, you may have noticed some ongoing works at a bridge between miles thirty-one and thirty-two – the very same spot where four [...]

    Chamber, Unions Say Lower Fuel Taxes
    Can more be done to stabilize and reduce fuel prices? Despite the best promises of Prime Minister Dean Barrow after a series of cruel spikes between August and early October, [...]

    Education the Key as First Anniversary of UNCAC Approaches
    Belize is coming up on the one-year anniversary of the signing and accession to the United Nations Convention against Corruption on December ninth, World Anti-Corruption Day. The government devoted a [...]

    Dialogue Continues on Re-Introduction of OSH Bill
    What’s happened to the Occupational Safety and Health Bill, which would address working conditions for all employees countrywide? In October, Prime Minister Dean Barrow stated that he had no update [...]

    C.W.U. on the Move – S.S.B., Stevedores Could Get CBA’s for Christmas
    Earlier this year, two bargaining units affiliated with the Christian Workers Union – employees of Social Security Board and stevedores working at the Port of Belize – engaged in high-profile [...]

    U.B. Doing Business in Belize City
    The annual marketing expo organized by the University of Belize was held today at the Ramada Belize City Princess where thirty-five innovative business ideas came to fruition. News Five’s Duane [...]

    Red Cross Building Up River Valley Communities
    The Belize Red Cross is enhancing capacity and building resiliency in sixteen communities in the Belize District. The Belize Red Cross has ongoing assessments in communities to identify gaps and [...]

    Ladyville Mom Has New House for Christmas
    A deserving mother of three children was the lucky recipient of a house in the Lord’s Bank community, just in time for the upcoming Christmas season. Taralee Burgess and her [...]

    Orange Walk is Tacos Central this Weekend
    The seventh annual tacos festival is this weekend. On Sunday, Orange Walk will come together to celebrate the tacos. A staple of the Orange Walk food and culture scene, organizers [...]


    CCJ orders GOB to pay over Eighty Million Dollars
    The Caribbean Court of Justice has overturned the decision of the Belize Court of Appeal and ordered Government to pay the Belize Bank in excess of eighty million dollars plus cost. The case date back to 2004 when the Said Musa led government signed as guarantor for a loan agreement between the Belize Bank and […]

    Elrington comments on the Illegal entry of Guatemalans
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed today that four Guatemalan Military Kaibil soldiers along with three Guatemalan journalists illegally entered Belize. The incident occurred on Friday, November 17 and a statement from the Ministry says that quote, “Belizean Police Officers, stationed in the vicinity of the border, approached the Kaibil who were at the “Welcome […]

    Should Born Guatemalans be allowed to vote in Belize Guatemala Referendum?
    The illegal entry of the four Guatemalan soldiers and three Guatemalan journalists can be interpreted as either an honest mistake or a daring move to get the story. However, Belize law enforcement officers made sure that they returned to their side of the border. This is not the first and will not be the last […]

    IMF addresses Belize’s Correspondent Banking Problem
    Belize was one of the Caribbean countries that was most affected after two-thirds of its correspondent banking relationships was lost in 2015 and 2016. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has decided to assist countries like Belize to recover. This commitment was expressed by IMF’s Managing Director Christine Lagarde who said that some progress had been […]

    Family escape from Burning House
    Dawn Hijinio, her common-law husband Eston Young and their two children live at #10 Pinks Alley in Belize City. Yesterday, Young left home to attend a court hearing, leaving his common-law-wife and their two children at home sleeping. Love News spoke with Dawn Hijinio who said that it was a scary moment when she was […]

    Minister of Foreign Affairs was in Taiwan on Official Business
    Last week, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington, was in the Republic of China (Taiwan) on a working visit. There he met with the President of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Dr. Tsai Ing-wen and his counterpart, Dr. David Lee. On his way back, Minister Elrington met with members of the Belize diaspora in the […]

    UNICEF holds Workshop
    The United Nations Children’s Fund gathered its partners to hold a one day workshop for its annual end of year review of its programmes in Belize. The forum was Co-Chaired by Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington who moderated the discussions surrounding UNICEF’s tremendous amount of work done in Belize for the attainment of the […]

    UB holds Tenth Annual Marketing Expo
    Today, the University of Belize held its tenth annual Marketing Expo at the Ramada Princess Hotel and Casino where the students got the opportunity to display products that they developed as a class project for their course. There was a total of thirty-five booths. The students’ booths were judged on two categories, namely, most creative product […]

    Men held up and robbed on Highway
    Police in Corozal are investigating the armed robbery of two employees of Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico. Twenty-two-year-old Finance Assistant, William Mendoza, reported to police that at around 3:25 pm yesterday, he left the school compound with the principal, 73-year-old Carlos Castillo, en route to deposit monies at a bank in Corozal Town. According to Mendoza, […]

    Reflectors installed on Bridge after Accidents
    Reflectors on the south and north approaches of the one-lane bridge between miles 31 and 32 on the Hummingbird Highway have been installed. After the accidents on the bridge that claimed four lives this past weekend, Belmopan Police contacted Cisco Construction for assistance in putting up signs and markers. We understand that the Ministry of […]

    Tropic Air Flight 3073 a Total Loss
    Last Friday Tropic Air flight 3073 was forced to land in the sea after the wheel clipped the top of a SUV that was on the road at the Placencia Airstrip. The flight was departing from the airstrip at approximately 8:55 in the morning en route to Punta Gorda. The Cessna Caravan aircraft came into […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Police Disrespect of Women on Claims of Rape
    The United Women’s Group (UWG), the women’s arm of the People’s United Party (PUP), today issued a […]

    Belize responds to Guatemalan journalists and soldiers that crossed over into Belize illegally
    Last Friday BBN reported on a Guatemalan media crew and some Guatemalan soldiers who strolled […]

    Finance assistant at Escuela Mexico robbed of almost $9000
    Yesterday around 3:25 pm, William Mendoza, 22, the finance assistant at Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico reported to […]

    Gunman robbed north side residents of jewelry and possession
    Cops on north side Belize City are busy investigating a case of aggravated burglary. According […]

    Woman loses her home in Majestic Alley fire
    Pinks Alley in Belize City, the base of the notorious Majestic Alley gang, was the […]

    Man busted with weed in his pocket
    A San Pedro resident has been charged with the offense of drug trafficking. Police say […]

    Police find weed in PVC pipes
    San Pedro police have taken almost 700 grams of weed off their streets in an […]

    Labor Minister’s brother busted with contraband
    Police confirmed yesterday that a contraband bust involving Edgar Patt, the brother of Labor Minister […]

    BDF hosts training with international partners
    The Ministry of Defense informed that the Belize Defense Force (BDF) is conducting a joint […]

    Belize to pay $88 Million for UHS loan guarantee
    The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), this morning, overturned a ruling by Belize’s Court of […]

    DPM Faber explains absence from Garifuna Settlement Day ceremony
    Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber, in an interview with the media this week, responded to […]

    Belize ranking drops on Ease of Doing Business Index
    Belize’s ranking on the Ease of Doing Business Index prepared by the World Bank Group, […]


    Belize is #10 on Fodor’s Travel List
    Out of 52 countries on Fodor’s 2018 Travel list, Belize has landed on the number 10 spot! The Central American/Caribbean country continues to grow and is clearly a viable, must-visit destination. Fodor’s describes Belize as “full of rich history, rewarding explorations, and natural beauty ….part Caribbean and part Central America, Belize feels untouched by the rest of the planet, making it seem like a true getaway… For 80 years, Fodor’s Travel has been a trusted resource offering expert travel advice for every stage of a traveler’s trip. They hire local writers who know their destinations better than anyone else.

    So Much to be Thankful for On Ambergris Caye
    Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I have a friend visiting Belize…we are all making turkey legs, sweet potatoes, (canned) cranberry sauce and stuffing tomorrow. Also, since we are in Belize, we will add in ham and rice and beans – both crucial parts of any holiday meal in this country. She is going out diving to the Blue Hole (an amazing experience) and then DINNER! You can go diving and eat your turkey too on Ambergris Caye in November. For just that, I am thankful.

    Travel essentials for Belize
    Hospital public and private hospitals are available.. Hospital are located in urban areas of the country. Rural areas are equipped with medical clinics and nurse practitioners. What to Bring in Belize: With crystal blue waters, a short flight from the U.S. and English as its official language, Belize is the best of both worlds — central American culture and beaches paired with relative traveling ease. My husband and I picked Belize as our honeymoon spot for those exact reasons, knowing that we would need a mental break after months of hectic planning. That’s exactly what we got: endless hours spent in hammocks or reading on a dock mixed with day trips snorkeling, tubing and exploring ruins.

