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October 31, 2015


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The San Pedro Sun

Celebrate Halloween with stories of these Eerie Belizean Folklores
So Halloween is upon and nothing gets us in the mood for ghoulish festivities like a few eerie tales. While Belizeans don’t really believe in the headless horseman or Bloody Mary we have our fair share of Belizean folklore characters whose stories will have you biting your nails. Different cultural groups tell tales of different ghouls, and elders swear that in a time long ago these characters walked among us and may in fact still be around today. Tata Duende– Believed to be a hideous goblin that dwells in the jungle. Belizean children were often warned never to venture into the jungle to play because of Duende, a short little man, with backwards feet, a large red hat and NO THUMBS. An encounter with Duende will result in the request of him wanting to see your hands. Avoid at all costs to show your hands toTata Duende and if you must be sure to not expose your thumbs, because of course he will chop them off and take them for his own.

Jason Reyes found guilty of Manslaughter over the death of Lionel Pinelo in 2010
On Monday, October 26th, Justice Adolph Lucas found 26-year-old Jason Reyes guilty for the death of island resident Lionel Pinelo on November 5, 2010. Reyes had been initially charged by San Pedro Police for murder, but after court deliberation, Justice Lucas decided to lessen the charge to manslaughter in a trail without a jury. Justice Lucas’ reasons for lessening the charge was that while he is certain that Reyes inflicted a stab wound on Pinelo, it was not intended to cause his death and therefore it was not a murder act. Reyes was once again remanded to the Belize Central Prison to await sentencing, scheduled for Monday, November 2nd.

Howling good fun at Saga’s 2015 Spooktacular!
Saga Humane Society brought out all the ghostly, ghoulish, monstrous doggies for the 12th annual Halloween Spooktacular Party. Held at Carlo and Ernie’s Runway Bar on Sunday, October 25th, the anticipated event saw pet lovers and their pooches dressed in creative costumes. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Saga party without fun giveaways, great food and drink specials. Patrons surely enjoyed a fabulous pet-loving day while contributing to a worthy cause. Taking the prize for funniest costume was Dooley Bear who was dressed as the sea monster. Rob and his fluffy dog Bear won the look-alike award (Rob in Pigtails). Dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and her “big bad wolf” dressed as her grandmother, Charlie and her dog Maya were awarded judge’s favorite. The cutest was hard to decide but Liam and his pup Pixie dressed up as ‘Up’ and took the prize! The final prize of most creative went to the doggie chef and doggie lobster. Another very important activity held on the day, was the crowning of Duke as Saga’s Photo Contest winner.

San Pedro Lions Celebrate 40 Years of Service
Charter members. (L-R) Wilfredo Nunez, Gonzalo Munoz Sr., Pedro Salazar Sr., Angel Nunez, Abel Guerrero Sr., Fransico Verde and Baldemar Graniel Sr. Lionism began in San Pedro as a result of three local men, namely Wilfredo Alamilla, Alan Forman and Pedro Salazar Sr. who joined the Belize City Lions Club and decided to start their own club in San Pedro. On October 25, 1975, the San Pedro Lions Club was officially chartered, boasting an enrollment of 36 members. 40 years later, this historical event was recognized by the San Pedro Lions Club on Saturday, October 24th with a grand anniversary celebration, with seven of the original charter members in attendance. Guests were treated to a delicious turkey dinner with all the trimmings and brownie dessert. Of course no San Pedro Lions Club celebration is complete without the infectious music of Rompe Raja. The San Pedro Lions certainly were feeling the Lions spirit all the way down to their happy dancing feet, and the historic event was celebrated into the wee hours of the night.

Ambergris Today

San Pedro High School Students Make Noise Against Bullying
The month of October is almost over which means the end of Anti Bullying month at the San Pedro High School. On October 29, 2015 the student body gathered at a “Make a Noise about Bullying Assembly” which was full of educational performances addressing the serious issue of bullying amongst teenagers. Six hundred students, along with their teachers and three judges, witnessed some of the most inspirational presentations against bullying in the form of songs, poems and motivational speeches. The invited judges, Angel Nuñez, Lisette Graniel and Francisco Mendez, had a very big task in choosing the winners of the most captivating anti bullying performance. Alexis Guerrero, San Pedro High School Counselor, stated “It has been a very successful month full of activities in raising awareness against bullying.”

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Social Studies Sponsorship Program
Cubola Productions teamed up with quite a few awesome local businesses to sponsor the Living Together books and workbooks for many of the Cayo primary schools. Thanks to all involved for this boost in education! "Living Together Standard 1 Sponsorship Program continues in the new school year of 2015-16! Congratulations to the new participants joining the Living Together Std. 1 Social Studies Textbook& Workbook Sponsorship Program. The books and workbooks will assist teachers in their class delivery, emphasizing the importance of Social Studies by providing a stimulating environment for our children to learn about Belize, our people and furthermore our place in in a globalized world. Thanks for the great work teachers! Our sincere appreciation and thanks to the programme sponsors: Black Rock Lodge, Chaa Creek Cottages, Cayo Steel Works, Cubola Productions, Pine Lumber, Shell San Ignacio Service Station, and Caracol YCDS."

Xunantunich Stairway Upgrade
The Institute of Archaeology has upgraded the stairway to Xunantunich. Looks great! They also stopped by Howard Smith Nazarene primary school to teach the students about the Popul Vuh. "In our efforts to improve access and safety at our archaeological reserves, the IA completed a new and improved access stairway to the main plaza at Xunantunich. Visit the site today and remember that it is also free for Belizean residents on Sunday!"

AND MARKETING with a passion for ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. Please contact us if interested.

APPLY TODAY - Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) is accepting proposals for projects in Belize!
Belize is a cultural melting pot and with over 900 archeological sites in Belize and many more cultural landmarks, items,and traditions there are unlimited possibilities for AFCP projects here! If your organization is interested in applying start your proposal early and remember to apply for your DUNS number ASAP. Please email with questions. Application guidelines and requirements are on the Embassy's website and here: DEADLINE - December 15, 2015 The U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) supports the preservation of cultural sites, cultural objects, and forms of traditional cultural expression in more than 100 developing countries around the world.

Construction of the Ambergris Stadium
Here are some pictures of the progress of the construction of the Ambergris Stadium. October 30, 2015: Currently piles are being installed and the sections (parking, broadcasting booth, field) have been outlined.

Sandpiper Street getting paved
UPDATE: October 30, 2015 - The street is well underway and casting has begun. Expected date of completion is on Sunday, November 1, 2015.

Chief Magistrate of Belize Ann-Marie Smith in serious trouble with the law
According to media sources, Chief Magistrate of Belize, Anne Marie Smith may be facing criminal charges for alleged misappropriation of funds at the Magistrate Court in Belize City. Chief Magistrate Smith was questioned by auditors regarding deposits to her personal account which were traced back to Government funds during an audit of the Magistrate Court by the Office of the Auditor General last year. Smith reportedly denied the allegations and only back-tracked after she was shown a copy of one of the checks. According to sources, the audit done at the Magistrate Court in Belize city is replete with irregularities – the incidences of misfeasance so many that law enforcement had to be called in. It is not expected that anything will be done since other acts of misapporpriation of funds by other staff at the magistrate court were similary ignored.

Benque HoC Skills Workshop
The Benque House of Culture had their skills workshops, where everyone learned the art of candle making and gourd making. "Skills & Knowledge Workshop, the Art of Bee's Wax Candle Making, following and abiding many believes before its preparation facilitated by Mr. Raul Shish. Images courtesy of K.Pinelo"

Belizean Trade Union Leader Antonio Soberanis!
On the advent of the Belize upcoming General Elections 2015, Belizean Legends recall the radical and dynamic work of Belizean Trade Unionist leader, Antonio Soberanis. It is important to highlight him because in that era of politics in Belize, the unions had incredible power and influenced the outcome of the general elections.

Through the courtesy of Belizean Sociologist, Dr. Jerome Straughan, a classic piece of Belizean boxing sports history on the legendary Belizean boxer, Ernest Reid, who fought many top Belizean boxers like Slim Terror and others. He also lived in Panama and fought many fights there. The story reflects his coming back home to Belize after 26 years. Let's recall these great Belizean boxers.

Here Rudy Miguel is led by Duncan Vernon as they make their rounds around the circular at the famous National Stadium (aka Horse Track) now Marion Jones Sporting Complex during a 1960's Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classics.

An historic but threatened Belizean football sports arena of the 1960's and 70's. Where Belizean men played the best football.


Channel 7

CCJ Orders Reparations For The Maya
The Caribbean Court of Justice, the highest court in land, has given a landmark ruling on the Maya people of Belize. It says that the Mayas have suffered for centuries at the hands of the different systems of Government in Belize. The direct result of that is that the Government of Belize must make "reparation" by setting up a fund valued at 300 hundred thousand dollars of public funds. That will mark the first step of the Government's compliance with the obligation it recently undertook to develop laws and other measures to protect Maya Rights. Essentially, the CCJ declined to award damages but ordered reparation instead. That was the ruling that the CCJ handed down this morning via teleconference from their headquarters in Port of Spain, Trinidad. As viewers are aware, the Government of Belize has settled the Mayan Land Rights case by conceding that Mayan Land Rights do exist and that a proper framework needs to be established to protect those rights. Not content with that major victory, the claimants pressed on and asked the court to consider granting them damages. They were asking for relief for all the years when the various governments, both in the colonial the post-colonial eras, had not done anything to protect those rights which were never recognized before. Their reasoning was that by taking a hands-off approach, the successive governments allowed outside elements to cause harm to the Mayas use and enjoyment of their lands.

FCIB Workers' Sustained Strike
Last night we told you about how a workers of the First Caribbean International Bank went on strike and picketed the bank because the negotiation over their exit packages has stalled. Well, they didn't ease up today and from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and for the midday lunch hour, they staged a second round of protests. It should have caused a number of difficulties for the other non-unionized workers and the management staff who tried to hold over and carry on operations in their absence. Today was the end of their financial year and informed observers told us that the contract staff likely struggled to get all the required transactions done. Well, the news tonight is that on Monday, the protest will continue because the corporate managers have indicated that they will not make the 8 a.m. meeting with the Labour Commissioner, who had been called in to mediate once again. We understand that those managers explain their intended absence as a result of a change of circumstances and short notice. So, what would they have discussed in that meeting if it were to happen? The Chief Union Rep. on the FCIB staff explained it to us yesterday:

Jalacte Mayans Upset With GOB
And from banking back to Maya affairs, tonight, our information is that circumstances are ripening for there to be yet another showdown between the state and the Mayas. This time, the issue is situated in Jalacte Village, which is well-known for that unregulated cross-border interaction between Belize and the neighboring Guatemalan village of Santa Cruz. It is also one of the 39 Mayan Villages in the south. For an entire year now, the Ministry of Agriculture has set up an operation with their partners, namely BAHA, and the United States Department of Agriculture. The Government has built an Agricultural Outreach Station, to provide better extension services and assistance to farmers living in the area. Next, BAHA and the U-S-D-A built a Medfly Inspection Center. That is to ensure that the medfly, or the Mediterranean fruit fly - which has devastated the agricultural industry in other parts of the world - does not get a strong foothold in Belize and wreak havoc on the fruit and vegetable farmers in the south.

What's Happening With Ux Benka?
And from that brewing dispute in Jalacte, we also asked the Maya Leaders Alliance about the situation in Santa Cruz, Toledo. That's where, as viewers are well aware, 13 Mayan residents stand charged with unlawful imprisonment, because they handcuffed and tried to evict Creole Belizean Rupert Myles. They say that Miles is squatting on, and has destroyed, a portion the Ux Benka Mayan Natural Monument. The Department of Archaeology agrees with them that Myles is in the wrong, but Myles says that it's racism that caused them to try to kick him out. He also contends that he is not on the site, and that he did not destroy the monument. Dr. John Morris, the Director of the Department of Archaeology committed 3 months ago to taking legal and criminal action against Myles, and the Mayans say that since that promise was made, nothing much was has been done. Today, the MLA's Program Coordinator told us that the Director of Archaeology has finally gotten in touch with them to brief them about exactly what will happen shortly:

Accused of Patricide, Man Get's Off After 24 Years In Jail
After spending 24 years - more than half his life - on remand for the murder of his own father, 45 year-old Leroy Arnold was sent home today - without even a trial. That's after the Supreme Court determined that the case file and all the evidence against him has gone missing, and will probably not be found. According to police, on September 6, 1991, Leroy Arnold's father, William Arnold, was killed in the village of Teakettle, and they believed that they had evidence to prove that he was the killer, and so, he was charged with murder at the age of 19. A few years later, his case came up for trial, but during that time, before a full jury, Arnold began showing signs of mental illness. The sitting judge concluded at that time that he was mentally unstable and unfit to stand trial. He was left to languish in jail all that time, and when his case was called up this week, it was determined that he was now fit to stand trial. The prosecution then tried to locate his case file, but when the court requested it to start the trial, no one could find it.

Accused Kidnappers Walk
In March of this year, two Belize City men were accused of kidnapping 19 year old Abel Lara Jr. 23 year old Alexander Lopez and 41 year old Amir Reid were charged jointly with kidnapping, conspiracy to commit kidnapping and harm upon Abel Lara Jr. They allegedly forced Lara into a vehicle on Faber's Road, and took him up the highway. But the teenager says he escaped before they could hurt him, running unto the road with his abductors chasing him. He says he escaped when he flagged down a vehicle. It's quite a story, but he didn't tell it to the judge today. The court prosecutor informed Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith that Lara had given the police a further statement requesting no court action against the men. With that, The Chief told Lopez and Reid they were free to go.

Training Officer In Intelligence Gathering
If you follow the hit Showtime series Homeland or the popular American cop shows like "Quantico," you get an idea of what it takes to be an FBI or a CIA agent. And while Belize is a long way from that kind of surveillance state, collecting intelligence is a major part of crime fighting in Belize. That was the objective of the Basic Intelligence Police Training course. A closing ceremony was held this morning at the Biltmore and the participants told us how they will incorporate what they learned into police investigations. Bob Gibson, Coordinator "This is intended to improve the student's abilities to analyze the facts that are gathering from their community, whether it be nationwide or whether it be in a community or district. The idea is that you collect information, you analyze it. Not just how you think about it, but an exact process of how you go about analyzing this and how you use that information to not just respond to crime, but you also want to do it to divert crime and to stop crime from happening. So you have to think broadly, not just simply tactically like a military kind of operation or just simply a police operation."

PUP Accuses Denny Of Getting Unfair Tax Exemptions
UDP Candidate for Orange Walk Central Denny Grijalava is also a contractor - and tonight the PUP are alleging that he used his inside connection to score himself a long list of duty exemptions earlier this year. This letter from the Ministry of Finance in June of this year showed that Demar's Stone Company - which Grijalva owns - received full duty and GST exemption for a very long list of items on a road building contract. The list includes everything from a kitchen sink to twenty three thousand bags of Portland Cement. Looks like he hit the duty free jackpot, right? - but Grijalva says it's standard procedure for the contract he got. When we spoke to him today, Grijalva told us that the contract for the road from Yo Creek to San Antonio is funded by the European Union as part of what are known as the Accompanying Measures for Sugar. He says that the duty exemption is government's contribution to the EU funded project. When we asked why he needs twenty three thousand sacks of concrete for a 3 mile asphalt road, he said that three quarter mile of the road will be cemented - and that is why he was given exemptions for steel rebar and cement.

Doc Vs Sedi - The Battle Over Pickstock
Last night, we gave you short excerpt of our coverage of the election trail in the Pickstock Division. It's perceived to be a battleground because Incumbent Wilfred Elrington had a narrow margin of victory against Dr. Francis Smith in the 2012 general election. Both candidates are oddly similar: they're both political mavericks, outspoken and impolitic: Elrington has been pilloried for so many of his reckless public statement, while Smith made news when he called out his own party leader for his Fonseca name. But, that tendency to throw caution to the wind is where the similarities end. On the ground, their perceptions of the same very small division are as different as night and day. Daniel Ortiz reports: Incumbent Wilfred Elrington claims that his campaign trail started immediately after the 2012 elections when results showed that he won by less than a hundred votes. He's been providing residents of Pickstock with access to all the Government's pro poor programs. He believes that this has given him an edge.

Julius Espat Defends Cayo South Seat Against Ralph Huang
And, from Pickstock we take you to Cayo South where Incumbent Julius Espat is defending his seat against UDP newcomer Ralph Huang. He's made the news already because documents purporting that he has Guatemalan Nationality has emerged. Also, as viewers remember, his constituency office was burnt down in Camelot Village a week ago, in what's believed to be a politically motivated arson. So despite those difficulties, how well matched are these two politicians? The prevailing perception is that Huang is the underdog, and when we asked him about that last week, he didn't agree. Here's what both candidates had to say about their attempts at ascending to elected office:

OAS Observer Team Looking In On Elections
Last night we told you about the OAS observer team which is here in Belize. The team will meet with the political parties and observe the electoral process. Although they wont be directly involved, they play a key role in highlighting major issues that need to be addressed. The Chief of Mission told me yesterday that they are taking a keen interest in women and youth involvement. Courtney Weatherburne "One of the major highlights about an election is the financing. To be more specific campaign financing. It's all about which party can generate more money to fuel their machine, to bring people out on election day. But that also brings about many issues or concerns and questions. Because many people wonder or question if that money is being generate through any illegal or deceptive means, or any under table deals. How involve is the OAS in this process?"

Chief Elections Officer Invites PUP To Look At Proxy Register
Last night we told you about the stern demand the PUP made to the Chief Elections Officer. The Opposition wants to review the register of proxy votes and they say if Josephine Tamai doesn't allow them to do so, they'll take her to court. Tamai wrote back to the Secretary General of the PUP to say that the proxy register is still being prepared, but if the opposition wants to inspect it they can do so starting on Monday afternoon. They must do so in the presence of an elections and boundaries staffer. THE PUP has alleged the abuse of proxy form by the Chairman of the UDP Alberto August. August has flatly denied this.

Teenager Critical After Stabbing Incident
A teenager is in critical condition after being stabbed. Police say that On Wednesday afternoon at around 1:00, 16 year old student Darwin Gamboa was stabbed to the lower back. Police learned that Gamboa was walking on Antelope Street when three men approached him and a fight started, during which one of the men stabbed him. Police have one known suspect they are looking for, and a police report says Gamboa is listed in a critical condition.

Papas Went To Renounce
Last night we told you about Greg Papas Garcia - the PUP Candidate for Corozal Bay who was born in Guatemala. He was born there but never got nationality, so on the face of it - he shouldn't have a problem if he were elected to the House. But, all persons born in Guatemala are said to be Guatemalans. So Garcia told us today that he went the extra step and renounced his Guatemalan nationality. Garcia sent us this 2013 certificate of affirmations as a citizen of Belize as proof.

Sunrise Rotary Donates To KHMH
As we showed you , the new Pediatric and Intensive Care Unit at the KHMH was officially opened on Tuesday. The unit can treat over 31 babies in all and has state of the art treatment and monitoring equipment. While it might seem that the unit is set for operations , there are several pieces of equipment that are still needed. Well, the Sunrise Rotary Club donated $80,000 worth of equipment today to the KHMH. The Head of the PICU Dr. Cecilio Eck told us this donation couldn't have come at a better time. There will be other equipment donations through this link between the hospital and Sunrise Rotary.

CARICOM Ensures Food Safety In Trade
Today a regional workshop was held to discuss the health and safety of agricultural products. Belize signed on to the Sanitary and Phytosanitary Agreement which includes food safety programs and regulations that must be incorporated by both the health and agricultural sectors. Now that sounds like a mouthful, but today a BAHA's Delilah Cabb Ayala explained how this agreement will ensure your food is safe for consumption and trade. BAHA has a module that governs the food safety, quarantine and plant health initiatives.

Living In Abject Poverty
For the past few weeks we have been covering stories on quite a number of fallen houses. But this story tonight is different. It is about a man who has been living in a makeshift shack for over a year. Today 7news traveled to Holy Emmanuel Street where we found Asher - a homeless man whose troubles run very deep. If you would like to assist Asher, you can find him at his home on Holy Emmanuel Street.

El Dia Del Muertos
The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico on the second day in November. It's a 500 year old tradition, where it is believed that the souls of ancestors return to join the living, in festivities that include food and dancing. The Mexican Embassy in Belize is hosting an exhibition on the Day of the Dead to display a traditional celebration. Today we stopped by for a sneak peek. The public is invited to the traditional celebration on Monday at the Embassy of Mexico in Belize City and in Belmopan. It starts at 6:30pm.

SIB Trade Stats For September 2015
In September, Belize's total imports were just about the same as last year during that time. The slight dip was caused by the importation of fewer Fuels and Lubricants'. And why less fuel? Well the numbers people at the statistical institute of Belize say that no premium fuel was imported during September 2015, coupled with lower fuel prices for the other major fuels. Notably, there were increased purchases of farm equipment, laboratory equipment and fertilizers. Exports on the other hand were up sharply from last year September, 23.2 percent or $6.8 million dollars more than a year ago. Sugar exports for September 2015, inclusive of August's bulk shipment valued at $8 million, primarily contributed to the increase in exports.

Making Treatment For Pediatric Cancer Patients Accessible
Last night we told you about the agreement activated between Merida in the state of Yucatan, the Ministry of Health and the Belize Cancer Society for pediatric cancer cases. Due to the extraordinary length of the news, we didn't have time to air the comments that accompanied the signing - where the Mexican Ambassador and the Health Minister spoke about possibilities for partnering with other Mexican states for healthcare in the near future. Here are those remarks now:

Channel 5

Was PM’s Letter to Guatemalan President-Elect Too Soft?
On Tuesday, the Prime Minister said that while he would do the courteous thing and offer written congratulations to the new president elect of Guatemala, he would also be stern [...]

CCJ Awards Reparations to Maya Community
A delegation of leaders of the Maya Communities in the south sat today in the chambers of Justice Michelle Arana where by teleconference a decision was delivered by the Caribbean [...]

How Did Grand Belizean Estates Acquire Prime Land in San Pedro?
How did San Pedro developers Grand Belizean Estates get a hold of land conservatively worth at least four million dollars for only three hundred and fifty thousand dollars? And where [...]

…Area Representative Manuel Heredia Explains His Involvement
Heredia Junior insists that his participation was only minimal – just facilitation. He also maintains that Grand Belizean Estates paid far more than what was paid for similar fifty-acre parcels. [...]

Chief Elections Officer’s Residence Under Police Watch
On Thursday, News Five sat down for an extended interview with Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai. She’s been under intense scrutiny in the days leading up to general elections set [...]

Josephine Tamai Dismisses Allegations as Political Mischief
Actually, Tamai says that all her officers are under undue pressure leading up to elections. She claims that it’s unfair, because they are all just doing a job and they [...]

Simultaneous Counting to be Done Upon Close of Polls on Election Day
Polls close at six pm on Election Day, and usually results would start coming out hours after – from around ten for the smallest constituency until the early hours of [...]

Decisions on Recounts to be Decided by Returning Officers
Depending on which side you ask, there would likely be a prediction of a clean sweep either way. But political observers in the know believe that of the thirty-one seats [...]

Pablo Mis on Jalacte and Agriculture Learning Center
Earlier this week, the Maya community of Jalacte staged a peaceful protest against the inauguration of an Agriculture Learning Center in the village.  The building was constructed by the Ministry [...]

What’s the Update on Uxbenka?
Mis goes on to make a comparison between the recent situation in Jalacte and the existing issue in Santa Cruz where Rupert Myles and residents of that village are presently [...]

Employees Walk Off Job at Museum of Belize
The Museum of Belize was closed for business today, and it isn’t a public and bank holiday. We’re told at least twelve members of staff just did not show up [...]

US Embassy Representatives to Observe General Elections
Finally for pre-election coverage tonight, at least where the Elections and Boundaries Department is concerned, Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai confirmed for us that the election will be observed by [...]

Man Freed 24 Years After Killing his Father
A resident from Teakettle is free of the charge of murder after spending twenty-four years in jail for the killing of his father in 1991. Leroy Arnold was set freed [...]

2 Belize City Men Freed of Kidnapping Charges
Two other men were also freed today after being accused of kidnapping a youth near Faber’s Road. Businessman, Amir Reid and Construction Worker Alexander Lopez, were accused in March of [...]

Police Receive Basic Intelligence Training
A “Basic Intelligence Analysis Training” for officers attached to the Belize Police Department concluded today at the Best Western Biltmore Plaza. The training, which is being coordinated through the Central [...]

Officers Ready to Put Skills Into Practice
While the training is to enhance the criminal justice system, for corporals Jane Usher and Jermaine Hyde of the Belize Police Department, the training will allow them to better their [...]

K.H.M.H. Receives Donation of Incubators
The K.H.M.H. has been boosted significantly this week. Aside from a new wing for pediatric care, the Riverview Rotary Club of Edmonton Canada today donated incubators to the hospital. This [...]


Local Cops Get Training From FBI on Intelligence Analysis
There was a closing ceremony for Basic Intelligence Analysis Training at the Biltmore Plaza for a group of policemen and women of the Belize Police Department. The week long training was provided by the United States Embassy, with training from the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States. Derrick Stivers, an Intelligence Analysis of […]

PUP Demands Access to Proxy Register at Elections and Boundaries
There is a concern coming out of the People’s United Party surrounding the inspection of the Proxy Register. The PUP, in a letter, dated October 27 to the Chief Elections Officer, Josephine Tamai, requested access to the register but were denied immediate access which led to another letter being sent on October 28, that stated, […]

Chief Elections Officer Condemns Allegations by Opposition Party
It is not strange that since the election has been called the main Opposition Party and in some instances, even the ruling UDP have been expressing concerns at how things are being done in the campaigning process and more so, in the area of voters list and registrations. Those concerns have ranged from the recent […]

CWU Sets Record Straight on Social Security Board Negotiations
Yesterday we told you of the reports we had gotten that the SSB workers countrywide would be going on strike as a result of still not being paid their clothing allowance and negotiations with the Board having failed. That information came from a credible source within the SSB, who told us that the action was […]

Economist Report Forecast Victory for the Barrow Administration
A report from the Economist Intelligence Unit has been published online, dated October 23, 2015 as it relates to Belize. The Economist Intelligence Unit or EIU is based in the United Kingdom since 1946 and is said to be an independent business within the Economist Group that provides forecast and advisory services through in-depth research […]

UB Staff and Faculty Association Continue Agitation for Wage Increase
Earlier this week, we told you about the meeting that members of the University of Belize Faculty and Staff Association had in Belmopan in regards to their request for a 14 percent raise in their salaries. The Executive of the Association has been communicating with the President of the University, Allan Slusher, who in a […]


Two Ladyville men get 7 years for attempted robbery
Two Ladyville men, who were remanded to prison when they were arraigned on a charge of attempted robbery, will not come out of prison anytime soon because this afternoon Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith found them guilty and imposed the minimum sentence of 7 years for the offense. Roger Hilton, 27, and Steve Arnold, 32, gained nothing from their attempted robbery of Ian Alexander Holland on May 10, 2015, other than that time, they will now have to spend time behind bars, for attempting to rob a man they have known for over 20 years. In finding them guilty, the Chief Magistrate told the two that the version of events they gave to the court sounded like a fairy tale. And nothing that they said in court could discredit the witnesses for the prosecution, who had given overwhelming evidence against them.

PM Barrow is talking big to Guatemala’s President-elect – or is it election rhetoric?
Prime Minister Dean Barrow made some macho, if not rhetorical, comments today when reporters asked him to comment on the remarks that the Guatemalan President-elect Jimmy Morales had made concerning the revival of his country’s claim to Belize during his presidential campaign. In August, Morales told a Guatemalan reporter who had asked him, “Which Guatemalan historical event do you think is the most deplorable?” In answer to the question, Morales replied, “The most deplorable event – among all the things that have happened in Guatemala. There are certain things that are not spoken about and which I believe we should. Everything that goes contrary to national unity and territorial integrity are things that should hurt us. Something is happening right now, we are about to lose Belize. We have not lost it yet. We still have the possibility of going to the International Court of Justice where we can fight [for] that territory or part of that territory.”

BATSUB! The British answer to Guatemala’s Jimmy Morales!
Exactly one week before Belizeans go to the polls to elect a new government, the British, who had scaled down their operations in Belize in 2011, are back. This time, the British Army Training and Support Unit Belize (BATSUB) are planning a multinational presence with Canadian and United States forces in Belize. The timing of this, however, raises a question, because no reason was given as to why the British could not have waited a mere 7 days until a new government was installed. The Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) Leader Francis Fonseca told Amandala this evening, however, that he is not suspicious about the timing of the announcement, because the British High Commissioner had kept him informed about this for a while now. “We have to see how it will fully materialize, since the British are interested to remain engaged in this part of the world,” Fonseca offered.

Chief Elections Officer denies allegations of “election rigging”
On Tuesday at a press conference at its Independence Hall headquarters, the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) had expressed its concern that proxy ballots are not being handled in a legal manner. That same day, the PUP’s campaign manager for the Cayo Central constituency, Horace Grant, wrote to the Chief Elections Officer, Josephine Tamai, complaining that the United Democratic Party (UDP) Chairman, Alberto August, had demanded that hundreds of proxy ballots be signed at the Elections and Boundaries’ Cayo Central office. In his letter, Grant alleged that, “This is blatant act of corruption and also shows that the Elections and Boundaries is allowing one of the main political parties to control the voting for a general election which is illegal and against democracy.”

Chinese community assists city residents impacted by floods
The Chinese Community of Belize, led by the Belize Chinese Association chairman Edmund Kwan, assisted city residents impacted by the recent low weather system that passed over the country and caused widespread flooding and storm damages in the city, with over $15,000 worth of food and groceries. Kwan told Amandala that packages containing groceries were taken to four different locations in the city, including the Gungulung area in Lake Independence, the Jane Usher Boulevard area, Antelope Street Extension, and Belama Phrase 4. Kwan said that they (the Chinese) are a part of the community and the food distribution initiative is a way of assisting the people in the areas that were most impacted by the flood. The donations were made on Saturday.

Pilot and passengers disappear
A United States-registered Piper PA34 Seneca twin-engine plane that had filed a flight plan to land in Belize two days ago arrived this morning, but instead of landing at the Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA), it mysteriously landed at the Belize City Municipal Airstrip around 5:30 a.m., half an hour before the airstrip opened, and the plane was abandoned by the time authorities arrived to investigate. When Kremandala reporters went to the airstrip around midday, the blue and white aircraft with the number N32218 emblazoned on its fuselage was under police guard and police crime scene technicians were busy processing the exterior of the plane, before a police K9 unit arrived. The commander of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU), Superintendent Mark Flowers, told us that the aircraft was being treated as a crime scene because the plane had landed without the required clearance from Belizean officials. Flowers also confirmed that when they arrived at the airstrip, no one connected to the plane was in sight. Flowers told us, “We have made checks and verified that there was no flight plan for this aircraft to land here.”

2015 T.V. Ramos Cycling Classic on November 15
Football: Here are the results of games in the Rodwell Ferguson Football Tournament that were played at the Pomona New Site football field over the weekend. In Saturday night’s opener, Bowman Valley Rangers and Pomona Sliders ended up in a 1-1 draw. Ryan Gregorio scored for Bowman Valley Rangers, while Jessie Baide scored for Pomona Sliders. In game 2, Silk Grass Southern Strikers and Hope Creek United also ended in a 1-1 tie. Goal scorers were Carlos Medina for Silk Grass, and Jevon Parham for Hope Creek United. T.V. Ramos Cycling Classic: The Dangriga Amateur Cycling Association, in collaboration with the Cycling Federation of Belize, will be hosting its Annual T.V. Ramos Cycling Classic on Sunday, November 15. Last year’s race attracted over 98 cyclists from across the country of Belize, who took part. This year is expected to be bigger and better. Last year’s defending champion was Brandon Cattouse from C-Ray Cycling Team. This year’s race, however, will be in three [3] categories. First will be the Elite category, which will consist of Cross Country riders. That race will start from the Wadani Shed at 10:00 a.m. and head on the Southern Highway to Placencia junction and back to the Wadani Shed. First place gets $500.00; second place, $300.00; third place, $200.00; and fourth place, $100.00. Can Brandon Cattouse regain his title back-to-back?

Bze District U-15 Football Tournament starts Sunday @ MCC
Ever since the end the annual Smart 13&Under Football Tournament in mid-July of this year, young footballers have been anxiously waiting for the start of the long promised U-15, U-17 and U-19 tournaments under the auspices of the district branch association of the Football Federation of Belize (FFB). Unfortunately, there have been some miss-steps by the FFB in getting the defunct Belize District Football Association re-constituted, which has delayed the start of the tournaments. No press releases have yet been made towards the election of a new district association executive, or to invite interested teams across the Belize District who would have liked to enter the various competitions. Nevertheless, today we received the full schedule of the U-15 competition which kicks off this Sunday with 9 teams from Belize City, Ladyville and Hattieville participating.

Verdes loses 8-nil to San Francisco in Panama
Making it to the quarterfinals was already out of the question for Belize’s Verdes FC going into tonight’s final game in the CONCACAF Champions League group stage against San Francisco FC at the Estadio Maracana de Panama. But, after a 2-1 victory at home on September 22, Verdes was looking to end our first venture into this prestigious regional tournament on a good note; if not a victory, at least a respectable loss. It was neither. Unfortunately for Verdes and their praying fans back home in the Jewel, a disturbing pattern continued where, after a good showing at home, our team received a big score on foreign soil. After drawing 0-0 with Queretaro FC of Mexico at the FFB Stadium on August 18, Verdes promptly fell to Queretaro by an 8-0 margin on September 17 in Queretaro, Mexico. That was at high altitude; approximately 6,000 feet above sea level. Verdes promptly returned home, regrouped, and dealt the visiting San Francisco FC of Panama a 2-1 surprise a few days later on September 22 at our FFB Stadium. Panama would not be at high altitude like Mexico, so there were high hopes for Verdes going into tonight’s return match a month later; but those hopes were dashed early, as San Francisco came out blazing, taking a 1-0 lead at the 3rd minute, and adding 3 more by half-time, on their way to an 8-0 shelling, to match the score dealt Verdes by Queretaro.

FFB calls Female U-17 players for World Cup Qualifiers in Nov
The Under 17 (U17) Female World Cup Qualifiers is scheduled to take place from November 11 to 15, 2015, in Honduras. The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) hereby calls the following players to camp, which will be held on weekends at the FFB Stadium in Belmopan: Players are: Shardee Lozano; Jayda Lynn Brown; Lisandra Elizabeth Novelo; Kenisha Jones; Marcia Ara; Cesia Alvarado; Jerlin Salazar; Blanca Ryes; Amber Ryannie Gongora; Ashley Janely Rodriguez; Alyssa Ruth Ashley Grant; Shandy Niesha Vernon; Viviannie Izamar Pivaral; Renai Augustin; Vailene Rashawn Lambert; Shantel Brendaley Robinson; Yakzari Marie James; Keanna Nailea Cabanas; Wareyni Diane Gillett; Deedrah Diaz; Kate Jones; Gabriela Cowo; Ada Abigail Cordova; Shari Simone Pandy; Zandra Jozie Juji Phoebe Whittaker. Eighteen (18) players will be subsequently chosen to participate in the tournament.

Editorial: The Brits “intervene,” or is it “interfere”?
Exactly one week before general elections in Belize, the only British Commonwealth country on the Central American mainland, the British know exactly what they have done here. This is a military announcement at a precise time when it will have a political impact in Belize. On Tuesday of this week, Prime Minister Dean Barrow had spoken scathingly of Guatemalan President-elect Jimmy Morales, disrespectfully referring to him as a “neophyte,” with specific reference to Morales’ aggressive statements about “recovering” Belize for Guatemala. Mr. Barrow’s Tuesday remarks had been a noticeable change of direction where this United Democratic Party (UDP) administration’s posture towards Guatemala was concerned. For almost the whole of this year, the Barrow government has been backpedaling on all the Guatemalan incidents and Guatemalan statements which have taken place since late February of 2015. So much has this backpedaling been the case that the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) has seized on it to focus on the Barrow administration’s appeasement attitude toward Guatemala as a prominent feature of their general election campaign.

“The prisoner and the priest”
Dear Editor, In the early 1990’s, as a personal interest, I began doing research on the murder of a Catholic parish priest in Benque Viejo del Carmen which occurred in 1961, a case that, according to the existent records, was never resolved. I was particularly drawn by a letter in the issue of The Amandala dated September 20, 2015 and reprinted on September 27, alluding most certainly to this case. After all, only one priest has been killed in Benque Viejo’s history. I am moved to respond to the content of this letter given the statements the writer makes, which has stirred much concern among the people in the community of Benque Viejo where this unhappy episode is still alive. It is my intention, therefore, to address those allegations made with the purpose of setting the record right.

“I hold out high hopes”
Dear Editor, Please permit me to voice my opinion on a topic of concern. If you can remember, on May 18, 2009, we had a horrible experience at our main hospital here in Punta Gorda. I wish to follow up with another incident that has recently happened again here in our Punta Gorda Hospital. I normally wouldn’t write on the birth of our child but after the recent birth of our son, I just felt that I had to write this letter to thank all those wonderful nurses who are trying so hard to do a good job in our wonderful Belize. If you remember, on May 18, 2009, it was a horribly traumatic experience for my whole family and yet I am content in my heart that we did not sue and deplete the coffers of money our hospitals are so in need of. Now if I can take you to September 30, 2015. I believe that in life we are given a chance by our wonderful Creator to help right wrongs that happened in the past. This, in my opinion, is what happened on September 30.

The illegal border crossing at Bullet Tree
Dear Editor, Residents of Bullet Tree live in a beautiful community which should be safe and secure for people of all ages. For the past few years the calm of this village has been disturbed by trucks of all sizes and other vehicles making illegal border crossings during the day and especially at night via an unmarked dirt road which passes by the Bullet Tree police station. Vehicles stolen in Belize, including government vehicles, are driven on this road to Guatemala never to be seen by their owners again. There are no checkpoints on this road. Vehicles have been seen by residents of Bullet Tree changing license plates from Guatemala to Belize before proceeding into Bullet Tree village. No cargoes are checked for safety and no taxes are collected from these vehicles. To date it appears that the police, Belize military and politicians have not intervened to close this illegal road. It would not be difficult to construct a barrier across the road which would staunch the illegal entry and exit of vehicles at the border and help keep the peace and protect the citizens of Bullet Tree village.

Belize going bananas!
Belize’s exports this September were up by a remarkable 23.2% over the value of exports last September, with the traditional exports from the agriculture and fisheries sectors netting the country over $30 million—a third of the earnings coming from bananas, according to information just released by the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB). Crude oil did not factor among the country’s leading exports. The total value of the country’s domestic exports for September was $36 million, while last September saw exports netting the country $29.2 million in earnings. Although September was a bright spot in the year, the SIB reports that merchandise exports for the period January to September totaled $439.3 million, down 12.5 percent or $62.2 million from the same period last year. The SIB said that, “Diminished sales for three of Belize’s major exports, crude petroleum, marine products and citrus concentrate, led to the downturn over the nine-month period. However, banana and sugar grew steadily from January to September, with banana sales rising from $72 million in 2014 to $77 million in 2015 (roughly 7%) and sugar from $109 million to $113 million (roughly 3%).”

KHMH gets new Pediatric & Neonatal Ward
The Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is the latest addition to the Karl Heusner Memorial, and inaugural ceremonies for the facility were held today. Speeches that noted the significance of the occasion were delivered by Dr. Peter Allen, CEO of the Ministry of Health; Dr. Adrian Coye, CEO of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital; Imani Fairweather-Morrison, Program Officer of the Oak Foundation, and Kim Simplis-Barrow, Special Envoy for Women and Children. Dr. Allen recalled that at one point in the past, up to fifty percent of critically ill “neonate babies” did not survive; however, he noted that today neonatal mortality is down, and he remarked on the better chances for survival that such babies will have as a result of the opening of the Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

OAS Deploys Electoral Observation Mission to Belize
The Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS/EOM) to the November 4 general elections in Belize began its deployment today. The delegation, headed by Ambassador Jacinth Henry-Martin, Chief of Staff to OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro, is comprised of 13 observers from 11 countries (Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Barbados, Bolivia, El Salvador, France, Mexico, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago and the United States). The first members of the Mission arrived in Belize on October 27.

Deflation of -0.7%, as prices fall everywhere except the south
Today, a gallon of premium gasoline is down to $8.58 in Belize City, a dollar lower than it was the same time last month, giving consumers a substantial ease, as anticipated during this pre-election season. All-in-all though, consumer prices have been on a downward trend nationally, with the first nine months of this year recording an inflation rate of negative 0.9 percent and September recording deflation in all municipalities with the exception of the southernmost municipalities of Dangriga and Punta Gorda, according to the latest report from the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB). “The price of all three types of fuel fell considerably in comparison to September 2014, with prices of premium and regular gasoline down by about 16 percent and 24 percent, respectively. Diesel recorded the highest decline of 32 percent, compared to last September. The decline in fuel prices was the major factor contributing to a 7 percent decline in the ‘Transport’ index,” the SIB said.

Decomposed American man found in apartment
The body of an American man, Delbert Wayne Fenn, 50, of Alaska, U.S.A., living in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, was found in an advanced state of decomposition in his apartment at about 10:30 Tuesday morning. Police went to the Cloisters Condominium located north of San Pedro, where the stench of decomposing human flesh from apartment #102 had become unbearable. Upon entering the apartment, police saw the body of a man lying face-down in a pool of blood. The body was identified as that of Delbert Wayne Fenn, an American who was a retired deep-water diver. At that time there was no sign of physical violence on the body. A post-mortem exam was carried out by Doctor Mario Estradabran, police pathologist, who determined the cause of Fenn’s death to be exsanguinations due to external bleeding resulting from an apparent stab wound to the right shoulder and right posterior forearm.

The Reporter

Fourth edition of INVEST Belize due Monday
The fourth edition of the INVEST Belize Magazine will be introduced on Monday, through a collaborative effort of The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) and McNab Publishing Limited. The business and investment-focused publication targets top industry players and business professionals. Since its first volume, the Invest Belize Magazine has aggressively and continuously endeavoured to market the best products. This fourth edition, according to thr government’s Press Office, will feature investments in the rapidly growing tourism market. It has a starting circulation of 7, 500 copies, distributed at worldwide business hubs, all Belizean embassies, international and national trade shows, international business meets, and high-end resorts country-wide.

Stakeholders partner up for child cancer care
This week the Ministry of Health and the Belize Cancer Society formed an alliance with Mexico, to help child cancer patients in Belize receive treatment. The MoH and BCS signed the agreement with the Ministry of Health of Merida, Yucatan, on Thursday at the Mexican Embassy […]

US authorities find railroad drug tunnel at border with Mexico
Smugglers on the U.S.-Mexico border have become so sophisticated in moving drugs that one “super tunnel” raided this week featured a railway. The tunnel stretched the length of eight football fields, from a Tijuana warehouse to a San Diego warehouse, and had a rail system, lighting, electricity, and metal beams […]

First ever FIFA 1-Star-approved synthetic field to be completed by year’s end
The first ever stadium with a FIFA 1-Star-approved synthetic turf and perimeter warm up track is expected to be ready for use by the end of this year. Director of the Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL) Christy Mastry told the Reporter this week that the reconstructed […]

Election rigging rumors blaze
United Democratic Party (UDP) Chairman Alberto August rejected the allegation that he and the Chief Election Officer coerced an Election &Boundaries registrar to sign 100’s of blank proxy documents. People’s United Party (PUP) Cayo Central Campaign Manager Horace Grant, this week made the allegation […]

First Caribbean employees protest
Unionized employees of First Caribbean International Bank took to strike action this week after negotiations with the bank broke down. On Thursday, union members from the Dangriga, Belmopan, and Belize City branches assembled in front of the bank’s Albert Street branch in protest, while the […]

A BECOL secret agreement?
The People’s United Party (PUP) this week released 10 pages of a document, which it described as a “secret agreement” that Dean Barrow, in his capacity as Prime Minister, signed with Fortis as part of the government’s overall settlement to rcquire Belize Electricity Limited.  For […]

The three days of rain which flooded Belize City earlier this month provided a foretaste of what is to come if global warming continues to contribute to rising sea levels. Belize City is not below sea level, but when the ocean tide is high, it raises the level of the […]

Guatemala’s new president renews claim to Belize
Jimmy Morales, a former Guatemalan comedian who has publicly said he thinks Guatemala should actively pursue its claim to Belize, emerged as that country’s president on Sunday after a sweeping victory over his only rival, former Guatemalan first lady, Sandra Torres. Morales won by […]

Watchdog commission warns about false claimssize
The International Financial Services Commission of Belize (IFSC), last week, published a warning against Maxim Capital Limited, a suspicious company which claims to be licensed by the Belize financial regulator. The company, also known as Maxim Trader, offers foreign exchange (Forex) services to clients […]

Belize gets US $134,000 for water sector resiliency
The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has approved a US $134,000 technical assistance grant to Belize to help make the country’s water supply less vulnerable to climate change impacts. “Investing in the water sector is critical to the economic and social development of our borrowing […]

Barrow to Guat President: “Belize will not be bullied!”
Soon after it was established that the newly-elected president of Guatemala is Jimmy Morales – a man who has publicly advocated that his country should seek to reclaim Belize – Prime Minister Dean Barrow, approaching the end of his term, sounded a clear warning […]

Belize raises concern over shady foreign exchange company
Belize has issued another international advisory about a sus-picious foreign exchange company, falsely claiming to be registered in the country. Several months after Panteon-Finance made it to the “black list” of Russia’s Forex organization, Belize’s financial markets regulator also voiced its concerns over the […]

Bag of passports found last week is no sinister attempt to steal elections – PM Barrow
The bag of passports found last week inside a business establishment in San Ignacio, was not a part of any sinister attempt by the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) to allow illegitimate people to vote in Wednesday’s General Elections says Prime Minister Dean Barrow. […]

Family seeks assistance for youngest Belizean lymphoma patient
The Bowden family from San Pedro Town is seeking public assistance for their 13-year-old son, Sean Bowden, the youngest Mediastinal Lymphoma patient in Belize who is hospitalized at the Pediatric Intesive Care Unit (PICU) of the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). “When they told me […]

Institutional Strengthening planned for Tax regimes
EDC: Trade and Tax Regime being reviewed Over the years, the acknowledgement that small businesses are the “backbone of an economy” has virtually become a cliché of sorts, as there have been no shortage of reports or officials extending this reassurance of significance to the private-sector. However, to the Economic […]

GSU raids homes in San Jose, Orange Walk! Did a politician dispatch the terror squad?
Why did GSU officers descend on three homes in the northern village of San Jose, Orange Walk District, at 4:30 a.m. Sunday? The families terrorized by the early morning raids allege that the elite squad’s visit was a pre-election intimidation tactic. GSU Commander Mark Flowers, however, claims that they were […]

Three beat murder charges
Three Belize City men accused of the murder of Belize Defense Force (BDF) soldier James Noralez were given their freedom on Wednesday morning, after Judge Troadio “John” Gonzalez delivered a “No Case to Answer” ruling. Evidence produced placed defendants Tyrone Meighan, 22, Orel Leslie, 27, […]

Beater gets 5 years for mauling mate
Thomas Card is spending time in jail for beating his former-common law wife unconscious on the street. He is to serve a five-year sentence, which is to run concurrently with three-years of jail time that he got on Monday at the Belize Family Court, for […]

The Belize Times

On Wednesday, November 4th, the people of Belize will finally have a real opportunity to stand up to Guatemala and defend Belize’s territorial integrity when they go the polls and elect leaders who are prepared to put the interest of Belize first. Belizean voters will also have a real opportunity to get rid of a treacherous Government, led by a passive and pretentious Prime Minister and a compromised and delirious Foreign Minister, Dean Barrow and Sedi Elrington, who have accommodated Guatemala in every way possible over the last eight years. Guatemala’s threat is very real. The continuous encroachment and clearing of precious Belizean forest by Guatemalan civilians along the Western Border has gone unimpeded. Their damaging tracks are all over the Chiquibul and Sarstoon Temash National Park. Their military has adopted an even more aggressive policy over Belize’s territory. On August 16, it was confirmed to the nation that the UDP Government had capitulated to Guatemala’s military occupation of the Sarstoon River and Sarstoon Island. This became evident when the Government not only discouraged the citizens’ group,

GOB sells Caye land to Elvin Penner & family
The Lands Ministry has become a piñata of sweet deals for UDP cronies and the family and close friends of the Minister of Natural Resources and Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega. Even some of the most corrupt UDPs have benefitted. Documents leaked by the Lands Ministry show that earlier this year passport Elvin Penner and his family were sold large tracts of land including special caye land in the Turneffe Islands. Penner, according to one of the documents, was sold 36.17 acres of land in the Mountain Pine Ridge area. His mother, Lena Penner, was also sold Mountain Pine Ridge land, a total of 37.60 acres. Even Penner’s father, Edward, benefitted from a land deal. He purchased 10.07 acres of land on the Turneffe Islands. The document shows that the land first valued at $65,000 was sold at $26,000.

Barrow’s Secret BEL Deal
In June of 2011 the Government of Belize announced a decision to acquire the majority shares in BEL then held by Fortis Inc. of Canada as part of its stated policy to ensure that the major utility companies in Belize including BEL and BTL would be majority owned by Government purportedly on behalf of the Belizean people. At the time, the excuse used was that GOB wanted control of BELIZE in order to “protect consumers and bring down the cost of electricity to consumer, and also avoid the prospect of blackouts. GOB also claimed to be doing so because BEL was in a cash crunch and they were concerned about its viability”. After the seizure of the BEL shares, Barrow’s GOB adamantly refused for years to deal with the compensation. But on August 31, 2015 with great fanfare and ceremony, the PM announced that he had, seemingly singlehandedly, solved the vexing question of compensation to Forts for the acquisition of their shares in BEL.

Making Youth & Culture Priorities!
PUP Leader Francis Fonseca committed to making youth development and cultural advancement priorities in his Government, at the launching of “Agenda For Now”, a youth and culture agenda presented by the Belize Youth Movement, the PUP youth arm. “I say to the young people across this nation. The next PUP Government will respect you, we will work with you and we will deliver for you,” declared the PUP leader when he addressed a spirited group of BYM members and supporters who came to the event. BYM leaders including the National President Alberto Vellos, Chief of Staff Micah Goodin, and member Esmeralda Luna presented on the youth agenda, along with the Party’s youngest Standard Bearer Josue Carballlo. Teacher and Artist, Yasser Musa, and artist/social activist Katie Usher presented on the culture agenda.

Think About It
A private lawyer is the sole witness to Dean Barrow’s arrogant and illegal deed regarding his special accommodation agreement with Fortis. Denys Barrow secretly signing as witness for Dean Barrow-Prime Minister. It’s a slight twist of the phrase: whom the Gods wish to destroy… Dean Barrow cannot remain the Prime Minister of Belize. His dastardly deeds stink to high heaven. Belizeans should have been warned, from early 2008 when the man became power mad. He was above the law. He was above being accountable. On becoming Prime Minister in 2008, Mr. Barrow had no goals, no vision for the people of Belize. It was always just about him. One of his first acts was to champion the oil companies in a big, big way. Within weeks of becoming Prime Minister, little Mr. Barrow from tiny Belize was in Washington taking plots with none other than George Bush, President of the United States.

Forward to Victory
The 2015 General Elections are less than a week away and there is an anticipatory flash of excitement as the people seem riled up and ready to vote. It is as if people were just waiting for this day when they could freely express their discontent and rid the country of this tyrant that currently lords over us. There is a palpable sense of unity and hope and the people are obviously looking forward to better days ahead. If I was to hazard a prediction, I would say that this time around, Belize will see one of the highest voter turnouts ever. Over the past couple of months the People’s United Party had been steadily gathering momentum, but once the elections were called, things really started coming together quickly. Dissenting factions put their differences aside and folks, who would not ordinarily even discuss politics, began coming out in full force to show their support. In retrospect, the countrywide Power to the People tour has turned out to be timely and strategic; it was well received and hugely successful at every stop. The writing is on the wall!

Barrow Haf Fi Go!
Dean Barrow’s “farewell” remarks this said it all, and showed it all. The normally bombastic, braggadocios Mr. Barrow was looked haggard and subdued. He forced a small smile and then reality check set it. He answered the question by saying “well, if I am going, I will go out smiling”. Yes, smiling. After all the millions and after making sure his ex-wife, his wife, his son, his daughter, his brother and his nieces and nephews are all millionaires. He can afford to smile while lounging on a beach at his favourite travel destination, Miami. But in the streets of Belize and across the highways and bi-ways of the districts and villages, poverty is rampant at 48 percent of our people. If there is one most shameful legacy of eight years of self-enrichment by the Government Ministers, presided over by the arrogant Dean Barrow, it is the deep poverty of the majority of Belizeans.

SCA girls lead volleyball final
St. Catherine’s Academy girls dominated the Belize High School girls 3-0 in the 1st Central Division volleyball championship finals at Bird’s Isle on Monday, October 26. The SCA girls won 25-17, 25 – 17, 25 – 10 over the BHS girls. Game 2 of the Finals is set for Wednesday, October 28, with a 3red game on Friday, if necessary. Results: 1st Preston Martinez – 1:43.53 2nd Kent Gabourel 3rd Isaiah Willacey – Team F.T.Williams – 1st ‘B’ rider – 1:45.54. 4th Warren Coye – Team Santino’s 5th Robert Mariano – Team DigiCell 4G 6th Jack Sutherland – Team DigiCell 4G 7th Fitzgerald “Palas” Joseph – Team Lampaz – 1:46.56.

Team Kulture Megabytes dominates Weekend Warriors race
Team Kulture Megabytes’ Preston Martinez and Kent “Bob” Gabourel dominated the Weekend Warriors Cycling Club’s A division 40-mile race from Rockville to the top of Busman Arnold Hill at Mile 63.5 on the George Price Highway on Sunday morning; while Isaiah Willacey of Team F.T. Williams won the B Division, and Elden “Stone Jam” Hyde won the 30-mile C Division race from La Democracia.

Rigo Vellos wins 4th Mr. Belize title
Rigo Vellos of Spartan Gym in Corozal Town won his 4th consecutive Mr. Belize title in a heated competition held by the Belize Bodybuilding & Body Fitness Federation (BBBFF) last Saturday night, besting upcoming challengers. Neal Gordon Gym star bodybuilder Oyinkro Akpobodor was 2nd place, and Edgar Carballo, claimed 3rd place. Three international judges from the Central American Bodybuilding Federation were invited to judge the competition to ensure that the officiating would be impartial and to forestall any suggestions of biased judging. Novice Division 1st prize – M’wafrica Haynes (Neal & Gordon’s Gym) 2nd prize – Barry Castillo 3rd prize – Abu Se-Say (BBBFF Gym) Men’s Physique 1st prize – Auriel Lewis (Neal & Gordon’s Gym) 2nd prize – Andrew Shen (Body 2000) 3rd prize – Dilfio Arnoldo Toledo (Neal & Gordon’s Gym)

GSU raids homes of PUP supporters in OW North
The notorious and chancey Gang Suppression Unit is being used to do the bidding of their political bosses. Over the weekend, a gang of GSU officers conducted an early morning raid of several homes in San Jose Village, a strong-hold community for the People’s United Party in the Orange Walk North constituency. What was the motive? Political intimidation. This occurred on Sunday morning, a day the good people of the community dedicate to attending church and singing praises. But the start of the sacred day was interrupted by the sound of heavy boots and witnessing armed military-dressed men forcing their way into one’s homes. One of the homes visited is that of Pedrito Teck. “When I opened my window they told me not to move, to put my hands on the window. They were kicking the door. They told me to open the door, but I asked them how I was going to open it if they told me not to move and to put my hands on the window. So they told me to let my wife open it."

A New Leader for Belize Rural North
A politician who represents the old ways in Belize Rural North will not do say Major Lloyd Jones, who will be the new Area Representative for the division. Today, the MAJA as his executive members calls him was officially nominated at 10:00 hours to Contest the 2915 general election. He is going up against the incumbent UDP Edmond Clear the Land Castro a two-term corrupt politician who is seeking a third term, and a new comer to Belizean politics, Shawn Nicholas a Union Activist representing the BPP.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Kidnapping charges dropped
Businessman 41 year old Amir Reid and construction worker 23 year old Alexander Lopez are free of kidnapping charges tonight after their alleged victim, Abel Lara Jr., told police in an additional statement that he would not pursue further court action against the two. Reid and Lopez, also […]

Mentally ill murder accused freed
He was accused of killing his own father in the village of Teakettle, Cayo District, nearly a quarter century ago. But 45 year old Leroy Arnold is a free man tonight after appearing today in the Supreme Court. When he was 19 years old according to court and […]

Teenager sent to jail over missed court date
We rarely report on matters taking place at the Belize Family Court due to restrictions on reporting on minors whether victim or culprit. But the court itself is under scrutiny after a Magistrate decided to send a 17 year old junior college student to the Central Prison because […]

CCJ delivers partial damages for Maya in land rights case
On the heels of the historic admission in April by consent order between the Government of Belize and the Maya Leaders Alliance (MLA) that the Maya system of customary land tenure gives rise to property rights within the meaning of the Constitution of Belize and an order that […]

'The Economist' predicts election win for Barrow, UDP
International economic magazine, ‘The Economist’, based in London has predicted, in its fourth quarter review of Belize that Prime Minister Dean Barrow and his United Democratic Party (UDP) will win a third consecutive election to remain in power as the country’s government. According to The Economist, the Barrow’s popularity and firm grip on […]

PM Barrow writes to President-elect Jimmy Morales
A letter from the office of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, sent congratulations to the new President of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales, on behalf of the government and people of Belize. The letter further states that Belize wishes only to live in peace and harmony with its neighbors and that over the […]

Harvest for Kids on November 7th
Supporting the children of Belize, “Harvest for Kids” is inviting the general public to its new harvest of soybeans on Saturday, November 7th at Northern Community Lands, Blue Creek in the Orange Walk District. A release from the organization thanks God for allowing the soybeans to grow despite the very […]

Ministry of Sports launches new ‘Mexico’ stadium
A new multipurpose sports building was launched yesterday at the Marion Jones Stadium in Belize City, which will be funded by the government of Mexico as was agreed upon in 2012. The Mexican Ambassador to Belize, Carlos Quesnel, said that this project will not only involve the design and construction […]

The Gang Suppression Unit accused of allegedly political corruption
The Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) of the Belize Police Department has come under fire with allegations of political corruption that have been circulating since the beginning of this week. It is alleged that members of the GSU have been raiding homes of well-known People’s United Party (PUP) supporters in Orange […]

Jalacte residents protest over use of communal land, says GOB didn’t consult with them
A large group of residents from Jalacte village in the Toledo District, gathered to protest yesterday, October 29th, against the construction of an Agriculture Learning Center on their communal lands without consultation. The villagers are upset because they say that the Government of Belize (GOB) failed to ask for approval […]


Ambergris Caye: First the Sargasso and Now Trash? Our Sea Should Be #1
Just after last week’s storm, the beaches were clear and fresh. Seaweed/algae had been swept away and so had a whole bunch of sand. But as the winds righted themselves and the ocean calmed, the sargassum came in with a fury and then…freaking TRASH! One day thousands of bottles and then the next…hunks of foam and styrofoam. Here is an area about 4 miles north…a beach that has been left “natural”. (It is not raked on a daily or even weekly basis.) In some areas, like coves or beach fronts that have been dredged or have holding structures, the seaweed piles up for 10s of feet. I decided to do some forensic work… Blame doesn’t really help that much. We have our own litter problems in Belize. All I know is that this is a massive mess. And the sargasso is a problem that we (and the entire Caribbean basin) have been battling for over a year now. We need a plan. And our government should be looking VERY closely at one – I think we should demand it.

How to Survive Trick or Treating this Halloween
Trick or Treat…. Give me something nice to eat! These words will fill the air in Belize on Halloween night as children around the world will be prancing around in scary, cute, cool and fun costumes. Whatever the costume is, it’s almost a guarantee that this Halloween will be scary, fun or a delicious mix of the two for those trick or treating. While the fear on Halloween night is often associated with ghosts and other ghoulish creatures for trick-or-treaters, for adults, Halloween events like trick or treating can be a little nerve racking for completely different reasons. For this reason, I have compiled our top seven (7) tips on how you and your family can survive trick or treating this year.

Keeping fitness in mind on vacation
I was recently contacted by Andi Swigart on Facebook page, she wanted to know if there was a gym on the island so her family could exercise while on vacation. I told her about the two gyms and decided to give her some good island style options. Just as many people like to embrace local food and culture, embracing local exercise classes can be just as fun – especially if you are coming from a cold climate. Since I already had this post in the works, I asked Andy if she would not mind saying a few words about why vacation exercise was important. Our family was overjoyed when my husband made the announcement we would be going on a Belize vacation for Christmas this year! As the date approaches I have to say I’m a little anxious thinking about staying fit while we’re there. We have worked hard to get in shape and have embraced exercise and cleaner eating into our lives. Some of my friends of course roll their eyes when I mention this but it really is that important to me! After contacting tacogirl my mind is put at ease with all of the options of exercise and fitness that are available in Belize. From SUP (stand up paddle boarding) to Pilates and aqua aerobics AND just knowing there are two fitness centers available we are so excited to embrace our holiday vacation knowing that we don’t have to bring unwanted pounds home! My special thanks to tacogirl, we can’t wait to get there and I doubt will want to leave!

Dr. Pepper Roast For Your Crockpot
Ingredients 4 lb Shoulder Roast 1 can Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup 2 cans Campbell’s cream of potato soup 2 cups Dr. Pepper 1 package Lipton onion soup mix 1/2 – 1 tsp. Tony’s Creole Seasoning (depending on how spicy you want it)

A beautiful Belize sunrise doesn’t mean you’re going to have a great day
Some days, nothing goes right but everything is OK. Like today. Let’s say that I no longer look at a gorgeous sunrise as a good omen. There are just too many of them and they seem to hold no sway whatsoever on the day’s events. Like today. Beautiful sunrise. Then it was all downhill. The first thing I did was set out to walk downtown to pick up my golf cart. It was in the same shop for the fourth time since last Friday and each time it came back progressively worse than before. I dunno. Call me an optimist. This time, the guys said, it was fixed. They ran it for 10 minutes and it didn’t conk out. Little bells went off in my head (“Ask him if they drove it for 10 minutes, because that’s when it was conking out — like about every 100 yards.”)

International Sourcesizz

British taxpayers fork out £45m in foreign aid to paradise islands that charge NO TAX
BRITISH taxpayers forked out £45million in foreign aid spending to countries classed as tax havens in just one year, it emerged today. Nations such as Belize, Marshall Islands, Seychelles and Vanautu - which are all included on a European Commission 'blacklist' of international tax havens - have all received cash handouts from the UK Government. Under a controversial new law introduced by the Prime Minister, Britain is legally obliged to spend 0.7 per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on foreign aid spending. However, critics of the foreign aid commitment reacted with fury after it was revealed millions are being handed over to countries that set minimal or even zero tax rates. An investigation by the Independent found that, for example, more than £1.8million of UK cash was given to the paradise Caribbean island of Anguilla in 2013. This is despite the nation - which has an estimated population of less than 15,000 - charging no income, capital gains or any other form of direct taxes on residents or companies, with it described as a "zero-tax jurisdiction".

CCJ grants historic constitutional relief to Maya people
The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) on Friday delivered its decision in The Maya Leaders Alliance et al v the Attorney General of Belize [2015] CCJ 15 (AJ), finding that the government of Belize breached the appellants’ right to protection of the law. The appeal was brought by 25 appellants who are members of the Maya community of the Toledo District. The appellants have been fighting for recognition and protection of Maya land rights before international courts and the courts of Belize during the last 20 years or so. Their appeal before the CCJ arose out of litigation precipitated by an incursion onto farm lands in the Golden Stream village by Francis Johnson, now deceased. While this appeal was being heard by the CCJ in Belize, the appellants and the government entered into a consent order on April 22, 2015, which recognised that the Maya system of customary land tenure gives rise to property rights within the meaning of the constitution of Belize.


  • 29th October, 2015 Rise and Shine Guest Belize business Bureau, 65min. Guests of Belize business Bureau discuss their manifesto for 2015 general Elections in Belize

  • Protect Belize, 1min. I love Belize. We all know the value of Belize’s marine environment. We depend on the sea every day for our food, our jobs and way of life. We need a beautiful, healthy sea. We want you to protect Belize from the devastating reality of offshore oil. We are doing our part. But now it’s your turn. We’ve trusted you with the power to represent all of us; the people. Please listen. Listen to the sea. Listen to science. Listen to common sense. Offshore oil is a really bad idea. The time to act is now. Please protect my future; your future; our future. Say no to offshore oil, Belize.

  • Beat a Pan, Not a Man - UNICEF Belize: Genesis of the PANDEMONIUM Steel Ban, 11min. Please take a look at this awesome short video that explains the genesis of the PANDEMONIUM Steel Band that is being coordinated by NICH's Institute of Creative Arts. The short documentary "Beat a Pan, Not a Man" is about a UNICEF supported initiative implemented by RESTORE Belize and the Belize National Institute of Culture and History. The video tells the story about the Pandemonium Steel Band, and how it helps young people from Belize City escape their violent environment and instead play music, have fun and learn a new skill.

  • Diving Off San Pedro, Belize, 3min.

  • Belize Trip Day 7 and 8 2015, 25min. Exploring on a golf cart in Belize and traveling back to the U.S. from the Belize International airport.

  • Northern Waterthrush, 1/2min. Filmed at Chan Chich Lodge, Belize, April, 2015.

  • PSAST Project - Belize (Primary Schools Art Skills Training - Belize), 4min.

  • Belize - Destino del Mes buentrip, 4min.

  • Diving the Blue Hole, Belize, 6min.

  • Half Moon Caye, Lighthouse Atoll Belize, 7min.

  • Belize Water Entrance to the Underworld 1080p, 3min. Belize Water Entrance to the Underworld is a sinkhole that begins in about 30 ft. of water, and which drops all the way down to 130 ft. and is a domed chamber of 150 ft across

  • Diving Half Moon Caye Wall, Lighthouse Atoll Belize, 8min.

  • Bird Island, Belize 2015, 2min. Bird Island, Belize, Amna, Liz, Heather, Danny, Fred, Donnie, July, 2015.

  • Belize - October 2015, 5min.

    October 30, 2015


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    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Editorial: Does your candidate fit this criteria?
    Deciding which candidate to vote into office is simply a matter of party affiliation for many people. Others, however, cast their votes based on specific characteristics they look for in their candidate of choice. So what are the qualities or characteristics good political leaders should possess? Here are the top five characteristics of some of the world’s most successful political leaders. How does your candidate compare?

    Belize Rural South Standard Bearers participate in historic debates
    On Friday, October 23rd, the three candidates contesting for Area Representative of Belize Rural South participated in the 2015 Standard Bearer Debate in San Pedro Town. Organized by The San Pedro Sun and Reef TV, the debate was held at the Sunbreeze Conference Room at 7PM. The three contestants answered a series of questions addressing issues affecting the community. The invitation only event was simultaneously aired on Reef TV/Radio on Channel 20 and Reef Radio at 92.3 FM to allow the public the opportunity to watch/listen to the debate. Participants included José “Elito” Arceo of the People’s United Party (PUP), José Manuel Heredia of the United Democratic Party (UDP) and Robert “Bobby” Lopez of the Belize Progressive Party (BPP).

    Guatemala’s new President, Jimmy Moralez to pursue territorial dispute
    Moralez made the territorial claim a major part his campaign platform. In an address, he indicated that “Belize is Guatemalan territory” and he will “not let the opportunity pass to get a beautiful connection to the Caribbean Sea”. Now elected, Moralez will pursue the territorial dispute and ensure that a decision is finally made by taking the issue to the International Court of Justice. “Why do we forget Belize? Until just a few years ago, the Constitution of Guatemala said that Belize is Guatemalan Territory. We still have a territorial dispute, without any intentions to fight with our brothers and neighbors, but with the intention and desire to say that we should not waste or give up one centimeter of our land, one centimeter of our water, one centimeter of that that unites us through history and heritage,” said Moralez (translated from Spanish to English). In response to Moralez, Prime Minister of Belize Dean Barrow has stated, “Belize will not be bullied” by the Guatemalan Government. “Congratulations are due to him.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    OAS deploys electoral observation mission to Belize
    The electoral observation mission of the Organization of American States (OAS/EOM) to the November 4 general elections in Belize began its deployment on Wednesday. The delegation, headed by Ambassador Jacinth Henry-Martin, chief of staff to OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro, is comprised of 13 observers from 11 countries (Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Barbados, Bolivia, El Salvador, France, Mexico, St Kitts and Nevis, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago and the United States). The first members of the mission arrived in Belize on October 27. The mission will focus its observation on electoral organization and other issues in the electoral process. It will also gather information about the status of the recommendations made in the last OAS/EOM to Belize in 2012.

    Ministry Of Health and Embassy of El Salvador – Free Medical Service
    The Ministry of Health in cooperation with the Embassy of El Salvador will be providing Free Medical Services at the Western Regional Hospital, Valley of Peace, San Martin and surrounding communities. Doctors from El Salvador will be present to provide services which include Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Pediatrics, Dental, General Medical Services, Laboratory, Pharmacy and X- ray services. The medical team will include 7 general practitioners, 3 dentists, 1 pediatrician, 1 gynecologist and 1 psychologist. Residents of Belmopan and surrounding communities are invited to take advantage of this free medical assistance made possible by the Ministry of Health and Officials at the Embassy of El Salvador. The Salvador medical doctors will be present at the Western Regional Hospital from October 30th to November 1st, 2015 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). For more information contact Mr. Kevin Bautista at the Ministry of Health at 822-2497; Melinda Guerra, regional manager at 601-8652 or 828-84532.

    Dia del los Muertos
    Monday Nov. 2nd, Belmopan City, Embassy of Mexico 6pm. Belize City, Institute of Mexico, 6pm. Free Entrance.

    Our Lady of Guadalupe School altar
    As part of the Hanal Pixan Altar Competition which was held here at the House of Culture in October 2013.

    SHJC Dean's List Awards
    Sacred Heart Junior College had their Dean's List ceremony. Lots of smiles there, as Dean Fermin Magana handed out the awards. Well done students, and future leaders of Belize! "Dean's List, Tour Guiding and Customer Service Certificate Presentation. Congrats!! You guys make SHJC proud"

    Health Agreement Signed with Merida - Cancer Treatment for Children
    The Ministry of Health and the Belize Cancer Society today signed an agreement with the Ministry of Health of Merida, Yucatan for the treatment of children with cancer from Belize. The agreement will allow children under the age of 18 to access treatment services in Merida once they have been referred by the Belize Cancer Society and the Ministry of Health - with costs being covered through the generous grant recently provided by the Social Security Board for this purpose. Treatments available under this - first of its kind - agreement include: specialist consultations, hospitalization, chemotherapy, biopsy, imaging including CT scans and ultrasound and other treatments for children with cancer.

    This is a new peer mentorship-based program specifically designed to support the Caribbean's women entrepreneurs to fast track their business growth trajectory. Over an eight-month period, this WINC Acceleration Program will provide participants with a comprehensive suite of support services to innovate their businesses, improve competitiveness, and boost growth. It will include peer-learning, personal development, one-to-one mentoring/coaching, technical workshops, and motivational sessions by successful entrepreneur role models. This unique support program will be delivered in 12 Caribbean territories* by expert women facilitators from the region, competitively selected and certified by infoDev (a global entrepreneurship program in the World Bank Group) to execute the WINC Acceleration Program.

    Full Moon Concert Ft. Pandemonium Steel Band
    On Saturday, October 31st, 2015,the Banquitas House of Culture (NICH) presents its Full Moon Concert featuring the 'Pandemonium Steel Band', make it a date! You are cordially invited to our Full Moon Concert Ft. Pandemonium Steel Band all the way from Belize City. It will be a night you won't want to miss out. Orange Walk is the place to be October 31st 2015 at Queen Elizabeth Park/ Central Park.

    Palms for sale, in corozal town. Contact 6053442

    R.I.P. "Cholera". This guy had one of the brightest smiles ever. I can't believe he's gone.
    My heart is heavy right now I have lost a good friend and cousin I remember when I was in Belize this guy used to make sure that I am ok R.i.p bro till we meet again. That's was my baly man them Colera boy R.I.P. God will have in better place My condolence to his family. Rip my brother he does always make me laugh when i use to work on power mix radio. He and his crew always stop in when i was on night shift and chill with me. So sad he is in a better place.

    BTEC Celebrates its First Anniversary and Signs MOU with Sister Cecilia’s and National Council of Ageing
    The Belize Training and Employment Centre (BTEC) arm of BELTRAIDE, celebrates its one-year anniversary since inception. BTEC, which opened its doors on October 6, 2014 has been instrumental in developing a cadre of well-trained, marketable and self-sufficient individuals able to compete in the marketplace. On October 27th, 2015. BTEC held the celebration ceremony for its 1st anniversary and also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Sister Cecilia’s Home for the Elderly and the National Council of Ageing for the launch of its Home Health Care- Giver Training which begins on November 9th. 2015. The training which is in collaboration with the Pan- America Health Organization (PAHO) is geared towards persons who are employed or seeking employment as a care-giver in the homes of Belizeans and visitors.

    UB Annual Marketing Expo
    November 15th at the Ramada Princess, Kings Room Be sure to captured by the Photocentric booth.

    Power interruption 10:30am to 12:30pm, Sunday November 1, Belize City
    Central American Blvd between Belcan Bridge & Cemetery Rd, Courtney’s Crescent, Sarstoon St, Nargusta St, Mopan St, Vernon St between Lakeview & Ziricote St, Ziricote Street, Mahogany St between Sarstoon St & Partridge St, Peter Seco St, Consuelo St, Morning Glory St, Larkspur Ave. BEL to facilitate pile driving for the Ministry of Works.

    Mr. Greedy's Halloween Party
    Mr. Greedy's Pizza is doing it again. They're having their annual Halloween Party and costume contest. They'll have prizes and surprises galore, along with live music from DJ Jessie. "We are having our annual Halloween Party on October 31St there we be lots of give aways and prize for best costumes and most original costume. Plus lots of games for abults. Party starts sts 9 pm until 2 am.. come have a great Halloween bash with us. No cover charge."

    Find The Longest Zipline and Best Waterfalls in Belize at Mayflower Bocawina National Park
    Thrilling, amazing, spectacular, and safe! What a fun day (or night) you’ll have. Macaroni Hill View Hotel in southern Belize can arrange daily tours for Bocawina Zipline and Waterfall Rapelling. In just 20 minutes you will be in beautiful Mayflower Bocawina National Forest. The birds will sing, the howler monkeys will howl, and you will grin all the way to the longest zipline thrill in Belize. There are 12 platforms, and the 8 different runs allow for all skill levels. It won’t matter if you have never ziplined before or if you are an expert. It might be just you who joins the tour group, your family, or your entire party, Bocawina is an amazing experience! The whole course is two-and-a-half miles long, and the longest line is a mind-blowing 2500 feet. To make the most of it, we think you should take two tours – one during the day, when you get to see and hear all that the jungle has to offer, and one at night! The night flying zipline tour is like nothing on earth, especially if there’s a full moon.

    JG Black Book Chicago Roadshow
    October 27th – October 30th, 2015. Miss Althea Sebastian & Miss Deborah Gilharry showcasing Belize to possible Travel Agents.

    Ask the U.S. Consul - Live Q&A on Facebook!
    Do you have questions about U.S. visas? Would you like to study, visit, or live in the United States? Please join us on November 3rd for a LIVE Facebook chat. Format - FB users can write in questions in real time and a consular representative from the U.S. Embassy will answer the questions. Just log onto FB on the date and time of the event!

    Channel 7

    FCIB Workers Strike
    3 weeks ago, we showed you how the workers of the First Caribbean International Bank staged an early morning and lunchtime protest. They were providing previews of coming attractions with the condition that if the negotiations with the exiting corporate management of the bank continued to stall, they would take it to the next level. Well, today they did, all the employees who are members of Christian Workers Union did not show up for work at all the branches countrywide. They were determined to force a shutdown of normal operations but to our knowledge, the main Belize City Branch and the Belmopan branch managed to keep their doors open because non-unionized employees, and other contracted workers kept up minimal operations. A late evening statement from the CWU says that this protest will continue and portends that there will be all kinds of complications from the lack of staff to complete necessary tasks. The employees, we are told, have taken such a tough stance because they suspect the management is stalling on settling its labour affairs, until their exit is finalized.

    PUP's Greg Papas: Born In Guatemala, Wishes He Wasn't
    So far in this campaign season we've told you about two candidates - one for the UDP, the other for the PUP who allegedly have Guatemalan nationality. They are Ralph Huang, the UDP's Candidate in Cayo South and Doctora Lesbia Guerra, the PUP's Candidate in Cayo West. Well, tonight there is one more PUP candidate who has been confirmed to be Guatemalan born. He is Greg Papas Garcia, the PUP Candidate for Corozal Bay. This document is a Guatemalan birth certificate and today Garcia confirmed that he was born in Guatemala. Garcia told us that he can't control destiny - and the fact is his parents met in Guatemalan university, and that led to his conception while they were students. He said he was registered at birth - and had no choice in the matter. He told us that his parents also registered his birth with the British High Commission in Guatemala City. Garcia says that within two months of his birth he was living in Belize - and this is the only place he has lived. He said he does not hold Guatemalan nationality and his only passport is Belizean.

    PUP Makes Claims Of Proxy Fraud, UDP Calls It Silly
    And the politics just doesn't stop - our next story is about a controversy that the PUP is stirring in the Elections and Boundaries Department. The opposition is accusing the Chairman of the UDP, Alberto August of perpetrating mass fraud with proxy votes - and further alleging that the Chief Elections Officer is complicit in it. The manager for the PUP Cayo Central campaign, Horace Grant wrote to the Chief elections officer yesterday alleging that August went to the Cayo Central elections and Boundaries office on Tuesday and demanded that the registrar sign quote, "hundred's of blank proxy forms." End quote. Grant alleges that the registrar refused and that's when August called the Chief Elections officer, and put her on speakerphone where she instructed the registrar to go ahead and sign the forms. Now, this would be very irregular, and both August and Tamai have flatly denied that version of events. We spoke to August today and he told us it's a silly story for the silly season:...

    Chief Elections Officer Rejects PUP Claim
    August warned that if Grant continues with this allegation, he will sue for defamation of character. Now while August can take it as pure political silliness, it's not so easily brushed off for the chief elections officer - whose integrity and conduct have now been publicly questioned. That same integrity is paramount to the management of the entire election, so she today sent Grant a 3 page letter, setting him straight, and making it clear that she didn't instruct any registering officer to sign any blank proxy form. She told Courtney Weatherburne that all the relevant information was filled out on the form and that there was nothing illegal or questionable about her actions. Josephine Tamai, Chief Elections Officer: "I was in a meeting when I was call. One of the senior officers came into the meeting and she asked for excuse and she mentioned that she had an issue whereby Mr. August had called the office to inquire about a process whereby he is claiming that he went to the Santa Elena office which is responsible for Cayo Central Electoral Division, to put in an application form on behalf of somebody.

    Tamai's Home Threatened By Masked Men
    And while Tamai has all that political blowback to contend with, she's also got serious security issues at the homefront. About 10 days ago, her daughter posted a scary story on facebook. She recounted an apparent failed home invasion on Saturday October 17th where she saw a white car pull up and two masked men make as if to approach the house. The daughter then ran back inside and locked up the house - and the men disappeared. Today her mother told us the episode deeply concerns her but that she knows it's just political mischief to either distract her from her duties or intimidate her. Tamai told us that it won't work. Josephine Tamai, Chief Elections Officer "Well I will tell you and like what I've said we have a lot of political mischief being made out there and at one point a week or so ago, I actually felt threaten and my family has been threatened and the only thing that I can say and I will say at this point is that whoever is creating whatever they are trying to create, they need to desist from that. Because as a public officer, have a job to do and I will continue to do my job."

    OAS Election Observer Mission In Belize
    In our first segment, we told you about PUP's allegation of fraud with proxy votes. As you heard both the UDP Party Chairman and the Chief Elections Officer deny this allegation and say due process was followed. Well, there is one organization that will be paying close attention to these processes on election day, and that's the OAS. An observer mission arrived in Belize yesterday to oversee the election process in Belize and to submit recommendations thereafter. Today we sat down with Chief of Mission Jacinth Henry-Martin and she described the role of the team here in Belize and how this exercise can further enhance the electoral process going forward. Courtney Weatherburne "When was this election observer mission established?" Jacinth Henry-Martin, Chief of Mission "We have respond in the OAS to the government of Belize. The election observation mission really respond to invitation from government. We do not appear unless invited and this is the second such election observation mission to Belize. The first one being in 2012. About two weeks ago, a formal accord was signed between the OAS and the permanent representative of Belize to the OAS in respect of monitoring of these elections."

    The BPP: Not Your Average Political Party
    And while the OAS is involved in the mechanics of the election, we in the media have to follow that and sift through the marketing hype of the election. In that vein, last week, we showed you the Manifesto launches from the PUP and the UDP. As we told you launch styles differed greatly, but the Belize Progressive Party wants to completely differentiate itself from the mass parties. Firstly, they call their manifesto the "8867 Progressive Plan" including the country's total square mileage as part the name. Ok, that's so original, but Isn't it just like any other manifesto with a list of promises from yet another political party? That's what Daniel Ortiz tried to examine today. Here's that story: Daniel Ortiz reporting 7 of the BPP's 25 Candidates, seated the head table, took on the different parts of what's called the 8867 Progressive Policy Plan. They are politicians, but from their perspective - they'd prefer to be referred to as "Agents of Change". They also dislike the classification as a political party.

    Viola: From Life In Prison To Eight Years
    Viola Pook - on New Year's Eve in 2008, the 57 year old threw kerosene on her common-law husband, Orlando Vasquez and set him on fire. In 2011, she was sentenced to life in prison for his murder. But the court of appeal quashed that conviction, based on the fact that she was a battered woman. At her re-trial she pleaded guilty to manslaughter and today she was sentenced to eight years in prison. Justice Lucas took into consideration sentencing guidelines from similar cases, the most prominent one being that of Lavern Longsworth, aka Anti-Christ who got her sentence reduced to eight years in prison for burning up her husband. But since Pook has been in prison on remand since 2009, Justice Lucas will have to factor in time already served. He is determining how much time he can deduct, if it includes both the time on remand - which was 2 years, and the other 4 years spent seeking an appeal. Pook's attorney LLiana Swift says the court ought to take into consideration the entire 6 years and 9 months and 27 days that Pook has been behind bars since her arrest. On Monday November 2, she will be told how many years will be deducted as time served.

    Cop Gets Off Gun Charge
    Today, a police officer walked off a pair of gun charges. 33 year old Constable, Linsdale Blease assigned to the Domestic Violence Unit was accused of assaulting his own step-brother, Cordel Duran with a firearm and discharging the firearm in public. Well today told he had no case to answer and was set free because no evidence to prove the charges was put before the court. That's because the main witness was Blease's step-father, Gregory Duran, who has been living with his mother for more than 20 years and refused to testify in the matter. With that, the police officer who is on interdiction walked out of the Chief Magistrate's court a free man.

    Hulse Reviews The Immigration Files
    Last night we had a snippet of our interview with Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse where he spoke about suspect nationality documents he signed which led to the issuance of bogus passports. He spoke about one for Randall James Davis, tonight she speaks about the other for Charles Francis Noll. In both cases, the documentation showed that they had an original permanent residence card, and it was renewed into another - making it a non issue whether they had been travelling in and out of the country. Hulse explained though that there were still red lights which should have stopped the application before it was issued:.... Godwin Hulse, Minister of Immigration "He also had a PR44711 which was issued on 14th November and it replaced an old PR which was number 4262 similarly. Again, when I look at what you showed, the certificate had no seal and of course indicating there was no swearing in. He also got a passport and his passport was P0226015. The justice of the peace at the time who signed Mrs. Gertrude Armstrong and she was an immigration official and also he paid his requisite fee etc. That passport is also on notice."

    Tamai: Counting Will Speed Up
    And those waivers were signed in May and June of 1993, the run up to that year's snap general election - it's just one symptom of the craziness that accompanies the quest for all the marbles. And while the political frenzy has taken center stage - at the end of the day, the only thing that matters are the results, the ballots counted. In previous years, voters and candidates had to anxiously wait until midnight or the next day for the official results. But not this time - Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai told us that the new election system will ensure the results are in quicker. She explained to Courtney Weatherburne how it will work:... Josephine Tamai, Chief Elections Officer "We did it for the Cayo North as well where we did the simultaneous counting. Because one of the things that we realize is that people have already went to the polls to cast their vote and people want to know the results. So in order for us to improve on what we do, we have implemented whereby we do simultaneous counting. So all boxes or as many boxes as possible are counted at the same time.

    Everything In Its Right Place For Election
    So while that system is in place, is everything else set for Wednesday? We asked Tamai about this today. Josephine Tamai, Chief Elections Officer "We basically have everything in place. We've been working and like I said we continue to work, we continue to work beyond hours. We have to have everything ready before the elections and we are basically there." Tamai told us that the election results should be in way before midnight.

    UAE, BNE and BZE
    Belize Natural Energy's oil fortunes in the Spanish Lookout oil field may be fading, but the company has linked up with one of the most oil rich countries on earth. A press release announces that today, quote, "the United Arab Emirates and Belize signed bilateral trade agreements that will serve as a catalyst for investments from the UAE and will strengthen Belize's position as a…regional energy leader." It continues, quote, "These trade agreements will serve as a foundation to catalyze private sector investments from the UAE, as well as government-to-government investments." The release makes reference to, quote, "Belize Natural Energy Limited's (holistic) model (which) was integral in making today's historic milestone a reality." End quote. The release closes by saying, "With its discovery of oil 10 years ago, Belize shares a similar vision with the vision of UAE's founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed, who believed that the discovery of oil was only the start of the ultimate economic success story for the country." End quote.

    Mexico Makes Marion Jones Moves
    The launch of a Multipurpose Sports Facility named Mexico took place this afternoon at the Marion Jones Sports Complex. Ten million dollars has been granted by the government of Mexico for a multipurpose sports facility to be built in what used to be the parking lot of Marion Jones. The grant has the added bonus of installing lighting in the existing soccer field. Minister of State in the Ministry of Sports explained: The grant was approved last April, along with 2 other projects in Jamaica and Saint Lucia by the Technical Committee of the Infrastructure Fund for Mesoamerican and Caribbean Countries in Mexico City.

    Herman's Land
    While the media had the opportunity, we asked Longsworth about his plans for a piece of land on English Caye. Information has emerged that he has taken a keen interest in this island parcel. And so, given that in 5 days he will no longer be a member of the Government, he was asked if he is using his office expedite the process. Longsworth bristled at the suggestion, and here's how he explained it:

    The Pickstock Toss Up
    The elections are less than a week away, and, right now, you may getting to your limit with politics, but the 88 candidates who want your support are surely not slowing down until the election results are in on November 5. Tonight, we have short excerpt of our coverage of the campaign trail in the Pickstock Division where the PUP's Dr. Francis Smith is trying for a second time to unseat the UDP Incumbent, Wilfred Elrington. He did win the seat in the 2012 election, but by fewer than 100 votes. And that's why this is seen as a prime political battleground - especially with all the sustained hits Elrington has been taking in the media. We got a chance to follow both candidates on the campaign trail, and here's what they had to say about this election, and the work they've put in to gain the trust of the voters:

    Hope For Kids With Cancer
    There is a major relief on the way for pediatric cancer patients. In July we told you about the 370 thousand dollar grant from the Social Security Board to assist children with cancer. Well today, it was made official when the Ministry of Health and the Belize Cancer Society today signed an agreement with the Ministry of Health of Merida, Yucatan for the treatment of children with cancer from Belize. Here's how it works: children under the age of 18 will have access to services in Merida once they have been referred by the Belize Cancer Society and the Ministry of Health. Today, when it was signed at the Mexican Embassy, the Director of Health Services said it is a long sought partnership:.. Treatments available under the agreement include: specialist consultations, hospitalization, chemotherapy, biopsy, imaging including CT scans and ultrasound and other treatments for children with cancer.

    Channel 5

    Chief Elections Officer Comes Under Fire for Alleged Elections Irregularities
    Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai has come under some scrutiny after a letter bearing today’s date accuses her of serious elections irregularities in the last stretch to the November fourth [...]

    Josephine Tamai Responds to P.U.P. Allegations…
    Tamai says that whether August had blank proxy forms in his possession or not is not her concern, since the forms are available to the public on their website. But [...]

    …Assertions Are Nothing More than Political Mischief
    Finally, Tamai told us that she didn’t realize that August had her on speaker-phone, but denies giving any instructions at all to any Elections and Boundaries staff member through August’s [...]

    C.E.O. Tamai Says Proxy System is Above Board and Transparent
    The People’s United Party has called on the Elections and Boundaries Office to provide transparency where the register of proxy voters is concerned and to allow them to inspect the [...]

    FirstCaribbean Bank Employees Take to the Picket Line
    A fresh round of protests began today by employees of the CIBC First Caribbean Bank. As early as seven-thirty, employees who are members of the Christian Workers Union, demonstrated in [...]

    Viola Pook Sentenced to 8 Years for Manslaughter of Common-Law Husband
    Viola Pook, the woman who doused her common-law husband Orlando Vasquez with kerosene on New Year’s Eve of 2008, and set him on fire was sentenced today by Judge Adolph [...]

    COLA Questions Authenticity of P.M.’s Comments on Guatemalan President Elect
    Guatemala’s territorial dispute has become a highly charged political issue exacerbated by recent statements made by the new leader of Guatemala.  COLA has been leading the charge against the government [...]