    “Don’t Get Me Wrong ” when away from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
    Now where was I ? Oh, that’s right, in a taxi in Nicaragua heading from Léon to Granada. We’d been told that the taxi ride would take around 90 minutes but this proved to be far from accurate. It actually took around 130 minutes, but there’s no doubt that the heavy rain that we experienced for a good part of the journey did slow things somewhat. The time passed quickly though (what an inane comment that is ie time is time ) because there was lots to see as we passed through village after village, most of them serving farming communities. We knew that we were nearly there when in front of us we saw the Horse Carriage Monument . I’d love to be able to include a photo but we were moving too fast. Or did I move too slow ? Now I know that I’m a little ( massive understatement here) biased but I think it was the former.

    Every November Belizeans all over the country, no matter their color or heritage, take one day to indulge in the rich festivities, music, and food of the Garinagu People. Garifuna Settlement Day: On November 19th, 1802 the first boats carrying the first Garinagu people landed on Belizean shores. The people were escaping slavery plantations from Caribbean islands such St. Vincent, and with them they brought a wealth of culture, languages, music, clothing, and food. A culture so strong, it still lives strong generations later. The Garinagu people are a priceless contribution to Belizean society and have been a huge influence on several other cultures, even influencing a national public and bank holiday to celebrate their arrival on the 19th November every year. The Garifuna language is a mix of Arawakan, Caribbean and European languages, particularly French, English and Spanish. The language is spoken throughout Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua having come from St. Vincent to Honduras and spread through the neighboring countries.

    Thanksgiving in Belize isn't that different...
    As for why Belize celebrates Thanksgiving, I am not certain if it is due to the influence of American television or religion, but I believe it may be the latter. I say this because as a kid I remember having to go to church on Thanksgiving Sunday, and it was a big deal. Interestingly, everyone gave special offerings on that day, as a way to show God that we were grateful for our blessings received throughout the year – kids would take a small basket of fruit, and adults would take homemade baked goods. At the end of the sermon, the items would be sold back to the congregation. Lol I always looked forward to the baked goods of Tia Dodi, her pies were the bomb dot com.

    International Sourcesizz

    As part of the programme of activities for the Caribbean Year of Adventure, the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) has been featuring people who display the spirit of adventure as Caribbean adventure ambassadors. Now it is your turn to determine the Caribbean adventure ambassador of the year by voting for your favourite ambassador. There will be two voting rounds. The first round will begin on Friday 17 November at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Caribbean Time (11:00 p.m. EST on Thursday 16 November) and ends at 11:59 pm Pacific Time on Saturday 25 November.

    Jamaican Soldiers In Belize For Joint Military Training
    Security forces from Jamaica, Canada and the United States are participating in joint military training exercise that ends at month end, the Belize Ministry of Defence announced Wednesday. It said that the Belize Defence Force is also participating in the joint military training exercise code-named 'Tropical Dagger' and will end on November 30. “The aim of this training is to enhance interoperability, operational readiness and effectiveness within partner nations. The areas of focus during the month-long training are both conventional and non-conventional tactics including combating terrorism and fighting transnational organised crimes,” the Ministry of Defence said.

    Former Murrieta teacher donates 20,000 books to students in Belize, plans to send 100,000 more
    Three years ago, Mandy Themm traveled to Punta Gorda, Belize, with her parents and family to help the rural fishing village. What they found was what the community needed most were books and school supplies for the children. After spending months gathering books from friends, the former elementary teacher sent 20,000 books to Belize. She is in the process of sending 100,000 more. “When we went into the classrooms and saw the lack of books, there were about 20-25 kids with so few books,” Themm said. “In the US we have an abundance, so I decided that I would come back and help.” Themm asked fellow teachers to donate books they no longer needed and within a month she had amassed 4,000 books. This past year, the Murrieta Valley Unified School district donated thousands of k-5 books. The books continued to come in and Themm needed a place to store them. Fortunately, a friend donated a house on property where two rooms are filled with donations. Themm currently has 5,000 books in her garage and two storage units for all the supplies.

    Meet the Turkey's Glamorous Mexican Cousin
    It's nearly Thanksgiving for American folk which means that everyone is talking turkey on their turf, but these birds are more than just a holiday tradition. From elaborate courtship displays to flying, here are some surprising facts you may not have known about the dinnertime favourite. The wild turkey has six subspecies and a glamorous cousin from Central America. What better time than Thanksgiving to meet the whole family? Male ocellated turkeys, which range throughout Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize, sports copper and emerald feathers and a blue face. Female feathers are more subdued. “What a gorgeous bird,” says Bob Mulvihill of the National Aviary in Pittsburgh. The term ocellated comes from the eyespot pattern on its tail, explains Mulvihill—ocella means "small eyes" in Latin. Males will fan these fancy feathers to impress females. (See our favourite pictures of turkeys for Thanksgiving.)


  • Toledo Youths - Aanilla Farming Initiative, 23min.

  • United Nations Country Team SDG Knowledge Fair, 36min.

  • Joint Border Security Workshop hosted in Belize City, 3min. Representatives from the Ministries of Agriculture, Education and Health gathered in Belmopan on Thursday, November 16th to sign a Memorandum of Understanding. Our team joined the gathering to learn more …

  • BIL Discusses Dangriga Multipurpose Complex, 4min. Before we bid farewell to 2017, Punta Gorda and Dangriga towns will officially welcome their brand new sporting complex. We caught up with the General Manager of Belize Infrastructure Limited Christy Mastry while she was checking up on the complex in Dangriga.

  • Garifuna Settlement Day, 4min. Despite cloudy skies and showery weather, the Garinagu of Belize marked Garifuna Settlement Day this past Sunday. It commemorates the arrival en masse of Garifuna settlers in 1832, although a smaller number had landed thirty years earlier. 2017 marked the fortieth national observance of the holiday, established in 1977 after having been observed mostly in the southern districts since 1941. In keeping with the chosen theme, “Progress lies in unity – let us never forget,” this most celebrated of the national ethnic groups put on quite the show countrywide, including in the Old Capital. News Five’s Aaron Humes reports.

  • Traditional Mayan weaving in Belize pt 1, 2min. Learn how a Mayan elder in her ancestral village weaves beautiful handmade textiles without any electricity or machines.

  • Traditional Mayan weaving in Belize pt 2, 1.5min.

  • The Bahai Community of Belize is celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Baha'u'llah, 30min.

  • Belize Butterflies 2017, 2min. Butterflies in Cayo, Belize...

  • Belize Pro Dive Center October 2017, 2.5min. Dive with Belize Pro Dive Center.

  • Scuba Professionals of Arizona - Belize, June 2017, 10min.

  • Belize Now - November 17, 2017, 30min. 1. BIL Discusses Dangriga Multipurpose Center 0:44 - 5:06 2. MOU Signed for School Feeding Programs 5:07 - 12:37 3. Joint Border Security Workshop hosted in Belize City 13:56 - 17:27 4. Belize Building Act Amendment 17:28 - 24:22 In Case You Missed It! 5. Minister Elrington on Working Visit in Taiwan 25:25 - 26:47 6. Belize Hosts World Youth Conference 2017 26:48 - 27:29 Category

  • Garifuna Settlement Day Rocks Belize City, 4min.

  • Belize Vlog Day 2 / Dangriga Celebration, 13min. Our 2nd Day in Belize! Picking fresh coconuts, Garifuna Settlement Day, exploring town

  • 18 Degrees North Belize sunrise 11-22-17, 2min. Another beautiful sunrise here in paradise.

  • Live from the National Assembly Chamber in Belmopan.Special Senate Select Committee Meeting, 60min.

  • Come Away to Belize With Me! Slideshow of old Time San Pedro, 50min. An Historical Musical Essay of Belize in the 80s to Now by David Childs

  • MINISTER HUGO PATT SAYS HIS BROTHER MUST FACE THE MUSIC IF GUILTY OF WRONG DOING, 5min. In yesterday’s newscast we told you about the reports of a wild chase carried out by Customs officials in Patchakan Village in Corozal on Monday which resulted in the arrest and charging of Edgar Patt, who is the brother of Corozal North Area Representative Hugo Patt, for carrying contraband goods.

  • OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE R.C UNVEILS NEW EXTENSION BUILDING, 6.5min. In November 2016 when we attended the formal opening of the new spic and span Our Lady of Guadalupe R.C. pre-school in Corozal Town, we took note of additional construction taking place at the primary school compound. Today, not only has the project been completed but also was ready to be unveiled to the community. We were there for the over a dozen ribbon cuttings.

  • Morning Matters with Barbara Norales, 62min.