    Mexican Government Funds Multi-purpose Sports Building at Marion Jones
    Today, the media was called out to the launch of a new multi-purpose sports building to be located at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex in Belize City. It will be [...]

    Ministry of Health Offers Free Medical Services
    In the runoff to the elections, the Ministry of Health today announced a slew of free medical services it is offering.  M.O.H. announced that along with the Belize Cancer Society, [...]

    B.P.P. Launches Progressive Plan of Action
    The two mass political parties, the People’s United Party and the United Democratic Party, launched the manifestos last week. Today, the Belize Progressive party which says it is fielding twenty-five [...]

    Chester Williams Says ‘No Comment’ on GSU Investigation
    As we reported on Monday, very serious allegations have been made against officers of the Gang Suppression Unit. They are accused of raiding the homes of three families in San [...]

    Outgoing Sports Minister Beats His Chest Over Incomplete Stadium
    The Marion Jones Sporting Complex – even saying it leaves a sour taste in your mouth. The state-of-the-art dream has been thrown about for years…under construction for about seven of [...]

    Herman Longsworth Came and Went, Still No Berger Field
    Since this is Longsworth’s last hurray as Minister of State, we also asked about Berger Field. That forlorn field on Vernon Street in the city was one of Longsworth’s campaign [...]

    Villagers Protest Building of Agriculture Center on Communal Land
    Dozens of residents from the southern community of Jalacte are up in arms over the construction of an Agriculture Learning Center on their communal lands without consultations with them by [...]

    G.O.B. Did Not Consult with Maya Community Before Building
    Maya property rights have been affirmed multiple times through an unbroken chain of court decisions with the final decision at the Caribbean Court of Justice consented to by the Government [...]

    T.Y. Debuts ‘Born and Grow’
    Twenty-seven year old Tyrone Linares is taking the local music scene by storm. The Jane Usher Boulevard youth is a member of the group, All God Sons and goes by [...]


    PUP Not Happy With How Proxy Votes Are Being Managed
    On Tuesday morning the Peoples United Party’s legal advisor Anthony Sylvester at a press conference told the media that they were concerned about the way the Elections and Boundaries Department was managing the matter of voting by proxy in next week’s election. He specifically pointed out that as of Tuesday that they have not been able to see the register kept of the names of hundreds of persons who had applied and had been granted the right to have someone vote for them since they would be unable to do so, due to their official duties. On Tuesday Mrs. Myrtle Palacio, the PUPs Secretary General wrote to Mrs. Josephine Tamai demanding that they be allowed to see the register with the names of the proxy voters and giving her until the end of the day today to do so.

    MOH And Cancer Society Signs Agreement With Ministry Of Health Merida
    Today, the Ministry of Health and the Belize Cancer Society signed an agreement with the Ministry of Health of Merida, Yucatan for the treatment of children with cancer from Belize. A release from the Ministry states that the agreement will allow children under the age of 18 to access treatment services in Merida once they have been referred by the Belize Cancer Society and the Ministry of Health - with costs being covered through the generous grant recently provided by the Social Security Board for this purpose. So how will it work? The release says that treatments available under this agreement include: specialist consultations, hospitalization, chemotherapy, biopsy, and imaging including CT scans and ultrasound and other treatments for children with cancer.

    CIBC Members Took Strike Actions On Negotiations For Salary Increase
    This morning, the unionized Members of CIBC First Caribbean International Bank took strike action against the Bank as a result of the Bank’s stalling tactics with the current negotiations for salary increases, severance pay and an exit package given the impending closure of the bank. Unionized Members from across its branches in Belize assembled at FCIB’s Albert Street Branch and staged a protest from 7am to 9am and 11am to 1pm today. A release from the Christian Workers Union reveals that the strike is expected to continue tomorrow Friday, 30 October, 2015 or until the Bank submits proposals that are respectable and show genuine movement towards a compromise for the employees. The release further states that the Bank’s approach towards the proposals of the workers has been to either make no genuine efforts to counter-offers and remains repetitive in their response, refusing to make any attempt to reach compromise. The release ends calling on the Bank to start negotiations in good faith and to make reasonable offers instead of their insulting approach. The protest was limited to Belize City as a check with employees at the Orange Walk Branch revealed that they were open for business today without any interruption.

    BPP Launches Progressive Policy Plan Manifesto
    This morning, the third political mass party, the Belize Progressive Party BPP launched their manifesto. Members of the party refrained from calling their presentation a manifesto and called it their ‘Progressive Policy Plan’. Elements in that policy included looking at areas in health, land distribution, Governance, technology, among others. In addition to banning ramen noodles, the BPP says it would ensure that a fully functional hospital be built on Ambergris Caye and a Health Center in the Village of Caye Caulker. The Press conference lasted almost 2 hours and most of the BPP’s 25 candidates were onhand for the undertaking. Patrick Rogers for the BPP apologized for the absence of deputy leader Wil Maheia among others. Their leader and campaign manager discuss campaign financing and denied a rumour that they have received funding from British Billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft.


    Guatemalan Birth Certificate for PUP Standard Bearer Surfaces
    General elections is a couple days away and over the last few weeks there have been questions regarding the nationality of some of the candidates. The latest to cross our news desk is that of the People’s United Party candidate for Corozal Bay, Gregorio Papas Garcia. The certificate certifies that Garcia was born on March […]

    PUP Accuses UDP Chairman and Chief Elections Officer of Collusion
    The People’s United Party is accusing the Chairman of the United Democratic Party of tampering with the voters’ registration list, specifically those voting using proxy votes. In a letter sent to the Chief Elections Officer, Josephine Tamai, the PUP’s Campaign Manager for Cayo Central, Horace Grant, accuses August of demanding that the registrar sign hundreds […]

    BDF Prepared to Step In on Election Day
    In many corners of this country, the issue of politics is taken with much passion and held in great sanctity as was evident in these past few weeks where there were some flare ups in the north and the west. Election Day, however, is expected to instigate some more of that aggression and so it […]

    Abused Woman Gets 8 Years for Husband’s Murder
    57-year-old Veola Pook has been sentenced to eight years in prison. On October 13, Pook pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Pook was convicted of murder in the death of her common-law husband, Orlando Vasquez. On July 20, 2011, Pook was first convicted of Vasquez’ murder which occurred in Rancho Dolores Village. She appealed the case and […]

    SSB Plans Countrywide Strike
    The Social Security Board employees are planning a countrywide strike tomorrow after discussions and attempts at reaching a settlement failed. Some weeks ago, we told you that the workers of SSB were demanding their clothing allowance in lieu of the elapsed time for the company to provide them with new uniforms. It is a situation […]

    OAS Mission Arrives to Belize for Upcoming Elections
    Some weeks ago the People’s United Party had requested that the Organization of American States be an observer in the upcoming elections for November 4. The process to have that in place began and it was agreed to by all parties. Since Tuesday, the Organization of American States has begun deploying its personnel to Belize. […]

    The Guardian

    Clandestine plane lands at Belize City Municipal Airport
    The Belize Defence Force is in possession of small plane which made an unauthorized landing at the Belize City Municipal Airport on Tuesday, at around 5:30 a.m. The police department is investigating why the pilot landed it and abandoned it before the airstrip was opened, and without the proper permission. The plane, a US registered, Piper PA 34 Seneca twin-engine aircraft, had flown out of Belize on Thursday, October 22, on its way to Aruba. The pilot filed a flight plan with an itinerary which said that it would return on Sunday. It did not, and somehow showed up in Belize on Tuesday morning. To the average reader, that might not sound suspicious, but the Civil Aviation Department has very strict rules - which are laws - about unauthorized landings. Flight plans are considered sacred in the aviation field, and the fact that none was forthcoming for this landing meant that the pilot committed a criminal offence. Additionally, since it was re-entering Belizean airspace, this plane ought to have landed at the Philip Goldson International Airport as per regulations, so that the occupants could clear Customs and Immigration.

    BATSUB returns to Belize
    The highest ranking officer of the British Army to ever visit Belize has flown in from the United Kingdom to meet with the Commander of the Belize Defence Force, and Prime Minister Dean Barrow. That session took place on Wednesday, October 28, and it was revealed in those talks that the British Army Training and Support Unit Belize (BATSUB), is making a return to Belize. BATSUB had downsized in 2011, and since 2013, both Prime Minister Dean Barrow, and the BDF Commander, Brigadier General David Jones, have been trying to convince the British Army to return BATSUB to its numbers and capacity to what it once was. A major influence on a decision like that comes from Lieutenant General James Everard, the British Army’s Commander of Land Forces (United Kingdom), and just after midday on Wednesday, he flew into the PGIA. He briskly made his way over to the BDF Price Barracks Compound, where he was greeted by a Guard of Honor and General David Jones.

    PUP Money plane lands?
    On Monday word got out that the PUP received 15,000 BLUE & WHITE T-SHIRTS as a donation courtesy of some of their Cartel friends . We thought that was a joke , but then we remembered that the PUP was broke and that would not be outside the way they operate . From as far back as when PUP lost the elections in ‘08 they have been strapped for cash . See their major source of funding the Lord stopped giving them money. So it came as no surprise that COUSIN RALPH started to make the collection rounds, but the pickings were small. Back to those T- Shirts. Word on the street is that after the rebuffs of those would be donors, their next target was their Cartel friends who it appears complied and have made an investment in the PUP. For them it is like playing the Futures Market, spend now, collect later. Please remind me whose money, the MONEY-MULE CAL was intercepted with in Panama? What type of residue did the authorities report they found on the cash? And by the way which PUP Honcho’s wife or sweetheart was stopped with a suitcase full of money in Miami? By the way I don’t like to speak ill of the dead, but somebody’s son who did not work a day in his life left MILLIONS for his Father in his Will. Remember the talk of Millions that was in a locked safe?

    “Belize Will Not Be Bullied!”
    Guatemala’s President-elect is a “neophyte”, says Prime Minister Dean Barrow, and “he will learn that the kind of talk that we heard from him at the start with respect to Belize is absolutely unacceptable”. Those who have been hoping that the Belize-Guatemala issue would negatively impact the United Democratic Party’s chances in the upcoming General Elections grasped at statements uttered by Jimmy Morales in the heart of his campaign for the Presidency of Guatemala to sound the alarm that Guatemala is coming for Belize. With just about a week until elections on Wednesday, November 4, the self labeled independent television stations like Channel 5, Krem and Plus TV have been harping on a clip of Morales assuring supporters that he should “not give up even a centimeter of [Guatemalan] territory” all week long. Irresponsibly, none of these media houses has told viewers when the statements were made.

    Biggest rally ever in Stann Creek West
    With an attendance of over 5,000, it was without a doubt the biggest rally ever held in Stann Creek West by any political party. It was the pre-election rally held on Sunday October 25, 2015 to promote Walter ‘Teacher Wally’ Garbutt as the UDP Candidate in the constituency for the upcoming General Elections which are just a week away. Main speaker at the event was Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow. In addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister noted that indeed the gathering was the largest he had ever seen in Stann Creek West. He went on to commend Teacher Wally for the work he has done both in the past in the area and the work he continues to do for the residents as he contests this election. He explained that the South of the country will get development but that the share will be more equitable if there is representation asking for it at the level of cabinet.

    Rabid Lisa does not do her homework
    Right now, the PUP are trying everything they can to swing support from the voters in their direction. Realizing that their pontificating on the settlement payments for the utility acquisitions has gotten them nowhere, failed politician Lisa Shoman has decided to come out swinging, at the Barrow Government, very much in a rabid fashion. She and the PUP called a press conference to discuss the Deed of Assurance, which was part of the BEL settlement which was signed into law. Of course, the Accommodation Agreement, which her party signed away is a sore that just won’t heal. It’s the striking example of Government giveaways to business persons at the expense of the public. That was a secret agreement, and so Shoman sought to draw a comparison to in this instance with this Deed by calling it “secret”. Well, she has failed; what was supposed to be whistleblowing fell flat on it’s face. This Deed of Assurance is basically a formalization of the arrangement that the Musa Government signed. Readers should be well aware that when BECOL entered into a contract with the PUP Government, the Fortis-Owned hydroelectric supplier got a sweetheart deal.

    Mahogany Heights couple charged for drugs
    Salomon Ramclam, 30, pleaded guilty to drug trafficking on Friday, October 23, after he and his common-law-wife, Yolanda Gillett, 30, were taken before the court for 77 grams of marijuana. The couple appeared unrepresented before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith where they were read a single charge of drug trafficking each. According to reports, police conducted a search at their Mahogany Heights home on Tuesday, October 20, and found 77 grams of marijuana inside a pink Victoria Secret purse that was on a bedroom desk. Ramclam took the wrap for the drugs and pleaded guilty to the charge which would have allowed Gillett to go free. However, after the mandatory fine for drug trafficking of $10,000 was handed down he decided to change his plea to not guilty.

    Faber’s Road resident Michael Usher, 27, is out on bail after he was Michael Usher charged for burglary with intent to rape
    Allegations being made against Usher by a woman of a Faber’s Road address is that on October 17, Usher followed her to her two storey house and forced himself in without being invited. She gave a background of the incident saying that she, her two female friends and a man were walking on Amara Avenue when they met the accused who asked to shelter under her umbrella since it was raining. She allowed him to walk with her and when she reached home she entered and left the burglar bar door open. That was when Usher entered behind her and as soon as she noticed him standing at the door he attacked her. The woman claims that Usher choked and forced her to open her bedroom door which was closed. While inside, he told her to cooperate and have sexual intercourse with him willingly or she will get it the hard way. He then forced her unto the bed and ordered her to put a condom on him before having sex. They started to struggle and as he went to close the room door she ran for help. The woman ran upstairs to her landlord’s room to ask for help. The landlord then called police and reported the matter. Usher ran from the area.

    Pawn shop robbers greeted by bullets
    Police are searching for one person of interest in connection with a failed robbery attempt upon Kephawn’s Pawn Shop at the Commercial Center that resulted in the shooting death of 20-year-old Phillip Anthony Barrera of East Collet Canal. According to police, surveillance footage has revealed that Barrera and another man entered the pawn shop at about 2:05 p.m. on Thursday, October 22. Barrera pulled out a 9 millimeter pistol and pointed it at the owner while his accomplice placed a bag on the counter and ordered him to hand over all the jewelry and cash. At this time, the owner who was separated from the robbers by bars, pulled out his licensed 9 millimeter pistol and fired several shots at the men. Four of the shots struck Barrera to the upper part of the body. His accomplice fled from the scene when the owner opened fire. Barrera died at the scene before police arrived a minute later.

    Armed robbery near Scotiabank in San Ignacio
    There was an armed robbery at about 4:00 pm on Monday of this week at the parking lot behind the Scotiabank Building in San Ignacio Town. Luis del Cid 28 year old resident of Cotton Tree and salesman, reports that whilst inside his company truck, along with his driver Clinton Dale Abrahan, two males approached them in an aggressive way. According to Luis del Cid, one of the men was armed with a knife and the other with a nine mm pistol. Both Madisco employees were then forced inside the truck, where the armed robber drove the truck towards the isolated Sandy Bay Area, where they made good their escape. Stolen from Luis del Cid was the sum of $9,771.88 and a check of $2,163.75 that they were about to deposit at Scotiabank.

    As we approach General Election 2015, the Belize Council of Churches wishes to call the attention of all Belizeans on the followings: We encourage all the parties involved in this election, the Political Parties, the Elections and Boundaries Commission, and the Voters, to put the interest of the country above and beyond their own self-interest and allow the electoral process to be fair, peaceful and objective. We encourage the institutions responsible for law and order in our land to be vigilant, responsible and fair in the exercise of their duties. We encourage all the voters to say no to any form of political intimidation or enticement, such as receiving money for your vote, which tantamount to participating in the corruption of our democracy. We therefore call on all voters to vote in concert with their conscience and on what is best for Belize, that is, to vote for those who will best represent the interest of all Belizeans.

    Another Dream
    On Wednesday morning was a guest on Love fm Morning show. He said a lot of things but two stuckout as plain old stupidity. The first was that they were going to build STARTERHOMES for deserving Belizeans at the cost of Another Dream $15,000 each. Now anybody who knows anything about construction can tell you that the only thing you can build with that type of money is a GLORIFIED SHACK. There are some Panades shops that are right in that price range. Ask many of those Belizeans who have stake their claim to a piece of swamp in one of those expanding areas of Belize City, how much it cost them to build their little house, while doing most of the construction themselves? I am sure most of them spent over that $15,000 over the period it took them to build that house. It may be a fool speaking but certainly no fools are listening. Furthermore where the people of this country to get high and vote in the PUP, that would mean a feeding frenzy for those PUP hustling contractors, who have been complaining about not eating over the past 8 years.

    Family fun day in Belama promotes community togetherness
    Hundreds of residents of the Belama area were out on Saturday afternoon as Dr. Carla Barnett and the Freetown committee organized a family day. The evening was packed with activities including special appearances by Ozzy the clown who entertained the children. There were cash prizes, competitions and other giveaways including electronic appliances. There was also lots of food and soft drinks to which everyone in attendance were treated to. The Guardian spoke to Dr. Barnett who explained that the activity was to bring families in the community together to basically just have fund. This type of activity she says, she is encouraging to build community spirit in her constituency. And while it is the election season, Dr. Barnett hopes to extend these activities beyond one day events where after school programs can be set up for young people in the community and have adults in the very community take charge of it.

    Victor Galvez Stadium re-opened in San Igancio Town
    A newly improved Victor Galvez Stadium, located in San Ignacio Town, has been opened to the public. Over one hundred persons were freely enjoying the well lit facilities on Tuesday night under good weather. The well done work to the Victor Galvez Stadium came under the Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL), a public company established by the Government of Belize for the design, construction and management of capital projects. The Victor Galvez complex, which has been traditionally used by runners, will now be opened from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm. There will be two persons on shifts to maintain the facilities. Previously runners had to go over a track that had been run over by a small stream at the Victor Galvez. But now runners can go over a clean 0.33 mile track that has proper drainage.

    Gobie Foundation’s Unfulfilled Pledge
    Not all promises are created equal and some broken promises hurt more than others. Alan Gobie owes an explanation to the people of Belize and an apology to all its children. Kim Simplis Barrow, Special Envoy for Women and Children, broke ground on the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (KHMHPICU) on June 13, 2011. It was clear to everyone involved in the project that raising the funds necessary for the execution of such a bold project would be challenging. However, an immediate boost was given at the groundbraking ceremony when Allan Gobie, Managing Director of the Gobie Foundation, pledged to raise and donate $1 million for the project. At this time, the project had an estimated cost of just over $3 million.

    Nationality for votes?
    The soon to be former poorty leader of the PUP, Francis Fonseca, must really have more nerves than 32 bad teeth. He is now suggesting that the reason Government is giving nationality to deserving persons is so that they can vote for the General Elections on November 4 like when the PUP did it in 2008. Now anybody with a little bit of common sense knows that only persons who were registered on or before September, 10, 2015 would able to vote. Now let us backtrack a little bit to January, 7, 2008, when on that very said date the then Prime Minister Said Musa announced the date of the ‘08 Election. That took place at of all places at a breakfast meeting between, him, 11 members of his cabinet and 30 Religious Leaders. According to 7New Belize of that night, the date he had suggested was February, 6 but the Religious Leaders objected to that date because that day was Ash Wednesday. After a short caucus with his cabinet members present he had to push the date back to February 7.

    A New Era of Pediatric Care in Belize
    Belize finally has a facility that can provide the quality of healthcare needed by its most vulnerable population now that Kim Simplis-Barrow, Special Envoy for Women and Children, has opened the Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Units at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The opening on Tuesday, October 27, marks the greatest achievement for Mrs. Barrow in her role as Special Envoy for Children and the culmination of years of work by her, Directors of the Lifeline Foundation and other social partners. It was on one of her visits to the Karl Heusner Memorial shortly after being appointed Special Envoy that Mrs. Barrow saw the need for a pediatric ICU. Since then she has been working tirelessly to secure funds for the project while playing an instrumental role in the refurbishment of the ward that existed previously. One of her first fundraisers for the PICU project was called an “Affair of the Heart” and it was a huge success as Belizeans happily supported the event. The Lifeline Foundation raised over $35,000 at the event and this was an eye opener for Mrs. Barrow in two ways. One, she saw how people were cheerful to contribute to such a great cause; and two, she figured that in order to raise the type of funds needed for such an expensive project the efforts would have to be internationalized.

    As we countdown to November 4 the date of our ELECTION the PUPs are getting Twilight Zone Pillow
    As we countdown to November 4 the date of our ELECTION the PUPs are getting more desperate. They are coming up with all types of stories to try and paint the UDP in a bad light and win over the voters for themselves. It is as though they are passing around the simple pillow know as the Twilight Zone Pillow, so they can dream up these wild stories. For the PUP no story is too wild. The wilder the better it seems. They will lie, cheat or steal to win this election. Their deception and duplicity has no limits. Some of the stories they have been coming up with am sure not even the biggest and most rabid PUP will believe. As the election date draws nearer the pillow will be moved around on a more rapid pace. No longer will a person be able to sleep on the pillow for an entire night. As soon as one dreams then it is time to give up the pillow so another PUP can come up with the next dream, and then pass it on to the next dreamer.

    Twilight Zone Pillow
    As we countdown to November 4 the date of our ELECTION the PUPs are getting more desperate. They are coming up with all types of stories to try and paint the UDP in a bad light and win over the voters for themselves. It is as though they are passing around the simple pillow know as the Twilight Zone Pillow, so they can dream up these wild stories. For the PUP no story is too wild. The wilder the better it seems. They will lie, cheat or steal to win this election. Their deception and duplicity has no limits. Some of the stories they have been coming up with am sure not even the biggest and most rabid PUP will believe. As the election date draws nearer the pillow will be moved around on a more rapid pace. No longer will a person be able to sleep on the pillow for an entire night. As soon as one dreams then it is time to give up the pillow so another PUP can come up with the next dream, and then pass it on to the next dreamer.

    San Pedro Resident Convicted of Manslaughter
    San Pedrano, Jason Reyes, is now officially serving time for killing Lionel Pinelo after he was found guilty of manslaughter, a lesser charge to murder, on Monday, October 26, in a trial without jury. Reyes was accused of fatally stabbing Pinelo on November 5, 2010 in front of Rainbow Star Bar in San Pedro. The trial of Reyes started on Monday, October 3, with Justice Adolph Lucas serving as both judge and jury. Reyes was represented by attorney Alifah Elrington Hyde and Crown Counsel Porsha Staine represented the DPP. Staine called several witnesses to testify against Reyes. The prosecution’s case got offf to a rocky start after one of her first witnesses had to be treated as a hostile witness. Staine had to then focus on the statements and testimonies of others to get the case back on track. It was the evidence of Milton Chan that righted the ship for the prosecution. Chan went to school with the accused and testified that on the day of the incident they were all drinking. Chan said he personally consumed like 18 beers.

    Four youths linked to stolen motorcycles
    Leith Bermudez, 22, Leroy Sutherland, 21, O’neil Ferguson, 18, and an 17-year-old minor are all out on bail after they were charged in connection with the theft of motorcycles. Allegations are that on Thursday, October 22, the group of four were found in a yard with a Lifan motorcycle, license plate MC-3062, property of Ivis Chaman. Police report that the same group assisted in the retention of another Lifan motorcycle, license plate MC1508, belonging to Timothy Belgrave. All four were jointly charged with two counts each of handling stolen goods since the motorcycles were reported stolen by two separate owners. They appeared unrepresented before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser on Friday, October 23. They pleaded not guilty to the charges and there were heavy objections to bail by the Prosecutor based on the strength of the case. Bermudez told the court that there were a number of people in the yard when the police came but they only detained the four of them. He said they are innocent of the charge and claims that the only illegal thing he does is sell weed.

    Joslyn Chavaria finishes third in the Caribbean Road Championship in the U-23 category
    The 15 Annual Caribbean Cycling Championship was held in Bridgetown, Barbados from October 17-18, 2015. Belize had participation in the Individual Time Trials and the Road Championship in both the female and male category. In the Men’s Road Championship that was held at the Bushy Park Circuit, some 63 riders from across the entire Caribbean participated in the event. At the end of the race, it was Marloe Rodman from Jamaica that captured the Gold Medal in a time of 3:12:25. He was followed by Luis Sablon of Guadeloupe and he was followed by Yolan Silvestre of Martinique in a time of 3:12:26, and he was followed by his country man Emile Demazy in a time of 3:17:41 and he was followed by Darren Matthews of Barbados in a time of 3:17:49 to round off the top five finishers in the Road Race.

    Kraal Road wins in CYDP Peace Cup Tournament
    The Conscious Youth Development Programme Peace Cup Tournament continued on Saturday 24th October, 2015, at the MCC Grounds with four games on the schedule. In the first game played, Tut Bay defeated Lake I Rising Stars by the score of 2-0. The two goals were scored by Brian Martinez. In the second game, Kelly Street defeated Exodus United by the score of 5 -3. The goals for Kelly Street were scored by Christopher Guild, Stephen Baizar (2), Francis Andrews and Oscar Usher via a penalty kick. For Exodus United, the goals were scored by Ronald Alvarez, Dwight Smith and Paul Smith. In game three, Hattieville United blanked Los Largos by the score of 1-0. The only goal of the game was scored by Brandon Rogers.

    Belize Athletics Association to hold National Track and Field Championship
    The Belize Athletics Association invites all athletes and track enthusiasts once again to be a part of a National Track and Field Championship event. The event will be hosted at the Marion Jones Sports Complex on the 14-15 November, 2015. All athletes 16 years and older can participate in the events. Registration forms can be obtained from and returned to the BAA via email ( or from our Face Book page (Belize Athletics Association). Registration forms can also be obtained from and returned to the National Sports Council’s offices throughout the country.

    Central Region high schools Basketball competition opens
    The 2015-2016 Central Region Secondary Schools Basketball competition opened on Tuesday 27 October, at Bird’s Isle. This year’s competition will feature seven (7) teams in the female category, which includes Maud Williams High School, Anglican Cathedral College, Gwen Lizarraga High School, Wesley College, Ladyville Technical High School, Edward P. Yorke High School and St. Catherine Academy. Meanwhile, in the male category a total of nine (9) teams will compete in the competition which includes Maud Williams High School, Anglican Cathedral College, Nazarene High School, Wesley College, Ladyville Technical High School, Sadie Vernon Technical High School, Edward P. Yorke High School, Gwen Lizarraga High School and St. John’s College.

    St. Catherine Academy and St. John’s College a win away from repeating as Central Region Secondary Schools Volleyball champs
    The Central Region Secondary Schools Volleyball competition is fast winding down at the Bird’s Isle. The championship round, which is utilising the best of three format commenced on Monday 26th October, 2015, with two games on the schedule. In the female game played, the defending champions and competition’s favourites St. Catherine Academy won game one quite handily over Belize High School in three sets by the score of 25-17, 25-17 and 25-10. In the male game played, St. John’s College defeated Belize High School in four sets by the score of 25-17, 25-23, 17-25 and 25-20.

    Holy Redeemer girls and boys maintain lead in primary schools volleyball competition
    The Belize City Primary Schools Volleyball Competition continues at the Bird’s Isle with a number of games played over the last week. On Tuesday 27 October, in the girls’ competition, Holy Redeemer School continued on its winning path when it defeated St. John’s Primary School in two sets by the score of 25-5 and 25-9. In the boys’ game played, Holy Redeemer School also won over St. John’s Primary School by the score of 25-14 and 25-8. On Monday 26 October, in the first game played, which was in the girls’ competition, Belize Elementary School defeated Bethel Assembly School in two sets by the score of 25-10 and 25-17.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Elderly man killed in RTA
    Juanito Robery Cowo, a resident of Joseito Layout in Corozal, was arrested and charged for “driving without due care and attention”, “causing death by careless conduct” and “manslaughter by negligence”, after a Ford F-150 pickup truck he was driving, collided into 52-year-old Leonardo Crawford while he rode his bicycle between […]

    Chief Elections Officer clarifies proxy issue as PUP threatens legal action
    Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai has responded to the People’s United Party (PUP) Cayo Central campaign manager Horace Grant concerning requests to view the folder of proxy voters for next week’s general election and the incident earlier this week involving former chair of the Elections and Boundaries Commission […]

    BDF assists with transportation of ballot boxes
    Brigadier General David Jones of the Belize Defense Force (BDF) spoke to the media yesterday and confirmed that the assistance of the BDF has been requested to transport ballot boxes for the November 4th General Elections, to ensure security of the democratic process. Personnel of the force will be tasked […]

    List of public and bank holidays
    A list of public and bank holidays for 2016 has been released and shows many long weekends but numerous holidays falling on Saturdays as well. The list and dates is as follows: National Heroes and Benefactors Day on Monday March 7th, Easter on March 25th through to the 28th, Labour […]

    Court sentences battered woman turned killer to eight years
    Less possible time served and other factors, 57 year old Viola Pook, who pleaded guilty earlier this month to manslaughter of her common-law husband Orlando Vasquez on New Year’s Eve, 2007, will serve eight years’ imprisonment as ordered by Supreme Court Justice Adolph Lucas. The term is similar […]

    Interdicted cop freed on assault charges
    Police Constable Linsdale Blease, assigned to the Domestic Violence Unit but presently interdicted on charges of aggravated assault with a firearm and discharging a firearm in public, was set free after it was determined he did not have a case to answer. Court prosecutors had to throw in […]

    Free medical services being offered at Western Regional
    Services such as: Obstetrics, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Dental, General Medical Services, Laboratory, Pharmacy and X- ray will be provided free of cost at the Western Regional Hospital, Valley of Peace, San Martin and other surrounding communities, made possible through cooperation between our Ministry of Health and the Embassy of El Salvador. […]

    PUP accuses Chief Election Officer of helping to ‘rig’ elections
    The People’s United Party campaign team from Cayo Central is making a serious allegation of corrupt election rigging against the United Democratic Party’s (UDP) chairman Alberto August and Chief Election Officer Josephine Tamai. Horace Grant, PUP Cayo Central campaign manager, in a letter dated October 28th, wrote to Tamai detailing […]

    Belizean cancer patients will soon be able to access treatment in Merida
    Honorable Pablo Marin, the Minister of Health and Laura Longsworth, President of the Belize Cancer Society, signed an agreement this morning with Merida’s Ministry of Health for the treatment of Belizean cancer patients under the age of 18. This agreement will allow referred children to receive treatment in Merida with […]

    Mostly fair and dry conditions prevail
    The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting mostly sunny skies today and partly cloudy skies tonight, with showers being isolated. Winds will be blowing from the East to Southeast at 5-15 knots and the sea state will be light chop to choppy. High temperatures today are expected around 90 […]

    BATSUB returns to Belize after drawdown
    Members of the British Army Training and Support Unit Belize (BATSUB) have been training in Belize after 4 years of scaled back activity. In 2011, Prime Minister David Cameron and the British Military brass decided that it would cut back on military bases worldwide. At that time, the British were […]

    FCIB strike in effect
    There is a strike in effect at First Caribbean International Bank (FCIB) branches countrywide effective immediately today. BMG is informed that employees from out district have made their way to protest along with those from Belize City in front on the FCIB main branch on Albert Street. The employees have […]


    Island Miracles and Great Turnout
    Recently, the residents of Ambergris Caye were privileged to witness some Island Miracles, as a result of the efforts of local business owner Lara Goldman, 12 Belize – best one stop gift shopping on island. Lara is a volunteer with a local organization which is dedicated to helping children with emotional, behavioral, and learning disabilities. After attending camp sessions she realized that many of these kids and a few community adults would benefit from therapy. So she wrote her Alma mater to see who was available and willing to travel to Belize and help. She found three great girls to come make some miracles: Dr. Brooke Riley, PT, Dr Bethany Wolf, PT. Kaley Marston, Speech Therapist. Lara Brooke and Bethany went to Arcadia University in Glenside, PA. and Kaley went to the University of Tennessee.

    Perhaps the “Secret Beach” Is Still Secret on Wednesdays? My Search for the Breeze
    I drove north…and pulled over at Palapa Bar to see if the wind had picked up. It was about noon and…nada. Nothing. Like glass. When I got north, I checked – 88 degrees, 88% humidity and winds from the south at 2 miles per hour. I decided to head west. Drive across to Grand Belizean Estates. The “Secret Beach” – that maybe be quiet on a Wednesday? Because on the weekends? The Secret Beach is packed. But why change the name? At about 4 miles north of the bridge, one must turn left onto the only road that leads west. Crossing the caye. There is one bridge on this road – actually put there for the yearly Eco-Challenge Kayak Race. The yearly 2 day kayak race around the island.

    Bacon Wrapped Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast
    Cut chicken into 4 equal size pieces. Pound breast so it is about 1/4" thick. Mix together softened cream cheese, chopped green onions and shredded pepperjack cheese. Put 1/4 of this mixture into the middle of each piece of chicken. Starting at the long side, roll chicken breast up, keeping the cheese mixture to the middle. Wrap 1 to 2 slices of bacon around the chicken breast, secure with toothpick, if needed. One piece of bacon wrapped around each breast is enough. But 2 pieces of bacon for each breast fully wraps the chicken and is outstanding.

    Banking and Social Security When You Move Overseas
    If the lure of a better life overseas is strong, but you’re worried about the logistics of managing your money in a foreign locale, take heart. It’s not as complicated as you may fear. Bank accounts…Social Security…credit cards…exchange rates…our team of expat experts weighs in here with lessons learned and real-world guidance to help you manage your money abroad with confidence and ease. Banking: “It can be useful to have a bank account in your adopted country,” says IL Correspondent Edd Staton who moved to Cuenca, Ecuador five years ago. “Some banks allow you to automatically deduct recurring bills like utilities or rent instead of having to pay in person. And in Ecuador if you are 65 or older, you are entitled to retiree refunds on sales taxes for many everyday items. If you want to get them though, you need an account for the money to be deposited after you have turned in your receipts.” “Establish a local bank account with a national bank that is a member of one of the major ATM networks,” says veteran expat Dan Prescher, who has lived in Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and Ecuador.

    Slow Cooker BBQ Ribs
    Place ribs in a circular way to fill your slow cooker. Pour soda/pop over ribs, sprinkle salt & pepper over ribs - cover and cook on LOW for 7 hours. Empty liquid from the slow cooker. Pour a bottle of Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce (or bbq sauce of your choice) over ribs and cook on HIGH for an additional 1 hour. Be super careful when removing ribs from the slow cooker - they are FALL OFF THE BONE YUMMY

    Women in Belizean Politics
    Out of the 87 candidates running for elections on November 4 2015, only 11 are women. Women in politics across the country and indiscriminate of political parties face similar issues and struggles that determine their success in the political field, as is evident by the separate, yet overlapping responses by women candidates. The Current Situation: While women in leadership positions has become more common over the past ten years with women comprising the majority of Public Servants and Educators, and females graduating from university at a two to one ratio to their male counterparts, when it comes to the political arena, women still sit at the back. The number of women running for this elections, in an unprecedented number. Yet the participation of women in politics is still strikingly low and has been a concern of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for more than ten years. In 2001 the UNDP emphasized the necessity of meeting the Millennium Goals for 2015 of reaching a 30 percent female representation in government. However, in this election the percentage is underachieved at 11.5 percent. This is just the percentage of women that are running. There is no guarantee of actual representation. A release from the UNDP states “Thirty years after independence, the majority of women in Belize continue to face significant challenges in moving towards parity with men at almost every level of political leadership and decision-making.” The Global Gender Gap reports of 2010 place Belize in joint last place (131st) on the Gender Gap Index for the empowerment of women, along countries like Saudi Arabia.

    International Sourcesizz

    Hershey: U.S. Income Inequality Is Transforming The Chocolate Business
    Chocolate maker Hershey Co , long a staple of middle-class U.S. households, is getting squeezed as consumers either pay up for fancier sweets or seek more savings. Hershey executives said the company is grappling with a growing gap between low and high-income households in the United States, which has changed buying patterns for many consumer goods. On the high-end, consumers are more willing to pay up for premium brands like Green & Black's organic chocolate bars. On the low end, families hunt for greater discounts for products. Across the board, consumers are making fewer trips to stores, a trend that reduces impulse buying of chocolate bars and other items. Retailers such as Wal-Mart Stores Inc are devoting less space to promote products from Hershey and other manufacturers as they respond to the new trends. "We think the consumer bifurcation has been an important driver," Hershey Chief Executive John P. Bilbrey said on an investor call, referring to the growing wage gap. Bilbrey said the company has secured more merchandising space for its products in the holiday season and expected trends to improve in the fourth quarter.

    £45m UK aid cash given to tax havens: Money being used to fund public services in countries including Belize and Panama
    British aid money is being used to subsidise public services in tax havens, an investigation has found. Millions of pounds have gone to countries such as Belize, Anguilla, and Panama, which have such high poverty levels that they qualify for substantial UK development grants. In just one year, Britain paid out £45million in aid to 13 countries included on a European Commission tax haven ‘blacklist’. Campaigners estimate that the abuse of such offshore havens costs the Treasury £18billion a year. The investigation, published in The Independent, found British aid funds have been used to build an airport in Montserrat, and set aside to pay for roads and ports in Belize, Antigua and Barbuda, and St Vincent and the Grenadines.

    Belize''s Opposition Leads Voting Intention Before Election
    United People''s Party (PUP), an opposition party in Belize, leads the voting intention with 52 points, which gives a wide gap over its opponents a few days before the November 4 elections. A survey by Belize Breaking News gave 31 percent of support to the newly formed Progressive Party and 17 to the ruling United Democratic Party. If the PUP maintains that trend in the last days of the campaign, will triumph on Wednesday and will recover power, which has been in the hands of the Democrats for the last decade. That opposition force, led by the politician Francis Fonseca, began its campaign amid rumors of lack of liquidity and disunity among the militants.

    The Vampires That Feed on Vampires
    Another Halloween is upon us, and that means stories about animals that poke you full of holes and eat your insides! But this year, instead of looking upon these vampires in revulsion, perhaps we can find a little common ground. Even our most-hated blood-suckers are plagued by creatures that thirst for blood. “Blood-feeding is a lifestyle which has evolved independently in many groups of animals,” says Tommy Leung, a parasitologist at the University of New England in Australia. Called hematophagy, eating blood is common, he notes, and “found in over fourteen thousand living animal species, even in groups that most people might not have suspected.” Only three out of the nearly 1,400 known bat species are vampires. But did you know that even these species are preyed upon by blood-suckers? Many bat species must contend with tiny, blood-feeding bat flies that can look like the face-huggers out of the Alien movies. Species of vampire bats, however, may have it worse than most. “Vampire bats have more parasites than the average bat,” says Gerald Carter, a bat biologist and postdoctoral researcher at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama. In Belize, one of Carter’s colleagues studied the bats and their flies by marking both with tiny drops of paint. She released one bat with a marked fly and kept seeing the same fly return to her throughout the night, each time on a different, unmarked bat.

    Mexico deploys its navy to face its latest threat: Monster seaweed
    Surrounded by a four-man camera crew, the Japanese honeymooners were ready to make memories. In their wedding whites against the turquoise Caribbean waters, the couple leapt off the beach and kicked their heels. Then they whipped out matching sombreros and unfurled a giant Mexican flag. Their photo shoot was perfect, if you could ignore the smelly strip of brown algae fouling the white sands. “It’s disgusting,” photographer Juan Manuel Delgado said. “I’ve worked on the beaches for 21 years, and this is something that has never happened before.”

    Papaya leaders consider forming marketing order
    Papaya industry leaders got together at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit 2015 to discuss forming a marketing order. A marketing order — along with a national board to implement it — would increase sales and consumption of papayas through efforts to educate consumers, receivers and retailers about handling and usage best practices, said Homero Levy de Barros, president and CEO of Pompano, Fla.-based HLB Specialities. At the retail level, edible fruit is too often improperly rejected because of a lack of knowledge about color or other factors, he said. Levy de Barros said he sees generally strong support for a marketing order. “All the major importers from Brazil, Mexico and Guatemala were positively in favor,” he said. “The growers/distributors from Belize and Jamaica said they were not convinced yet.”

    PetroCaribe To Help End Hunger Through Assistance To School-Feeding Programme
    The school-feeding programme is to be directly linked with a promise, from Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, that an expanded PetroCaribe arrangement will see efforts aimed at reducing hunger and poverty in the region. Jerome Thomas, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) representative in Jamaica, The Bahamas and Belize, said recently that his entity would be providing technical assistance in order to ensure the goal is achieved. "The school-feeding programme is extremely important in Jamaica, particularly people at the lower socio-economic level and we are adopting some practices from Brazil - something called sustainable school feeding programme - and providing links with the general community," Thomas said. The FAO representative, who was addressing a Gleaner Editors' Forum at the company's Kingston offices last week, said at least two schools would be selected for a pilot programme.

    Dan Riskin investigates ‘Monsters Inside Me’ on Animal Planet
    Monsters Inside Me, the successful Animal Planet series, follows tales that are both horrifying and real. The show details the scary developments that can occur when humans encounter viruses, bacteria and parasites. Viewers should expect some nightmare scenarios after hearing these subjects open up about their trials and tribulations in the world. Any time you travel, it’s a good idea to read up on what kinds of diseases lurk where you’re going. When I went to Belize, for example, I knew botflies were a big threat, so when I came home with my own mosquito bite that kept getting bigger and bigger, I knew there was a maggot in there and knew what the prognosis was.


  • Belize 2014, 6min. ECOB mission trip to Belize 2014

  • Nurse Sharks & Hawksbill Turtle - Belize, 1/2min. One of my favourite shots of all time, whilst diving in Belize. The reef is full of life and we were constantly seeing Nurse sharks, right before the end of the dive I spotted a Turtle. The turtle continued swimming and the sharks all came out of nowhere and swam around it, in a completely non-aggressive way they swam together in perfect harmony. Most people would of expected to see a bloody attack but they can live together at peace. Shot with a GoPro 3 Hero Silver Edition by Kieran Bown

  • Belize slide, 3min.

  • Faithfulness in Belize, 29min. from Dexter United Methodist Church

  • HD Half Moon Caye Belize June 2015 part1, 35min.

  • HD Half Moon Caye Belize June 2015 part2, 10min.

  • Snorkeling in Belize with sharks and rays., 3min.

  • Belize Market Day, 7min. A quick trip through the busiest market day in Belize. @Michael Finnegan Market, Belize City.

  • Belize day 5, 3min.

    October 29, 2015


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    The San Pedro Sun

    Sun, sails and seas
    If you like hearing those two words together then I assure you the cayes (pronounced “keys”) of Belize are where you need to be! After all there aren’t many things that beat sailing in the Caribbean, especially if that country is an award winning destination! With hundreds of small cayes scattered across the coast of Belize adorned by waters that are just about every shade of blue, Belize is a sea skipper’s dream come true. So get those swimsuits out and wear plenty of sunscreen because we love to spend all day on the water. Friends, ceviche, and cold Belikins await you because there’s nothing like making memories in a charming Belizean sunset. Booking a sailing trip is on the list of things we highly recommend when in Belize. These trips range from catamaran sailing to old school sailboat expeditions. From sunset cruises that come fully loaded with snorkel gear, good food, nice tunes and of course booze, to beach barbecues that offer a day of fishing followed by a freshly prepared meal from the day’s catch at a nearby caye- there’s plenty sail trips to fit your fancy!

    Police suspect foul play in death of American National
    San Pedro Police are currently investigating the death of American National, 50-year-old Delbert Wayne Fenn, who was found lifeless in his condo just north of Sir Barry Bowen Bridge. According to an official police report, the body was discovered at around 10:30AM on Tuesday, October 27th in an advanced state of decomposition. While police still list the incident as Sudden Death, investigations have led to the belief that there might have been foul play involved. According to police, they received information from nearby residents of a stench coming from inside a condo unit. When the officers arrived on the scene they discovered Fenn’s body lying face down in a pool of blood in the hall of the unit. The body was in an advanced state of decomposition and therefore an onsite postmortem was conducted. At about 2:48PM Dr. Mario Estradaban arrived on the scene to examine the body. He observed two apparent stab wounds, one to the right shoulder and one to the posterior forearm. At the end of the postmortem examination, Dr. Estradaban certified the cause of death as Exsanguination due to External Bleeding. After removing the body from the scene, police carried out further inspections, but still have not indicated if any signs of struggle were noted. Police have also indicated that there are no signs of burglary attempts and have not established if items are missing.

    San Pedro House of Culture Celebrates International Archaeology Day
    On Friday, October 23rd, the San Pedro House of Culture (SPHC), in collaboration with the Institute of Archaeology and the Marco Gonzalez Archaeological Site held an exhibition in honor of International Archaeology Day. The event, hosted at the SPHC from 9AM to 2PM, was aimed at educating the children and general public on the history of the ancient Maya. The exhibition showcased different technologies used in the Maya era, some of which are still used today in the rural areas of the country. Director of SPHC Mito Paz explained what the exhibition was all about and what visitors could learn from it. “The exhibition is centralized on the Maya technologies, such as making masa from corn, whereby the Mayas used the metate and the mano to grind the corn and turn it into a dough, ‘the masa’ to make the tortillas. In this demonstration, we want to highlight the tools that are being used. It is similar with the Cacao or chocolate, which was one of the key ingredients in the Maya world.