  • CARICOM Regional Commission on Marijuana - National Consultation, 32min.

  • National Committee for Families and Children - Informed Teen Reporters, 26min.

  • Playing with the sharks in Belize, 2.5min. Nurse sharks. Amazing.

  • San Pedro Belize, swimming with the nursing sharks, 2min.

  • San Pedro, Belize, 4min. Belize Pro Diving, San Pedro, Belize Shot with GoPro Hero 3+ Not shown: Spotted eagle ray.

    November 22, 2017


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Ambergris Caye joins in the celebration of the Garifuna Settlement Day
    Island residents joined thousands of Belizeans home and abroad, during the 2017 Garifuna Settlement Day Celebrations on Sunday, November 19th. The event honoring the arrival of the Garifnagu people to Belize in the 1800’s was held under the theme ‘Lidan Nei Uarani Awanseruni… Mabuleida Wamei (Progress Lies in Unity… Always Remember It). The San Pedro Branch of the National Garifuna Council (NGC) held several activities, including cultural presentations, drumming and the re-enactment of the arrival also known as Yuruemein. Early on Sunday, November 19th, residents and visitors gathered in front of the beach by the Central Park to witness the traditional ‘Yurumein,’ a dramatization of the arrival of the Garifuna to Belize. Despite an unprecedented rain, the re-enactment was a success with two boats arriving on the beach to cheerful singing and drumming. After disembarking, the group attended a short blessing mass hosted by Pastor Scott of the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church. Immediately after, a parade took place through the main streets of downtown San Pedro.

    Ambergris Today

    Canadian National Critically Injured In Caye Caulker Boat Collision
    On Friday, November 17, 2017, at about 9:50p.m., police visited the Caye Caulker Polyclinic where they observed Canadian National, Guy Cooter Smith, 61 years old, in an unconscious state suffering from a small cut wound to his right elbow. Initial police investigation revealed that about 9:45 p.m., Smith and his son Cooter Smith, 19 years old, were in a dinghy in the sea without light or reflectors when a boat belonging to KokoKing Beach accidentally collided into their dinghy. Guy was admitted at KHMH in a critical condition. Police are Investigating.

    Children's Day Celebrated With Fun Activities
    “Children of Today; Our Keepers of Tomorrow” - Under this theme Children’s Day 2017 was celebrated in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, with schools organizing a week full of activities for children to have fun with their peers and parents. To kick off the week of activities, at the San Pedro Roman Catholic School, they held a Skipping Rope Day where all of the children had to participate in this fun-filled activity. Parents were invited to do arts and crafts such as piggy banks, cute monsters, clothes pin arts and Christmas decorations along with the children. They also part took in games that had them laughing all afternoon long as their inner child came out. Lime and Spoon, Sack Race and Balloon Toss were just some of the games students, teachers and students played.

    Robbery Reported At Local Cell Phone Shop
    San Pedro Police are investigating a robbery that took place at Procell Store located on Sea Grape Street, south of San Pedro Town. Owner of the store, Gladys Adelita Cortez, reported that while she was in her store attending to a customer, two male persons entered and stole items to a total value of $3,150.00Bze.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Government of Belize Provides Educational Opportunities for Over 300 Students in Corozal
    An Official Ceremony to inaugurate Our Lady of Guadalupe (OLOG) Primary R.C. School Extension and new Pre-school building will be held on the school’s compound in Altamira Village, Corozal at 10 a.m. on November 22nd, 2017. This is as a result of the Government of Belize recognizing the critical role of education for social, economic, cultural, environmental and political development, by way of empowering future leaders with knowledge, skills, and values to enhance Belize’s socio-economic development. The Government has funded the completion of Our Lady of Guadalupe (OLOG) Primary R.C. School Extension project and Pre-school building courtesy of a grant of $1.2 million BZ dollars from the Caribbean Development Bank under the Basic Needs Trust Fund, BNTF7’s Education & Human Resource Development Sector with counterpart funding from Government.

    CRS Under 10 defeated Bacadia Warriors
    TEAM - Together Everyone Achieve More, That's what CRS is about. CRS Under 10 defeated Bacadia Warriors is the first leg of home and away 3 goals to nil and in the second game Bacadia didn't show up so we won by default and now awaits d finals. Then the rivalry games between CRS and Czl Invaders. In the first of two games, CRS demolished Czl Invaders 3 to 1 and in the second game drew 3 to 3, so CRS moves on to the finals while Invaders have to settle to play for third place. Big up to all CRS players, fans, Coaches and supports. God Bless.

    Miss Debs at Consejo Just For Fun Golf Tournament
    Sat Feb 17 2018 at 11:00 am, Consejo Shores Limited, Corozal Belize, #8 Wavesongs lane, Consejo Shores

    Presale tickets available at Scotty's Bar and Grill, 1st avenue beachside, Corozal Town or call 6204726. Presale price $10.00. Price at the door $15.00. Saturday, December 16 at 9 PM - 1 AM

    Power outage scheduled for entire Corozal District on Sunday, November 26 from 6:00am to 2:00pm
    BEL to replace transmission and distribution poles, replace insulators, install load break switch, and reconfigure the new system on Corozal Blvd. (7th Avenue)

    Water outage Wednesday for parts of San Pedro
    Belize Water Services informs customers in parts of San Pedro that there will be an interruption in the water supply on tomorrow, Wednesday, November 22, 2017 starting at 1:00pm. The areas to be affected will be Town Core, San Juan, Boca Del Rio, San Pedrito and San Mateo. This interruption is necessary for the installation of a new water main. Due to the upgrades, customers may experience low water pressure and/or discoloration in their water supply when water is restored. Residents of these areas are advised that water is expected to be fully restored by 5:00pm. If they experience water supply problems after that time, they should immediately call our hotline at 0-800-CALL-BWS to report it.

    Art Show by Local Belizean Artists
    The San Pedro House of Culture is delighted to launch the Art Exhibit showcases various of our talented artists from Belize. You are cordially invited to the launch Friday Nov. 24th, 2017 beginning at 7pm.

    Vote on Offshore Oil Moratorium Legislation
    DECEMBER 8th 2107 SAVE THE DATE. The members of the House of Representatives will meet at the National Assembly building in Belmopan on December 8th to debate and vote on the Petroleum Operations (Maritime Zone Moratorium) Bill, 2017. The Senate is scheduled to meet on December 13th. There is still still to let Belizean leaders know you support this legislation.

    Let's bring back the excitement and spectators to the sport we love - Kaya Cattouse. You may also like the following events from the same organizer: Next Sunday, 3rd December, 08:00 am, Digicell Belmopan Race

    16 Days of Activism
    The Special Envoy of Belize is launching the 16 Days of Activism against gender based violence this Thursday in Belize City. Everyone in Cayo is welcome to go represent, and make a change. "Join us! Everyone is Welcome Thursday, November 23rd, 2017 2:30 p.m."

    Belize Red Cross Officials Meet with NEMO Minister to Discuss Project in Rural Belize District: “Strengthening Partnerships through Accountability and Transparency”
    In Belmopan this afternoon, Minister of National Emergency Management Hon Edmond Castro met with officials of the Belize Red Cross (BRC) to discuss cooperation with respect to a program which that organization is spearheading in Rural Belize District. The project is titled, “Strengthening partnerships through accountability and transparency” and is aimed at enhancing capacity of communities and service providers in disaster response. The Belize Red Cross says it aims to establish transparent and equitable service delivery in the key areas of Disaster Risk Reduction, Health and Hygiene, and Post Disaster/Emergency Relief in the most vulnerable communities.

    A power outage is scheduled for a portion of the Cayo District on Friday, November 24 from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.
    To affect Unitedville to Arenal including Benque Viejo, San Ignacio, Santa Elena, Duck Run 1 & 2, Billy White, Georgeville, Central Farm, Esperanza, San Miguel, Cristo Rey, San Antonio, Santa Cruz, Bullet Tree Falls, Branch Mouth, Santa Familia, Calla Creek, Corozalito & Succotz. BEL to install jumpers on structure at San Ignacio Substation.

    Students and town council plant cortez seedlings at Macal Park
    FCD congratulates the San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town Council and the St. Andrews Anglican Primary School for the planting of cortez seedlings at Macal Park in commemoration of Children’s Day. These twin towns form part of the Bi-national Watershed Alliance.

    Mista Peetaz Brokdong Bram 2017
    The Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation project in collaboration with NICH and Love FM will bring to you the Mr. Peetaz Brukdong Bram on December 14th through 16th - All happening behind the historic Court House next to wharf. This event will combine some of the best traditional Creole cultural foods, drinks and music. Bring your friends and family and get into the Christmas spirit the old fashion way!