    PUP pre-election rally held in San Pedro
    On Sunday October 25th, the People United Party (PUP) held its pre-election rally in San Pedro Town. The PUP showcased their strength in an all-day event at the Central Park. All the special invited guests along with the PUP Belize Rural South (BRS) Standard Bearer Elito Arceo delivered encouraging speeches to their supporters in attendance. As the rally started, the crowd gathered near the stage eager to listen to the presentations. Guest speakers included Orange Walk Central Standard Bearer John Francis Briceño, BRS Standard Bearer Elito Arceo, PUP National Party Chair Henry Charles Usher, Dr. Giovani Solorzano, Florencio Marin and Josue Carballo. “The PUP is wounded, the Belizean person is wounded, San Pedro needs a fighter and a leader, that person is Elito Arceo.

    Dental Week 2015 closes with a poster competition
    From Monday, October 19 to Friday, October 23rd the Ministry of Health observed Dental Week under the theme ‘Think right- Smile bright.’ To commemorate the event, several activities were held, such as visiting primary schools to teach children how to properly brush their teeth and the importance of healthy eating practices. With hopes of getting the youths more involved in eating healthy, on Friday, October 23rd the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II organized a poster competition. Winners of the competition were announced during the closing ceremonies with fun prizes being awarded to the top winners of the competition. Parents and teachers are urged to teach children to engage in a routine when it comes to brushing their teeth. It should be done in a manner that is fun, instead of a ‘task’. The mission of the dentistry department at the Polyclinic is to help children to have beautiful bright smiles.

    Ambergris Today

    Miss Earth Belize Fundraising Efforts for Pageant in Austria
    Miss Earth Belize 2015, Christine Syme, has been asked many questions over the past few weeks and has written a little about herself and what will be happening during the weeks leading up to the pageant. “I am Christine Syme, Miss Earth Belize 2015 and I was born and raised on the island of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. I grew up building sand castles, catching fish, and going to primary and secondary school overlooking the Barrier Reef. I have always been interested in modeling and pageants, participating in my first pageant, Miss San Pedro in 2011, where I won First Runner Up and Miss Congeniality. I have also participated in many fashion shows, including the first Belize Fashion Week runway show where I modeled clothes made by Belizean designers as well as international designers from New York City and the Dominican Republic. I am ecstatic about representing Belize internationally at the Miss Earth pageant in Austria and I thank everyone for their support and encouragement. I believe that I will do a fantastic job promoting our environment, natural resources and ecosystems as well as the efforts we are making towards preserving and protecting them. Ever since I was about 10 years old I remember joining work teams that picked up trash in our community, planted nice foliage and distributed trash cans, immediately I could see how much more attractive our area would become.

    New Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Units at KHMH
    A new pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) were inaugurated at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City on Tuesday, October 27, 2015. The project, spearheaded by Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow, Special Envoy for Women and Children, came about in 2009 and has taken years of work, planning and fundraising to come to fruition. Construction started in July of 2013 with contractor Gutierrez and Associates and Architect/Project Manager, Esther Ayuso on the ground. Two years and over five million dollars later, Belize’s National Referral Hospital finally has a dedicated space tailor made to care for critically ill children and babies.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Rotary Finishes 2 Bathroom Projects
    Two Cayo primary schools have new bathrooms now, courtesy of the Rotary Clubs of San Ignacio and Fairbanks, Alaska. Howard Smith Nazarene and New Life Primary schools both have new bathroom blocks now, and the kids are very appreciative. Thanks, Rotary, for all you do for Cayo! "Howard Smith Nazarene School in Benque Viejo has a new toilet block and the smile on the faces says it all. Sanitation and hygiene is as important to education as the subjects the students study. Thank you Rotary Club of Fairbanks for partnering with the Rotary Club of San Ignacio to make this dream come true."

    Benque House of Culture: Noche de Cuenta Cuentos, unravel the mystic stories of our community
    This Friday October 30th, 2015, the Benque House of Culture (NICH) invites one and all to its Annual 'Noche de Cuenta Cuentos' featuring traditional Super Natural, Folklore Tales. Starting at 7:00 p.m.

    Splashers paint today
    Today at Crazy Canucks Beach Bar 2 p.m"The Barnacle dock" Sorry for the late post guys! It's been a crazy week. Hope some of you can make it. Text me at 631-7481or message me before 11a.m if you are for sure coming so I sketch out enough docks.

    BEL Statement on Deed of Assurance between Government of Belize, BECOL and Fortis Inc.
    Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) is aware that reference has been made to the Company in relation to statements in the media of an alleged “secret agreement” between the Government of Belize (GOB), Belize Electric Company Limited (BECOL) and Fortis Inc. GOB provided BEL with a draft of the Deed of Assurance five days prior to the execution of the agreement, although the Company is not a signatory. BEL’s awareness was necessary, as the agreement: 1. Recognizes all preceding agreements with regards to BECOL’s operations, inclusive of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) signed with BEL in 2001. This PPA was approved by the Public Utilities Commission in 2007. 2. Provides assurances that the preceding agreements between BEL and BECOL will not be affected as a consequence of the settlement between GOB, BECOL and Fortis Inc.

    Wildfire Gallery Premier Exhibit
    The Wildfire Gallery had the opening of their first art exhibit, Between Paintings, on Saturday night, and it was an excellent display. You can't go wrong with unique art, local AJAW chocolate, wine, great music, and fun artists. The pieces are from local artists Amal Assales and Daniel Velazquez, and they are quite unique. It's definitely worth stopping by to see.

    Mount Carmel Celebrates 25 Years
    Happy birthday, MCHS! They are celebrating 25 years. They're having a celebration mass on Friday morning and a BBQ on Saturday to celebrate the anniversary.

    Wine House Grand Opening
    The Wine House is having their grand opening on Friday. The celebrations start at 5:00pm, and they'll have a special on premium memberships. "Featuring the famous Caves Branch artisan cheese and Farmhouse Deli sausages, smoked and cured meats and fish. “Save the date and CELEBRATE at the Wine House” Grand opening: The Wine Club Friday, October 30th 5PM till 10PM Costless Winehouse, Recinos Imports Ltd. San Ignacio/Cayo Premier membership signup"

    The National Convention for the Peoples of Belize held its second annual reparations convention in Belmopan Civic Center on October 10, 2015, one year after its first national convention in 2014 at the University of Belize in Belmopan, Belize. The issue of reparations in Belize, after 500 years of slavery, oppression and exploitation of African and indgenous peoples in Belize, appears to be taking a back seat in the manifestos of both of the two main Belize poltical parties, the Peoples United Party (PUP) and the United Democratic Party (UDP). It is hoped that the Belize Progressive Party (BPP) will include this very important issue on their agenda before upcoming Belize general elections on November 4, 2015.

    Many Belizeans of African descent have relatives in Mexico because of the African presence in Mexico, and the fact that many runaway slaves in Belize sought refuge in Mexico. The featured piece explains how and why.

    Wine de Vine "Boos & Booze Halloween Costume Social"
    Great way to kick off Halloween!

    Gun Club on San Pedro Ambergris Caye
    We would like to form a Gun Club on San Pedro Ambergris Caye, to allow legal gun owners to able to receive training in safety and gun skills and provide a safe controlled range for them to practice. Now on the island people who want to practice have to find a place to practice and this is not safe, all gun owners should practice and get training and if there is no where to do this it can be very unsafe. Please sign this petition. So we can form a club to provide the much needed training and a controlled range for practice and competitions. Ambergris Caye Gun Club will become the premier Gun Club in Belize, helps make this become a reality.

    Channel 7

    No Joke Jimmy, The Brits Are Back
    Last night, we showed you how for the past few weeks, the British Army Training and Support Unit Belize (BATSUB) had been training in Belize after 4 years of scaled back activity. They left Belize behind in 2011 after Prime Minister, David Cameron and the British Military brass decided that it would cut back on military bases worldwide. At that time, the British were focusing their military energies on Iraq and Afghanistan. But, since 2013, since Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Brigadier General David Jones have been lobbying the British Government to bring back BATSUB to mid-2011 levels. Well today, 2 years later, the British Army has committed to a renewed, full scale BATSUB facility in Belize. That commitment was cemented with a visit from Lieutenant General James Rupert Everard, the Commander of the British Army’s Land Forces. Military experts tells us he is the highest ranking British Soldier to ever visit Belize.

    BATSUB General Meets PM
    This evening, Lt. General Jame Everard and Brigadier General David Jones had a high level meeting with the Prime Minister in which some of the finer details were discussed about how BATSUB would operate in the near future. They were accompanied by the British High Commissioner, Major General Smyth Osborne, and the Commander of the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards. And, on the Belize side, we saw the Military Liaison Officer, and the CEO of the Ministry of National Security. The media was allowed to witness a part of that meeting, and afterwards, the Prime Minister gave a briefing on how his Government views BATSUB’s return. On the day after he made the macho remarks against Guatemalan President Elect Jimmy Morales, here’s what the PM had to say now that he had, in some small measure, British backative:

    Mystery Plane: I'll Fly Away
    Today, the Piper PA 34 Seneca twin-engine plane that made a suspicious mystery landing at the municipal airstrip yesterday – was flown away by a BDF pilot, escorted by a BDF Defender. From around 9:30 this morning BDF Airwing personnel were checking the plane out, confirming its airworthiness. Then at 10:15 – they struck up the engines, while the BDF Defender stood by to act as an escort. They flew out of there at around 10:30 am, the BDF plane taking off first and circling while the Piper Seneca took off two minutes later without a hitch. With that, it was airborne and off to the BDF airwing in Ladyville, where the very suspicious aircraft remains under guard.

    Was Foul Play Involved In San Pedro Sudden Death?
    An American man was found dead in his room at the Cloisters Condominium on San Pedro. Reports from Islanders are that 50 year old deep water diver Delbert Fenn died sometime on Friday and his body was found until yesterday morning around 10:30. Now this case is a little peculiar because police are treating this case as a sudden death. While they are not ruling out murder – police say there are several complicated factors that need to be considered. We travelled to San Pedro this morning to find out more. Room 102: it was just another fancy apartment among the others at the Cloisters Condominium on San Pedro. But yesterday it turned into a crime scene when 50 year old Delbert Fenn was found dead in this room.

    San Pedro Daylight Shooting
    Also on San Pedro, a taxi man was shot yesterday in broad daylight on a busy street. It happened at 3:25 in the afternoon near Maya Island Air. 31 year old Juan Menjivar was sitting in front of the luggage area when a man rode up on his bicycle, jumped off behind the luggage area, walked up to Menjivar and fired about 6 shots at him. Menjivar was shot to the arm, wrist and abdomen but survived. The gunman then dashed across to a jetty, and escaped in a boat. According to the san Pedro Sun, Menjivar has previously been charged with drug trafficking, discharging a Firearm in Public, Uncustomed Goods and for the possession of over $10,000 believed to be the proceeds of Drug Trafficking. So, all indications are that this shooting was supposed to be an execution, but it failed. But, even with all that, police couldn’t give much details on this case either.

    Big Name Trio Beats Murder Rap After 3 Years On Remand
    After spending almost 3 years on remand, defendants Tyrone Meighan, Orel Leslie, and Brandon Baptist are at home tonight after they were acquitted of the murder of 28 year-old James Norales. All 3 men stood trial without jury before Justice Troadio Gonzalez, and the evidence that all 3 defendants, Aaron Paquil, and the victim were socializing in Leslie’s yard on the evening of November 26, 2012. They ran out of drinks, and the investigators believe that this was the time when they lured him to the junction of Fabers Road and the George Price Highway, under the pretense of replenishing the stock. When they arrived at the specific area, the 3 allegedly then forced him to get out of a black vehicle, and that’s where they shot him several times and left him to die.

    BEL Says No Secret In Power Purchase Agreements
    Yesterday the PUP held a press conference to reveal what the party called a “secret agreement” signed by the Prime Minister. The opposition alleges that the agreement binds taxpayers to bail out BECOL if it makes any losses as a result of BEL’s operations. Well today BEL sent out a statement saying that it received a draft of the Deed of Assurance five days before the agreement was signed. Now, BEL was not a signatory to the deed of confirmation and assurance, but says it needed to know what was in there because the new agreement includes BECOL’s Power Purchase Agreement signed with BEL in 2001. According to BEL, the agreement also provides assurances that those agreements between BEL and BECOL would not be affected because of the settlement between GOB, BECOL and Fortis Inc.

    Pray For Peace Churches Say
    Pray for peace, that’s what the council of churches wants you to do for this election. The Council sent out a release today urging all the parties involved in the election, quote, “to put the interests of the country above and beyond their own self-interest and allow the electoral process to be fair, peaceful and objective.” End quote. As for voters, the council says, quote, “say no to any form of political intimidation or enticement, such as receiving money for your vote… vote in concert with their conscience and on what is best for Belize. And finally, the council’s press release calls on all Belizeans to quote, “earnestly pray for a peaceful election.” They are declaring Sunday, November 1st, a Day of Prayer for a peaceful and fair election. They conclude, quote, “May God’s will be done on Election Day.”

    Hulse Speaks On Immigration Irregularities
    Two nights ago we told you about three suspicious sets of nationality documents that we had possession of, and one more that we had seen. All of them had serious irregularities – and two of them were signed by Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse in 2012. On Monday, Hulse told us that he now knows that files were sent to him – which contained fraudulent elements. He ended up signing them – and in the cases we saw passports were issued – apparently to persons who did not necessarily meet the qualifications for citizenship. In an interview conducted this evening, Hulse told us about one nationality document he signed – which resulted in a passport the Immigration Department now wants recalled:… Godwin Hulse - Minister of Immigration "This file came to our attention when we were doing our research because the copy of the certificate has no seal. If you notice that the copy, it has no seal and therefore without a seal it indicated no swearing in. And without swearing in it indicated that the process had not been completed. Therefore the person is not officially a citizen because that process needs to be completed. The person at the time, the persons at the time who issued the passport should have seen the certificate. That is the only way they would have known the person is a Belizean and should have noticed that there was no seal on it and therefore question it; but it was not questioned, obviously and the passport was issued. That file was sent to the police also for investigation."

    5 Years For Beating Ex In street
    31 year old Thomas Card was sentenced to 5 years in jail today for beating his ex common law wife unconscious in the street. Claire Kelly alleged that on the morning of June 9, 2015, she was walking her 5 year old daughter to school, when she met Card and allowed him to walk with his daughter for a while despite the fact there is a restraining order for him to stay away from her. But when she decided to end his meet with the child, and she took the child way, that’s when her ex got upset and slapped her across her face so hard, she fell to the ground. That’s where Card continued to beat her, until she went unconscious. Her friend Keisha Westby ran to Card’s aid and had to throw water over her face to revive her. A passing police mobile met him on Saint Joseph Street where he was detained and taken back to the scene where Kelly positively identified him as the man who beat her up.

    Drills The British Way
    At the top of the news, we showed you how a high ranking British General visited Belize to announce that BATSUB was returning. Yesterday, we also took you to the BATSUB training camp on the Coastal Road near Gales Point, Manatee. Well, while the British Soldiers were training themselves, they’ve also been training select officers of the Belize Defence Force. We got a chance to see what that looked like yesterday, and Daniel Ortiz has that story. For about an hour and a half, in the warm morning sun, this group of BDF soldiers marched around in on the Parade Square, taking commands from their British Trainer, demonstrating that they had a very good grasp of form, technique, and cohesion. They had been practicing for the past few days, and yesterday was their final test, to show that not only were they well-coordinated, but that they could easily take on the leadership of officers placed under their command.

    If We Took A Holiday ...
    The list of public and bank holidays has been released for 2016 – and for all you weekend warriors, it shows a fair share of long weekends, but you’ll also be losing with some Saturday holidays. And then, National Heroes and Benefactors Day will be observed on Monday March 7th. Easter is als in March on the 25th through to the 28th. Monday May 2nd will be observed as Labour day, and Monday May 23rd will be observed as sovereign’s day. After that spree, there won’t be another long weekend until October. That’s because September 10th falls on a Saturday when it will be observed. September 21st. falls on a Wednesday when it will be observed. Monday October 10th though will be another long weekend. November 19th will be observed on the day it falls which is a Saturday. And then Christmas will be a four day weekend. Christmas falls on a Sunday, so Monday December 26th will be given in lieu, pushing boxing day to be observe don Tuesday December 27th – but then surely all the turkey, black cake and rumpopo will be long finished.

    Belize Business Ranking Abysmal
    The World Bank has released its 2016 annual ease of doing business report and Belize has fallen four spots. The new list shows Belize dropping from 116 to 120 on the list. Costa Rica, Jamaica and Mexico recorded the most reforms in Latin America and the Caribbean in the last five years. Released yesterday, Doing Business 2016: Measuring Regulatory Quality and Efficiency finds that Costa Rica is the world’s top improver, namely, an economy that implemented at least three reforms and moved up on the global rankings scale. For example, on Getting Electricity, the time for a Costa Rican entrepreneur to get connected to the electrical grid has decreased from 55 to 45 days. Jamaica is also among the global top 10 improvers – that island nation implemented a regional high of four reforms. On Starting a Business, for instance, Jamaica decreased the time to incorporate a business from 15 to three days. And Mexico, the best ranked economy in the region, implemented two reforms in the areas of Getting Credit and Paying Taxes during the past year. Mexico is now ranked 38th.

    Collective Called AGS
    They call themselves “All God Son’s” and today a couple of the artists stopped by our studios to launch a new video. The video is called Born and Grow and speaks about poverty on the Sputhside of Belize City. Tyron Linarez explains: The video can be viewed in its entirety on Facebook.

    The Wesley Walk
    And we close today with video of students from our area high school, Wesley High which observed Red Ribbon week with a parade through the streets complete with marching band. The Red Ribbon parade is a public declaration of students saying they want to be drug free.

    Channel 5

    Mysterious Airplane Under B.D.F. Guard, Still No Word from Police
    The mysterious circumstance surrounding the unauthorized landing of an aircraft at the Belize Municipal Airstrip on Tuesday morning remains an open investigation for the police department.  We can confirm tonight [...]

    American National Found Dead on San Pedro, Was He Murdered?
    Police also have another case to solve, but in La Isla Bonita. It involves the mysterious death of a U.S. national who retired and lived on the island right up [...]

    What’s the Motive Behind Shooting of San Pedro Cabdriver?
    In Tuesday’s newscast, we told you of a brazen daylight shooting in San Pedro Town just outside the cargo area of Maya Island Air on the island. A gunman took [...]

    O.A.S. Observers Arrive in Belize Ahead of General Elections
    Members of the Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of the American States began arriving today in Belize ahead of the November fourth elections.  There are thirteen members to the [...]

    Leader of the Opposition Meets with Council of Churches
    By this time next week Wednesday, most polls would have been closed around the country for this year’s general elections. Today, the Council of Churches urged all Belizeans to put [...]

    High-Ranking British Army General In Belize on Official Visit
    A high-ranking member of the British Army arrived in Belize today and met with Prime Minister Dean Barrow this afternoon. He is Lieutenant General James Everard. One of the main [...]

    Trio Acquitted of the Murder of B.D.F. Soldier
    Three Belize City men accused of the November twenty-third 2012 murder of B.D.F. soldier James Noralez learnt their fate this morning. Noralez’s bullet ridden body was found lying on the [...]

    Thomas Card Gets Five Years for Wounding His Ex- Common Law
    Tonight, thirty-one-year-old Thomas Card is serving more time behind bars after he was slapped with five additional years behind bars at the conclusion of his trial for the wounding of [...]

    Former Business Senator Says Senate Did Not Receive Documents on BECOL Agreements
    The opposition, People’s United Party disclosed on Tuesday what it calls a secret deal between the Prime Minister of Belize and the Canadian company, Fortis. According to the P.U.P., the [...]

    Voting by Proxy, P.U.P. is Concerned
    If you’re a public officer assigned to work on Election Day, chances are you won’t be able to vote. The same goes for military personnel on duty and members of [...]

    B.D.F. is Official Election Day Courier of Ballot Boxes
    The security of ballot boxes during elections is paramount in safeguarding the integrity of the voting process.  With Belizeans going to the polls to elect a new government next Wednesday, [...]

    Convoy Carrying Ballot Papers Raises Concerns in the West
    Today, the social media was all abuzz after an informal information blog posted pictures of a convoy of vehicles passing through San Ignacio at high speed. There was some concern [...]

    HRCU Hands Over Fifty Schoolbags to Queen Square Anglican
    October is recognized annually as the month of credit unions across the country and the region; the financial institutions have been carrying out various activities to celebrate its achievements. Today, [...]

    An Essay Competition for Kareem Clark
    Following up on their commitment to keep the memory of fallen journalist Kareem Clarke alive, his friends and colleagues are currently preparing to launch the first essay competition in his [...]


    American Retiree Found Deceased In Hotel Room
    Authorities on Ambergris Caye are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of an American retiree whose decomposed body was found inside his hotel room yesterday morning. And while they began treating the case as a sudden death, today the autopsy report revealed that the cause of death was due by an apparent stab wound to his body. According to the report, acting upon information received around 10am Tuesday morning, San Pedro Police visited the Cloisters apartment located North of San Pedro Town where they smell a stench coming from Apartment #102 which was locked. The screen door was pried open and upon making checks inside the lifeless body of a white male person was seen lying face down in the bedroom in a pool of blood. The body was identified as that of 50 year old Delbert Wayne Fenn; an American retired Deep Water Diver. A post-mortem was conducted by Dr. Mario Estrada Bran certified the cause of death as Exsanguinations due to external bleeding due to apparent stab wound to the right shoulder and right posterior forearm. Meanwhile police continue to investigate…

    San Pedro Taxi Operator Shot In Broad Day Light
    In other crime news from the island, a taxi operator was shot in broad daylight shortly before 4pm yesterday evening. The victim has been identified as 31 year old Juan Menjivar of a San Pedrito home address of San Pedro Town. According to police shortly before 4PM, Menjivar was at the luggage section of Maya Island Air terminal located on Lion Street when as much as five shots rang out in the area. Menjivar then realized that he was shot and he was rushed to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro PolyClinic II. Police say that it appears the Menjivar was shot as many as three times – to his arms, and abdomen. Menjivar was transported to the KHMH for further medical attention. Multiple reports are that a male shooter ran south on Lions Street and made a turn into Crocodile Street leading to the lagoon where he jump on a waiting jet-ski. Menjivar is no stranger to the police since in July 2014, he was charged with Drug Trafficking, Discharging a Firearm in Public, Uncustomed Goods and for the possession of over $10,000.00 believed to be the proceeds of Drug Trafficking.

    Pedriatic Intensive Care Unit Inaugurated At KHMH
    Following the death of 13 babies at the KHMH in May of 2013, yesterday Belize’s new Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the KHMH was officially inaugurated. The project, spearheaded by Kim Simplis Barrow, Special Envoy for Women and Children, came about in 2009 and has taken years of work, planning and fundraising to come to fruition. The new facility has 2 sections: the PICU and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Altogether the facility can cater to about 30 children and babies. And while the state of the art facility comes with rigorous screening procedures for visitors, officials state that the facility will help in the health and prolonged life of Belize’s children. Two years and over 5 million dollars later, Belize’s National Referral Hospital finally has a dedicated space tailor made to care for critically ill children and babies. The facility will be fully operational and open to the public in December.

    It Is Official 2016 Public And Bank Holidays
    The Government of Belize has sent out its official notice for 2016’s Public and Bank Holidays. There will be 13 holidays to be observed throughout the New Year. Of note is that September 10th, St. George’s Caye Day will be observed on a Saturday and Independence Day will be celebrated on a Wednesday. Finally, 2016 will see 8 extended weekends.


    Belize Gets Special Visit From Highest UK Military Commander
    The highest ranking officer in the British Forces is in Belize on an official visit as the country sees the resurgence of the British Forces. Renee Trujillo was at Price Barracks this afternoon to find out more details. RENEE TRUJILLO REPORTING Belize’s Brigadier General, Commander David Jones was at the entrance of the Price Barracks […]

    PM Barrow Welcomes the British Forces to Belize
    Earlier in our newscast we told you that the Commander of the Land Forces in Britain would be meeting with Belize’s Prime Minister, Dean Barrow. That meeting did occur on Coney Drive this evening and had the presence of several senior officials in the British Forces as well as the Chief Executive Officer in the […]

    BDF Commander Speaks on His Efforts in Resurgence of British Forces in Belize
    As you may recall, back in 2011, there was a downsizing of the BATSUB and now, four years later we are seeing the resurgence. According to the Commander of the Belize Defense Force, Brigadier General, David Jones, he has been working hard in getting back the training exercises with the British Forces. COMMANDER DAVID JONES […]

    BDF Commander Seeks Further Relations with US Marines
    And while Belize will be having their counterparts from the UK on its military base in rural Belize, there are other areas of training opportunities that the BDF Commander is exploring for his officers. Brigadier General David Jones was recently in North Carolina, USA discussing opportunities with the US Marines. He explained to Love News, […]

    Senator Lizarraga Expresses Concerns Over Agreement with Fortis/BECOL
    Yesterday the People’s United Party held a press conference at which they said that Prime Minister Dean Barrow had signed his own accommodation agreement in relation to the BEL settlement with BECOL and Fortis. The PUP stated that the Confirmation and Assurance Deed was not provided to them; however, Prime Minister Dean Barrow told the […]

    BEL Issues Response on PUP’s Allegations
    Belize Electricity Limited issued a short release on the Confirmation and Assurance Deed that was signed by the Government of Belize in relations to the settlement with BECOL and Fortis Incorporation. In the release, BEL states quote, “GOB provided BEL with a draft of the Deed of Assurance five days prior to the execution of […]

    UB Continues Discussions for Salary Increase
    Members of the University of Belize Faculty and Staff Association met today to determine their next move as it relates to their request for a 14 percent salary increase. The latest update on this matter is that the President of the University of Belize wrote to the Interim President of the Association, Harrison Flowers, telling […]

    Opposition Leader Commits to Church Leaders for Revitalized Partnership
    Leader of the People’s United Party, Francis Fonseca met with leaders of the church today. According to a release from the PUP, Fonseca and the church leaders spoke the concern they had in regards to the country’s education system and the quote, “moral and spiritual direction of our society” end of quote. During the meeting, […]

    American National Found Stabbed to Death
    San Pedro Police is also looking into a homicide case that was uncovered yesterday on the island. Reports are that the authorities there were called out to a resort north of San Pedro Town where they found the partially decomposed body of an American national inside his room at the resort. Investigators have since identified […]

    Taxi Man Shot Whilst Doing Business in San Pedro
    A taxi driver of Ambergris Caye is listed in a stable condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after being shot on the island. Reports reaching Love News is that 31-year-old, Juan Menjivar was shot in his arm and stomach whilst conducting business on Lion Street at the entrance of the San Pedrito area of […]


    Oceana holds AGM
    Oceana Belize held its annual general meeting over the weekend with some 200 of its members known as Wavemakers. The meeting was held on Saturday at the George Price Center in Belmopan. Janelle Chanona, the vice President for Oceana Belize told us more about it. Janelle Chanona, Vice Presid...

    Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund essay competition
    Two months ago members of the Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund donated items to the St. Joseph Feeding Program in Belize City to honor Kareem, a graduate himself of St. Joseph Primary School. That was the group’s first venture and, as was mentioned, the members of the Fund had intentions of hosting an es...

    Exports recovering as prices continue to fall
    The Statistical Institute of Belize reports good news in the area of trade and inflation for September 2015. Imports slipped slightly for the month of September to $162 million, as no premium fuel was imported in this month and prices for other fuels were lower. Fewer clothing and cigarette purchas...

    House fire in Belize City
    There was a house fire in Belize city last night sometime after 7 o’clock. The house, #973 Bella Vista, Belize City is where 55 year old Delfin Castillo and his 27 year old wife Anna Portillo live. According to Castillo, sometime about 7:19pm, the wife went upstairs to their bedroom to put on the a...

    Violent domestic dispute earns man five years
    An estranged couple’s early morning domestic dispute in Belize City a few months ago ended with jail time for the convicted abuser, 31 year old Thomas Card. Card was convicted of wounding his ex-common-law wife, whose name we will leave out for privacy reasons, by knocking her out on Freetown ...

    Trio’s murder charges dropped in death of BDF soldier
    Supreme Court Justice Troadio Gonzalez, acting alone, ruled today that three Belize City men accused of the November 23, 2012 murder of Belize Defence Force Soldier, 28 year old James Noralez had no case to answer, causing them to dash out of the courtroom and down the stairs like someone was after ...

    San Pedro man shot multiple times
    San Pedro police are also investigating an attempted murder. On Tuesday October 27, 31 year old Juan Menjivar of San Pedrito Area, San Pedro Town was shot to his left forearm, wrist and abdomen area. Initial investigation revealed that about 3:00pm that day, while Juan Menjivar was standing at the...

    PUP reveals secret deal between GOB and Fortis
    A short notice from the People’s United Party yesterday spoke of “breaking news” to be revealed at a press conference today, Tuesday. And we were told that the ruling party had made a “secret deal” with Fortis Energy International as part of the settlement reached at the end of August and rushed through the House and Senate. While most of the documents that were part of the deal were presented and debated on, what is known as the Deed of Confirmation and Assurance was not. In the document released only today, the Government agrees that BECOL is not to be interfered with, not even by any court or tribunal. It states also that the company can continue to charge its rates for buying of electric power, and assumes no responsibility for losses sustained, which must be made good by the Government. Here is what former Senator Lisa Shoman had to say.

    Caye Caulker Chronicles

    Halloween – Night of the living Dread
    This Saturday, October 31st, is Halloween and everyone’s favourite celebration. More money is spent on Halloween costumes as a nation than for any other celebration. This year will be no exception and I believe that this year will surpass many that have preceded it. Caye Caulker has several events lined up for this event and they are way beyond anything I have witnessed here before in the 15 years I’ve been coming here. The Barrier Reef Sports Bar & Grill is having a big party with DJ DZL and is being sponsored by several local businesses. They usually have one of the best showings on the island and last year’s party was one of my favourites with Luciana Essenziale winning the prize for scariest costume. I’m still haunted by that image. This year, Scott Waters (owner), is offering a massive $750 in prize money split 3 ways for scariest, sexiest and funniest. There are a multitude of other prizes and giveaways throughout the evening, from bottles of rum, 6 packs of beer, etcetera and it looks like it is set to be a roaring success.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    One dead in late evening accident in Corozal
    Information reaching our newsroom is that a man was fatally knocked down on the Philip Goldson Highway near the Laguna Maya area in the Corozal District. Officers are currently at the scene. We will have more on this shortly.

    Exports recovering as prices continue to fall
    The Statistical Institute of Belize reports good news in the area of trade and inflation for September 2015. Imports slipped slightly for the month of September to $162 million, as no premium fuel was imported in this month and prices for other fuels were lower. Fewer clothing and cigarette purchases led to […]

    Violent domestic dispute earns man five years
    An estranged couple’s early morning domestic dispute in Belize City a few months ago ended with jail time for the convicted abuser, 31 year old Thomas Card. Card was convicted of wounding his ex-common-law wife, whose name we will leave out for privacy reasons, by knocking her out on Freetown Road […]

    OAS deploys Electoral Observation Mission to Belize
    A press release issued by the Organization of American States (OAS) earlier today, announced the deployment of its Electoral Observation Mission (EOM) to Belize for the November 4th general elections, comprised of 13 observers from various countries and headed by Ambassador Jacinth Henry-Martin. After attending a training session, the observers will […]

    Silva accuses Montero of land-grab while in GOB
    People United Party’s (PUP) Cayo Central standard bearer, Dan Silva, will be running against the United Democratic Party’s (UDP) Rene Montero Jr. on November 4th, and is using new allegations in an attempt to gain political mileage against his UDP opponent. Silva claims to have documents proving that a number […]

    No-one has claimed abandoned mystery plane
    The mysterious Piper Seneca PA23 with registration number N32812 today lies at the Belize Defense Force (BDF) Air Wing Compound at Price Barracks in Ladyville after spending the night at the Belize Municipal Airstrip, heavily guarded by members of the BDF and the Gang Supression Unit (GSU). According to the […]

    Convoy seen speeding through Cayo coming
    A convoy of five vehicles, escorted by police, was seen speeding through Cayo coming from the direction of the Arenal-Guatemalan border this morning. According to an eye-witness, who submitted pictures of the convoy, the vehicles sped through San Ignacio and Santa Elena at full speed with lights flashing heading to […]

    American found dead in his apartment
    San Pedro police have opened a murder case after discovering the advanced state of a decomposing body believed to be that of American, Wayne Delbert Fenn. Belize Media Group was made to understand that on Tuesday, October 27th, police visited Fenn’s apartment on the lower flat of […]

    School-inclusion workshop held in OW
    Teachers and principals from the north concluded a two-day workshop on school inclusion yesterday in Orange Walk Town. The aim is to equip the school leaders with skills necessary in handling special-needs children and their inclusion into regular classrooms. Of the many primary schools in the northern […]

    Marco Tulio Mendez back in court
    Back in court yesterday was embattled, former politician, Marco Tulio Mendez but the appearance was a standard adjournment. Readers may recall that in his last court appearance he was slapped with an additional charge of ‘Carnal Knowledge’. The charge follows strong allegations of sexual misconduct against two minors in February […]

    Belize: A Preview of the Upcoming General Elections, From Under the Bus
    General elections will be held in Belize on November 4, 2015; only 7 days away. Since Independence, no political party or prime minister has won or lost three general elections in a row. Belize politics is a winner takes all game…..the one with a simple majority of the […]


    Airfare prices to Belize are down 20% this year vs. last year, the popular travel site on the Internet is reporting that airfare to Belize is down by 20% this year compared to last year. The travel site made the announcement today by tweeting it to its thousands of Twitter followers. “This is great news for Belize because many people can now visit the country at an affordable cost”, Ted McKoy, a tourism entrepreneur from Hopkins Village Belize told Belize Hub. Many tourism stakeholders in Belize believe that the reduction in airfare to the country can be attributed to the fact that Southwest is now flying to Belize.

    What is Sustainable Community Development for Belize?
    Economic globalization has tended to strip out local cultural differences and nuances among communities as if hierarchical uniformity were an end in itself. Restoring a sense of identity to the community may be an unexpected but necessary adjunct to any development project. A community’s identity may have been lost over some time as knowledge of kinship with and pride in its particular assets has withered. So perceived problems need to be looked at seriously, in the context of who the community is, to truly assess which problems the community should really spend its time on. It’s important to understand the specific nature of the communities we work with in Belize. Community does not fit into a nice neat package – every community is a little different. A “community” is a construct, a model. We cannot see a whole community, we cannot touch it, and we cannot directly experience it. More importantly, a community is not just the people who are currently in it. A community probably already existed when all of its current residents were not yet born, and it will likely continue to exist when all of the people in it have left.

    U.S. dental team marks 23rd year putting smiles on the faces of Belizeans
    I can’t help but think that if the big-game hunting dentist Walter Palmer had met his colleague Frank Whipps years ago, Cecil the lion might be alive today, as well as a whole ark full of rare, endangered, docile and beautiful trophy creatures. Dr. Whipps has that sort of positive influence on the dental community. He’s a guy who gives dentistry a good name, especially here in Belize. I’m thinking this while sitting in the Lion’s Club facility in downtown San Pedro where a small army of dentists, dental assistants and various other health professionals are spending up to two weeks of their time cleaning dentures, fluoridating, pulling bad teeth and filling cavities in the mouths of thousands of Belizeans.

    International Sourcesizz

    Weather Underground Bought by IBM
    IBM announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire The Weather Company’s B2B, mobile and cloud-based web properties, including WSI,, Weather Underground and The Weather Company brand. The TV segment – The Weather Channel – will not be acquired by IBM, but will license weather forecast data and analytics from IBM under a long-term contract. There are no changes that have been announced for how Weather Underground will operate, and Bob Henson and I plan to ride the rapids to see where they lead. IBM brings some pretty remarkable technology resources to the table, so I expect that WU's creative development team will be able to take advantage of that and crank out some ground-breaking weather software. For more information on the acquisition, see the IBM/Weather Company press release. The deal will likely become finalized in January. Jeff Masters

    Belize Defence Force leaders visit Camp Lejeune
    Leaders from U.S. Marine Corps Forces-South, and Belize Defence Force visited II Marine Expeditionary Force and School of Infantry–East as part of a three-day visit to Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Oct. 20 through 22. The purpose of the visit was to assess the capabilities of U.S. forces, discern opportunities for Belize forces to train alongside Marines, and sustain enduring partnerships between the two countries in their efforts to counter transnational organized crime. "The training we’re doing with the Belize Defence Force right now is we have a security cooperation team of 25 Marines who are currently living in Belize," said Brig. Gen. Eric M. Smith, commander of MARFORSOUTH. "Our Marines are training a BDF company of troops in subjects such as land navigation and marksmanship skills."

    CSU students back efforts in Belize to find a new use for an invasive species
    Belize is known for its beaches, scuba diving and sport fishing. But since 2014, the Central American country has also served as a home base for graduate students working on conservation and development through the Warner College of Natural Resources. Last summer, a group of CSU students in Belize launched a crowdfunding campaign to send local women to a workshop to learn how to create jewelry from the invasive lionfish. The workshop — sponsored by Blue Ventures — is one of several efforts aimed at reducing the country’s population of the invasive fish. Blue Ventures is a social enterprise, an organization that uses commercial strategies to raise awareness for conservation efforts. Lionfish, native to the Indo-Pacific, have spread rapidly across the western Atlantic and Caribbean and now can be found from Rhode Island to Brazil. The fish, named one of the world’s major conservation threats, crowd out native fish and harm coral reef ecosystems. Their prickly spines also deliver a venomous sting to people. Groups like NOAA are tracking the lionfish and encouraging people to report lionfish sighting to help with research.

    GSMA Welcomes Multi-Country Support for Sub-700MHz Spectrum for Mobile Broadband at WRC-15
    John Giusti, Chief Regulatory Officer, GSMA, commented on the submission of multi-country proposals in support of spectrum for mobile to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), in advance of the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-15) in Geneva next month: “We are seeing positive momentum for the UHF spectrum band from many countries in Regions 2 and 3 – namely in the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the United States – which has resulted in multi-country proposals being submitted to the ITU, supporting part or all of the band for possible future use for mobile broadband. In Europe, Finland has submitted a single-country proposal for the UHF band, while Egypt is spearheading a multi-country proposal in the Middle East, supported by Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco.


  • Debate question on land distribution..., 6min. San Pedro Sun: Standard Bearers respond to a question regarding land. Its reads "Under both administrations there has been the give and take of property. How can you assure land is fairly distributed and rightfully owned?"

  • Belize: The Cayo District, 12min. Featuring the Rio Frio cave, Rio On Pools, Mopan River in Bullet Tree Falls, the Caracol Mayan Ruins, Howler Monkeys and more.

  • Beat a Pan, Not a Man - TRAILER - UNICEF Belize, 1.5min. "In these neighbourhoods children as young as 8 and 9 years old are literally born into the gang situation." Watch the trailer for the upcoming documentary Beat a Pan, Not a Man, about a UNICEF supported initiative implemented by RESTORE Belize and the Belize National Institute of Culture and Heritage. The video tells the story about the Pandemonium Steel Band, and how it helps young people from Belize City escape their violent environment and instead play music, have fun and learn a new skill.

  • Spring to Belize for a Break in 2010, 5min. The simple things in life are free Family with whom you can be... A county that gives its all at your beck and call

  • Diving Belize - Big Blue Hole, 4min. Our dive of the Big Blue Hole in Belize.

  • Belize Day 3, 4min.

  • Belize Day 4, 2min. Blue hole day... But I didn't shoot video on that dive :). Then a national heritage island break. Then rays!

  • Nixie and I zip lining in Belize., 8min. 10 yrs anniversary carnival Cruise in the Caribbean.

    October 28, 2015


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Verdes FC’s SCCL journey comes to an end
    After being defeated by Panama’s San Francisco FC in their last match of the first round, Belize’s Verdes FC has been kicked out of the Scotiabank Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) Champions League (SCCL). On Thursday, October 22nd at the Estadio Maracana de Panama in Panama City, Verdes FC suffered a devastating 8-0 loss against San Francisco FC. This was the final match of the SCCL first round which determined the teams advancing to the quarterfinals. The group stage finished with Verdes in the last position with one win, one draw and two losses, San Francisco in second with two wins and two losses and Mexico’s Queretaro FC in first place with two wins, one draw and one loss. At the end of this round, the eight advancing teams moving on to the quarter finals are Queretaro FC, Santos Laguna FC, Tigres FC, LA Galaxy FC, America FC, Seattle Sounders FC, Real Salt Lake FC and DC United FC.

    Taxi driver Juan Menjivar shot in broad daylight
    31-year-old taxi driver of San Pedrito Area, Juan Menjivar, finds himself at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital in Belize City after sustaining gunshot wounds in an incident that occurred on Tuesday, October 27th. According to official police reports, Menjivar was shot by an unknown male suspect while conducting business operations on Lion Street at the entrance of San Pedrito Area, sustaining three gunshot wounds to the arm and stomach. Menjivar was quickly transported to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic where he received primary care before being transported to the KHMH for intensive care. The incident occurred around 3:47PM and police believe it was a targeted attack. Upon processing the scene, five expended bullet shells and one slug were retrieved from the area. Further reports from witnesses indicate that the attacker made his escape by water vessel which was docked at the end of Crocodile Street on the lagoon side.

    Golf Carts- What better way to explore Ambergris Caye?!
    So if you’re familiar with Ambergris Caye then you’re pretty much aware that the primary mode of transportation around here are golf carts…There are no golf courses but these small four seaters (and sometimes six) are the perfect way to get around on our small isla! Not to mention, they are pretty fun! Most companies only require a valid driver’s license (yes, you DO need a license to drive a golf cart J ) and a credit card for payment. Then after getting a quick rundown on our local traffic policies you are good to go.

    Ambergris Today

    Pic of the Week - October Skies in Belize Keep on Impressing
    Is this picture of the week a sunrise or sunset? Can you guess? Be it morning or afternoon, October skies are here to impress. If you simply cannot wake up in time to experience the sunrise, do make time to head to the lagoon area of the island to witness the impressive sunsets as they give the sunrises a run for their money during October. If you guessed 'Sunset' for this one, you got it right!

    Oceana's Wavemakers Meet at Annual Membership Meeting
    Belizeans from across the country gathered in Belmopan on Saturday, October 24, 2015, to participate in the annual general meeting of Oceana Belize's members, known as Wavemakers. Oceana Belize established offices in Belize in 2009. Today, the organization's largest campaign is to advocate for the protection of Belize's marine resources from the inherent hazards of offshore oil activities.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    2016 Public and Bank Holidays!

    Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit opened
    The new Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital was officially opened this morning.

    Unauthorized landing at the Municipal Airstrip
    A small plane made an unauthorized landing at the Municipal Airstrip this morning at around 5:30am before the airstrip opens at 6:00am. The Piper Seneca PA23 with registration number N32812 is currently parked in front of the Belize Airports Authority under heavy Police, BDF and GSU guard. Reports are that no pilot was found when authorities got to the scene, and nothing was in the plane.

    UNICEF Belize warns about fraudulent solicitation letters
    It has come to our attention that several people in Belize have received fraudulent award letters and emails that appear to be coming from UNICEF in Barcelona, Spain and Orchadhills Security Company. The false letters state that the recipient has won an award and the winner is asked to submit sensitive personal information such as banking details, family information, address and signature. UNICEF Belize wants to inform the public that that these letters are not authentic, and asks to not provide any of the sensitive personal information requested. In addition, UNICEF Belize wants to clarify that it doesn't do any fundraising from private individuals in the country. UNICEF staff travels around the country to meet with communities, conduct surveys and work with partner organisations, but UNICEF Belize does under no circumstances ask private individuals for donations in person.

    The Maya people of the Toledo District in southern Belize are making their voices heard in support of "Santa Cruz 13" and other violations against Maya people in southern Belize. Protesters were issued with a two hour permit. Photo Courtesy: Monica Magnusson

    The Belize Automobile Club presents "Shootout 2015"
    All motor sports entusiasts and fans are invited to attend our ANNUAL event to be held in COROZAL for the first time. Admission is FREE. The Belize Automobile Club presents "Shootout 2015" in San Narciso, Corozal on Sunday November 1st, 2015 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 pm. The following categories will be leading the event: 1) 1.6 lts - 2) 1.8 lts - 3) 2.0 lts - 4) 2.2 lts - 5) 2.6 lts - 6) 6 cyl and 7) 8 cyl Fee: For all participants (Driver and Car) in all categories: $50.00 Take a break from the political hodge podge and bring out the entire family to enjoy. How to get there: Approximately 11 miles south west of Corozal Town. Lookout for the San Narciso "Welcome" sign on your right on the main Philip Goldson Highway and then take a swift right. Please come out and support and enjoy the event.