    Institute of Archaeology Report: Wednesday 22 November 2017
    The Nohoch Cheen, ATM and Barton Creek Archaeological Reserves are all open The Xunantunich Archaeological Reserve remains closed. Another update on the possibility of pedestrian crossing only on the Ferry will be provided at 8:00 am

    People, Livestock & Jaguars Forum and Workshop
    Ya'axché Conservation Trust is hosting a People, Livestock & Jaguars Forum and Workshop on Friday, 24th November 2017 at our Field Station in Golden Stream. We will be sharing the results of our project to reduce conflict with jaguars and people. Guest speakers from 6 communities in Toledo and partner organizations will join the discussions. Livestock farmers and interested persons can contact Marchilio Ack to participate.

    Channel 7

    One Weekend, One Dangerous Bridge, Three Accidents, Four Dead
    Four men died in two fatal accidents weekend - and both of those accidents happened on the same bad bridge between miles 31 and 32 on the Hummingbird Highway. It's known as the St. Margaret's Bridge - and it's a single lane span across a creek. What makes it dangerous is that - apart from being narrow, it's on a downhill, and then it has no railings, plus it's on a dark stretch of road. All those factors - plus lack of safety measures - combined this weekend two create two fatal accidents: one of them a triple fatality. Courtney Weatherburne has the story:..

    Should Police Have Done More?
    And - as Courtney mentioned in her story - there was another vehicle that also slipped off that very same St. Margaret's bridge this weekend. That accident actually happened on Friday night at 7:00 - when, according to reports, this Ford Pickup was the first to tumble off the bridge. We have to say according to reports, because, incredibly, 96 hours after it happened, Belmopan police still cannot produce a report of that accident. So, then, the first accident was Friday night - which was non-fatal, and the second accident was Saturday night, which had one fatality, and then on Sunday during the day, the triple fatality. So why didn't Belmopan police or the Ministry of works do something pro-active? Commander of Operations ACP Edward Broaster told the media today that they were counting on traffic stops in Dangriga:

    Driver on Rampage on Central American Blvd. Injures Four
    And while those fatal accidents happened on a visibly dangerous bridge, there's no easy explanation for a traffic accident in Belize City on Saturday morning. It was caused by a driver who - it seems - just went crazy on a very busy road and started to plow through traffic at the height of the morning rush at around 10:30 AM. The drivers wild rampage started at the Hand Roundabout - which is the one you meet who coming off the George Price Highway. 58-year-old Lincoln Webster was halfway across the roundabout in his Toyota Corolla when 65-year-old Phillip Neal crashed into his front end and raced off. Sahar Vasquez tells us what happened next:

    Four Runner Flips In City
    And another unusual accident happened in the city this morning. A Toyota Four Runner flipped in front of BTL Park. Apparently, a minivan was coming out of the corner by Newtown Barracks - and he peered out a little too far, which is right when the Four Runner was passing. The Four Runner scraped off the van's bumper and toppled over on its side. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt.

    Canadian Critical In Caye Caulker
    And now to news of another accident, but this one at sea. A Canadian is critical condition after a water ferry ran him over in Caye Caulker. At around 9:40 on Friday night, 61-year-old Guy Carey Smith was along with his 19 year old son Travis Tanner Smith out on the sea a dinghy - which is like an inflatable version of a dorey. They were going along when a Koko King Water ferry ran over them. Police say the dinghy had no lights or reflectors - making it impossible to see them in the water. The 61 year old Smith was knocked unconscious and rushed to the KHMH where he is critical and remains in an induced coma. His teenaged son did not receive major injury.

    DPM Faber Narrates Plane Accident
    On Friday's news, we told you about the Tropic Air Flight which landed in the sea in front of the Placencia Airstrip. There were 7 passengers on the flight including Acting Prime Minister Patrick Faber; his Cabinet colleague, Godwin Hulse; and the General Manager of Belize Infrastructure Limited, Christy Mastry. They were headed to Punta Gorda for the official opening ceremony of the PG sporting complex, but, they never made it because as soon as the flight was attempting to take off from the Placencia Airstrip, a Subaru SUV ran into the path of the ascending plane. That vehicle's passenger side clipped the landing gear, and according to Tropic Air, the impact caused the aircraft to lose the speed required to remain airborne. The pilot had to make a forced landing in the sea. It's the type of nightmare that no passenger would want to experience, and in his first interview since the accident, Deputy Prime Minister Faber described the entire accident to the press this evening. Here's what he had to say:

    Hon. Hulse Didn't Want To Drown In A Sunken Plane
    Minister Godwin Hulse's account is similar - but different - because Hulse, who is an engineer by training - prepared himself for the water landing in a different way. He told us how his main idea was to get out immediately and not drown in a sinking plane. We spoke to him via phone - where he picks up the story at the moment of takeoff:... Hon. Godwin Hulse, Survived Downed Plane: "And I looked through the window and I saw the vehicle, but I could not imagine that that vehicle would not stop. I did see the vehicle going, but I didn't pay it any attention. So when I heard this huge bang, I could not imagine that it was something we hit and then immediately I knew we would have landed in the sea, because whether that was a hole blown in the bottom or something, we were not in any position to land back on land. I will commend the pilot, because I think he accelerated and the plane continue to rise which was good. I think we went maybe a minute, if not less, and we got to maybe 200-300 feet and then I just notice when the wing dips and I knew his was it. So I braced myself and we hit the water."

    Civil Aviation Looking For Answers
    And it's the job of the Civil Aviation Department to find out if that barrier was working. As of tonight, they still aren't sure which safety procedures failed and caused the vehicle to end up in the path of the aircraft while it was trying to take off. On Friday newscast, first responders told us that the barriers did not go down reliably to warn the driver that he needed to give way to the ascending Cessna caravan. So, we asked the Deputy Director of the Civil Aviation Department if the investigators have been able to confirm that, and he told us via phone today that it is still inconclusive. He was only able to share preliminary information:

    Cops Have Four In Ladyville Murder
    Turning now to police news, four persons are detained in the investigation into the murder of British woman, Michelle Anison. Police say that her practice of taking a few with villagers may have contributed to her demise: ASP Alejandro Cowo, CIB - Belize City: "Upon inspection of the body it had several stab wounds to the chest and to the neck area. The information we have is that the last time she was seen alive was on Monday, sometime after 10:30 in the morning." "Her vehicle is up to now missing and other belongings are also missing." Jules Vasquez, reporter: "Okay, so then are you all able to say if the person was there, forced entry or the person it appears had some...?" ASP Alejandro Cowo: "There was no forced entry into the apartment and so far we have four persons that were detained. One was detained yesterday and we are presently conducting interviews with them so as to see what kind of evidence we can get in regards to the interviews we're conducting."

    22 year Old Woman Dies: Jandres Shooting Now A Murder
    And police in Corozal also have a murder to investigate. 22 year old Brenda Jandres was shot in the midsection in her home three weeks ago. But today we learned that she died from her injuries:.. ACP Joseph Myvette, Head - NCIB: "Over the weekend, on the 19th morning, Brenda Jandres passed away. The police had initially detained two persons when the shooting had recently occurred on the first of November and those two persons are now being sought for further questioning in regards to that matter." Jandres's family declined comment.

    Cops accused of Station Rape Still On Duty While Investigation Lumbers On
    And while there is no one detained in that murder, there are also no detentions in a more clear cut case where the alleged culprits are right in the police station! We're talking about the alleged rape in the Independence Police station which the victims say happened over a week ago. The police officers alleged to be involved remain on active duty - and police still have not concluded their investigation. Though today they did confirm that the women were carnally known:... ACP Joseph Myvette, Head - NCIB: "Yes, the investigation or the examination proved that they were carnally known." Jules Vasquez, reporter: "So what's the status, right now, of the investigation?" ACP Joseph Myvett: "The investigation is still ongoing."

    Customs Busts Hon. Patt's Relative, And There's a Near Riot In Pachakan
    Customs officers came under close and contentious contact this weekend in Patchakan village, Corozal when they made a contraband bust. On Monday at 9:30 Customs officers say they were chasing down Edgar Patt - who is said to be a relative of UDP Corozal North area representative Hugo Patt - when Edgar ran off the road and into a lamp-post. Customs says he was coming form an illegal crossing called "Estero" and they say they found him trying to hide his stash in a cane field. Customs took possession of the items and claim that a throng of villagers started to hurl stones at them, and so they called in police for backup. The commander of operations seemed to think it unremarkable. ACP Edward Broaster: "The police officers intercepted a white vehicle with twenty-five cases of beer and turned them over to customs. I don't have the particulars of the driver."