    Get to know the faces of your candidates in your COROZAL division
    We have compiled a photo collage of all political candidates vying the upcoming General Elections for the 4 constituencies in the Corozal District. To enlarge, copy and print, please right click on the image. It is interesting to note that the new political party, the Belize Progressive Party (BPP) nominated a full slate in both northern districts, Corozal and Orange Walk. Edna Diaz of Progresso Village, Corozal is the only woman nominated to represent a constituency in the Corozal District. Diaz is vying for the (BPP) in the Corozal South East Division. Women in Corozal represent 49.84% or 13,010 voters of a total number of 26,101 registered voters (only shy of 81) to equal the total number of male voters, who total 13,091 or 50.15% of the total number of registered voters.

    Benque Finados Celebration
    The Benque HoC is having their Finados on Monday, November 2nd. They are having their Noche de Cuente Cuentos this Friday. "Live the momentum of Finados and celebrate this living tradition of our dearly departed with offerings and prayers! Keep it alive and honor our most dearly in their journey from the afterlife!"

    Poets Corner: Spar or Royal Rumble?
    By Abdulmajeed K Nunez. The Ray Leonard, Thomas Hearns era Was the era that saw true gladiators Champion fighting champion No one came in to walk out with an empty hand Sugar Ray went up in class to fight bigger guys and beat them De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Were selective in their challengers Sugar Ray was a weight unifier So he went after the Hearns-Haglar fight winner I want to see a fight Not a Manny Pacquiao -Floyd Mayweather twilight But the likes of a Haglar, Ray Leonard highlights Our political system needs reform in hindsight It requires men and women with foresight The swing voters will have to be on site Promoting and volunteering on 4th November at daylight This fight will go all night Making sure this is an evenly match up fight

    Channel 7

    What Was On Board Mystery Plane?
    This morning at around 5:30, a small plane made an unauthorized landing at the municipal airport in Belize City. It's a US registered Piper PA 34 Seneca twin-engine plane - and tonight it is under police guard. Authorities aren't quite sure what to make of it because the plane landed before the airstrip was opened and whoever was on board cut out immediately - leaving the police and Civil Aviation Departments with more questions than answers. What we know is this. That same plane flew out of Belize last Thursday for Aruba, and had filed a flight plan to return on Sunday, but did not; it simply appeared this morning. Now, that might sound straightforward enough, but it's illegal - and very suspicious. Every single plane that lands legally in Belize - big or small - has to first file a flight plan with Civil Aviation and then land at the Phillip Goldson International airport to clear customs and Immigration. Of course, planes with illicit cargo, or illicit business do no such thing - but those ones usually land on improvised airstrips deep in the bush, not in Belize City - the country's largest population center.

    PUP Alleges Secret Agreement
    When the PUP sent out a press release yesterday announcing that it was having a, quote, "breaking news press conference" - it surely sent a shiver down the spine of the ruling UDP- not knowing which skeleton would come out of the closet. But, as it turns out that breaking news wasn't really so hot, no hands caught in the cookie jar, no dirty deeds done cheap - and if it was any kind of skeleton - it's one that the PUP killed and the UDP buried. We say that because it deals with BECOL - the Fortis owned hydroelectric provider, which sells power to BEL. The Canadian company does so using Belize's rivers - for free - and then sells the power to BEL - which the utility company has to pay for in US dollars, and then Fortis happily remits its profits back to Canada. This was an arrangement worked out by the PUP - where BECOL got the rivers free for 40 years, unregulated - and now when the Barrow Administration settled the BEL takeover - BECOL wanted what's known as some comfort, that it would be able to continue to conduct its lucrative business unbothered, without having to worry about regulation.

    PM Says BECOL Claim Bogus
    And today, the press caught Prime Minister Dean Barrow for a response a short time after the PUP press conference. He said there is nothing unusual about the agreement:... Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "You showed me earlier a document or portions of documents of which the People's United Party referred in that press conference. Every single document related to the settlement with FORTIS was disclosed at the time of the settlement; was attached to the bill that we took to the House to legislate the settlement. So that there is nothing new that these people are pointing to and what they describe as concessions or facilitations - each particular item was thoroughly discussed in the debate that took place at the time we passed the law and I would with the truth debunk all the foolishness, all the falsity of their claims. Every so called concession that they can point to is not anything that has been specially done for FORTIS. It is what is the norm. It is what is par for the course in similar circumstances." Reporter "They made reference to the point that BECOL would continue to operate as normal. They are saying that you did not reveal that."

    PM Barrow Goes Hardline on Morales
    We also asked the Prime Minister about Carlos Jimmy Moralez, the new President Elect of Guatemala. Moralez got 2.7 million votes or 68.7% - more than double the votes of his opponent ex- first lady Sandra Torres in Sunday's presidential election. Observers are saying his elections could affect Belize Guatemala relations. During his campaign, Moralez made it clear that he feels Belize is part of Guatemala, and his country should do all it can to retain it. Reuters reports that Moralez quote, "floated the idea of reviving a historic land dispute with neighboring country Belize". Now does this revival mean a more aggressive and forceful approach to handling this issue? Well, PM Barrow warned that if Moralez tried that approach that he certainly wouldn't stand for it. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "Congratulations are due to him. There is a letter that we'd prepare that I will sent to him, offering as a matter of courtesy and in view of the special circumstances that attend the fact of our being neighbors and the fact that we have their unjust territorial claim to deal with - I am sending off a letter in which I am making plain that we remain committed to a peaceful resolution of the dispute. Let make something clear. Mr. Morales is neophyte, he is a novice.

    Cayo Central: Which Politician Has More Land?
    The political race in Cayo Central is one of the hottest in the country. Dan Silva is trying to unseat two-time representative Rene Montero. Now Montero came within 44 votes of losing to Collet Montejo in the 2012 general election - so Silva should be favored. But, in the March 2015 municipal elections that same Montero machinery trounced the PUP in Cayo Central - earning 800 more solid votes than the PUP for UDP Mayor Earl Trapp in that division. So, Montero is in fighting form, and today his opponent Dan Silva made the rare trip to party headquarters in Belize City to tell the media, that he's done the math; he alleges that Montero's family has amassed vast tracts of land since he got into office. Dan Silva, Cayo Central - PUP "I have a list of 20 properties owned by the Montero family - over a thousand acres in Hicks Caye, Banister Caye, in the pine ridge area, in the Yalbac area and then when the poor people go and ask for a lot and a 50 acres, they refused them and they give them a hard time. So the Montero family is doing very well and the people are not getting anything." Jules Vasquez "Are there properties he amassed during his term in office?" Dan Silva, Cayo Central - PUP "During his term in office, yes."

    New PICU, A Dream Realized
    The new Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the KHMH was officially opened today. The new unit has 2 sections: the PICU, which can hold over 8 children, and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit which can treat about 23 babies. It is a state of the art facility with rigorous screening protocols for visitors. It's a unit that was desperately needed at the KHMH after a devastating 12 babies died at the old unit in MAY OF 2013 . Today health professionals told us how important this new unit is to the healthy and prolonged life of children. The project costs $7 million. The Unit will officially be opened to patients in early December.

    PM: If Kim Can Help, Bring It On!
    So as we said the construction of the new Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the KHMH is valued at $7 million. Now to raise that kind of money -Special Envoy for Women and Children Kim Simplis Barrow had to hold local fundraisers and appeal to international donors. But can Kim Barrow's great effort translate into votes for her husband? PM Barrow says if that's the case, he more than welcomes it... Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "Speaking about her in particular. That's one of the reasons why I am so confident about next Wednesday. People realize that she is part of a package deal and she is a wonderful assets to me and to the government and a kind of trump card that I don't play, because that will not be exactly tasteful. But believe me, I am well aware of the fact that there are so many people who do admire her and if as a consequence of that I will get some additional votes - alleluia." Today another $400,000 dollars was donated to the initiative.

    PM Says Scuffles Are Regrettable
    On the topic of general elections, PM Barrow also commented on the recent violent flare-ups between UDP and PUP supporters. That is highlighted by the arson of UDP Cayo South Ralph Huang's constituency building - which his PUP opponent Julius Espat denies being involved in - and the outrageous brawl in Progresso between PUP and UDP supporters. Now is this violence indicative of the overall mood or atmosphere leading up to next week Wednesday? The PM said no and that these confrontations or scuffles tend to happen when people get a little too heated. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "I say we have peaceful elections because there is not anything like the sorts of pitch battles that we see in some other countries and there is never any countenancing of the one or two incidents that have always happened, where supporters of either of the two major political parties will sometimes behave in a way that's less than desirable. But I don't think you will find either party officially countenancing that sort of thing and I think you will find both parties are quick to condemn anything that's out of the ordinary. So it's regrettable, but again it has not been as serious as it could have been."

    PM On Possibilities
    Now while that might be the mood of a few party supporters, PM Barrow is feeling quite calm and ready for whatever the election result may be. Today he gave us a humbled reflection on his long journey in politics. Reporter "You are one week away from elections. Like you keep mentioning any number can play and there is the possibility that your party might not be victorious come next week. If this is the last interview we are having with you as the Prime Minister of Belize, what would be your message to the Belizean people?" Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "Certainly, my message to you is that I am going out smiling. I don't think I am going out at all. But if I am, I am going out smiling. I've always had I think an excellent relationship with the media. From time to time, there is a little bit of pestiness in our back and forth, but that is perhaps as it should be. It shows that there is no powder puffing from your side and where I am concern while 9 times out of 10 I will be nothing but gracious - every so often you know how it is.

    Jail For Scissor Stabber
    Tonight, 32 year-old Steve Arnold, and his friend, 27 year-old Roger Hilton are in jail serving the first night of a 6 and a half-year sentence. That's after they were convicted in Magistrate's Court for stabbing a man who refused to give them any money when they begged him. The victim, Ian Alexander Holland, testified against both men that May 10, 2015, he went to his brother's shop in Lords Bank Village to by milk. He told the court that while was standing there, Arnold and Hilton approached and demanded money from him. Holland said that they immediately searched his pockets, and when they didn't get any money from him, Arnold punched him in the face. He added that Hilton then pulled out a pair of scissors and stabbed him in the chest. A police officer testified for the prosecution that he came upon the crime in progress when both men tried to ride off on bike. He searched them and found the scissors in Hilton's pocket.

    BATSUB, Back?
    BATSUB - the British Army Training Support Unit Belize - pulled out of Belize in mid 2013. Well, they didn't officially pull out; it was nicely called a downsizing. Well, they're back, sort of. Today we found the British Army working with the BDF in the jungle near Gales Point Manatee. Daniel Ortiz has that story: There is a group of British soldiers who are also training soldiers from the BDF, and we'll show you how that looked in tomorrow's newscast.

    Cell Phones, "Boras", And Moonshine Found In Prison Raid
    This morning at 1:00 am, a joint police team searched the remand section at the prison. Members of prison's Quick Response Team, were joined by the Gang Suppression Unit, the Special Patrol Unit and the Canine Unit. A press release says they searched Tangos 8 - 1, 8 - 2, and 9 to find illicit and unauthorized articles - such as cell phones, and improvised weapons. When they were done, they had come up with a dozen cell phones, more than a dozen improvised weapons, along with three gallons of home made wine, a tattoo machine, and a mini boom box.

    Police Say Jail Smugglers Run Risks
    And how do they get all that stuff in jail? Well, folks from the outside smuggle it in. But, oftentimes, they do get caught. A police press conference was held this afternoon at the Ladyville police station to warn citizens about the penalties of trying to smuggle drugs inside the Central Prison. This week alone 4 busts were made- one involving marijuana stuffed inside the sole of a tennis shoe. The regional commander for the rural areas explained today:... Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster, Commander - Eastern Division Rural "We saw it fit to inform the public about a couple incidents that we have seen developing over a couple month's period where individuals are being caught attempting to smuggle drugs into the Central Prison Through our investigation, we've learnt that several individuals were being paid to take items to the prison. Innocent of what was inside. We have for example, two incidents involving the carrying of tennis shoes to the prison, but the sole of the tennis shoe have been dug out and drugs has been placed inside the sole of the tennis shoe and we will explain on other items that attempt to smuggle into the prison. But we want to advised the public to take any items that are not theirs to the prison, because they will be become victims of this elaborate scheme that is being preyed upon innocent civilians visiting relatives at the prison."

    GSU Gets Guns
    In other police news, on Friday, October 23rd, the GSU recovered a Rusty 9mm pistol with black pistol grip Walther model P99 with no serial number and a magazine with no ammunition on Iguana Street. And then, on Saturday, the GSU found a chrome 9mm Jennings Model pistol and a magazine with no live rounds at the corner of Dean Street and East Canal. Both weapons were taken to the National Forensics Lab to make comparison with shell casings from different murder and shooting scenes. And this afternoon, at 2:00, the GSU conducted a house search at #74 East Collet Canal, where Jose BENITEZ, Jorge Nunez POSAS, and Marlon GUTIERREZ, were found with 68 cartons of contraband cigarettes in a shop. They were handed over to Customs personnel to be charged uncustomed goods.

    Channel 5

    Unauthorized Entry! Mysterious Aircraft Lands at Municipal Airstrip
    A small twin-engine plane landed at the Municipal Airstrip at around five-thirty this morning – before the facility opens at six. There is no sign of the pilot, passengers or [...]

    P.U.P. Says P.M. Barrow Entered into Secret Agreement with Fortis
    In August of 2015, the Prime Minister announced that he had reached a settlement with Fortis over the nationalization of Belize Electricity Limited. He announced at the time that the [...]

    Is BECOL Indemnified Against Legal Action?
    Shoman says that the secret agreement serves to indemnify BECOL against any regularity or legal action which may be brought for the next twenty years – and also commits G.O.B. [...]

    P.M. Barrow Dismisses Claim on Statement of Comfort
    While the People’s United Party was disclosing what it calls a secret deal at Independence Hall, the Prime Minister was at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital attending the handing over [...]

    BECOL Exempted from Taxes, PM Says It’s Nothing Unusual
    Barrow also told the media that at the time when government took over B.E.L., Belize Electric Company Limited was not on the table and that the government will never go [...]

    Senator Lisa Shoman Says Agreement Provides No Comfort for Belizeans
    But is this just much ado over nothing? That question came up at the press briefing this morning, since the Prime Minister had made mention of a statement of comfort [...]

    Maya Leaders Protest in Punta Gorda, Case Against Santa Cruz 13 Adjourned
    A protest was held today in Punta Gorda where another court appearance of the Santa Cruz Thirteen took place before Magistrate Emerson Banner. Supporters gathered around the courthouse in solidarity [...]

    Jalacte Residents Irate Over Building of Agriculture Office
    Mis expressed frustration that Maya communal lands, particularly in the village of Jalacte, are still being accessed and used for public purpose without the consent of villagers.  The inauguration of [...]

    P.M. Barrow Tongue-lashes Guatemala’s President Elect
    The president-elect of Guatemala, Carlos Jimmy Morales, assumes office in January 2016.  And since his landslide victory on Sunday, he has been making statements on a number of issues. Belizeans [...]

    O.A.S. Welcome to Observe General Elections
    There have been sparks of violence going into the November fourth elections. A fire destroyed the campaign office U.D.P. standard bearer Ralph Huang last Monday and over the weekend, with [...]

    Did P.M. Barrow Give Farewell Address to Media Today?
    Next week Wednesday, Belizeans will head to the polls to elect a new government, one year and half before the term of the Barrow administration was to expire. At an [...]

    GSU Commander Campaigns in the Media
    The Gang Suppression Unit has come under fire for early morning weekend raids on homes belonging to P.U.P. supporters in the community of San Jose in the Orange Walk District. [...]

    Commander Mark Flowers on GSU’s Weekend Activity
    The GSU’s weekend adventures, according to Flowers, led them from San Jose to the Belize Central Prison on a hunt for an elusive and perhaps mythical firearm. They never did [...]

    San Pedro Cabdriver Shot in Broad Day
    There was a brazen daylight shooting in San Pedro this afternoon, and it happened right next to the very crowded airstrip. Thirty-one year old taxi-man Juan Menjivar was allegedly at [...]

    Trio Await Their Fate in Murder Trial
    A trio of Belize City men, accused of the November 2012 murder of Belize Defense Force soldier James Noralez, appeared before Justice Troadio Gonzalez today where submissions in the matter [...]

    BATSUB Heads to Gales Point for Jungle Warfare Training
    The Belize Defense Force and the British Army Support Unit teamed up today for a joint training exercise to sharpen the skills of the two armies. Belize offers the right [...]

    PICU Officially Launched at the K.H.M.H.
    A unit retrofitted with numerous incubators, quarters for doctors and nurses as well as a waiting area for families was inaugurated at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital as its new [...]


    Traffic Accident In Chetumal Involves Belizean Tractor Trailer
    A trailer from Belize is involved in a traffic accident in Chetumal Quintana Roo. The incident, as reported by the City’s press, occurred around 7:30 last night. A taxi got caught and was crushed under a blue Freightliner trailer carrying over twenty tons of cement, trapping two persons in the taxi. The trailer is reported to have been moving out of the premises of a construction supply factory on the old Santa Elena Highway. The Chetumal press says that the driver did not seem to take necessary precautions and got in the way a Suchaa Taxi driven by one Jose “N”, his title hadn’t been established at the time of the report. He was traveling at the time with a woman who was not named and both are reported to have suffered severe head fractures and injuries to the face and abdomen. Firefighters responded to the scene and unloaded the trailer before being able to remove the taxi driver and his passenger from the taxi. They were able to free them about half an hour later and were transported to the General Hospital for treatment. The Belizean driver has been detained pending investigations.

    Mysterious Plane Landed At Belize Municipal Airstrip
    The Belize Airports Authority along with other security officials from the GSU, Police and the BDF are jointly investigating the mysterious circumstances surrounding a twin engine aircraft that made an unauthorized landing at the Municipal Airstrip in Belize City at dawn this morning. Reports are the aircraft is an American type Piper Seneca PA23 light aircraft with registration number N32812. The aircraft is registered under James A Stalling from Irvine California. Aviation records reveal that the aircrafts last flight was tracked from Fullerton, California to San Jose, California on September 30, 2015. At the time of landing, the Municipal Airport was closed to air traffic and the authorities claim that the landing was unauthorized by Belize’s civil air traffic authorities. Authorities are claiming that when they arrived on the scene, the pilot was nowhere to be found and the plane was empty. We understand the aircraft will remain heavily guarded by law enforcement officials while they continue their investigation.


    PUP Accuses Barrow of Engaging In Secret Deal with Fortis/BECOL
    The People’s United Party today revealed what they called a “secret deal” by Prime Minister Dean Barrow. This is in relation to the Belize Electricity Limited settlement which Barrow announced it in August. The PUP says that as part of the settlement Prime Minister Dean Barrow bound the Government of Belize when he signed the […]

    Barrow Says Belize Will Not Be Bullied by Guatemala
    Yesterday we told you of the victory of Jimmy Morales, the now President-Elect for Guatemala who recently topped the presidential polls this past Sunday. Some Belizeans had become concerned over some statements made weeks ago by Morales regarding irrational approaches when it comes to claiming the portion of Belize that Guatemala claims is theirs. We […]

    Special Envoy Does Symbolic Opening of NICU/PICU
    The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital held an Official open ceremony of the Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The newly designed unit is equipped for eight pediatric intensive care patients and twenty three Neonatal Intensive care patients. From the equipment to the infrastructure is state of the art which is estimated for seven million dollars. […]

    Prime Minister Barrow Says His Two Terms Have Been a Wonderful Ride
    Elections are one week ago and while the flags, banners, advertisements and campaigning are widely seen around the country, come November 5, there will be only one Prime Minister and thirty Area Representatives in the National Assembly. In an interview held with the Prime Minister earlier today, Love News asked him what would be his […]

    Silva Says Montero Acquires 1000+ Acres of Land Whilst in Government
    Dan Silva, the Standard Bearer of the People’s United Party for Cayo Central is set to go against Rene Montero Jr. of the United Democratic Party for the November 4 General Elections. During election season, it is accustomed for political opponent to dig up dirt on one another. Silva has been digging and today he […]

    PM Debunks Allegations by Opposition
    And while the main Opposition Party was holding their press briefing at their headquarters, on the other side of the City, the Prime Minister, Dean Barrow was at a special event at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The media capitalized on his presence and asked him about the allegations put forth by the People’s United […]


    Gapi-Munchie election tension gets “physical!”
    On Wednesday, at a preliminary inquiry for three men accused of the brutal kidnapping and murder of Ramon Cervantes, Sr., at the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court, one of the accused murderers, Noe Gonzalez, disrupted the proceedings when he suddenly alleged that Ramon “Munchie” Cervantes, Jr., the People’s United Party (PUP) standard bearer for the Orange Walk North constituency, had ordered the killing of his father. Although the magistrate told Gonzalez that his story didn’t make any sense, she said that he had a right to say whatever he wanted to at his trial. Ramon Cervantes, Jr., is challenging the incumbent United Democratic Party (UDP) Deputy Leader, Gaspar “Gapi” Vega, for his Orange Walk North seat. Wednesday’s courtroom allegation, however, appeared to have spilled over into campaigns of the two political rivals, whose supporters clashed from early Saturday morning in the village of San Jose, located just outside of Orange Walk Town.

    Belize Cancer Society receives much-needed funds
    Heather Reneau, Senior Administrator of the Belize Cancer Society told Amandala that the society has just been the recipient of some much needed funds. On October 23, a cheque was presented to them for over $22,000. The money will be used to assist children suffering from cancer. Reneau explained that the money was raised by the raffling of a plot of land at $50 a ticket earlier this year. The proceeds of the raffle, which was conducted by the Children’s First and Last Foundation (CFAL), were donated to the society to aid in the financing of medical care for children affected by cancer including chemotherapy, radiation, imaging and testing. “We are seeing a rise in childhood cancers and the more devastating ones are lymphomas and leukemia. Once a child is diagnosed with cancer, the child is unable to get treated in Belize, so for their initial work- up and first treatment, they need to travel abroad. We either send them to Merida or Guatemala to get a full workup and first chemotherapy after which we are able to pass them over to the Dangriga Cancer Center,” Reneau explained. Reneau said that at the moment, the Belize Cancer Society is providing financial support to four children.

    New Guat prez – trouble for Belize!
    President elect Jimmy Morales, 49, has won over 70% of the votes in a run-off election in Guatemala against his rival, Sandra Torres, 60, a former first lady widely perceived to be part of the old power establishment in that country. Morales, a TV actor and comedian turned politician, soared to the top of the polls in the first round of the presidential elections when the former president, Otto Perez Molina, and his vice-president, Roxana Baldetti, were jailed in August after a customs fraud scandal exploded and changed the whole Guatemalan political landscape. “His military backing is significant, and not to be underestimated.” – David Gibson, senior diplomat and former ambassador in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs During his campaign, Morales had made a number of controversial statements reflecting, some say, his naiveté about some of the critical issues; others say that Morales was attempting to think outside the box and present to the Guatemalan voters something different from what they are used to.

    Jason Reyes, 26, guilty of manslaughter
    A San Pedro man, Jason Reyes, 26, who was charged with the November 2010 murder of Lionel Pinelo, was cleared of the murder indictment, but was found guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter when his trial by judge without a jury concluded today in the Supreme Court of Justice Adolph Lucas. Justice Lucas has set November 2, 2015, as sentencing day for Reyes, who has been on remand for almost five years. In the trial, which began on October 5, the court heard evidence from two key prosecution witnesses and after the prosecution closed its case on October 16, Reyes’ attorney, Alifa Elrington-Hyde, made a no case to answer submission. In her submission, Elrington-Hyde told the court that the prosecution did not have enough circumstantial evidence to determine that it was the accused who had committed the offense of murder.

    11 illegals found in Orange Walk
    Police on patrol at about 10:00 Friday morning on the Philip Goldson Highway in Tower Hill, Orange Walk District, stopped and boarded a passenger bus that was travelling to Orange Walk Town from Belize City, and onboard, police found a group of 11 foreigners. Police discovered that the group was undocumented, and all persons – 4 Hondurans, 4 Salvadorans and three Salvadoran minors – were taken to the Orange Walk Police Station, where they were charged with illegal entry into Belize by the Immigration Department. Police said that the three minors were handed over to the Human Services Department, which will provide caretaking services for them until they are deported to their countries of origin.

    Thief peeped into the security camera — and then stole it!
    A thief was arrested and charged with theft after he was captured, without a mask, on a security camera trying to steal an air conditioning unit from a house in a yard in Corozal Town on Thursday morning. The thief looked into the camera, which recorded his face, after which he took down and stole the camera. The tapes were viewed, however, and the thief, who is well-known to police, was identified. He was reeled in and taken to the Corozal Police Station, where he was charged with theft. Samuel Carter, 25, also known as “Shilling,” of Corozal Town, was taken to the Corozal Magistrate’s Court on Friday, where he pleaded guilty to the offense. He was ordered to pay a fine of $600 by January 11, or in default of payment, he will spend 3 months in jail. He was then released from custody.

    CSSSA high school basketball begins tomorrow
    The Central Secondary School Sports Association (CSSSA) 2015 Basketball Competition gets under way tomorrow at Bird’s Isle. Seven (7) female teams and nine (9) male teams are participating in this year’s competition, which will follow a single round-robin format in regular season. Participating female (F) teams are: Maude Williams High (MWH), Anglican Cathedral College (ACC), Gwen Lizarraga High (GLH), Wesley College (WES), Ladyville Technical High (LTH), Edward P. Yorke High (EPY) and St. Catherine Academy (SCA); and male (M) teams are: MWH, ACC, Nazarene High (NHS), WES, LTH, Sadie Vernon Technical (SVT), GLH, EPY and St. John’s College (SJC). Games begin at 5:30 p.m. on week days, and at 10:00 a.m. on Saturdays. A $2.00 entrance fee is charged during regular season, and $3.00 during the playoffs.

    SCA and SJC win game 1 in high school volleyball finals
    Reports just received tonight from the Central Secondary Schools Sports Association (CSSSA) volleyball finals game 1 at Bird’s Isle are that SCA defeated Belize High School, 25-17, 25-17, 25-10 for the females; and in the males, SJC won over Belize High School, 25-17, 25-23, 17-25, 25-20. The same teams meet in game 2 of the finals on Wednesday.

    Ruiz nets three goals in San Francisco win
    Johnny Ruiz notched three goals to help San Francisco close out Group C of the Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League with an 8-0 victory over visiting Verdes FC on Thursday night at the Estadio Maracana. Ervin Zorrilla scored twice, while Jonathan Pinilla, Moises Gil and Eduardo Jimenez added one apiece for the Monjes, who finished second in the group. San Francisco (2W-0D-2L, 6 points) finished behind group winner Queretaro (2W-1D-1L, 7 points) after breaking out of a recent offensive slump, having scored only once in its last three Panamanian league matches Third-place Verdes FC (1W-0D-3L, 3 points) depart the competition having secured the first SCCL victory by any Belize side with an earlier 2-1 home victory over San Francisco. With an 8-0 loss to Queretaro earlier in the competition, it also becomes the first SCCL side to lose twice by eight goals. Thursday marked the fourth match decided by that score in tournament history.

    Packed weekend in BECOL tournament, as teams fight for playoff spots
    The BECOL Basketball Tournament resumed this past weekend with 13 games, due to the inclement weather last weekend. On Friday night, Western Queens blew out SHC, 56-12, in the Female division. Western Queens was led by Yesica Prom, who had the game high with 16 points, while Amanda Sarceno scored 14 pts, and Jeneve Reynolds netted 12 pts. Lucia Tesecum was the top scorer for SHC with 10 pts. In game 2, Invaders defeated Belmopan, 54-39, in the Over 35 division. Invaders’ top scorers were Peter Odinga with 15 pts, Calbert Neal with 14 pts and Evan Reynolds with 10 pts. Belmopan was led by Alfonso Audinett, who scored 12 pts, while Carlisle Barrow had 10 pts. In the nightcap, Assassins handed Panthers their first loss of the season, 66-60, in the Senior Division. Assassins, was led by Akeem Watters with 26 pts, while Winston Pratt and Kurt “Chengo” Burgess finished with 16 and 12 pts, respectively, in the win. In a losing effort, Trevaughn Usher was the top scorer for Panthers with 16 pts, while Daniel “Buddy” Nolberto tallied 14 pts, and Dijon McNabb had 10 pts.

    Editorial: Inflaming emotion, eliminating intellect
    With little more than a week to go before general elections in Belize, these may arguably be considered Belize’s least cerebral elections in recent history. There have been no debates between candidates and parties, no such debates appear to be on the horizon, and there have been no formal discussions on the election issues held in public fora or on electronic media panels. Everything that has been done and is being done in the way of campaigning by the two major political parties is designed to inflame the partisan emotions of their respective followers. At stake on November 4 is spending control over a billion dollars worth of annual public finances. The partisan campaigners and followers of the two major parties are acutely aware of the jobs and bounties which are at stake, so that they were already on edge as soon as the date of general elections was announced. All the paraphernalia being presented – signs, banners, flags, shirts, songs, and so on, mostly inflame the emotions of those who are partisan.

    From the Publisher
    I will be watching closely to see how the police deploy on election day in the Lake Independence constituency. This is because Lake I is where one of the candidates, the UDP candidate and incumbent area representative in fact, made public threats against the press, against the private sector, against myself and my sons, and later refused to withdraw these threats when challenged on national television. Hon. King went “ballistic” on Wednesday, August 12, I would submit, because he must have been hearing conversations like that in Cabinet. A couple UDP standard bearers have personally expressed their disgust with his comments, but the UDP’s Maximum Leader, Hon. Dean Barrow, has repeatedly refused to disassociate himself publicly from his Junior Minister’s threats. This was a mistake, possibly hubris-induced, on Mr. Barrow’s part. Our sources tell us that King is now preaching election day violence to his campaigners. If the police want to find out if what I’m saying is true, all they have to do is deploy some of their Special Branch agents and informers to the King campaign camp.

    Colonial mentality Part 1
    Dear Editor Amandala, In these remaining days before the November 4 general elections, it is worth noting, despite calls of “power to the people,” that it is a colonial mentality that has been driving Belizean political leadership. The fallout is erosion of national consciousness, nationhood, Belizean unity, self-determination and quality of life for the masses. Colonial mentality is upheld where there’s no revolutionary spirit, no drive for rooting out the cause of the people’s distress, no real transformation in which the leadership commits to follow the aspirations of the people for a total move away from the colonial order of business to nationalization and nationhood. Nationalization is by definition revolutionary: it is the organizing of the state on the basis of new social relations. The colonial way, the old social relation, is dressed up in a cloak of paternalism. This is an effort to pass off what would otherwise be called straight-out violation of human rights and human dignity as acts of caring for the people who are deemed incapable of thinking or of taking care of themselves; in short, idiots and imbeciles. The colonial way is condescending; comes from a superior attitude. The campaign party atmosphere since the announcement of early elections, the home delivery of gift bags and the various handouts, conjures up for this writer the image of slaveholders’ occasional benevolence to their slaves to assuage their misery just enough to make them not think about the reality of their situation. It’s a strategy to keep the masses off balance and dependent. It’s a move to cement power.

    Colonial mentality Part 2
    Dear Editor, Election time makes it more and more evident that the country is fragmented, divided by the leadership into separate blocs of thinking, each with its own wish list. This has produced a people with no common vision, more concerned with what will be done for Toledo, Collet, Orange Walk, Caribbean Shores and so on and so on, as if each area is an entity in itself, separate from the country as a whole. Any development or advancement across the country (I invite you, reader, to name and place them) is consequently spotty, with some areas better, or worse, off than others. The people have been reduced to modeling the attitude of the leadership, acting separately and to their own advantage, disconnected from one another. So much for national unity. We see it among both the employed and the unemployed masses. To the government they ask what can you do for me, for my department, my institution, my village, for my area? Left to their own devices, individuals take as much as they can, not giving value for like kind, getting something for nothing if they can, strangers to personal and business ethics. It’s about how much can I take today, especially from those they perceive to have a connection with the prosperous West. The people have taken the path of least resistance, serving the decadency of the West (no fault of their own – it’s what has been handed to them) instead of, with the modeling and support of their leadership, beginning at the beginning, not the end. I must give a practical example of the likely outcome of beginning at the end: the cementing of one hundred plus streets in Belize City.

    Words of wisdom from Romel Cuello
    Dear Sir, I would like to tip my cap to all the candidates participating in this “Belize 2015 General Elections”. It takes real courage to throw your hat into that ring. There’s the joy of winning and the misery of defeat. This is the way it has to be. On top of that, while in the race, some people will love you with all their might and some will hate you the same way, while others will just watch to see what happens to you. Winner takes it all. First past the post. Only thing the public wishes to see is people acting with honor and integrity. The competing can get downright dirty sometimes. You are under a powerful microscope and find out things about yourself that not even you knew were there. No violence, please! We are all brothers and sisters. All a we da one. We all have friends on all sides of the fence and wouldn’t like to see anything bad happen to any of them.

    Burglar caught on surveillance camera remanded
    A man who was caught on a surveillance camera burglarizing a home in the St. Martin De Porres area was remanded to the Belize Central Prison after he was arraigned on the charge before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser today. Kareem Smith, 27, pleaded not guilty to one count of burglary, but the court prosecutor objected to granting him bail on the strength of the prosecution’s case against him. Magistrate Fraser upheld the prosecution’s objection and remanded Smith to prison until his next court appearance on November 23. Smith, who was out on bail prior to this latest brush with the law, maintained his innocence, telling the court that he is not the kind of person to break into, people homes. He also alleged that the police charged him because he refused to snitch on a friend of his.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Training and Employment Centre marks one year anniversary
    The Belize Training and Employment Centre was established last October under the aegis of the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) in order to develop and introduce industry-specific training for unemployed or under-employed Belizeans to find jobs quickly. One year later, four in every five BTEC graduates […]

    PM says thank you to press for the memories
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow, mostly by choice, has become a focal point of press interviews in the last eight years. It is to him that we turned for the answers to any number of questions touching the politics and government of Belize, and many other issues besides. Every […]

    PM ready for elections: ignore “silly season”
    While Jimmy Morales is fairly in as President of Guatemala, Prime Minister Dean Barrow and his United Democratic Party still have an election to win. There is no clear leader going into the final week of campaigning, and the temperature has started to rise. There have been allegations […]

    PM Barrow to Jimmy Morales: Leave Belize alone!
    It is safe to say that no Guatemalan general election has been as closely watched in Belize as this most recently completed one, which saw comedian Jimmy Morales obtain a landslide victory over more fancied rivals. Part of the reason for that is the fall of former President […]

    New KHMH PICU/NICU opened
    It was born from tragedy – the deaths of 13 babies in the span of a month in May of 2013, eight of them from a bacteria the hospital was supposed to keep out. But the last two years have seen a feverish effort of fundraising, lobbying and […]

    PUP reveal “secret deal” between GOB and Fortis; but is it a secret?
    A short notice from the People’s United Party yesterday spoke of “breaking news” to be revealed at a press conference today, Tuesday. While the party is not a communications unit, that was sufficient to bring the press to Independence Hall. And they were told that the ruling party had […]

    Pair jailed for attempted robbery
    27 year old Roger Hilton of Ladyville and 32 year old Steve Arnold will spend seven years in the Central Prison after being found guilty of attempted robbery of a man at a Chinese store in Lords’ Bank. Hilton and Arnold tried to rob a good friend, Ian […]

    Taxi operator shot multiple times on La Isla Bonita
    31-year-old Juan Menjivar is currently receiving medical attention after receiving as much as three gun shots wounds. Menjivar, who is a taxi operator by trade in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye was the intended target. BMG was made to understand that around 4:00 p.m. Menjivar was at the luggage section of Maya Island […]

    Mysterious plane lands at municipal airstrip
    Officials in the old capital, Belize City are currently investigating the mystery twin engine aircraft that landed unauthorized at the municipal air strip sometime after 5:30 this morning. The Piper Seneca PA23 with registration number N32812 is currently parked in front of the Belize Airports Authority (BAA) under heavy Police, […]

    Belize Bank donates $10,000.00 towards Muffles College Auditorium
    The Belize Bank Limited presented Muffles College with a $10,000.00 donation as part of its program to work with the various communities in positive programs and initiatives. The donation was a commitment to assist the school in building an auditorium. Like many schools in Belize, Muffles College was in need […]

    Maya of Santa Cruz protest outside of court
    Since the incident earlier this year, in which Rupert Myles was tied up and humiliated in the village of Santa Cruz, 13 Mayan persons, including leader of the Mayan Leaders Alliance (MLA) Christina Coc, have been facing the consequences of their actions and today returned to court. The group was […]


    I learned a lot and met some really great people
    One of my favorite quotes comes from well known author Anais Nin – “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” When Maynor Larrieu asked me if I would give a 15 – 20 minute talk at the First Annual Belize Tourism Board Digital Marketing Summit, I said yes. I knew it was one of those times in life where I needed to push myself and become a blossom over remaining a bud. I knew from our one practice with a projector and having Heidi and Kendall there to critique, that my power-point was well received but my speaking abilities needed polishing. Of course that last bit was according to my own thoughts not theirs. I wanted to be the best I could be and provide useful informative information to countrywide business owners and to the other panelists on how they could brand themselves in today’s digital marketing world.

    A Brilliant Week of Sunsets in Belize
    Google, I asked, what makes for a beautiful sunset? All this week in San Pedro (from my perspective) and across Belize (as shown on Instagram), the sunsets in particular have been absolutely gorgeous. Humidity (which I look up about 8 times a day here)? Clouds? Storms? Well…yes. And more. According to this National Geographic article, the answer is…exceedingly dull. So instead, I’ll just show you some pictures. This week in October in Belize.

    Ten images to make you fall in love with Ambergris Caye all over again
    I spent this morning walking home from San Pedro. And it took hours. I meandered. I poked. I explored. I dawdled. It felt like walking home from grade school all over again, and that is a good feeling. I walked because I wanted to but the main reason is that a misbehaving “Moncho’s 59” is scaring the bejesus out of people. Our golf cart has taken to backfiring — and not those cute little “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” burps and belches. When “Moncho’s 59” backfires it sounds like a Crips and Bloods cross-fire. More than one person has headed for the ground with their head covered. Plus it is stalling at the most inopportune times, like when I’ve backed out into traffic and have three seconds to hit forward before the next cart rams me from behind.

    International Sourcesizz

    New system, new hope for thousands of fishermen in Belize
    A fisherman and father of four, Yonardo Cus was becoming increasingly worried that the catch from the Belize Barrier Reef on which his family depends was running out. Spiny lobster catches had plunged from 200 to 20 per day during his 20 years in business, and some fish populations by one-third. All the while, Yonardo’s income dropped, and he wasn’t alone. Some 15,000 Belizean fishermen and their families who depend on the reef for their livelihood saw a wealth of conch, lobster and reef fish decline in recent years due to unrestricted fishing. Would the corals, seagrass, mangroves and cayes once teeming with life eventually run empty, they asked one another. Enter a not-so-new concept: Territorial Rights Use for Fishing, or TURF – a system that gives a fisherman or group of fishermen a dedicated area in which to practice their trade.

    Guatemala's Perez says Biden forced him to accept anti-corruption purge
    Guatemala's jailed former president, Otto Perez, says he regrets bowing to U.S. pressure to extend the work of an anti-corruption unit that then toppled him from power and that it was U.S. Vice President Joe Biden who forced his hand. Perez resigned and was arrested last month after Guatemala's attorney general and the U.N.-backed anti-corruption body accused him of leading a customs racket. In a series of meetings earlier this year, U.S. officials pressured Perez to fire corrupt officials and allow the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) to continue its work, officials with direct knowledge of the talks have told Reuters. Renewing the CICIG´s mandate "was one of the things I must regret," Perez told Reuters on Saturday at the military prison where he is being held awaiting trial. He maintains he is innocent of the charges against him.

    Belize: Africans, Asians and Indigenous Peoples Demand Reparations
    In mid-October the Belize Commission: Initiative for Justice and Reparations (BCIJR), called on Belizeans of all oppressed backgrounds to gather at the Belmopan Convention Center for the Second Annual Popular Justice and Reparations Convention. Belizeans across racial and ethnic groups have constituted the only popular reparations initiative in the Caribbean in support of the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) Reparations Commission created in 2013. At this year’s convention, approximately 150 African Kriol, Garifuna, Mopan, Yucatec and Q’eqchi Mayan as well as East Indian peoples discussed the historical wrongs carried out against them by European colonial powers and what reparations means to and for their communities. For two consecutive years, women, youth, elders, farmers, fisher folks, cultural workers, academics and union leaders among others have gathered to discuss an action plan for reparations. These distinct communities share interwoven histories of how Britain, France, Spain, and other colonial empires exploited, enslaved, raped and carried out genocide against their peoples. Not unlike the rest of the Caribbean, Belizeans' ancestors were kidnapped, forced to migrate and exploited from a variety of places such as India, St. Vincent, the Venezuelan Orinoco Basin, the African continent as well as within Belize itself.

    Summer program Camp Starfish serves Belizean children
    Over a span of two weeks during the summer, University of Missouri–St. Louis education faculty and undergraduates coordinated Camp Starfish, a program that offered coconut bowling, oobleck, traditional garifuna dance, gak and yoga lessons to a group of 28 special needs students on the Belizean island of San Pedro. According to Lynn Navin, director of the University Child Development Center at UMSL, Camp Starfish represents a positive and dynamic shift toward the education of special needs students in Belize. “There isn’t a national education system for children with special needs in Belize,” she said, “so they usually don’t go to school. Or if they do go to class, they sit at the back and don’t receive instruction.” Besides working to understand complex cultural differences, Navin and the crew of education undergraduates used quick thinking and teamwork to meet challenges and provide Camp Starfish students with the best experience possible.

    The New Caribbean Food Movement
    That the food of the Caribbean is increasingly being embraced by chefs and diners alike comes as no surprise to Alexander Smalls, an owner of Minton’s and the Cecil in Harlem. “It’s bold and full-flavored and aromatic and textured food,” Mr. Smalls said. The Cecil in particular draws liberally from Guyana and Trinidad, in dishes like a roti pizza topped with soft shreds of oxtail, while the shrimp in chile-tomato sauce over yam flapjacks borrows from the executive chef J J Johnson’s Barbadian relatives. Mr. Smalls grew up eating the Gullah cuisine found in his native South Carolina, which has deep ties to the Caribbean islands via the colonial slave trade. He has spent a lifetime pondering the culinary legacy of the African diaspora and the effects of “hundreds and hundreds of years of migration,” he said, on countries like Barbados and Guyana. Though the results vary from nation to nation, Mr. Smalls said, Caribbean food is a fusion of influences that may include plantains, okra and rice from African slaves; stir-fries and soy sauce from Chinese migrant workers; pork in all forms from Spanish colonists; puff pastry from the French; and myriad curries and flatbreads delivered with indentured servants from India.


  • Restore Groups go International - The Belize Central Prison, 2min. Parker’s Creek Baptist Church has been a critical connection with Restore’s existing work with The Belize Project in South America. Once connected, Parker’s Creek has taken several missions trips to Belize to establish Journey to Freedom Small Groups in Belize Central Prison. To date, upwards of 700 inmates have completed the program, with over 100 inmates trained to be facilitators—this is work that Restore couldn’t do without the resources and love of Parker’s Creek and their selfless staff and volunteers.

  • Fishing and Lodging with Hardcore Fishing Charters in Placencia, Belize., 4min. Hardcore Fishing Charters (HFC) in Placencia, Belize offers world class angling both for the extreme sports fisherman and novice alike. HFC employs the most experienced captains, state-of-the-art equipment, and knowledgeable land-based staff available on the peninsula.

  • Raw drone video Starfish Island Belize, 7min. This is raw video I shot with my DJI Phantom 2+ over Starfish Island in Belize.

  • Belize school tour 2015, 1.5min.

  • Belize school tour 2015, 4min.

  • Belize Day 2, 5min. Belize day 2 off the Aggressor III. 5 Dives, painted wall and SE Cut over.

  • Belize Honeymoon, 12min. Here's a few snips from our honeymoon in Belize!

  • Teddy Bear Shuttle Transfers in San Ignacio, Belize, 1min.

  • Belize Slide Show 2015~ Long Version, 27min.

  • Butterflies in Belize, 1min.

  • Dolphins in the Caribbean breaching, Half Moon Caye, Belize– by Kendrick Kaufman, 15sec.

  • Yasser Musa, 18min. Artist Yasser Musa speaking on Art and Culture and the role it can play in the small nation of Belize. Delivered at the Belize Youth Movement's Agenda for Now - Youth and Culture, Image Factory, Belize City 24 October 2015.

    October 27, 2015


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    The San Pedro Sun

    Christine Syme is Miss Earth Belize 2015
    Miss Earth Belize Organization would like to introduce Miss Christine Syme of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize District as the designated titleholder of Miss Earth Belize 2015. She will represent Belize in the international pageant of Miss Earth 2015 and join 80 other delegates from across the world in Vienna, Austria.