    Octogenarian Hubert Still Missing
    On Friday we told you about 83-year-old Sandhill resident Hubert Richards who went missing last week Thursday. He was running errands in the city and has not been seen since. Today police told us that none of the leads have panned out: ACP Joseph Yvette, Head - NCIB: "I know that the investigators are out there and there are at some point coordinating with the family, and following leads as well as to where this person may have been. I believe that there was some surveillance video showing him in the Ladyville area, I believe around Friday." "There were several leads which the police had followed, and most of them turned out to be that he wasn't in that area. But we are continuing, and we are continuing working with the family."

    They Want You At The Marijuana Forum
    On last Tuesday's news, we told you about the national marijuana consultations that the Attorney General's Ministry intends to carry out in collaboration with CARICOM's Regional Commission on Marijuana. It's been 2 weeks now that the marijuana decriminalization amendment has been in effect. And, even though the opponents of this decision may believe that a conversation on full legalization is way too early, it will start 2 days. The CARICOM commission is visiting all the Caribbean nations to get their perspective on whether legalization of marijuana is a good idea or not. They will then compile a report and present it the CARICOM Heads of Government. Today, the Solicitor General invited everyone to participate. He said that the Commission wants everyone's views, no matter what their position on marijuana is:

    Police Go Big Time With WhatsApp Investment
    In October of last year, we showed you how police officers from the Rural Eastern Division rolled out a new technology based program to help curb crime. It utilizes WhatsApp, turning the messaging platform into a real time information sharing system. Well, observing the success of that program, cops from Belize City will get their own version. With last week's 100 thousand dollar donation from the Taiwanese Embassy, the department has purchased 60 rugged phones and 3 desktop computers. The Eastern Division's regional commander told us how they will be put to use:

    Border Enforcement For Bogus Goods
    We often see name brand goods in local stores throughout Belize, but many of the products are bogus, counterfeit versions of top shelf products. It's a global issue that happens with not just with shoes and hats but also with medicines. Today a four-day workshop to discuss this subject began at the Ramada hotel in Belize City. It's called a Sub-Regional workshop on Border Control and the main goal is to combat counterfeits. 7 news was there and we spoke to a few of the participants. Sandra Wens, Technical Expert Consumer Protection/IPR Programs Compliance Directorate: "Counterfeit is a big problem globally. We see it in every country. Every country has their specific problem. We see also in this region that there are certain specific problems when it comes to certain goods and it is important to the region that we work together and as a good cooperation between the different custom agencies in the region to tackle to problem together and by hosting this event Belize clearly shows their intent to tackle the problem in the region."

    Faber Explains 19th. Absence
    Earlier in the news, we showed you our interview with Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber he spoke about his recent airplane mishap. Well, he said that his brush with danger caused him to decide to take a weekend off from his responsibilities as the Acting Prime Minister. That included his involvement at the official ceremonies in Dangriga for Garifuna Settlement Day. The Prime Minister went there in a dashiki last year, so Faber's absence was surely noticed - and the Opposition made sure to pounce on it in their social media outlets. When the press asked him about it, he said that he meant no offense: Hon. Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister: "After the ordeal on Friday I made a decision that I was going to just relax for the weekend. I think that is fair. I don't think anybody can quarrel with that. I was not certain that I was on the agenda in the manner in which it turn out that I was. I thought that there was some miscommunication initially because I was acting PM that they had expected the Prime Minister to be there. But when I verified with the Prime Minister today he said no, he had intended to be at the Belize City one, but as you all may know by now he had an emergency family situation and he had to leave and he made his apologies."

    What it Was In Griga
    And for Faber's benefit - since he missed it - we leave you tonight with highlites of the Yurumein festivities from Dangriga town. It is the re-enactment of the arrival of the Garifuna not Belize's shores - and it was held at coastal municipalities countrywide. But, Dangriga is the root of the root, and hundreds gathered for the event… Enjoy and join me back here tomorrow.

    Channel 5

    D.P.M. Faber Tells Story of Placencia Plane Crash
    The Garifuna Settlement Day holiday weekend proved deadly on Belize’s roads, particularly the Hummingbird Highway, where three fatal crashes took place at the same stretch of road in less than [...]

    4 Questioned, But Why Was Michelle Anison Killed?
    Fifty-six-year-old Michelle Anison was buried with haste on Friday evening, following an autopsy which confirmed that she had been stabbed multiple times inside her apartment in Ladyville, sometime early last [...]

    Family in United Kingdom Informed
    According to Assistant Superintendent Cowo, the British High Commission has been informed of the incident, so has Anison’s family in the United Kingdom.   ASP Alejandro Cowo, O.C., C.I.B., Belize [...]

    Brenda Jandrez is Latest Murder Victim in Corozal
    A shooting in Corozal has now turned murder and police have been unable to crack this case.  Twenty-two-year-old Brenda Jandrez, a resident of Corozal Town, has succumbed to gunshot injuries [...]

    Hummingbird Deadly; Trio Killed near 1-Lane Bridge Sunday Afternoon
    Four men died in two separate road traffic accidents at the same location. We start with the most recent accident that happened on the Hummingbird Highway that claimed the lives [...]

    City Man Killed and 2 Injured at Same Site 24 Hours Earlier
    Before that fatal accident on Sunday afternoon, another man lost his life at the same spot. Glen Bert Reneau, a construction worker of Belize City, was heading in the opposite [...]

    Police Respond to Deployment along Highway
    Four persons died in two accidents at the same location in less than twenty-four hours. According to police, they will be able to rule out alcohol as one of the [...]

    Port Authority Investigates Sea-Going Crash; Father Critical, Son Also Involved
    Sixty-one-year-old Canadian national Guy Carey Smith remains hospitalized at the Belize Medical Associates, following a boating collision in Caye Caulker on Friday night around ten o’clock.  Smith was along with [...]

    Villagers Bat for Contrabanding Minister’s Brother in Wild Patchakan Brawl
    The Customs and Excise Department has to continuously grapple with contrabandistas, especially in the north. The latest culprit has been identified as one Edwin Patt, the brother of Labour Minister [...]

    Guat Military Crossed Border with Camera Crew – Big Deal?
    Later in this newscast, we will show you what the Customs Department is doing about enforcement on importation of known counterfeit goods. But the Department is practically a sort of [...]

    Women Accusing Rape in Independence Had Sex; Police Don’t Know Much More
    Is the Belize Police Department attempting to keep under wraps details of an alleged incident in Independence where two women are said to have been raped while in detention last [...]

    Chamber, Unions, I.L.O. Talk Social Dialogue
    For the next two days, representatives of both the employers and employees in Belize will meet at the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s office complex here on Coney Drive. [...]

    Chamber Says Foreign Exchange Problems Continue
    The Government had to put together seventy-eight million U.S. dollars to repay Dunkeld International Investments Limited and the B.T.L. Employees’ Trust as final payment for the acquisition of Belize Telemedia [...]

    Unions Frown on B.T.L. Settlement; Will Workers Get Shares?
    The more than half a billion-dollar in settlement for Belize Telemedia Limited with its former owners has been paid off, but at what cost to the nation? President of the [...]

    Dr. Carla Barnett Addresses Climate Change in Annual Lecture
    Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance and Natural Resources, Doctor Carla Barnett, on Thursday delivered the thirty-second Adlith Brown Memorial Lecture as part of the Forty-ninth Annual Monetary [...]

    Customs on the Hunt for Counterfeit Goods
    It has been a very busy few weeks for the Customs and Excise Department, at least in terms of training. First it was about trade facilitation two weeks ago; last [...]

    Where is Hubert Richards, 83?
    The search for eighty-three-year-old Hubert Richards, a retiree of Sand Hill Village, continues after five days of being lost.  Anna Richards reported to police that she hasn’t seen her father [...]

    Garifuna Settlement Day Rocks Belize City
    Despite cloudy skies and showery weather, the Garinagu of Belize marked Garifuna Settlement Day this past Sunday. It commemorates the arrival en masse of Garifuna settlers in 1832, although a [...]

    Why G.O.B. Was a No-Show for Ceremonies in City, Dangriga
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow, as we had reported last Tuesday, was to have been the designated guest speaker at Sunday’s official Garifuna Settlement Day ceremony in Belize City. He had [...]