    Fyffes pulls the plug on Belize’s Meridian Enterprises
    The Banana Industry, one of the strongest agriculture-based enterprises in southern Belize, is going through some serious crisis after Irish multinational enterprise, Fyffes, decided to pull the plug on Meridian Enterprises better known as Mayan King. The fruit importer stopped buying bananas from Belize’s biggest producer because of its links to local business man, John Zabaneh, who was named by United States of America authorities as a drugs kingpin. The cancellation of the contract with Fyffes has left over a thousand people without jobs. As a result, a massive protest erupted in front of the Banana Growers Association, the supplier for Fyffes located in Big Creek Independence Village on Thursday, October 22nd, with jobless people protesting the termination of the contract with their former employer.

    Ambergris Today

    The Belize Zoo, It's a Jungle IN There
    Animals around every corner, coatimundis that wear perfume, a bird taller than you, bugs that taste like mint and a Jaguar that high-fives! Madi could barely contain her excitement even though this was her fourth visit to the Belize Zoo. This time around she knew it would be special, because it always is when the founder of the zoo gives the tour. Madi remembered feeding monkeys and baby tapirs in the past and couldn’t wait to see what surprises Ms. Sharon had for her this time. Indy the Tapir was waiting for us at “Tapir Town” as if he knew we were coming. Have you ever taken a selfie with a Tapir? Indy was so happy we had carrots that he didn’t seem to mind all the cameras in his face. The animals at the Belize Zoo all have a story to tell. It’s how they educate us as we walk along the wooded paths and get completely immersed in the animals’ habitats. You can find their stories written all over the zoo. Madi’s favorite story is about April the Tapir. She was rescued by Ms. Sharon and together they taught children all about our National Animal for 30 years.

    Flashbacks - Andrew Bradley Enjoys Sitting on His Verandah
    The proprietor of this humble house is Mr. Andrew Bradley, a quiet and reserved but very happy man. He lived a small part of his life in neighboring X’calak, Mexico. In the late 1950’s he literally saw an entire family lose their life during Hurricane Janet, but he managed to save the life of one child; that child was Edwardo Brown Sr. It was until then that Andrew came to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, bringing his adopted son with him. Since then, Andrew has been a dedicated fisherman and built his house in San Pedro. Night and day you would see him alone in his verandah simply saying hello to his friends and passersby. Eventually Andrew was joined by a companion, Bertha, and occasionally you would see both on the verandah. For the most part Andrew is content with his solitary time; he was a very happy man. It is usually this lone figure that you would see; he might appear sad and lonely, but he is proud and happy of his past and a very happy man for that matter. Test this story. Pass by his house on Pescador Drive, wave to him and say, “Hello Andrew.” You are sure to receive a smile and a greeting in return.

    25 Years Ago - Chicago Cubs, San Pedro's Home Team
    If you wonder why San Pedro picked up the Cubs as their home team, here is a simple explanation. CCV or Coral Cable Vision brought television to San Pedro in the 1980’s. It offered about seven or nine channels only and one of the most interesting channels was WGN OF Chicago on Channel 9. This channel offered great news, talk shows, international events, movies, documentaries, and sports, of course. And since WGN was based in Chicago, it is obvious that they followed their home team, the Cubs, very closely. It was in this manner that we were exposed very much to the Cubs and thus they became our “Home Team”. San Pedranos sought to acquire Cub pennants, Cub Caps, Cub T-shirts, and other paraphernalia that indicated that they were fans. Some also longed to visit Wrigley Field, the home of the Chicago Cubs, and they celebrate big time when they accomplished this. This, in a nutshell, is the explanation why San Pedro so loves the Chicago Cubs. You should have heard the complaints and fuss a few nights ago when in the middle of the Cubs game to the finals, there was a power blockout and the television was off for about one hour. And then the smiles because when the power came back, it was Cub 3-Pirates 0. Unbelievable that San Pedro has been Cub fans for over twenty five years ago.

    New Dialysis Center Brings Convenience, Lower Costs To Kidney Patients In Belize
    Carlos Perrera, Managing Partner, commented, "We are excited to be able to offer the very best in dialysis care to our patients. We want to provide an affordable service to fellow Belizeans and increase life expectancy. The facility exemplifies our goal to be the best of the best for people with kidney disease, helping them to live healthier lives, where quality of life is at the highest possible level. We want to help those in need of the service as there is a great demand, and our ability to combine such care with preventative services and education is taking dialysis services to greater heights.”

    Belize And Pakistan Establish Diplomatic Relations
    The Government of Belize and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan signed a Joint Communiqué thereby establishing Diplomatic Relations between the two countries. Ambassador Oliver del Cid signed the Joint Communiqué on behalf of the Government of Belize, while Ambassador Aitzaz Ahmed, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Mexico, signed on behalf of his country. The Communiqué affirms the countries’ common interest in promoting and strengthening ties of friendship and cooperation, and agreed that their relationship would be guided by the UN Charter and the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    PLEASE Help & Vote to give Belize well deserved Travel Awards!!!
    1) USA Today’s 10 Best Reader’s Choice Visit and please vote for Ambergris Caye. If you have the time, feel free to vote every day! 2) World Travel Awards: Here you can give more than once a vote for Belize… The Categories are: World's Leading Beach Destination: Placencia, Belize World's Leading Destination: Ambergris Caye, Belize World's Leading Dive Destination: Belize World's Leading Green Destination: Belize To vote for Belize, please visit , go to Nominees, then to the World Nominees 2015.

    San Pedro 3 X 3 Basketball Tournament
    Calling ALL BASKETBALL FANS! Join us for a meeting on Wednesday, October 28, 2015, at 6:30 p.m. at the San Pedro Town Council's Conference Room.

    Processed meats rank alongside smoking as cancer causes – WHO
    Bacon, ham and sausages rank alongside cigarettes as a major cause of cancer, the World Health Organisation has said, placing cured and processed meats in the same category as asbestos, alcohol, arsenic and tobacco. The report from the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer said there was enough evidence to rank processed meats as group 1 carcinogens because of a causal link with bowel cancer. It places red meat in group 2A, as “probably carcinogenic to humans”. Eating red meat is also linked to pancreatic and prostate cancer, the IARC says.

    Chocolate Art
    By Artzone Heusner

    Annual general meeting of Oceana Belize's members, known as Wavemakers
    Belizeans from across the country gathered in Belmopan on Saturday, October 24th to participate in the annual general meeting of Oceana Belize's members, known as Wavemakers. Oceana Belize established offices in Belize in 2009. Today, the organization's largest campaign is to advocate for the protection of Belize's marine resources from the inherent hazards of offshore oil activities. In her address to the attendees, Oceana's Vice President Janelle Chanona shared, "Many countries have already altered or destroyed their marine ecosystems. Belize is a very special place but it is just as vulnerable as everywhere else to human influence. Average Belizeans are already doing their part. Belizean leaders have a patriotic duty to protect the resources that tens of thousands of Belizeans depend on everyday for their livelihoods from the dangers of offshore oil." Held annually, the event also affords the organization the opportunity to recognize members from each district for going above and beyond to ensure Belizeans join the conversation regarding management of national assets. To acknowledge her unwavering dedication to campaign goals, Oceana Belize has awarded Amber Rivero of the Belize District as 2015's Wavemaker of the year.

    BHA Oral History Workshop
    The Belize History Association is having an Oral History workshop on Saturday's during November. Dr. Joseph-Aondofe Iyo will be teaching the workshop. There are 2 slots open for people from Cayo. Email them at if you are interested. "We are pleased to announce that the Belize History Association (BHA) is organizing an Oral History Workshop to be held in November 2015. The purpose of the workshop is to equip BHA members with essential knowledge and skills of oral history. It shall focus on building the capacity of the BHA to produce biographies which can be published in our newsletters and website."

    Belize Bird Rescue: Our first Barn Owl hatchling, four more to go

    Aquila's Center for Cruise Excellence and Tour Guide Training
    Over 50 Tour Guides in Belize going through their Tour Guide Excellence International training with Melanie Colpitts and Beth Hatt. Congratulations Belize Tourism Board!

    Dr. Jones and the students at the Ocean Academy had a great time learning about archeology and performing mock excavations!

    Belize’s watchdog warns Panteon-Finance is no longer licensed
    Several months after Panteon-Finance made it to the “Black List” of Russia’s Forex organization CRFIN, Belize’s financial markets regulator also voiced its concerns over the company. In a warning dated October 26, 2015, Belize’s International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) says that Panteon-Finance Ltd is no longer licensed by the regulator for trading in securities or to engage in any other international financial services. Investors are advised to take note and exercise caution. The company, whose website is at present inaccessible, was very active in Eastern Europe and Russia, offering a range of investment plans, including PAMM accounts. Russia’s CRFIN has noted earlier this year the fake claims of the broker, including a non-existent membership in the experts council at the Council of Federation Committee on Budget and Financial Markets.

    "Dia de Finados" Exhibition
    The San Pedro House of Culture invites the San Pedro Community and visitors to our island to our "Dia de Finados" Exhibition at the HOC on Monday, Nov. 2nd starting at 7 p.m.Join us in remembering our dearly departed and help support them through their spiritual journey. Come try the traditional foods and drinks offered to our loved ones.

    2nd Annual Benque Cancer Awareness Walk
    The Rotaract Club of Benque had their 2nd annual Cancer Walk fundraiser this weekend. Thanks, Rotaract! We hosted our 2nd Annual Cancer Awareness Walk to raise awareness about cancer in Benque Viejo & San Jose Succotz. "NOT BEYOND US" is this year's theme. We walked in solidarity with our family and friends who are fighting cancer, or lost the battle to cancer. This event also serves as a fundraiser to assist cancer patients in our area as we are conscious that the medical expenses are high.

    Channel 7

    Arthur Saldivar Says Hulse Signed Some Shady Nationality Docs
    Attorney Arthur Saldivar earned his stripes as an immigration whistleblower at the height of the Penner scandal in October of 2013. That's when he showed the media a sheaf of genuine immigration documents that appeared to have been generated in the backrooms of the Immigration Department - and got thrown out the back door by shadow operatives when the Penner scandal blew. Now, the Saldivar documents were never all that he said they were, but they did show a department in the grips of shadowy forces. And so today, we had to listen when he called us with some more documents: four nationality documents and passports dating back to late 2012 for persons who only appear to have been in the country for a short period of time before they got their passports. The law requires that permanent residents must be in country uninterrupted for 5 years before they qualify for a nationality certificate and a passport - but we have seen visa stamps which show that these new Belizeans were only here for maybe a month before they got their passport. Now, we have not seen the original documents - but Saldivar says he got it from a deep throat source and he outlined the irregularities:..

    Hulse Says Dept. Oversight Left Much To Be Desired
    We reached Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse to hear his side of the story today. He wasn't directly familiar with the cases, but acknowledged that he received documents from Immigration Department staff, which were suspicious:.. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Immigration "Let me tell you. When documents are brought to the minister to sign, they come with a file and the file is inspected by various immigration officers before it reaches me. So I don't know that I have sign any of these. I would have to see them. Nothing has come to me in that sense. There is an audit report which we have not yet gotten. No detail of the audit has been disclosed to me or my CEO. So I have to wait until that time. But what I can say is this; that if anyone has obtained nationality illegality or by fraud or by any of these things. The law is there to immediately revoke such nationality." Jules Vasquez "When this whole Penner scandal exploded, is this the sort of thing you feared knowing that there were so many phantoms in the system in so far as phantom identity, phantom arrivals - all these things that inevitably you would see documents like this eventually coming to light?"

    From Murder to Manslaughter
    26 year-old Jason Reyes, who has been on remand awaiting trial for murder for the past 5 years, got some bad news when Justice Adolph Lucas found him guilty of manslaughter in a trial without jury. Reyes was charged with the fatal stabbing of 29 year-old Lionel Pinelo. The evidence in the trial was that on November 5, 2015, Pinelo drove a golf cart to the Rainbow Star Bar, located in the Boca Del Rio Section of the island. That's when someone threw a pint bottle on the top of the cart, which broke. According to the witnesses in the case, that got Pinelo angry, and he approached a group of young men with the intent to fight Jason Reyes. Witnesses say that Reyes pulled a knife and stabbed Pinelo once to the left side of his chest. He was rushed to the hospital in time for medical treatment, but he died the next day. Crown Counsel Portia Staine called 2 eyewitnesses to testify in the case, but one was uncooperative. He told the court that he saw when Reyes made a stabbing motion, but he did not see any knife in Reyes' hand. The prosecutor had to treat him as a hostile witness.

    Kung Fu Politics?
    It's election season right now, and with less than 10 days to go, all the mass party politicians have campaigners going from house to house in all 31 constituencies. So, with campaign activities at a fever pitch, election hysteria is bound to take place. But, what happens when supporters become fanatics for their party? Well, we think that fiascos like this one could probably result from such devotion. The amateur video you're looking is of a scene which unfolded in San Felipe Village in the Orange Walk District on Saturday evening. PUP candidate Jose Mai and his supporters were having a motorcade through the village when it appears that a group of UDP supporters waylaid them. As you're seeing the video, one of those men exposed himself to the PUP supporters, and made a very lewd and offensive gesture at the group. That made the other side very angry, and this amateur video captured a man fly kicking the man who exposed himself. Someone else then came off screen to kick him in the face while he was on the ground. As the exposer was getting up, he was struck across the head with a stick, which broke in half.

    Man Knocked Down and Killed in Deep South
    A man was knocked down and killed in Punta Gorda last night around 6:15. 63 year old US national Steven Zipzer was heading to PG when he hit 49 year old Marsden Ramirez between mile 2 and 3 on the San Antonio Road. Today police told us that Ramirez was on the side of the road fixing his bicycle when Zipzer rammed into him. Ramirez was flung on the other side of the road and died on the spot - the case is simply that Zipzer did not see Ramirez on the road side. Zipzer was served with a notice of intended prosecution. In terms of the deceased: Ramirez, police are still investigating if Marsden Ramirez is his real name because he had been brought in for using someone else's name in a previous case.

    Did Arthur Let Down Menjivar?
    2 weeks ago, we told you about how Miguel Menjivar and his family finally filed a lawsuit against the Government and the Gang Suppression Unit. Their intention was to seek damages for the wreckage left behind after a GSU team unloaded over a hundred bullets on their Belmopan home about 4 years and 4 months ago. He told the press in an interview that time that he was going to do everything he could to make sure that the case would happen. But, when the case was called up again before Justice Michelle Arana, it was abruptly thrown out. That's because the judge gave specific orders that documents, witness statements, and everything important to the case had to be filed by the claimants. Arthur Saldivar is the Menjivar family's attorney, and that responsibility of filing court documents was his. Nothing was filed in time, and so the judge struck the case out, but gave them the option of bringing it back if they so choose. So, did Saldivar fail the Menjivar Family? That's what we asked him this evening:

    Hulse Swears In New Citizens
    And while Hulse was on political duty in the South today, he was on official duty in Belmopan on Friday at a swearing in. Many immigrants have been waiting more than a decade to become a Belizean and their quest was finally realized on Friday. 164 people from 21 different countries were naturalized on Friday at the George Price Center in Belmopan. Of course, there was the usual lecture about the conditions these new Belizeans must follow, but Immigration and Nationality Minister Godwin Hulse said it's not only about that long list of restrictions and conditions - it's about cultural integration and unity. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Immigration and Nationality "In 2014, we made a landmark decision to change the law to how people get citizenship. Up until 2014 it was relative easy. You had to be the country for 5 years, from starting from when you came and you simply had to apply and the minister would sign a certificate be done with it. That's process has change significantly and from 2014, all the applications goes through a rigorous process as the CEO pointed out. That is to ensure absolute transparency and to ensure a process where everybody who becomes a citizen of Belize is worthy of that honor.

    Hulse: Nothing Suspicious About New Citizen Swearing In Says Before Election
    213 new Belizeans were also sworn in late last month at the UB Gymnasium. When we spoke to Minister Hulse today he re-iterated that this exercise has absolutely nothing to do with the upcoming general elections - these citizens can't even vote because the final period of registration and transfer for this election closed on September 10th. Hulse says there's nothing suspicious:... Godwin Hulse, Minister of Immigration and Nationality "There could be nothing suspicious Jules. I've said time and time again, there were several thousand documents in Immigration that were languishing and fitting - all sorts of things happening and we undertook many months ago to clean up. We set up a special task force to go through all these files. We contact people and some of them has been waiting from the early 2002 and some from in the 1990s - many of them have children who are grown. Many of them have children here who have never been to the person country of origin etc. and it's just a process of trying to finalize all that exercise and the swearing in is open, its transparent. The press was there and the people got their certificates. It's just a continuing of the work we do and the certificates is signed. There is a still a lot of people who will be sworn in subsequently until that exercise is full completed."

    Stabbed Locke
    There were no reports of gun violence over the weekend in Belize City, but a man was stabbed. It happened on Friday night around 9:00 where 22 year old Jermaine Locke, a Maintenance worker was stabbed wound to the upper left chest. Police say Locke was talking to two male friends on Tibruce Street when a man walked up and stabbed him once. He received emergency surgery and is in a critical but stable condition.

    Mom Calls Out For Missing Girl
    A 15 year old girl is missing tonight and her mother fears she may be in danger. Shayanta Shanice Williams left home one week ago on Monday the 19th and has not returned since. Her mother, Leonie Williams came to our studios this morning and told us that when she got home that Monday night, she didn't find her daughter. She told us that she is worried because since her daughter went missing she has been receiving threats. Voice of: Leonie Williams, Mother "When I came home, the landlord told me that a girl named Jay Bodden, came for Shayanta Williams and took her. The landlord says that she went with a school bag and with some clothes packed. From since then I haven't heard nor see her. I ask the little girl to please tell me where my daughter is, because she knows where my daughter is. And then there are some people who calls and text me threatening me. I really want that whosoever have my daughter to please send her home for me." Courtney Weatherburne "We have to ask if you know maybe she is with a boyfriend or something like that. Because that's a main issue in terms of these cases - that they would go and visit friends or visit a boyfriend and then come right back home. But do you think that's the case or do you think your daughter is really in danger?"

    Wilfred Ready To Work
    On last week Friday's newscast, we showed you a portion of our interview with Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington the two term representative for Pickstock. It was our first opportunity after weeks and weeks of trying to speak with him about the controversies he had to face late this year on the Sarstoon issue and the flare up between Belize and Guatemala. Tonight, we have part two of that interview in which he discussed with us how his critics have been unrelenting in their attempts to convince the public that he is a failed foreign minister. For context, we pick up the conversation with Elrington where he was commenting on whether or not he would want the Foreign Affairs Ministry if he is re-elected to office. Here's that back and forth: Daniel Ortiz "If he decides to give you foreign ministry again, will you consider it? Will you take it on given that that you've been one of those foreign ministers who seems to be embattled?" Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs "It's a myth. I am not embattled."

    BNTU Saber Rattles
    And before Jimmy Morales warms up the seat of power, the BNTU sent out a heated, two page press release today demanding that Government do more to ward off Guatemalan aggression. Citing the language of the diplomatic note that Guatemala sent to Belize 6 weeks ago, the Union angrily demands that government cites what resources it will put into the Coast Guard and the BDF provide optimal defence of the border. They also call on government to internationalize the issue, and to build the forward operating base on Sarstoon Island. The release adds, quote, the time has come for us to hold our leaders accountable for enforcement of our national security.

    The flood waters have receded in the city and as we have been showing you residents are trying to get their life back to normal. A part of that process of normalcy is cleaning up and the City Council has organized a campaign to do just that - but they say they need your help. The Council held a press conference this evening asking residents for assistance. Councillor Phillip Willoughby told us how you can help. So again the council is urging all city residents to collect all the garbage from your house, yard and surrounding areas and place them at the front so sanitation workers can pick it up. This cleanup campaign starts on Thursday. Residents are also asked to not use sludge waste as landfill because it poses a serious health hazard.

    Channel 5

    More Dubious Immigration Documents Circa Penner Passport Scandal
    On Friday, we showed you a group of almost two hundred men and women who were granted Belizean citizenship by the Immigration and Nationality Department.  The timing of the swearing-in, [...]

    Was Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse Involved in Signing of Documents?
    Earlier today, we attempted to reach the Minister of Immigration, Godwin Hulse, but he was unavailable. According to Saldivar, the Penner scandal in September 2013 was what broke the camel’s [...]

    Armed Robbery in San Ignacio, Madisco Employees Jacked at Gunpoint
    Late this evening, News Five was able to confirm reports that there was an armed robbery in San Ignacio. It happened at around four, and the victims were two Madisco [...]

    GSU Raids Home of San Jose Residents… On Whose Instructions?
    Did Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega dispatch members of the feared Gang Suppression Unit to terrorize residents of San Jose in the Orange Walk District? That’s a question to which [...]

    Bomba Under Water One Week After Massive Weekend Downpour
    Bomba is a small community off the Old Northern Highway in the Belize Rural North constituency. There are twenty-seven families living in the village without electricity even though wires were [...]

    Mike Menjivar’s Case Against G.O.B./G.S.U. Dismissed…
    A claim against the Government of Belize filed by businessman Mike Menjivar, proprietor of La Cabana Restaurant and Bar, was dismissed this morning in the Supreme Court.  The protracted legal [...]

    La Cabana Proprietor Prepares to Revisit the Drawing Board
    According to Menjivar, the dismissal of the matter will force them back to the drawing board.  The case against government however, will only rear its head in another form.   [...]

    Fatal Traffic Accidents in San Antonio and Xaibe Villages
    A fatal traffic mishap in the Toledo District over the weekend has claimed the life of a man whose identity is yet to be confirmed by Punta Gorda police.  On [...]

    Jermaine Locke is Stabbed in Belize City
    A near-fatal stabbing incident over the weekend in the Lake Independence area has left one man in critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.  Twenty-two-year-old Jermaine Locke was assaulted [...]

    Jason Reyes, Not Guilty of Murder but Guilty of Manslaughter
    A decision was handed down today in the Supreme Court of Judge Adolph Lucas in a trial of judge without jury in which a San Pedro man was found not [...]

    Guatemalan President Elect Says He Won’t Give Up an Inch of Belize
    Carlos Morales, a comedian, won by a huge landslide in Sunday’s elections in Guatemala, beating Sandra Torres by a margin of two to one. He received sixty-seven point four percent [...]

    B.N.T.U. Issues Release on Guatemala’s Response to Diplomatic Note
    On the heels of the statement by the president elect of Guatemala, the Belize National Teachers Union, the most active among the unions, sent out a release stating its position [...]

    Belize Youth Movement Launches Agenda For Now
    A youth senator…that’s one of the proposals that the youth arm of the People’s United Party put forth in a manifesto last Saturday. The document, called Agenda For Now, also [...]

    Leader of Opposition Concerned About New Nationalities
    There are two recent immigration incidents over which there is rising concern. Between the months of September and October over four hundred persons were sworn in as new Belizeans. And [...]

    City Council Takes on Garbage Collection Post-flood
    A massive, citywide cleanup spearheaded by the National Emergency Management Organization, NEMO, and the Belize City Council is underway.  The campaign continues one week after torrential rains flooded parts of [...]

    Phillip Willoughby Says All Hand Are on Deck for Cleanup Campaign
    Waste material, says Willoughby, is being dealt with promptly by all related agencies, including the Solid Waste Management Authority.   Phillip Willoughby, CEMO “There will be a three-day window opportunity [...]

    Bodybuilding Champions…James Adderley with Sports News
    Good evening. I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   Verdes FC has proven that unless Belizean football travels, we will remain unable to compete at the international level. [...]


    GSU Terrorizes Residents From San Jose Village
    Three families from the San Jose Village are tonight reeling in from what they described as a “frightening ordeal” at the hands of the Gang Suppression Unit over the weekend. The families claim that between 4am and 5am on Sunday morning, a team comprising of six GSU Members descended to the Village and ransacked the homes of Amparo Cruz, Pedro Ku and Oswaldo Cruz. CTV3 understands that the GSU kicked down their front doors and proceeded to ransack the place, without the strength of a warrant since they claimed they were looking for drugs and firearms. But the families are not buying that clichéd-version of events and claim they are being targeted simply because they changed their political affiliation from die hard UDP supporters to PUP followers. We spoke with the families yesterday who expressed their discontentment…

    More Land Grab In Little England Area Orange Walk
    There are residents in the Little England Area in Orange Walk Town who are also expressing much concern about the neighborhood says Josue Carballo, PUP Standard Bearer for Orange Walk East. The land parcels, Carballo says are also being issued in this part of the town and there is grave concern since the town council has, itself, been unable to verify who is the rightful owner of many parcels in that part of town. “We have come across some indicators that definitely there is such a haphazard in which lands particularly in the Little England Area of Orange Walk has been mismanaged it is when I am campaigning people are telling that the area needs urgent attention but we ourselves in the town council can’t even get access to the information of who actually owns these lands we definitely believe that people whosoever owns these should be responsible enough to take care of it and now more and more we are finding out that these lands are being given out to cronies and with no actual plan for the area.”

    Traffic Accident Claims Two Lives Of Corozaleno
    Two lives have been lost in two separate traffic accidents in the Corozal District. Firstly a Hit and Run on Saturday the 24th claimed the life of 44 year old Leonardo Novelo, a resident form the village of Xaibe in the Corozal District. According to police reports the incident played out a little after midnight on the Xaibe, Patchakan road. Police say that the responded to a call at about 12:45 am of which a team of officers were dispatched to the area, upon arriving at the scene they observed the motionless body Novelo laying on the left hand side of the road. Novelo’s body was taken to the Corozal Community hospital where the Doctors on shift pronounced him dead. No arrest has been made so far and the matter is still under investigation. While police are clueless on the dreadful hit and run that claimed the life of 44 year old Novelo, another unfortunate incident occurred at 130 a.m the 25th October this time in the village of San Narciso, just 24 hours after the first incident. According to Police report, San Victor resident Teofilo Oba was driving his light colour Dodge Caravan on his way to San Victor when upon reaching about ¼ mile into the village he was blinded by an upcoming vehicle who refused to lower his high beams.

    Guatemalan Arm Forces Continue To Bully BDF In Order To Enter Sarstoon River
    Viewers may recall that in August of this year, the Belize Territorial Volunteers made their last historic visit by actually setting foot on the Sarstoon Island and planting a Belizean Flag as a symbolic gesture to our sovereignty. Well tonight, we have gotten wind that the planted Belizean Flag has been removed but at the hands of the Guatemalan Forces. Today, a post on social media made by a credible source, flared public discussion surrounding the issue. We spoke to leader of the BTV, Wil Meheia for clarification….. “I am disappointed in this government in that the Guatemalans bully the military and we still stay there and still don’t file any letter of protest to the UN nor to the OAS it just feels that we are being bullied, back in August when they chased the media and I don’t care what General Jones what’s to say, the fact is that they chased the media boat, you know I have friends in the BDF that I won’t reveal their names but who was on the boat when the boat was chased out of the Sarstoon so I could like confirm that the boat was actually chased out of the Sarstoon and actually the BDF still have to check with the Guatemalans for permission to go up the Sarstoon it is time for us as Belizeans to stand up and if the government doesn’t want to stand I call on all Belizeans to stand up.”


    Guatemalan Comedian Turn President-Elect Has Sights Set On Belize
    A few months ago, Jimmy Morales, a then presidential candidate for the Republic of Guatemala, had been campaigning on the territorial issue with Belize. According to Morales, one of Guatemala’s historical events that he considers deplorable is that they are losing Belize and that they have not lost yet and that they need to work […]

    CDB Grants Monies to Improve Water Sector in Belize
    Belize has been approved as a grant recipient by the Caribbean Development Bank. The grant is for just over two hundred and sixty thousand Belize dollars and is allotted for technical assistance towards making Belize’s water sector less vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. In an online article, it stated that Belize’s water sector […]

    Francis Fonseca Misleads Electorate
    In an election season, the political parties are even more alert when it comes to the behaviour and actions of their opponents as well as their close allies. It is a time when voters will be bombarded with the political rhetoric and the propaganda. One of the recent issues that have garnered much attention from […]

    Belize Welcomes 164 New Nationals
    Last Friday saw the swearing in of one hundred and sixty four men and women from various parts of the world as nationals from twenty one countries received their Belizean citizenship. The ceremony took place at the George Price Centre on Friday, October 23 and had the presence of the Minister of Immigration, Godwin Hulse. […]

    Guatemalans Renounce Country For Belizean Citizenship
    Earlier we told you of the one hundred and sixty four men and women who were granted Belizean citizenship last week. While it is acceptable for foreigners to maintain their nationality of their birth country and thus possess dual citizenship, there was an exception as Guatemalans are not given that option, as explained by Immigration […]

    UNICEF Warns Against Fraudulent Emails
    The presence of the World Wide Web has opened avenues for fraud in many instances and usually comes in the form of lottery winnings in your email or on your social media page. Of recent, there have reportedly been a surge of fraudulent emails sent to individuals purportedly from UNICEF. This issue has come to […]

    Political Climate Heats Up in Northern Belize
    Before the Gang Suppression Unit carried out their raids on the three houses, the day before, a fight between supporters of both major political parties in San Jose Village, Orange Walk District, was caught on camera. The video shows party supporters of the PUP and UDP attacking each other and so today, we asked Cervantes […]

    Cervantes Believes Gapi May Have Resorted to the GSU
    Before leaving the Orange Walk District we spoke to Ramon “Monchi” Cervantes Jr. on the raids that officers of the Gang Suppression Unit carried out on the house of his supporters. Cervantes condemns the act believing that his political opponent is now being pressured by the number of people who are now supporting the People’s […]

    Dangriga Police News
    We join correspondent Harry Arzu for news from Dangriga. HARRY ARZU “Acting upon information received, Dangriga police conducted a search of an abandoned lot on Melinda Road where they found an unlicensed firearm, namely a 9mm black pistol. No one was in the area when the search was conducted on Saturday and as a result […]


    Smart accuses DigiCell of false advertising
    Smart is up in arms over a DigiCell advertisement that was placed in UDP’s Guardian propaganda paper, the Guardian. According to a statement from Smart, in the most recent edition of the Guardian Newspaper, dated Sunday, October 25, 2015, DigiCell placed a full page ad which compared Smart’s ...

    Belize Police found 1.57kg of Cannabis
    A Belize City Police search led to the discovery of drugs in an open lot. On Friday the 23rd of October Belize City police conducted a search in an open lot on Nurse Finley Crescent, Belize City where they found two black plastic bags. One of the plastic bags contained eight parcels of cannabis whi...

    Guatemalan youth caught drug trafficking in Belize
    18 year old Guatemalan Ricardo Fedrico Sup Alvarado was found trafficking weed in Belize. According to Benque Viejo police, on Sunday October 25th near the bus terminal in that Town, their attention was drawn to Alvarado. Whe Alvarado saw the cops, he dropped his knapsack and began to walk away. The...

    Family claims GSU raid is political
    Politics can be a nasty business and so far in this campaigning season we have had accusations of murder between political rivals from the north, the burning down of a standard bearer’s office in Cayo South, and regular old mud slinging in the political ads. It appears that politics also took anoth...

    Belize City man accused of home invasion and rape
    Fabers’ Road resident and construction worker Martin Usher says he was only trying to get back a lost cellular phone when he visited a Belize City woman’s home last week. But she accuses him of trying to break in and rape her. Usher pleaded not guilty to a charge of aggravated burglary before Senior...

    Miguel Menjivar case continues in Supreme Court
    Five months ago, Belmopan businessman Miguel Menjivar commenced a lawsuit in the Supreme Court, in which he is suing the Attorney General on behalf of the Government of Belize; the Commissioner of Police on behalf of the Belize Police Department, and Sergeant of Police Santiago Gongora on behalf of ...

    San Pedro resident is convicted of manslaughter
    Jason Reyes, accused of the murder of San Pedro Town resident Lionel Pinelo, has been found guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter by Justice Adolph Lucas in a trial without jury. Today Justice Lucas ruled that he is certain that while Reyes did indeed stab Pinelo on November 5, 2010 in front o...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Armed robbery in San Ignacio.
    Information reaching our newsroom is that late this afternoon, workers from Madisco, who were in the company’s truck were targeted by armed men in San Ignacio Town. What is interesting is that the incident played out behind Scotia Bank which is not far away from the San Ignacio Police Station. […]

    CDB grants for climate change water plans
    According to Caribbean News Now, the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has approved a technical assistance grant to Belize to help make the country’s water sector less vulnerable to climate change impacts. National water provider Belize Water Services Limited (BWS) received US$134,000 to finance consultancy services to support BWS’ efforts to: develop a climate […]

    UNICEF Belize decries fundraising scam
    Belize’s branch of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) reports that award letters and emails said to be coming from their branch in Barcelona, Spain, and Orchard Hills Security Company suggesting that the recipient has won an award and must provide sensitive personal information to collect it are false and […]

    Trial ordered in domestic dispute
    Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer today dismissed a plea of guilty by one-half of a feuding couple and said she would have full trial of charges of aggravated assault, wounding and damage to property. Tonight, 28 year old truck driver, Jose Alfredo Barrera, who pleaded guilty to the […]

    Misunderstanding leads to accusations of home invasion and rape
    Fabers’ Road resident and construction worker Martin Usher says he was only trying to get back a lost cellular phone when he visited a Belize City woman’s home last week. But she accuses him of trying to break in and rape her by forcing her to cover up […]

    San Pedro resident is convicted of manslaughter
    Jason Reyes, accused of the murder of San Pedro Town resident Lionel Pinelo, has been found guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter by Justice Adolph Lucas in a trial without jury. Today Justice Lucas ruled that he is certain that while Reyes did indeed stab Pinelo on […]

    Guatemalan busted for weed in Benque
    Ricardo Fedrico Sup Alvarado, an 18-year-old Guatemalan, is under police custody after he was intercepted by Benque Viejo Quick Response Team. According to police in that municipality, on Sunday October 25th near the bus terminal, their attention was drawn to the Hispanic man. Upon seeing police, he dropped a […]

    Two dead in separate Corozal accidents
    Corozal Police are currently investigating two separate traffic incidents that claimed the life of two men from the rural areas in that district. The first incident occurred on Saturday, October 24th, on the Patchakan – Xaibe road. According to officials they responded to a report around 12:45 am. A […]

    One Belizean American View of Election 2015 in Belize
    By Joseph Guerrero Belize’s upcoming General Elections 2015 once again has the big two political parties in Belize vying for the vote of the public for control of the resources of the nation. This time however there is a third party which is offering candidates in at least 25 constituencies. Recent […]

    Belize needs better drainage and its possible
    As Mexico breathes a sigh of relief having sustained little damage from one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded in the Western hemisphere, we are reminded just how the world is at mother nature’s mercy. Hurricane Patricia, being a category five storm, was expected to cause mass damage and lead […]

    Conditions become slightly moist and unstable over Belize as a cold front stalls over Northwest Yucatan
    The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting cloudy skies at times with a few showers or thunderstorms mainly inland this afternoon and evening, with showers becoming generally isolated tonight and tomorrow morning. Winds will be blowing variable at 10 knots or less and the sea state will be slight to light chop. […]

    Electrical accident believed to cause house fire
    Belize City fire department responded to a fire on 1809 Henderson Avenue in Belize City on Friday October 23th. Upon arrival they saw smoke coming out from the windows and the roof area of a green bungalow concrete structure. According to the police report, the owner is 71-year-old Vinnie Ramos, a […]

    Jimmy Morales new Guatemalan President
    With 67.4% of the population’s vote in favor of 46 year old, comedian Jimmy Morales, Guatemala has officially elected its new President. President Morales got more than double the votes of ex-first lady Sandra Torres who only garnered 32.6 % of the votes. On a CNN report, President Morales described […]


    Our island has been trashed
    Shortly after the torrential storms passed across Ambergris Caye, an invasion of another sort was unleashed upon us: Trash. Oh I know, we’re always complaining about the volumes of trash on the island but this is different. Tons of floating plastic bottles and plates and shoes and buckets and old balls have floated onto shore atop a fresh bed of stinky sargassum. I know this long ugly line of trash extends, at least, from Tres Cocos area north of the bridge (where these pictures were taken to at least Caribbean Villas to the south. Maybe farther in both directions. Could be even more widespread. This is only where I have witnessed it. It is as if a barge full of trash tipped over in the storms on the other side of the reef — and what didn’t sink, floated to shore. I really don’t know where it is coming from but my heart is breaking for our island. The sargassum is back with a vengeance and now this wave of plastic riding atop it. At 5 p.m. on Monday my friend Rene was still shoveling sargassum and plastic from one of the worst spots, in Tres Cocos.

    El Diablo maiden voyage and South Ambergris PSA
    On Sunday Jake went dressed to slide in a cape, head band and Belizean color themed beads. Caribbean Villas had their first aid kit on hand and thankfully it was not needed. A big crowd came for the 9:30 am launch and true to Belizean form it was slightly delayed but with good reason – speakers were needed to blast the final countdown song for Jake’s slide ride. Aside from the dock being crowded, there were 2 boats waiting to watch him take the inaugural ride. People took pics from all angles and there are 3 videos below from 3 different views, air, boat and Jake :) To ride El Diablo water slide – cost is $5 per ride or $25 for a day pass. Hours of operation are from 10:00 am until dusk. There is an attendant on hand for safety purposes. Caribbean Villas is planning to send their slide attendant for first aid and CPR in November.

    Roatan Island on a budget
    Since Tropic Air flies to Honduras, many vacationers opt to do Belize Roatan on the same vacation. Roatan is one if the bay islands and popular destination. It is situated between Utila (also popular among backpackers) and Guanaja. Like Ambergris Caye, Roatan also offers great diving and snorkeling. The island is bigger than ours at 5 miles wide by 48 miles long long. Ambergris Caye clocks in at a little under a mile wide (in some places up to about 3 to 4 miles at most) and roughly 25 miles long. The other thing that some people like about Roatan is unlike Ambergris Caye it is not quite as flat. Can you visit the Roatan Island if you’re traveling on a backpacker budget? Absolutely! Roatan Backpacker’s Hostel is a fun, friendly hostel that has both dorm rooms and private rooms and apartments, with economical daily, weekly and monthly rates. The hostel has a communal kitchen, and the apartment-style accommodations have their own kitchens, so you can save yourself some cash by doing a bit of cooking, or visit one of the local eateries nearby that sell inexpensive, typical food.

    Consolidated Water Plant Tour
    Many people are interested to know about the water in Belize and how our water plant works. Today I am giving you a followup to my previous post on that (see link below) as both Shirlee and Ann wanted to share their experiences from the Consolidated plant tour. If the technical side of our water system is an interest to you, I highly recommend you book yourself in for a Consolidated Water tour with Dee Dillon. You can reach him at, 226-3845, Mobile – 610-4860. I have had the pleasure of touring the plant on three separate occasions. It lasts for about an hour and takes you from start, (the wells from where the water is extracted) to finish (the storage tanks). Actually the tour starts in the office/control room which is chalk full of monitoring equipment.

    Wet and Windy Weather is Finally Calming Down
    85% of the time those of us that live here tell inquiring travelers that it is not likely to be all day rains when they are concerned about the current weather in Belize on their trips, no matter what the forecast shows. There are those times however where a tropical wave (Invest 92L ) comes along and we either need to be prepared to hunker down or be well waterproofed for extended rain. Since last week we have been experiencing very strong winds from the southeast and major rainfall. The wind is supposed to die down but the rain is expected to carry on for a few more days. While this weather system has been soaking Belize, Yucatan Peninsula , Honduras, northern Guatemala are also breaking out their rain gear as well.

    Don’t panic if this happens to you
    They say the third time is a charm and today that was totally true. It was not the first time and I know it will not be the last nor was I the only one suffering. There are very few bank machines on Ambergris Caye and of the ones that are on the island, often more than one will be out of order at the same time. In my case, 2 in a row were not giving anyone any money. The reason I titled this post don’t panic if this happens to you is because most travelers that are coming from a first world country are not likely used to machines having no cash. It could present itself as a freaky situation and cause for panic.

    SAGA Humane Society’s 12th Annual Halloween Pet Spooktacular is a HUGE HIT!
    Carlo’s and Ernie’s Runway Bar was packed…dogs, kids, and people eating, drinking, getting into trouble and there to support the SAGA Humane Society. Taking pictures of dogs is HARD work. It was a huge, fantastic, packed event…where many left smiling, with candy and food and very tired dogs. But this is only the beginning! There is so much more going on for Halloween WEEK in San Pedro. There is a family party at Black Orchid restaurant on Halloween night. And the HUGE Holiday Hotel party and a THRILLER DANCE CONTEST! Many have been practicing their whole lives for this…

    Belizean Rice and Beans Made in the Pressure Cooker
    I show you how to go from dried uncooked beans to perfect rice and beans in less than an hour.

    Icebox Butterhorns (Overnight Dinner Rolls)
    Dissolve the yeast in the water in a large bowl. Add the milk, sugar, egg, salt, and half of the flour. Beat together with a wooden spoon until smooth; add the 3/4 cup melted butter, along with remaining flour. Place in a greased bowl, cover with plastic wrap and put in your fridge overnight. The next day (or at least six hours later, if you'd like to make them in the morning for supper) punch the dough down. Shape as desired. Let rise in a warm place until doubled, about 1 hour. (I like to turn the oven on for 1-2 minutes, then turn it off and stick the rolls in or 45 minutes. Then I pull them out, and preheat the oven to bake them.).

    I am flying-arms outstretched, watching the world undulate below me. Valleys and mountains rise and plants fan out in Technicolor brilliance. My hair flows past me, wisps that escaped the trappings of my band. My camera is swinging gently in the current; I capture it for a picture, focusing on a minute detail that I would forget in the grand idea. An animal flies by me, using its adaptations to look like it is gliding with effortless motion. I try to use the camera to capture the majestic nature surrounding me, to catch the movement. The current surges around me, a push and pull that I can’t ignore. I come upon a taller bit of the ground; I reach out with my arms, try to keep my legs tucked, attempting to not touch anything below me as I glide through its branches, fauna flitting beneath and around me. The pure, perfect turquoise blue is mesmerizing, unable to be captured by any photo. The light reflections are blinding, but dance along the ground.

    Lemon Loaf
    In a large bowl, cream butter and sugar. Add eggs, one at a time, beating until creamy. Blend in milk. In another bowl, mix together flour, baking powder, salt and lemon rind. Pour into batter. Stir to moisten. Scrape into greased 9 x 5 inch loaf pan. Bake in 350f degree oven for 55 to 60 minutes. Cool in pan for 5 minutes. Remove to rack and while still hot, with a toothpick poke holes all over the top of the loaf, and spoon glaze evenly over. Cool. Glaze: Combine lemon juice and sugar in saucepan. Stir and heat till sugar is dissolved. Spoon evenly over top of hot loaf.

    International Sourcesizz

    Lionfish invasion map
    Map shows Lionfish invasion in Continent and Caribbean, 1985-2014

    Mexican papayas pounded by hurricane
    Papaya volumes imported to the U.S. could drop 30% after Hurricane Patricia pounded the crop in the Mexican states of Colima and Jalisco. To the north, vegetables and fruits in Sinaloa were comparatively unscathed. Patricia, the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere, was downgraded to a tropical storm as it weakened on landfall Oct. 24 along Mexico’s Pacific coast. Andres Ocampo, director of operations for HLB Specialties, pegged the hit to the U.S. market at around 30% based on massive losses reported by the Colima division of ProPapaya, Mexico’s papaya producers association. About 50% to 55% of that state’s crop suffered wind damage, and 30% sustained water damage. Mexico accounts for about 70% of imported papayas. Colima represents half of Mexico’s total and Jalisco has 15%. Surviving trees are likely to yield less than normal. “Other states will most likely ramp up production, but as prices are likely to also go up in the internal market, it remains uncertain how much will the other producing areas be able to replace from the missing volumes,” Ocampo said Oct. 26. “Guatemala and Belize are likely to increase volumes to cover the gaps, but that input cannot do much to offset such a large decrease in supply.”

    Insect Collection
    While Holt Hall can house hundreds of students throughout its three stories of classrooms, it is also home to tens of thousands of insect specimens in the entomology collection. In the science department, there is a group of undergraduate and graduate students working alongside Dr. Donald Miller, biological science professor, to learn how to identify and classify insects. Miller came into the department in 2002 adding to the entomology collection his predecessor, Dr. David Kisner, started in 1959. Sarah Santich, senior ecological, evolutionary and organismal biology major, works with Neotropical butterflies mainly from Brazil and Belize. “I identify the butterflies in the region I’m working with down to the species as best as I can,” Santich said. “That way we can have them for references in case people want to do research on a region of butterflies, or find a butterfly, we can show them exactly where they’re at.”


  • Shark Swim - Belize, 1.5min.

  • Belize from the sky, 1min. Drone footage from Belize. Blue hole, Caye Caulker, Shark ray alley.

  • Belize National Youth Chess Foundation Top # 7 Facts, 1min.

  • Be no office by the Belize Tourism Board, 3.5min. Another great video by the the Belize Tourism Board

  • First feeding for our rescued baby Pigeons, 1/2min.

  • Morning Matters with Mrs. Gentle, 58min.