    PLB Playoffs Top Sports Tuesday
    Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities…]


    officers, attempting to take back the […]

    Vehicle Runs off the Bridge Resulting in Fatalities
    Police are also investigating another accident that happened on the very same bridge over the weekend several hours before. It happened on Saturday around 9:45 in the night when 36-year-old Glenbert Reneau, a construction worker of Belize City was heading to Dangriga in a grey Honda Accord car. He lost control and fell into the […]

    Who Murdered British Woman, Michelle Anison?
    Police have still not made any arrests for the murder of 46-year-old Michelle Anison, whose body was found on Friday morning, November 17 in her apartment in Ladyville. Police were called to the apartment complex where they found her body which displayed several stab wounds. This morning police spoke of the progress in their investigations. […]

    Investigations continue into Rape Allegations
    This morning police reported that the Professional Standards Branch of the Police Department continues to investigate the allegations made against police officers attached to the Independence Village Police station. As we have reported, two women, a Belizean and a Salvadoran, who were detained on suspicion of drug possession, have accused officers of rape. They were […]

    Shooting Victim Succumbs to Injuries
    Twenty-two year old Brenda Jandress passed away over the weekend. Jandress, a resident of Corozal Town, was admitted to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after being shot to the stomach while inside her house on November first. Police reported that sometime after eight o’clock that morning, she was inside her house located on Mahogany Street […]

    Man succumbs to Injuries Sustained from Motorcycle Accident
    A man who was involved in a motorcycle accident on the George Price Highway last week has succumbed to his injuries. Correspondent Fem Cruz reports. Fem Cruz, Love FM “On the 12th of November love news reported about a motorcycle accident that occurred sometime around 2:30 AM between mile 43 and 44 on the George […]

    PG Mayor Claims Sabotage
    The Mayor of Punta Gorda says the newly handed compactor garbage truck was sabotaged. The truck was recently handed over to the Punta Gorda Town Council by Belize Water Services Limited. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports. Paul Mahung, Love FM “During an official ceremony at the BWS compound in Punta Gorda on August 29th this year […]

    Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights Border Management
    A sub-regional workshop on Intellectual property rights border management is taking place in Belize City. The workshop focuses on combating counterfeiting and piracy, health and safety. Capacity building in the fight against infringements of intellectual property rights appears increasingly necessary for customs administrations faced with the double burden of ensuring trade facilitation whilst simultaneously working […]

    Four Person Caught Red Handed with Contraband Goods
    Four persons were caught with contraband goods in two separate operations. The most recent bust was made up north, in the village of Patchakan. Reports to Love News are that one Edgar Patt was caught with a pickup load of contraband goods. During the interception, villagers reportedly aggressed customs officers, attempting to take back the […]

    Missing Man’s Family desperate to find Him
    The search continues for 82-year-old Hubert Richards also known as Fidel, a resident of Sandhill, Belize District. Richards normally travels by bus to get home; however, on Wednesday, November 15, he never made it home. Love News spoke with his daughter, Anna Richards. “That’s when my brother called me and told me that my dad […]

    Municipalities: Building with Children’s Needs in Mind
    In 2014, the Sustainable and Child-Friendly Municipalities Agreement was signed by the Mayors of nine municipalities. The nine municipalities are the cities of Belize and Belmopan and the towns of Corozal, Orange Walk, San Ignacio, Benque Viejo Del Carmen, Dangriga, Punta Gorda, and San Pedro. This means that when planning and building are being done, […]

    Teenage Pregnancy on the Rise in Belize
    Belize has a high teenage pregnancy rate which is of concern since this can lead to other problems such as a high level of high school dropouts, unemployment, and poverty. Therefore, UNICEF and the government of Belize are working together to see how they can improve the quality of life for adolescents. Paulette Wade, Monitoring […]

    Massive Car Accident leaves Several Cars Damaged and Two Persons Injured
    On Saturday, November 18, a collision occurred on Central American Boulevard which damaged five vehicles and injured two persons. According to police report, at approximately 10:40 a.m., 58-year-old Lincoln Webster reported that he was driving his green 1999 Toyota Corolla car across the roundabout, when a white Honda Van drove by 65-year-old Phillip Neal, a […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Belize ranked 156 out of 196 countries in cost of broadband Internet
    Belize was ranked 156 out of 196 countries on a list of the world’s most […]

    Reckless driver crashes into 3 vehicles, knocks down man, and assaults police officer
    On Saturday, November 18, 2017, around 10:40 a.m., Lincoln Webster, 58, reported to authorities that about 10:38 a.m. […]

    Belmopan police officer launches new CD
    Today, a police officer attached to the Belmopan police formation launched a CD with original […]

    GOB to inaugurate extension and new Pre school at Our Lady of Guadalupe School in Corozal
    An official ceremony to inaugurate Our Lady of Guadalupe (OLOG) Primary R.C. School Extension and […]

    Corozal woman succumbs to gunshot injuries
    Police have today confirmed that twenty two year old Brenda Jandrez passed away on Sunday, […]

    International Labour Organization and Chamber join up for two-day workshop
    The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) and the International Labour Organization (ILO) came […]

    Farmers celebrating 3 years of success in the agro-forestry concession
    Thirty farmers in Toledo are celebrating their third year of successful farming in Belize’s first agro-forestry concession within a protected area. The cultivation of cacao among other crops within the Maya Mountain North Forest Reserve is being guided by an agro-forestry management plan and a conservation agreement.


    Hidden Valley Inn – An Adventure Traveler’s Dream Destination
    If you are an adventure traveler your outdoor escapades may be rugged, but there’s no reason why your amenities must be. If you long for the best in creature comforts after a day full of exploration, the Hidden Valley Inn located in the Mountain Pine Ridge area of Cayo, Belize couldn’t be more perfect. Not only do they offer lavish amenities such as pool, hot tub, spa and gourmet dining, but you have exclusive access to their private nature reserve set on 7,200 acres of wilderness in the Maya Mountains. With miles of hiking trails to explore (many leading to waterfalls, breathtaking vistas and even yoga platforms) and a host of other cultural experiences, here you have the best of both worlds; outdoor recreation complemented with well-appointed accommodations, delicious meals and the ultimate in relaxation.

    Getting to Hatchet Caye in Style
    Hatchet Caye Resort is located on the edge of Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve, just seventeen miles east of Placencia village. Getting to the island is easier than you might have imagined. If you are visiting from outside of Belize you will be arriving at the Phillip S.W. Goldson International Airport in Ladyville. After arriving at the airport, you can take a puddle jumper domestic flight on Maya Island Air to Placencia, which takes roughly 45 minutes and then a boat ride to the island, which takes about an hour. Or, you can now arrive in style with a direct helicopter ride from the International Airport to Hatchet Caye Resort. This newest transportation to the island is done by Astrum Helicopters and takes approximately one hour.

    Two Black Friday Seat Sales YYZ to BZE and Useful Belize Airline Information
    When it comes to holiday shopping, Black Friday has always rated for scoring deals. It only makes sense that the airlines would start cashing in on the popular shopping day with seat sales for those who are looking to cash in on a low-cost tropical trip. Calling all Torontonians and those in close enough proximity for it to make sense. There is a WestJet “Black Friday” direct flight seat sale on right now, from YYZ to BZE (Toronto to Belize) for $429.94 CAD, return. Not quite as good as this November 2017 $69 Southwest Seat Sale, but still worth mentioning.

    International Sourcesizz

    ‘He’s a little fighter:’ Disabled dog travels across continent to SC to save his life
    He may be little, but for this dog, making the trip from a small island off of Belize to South Carolina is a matter of life or death. Sharky, a four-year-old chihuahua, is traveling from Ambergris Caye to Pawleys Island with veterinarian Kristina Decina to prepare for surgery that will hopefully save his legs - and his life. Decina, who often travels to the island to work with the Saga Humane Society, worked with Sharky’s owners who signed surrender papers that allowed Decina to bring the dog back to the states. Now, with the help of veterinary surgeon Dr. Chris Hill in Charleston, Sharky will have a bone graft surgery that will work to save his legs. “His legs may not be saved, but this is our chance,” Decina said.

    Why the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season ranks among the top 5 most intense ever recorded
    One of the most destructive Atlantic hurricane seasons in recent history is nearing its end. From Harvey's historic flooding of southeastern Texas to the Irma-battered Florida Keys and Maria's widespread devastation in Puerto Rico, the fallout from a series of major hurricanes was dramatic and will be felt for years. While there are a couple of weeks to go until the Nov. 30 conclusion, this tropical season is already the busiest in the Atlantic since 2012 as 17 storms were named. While it was not a record-setting season in terms of the number of storms, it will likely be remembered as the one of the most intense in United States history.

    Timeline recounts the devastating 2017 Atlantic hurricane season and storms that made it memorable
    With 17 storms, 10 hurricanes and 6 major hurricanes, the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season is considered a hyperactive season, according to AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski. While the season on a whole was impressive, three storms stand out to Kottlowski as really making this season memorable. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria are all storms that stand out even in this hyperactive season. Hurricane Harvey was the first of the three storms, developing on Aug. 17. Harvey started out right around the middle of August as a tropical storm east of the Lesser Antilles.