  • Morning Matters with Joseph Bradley Jr, 58min.

  • Morning Matters with Mr. Glenn, 58min.

  • Morning Matters at barber shop, 58min.

  • CENTRAL AMERICA, 7.5min.

  • Lee - Belize Zoo, 3.5min.

  • A Day at the Belize Zoo, 2.5min. Don't miss out on the Belize Zoo when traveling in Belize!

  • Belize day one 3 dives, 4min. 3 dives julie's jungle off the Aggressor III in belize.

  • Belize Diving part 1, 5min. Sharks in Esmerelda Canyon.

  • The Belize Challenge, Episode 4, 14min. The Belize Challenge er en fiskeserie fra HookedTV, filmet med utgangspunkt i Reefs End Lodge i Belize. Medvirkende er Vilhelm Skilhagen, Endre Hopland, Hannes Ribbner og Joel Ribbner.

    October 26, 2015


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Saturday Night at the Sandbar!
    A casual Saturday night calls for some good food and good company. Got the good company part covered? Perfect! Then head over to Sandbar for the good food part. Seriously, located right on the beach in front of the Wet Willy’ dock this hostel has a kitchen that’s serves up great eats, and I only just found out! The Sampler Platter was huge, and came with fried pickles, French fries, buffalo wings, boneless wings, fried mozzarella sticks and fried onion (yea, I said fried onion). And this baby was huge, we made our way through it slowly saving enough room for the pizza we’d heard so much about and were dying to try!

    Wolfe’s Woofer: Religious Experience
    “Why do you say the last three months have been hard on you?” I asked my friend Roger. I was in Chetumal, Mexico, the city right across the Belize border. Roger lived in San Pedro years ago and we stayed in touch over the years. Whenever I’m over there I meet him for lunch or drinks. “Well,” he said, “Among other things my wife left me a couple of months ago.” “What!? Diane is gone? I thought you two were married for life.” “So did I.” “I’m really sorry to hear that,” I said.

    Police Report
    Drug Trafficking: On Wednesday, October 21st at 9:50PM, acting on Special Branch Intelligence, a team of San Pedro Criminal Investigation Branch, Quick Response Team and Special Branch personnel conducted a house searched at the premises of 35-year-old Jorge Cho in Laguna Drive. Also present was 27-year-old Ruth Sarai Iraheta, 40-year-old Lydia Gonzalez and a 16-year-old female minor.
    Found Property: On Wednesday, October 21st at 9:35AM, San Pedro Police conducted a search on passengers and luggage that came on a boat from Corozal. Found in the cargo section was a black bag containing 100 grams of Cannabis. The Cannabis was taken to the San Pedro Police Station and deposited as “FOUND PROPERTY”.

    Doctor Love
    Dear Doctor Love, My husband and I moved from the U.S. to Ambergris Caye three years ago to retire. We made the mistake of building a three-bedroom house when there are only two of us. It is a mistake because my husband has two brothers and I have a sister and a mother who have made our house their hotel in Belize. We moved here from a city that is a direct flight to the country and they find bargain fares. They make a point of inviting themselves for three day weekend holidays like Columbus Day and Labor Day. They all seem to expect at least breakfast or one other meal from us plus the use of our golf cart while they are here. This is a tremendous amount of work for me and we get nothing in return. We even buy the groceries. My husband retired early from an extremely good job with great retirement benefits. They all look on him as being well off and able to afford it. The truth is that we can afford it, money wise. We can’t afford it from the point of aggravation. Please advise us.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    The Belize general election in November will be the most important in history
    By Wellington C. Ramos. I believe that the general elections that are going to be held this year on November 4, 2015, will be the most important election ever held in our nation’s history for the following reasons: the current state of the People’s United Party (PUP), the formation of the Belize Progressive Party (BPP), the rise of the United Democratic Party (UDP and the frustration of the Belizean people at home and abroad. The People’s United Party is the oldest political party in Belize that was founded by the working class Belizeans. Under the leadership of their famous leader George Cadle Price, this party championed the causes of the poor and the working class. From the time George Price was asked to step down as their leader and Said Musa took over the party, along with his sidekick Ralph Fonseca, the political philosophy of the party changed. The party is now being controlled by a few individuals, families, a dominant ethnic group and has neglected the poor and the working class. This has caused many Belizeans to leave the People’s United Party to become independent voters. The members of this party that complain are forced out by the leaders or completely ignored. This party is fragmented no matter which face they try to show in this upcoming election and if they lose they will have to restructure their party or else it will continue to fall apart.

    Tropical rain forests hazards – a beginner’s guide
    Tropical rain forests hold a special, almost romantic allure for those who live far enough away from the equator to experience that yearly, cold, often uncomfortable event we call winter. They are particularly appealing for those looking to add another exotic adventure to their bucket-list. Hiking, rafting, and generally exploring outside the boundaries of a comfy all-inclusive resort and into a mysterious, steamy jungle is high on many travelers’ agendas. And that approaching cold season in the northern hemisphere is a call to thousands of travel junkies and adventurers to escape the ice and snow – at least for a week or two – and head south to a warmer clime where palms replace pines and where the dollar goes a long way. Southern Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, and Brazil are a few favorite destinations for the adventurous traveler. In general, those countries are safe, tourist-friendly, and chalk full of ample eco-touristic and off-the-beaten-path exploration opportunities for a first-hand jungle expedition.

    New World Oil and Gas gets twelve month extension to Blue Creek project PSA
    New World Oil and Gas says that following a meeting with the Minister of Energy in Belize, the Company has negotiated a 12 month extension to its Production Sharing Agreement for the Group's Blue Creek Project in Belize. The PSA which was previously due to expire on 31 October 2015 will now terminate on 31 October 2016. While the expiry date of the PSA is extended, the approval restricts the Group's future activity to areas high-graded by New World Oil and Gas (Belize Operations) Ltd. (the PSA holder and a subsidiary of the Company) in its extension application and areas identified as viable drilling targets by the seismic programme conducted in 2012-2013 - namely the A and C Prospects.

    The Night of the Living Lizard Monster Mash
    The Biggest Halloween Mash will be At The Split Caye Caulker. Kids costume contest $100 prize. There will be free drinks, give aways and great cash prizes! You don't want to miss this!

    KOKO King and MANDINGO Entertainment's Halloween Bash 2015
    Ultra VIP and VIP Reserved seating - KOKO King and MANDINGO Entertainment's Halloween Bash 2015, going down on 31st October in Caye Caulker. Add to the comfort and style of your night by reserving your very own seating area for you and your friends. Ultra VIP (1 only) - THE DOCK, this really is a party within a party!!! This exclusive location not only has a large sofa area but 6 swings on the deck - not forgetting the water access for those who may want to cool down during the party. Security on the dock will ensure that only you and your friends can come and enjoy this lounge area!!! The package comes with tickets and drinks. VIP area - there are 3 King size swing beds - equipped with cushions to make you really relax. Each bed perfectly positioned to watch the evening whilst not exhausting yourself too much! Again, packages will include drinks and tickets.

    World Food Day 2015
    World Food Day was Friday, and they had a celebration in Benque, at Mopan Technical High School. AJAW Chocolate was there. "Snippets of World food Day 2015 observed at Mopan Technical High School, October 23rd,2015."

    Police Walk for Cancer
    The San Ignacio Police, along with other officers from Benque, Belmopan, and Belize, participated in the Cayo Cancer Walk. "Cancer Walk 2015. Walking for a cure. Police officers from San Ignacio, Benque Viejo, Belmopan and Belize City participated in this mornings walk."

    Cyber Security Awareness Event
    Wednesday, October 28at 3:00pm, University of Belize Central Campus, Belmopan, Belize. October is cyber security month! Learn more about how to protect yourself online at this free program presented by U.S. Embassy staff and IT specialists. Event starts at 3:00 PM in UB's Jaguar Auditorium in Belmopan.

    The Reporter

    NDACC director headed for high level UN meeting
    The Director of the National Drug Abuse Control Council (NDACC), Esner Vellos, left Belize on Sunday bound for Mexico, to attend a United Nations meeting on the world drug problem. The UN General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS), to be held in Mexico City on Monday and Tuesday, is one of several high-level meetings the UN holds to consider matters pertaining to a specific topic. “Our role at this particular meeting is to draft and present a paper on where we are, what we’ve done and where we want to see in terms of the mandate from countries in the region to address the problem of drugs in the context of prevention, treatment, and trafficking”, Vellos said. He added that the discussions will also touch on topics such as pharmaceuticals and the regional effort to implement special courts for drug related offences. He also said that being able to present at the meeting is an honour for Belize and it presents an opportunity not only for Belize to present its position as a country, but also to learn from other countries on how they address their drug problems.

    Hurricane Patricia does less damage than expected to Mexico
    Post disaster efforts are underway in Mexico after Hurricane Patricia made landfall on Friday night; however reports are that the storm did far less damage than originally predicted. Patricia, a category 5 storm with peak winds reaching 200 miles per hour, had its strongest sustained winds only as far as 15 miles from the storm’s eye; however the nearest city with more than 100,000 people, Manzanillo, was more than 50 miles away. Experts said that because the storm made land fall in a sparsely populated area, it kept serious damage to a minimum; however the areas that were affected received massive flooding and wind damage. Flood warnings are still in effect for some areas. Patricia hit the Mexican state of Jalisco first, where it dumped between eight and 12 inches of rain, also affecting the states of Colima, Michoacan and Guerrero

    Guatemalans go to the polls
    Voter surveys in Guatemala show Jimmy Morales, a former comedian who thinks his country should pursue its claim to Belize, was set to easily win Sunday’s run-off election against former first lady Sandra Torres. Morales has.kept his campaign on the basis of transparency, accountability and good governance. Torres, who also pledged to tackle corruption, is seen as part of the old political order, which only months ago was toppled when corruption charges against Guatemala’s former President Otto Perez Molina and former Vice President Roxana Baldetti were arrested and jailed. Morales’manifesto conprised only six pages, dealing with how he might govern. His National Convergence Front (FCN) party stands to win only 11 of 158 seats and some critics have said that Morales has no program and no team, but Guatemalans have not placed those as priority issues in the wake of the high level of discontent in that country.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    American Peace Corps robbed in Belmopan
    Four American Peace Corps volunteers are shaken up but have their belongings back after an ugly late night encounter in the capital. Around eight Friday night, the group was walking back to their apartments on the central walkway behind the Social Security Board when they were held up […]

    Toledo man killed in traffic accident
    49 year old Edwardo Edison Ramirez of Eldridgeville, Toledo District is dead following a traffic accident on Saturday night. BMG understands that around 6:15 Saturday evening authorities responded to the scene on the San Antonio Road two miles out of Punta Gorda Town, where they came upon Ramirez’s lifeless […]

    Mainly fair conditions will prevail during the next couple of days
    The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting mostly sunny skies during the day and partly cloudy skies tonight. Showers or thunderstorms will be isolated and more likely to occur inland this afternoon and in the South tonight. Winds will be blowing from the East at 5-15 knots and the sea state […]

    Comedian Jimmy Morales expected to become next Guatemalan president
    Guatemalans began casting ballots in a presidential run-off today Sunday, choosing between a comedian with no political experience and a former first lady, amid the fallout of a massive corruption scandal. Jimmy Morales, a comic actor famous for playing a country bumpkin who nearly becomes president, headed into the vote with […]


    Top 10 Things To Do In Belize
    Located in the heart of Central America, Belize truly has it all covered for an unforgettable vacation; tropical beaches with turquoise water, jungles, mountains, coral reefs, cave formations, exotic wildlife and a fascinating mix of culture and people in a laid back Caribbean atmosphere. Come and experience nature at its finest. Dive with whale sharks, explore the ancient Mayan ruins and travel to some of the most extensive cave systems in the world. Enjoy our list of Top 10 Things To Do In Belize.

    Icebox Butterhorns (Overnight Dinner Rolls)
    Dissolve the yeast in the water in a large bowl. Add the milk, sugar, egg, salt, and half of the flour. Beat together with a wooden spoon until smooth; add the 3/4 cup melted butter, along with remaining flour. Place in a greased bowl, cover with plastic wrap and put in your fridge overnight. The next day (or at least six hours later, if you'd like to make them in the morning for supper) punch the dough down. Shape as desired. Let rise in a warm place until doubled, about 1 hour. (I like to turn the oven on for 1-2 minutes, then turn it off and stick the rolls in or 45 minutes. Then I pull them out, and preheat the oven to bake them.).

    My Week(s) on Instagram: Ambergris Caye, Belize City and Houston
    The last two weeks have FLOWN by…it’s as though mid-October disappeared. Lucky for me, I have photographs…and lots of them. And it’s what I love Instagram for – it’s quick, it’s casual and gives you a glimpse into peoples’ lives without all the chatter. Like TV personality Adrienne Bailon – who has 2 million+ followers – and is on some daytime show called “The Real”. I know her as being Rob Kardashian’s ex-girlfriend. She posted that she was on Ambergris Caye, Belize – and this photo. I’m quite sure that’s not Ambergris Caye – does anyone know where it is? Belize City? And WOW – the air conditioning must be AMAZING so that one can wear this much make-up in the Belize heat/humidity.

    International Sourcesizz

    No joke: Guatemalan comedian wins presidency in landslide
    Jimmy Morales, a former TV comedian who has never held office, swept to power in Guatemala's presidential election on Sunday after milking public anger over a corruption scandal that deepened distrust of the country's political establishment. The 46-year-old Morales overwhelmingly beat center-left rival and former first lady Sandra Torres in a run-off vote despite his lack of government experience and some policy ideas that strike many as eccentric. The headquarters of Morales' center-right National Convergence Front (FCN) party erupted in celebration as official returns showed he had around 68 percent support in a landslide victory. Voters pointed to widespread discontent with Guatemala's political class, compounded by a U.N.-backed investigation into a multi-million dollar customs racket that led last month to the resignation and arrest of former president Otto Perez.

    CDB helps Belize water sector tackle climate change impact
    The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has approved a technical assistance grant to Belize to help make the country’s water sector less vulnerable to climate change impacts. “Investing in the water sector is critical to the economic and social development of our borrowing member countries, including Belize. This grant reinforces CDB’s commitment to helping the Region respond to the new challenge climate change presents to water security,” said Andrew Dupigny, director of projects (acting), CDB. In Belize, where climate change impacts threaten the water sector, Belize Water Services Limited (BWS) must take actions to improve resilience and integrate climate change considerations in its operations.


  • Barn Owl and some Pigeons sealed inside a roof, 2.5min. We were notified by Belize Animal Rescue that a nesting Barn Owl and some Pigeons were inadvertently sealed inside a roof. The workmen removed the new zinc roof panels allowing wildlife rehabber Amanda Autumn Margraves to squeeze herself into the extremely tight, extremely filthy space and successfully save the Owl, her 5 eggs and 2 baby Pigeons. It was decided that it was best to release the Owl and take the eggs and the Pigeons back to Belize Bird Rescue. Without this effort the fate of these birds was starvation or to be baked to death in the intense heat. Many thanks to Mrs. Usher, Gillian Kirkwood and the workmen for their assistance in saving these birds. Video, Owl eggs and and Pigeon baby ladder transport by David Morrow.

  • Current situation by Front Bridge on Caye Caulker, 1/2min. It looks like they're de-stumping the sea bed of the heavy logs. The bobcat operator is very skilled. It roughs up patches here and there but nothing worse than what the stumps do as they roll in and out with the tides.

  • Bande d'annonce - Punta Soul : Garifuna in Belize, 4min.

  • Belize Red Cross's Hygiene & Sanitation Poster Competition, 6min. A total 180 students from 7 of Belize Red Cross's RITA Project communities participated in a Water and Sanitation (WATSAN) poster and logo competition held in December 2014 .

  • 20151025 AM Report on Belize National Ministers Conference Tim Shoemaker, 32min.

  • THE BLUE HOLE!! (Belize), 14min.

  • Belize PUP party rally 10/2015, 8min. The peoples party in Belize.

  • The peoples party in Belize., 2min. Went to Placencia, Belize for an internship and was lucky to find some time off to check out some whale sharks with the research crew =) Whale shark snorkeling in Placencia, Belize.

  • ASC Certification Belize Shrimp, 2.5min.

    October 25, 2015


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Mooring Buoys Donated to Hol Chan
    Marker buoys have been installed to demarcate the no-take zones of Mexico Rocks and the mooring buoys will be installed in early November to have it ready for the 2015 start of the tourist season. The Hol Chan Marine Reserve management has also scheduled to commence management with the presence of a Park Ranger by late November. For further information please feel free to contact the Hol Chan office on Caribbeña Street, San Pedro Town, phone 226 2247. Dive shop owners are encouraged to schedule a “Responsible Tour Guiding Seminar” to become updated with all the rules and regulations of the newly annexed zones of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. We take this opportunity to express our sincere Thank You to Canary Cove for their kind donation. They have also expressed their interest to continue supporting coral reef conservation programs undertaken at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve.

    Duke the Hound wins Saga’s Photo Contest!
    In mid- September, Saga Humane Society launched their newest fund raising event, ‘Potlickers in Paradise’ photo contest. The contest was open to all dogs, of all breeds and destinations, and in order to participate in the contest, owners were required to submit their pet dog’s photo along with a minimum donation of $20 per picture. At the end of the contest, taking the highly coveted prize, was Duke the Hound dog! After the polls closed the top three winners were announced. In third place with 340 votes was ‘Lola on our Dock’ from Tara del Sol, who won a prize of a photo and a story featured in the Saga Humane Society November Happy Tails Newsletter. Wagging away with the second place spot, with 1,591 votes, was boxer Macie Beans, owned by Paul LoCascio.

    PC Arthur Anthony is September’s Officer of the Month
    The San Pedro Police Department has reinstated its Officer of the Month Program, and taking the honor for September was Police Constable (PC) 888 Arthur Anthony. PC Anthony has been placed as supervisor in charge of one of the reliefs at the station for the past couple of months. The Officer of the Month Program is part of a larger project being implemented to increase efficiency and productivity within the San Pedro Police Department. PC Anthony has been on the police force for the past fifteen years. According to Superintendent Sandra Bodden, PC Anthony is the type of officer that is reliable and has a great potential for leadership. “He reports for duty on time everyday and is someone who can take charge and lead the others while at work, even though he is only a constable and is holding a non-commissioned officer position. Thus, for his dedication to service, the qualities he has exhibited for the past couple of months and along with his hard work, he was chosen as Officer of the Month,” said Bodden.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    During 2003 and early 2004, Hon. Servulo Baeza, Minister of Fisheries, under the People's United Party - 2003 to 2008 - showed great interest in protecting the fisheries and the country's economy. He held public meetings, took polls and made surveys regarding gill net fishing and its effects. He concluded that to save our fisheries, gill net fishing had to be outlawed in its entirety. On April 22, 2004, in Monkey River, at the first public,Belizean fishermen acknowledged the great harm to our fisheries due to gill net fishing, and supported outlawing gill netting. They expressly noted that the only reasons that they, the Belizean fishermen, continue to fish with gill nets was because the Government of Belize allowed Guatemalans to do so. The Belize fishermen made it clear - they would give up gill net fishing if the Guatemalans were prevented from gill net fishing. During that same time frame there were at least 40 Guatemalan boats with over 100 Guatemalan gill net fishermen who came to Belize annually, with miles of gill nets, to fish in our Belize waters.

    Caye Caulker, Photos of yesterday morning's cancer walk

    Mr.Belize 2015 Oyinkro Akpobodor

    Hillside Health Care International
    It provides free medical care and community education throughout the Toledo District of Belize. ( The organization is celebrating its 15th Anniversary on November 7, 2015 in Chicago, IL, USA at The Keith House. They would like to invite you and additional members of the Diaspora to our 15th Anniversary Event. As you may know, we would like to offer you (and friends/family) tickets to our event for $37.50 which is 50% off the regular ticket price of $75.


    Many Belizeans of African descent have relatives in Mexico because of the African presence in Mexico, and the fact that many runaway slaves in Belize sought refuge in Mexico. The featured article explains how and why.

    There was a time when Belize produced some of the best educators in the world through its Belize Teachers College (BTC), and many of them migrated to the United States mostly as economic migrants who began the process of cross-cultural pollination, and to enriched the American education system with this valuable Belizean resource that Belizean-American educators like Ava Lopez is a product of. Not only was this Belizean education product and brand enriching the educational life of the U.S., but it also developed powerful leaders and role models who were responsible for producing some of the best in the U.S. and around the world, where Belizean migrants landed. This Belize diaspora education that rebuilt itself through professional Belizean educators in the diaspora like Lopez and many others, had also recycled itself back into Belize where many of these Belizean educators are returning through various workshops and forums to transfer the extension of their Belize bred educational expertise to revive a deprived Belizean education system today after the demise of BTC.

    We released 3 parakeets lately
    They came to us with old breaks that healed badly. We know it is way better for them to enjoy the 'sanctuary' part of Belize Bird Rescue than spend the rest of their life in a cage, however big or luxurious. They probably won't ever travel far, but that really doesn't matter. They have survived for 3 months now, they interact with the wild birds, two have paired up, and here at BBR they have everything they need and can do exactly what they please. Lucky parakeets, in the end!

    The Reporter

    BYM launches agenda for now
    The Belize Youth Movement (BYM), the youth arm of the People’s United Party (PUP) launched it’s Youth and Culture agenda on Saturday. The launch, held at the Image Factory, presented a document which the PUP says is their vision for youth development, art and cultural advancement and national development. The document has 25 points which the BYM says forms a part of the PUP’s commitment to the youths of Belize. There were 15 points on youth and 10 points in the area of culture. The youth points included: making education free from preschool to the associate degree level, establishing a national job placement program, and the appointment of a youth senator.

    UDP responds to the burning of Ralph Huang’s office
    The United Democratic Party (UDP) expressed its disappointment this week, with the burning of the political office of its Cayo South representative Ralph Huang. The UDP in response, said that it categorically opposes the violent, illegal activities and desperate actions of the perpetrator(s) of this incident of arson. They also asked that their supporters desist and restrain themselves from engaging in any act of retaliation. “We emphasize that our campaign is focused on victory for the people of Cayo South who deserve leadership and development. We will continue to proceed with our non-violence and positive campaign”, the UDP said. According to the police, officers from Roaring Creek responded to a call at around 11:45 p.m. on Thursday to find Huang’s office engulfed in flames. The office, which measured 20×30 feet was extinguished by the Fire Department but by that time, the entire contents had been destroyed. The building was valued at $7,500.Police are ruling it as a case of arson.

    The Belize Times

    A BETTER VISION FOR BELIZE – PUP Launches Progressive Plans
    GOOD GOVERNANCE taking the profit out of politics CONTRACT WITH THE PEOPLE Reactivate the Integrity Commission and restructure the Public Accounts Committee. Bring into force the appointment of the 13th senator. Repeal the illegal Petro Caribe Loans Act. Repeal the draconian Gun Law which has caused many innocent people to be jailed unjustly. Replace the oppressive Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) with a more effective anti-violence unit. Establish a unit in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Internationalize the Belize Guatemala controversy. Begin the phasing out towards the total abolition of Income Taxes and replace with a restructured Business Tax. Maintain a moratorium on offshore oil drilling and support the call for a referendum on the issue. Provide a regime for taxpayers to directly identify, manage and undertake community group projects at public expense. Four (4) year fixed term for General elections on a set date.

    What Transformation?
    Are Darrell and Dean responsible for the massive flooding in Belize City over last weekend? The answer is yes. While we can’t hold them fully responsible they contributed to the set of circumstances that made life a living hell for poor people in Belize City. Part of the story is that Mayor Darrel Bradley spent over $50 million in this city and in his addiction with cement streets for pure showtime and a strategic political agenda. He hurriedly paved streets and failed to build drains. The problem is as plain as that. He even stated that the streets will serve as drains. How ridiculous.

    Carla & Patrick deny assistance to single mothers
    Even in times of disaster, emergency and need, as Belize City residents are experiencing following the weekend’s severe flooding, UDP politicians are displaying ruthless cruelty, playing petty politics and practising victimization as they pick and choose the people they want to help. Those most affected by the UDP pettiness are single mothers like 28 year old Kayla Stevens and her 3 young daughters who live on Neal’s Pen Road in the Collet Division, and Maria Marin and her family who live in Belama Phase 2 in the Freetown area. Both mothers experienced much worse than flooding when the UDP candidates in their areas, who are flushed with funding from Government sponsored aid, refused to assist them for petty reasons.

    Bag with passports found in Cayo – Charles Cabral, campaigner for Elvin Penner, named as person of interest
    Belizeans have been hurled into full guard mode this week after clear evidence of possible serious election hanky panky by the UDP surfaced. It is the 2015 version of the Penner passport scandal, and the UDP has employed the same cover up tactics. A bag containing eight passports was found inside Studio 7 in San Ignacio Town on Tuesday afternoon. Studio 7 is a printing press. Inside the bag were 1 Honduran, 1 Guatemalan, 1 United States, 1 Belizean, and 4 Salvadoran passports. Among the passports was a Belizean passport belonging to Charles Cabral, who is a rabid UDP supporter, former Town Council hopeful, and known campaigner for Elvin Penner and now John August. Upon learning of the discovery, the PUP leaders in Cayo Daniel Silva, Orlando Habet and Michel Chebat mobilised supporters to stand guard and keep watch so that the bag doesn’t suddenly disappear. The Police collected the bag and moved it to the Police Station.

    Think About It
    UDP politicians are now frantically and personally giving out clothes, food baskets, mattresses and anything else they can get their hands on to show how they are so loving and caring for the people who have suffered due to the recent flood and high water crisis. It is a disaster and emergency with a small “e”. For Belize City residents; they have never seen such a disaster outside of a hurricane or tropical storm. There was no warning to the thousands of innocent residents living in some of the most deplorable physical conditions. Thank God it was not a tropical storm or hurricane or thousands would today be homeless. Whoever is responsible in the government for residents to be warned of impending high water or floods failed miserably. Even when the whole of Belize City started facing the crisis of rapidly rising water reaching two, three feet, residents refused to go into the hastily opened shelters.

    Open Skies
    On Sunday last, the citizens of Belize woke up to a virtual lake with many parts of the old capital submerged under several feet of water. Notwithstanding that the flood was preceded by several days of constant raining, but while we had seen this type of rain before, we have never to my memory, experienced such a subsequent deluge. Something is out of the ordinary. In November of 2012 after being elected to his first term as mayor, Darrell Bradley launched a municipal bond for twenty million dollars and proceeded to “transform” Belize City into a concrete jungle. The problem is that in doing so, he applied himself more to aesthetics than to pragmatism. In his plan for his new city, the mayor decided to forego quality and necessary drainage in favor of quantity and political mileage. In less than a year, he was beating his chest and bragging about pouring concrete over more than a hundred streets. Many of these streets were poorly constructed however, and little or no consideration was given to the heavy rains that pelt us each year. This was a nightmare waiting to happen.

    The People will Win
    The People’s United Party will win the general elections on the 4th of November. The PUP will win because it is time for Dean Barrow to be sent to his mansion in Miami or wherever. The PUP will win because after eight years of UDP mismanagement, incompetence and corruption the nation has had enough. In the words of Hon. Francis Fonseca, the one thing Belizeans know for sure is that Dean Barrow will not change. If he should get back in power his government will become more arrogant, more corrupt and more dictatorial. For the past eight years, the country has been frightened by rising crime and violence with carnal knowledge, rape, robberies, home invasions and murders. To this disturbing trend, Barrow has no solutions to offer. The PUP will win because the people of Belize deserve a government that will not bow down to the behaviors of Guatemala. The territorial integrity of Belize has come under serious threat and Barrow and Sedi Elrington have been behaving like appeasers and risking the loss of Sarstoon River and our Southern communities.

    SCA girls lead high school volleyball
    The undefeated St. Catherine’s Academy girls enter the playoffs of the 2015 high schools volleyball competition at the No.1 spot with a 5-0 record, as they look to clinch their 21st city championship at Bird’s Isle. On Thursday, October 15, the SCA girls hammered Wesley College: 25-5, 25-2, with the Wesley girls profiting from SCA’s 5 errors. Melanie Smith scored Wesley’s only hit.

    Galen Eagles ready for ATLIB basketball championships
    In preparation for the (ATLIB) national basketball championships the Galen University Eagles and the SHJC boys played a practice friendly, which Galen won 54-33 at the Sacred Heart auditorium in San Ignacio town on Friday night. Jarrell Velasquez led Galen with 13pts, Kevin Brown scored 11pts and Edgar Mitchell hit a long trey to add 10pts; while Bryton Codd added 4pts and Dijon McNab tossed in a bucket. SHJC’s Nigel Martinez also drained in a long trey for 14pts; Jamie Carbajal added 8pts, and Elvert Ariola had 5pts, while Gustavo Pech, Nasser Aldana and Justin Ford scored a bucket apiece.

    Young School are OW U-12 Football Champs
    A low-pressure front dumped torrential rains on the field, but could not cool down Young School’s Menalio Novelo and Belarmino Esquivel, who were scorching hot in their attack on Vibes Alive’s goal in the Orange Walk Under-12 football 8-a-side competition held at the Orange Walk Technical High School field on Saturday afternoon. The attacks paid off when Menalio Novelo executed a corner kick to curl the ball into the net for the winning goal, and Young School footballers repeated as champions. Vibes Alive’s Katie Jones, Carlos Canelo and Luis Sosa Jr tried to equalize, but the wet field conditions did not allow for much finesse. Young School’s defense triple-teamed Katie to keep her off the scoreboard.

    Red Humour
    It is rumoured that during the first UDP land scandal the corrupt UDP Lands Minister used to write “NOT APPROVED” on all the papers that were sent to him by his assistants. He always left a significant space between NOT and APPROVED. When the affected persons finally agreed to pay off some monies to him for the “favour”, he would recall the files and just add an “E:” after NOT so that it became “NOTE: APPROVED“. This was the beginning of UDP e-Business. Many years age when the former UDP Area Rep of OW East was Minister of Education, he wanted a special postage stamp issued with his picture on it. So he instructed his people to order these stamps stressing that it should be of international quality. The stamps were duly released and he was pleased. However, within a few days of the stamp’s release, he began hearing complaints that the stamp was not sticking properly, and he became furious. He called the people responsible and ordered them to investigate the matter. They checked the matter out at several post offices, and then reported the problem to him. The report said, “There is nothing wrong with the quality of the stamp. The problem is that people are spitting on the wrong side of the stamp.”

    A Man Who Builds Streets Without Drains Has No Brains!
    ENGINEERING FACT ABOUT BELIZE CITY DRAINS AND STREETS Drainage has to be a system, not a piece-meal street by street effort, especially in a low, flat area like Belize City. The Mayor talks about putting in drains after paving, but this is ridiculous as he doesn’t know how big culverts have to be, and will have to break into concreted streets to put cross culverts to tie drainage together. It’s simply not done that way. Drains should be properly planned and designed as a part of any multi-street municipal project. This isn’t “sexy” so the mayor didn’t want to do it, but neglecting it has wasted taxpayer money. Drainage construction usually precedes street paving because otherwise paving can make the drainage situation worse because water cannot absorb into paved streets, and also paved streets are often higher and push water unto lower streets and into yards.

    Squandering Poor People’s Money
    Boots Martinez received $100,000 per week (EVERY WEEK) to assist poor people in the city. The rains fell on Belize City for little over thirty two hours and we see the deplorable conditions the city of Belize is in. Where did Boots spend the $100,000 per week? That question will be answered on November 4th at the polls. The UDP is squandering Petrocaribe loans money for its political campaigns, in the names of Tracey, Carla and Bev. They pay for banners, flags and shirts with Petrocaribe money. With what authority do they have to spend our Petrocaribe money? The Prime Minister said he gave Bev, Tracey, Carla and also Mayor Darrel Bradley received over $50,000 each of Petrocaribe loans money for political gimmicks such as the Mother’s Day program. Mayor Bradley, when asked where he got money for his Mother’s Day event, replied that he got assistance from the business community. So if he didn’t use Petro dollars, which the PM said he got, then where is the Petro money Darrell? Don’t lie. On November 4th, the voters of Caribbean Shores will deal with you.

    More Nationalisations…just in time for elections – 188 persons, including 37 Guatemalans to get nationality & Voters ID
    The Barrow Administration is playing some sick games. Under significant pressure to win the upcoming election, they are doing anything, even if that means trampling upon the Belize Constitution. On Friday, September 25th, less than four weeks ago, 213 persons were given Belizean nationality in a rushed manner. Several persons shared with the BELIZE TIMES that they received phone calls late at night the day before the ceremony, informing them that they must rush to Belmopan for their documents. After the ceremony, several persons were marched straight to the Elections and Boundaries Office, where they have received new voter cards. According to Minister Godwin Hulse, the new nationalisations are a quarterly exercised, but documents leaked to the BELIZE TIMES indicate that a new list of 188 persons will be given Belizean nationality tomorrow, Friday, October 23, 2015.

    Why I will support Dolores in Belize Rural Central?
    Dear Editor, As Elections draws nearer, as a voter of Belize Rural Central I feel compelled to state some of the reasons why I am now supporting the People’s United Party and their candidate, Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia, instead of the UDP and their candidate. I cannot support their candidate. She is not a very humble person and displays arrogance like her mentor, the Deputy PM Gaspar Vega, who also finances her campaign. She has no political record and worse of all things, she presided over the Lands Ministry as a CEO, where she left to enter electoral politics. Imagine the possibilities. That same Ministry was dubbed as a hotbed of corruption by her very own political boss, the PM Dean Barrow. I was a long-time support of the UDP in BRC but I must admit I cannot continue. In the PUP’s candidate, our area representative, I have found a dedicated hardworker who doesn’t wait to be fed by the Government bubby to get the job done.

    Transformation – UDP Style!
    Dear Editor, The basic meaning of transformation is a dramatic or profound change in the structure of form of a person, an organization or an organism. The key word here is CHANGE. Over the last year, the United Democratic Party woke up out of their fantasy land and started touting the word transformation. As is their true form, they felt that springing this word on an unsuspecting people and nation at a time when our people were experiencing so much difficulty in their lives, they would be able to mask the true pain of our people. And so began the propaganda campaign of “transformation” funded by Petrocaribe. But where were the Petro dollars when the cost of health care was mounting on poor families? Where were the Petro dollars when families had lost their children to violence on our streets and had no money to bury their loved ones? ANSWER: NO WHERE!!!

    Micho Chebat challenges UDP candidate to debate
    Dear Hon. Omar Figueroa, In my capacity as the Standard Bearer for Cayo North, I take this opportunity to extend to you an invitation to a candidate’s debate before the election day of November 4, 2015. The voters of Cayo North deserve the opportunity to see and hear the candidate’s positions on issues of importance to the Cayo North Division, as well as issues of national importance. I propose that we each appoint a representative to agree upon the terms of the debate, including date, venue, topics and a non-partisan moderator mutually acceptable to both candidates. Should you accept this invitation, please let me know on or before October 23, 2015 so that we can proceed with the necessary plans required for this important event. I look forward to your reply. Sincerely, Michel Chebat PUP Standard Bearer Cayo North

    Disrespectful PM
    Dear Editor, “Rudeness is the weak person’s imitation of strength”– Eric Hoffer It has been Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s modus operandi to adopt an air of superiority at his press conferences and Sunday’s wasn’t the exception. “I can’t fault you for asking the question and doing what you conceive to be your job” was his answer to one of Daniel Ortiz’ question. Barrow, in his usual condescending and cocky manner, was pointing out to the reporter that he was not doing his job correctly! This display of arrogance was on the verge of rudeness. He would have come out as a strong leader in the face of crises if he had instead, adapted a humble stance. But to my dismay, the other journalists found this act of “shaming” Ortiz, humorous. It seems to me that they enjoy this warped sadist-masochist relationship. If this is not so, can someone please explain to me why the journalists seem to approve of Barrow’s bullying tactics?

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Patricia, Strongest Landfalling Pacific Hurricane on Record, Downgraded to Tropical Depression
    Hurricane Patricia was downgraded to a tropical depression this morning as it traveled inland alerting officials in Mexico and the US to shift their focus to potential flooding and mudslides that could follow the storm’s massive rainfall. Rains could total eight to 12 inches and reach 20 inches in some isolated areas in Mexico.


    An Exhibit for International Archaeology Day & Beautiful Days on Ambergris Caye
    The last two days have been just gorgeous – as the rain storm that lingered over us for 4 or 5 days moved out – and then headed to the Pacific to become something horrible, Hurricane Patricia. The news was in full fury last night (along with the storm) – touting (and almost rejoicing in) the strongest hurricane ever recorded. I’m not sure many went to sleep easily, worried about our neighbors and relatives to the North. The reports this morning are showing that the storm weakened considerably – THANK GOODNESS. But the exact effects will probably become more clear over the next few days and we are certainly praying for everyone. There is no smooth segue from that to the beautiful crystal clear weather we’ve been having here…but when a storm passes, it does leave the air almost sparkling. And it has been… Walking over the Barry Bowen Bridge on Thursday and along Boca Del Rio. The beach drive…

    Preparation: • Preheat oven to 200 ° C. • Peel and cut the potatoes into slices. • Season the chicken legs and place in a baking dish over potatoes. • Pour the onion over chicken and potatoes. • Pour a can of Coca-Cola over chicken. • Bake at 200 ° C for 1 hour, turning the chicken occasionally and wetting with sauce so it does not run dry. Serve with white or brown rice.

    International Sourcesizz

    Hurricane PATRICIA. All I can say is: terrifying storm.
    Incredible story of survival during Category 5 Patricia from Josh Morgerman over at iCyclone. He has chased many Hurricanes and Typhoons but this was one for the record books. If you love Hurricane Chasers please go like his page and read their story below... Why am I posting a picture of a dark bathroom with a mattress wedged in the ceiling? Because it protected me and seven other people. After an hour or two of violent, destructive winds in Emiliano Zapata, the pressure bottomed out at 937.8 mb at 6:12 pm. We saw brightness in the sky and some touches of blue, and while the wind was still dangerous, it seemed to be a little less energetic for a few minutes. (I notice that the NHC's landfall point was *very* close to us! So it looks like we might have been skirting the edge of the eye at this time.) Then the pressure started to rapidly rise, and I assumed the worst of the hurricane had passed. Actually, it hadn't started. (Ugh.)

    Belize benefits from EDC expertise
    Businesses in the country of Belize are getting an opportunity to benefit from Economic Development Lethbridge following a recent volunteer mission designed to improve the business atmosphere in the South American country. Heather McIntosh-Rivera, director of business development and operations, Economic Development Lethbridge, travelled to Belize in August in order to help with the redrafting of an archaic business license law. She was part of a two-week volunteer mission with the Caribbean Local Economic Development Project (CARILED), and helped with technical assistance and expertise to support the redrafting and reform of the Trade License Act that allows Belizean Municipalities to issue business licenses within their cities. McIntosh-Rivera said the Belizean law hadn’t been updated since the 1930s.

    Guatemalan comedian favored to win presidency with politicians in disrepute
    A former TV comedian with no experience in government is poised to win Guatemala's presidential election on Sunday after a corruption scandal toppled the country's last leader and fueled voter outrage with the political establishment. Playing up his outsider status and promising clean government, 46-year-old Jimmy Morales has surged in polls since a probe into a multi-million dollar customs racket led to the resignation and arrest of President Otto Perez. Voter surveys show Morales is primed to easily beat former first lady Sandra Torres, who also vows to tackle corruption but is seen by many voters as part of the old political order. "If I have to pick, it will be Jimmy Morales," said Nelson Lemus, a 37-year-old driving instructor, offering rather faint praise for the self-proclaimed centrist. "At least we don't have anything that speaks against him yet."


  • THIEF CAUGHT ON CAMERA IN COROZAL, THIS IS HOW THAT INCIDENT PLAYS OUT, 2min. In this next story, we’ll take you to Corozal Town where police say they have arrested and charged a bold face thief. From our perspective the crook could have gotten away with the burglary attempt but as you will witness in this next story, his bright idea to steal the property’s surveillance camera was a dead giveaway.

  • GARIFUNA FLAVA RESTAURANT, 4min. While in Chicago doing their documentary, Destination Study USA, Hipolito Novelo and Brian Castillo stopped by Garifuna Flava Restaurant owned by Belize’s very one, Rhodel Castillo

  • Cahal Pech Exploration, 2.5min. Excellent video showing off all the passageways, rooms, and temples of Cahal Pech Archaeological Site. They also have a little video from inside the Light Cave. "Short Vid from the Mayan Ruin of Cahal Pech (Place of Ticks) in the town of San Ignacio in Belize."

  • Belize Channel Five's "Open Your Eyes", 24min. Dr. Jones from AITC, Dr. Moore from the Institute of Archaeology and Mrs. Mirsy Ponce from United States Embassy of Belize's Public Affairs Office talk of Archaeology in the Community youth archaeology programs in Belize.

  • Rapids near Black Creek on Belize river, 4min. A portion on the Belize river from Bermudian Landing Village to the Caribbean Sea.

  • The Saturday Belize Market, 3min. The sights and sounds are not done justice in this video...

  • Safety Stop Fun Belize, 1.5min. Family diving in Belize. Keeping safety stops fun.

    October 24, 2015


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3
    Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    How to Vacation In Belize- with the Kids!
    A trip to the “Best Little Zoo in the world” guarantees great fun for the whole family. See over 170 different animals including jaguars, tapirs, reptiles and birds, all native to Belize in their natural habitats. Bring the family out for a day of fun and brush up on local history at Old Belize. This popular destination located just outside of Belize City, boasts a small historical museum that displays some of the memorabilia of past colonial days. And after head to Old Belize’s Cucumber beach for some water slide fun and great food! We call this the perfect day. Your trip to the Jewel wouldn’t be complete without visiting Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley. Book this tour with your tour operator and get ready for a fun day in the water swimming with nurse sharks and rays! We guarantee this is one trip you’ll never forget.

    Belize and Pakistan establish diplomatic relations
    The Government of Belize and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan signed a Joint Communiqué thereby establishing Diplomatic Relations between the two countries. Ambassador Oliver del Cid signed the Joint Communiqué on behalf of the Government of Belize, while Ambassador Aitzaz Ahmed, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Mexico, signed on behalf of his country. The Communiqué affirms the countries’ common interest in promoting and strengthening ties of friendship and cooperation, and agreed that their relationship would be guided by the UN Charter and the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

    Volunteers provide special needs therapy to San Pedro community
    In July, a set of volunteers came down from the United States of America to take part in the annual summer Camp Starfish for children with special need. These volunteers began providing speech and physical therapies during the camp, as well as assessments and advice to parents on how to meet the needs of their special children. Early last week, three volunteers from two prestigious US universities were in San Pedro providing evaluations relating to therapies for children with special needs at the Lions Den. The three professionals were Dr. Brooke Riley and Bethany Wolf (physical therapists) from Arcadia University and Kaley Marston (speech therapist) from the University of Tennessee.

    San Pedro Fire Department has new Officer in Charge
    The San Pedro Fire Department has a new sub-station officer. He is Newton Lennan, a native of Belize City who was raised in Benque Viejo Cayo District. Lennan took over the position that was held by previous sub-station officer who has retired. After thirteen years away from San Pedro, Lennan is excited to be back, and he looks forward to working with San Pedro residents and assist everyone however possible. Lennan holds a degree in Civil Engineering and Drafting from the University of Belize. His 17 years in the fire department has taken him to different areas around the globe. “I have attended different training programs in countries like the United States, Canada and Japan. At the moment, I am the only certified fire instructor in the department and I have been working in all the districts of the country, except in Toledo. Being back in San Pedro brings back memories, and I am bringing my expertise to benefit all the island residents,” said Lenan.

    Digital Marketing Summit sparks new knowledge for Tourism Industry Partners
    Digital media has grown to become the main forum for advertisement in today’s electronic age. As such several businesses invest substantially in digital marketing, and in an effort to continue this phenomenon, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) hosted the first ever Digital Marketing Summit. The summit was held at the Ramada Princess Hotel and Casino on Tuesday, October 20th, with close to a hundred participants from across the country. Tourism Industry partners took advantage of this opportunity to learn skills in search engine optimization (SEO), social media, digital content and travel trade from nine professional panelists. Opening the day’s events was Director of Marketing and Industry Relations at BTB, Karen Pike. She welcomed those in attendance, stating the importance of the event. “We hope that this summit serves to assist our industry partners to develop new digital marketing strategies. Belize still has a long way to go and for us, we aim to increase Belize’s footprints around the world. But to successfully do that, we need to develop our product and ensure that it’s of quality,” said Pike.