    Belize’s Ambassador to the United States: Who Is Daniel Gutierez?
    Francisco Daniel Gutierez presented his credentials as ambassador from Belize to President Donald Trump on July 21, 2017. Gutierez also serves as Belize’s ambassador to the Organization of American States. Gutierez was born in 1974 in San Ignacio, Cayo district, in the western part of Belize, not far from the border with Guatemala. He attended primary and secondary school in San Ignacio before going to Rafael Landivar University in Guatemala. He earned a degree in communications and advertising in 1997. Gutierez then came to the United States to continue his education at Philadelphia’s St. Joseph’s University. There, he earned an M.S. in international marketing in 1999. Gutierez returned to Belize to lecture in business, marketing and communications at Sacred Heart College, a high school and junior college in San Ignacio. In 2003, Gutierez was named dean of the junior college.

    American Hydro to upgrade Belize plant
    American Hydro will overhaul the 25.2MW Mollejón hydroelectric plant in Belize in what will be the company's first foray into the ...

    American Hydro expands its business to Central America
    American Hydro, a Wärtsilä company, will enhance the efficiency and performance of the Mollejon hydroelectric generating plant, located in Belize, Central America. The company was awarded a contract in September 2017 by Belize Electric Company Limited (BECOL) to upgrade the plant with high quality hydroelectric solutions and technical support. Fast delivery and experienced technical installation support will ensure earlier return on investment for the project. Belize Electricity Limited is the main distributor of electricity in Belize. The Mollejon plant, located on the Macal River about 110 kilometres southwest of Belize City, is equipped with three hydroelectric turbines. In the first stage, American Hydro will overhaul the G1 unit and replace old turbine components to increase overall plant efficiency. The agreement includes new turbine runners, stationary turbine seals, wicket gates and rehabilitation of essential operating components as well as technical support of disassembly, installation and commissioning.


  • Snorkeling in Belize Barrier Reef, 14min. Here is the video of a journey with Caveman's crew in the Belize Barrier Reef! it's just few kilometers in front of Caye Caulker, with the famous Shark Ray Alley, where we can swim close to little nurse sharks and many rays.

  • "An Incredible Opportunity": Justin Moore, AICP, on the Belize City CPAT Project, 15min. Justin Moore, AICP, served as the team leader for the Community Planning Assistance Team (CPAT) project in Belize City, Belize. In this video, Justin discusses the insights he gleaned from the experience with APA programs manager Ryan Scherzinger.

  • Belize Travel Vlog, 10min. 3am wake up, 3 flights, travel sickness and finally a coconut on the beach.

  • BELIZE: DIVING INTO THE BLUE HOLE / EL SECRETO HOTEL RESOR, 3min. Discover our video of our trip to Belize where we spent 5 days in the magnificent El Secreto Belize and where we had the chance to dive into the The Great Blue Hole: Belize with our new friends, the sharks! An experience of a lifetime which we highly recommend you! Enjoy :-)

  • San Pedro resident caught on camera stealing from a golf cart, 1min.

  • THE BEATING OF DRUMS RESOUND ACROSS ORANGE WALK TOWN AS THE CELEBRATION OF GARIFUNA SETTLEMENT DAY, 9min. Garifuna Settlement Day festivities were held across the country over the weekend, with the largest celebration taking place in the renowned Culture Capital of Belize…Dangriga. Here in Orange Walk the celebrations kicked off with the Yurumei, a re-enactment of the arrival of the Garinagu dating back to the year 1802. It’s a tradition that brings to life the roots and the rhythms of this vibrant culture. Our news team was present for the arrival and filed the following report.

  • of La Inmaculada Roman Catholic School had been advocating for the construction of a grotto, 6min. For the past two years, the administration and staff of La Inmaculada Roman Catholic School here in Orange Walk Town had been advocating for the construction of a grotto, commonly known to the Christian community as a Chapel or small building for Christian worship.

  • Open Your Eyes 9th Anniversary Special Part 1, 43min.

  • Open Your Eyes 9th Anniversary Special Part 2, 21min.

  • Open Your Eyes 9th Anniversary Special Part 3, 46min.

  • Open Your Eyes 9th Anniversary Special Part 4, 31min.

  • Punta Gorda, Belize, 6min. Just a very short drive thorugh a bit of Punta Gorda in southern Belize, far less commercially exploited which makes it a much nicer and slower paced little city. There are several good places to eat, our favourite is Asha's Kitchen, when we are in PG we stay at Hickatee Cottages, one of the small companies making a difference is Cotton Tree Chocolate Factory. There is so much more to do and see so come south and explore for yourself.

  • Belize Vacation | Zip Lining in the Jungle | Playing with Iguanas, 8min. Belize Vacation pt.2: We left the beautiful Ambergris Caye and headed inland for San Ignacio. We had a few good days on the island and now it was time for the jungle. Thanks to Helen for planning a bunch of fun tours for us to embark on. First stop The Cahal Pech Mayan ruin whickcluckt for us was literally behind the house we were in. Day 2, we headed into the jungle for some zip lining followed by a giant swing at Calico Jacks.

  • Embajadores del Rey en Belize 2015 - Grupo Jatser, 4.5min.

    November 21, 2017


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    San Pedro BTIA holds membership mixer on Ambergris Caye
    It was a full house at El Divino Restaurant, as the Belize Tourism Industry Association San Pedro Chapter (BTIA-SPC) hosted a membership mixer on Thursday, November 16th. The event, held in part to increase the San Pedro Chapter’s membership had an impressive turnout. Not only did business and tourism stakeholders attend, but even local and national authorities were present, eager to participate in the event.Invited guests began arriving by 6:30PM, proceeding to the second-floor lounge of El Divino where they mingled for about an hour, socializing and enjoying some refreshments. Mistress of Ceremonies and Chairwoman of the BTIA-SPC, Tamara Sniffin delivered the welcome remarks. Sniffin thanked everyone for attending the event and explained the importance of making the local chapter bigger and stronger.

    Misc Belizean Sources


    Kokomo Beach Suites has a vacancies for full time receptionist and room cleaner
    Kokomo Beach Suites located on the beach in between the two water taxi docks has a vacancy for a full time receptionist and room cleaner (individual will perform both functions.) This is a customer facing position and therefore the successful candidate must be friendly and outgoing. Must also be reliable, honest and dependable. A willingness to work on weekends and holidays is a must. Serious candidates, please email your resume to No phone calls or walk ins please.

    Love News has confirmed that two persons lost their lives as a result of a road traffic incident which occurred this afternoon on the Hummingbird Highway. It happened between miles 31 and 32. Drivers are asked to drive safely on the road. This is the third traffic incident that has occurred in the same area within the past two days.

    Belize Volleyball
    Team Belize wins Copa Revolucion 2017 in Cancun!!!

    Rhythm of Change (ROC) & The Belize International Yoga Festival proudly presents: The Garifuna Collective Live! Date : December 3, 2017 Time : 7:00-10:00pm Location :Harbour View Greens, Fort Street, Belize City ( near the Belize sign) Cost : $50 ( children under 12 enter 1/2 price ) Contact : or 610-0882 for tickets * Bring a blanket and chair and your entire family to enjoy this musical extravaganza under the stars to close the the 2nd Annual Belize International Yoga Festival ! It's a a family affair! Proceeds go to supporting a Rhythm of Change (ROC) various outreach programs! ??


    Come and enjoy Maya Mestizo Cultural Dances brought to you by the young and energetic Sugah City JRs. Sugah City JRs will also be having a pastry sale. Delight your taste buds with some sweet treats whilst enjoying the cultural performances. We thank everyone for their kind patronage and support. Sunday, November 26 at 1 PM - 6 PM.

    A power outage is scheduled for the entire Corozal District on Sunday, November 26 from 6:00am to 2:00pm
    Necessary for BEL to replace transmission and distribution poles, replace insulators, install a load break switch, and reconfigure the new system on Corozal Boulevard.

    Pet's Place Grand Opening
    Pet's Place had their grand opening this month. They are located on Burns avenue, right next to Dibary. They have everything you need as far as pet supplies and pet toys go. They also perform veterinary services on site.

    A beautiful night of cultural celebration
    Honouring our brothers and sisters of the Garinigu with Flavours of the Garifuna. We give great thanks for the soulful sounds of Larubeya Band. Thank you to the Lisanigu Libertad Group for the culturally rich and colourful Jon Kanu presentation. A garcious thank you to Miss Bibb and Family of Libertad Village for the delicious Garifuna cuisine enjoyed by all in attendance. Thank you to our beloved Corozal community for your continued support of our signature events, we look forward to next year's event!!

    Maimouna Youssef and Friends participated in Garifuna Settlement Day celebration service
    And learned about the history of the Garifuna people in Belize, and shared their music with the local community at the Holy Family Church in Hopkins.

    Garifuna Nuguya Music Video
    Clayton Williams' Garifuna Nuguya. Try not to smile during this video. "Music by Clayton Williams from the village of Hopkins,Belize. Music video directed and produced by Jeremy Christoph from Out Da Box Films in association with Nituwana Foundation"

    Chaa Creek's Cayo Companion
    Chaa Creek has a new online travel guide for Cayo(and). It's immaculately done, and has tons of information about all the sites and excursions around Cayo, along with the cultures of Belize. Chaa Creek's history is also shown, along with their views on ecotourism and sustainability.

    It’s that time of year again!! Adopt-A-Bear and fulfill a Christmas wish for a child! Bear trees go up Friday November 24th so visit Hidden Treasure Restaurant, Sandbar San Pedro, Wayos, Palapa Bar and Grill, Marbucks Coffee House, Crazy Canucks Beach Bar, or The Truck Stop to get yours!

    The Reporter

    Three more dead after vehicle plunges from off bridge
    Three more persons lost their lives in a traffic accident on Sunday when the vehicle they were traveling in plunged off a one-lane bridge in St. Margaret’s village. Police report that around 2:05 p.m., on Sunday, Harold Albert Smith, 37, was driving a gold-colored Toyota Camry car from Belmopan towards Dangriga along with passengers, Alonso Frazier, 37, and Marlon Flowers, 41. Smith reportedly lost control of the vehicle and plunged off the bridge and into the river. Police say that upon their arrival at the scene, they observed the extensively damaged car in the river, with Smith trapped inside, apparently dead.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Star in my community- Adele Ramos
    You may not know Adele O. Ramos as the painter, fashion designer or GIS technophile, but you most likely know her as one of Belize’s most proficient print journalists for almost two decades. In late October 2017, however, she launched a new chapter of her life as a freelancer and entrepreneur. Her works previously appeared twice a week in the Amandala, Belize’s leading national newspaper. Adele’s first publication was released in 2001: “Thomas Vincent Ramos, The Man and His Writings”. She followed that publication with her debut poetry anthology of love poems – “PHASES”.

    U.S. Embassy continues work in Belize after nearly a year without ambassador
    One year since U.S. President Donald Trump took office, a new U.S. Ambassador to Belize has still not been appointed. On Wednesday, BBN was hosted at the U.S. Embassy’s Housing compound in Belmopan City for an exclusive interview with Charge d’ Affairs, Adrienne Galanek about the work that continues at the embassy even in the absence of an Ambassador.

    Corozal barber charged for drug trafficking
    Last night, Corozal police were conducting a patrol on 7th Avenue, Corozal Town. Police saw Curlin Samuel Thompson standing in front of his barber shop looking suspicious.

    3 people die in fatal traffic accident in St. Margaret, Cayo
    Yesterday around 2:05 p.m., police responded to a traffic accident between miles 31 and 32 on the Hummingbird Highway near a one lane bridge in St. Margaret’s Village. Upon arrival at the scene, police saw a gold Toyota Camry car in the river extensively damaged .

    Moist weather to continue
    The 24-hour forecast is for mostly moist weather to continue. Cloudy skies with some showers and periods of rain are expected mainly along the coast today. The wind will blow from the North to Northeast at 5-15 knots.

    Iguana Creek Bridge in Cayo impassable
    Residents travelling to Spanish Lookout are advised that the Iguana Creek bridge is under water and completely impassable due to heavy rains yesterday and last night. The Macal River is also rising rapidly but as of this morning, the low lying wooden bridge was still open.

    Chief Transport Officer appeals to motorists to drive with caution
    After the third traffic accident occurred yesterday in the same vicinity on the Hummingbird Highway claiming two lives, Chief Transport Officer Tirso Galvez issued a statement on his Facebook page pleading to the public to drive carefully.

    Traffic accident on the Hummingbird Highway claims 2 lives
    By BBN Staff: Reports to BBN is that there was another fatal road traffic accident yesterday between miles 31 and 32 on the Hummingbird Highway. Confirmed reports is that two occupants of the vehicle succumbed to their injuries.

    Man dies; 2 injured in traffic accident in St. Margaret, Cayo
    According to police reports, on Saturday night around 9:51, officers responded to a report of a road traffic accident in St. Margaret’s Village, Cayo. Police arrived at the scene between miles 31 and 32 on the Hummingbird Highway and saw a grey Honda Accord car in the creek extensively damaged.


    Belize Q and A: And now, a few words with Moppit, the island wonderdog
    Quite a few people have asked me recently about Moppit. For example, when a crazy-ass San Pedro taxi driver with a “Pretty chicks only” decal on the back window of his dust-encrusted van knocked me off my bike and I was laid flat out in the street, a number of friends rushed up to me. “How’s Moppit been?” one asked. “Is Moppit adjusting to you OK? If not, I’d be glad to have her,” said another. “Any time you want to go somewhere, I’ll babysit Moppit for you,” offered a third. And so it goes.

    International Sourcesizz

    Business owners in top Belize destination want increased mangrove protections
    Walking the shore of San Pedro provides a solid picture of the tension between natural resources and the economy in this, the top tourist town in coastal Belize. White coral sand gives way to several hundred feet of stunningly deep blue water out to where Caribbean waves strike the Mesoamerican Reef, the world’s second longest barrier reef, which stretches from Honduras in the south to its Mexican terminus to the north. Just below swooping frigatebirds stands a phalanx of hotels, ranging from funky and low slung to sleek, new, and relatively tall. Bars, restaurants and dive shops elbow right up to the water’s edge, too, where one can sit in a plastic chair drinking local rum while dangling your feet in the warm tide at establishments with names like “Sandy Toes.” But walk north along the beachfront just a little ways and your path is diverted away from the water by a wiry stand of mangrove trees growing in the gentle waves. This mangrove belongs to yet another open-air bar, La Choza, and reminds one of what this whole area once looked like. “If I cut those trees, erosion will get our bar,” owner Luis Cabanas explained when asked. “The mangrove protected us from Hurricane Earl last year, the roof didn’t go.” Cabanas has been in San Pedro 28 years and remembers the beachfront at that time was a lot wilder, with mangroves marching right into the waves along much of it. When asked if he keeps the mangrove trees for any other reasons, he added with a smile, “We like to give homes to the little fishes.”


  • Belize, San Ignacio teaser, 3.5min. Belize trip Started September 13, 2017. San Ignacio was a magical place to us. It was filled with friendly faces ready to welcome and show you what the land has to offer. More videos to come for San Ignacio, Belize. Recommended guides: Carlos the Caveman And Eddie Panti

  • Cave Tubing Belize, 4min.

  • A short ride from the bus terminal to the ferry in Belize City, 3min.

  • San Ignacio to Belize City, 4.5min. Here is a short overview of the road trip between San Ignacio and Belize City in Belize.

  • Underwater Belize/Mexico 2017, 2.5min. Impressions from diving in the Cenotes of Mexico and the Blue Hole of Belize.

  • In limbo: the refugees who wait in Belize, 10min. With the most recent wave of violence in Central America, hundreds of families have arrived in Belize in search of asylum. The Belizean government has not granted asylum since the 1980s and says it is not prepared to do so. This family from El Salvador has waited for more than a year for the government and the local UNHCR office to offer a solution. Unable to work legally, they are desperate and thinking of fleeing to another country.

  • Boston University Marine Program Belize November 2017, 3min. Calabash Caye Field Station, Turneffe Atoll, Belize SHOW MORE

  • Garifuna Punta @ Hopkins, Belize, 7min. Punta is a typical Garifuna music and dance style performed at celebrations and festive occasions with its roots in African music. The Garifuna people are mixed-race descendants of Africans and Caribbean Islanders and besides of the Maya the other main local people of Belize.

  • 18 Degrees North Belize sunrise 11-20-17, 4min. Sunrise was a bit cloudy today.

  • Belize Diving 2017, 5min. Diving with Hamanasi Resort; November 2017.

  • Premiere League of Belize Update, 10min.

  • Xunantunich Mayan Site!, 3min. This is how you get to Xunantunich. George Price Highway then the hand cranked ferry. Devin Burns made a nice video of the experience. "I took a trip to Xunantunich on Sunday and was really looking forward to filming the entire site but the rain came down and I don't have a waterproof casing for my camera or I would have stayed. Anyways check it out! If you guys enjoyed it let me know down in the comments!"

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