    Ambergris Today

    Students Awarded for Top Posters During Dental Health Week
    Javier Gongora of San Pedro Roman Catholic School was the recipient of the first prize winnings from the poster competition that was held for primary school students in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, as part of the Ministry of Health’s observance of Dental Health Week in the country. On Friday, October 22, 2015, prizes were given out to the students who submitted the best posters with information that best represented the theme for 2015 – “Think Right – Smile Bright”. A small ceremony was held for the top students at the Dr. Otto Rodriquez San Pedro Poly Clinic where other top placing posters were displayed. Congratulations to all the participating students and the top winners: Javier Gongora - 1st Place San Pedro Roman Catholic School (Pictured Above) Samantha Ancona - 2nd Place ACES Swaynie Vellos - 3rd Place San Pedro Roman Catholic School

    Inernational Achaeology Day Exhibit Brings Educational Fun
    Today, October 23, 2015, the San Pedro House of Culture, in collaboration with the Institute of Archaeology and the Marco Gonzalez Archaeological Site celebrated International Archaeology Day. The event was hosted at the San Pedro House of Culture with displays of technologies used by the ancient Maya. Demonstrations were held from 10a.m. until 2p.m. The showcase was open to the public, especially to students (mandatory to all Standard 5 & 6 Student). It was a very educational and fun exhibit and we congratulate the efforts of the organizers. In honor of International Archaeology Day: Brought to you by: Marco Gonzalez Archaeological Reserve and the San Pedro House of Culture.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    The Phoenix weekly cleanup
    We will be back with our weekly beach and street clean up this Saturday at 8am.Please meet us beachside in front of the resort where we will hand out bags and gloves to all volunteers and head south along the beach. Looking forward to seeing you all there

    UDP Cayo South Office Burnt
    Ralph Huang's office set on fire in Camalote Village on Thursday night. On 22.10.15 at 11:45 p.m., Roaring Creek Police responded to information of a house on fire in Camalote Village, Cayo District. The fire was extinguished by fire Department personnel, however, the entire interior of the building was destroyed. The owner of the building is 40-year-old Ralph Huang, the UDP standard bearer for the Cayo South constituency. The building was being used as his office. The building was 20X30 feet and valued at $24,500. The items inside the building were valued at $7,500.

    BEL Distributes Care Packages to Families Afflicted by Flood in Belize City
    Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) is today distributing care packages to 165 Belize City families afflicted by the flood this past weekend, with the support of Unity Presbyterian School and the Community Policing Unit. These care packages contain toiletries, cleaning agents and snacks. The Community Policing Unit has assisted BEL in identifying families across Belize City, who are still in need of aid; and families, whose children attend Unity Presbyterian School on Antelope Street Extension are also receiving care packages. Many of the families being presented with care packages are residents of communities with a high rate of hazardous and improper or illegal electrical connections. Through this engagement, the Company expects to be able to guide residents, and assist where possible, on how to safely connect to BEL’s supply in these undeveloped communities.

    Kids Halloween Party at Greedy's
    Mr. Greedy's Pizza will be having their annual Halloween Party for kids on Friday, October 30th, starting at 5:00pm. They'll have a costume contest, a treasure hunt, and lots of fun for the kids. In related news, their annual Halloween Party, for the adults, will be on Halloween Saturday.

    AQUILLA Tour Guide Training

    Human Resources - Retention, Communication and Motivating Employees
    Workshop Date: October 29th, 2015 9am to 12pm. Cost: $35.00 LOCATION: BTEC Building, ITVet Compound, Freetown Road, Belize City, Belize. This workshop will assist attendees in understanding and implementing strategies that will help to motivate their work force. This workshop is intended for new managers, especially those with direct reports, who are responsible for increasing employee motivation and job performance, Entrepreneurs who are starting or expanding their team, Entrepreneurs who would like basic information on how to recruit staff

    Sandpiper Street getting paved
    Work has commenced on the paving of Sandpiper Street. Its completion is projected to take about two weeks. We will be updating the progress as it nears completion.

    By Steve Penn Gerrard. The book is available through Barnes & Noble and Amazon in soft cover, hard copy. The eBook is not ready yet, according to Page Publishing, but will soon. Order your copy and learn MUCH MORE about the cenotes of the Riviera Maya. After months of waiting...IT IS HERE! It is 640 pages, black and white with great information. ENJOY!

    Benque Candle Making Workshop
    The Benque House of Culture is having a Candle Making workshop this morning. "Skills & Knowledge Workshop starting Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m."

    It's time to give some of the red loreds a shot at freedom
    We chose to release these at BBR. There are 27 in total that have been with us for 18 -24 months and are fit and healthy, de-habituated, and at last ready to fly free. Due to the delicate history of these ex-captive parrots, we always do very soft soft-releases. The flight cage that the birds have called home for the last 12 months has a smaller 'catch' enclosure inside which enables us to catch the birds, carry out a final health check and then when everyone is in place, open up the door for release. The birds get to move at their own pace: some taking a cautious hour to start exploring outside, others a very painful 2 days, and now on day five, 6 birds have still not ventured out. And that's absolutely fine - it's their choice. Some are coming back to the cage to sleep at night, but most enjoy sleeping under the stars. All of them are returning to the feeders regularly, so we know they are all still alive and well (phew)

    Dr. Jones and Archaeology in the Community are in Caye Caulker
    Did you know that you can study archeological sites in the ocean? It's called maritime archeology.... Dr. Jones and Archaeology in the Community are in Caye Caulker - Belize today at the Ocean Academy High School doing outreach with students.

    Channel 7

    UDP Candidate Ralph Huang's Divisional Office Burned Down
    Ralph Huang - he's the UDP candidate for Cayo South - and up until recently he had been an obscure part in the UDP's vast campaign machine. But earlier this week he burst unto national headlines when 7News confronted him about a Guatemalan nationality document bearing his name. And tonight he's back in the headlines because his headquarters in Camalote Village was burnt down early this morning. Neighbors tell us it happened after midnight - and two suspicious men were seen in the area. The wooden building was valued at $24,500 dollars and police are calling it arson. Today we spoke to Orin Smith, the station manager for the Belize National Fire Services about it:... Orin Smith, Station Mgr. Belize National Fire Service "On Thursday October 22, 2015 at approximately 11:59pm, the Belmopan branch of the national fire service receive and responded to a call of a structural fire in the village of Camalote, Cayo District. On arrival on scene the wooden structure approximately 3 feet off the ground was engulf in flames. The fire was later brought under control and extinguished. Preliminary investigations reveal that the fire originated on the verandah of the structure. Information received is that the structure was being utilized as an office for UDP area representative Mr. Huang." Daniel Ortiz "Can you describe for us the efforts you all made in trying to save the house? What was the nature of the flames? Was it already engulfed the entire structure?" Orin Smith, Station Mgr. Belize National Fire Service "Pretty much. The entire structure was pretty much engulfed. One tank of water was basically used to extinguish the fire."

    Pawnshop Owner Shot Robber Four Times
    The owner of Kephawn's Pawn shop at the bridgefoot shot an armed robber four times yesterday. Police say that City sanitation worker - 20-year-old Rocky Road Resident Phillip Anthony Barrera - was killed after he tried to hold up the jewelry store with a loaded nine-millimeter pistol. Security Video shows Barrera holding the gun - and the owner of the store responding with his own licensed weapon. Police filled in the blanks for us today:... Alden Dawson, OC - Police Precinct 2 "What we learn since then that Anthony Barrera and a second person entered the pawn shop where Anthony Barrera pointed a gun at the assistant to the owner of the business place while the second male person placed a bag on the counter and demanded that the owner of the business put all jewelry and cash inside the bag. Shortly after this demand was made, the owner of the business pulled out his license 9mm pistol and fired several shots, 4 of which caught Anthony Barrera who is now deceased."

    Embattled, Disparaged, Denounced, Foreign Minister Still Unfazed and Unconcerned
    Right now, Foreign Affairs Minister, Wilfred Elrington is a lightning rod for the opposition PUP. His name is used to invoke all that critics think is bad about the UDP. So, will all that negative advertising cause him to lose his seat in in Pickstock - where he is going for a third term? And is he a liability to the UDP? That's what we got a chance to ask him half an hour ago. We air most his extended comments unedited: We'll have more of that interview in next week Monday's newscast.

    Patricia Pounds Southwestern Mexico
    One week ago - it was raining all across Belize as we headed into a weekend of massive rainfall in the center and north of the country. This week, mercifully, there has been very little rain - so while you can count your blessings, you might also want to say a prayer for our neighbors in Western Mexico. One hour ago, the eye of Hurricane Patricia, the strongest hurricane ever recorded on the American continent made landfall on Mexico's southwest Pacific coast. The storm was packing winds of around 165 miles per hour when it made landfall, considerably slower from earlier speeds of 200 miles per hour. The storm has forced the closure of hotels, schools, airports and sent residents fleeing inland. The damage will be known by tomorrow, but tonight will be a rough one as the storm passes through. Patricia is considered an El Nino event which created very warm ocean waters allowing it to rise from a storm to a top of the scale category 5 hurricane in just 25 hours. The El Nino has also been blamed for Belize's drought.

    Huang Opponent Espat Says Leave Him Be
    At the top of the news, we showed you what Julius Espat had to say when we asked him if he had a hand in the arson and destruction of his political opponent's constituency building. So, what does he have to say about the documents we've shown you which says that Ralph Huang is a Guatemalan? Espat says it does not matter, and he wants Huang to remain his main opponent in Cayo South. Here's how he explained it: Julius Espat, Deputy Leader - PUP "I want him there. I need him there for the 4th November to show him and all his supporters what we will do and so I'm not even focusing on that. Our focus is to have him on the 4th November facing us and then we will make the difference then." As we've told you, Huang denies that he has Guatemalan nationality. The PUP's Cayo west candidate Doctora Lesbia Guerra - who was born in Guatemala - has been accused of the same thing - and she also denies.

    Free Education from Pre-K to Sixth Form: Political Fantasy or Affordable Reality?
    Free education from preschool to sixth form - it's one of the major planks of the PUP Power to the People Manifesto. And while it looks good on paper - is it realistic? The leader of the opposition - himself a former education minister says it is eminently so; not surprisingly, the current minister doesn't agree:.. Francis Fonseca, PUP Party Leader "For example free education from Pre-school to 6th form. When I was the minister of education I carried that analysis already of what it would cost. It would cost about 3 million dollars more at the primary school level, about 8 million dollars at high school and around 12 million dollars at the tertiary level, because tertiary level education is the most expensive. So the accurate picture is that we are looking at something like 23 million dollars in addition to the existing education budget to meet that commitment which is absolutely achievable. Not to mention all the waste that has been taking place over the last 8 years."

    The Krooman Catchment And Those Living Above It
    And while Faber can be an education policy wonk, right now he's principally the area representative for Collett where he's trying to win a fourth term. That campaign has been complicated by the famous flood of 2015 which inundated Collet - home of the Krooman Lagoon - which is also a natural water catchment area. But while it is a water catchment - it is also home to many residents living in the teeth of poverty, who teeter above Krooman in makeshift homes they have thrown together. They were most vulnerable and most affected by the flood, and tonight their area representative is meeting them. He told us that it is a perilous situation these people live in - and he'd like to propose an alternative:.. Patrick Faber, UDP Area Rep. Collet "This evening I will have a meeting again with the community that lives on the London bridges over the Krooman Lagoon and I will proposed certain things to them. I don't want to get into it now, because of couse I promise them that I will first discuss it with them any proposal that I have. So we will meet with them this evening and I am hoping that we can have a peaceful solution to that issue. But I will say this that in those discussions what will take the paramount spotlight for me is of course their safety. I know that there might be concerns about where they could continue to live or not live."

    Belize - Chinese Give Back to Flood Affected Residents
    And while Faber is meeting with Collet residents tonight - the Belize Chinese community has been collecting groceries for those affected by the storm. For the community, which usually sells groceries to the poorest communities - it is a chance to give back. The event is planned for tomorrow. We found out where and why:.. Police will be providing security for the donations - which start at 1:00 pm. BEL also did its part today by distributing care packages to 165 Belize City families at the Unity Presbyterian School. These care packages contain toiletries, cleaning agents and snacks. It's an important nexus because many of those families who got help are the same ones who are forced to make hazardous and illegal electricity connections. BEL says that through this engagement, the Company hopes to guide them on a path leading to safe connections.

    UDP's Guadalupe Says She's No agronomist, But Know A Thing Or Two About Farming in OW South
    Guadalupe Magana Dyck is the UDP's candidate for Orange Walk South - and while the Blue Creek resident she hasn't been much in the news - her opponent, the current PUP Area Representative Jose Mai has emerged as a national figure, the man calling out for help for grain farmers in his divisions whose corn and soybean crops were destroyed by drought. But Magana Dyck has been doing her thing in the background - and she says that they have directly addressed the drought issue:.. Lupe Magana Dyck - UDP Candidate - OW South "We had about almost over 100 farmers from Indian Creek and San Carlos and the meeting went pretty well. It was very open. They voice their concerns, they voice their issues and the government had been assisting them. If you been following we have gotten already 10 irrigation systems in for them tax exempted. So that is a big plus for them. At this point San Carlos and Indian Creek, the Ministry of Agriculture we had lobbied for them to work along with the farmers. Have a work plan schedule of what they are planting at the time and work with Belize Marketing Board so that there is no clash when those products are available. SO we have made a big step."

    Can Gapi Deliver the North?
    Orange Walk South is one of the five of eight seats in the north that the PUP control. By the opposition's estimation, if it is to win the November fourth election, it has to pick up six seats in the north - leaving the UDP with only two. UDP Deputy Leader Gaspar Vega is the man who has to roll back that blue tide and on Wednesday we asked him if he can:.. Jules Vasquez "You are the boss of the north for the UDP and it is perceive that you have the responsibility for delivering the north for the UDP. You failed to do that in 2012. Will you deliver on it in 2015?" Gaspar Vega, UDP Deputy Leader Gaspar "I am certain that the northern region will do better than we did in 2012." Jules Vasquez "Right now PUP has 5 of 8. After the election, how many will they have?" Gaspar Vega, UDP Deputy Leader Gaspar "They won't have as many as 5." The PUP currently control three seats in the Orange Walk District - and two seats in the Corozal district.

    Learning the BTEC Way
    This afternoon the Belize Training and Employment Centre held a small graduation for trainees who completed a Five Star Customer Service Training. The 13 day training started on October 5th and was designed to make the participants' more employable to work in the hospitality industry. 31 one certificates of completion was presented at today's ceremony. BTEC will be hosting a home healthcare training starting November 9th. Those interested can visit their office on the ITVET compound.

    Effort Against Cancer In Kids Gets Support
    The Belize Cancer Society received a cheque of over $22,000 today for kids with cancer. It was donated by an organization called "Children First and Last." The President of the Belize Cancer Society Lauren Tucker Longsworth told us how this money will provide better cancer treatment services for kids in Belize. While this donation goes a long way, there is still much to be done structurally. Longsworth further explained the challenges the country faces in terms of access to specialized doctors and cancer treatment. In terms of cancer statistics Longsworth told us that 2 children are diagnosed with cancer every month.

    A Day For The UN
    All around the world, today was celebrated as the 70th anniversary of the United Nations. The global agency has been instrumental in trying to foster social equality, peaceful co-existence, the ongoing eradication of poverty and suffering, healthcare access and the capacity growth of persons worldwide. And while the UN does have its critics, the Sustainable Development Goals is one of its proudest projects. We spoke with the UN Resident Coordinator about them:

    BDF Commander Visits Marines For Cooperation
    BDF Commander General David Jones visited the Marine Corps Base Camp in Lejeune, North Carolina from October 20th to 22nd. According to a release from the US Marines, he was there to learn about opportunities for Belizean soldiers to train alongside Marines, and, quote, "sustain enduring partnerships between the two countries in their efforts to counter transnational organized crime." End quote. The release adds that right now there is a security cooperation team of 25 Marines who currently live in Belize, and they are quote, "training a BDF company of troops in subjects such as land navigation and marksmanship skills." Jones is quoted as saying, "The strongest partnership we have in the fight against drugs and narcotics is with U.S. forces,…We want to play a larger role, and for us to do that, I need to better understand what our partners can provide and what we can bring to the table."

    Channel 5

    Who Torched U.D.P. Cayo South Candidate Ralph Huang’s Political Office?
    Just before midnight on Thursday, the Camalote campaign office of U.D.P. Standard Bearer Ralph Huang was destroyed by fire and police are investigating the blaze as a case of arson. [...]

    200 Immigrants Sworn In
    In late September, two hundred plus persons became new Belizeans. The group of two hundred and thirteen persons from a diverse number of countries took the oath to become new [...]

    Godwin Hulse Blah Blah Blah…
    In the wake of the Penner passport scandal, the Immigration and Nationality Department has been walking on eggshells.  The ministry came under intense scrutiny amid the fiasco and since then, [...]

    Anthony Phillip Barrera Killed in Attempted Robbery
    Police are on the lookout for an alleged robber; the second suspect of an attempted robbery at the Commercial Center near the foot of the Swing Bridge in the City [...]

    Bliss Institute Allowed To Deteriorate – Closed Due to Leaky Roof!
    The Bliss Center for the Performing Arts is off limits. That’s the news tonight….it means activities at the dance studio and the auditorium have been canceled. The rains over the [...]

    Belize Dance Company Put Out By Bliss Closure
    As we said, one of immediate affected parties is the Belize National Dance Company. The group is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary. It was preparing for a celebration concert at the [...]

    Maya Mopan Residents Say G.O.B. is Disrespecting Them and Abusing Their Communal Rights
    The United Democratic Party is hosting a pre-election rally in Independence Village this weekend where keynote speaker, Prime Minister Dean Barrow is scheduled to deliver an address.  In preparation for [...]

    He Sold Weed to Make Money to Pay for a Police Record
    As incredible as it sounds, twenty-year old Maverick Akeem Forbes felt the need to commit a crime to get a fifteen-dollar police record. That’s what Forbes told Senior Magistrate Sharon [...]

    3 Men Arrested for Drug Trafficking in Dangriga
    Three men have been arrested for drug trafficking in Dangriga. On Wednesday police detained the trio while they were travelling in Toyota Fore runner. The vehicle was spotted and stopped [...]

    Cancer Society Receives Donation for Paediatric Cancer
    The month of October is dedicated to building awareness about cancer; at least ten percent of the population is affected by the disease.  Earlier today, the Belize Cancer Society received [...]

    Arrangement Made With Merida Hospital to Treat Belizean Children
    Now that the fund has grown to three hundred thousand plus dollars, the Belize Cancer Society has established a committee with key partners including pediatricians and representatives from the Karl [...]

    U.D.P. OW North Candidate Gaspar Vega Says He Will Be Victorious
    All the hype surrounding the campaign of Ramon Cervantes Junior does not downplay the challenge that he will be facing on November fourth. His extremely formidable foe is a three-time [...]

    U.D.P. Cayo South Candidate Ralph Huang on the Campaign Trail
    U.D.P. Cayo South Standard Bearer Ralph Huang continues to actively campaign in that constituency, even though his office in Camalote was destroyed by fire.  Huang is a newcomer to electoral [...]

    P.U.P. Cayo South Candidate Julius Espat on the Campaign Trail
    Sitting area rep Julius Espat is also leaving no stone unturned, he too is covering the expansive constituency one household at a time.  According to the People’s United Party deputy [...]

    Aquila Trains Tour Guides in Belize City
    The cruise industry’s top tour guide trainers are in Belize City this week. Representatives from the Aquila Center for Cruise Excellence and Tour Guide Training are here at the invitation [...]

    B.T.B. Cruise Director Says Belize Needs a Cruise Port
    The fact that Belize does not offer a mainland docking berth for ships remains one of the huge challenges in the industry looking forward. The time taken for tendering limits [...]

    Monster Hurricane Patricia Makes Landfall in Mexico
    All eyes are on Mexico tonight which is being battered by the strongest hurricane in history with wind gusts of two hundred and thirty miles an hour. Evacuation of persons [...]


    Police Updates Media on Robbery Gone Wrong
    Belize City police are reviewing security camera footage, hoping to determine what exactly unfolded inside Kephawn’s Pawnshop at the Commercial Center in Belize City yesterday afternoon. The shooting incident drew a huge crowd that blocked traffic downtown. They too wanted to know what had happened. Inside the pawnshop was the body of 20-year-old Phillip Anthony […]

    Shoman vs Faber in Collet
    The Collet Division is one of thirty one electoral areas that will see voters coming out on November 4 to elect an Area Representative. Today, we met up with the two candidates for that area. The incumbent, Patrick Faber told us that he is not sure where his opponent is campaigning or what she is […]

    FREE Education – Practical or Not?
    A few days ago, the manifesto promises from the two main political parties were highlighted during a special ceremony held at their respective headquarters. One of the focuses of those manifestos was the issue of education and how they plan to address the needs in that area. The People’s United Party has pledged to provide […]

    First Female President Appointed for SJC Junior College
    Mirtha Peralta has been appointed to be the new President of Saint John’s College. Peralta is now the first female president to be appointed to the post. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Education from the University College of Belize and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of North Florida in […]


    Banana Farm workers protest
    Maya King Farms workers, about 700 of them, were protesting today because there is no more work at the banana plants. The banana workers held a two hour, peaceful protest at the Big Creek Port at the Head Quarters of Fyffes and Banana Grower’s Association. As we told you yesterday, Maya King’s only buyer, Fyffes , abruptly pulled out following a recent interview with Maya King’s Farm where John Zabaneh, the previous owner of Maya King, acted as the spokesperson for the company. Zabaneh is listed under the US Drug Kingpin list and that blacklisting was gravely affecting the company. The solution was to install a managerial company; Meridian Company ; but late last week, Fyffes informed Meridian that they will no longer be buying bananas from them. Meridian, who was already struggling to meet payroll, was left with no other choice but to inform their workers that they have no work for them. The workers are incensed and desperate. Today, we spoke with some of them who were protesting Fyffes decision.


    New passport controversy – “shades of Penner” scandal?
    With general elections a mere two weeks away, another scandal involving passports began to unfold in San Ignacio Town on Tuesday after a bag containing a Belizean passport and several foreign-owned passports and other documents was discovered in a business establishment and handed over to police, who have not named the establishment. The discovery led to two days of protests in front of the San Ignacio Police Station by People’s United Party supporters who view the discovery of the passports with suspicion, because they were connected to a known United Democratic Party operative. This evening, Amandala spoke to the officer in charge of San Ignacio police, Superintendent Andrew Ramirez, who told us that the passports and documents were turned over to the Major Crimes Unit in Belmopan, and that he cannot make any comment.

    5 houses crashed in storm
    The owners of five houses which underwent either complete or partial collapse after not being able to withstand the onslaught of a low pressure system that passed over Belize over the weekend, are still struggling to regain some sense of normalcy in their lives and to pick up the pieces in the face of devastating loss. In the case of Kendra Smith, one of these five homeowners, her house on Jane Usher Boulevard was partially damaged. The verandah of the house was torn off, there are no stairs, and the upper portion of the house is leaning forward, and appears ready to come crashing down at any moment. At about 2:30 Tuesday afternoon, Smith was washing under the house, when the verandah and stairs collapsed and the house leaned forward.

    US scares off Fyffes!
    Today, a demonstration was staged in front of the offices of the Banana Growers Association, the exporter for Fyffes, in Independence Village, by hundreds of workers of Meridian Enterprise Limited, located in Mayan King Village. These workers, their families and other sympathetic supporters were protesting the recent move by Fyffes, an Irish multi-national business, to sever its business relationship with Meridian Enterprise—a decision which means that they are now out of a job, and suffering through no fault of their own. Fyffes has said that its decision follows reports that John Zabaneh, whom the United States of America had designated as a “drug kingpin” in 2012 over alleged ties to the Sinaloa Mexican drug cartel, has been connected with Meridian Enterprise. Zabaneh had formerly operated a banana business under Maya King Ltd.

    Alleged pawnshop robber shot dead!
    A shooting incident this afternoon in the downtown area of the city resulted in the death of a 20-year-old man, who allegedly had gone to rob a business establishment. Police have not yet issued a report on this incident, only saying that they will brief the press tomorrow, Friday. Around 1:30 p.m., traffic that was heading over the Swing Bridge had to be diverted from Bishop Street, at its junction with Regent Street, as police had sealed off the area while they processed the scene inside Kephawn’s Pawn Shop, located at the southern corner of the Belize City Commercial Center.

    “Munchie” involved in murder plot, prisoner suddenly alleges
    Three men who are accused of the brutal murder of Ramon Cervantes, Sr., appeared in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court yesterday, Wednesday, for a preliminary inquiry to determine whether or not there is sufficient evidence against them to commit them to stand trial in the Northern Session of the Supreme Court. As the paper committal hearing was nearing its end, however, one of the accused men, Noe Gonzalez, shocked the courtroom, causing an uproar when he told Senior Magistrate Merlene Moody that he wanted to address the court, which was an unusual request. The court prosecutor, Edwin Burallos, told the court that he hoped what was going to be said by the accused man had some bearing on the paper committal proceeding; otherwise he would object to allowing him to address the court, but the Senior Magistrate overruled him and allowed Gonzalez to speak.

    54-year-old accused rapist of child, 13, remanded
    Alphonso Wiltshire, 54, president of the San Pedro Taxi Association and a landlord of San Juan, was remanded to the Belize Central Prison on Friday in the San Pedro Magistrate’s Court on two counts of aggravated burglary and two counts of unlawful sexual intercourse for raping a 13-year-old girl. Police say that Wiltshire went into the girl’s home when she was alone, and raped her at gunpoint, threatening her life if she reported him to police. The girl, in the presence of her mother, told police that Wiltshire had raped her more than once, the first time occurring on Sunday, May 3. Wiltshire, she said, came into the home, showed her his gun and told her not to tell anyone, or he would kill her.

    Editorial: Bullies at home and wimps abroad
    In a couple days the people of Guatemala will vote in a run-off presidential election to decide between Jimmy Morales and Sandra Torres as their new President. Belizeans will have noted that whereas between February and August of this year, the temperature in Belize-Guatemala relations rose dangerously high, featuring repeated incidents at the mouth of the Sarstoon River and around the Sarstoon Island, since the resignation and arrest of Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina in September, things have quieted down substantially. We think Belizeans can expect the Guatemalan power structure, which is dominated by a continuing alliance between the Guatemalan business/industrial sector and the extraordinarily powerful Guatemalan military, to become aggressive again towards Belize once a new Guatemalan President is installed. The new President will be a civilian, but the nature of Guatemala’s very delicate democracy is such that any civilian President who defies the Guatemalan military would be behaving in a suicidal manner. This is a historical reality.

    From the Publisher
    I was struck by an opinion piece I read in the editorial pages of The New York Times’ issue of Saturday, October 10, 2015. The New York Times is the most prestigious newspaper in the United States of America, planet earth’s superpower. The opinion piece was written by Naomi Oreskes, a professor of the history of science at Harvard, the most prestigious university in the United States. Her opinion piece indicts Exxon Mobil, an oil company, for its perfidy where the matter of climate change is concerned. Exxon Mobil may be the largest, wealthiest, and most powerful business corporation in the United States. If it is not, it is close to being that. I will use my column this week to reproduce Professor Oreskes’ opinion piece, because the lesson is classic: corporations are so driven by their greed for profits that they are willing to sacrifice the good of humanity and the welfare of the planet itself. We saw this in the case of the tobacco industry, which spent decades and billions seeking to deny that cigarette smoking caused lung cancer and other illnesses.

    On “nature and nurture …”
    Dear Editor, I cannot remain silent in view of the suggestion in your editorial of 11 October entitled “Need and Greed” that the needy are inherently (at birth) unequal in gifts and talents. The editorial suggests a direct correlation between such inequalities and poverty. In reference to the late Prime Minister Mr. George Price, the editorial described him as always having a real concern for the poor; that in fact it appeared that Mr. Price had become a socialist, meaning Mr. Price believed that the state, the government, should work to ensure that the natural inequalities amongst Belizeans did not become cancerous. Please allow me the following in which I draw from many sources and from my own training and experiences in working with the poor. Your editorial came down in no uncertain terms on the side of nature in the debate on Nature vs Nurture. It stated that “in any field of endeavor, some humans will surge ahead of others and that is because of intrinsic inequalities in gifts and talents.” Yes, some people do better than others but is, it because of intrinsic inequalities in gifts and talents?

    PUP launches “Power to the People” manifesto
    This morning the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) launched its 2015-2019 Power to the People manifesto at its Independence Hall headquarters, where 30 of the 31 PUP standard bearers who are contesting the November 4 general elections were present. PUP Leader Francis Fonseca spoke about his party’s 10-point manifesto captioned “Urgent Matters.” In its introduction, Fonseca writes, “This manifesto is being presented at a time of great uncertainty. In our 34 years of independence, our neighbor to the west has become more belligerent in its unfounded claim to our country. “The hard work of the previous PUP administrations that consolidated our security and achieved Guatemalan recognition of our sovereignty has been jeopardized by the UDP government. Their irresponsible action of appeasement, in the face of aggression at the Sarstoon River, has created an unacceptable appearance of land cession in the south of our country.”

    SCA on a roll
    Game 1 in the best-of-3 games semifinal series for females (F) and males (M) of the Central Secondary Schools Sports Association (CSSSA) 2015-2016 Volleyball Competition were played today at Bird’s Isle; and, thanks to sports director Ms. Barbara Cadle of the National Sports Council, we have the final scores for the 4 games played today. The first game started at 2:30 p.m., but, because 3 of the 4 games went beyond 3 sets, the last game of the evening was not completed until just after 9:00 p.m. tonight. And, as the scores indicate, it was an evening of excitement and tough competition, with two contests going to 4 sets, and one to all of 5 sets. Only traditional powerhouse SCA was able to cruise to an easy straight sets victory. Here are the scores: (F) SCA defeated ACC, 25-6, 25-11, 25-5; (F) Belize High def. Nazarene High, 25-17, 25-7, 24-26, 25-13; (M) SJC def. ACC, 25-23, 25-18, 23-25, 25-22; and (M) Belize High outlasted Ladyville Tech, 17-25, 25-23, 19-25, 25-19, 18-16.

    PLB playoff race tightens
    Details are not in yet, but confirmed reports indicate that in last night’s back match played at the FFB Stadium in Belmopan to complete the first round of regular season in the Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2015-2016 Opening Season, it was Belmopan Bandits with the 4-3 win over BDF. The win catapults the Bandits right into “the thick of things,” as the playoff race tightens going into the second round of regular season games. The second round begins this weekend with Week 6 games. Tonight, Verdes FC is facing San Franciso FC in Panama, to complete their CONCACAF Champions League 2015 participation. The scheduled Saturday night encounter between Verdes FC and Placencia Assassins FC is therefore still questionable.

    Verdes loses 8-nil to San Francisco in Panama
    Making it to the quarterfinals was already out of the question for Belize’s Verdes FC going into tonight’s final game in the CONCACAF Champions League group stage against San Francisco FC at the Estadio Maracana de Panama. But, after a 2-1 victory at home on September 22, Verdes was looking to end our first venture into this prestigious regional tournament on a good note; if not a victory, at least a respectable loss. It was neither. Unfortunately for Verdes and their praying fans back home in the Jewel, a disturbing pattern continued where, after a good showing at home, our team received a big score on foreign soil. After drawing 0-0 with Queretaro FC of Mexico at the FFB Stadium on August 18, Verdes promptly fell to Queretaro by an 8-0 margin on September 17 in Queretaro, Mexico. That was at high altitude; approximately 6,000 feet above sea level. Verdes promptly returned home, regrouped, and dealt the visiting San Francisco FC of Panama a 2-1 surprise a few days later on September 22 at our FFB Stadium. Panama would not be at high altitude like Mexico, so there were high hopes for Verdes going into tonight’s return match a month later; but those hopes were dashed early, as San Francisco came out blazing, taking a 1-0 lead at the 3rd minute, and adding 3 more by half-time, on their way to an 8-0 shelling, to match the score dealt Verdes by Queretaro.

    UDP launches general elections manifesto
    UDP party leader, Dean Barrow, and twenty-eight of the thirty-one standard bearers of that party, along with their supporters and the media gathered today at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City for the launch of the party’s manifesto, titled “The Best Is Yet To Come: UDP Third Term Agenda 2015-2020.” This is the party’s third manifesto in eight years and eight months, as it seeks to win an unprecedented third term. The event was chaired by Alberto August, Chairman of the party, who did the introduction of select speakers who spoke specifically about certain sections of the document. Douglas Singh, Chairman of the Public Policy and Platform Committee, was the first to present on the consultative process used by the party to come up with the largest manifesto ever to be published by the UDP. Singh said that the consultative process included the private sector forum, and focus groups from various sectors which make the document worthy of all stakeholders. Singh said that the manifesto reflects that the party “intends to continue building on our past success of the last two terms.”

    The public isn’t concerned about the Guatemalan problem …” — Sedi
    At Wednesday’s launch of the UDP Manifesto, no mention was made by the Party of the unfounded claim of Guatemala against Belize; one would have thought that so important an issue would have been given extra attention by the party’s spokespersons. When Amandala posed the question to those gathered on the stage, the amount of static energy created by the question was remarkable. Prime Minister Dean Barrow handed over the answering of the question to Hon. Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs, who immediately dived into a diatribe about the media in Belize. “The Belize-Guatemala issue”, he said, “at least at this time, is one of those creations of the media. It is not, in fact, an issue that the public is concerned about. It is a concern for only certain sections of the media.”

    Gold panners still targeting Chiquibul’s wealth untold
    Expensive gold nuggets continue to be pillaged from Belize’s Chiquibul Forest—evidently by Guatemalans who knowingly make illegal incursions across the border into Belizean territory. Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD), the conservation NGO which co-manages the Chiquibul National Park, notes that patrols from the Joint Forces Unit, which includes military and police, have seldom been successful in capturing gold panners. Recently, though, one Guatemalan, Eliseo Che Mucu, 35, of Monte Los Olivos, Dolores, Petén, was captured—while two of his accomplices escaped. Mucu—who was detained last Thursday, October 15, approximately 7 kilometers, or more than 4 miles, inside Belize in the Chiquibul National Park—was taken to court after he was found illegally panning for gold in the southern section of the park, according to FCD Executive Director, Rafael Manzanero. Mucu’s camp, which was located near the river but hidden in the forest, was searched and 3 vials containing what is believed to be gold were found. Each of the three vials is capable of holding several hundred dollars’ worth of gold.

    Supreme Court denies Keyren Tzib’s bail application on medical grounds
    Keyren Tzib and her attorney Darrell Bradley have been making the rounds of the Supreme Court, hoping to obtain a favorable outcome to a bail application filed seven weeks ago, but today, Justice John “Troadio” Gonzalez ruled to deny bail to Tzib based on evidence presented by a psychiatrist who examined her. Keyren Tzib, a Belize Coast Guard seaman who is on interdiction, accused of attempted murder and manslaughter in two separate incidents, has been described by psychiatrist Dr. Richard Olivera as suffering from bipolar disorder. Under cross-examination, Dr. Olivera told the court that if Tzib is provoked she would be violent to herself and others. During the lengthy bail application hearings, a number of submissions were made by Crown Counsel Sheiniza Smith, who opposed the granting of bail to Tzib on the grounds that she represents a danger to society and to herself.

    The Reporter

    Credit Union League holds financial literacy competition
    Thirteen students from around the country gathered at the Holy Redeemer Parish Hall on Friday to compete in the first ever National Fr. Marion Ganey Quiz Competition. The competition, hosted by the Belize Credit Union League in collaboration with member credit unions countrywide and the […]

    On November 4, the day Belizeans go to the polls to elect a new government 43, year old Justin Trudeau will be sworn in as Canada’s new Prime Minister. s. He has pledged that his Cabinet will be made up in equal numbers of men and women. Canadians feel the […]

    Political promises released!
    By Benjamin Flowers Staff Reporter The United Democratic Party (UDP) and the People’s United Party (PUP) both released party manifestos outlining each party’s plans and goals for the next five years if elected. And though some points were similar, the parties widely differed on other […]

    Accused killer says Ramon the son paid to kill his Dad
    In a macabre twist to an already horrific murder, one of the men accused of abducting and then killing Ramon Cervantes Sr., stood up in Court on Wednesday and told the Magistrate that the man who hired him to kill Cervantes was right there in the courtroom. He pointed to […]

    Robbery turns deadly for one of three thieves
    One of three robbers lost his life on Thursday, while holding up Kephawn’s Pawn Shop, on Albert Street in Belize City. The shop is owned by PUP representative, Gilroy Usher Sr., and it is reported that one of his sons was present at the […]

    BTB hosts first annual Digital Marketing Summit
    The Belize Tourism Board (BTB), this week hosted a Digital Marketing Summit and invited consultants from leading international brands to share expertise, mainly with tourism industry stakeholders, on the significance of developing digital-media strategies. Mynor Larrieu, BTB Digital Marketing manager said the event was […]

    Sunscreen ingredient damages reef
    An ingredient in sun screen is causing major damage to coral reefs, reveales a new study. A team of marine scientists from Virginia, Florida, Israel, the National Aquarium (US) and the US National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration published the study on Tuesday, showing that the […]

    Dialisis de Belice offers affordable care
    A new kidney dialysis treatment facility, Dialisis de Belice, is introducing its services to Belize, offering dialysis at a significantly cheaper price than ordinarily is the case. Dialisis de Honduras’ Chief Executive Officer Patricia Molina and Chairman Donald Swendener joined Orange Walk Town Councilor Angel […]

    Tourism on the rise, BTB says
    The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) has reported a positive increase of tourism arrivals to the country in the third-quarter of the year. This was after the Board reported a decrease in overall arrivals through the first half of the year in comparison to 2014’s […]

    ECLAC says tough decisions lie ahead
    The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, ECLAC, this week called for countries to make economic adjustments in light of its prediction that the value of Latin American and Caribbean exports will decline. On Tuesday ECLAC presented its annual report “Latin America and […]

    Youth sells weed in order to pay for police record
    In order to pay for a police record which costs $15.00, a 20-year-old youth set out to sell 14 grams of weed. When the matter was taken to court, the presiding judge deemed the act ridiculous and remanded Maverick Akeem Forbes to prison for […]

    Guatemalans running for office?
    Two candidates for the upcoming General Elections have been cited by local media for having Guatemalan nationality. Ralph Huang, member of the United Democratic Party (UDP) for the Cayo South division, and Dr. Lesbia Guerra Cocom, People’s United Party (PUP) member for Cayo West, denied […]

    Floods cause transport problems in the north
    The Corozal-Chetumal border this past Sunday, was a chaotic scene as buses were advised to not cross over into Chetumal due to massive floods, which were caused by a low-pressure system that impacted much of Belize as well. Maria Dominguez, officer in charge of the […]

    New Pediatric intensive Care unit opening at KHMH
    After two years, the new Pediatric Intensive Care Unit is preparing to open at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. According to the Office of the Special Envoy for Women and Children (SEWC), the new facility is scheduled to open on Tuesday October 27. The specialized […]

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    BWS and BWSWU finalise Collective Bargaining Agreement
    Belize Water Services Limited (BWSL) and the Belize Water Services Workers Union (BWSWU) has finalised a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), this according to release issued by the company today. The new CBA will be submitted to the Ministry of Labour for review before its formal signing. In […]

    25 years of the Belize National Dance Company
    As we told you yesterday, the Belize National Dance Company is marking its 25th or Silver anniversary of formation in 1990. Its 78 current members range from ages 3 to 16 for juniors and two groups of adults: the main company performers and affiliates who do not have […]

    BEL delivers Care Packages
    State-run electricity providers Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) says it is today distributing care packages to 165 families in Belize City affected this past weekend’s floods, supported by the Community Policing Unit of the Belize Police Department, Eastern Division, and Unity Presbyterian School. The police helped identify certain families around the […]

    Patricia weakens slightly, still extremely dangerous
    Hurricane Patricia, the strongest hurricane ever recorded, weakened slightly Friday as it barreled closer to Mexico’s Pacific coast, with sustained winds decreasing to 190 miles per hour (mph) and gusts to 235 mph. The storm began lashing the coast this evening with strong winds and rain as residents of areas near the […]

    BDF visit Marine Camp
    The website of the United States Marine Corps reports that leaders of the Belize Defence Force (BDF) visited the U.S. Marine Corps Forces South headquarters at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, U.S.A. earlier this week. BDF Commander Brigadier General David Jones led the group and said that for him, the visit […]

    Belize and Pakistan establish diplomatic relations
    Belize has a standing Indian community, but their neighbour Pakistan has never had diplomatic relations with us, that is until this week. In Mexico City on Wednesday, the governments of Belize and Pakistan, an Islamic republic, officially established diplomatic relations via a joint communiqué signed by Ambassador Oliver del Cid, based […]

    Young men accused of handling stolen motorbikes
    Two teenagers and two adult males are accused jointly of handling stolen goods, to wit two motorcycles, reported stolen and found in a yard. 18 year old , a construction worker of Mopan Street; 21 year old Leroy Sutherland, a mechanic of Vernon Street; and 22 year old […]

    Kareem Smith accused of red-handed burglary
    He was accused and acquitted along with his brother of causing murder and mayhem when a grenade was lobbed at a group of residents of Mayflower Street and surrounding areas seven years ago. But he returned to court today, this time accused of breaking into a home in […]

    As elections near, the promises pour
    The United Democratic Party (UDP) and People’s United Party (PUP), this week, both released their respective manifestos making many promises in an attempt to appeal to the voting public one last time before general elections, less than two weeks away. Each party’s plans and goals for the next five years, […]

    Would-be robber shot dead
    The body of 20-year-old Phillip Anthony Barrera was found lying on the ground with apparent gunshot wounds on Regent Street, Belize City, yesterday, October 22nd. Police arrived on the scene at around 2:05 p.m. and were told that Barrera and another male person were attempting to rob a pawn shop with a […]

    Reported accident near Rumors Resort
    Information reaching our newsroom is that a little after midday today, there was a traffic accident near Rumors Resort. Information is a bit sketchy at the moment. We will have more information as it is made available. Of note is that on September 22nd, 31-year-old Evelyn Kuylen, a Belizean […]

    San Ignacio police warns residents to be vigilant
    San Ignacio Officer in Command, Superintendent Andrew Ramirez, today issued an advisory to vehicle owners in that municipality. In his statement, Ramirez mentioned that, “while they are doing their best to stop crime they also need the public to be on high alert and report any suspicious activities. […]

    Police and Fire Service investigate office burning; UDP “disappointed”
    Police and Fire Service personnel are investigating a late night alleged arson at the office of 40 year old Ralph Huang, businessman and United Democratic Party standard bearer for Cayo South. Around 11:45 Thursday night, Roaring Creek police responded to information of a house on fire in neighbouring Camalote village. Fire Service personnel […]

    Ralph Huang’s Cayo office burns
    Reports coming out of the Cayo District suggest that the office of United Democratic Party (UDP) Standard Bearer for the Cayo South division, Ralph Huang, was destroyed by fire last night. The cause of the fire is still unknown as officials from the fire department are currently investigating, but some […]

    Dilly Chris talks collab with Tanya Carter
    Jamaican artist Dilly Chris recently collaborated with Belize’s Tanya Carter on a track called “Body Good”, which was produced by Ve10/21/2015 to 10/31/2015 Bad Records and the video was later shot in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where both Tanya and Dilly reside. The song has been getting a lot of local airplay and […]

    Mexico braces for strongest hurricane in Western hemisphere
    Early this morning, Hurricane Patricia became the most powerful tropical cyclone ever measured in the Western Hemisphere, with its maximum sustained winds reaching 200 miles per hour (mph). Patricia is currently heading towards Mexico’s Pacific Coast and is forecast to make landfall in the country’s Jalisco State this evening as […]


    Taking Flight in Belize
    All the air vents pointed towards her blowing full blast, however she was still hot and visibly unsettled as we got about 10 minutes into the first flight. I can feel that familiar feeling of ‘Oh shit’ what can I do to try to make this better. How can I be supportive? How can I ensure that she won’t hate me for taking her on this plane? Her face is red and flushed. I get out the barf bag and show her where it is, and she tells me the Dramamine she took was expired, but her mom thought it would be ok. Her mom is a nurse who I’m now cursing in my head. We still have another flight after this, and then a long car ride; I realize it’s going to be a long day even though this is a relatively short distance to fly from Nebraska to Belize. Why do plane rides have to be so hard on these niece trips? Allie was never excited about flying. In fact one of her criteria for this Niece Project trip is that we didn’t fly far. At the time I didn’t understand, but after this incident – I was beginning to understand her fear of flying. Allie made it through the next flights in better condition and I stopped worrying a bit. Yet I did always keep a barf bag within my reach just in case. I let Allie sit in the front seat in a hope to stave off motion sickness when our guide Mike picked us up and we started on the 3 hour drive to the Belize jungle. Mike pointed out the signs for the Belize Zoo and he said that even though the zoo was closing shortly, if we wanted to go we could. I looked at Allie to see if she gave it the nod, and she didn’t really give me any indication what she wanted to do.

    How To Be First In the ATM Cave Belize
    We put on our helmets and tightened the strap. Allie was quiet as usual as we follow our guide Lenny down to the water’s edge and took our first look at what we were undertaking early this morning. The cave entrance is shaped like an hourglass and there is a pool of light blue water. It doesn’t look intimidating; it looks welcoming. Lenny turns and asks, “Can you swim?” We both answer yes. Yet I can’t help but think it’s a bit weird for him to ask us this question at this time in the tour. For the last hour, we’ve already trekked into the jungle, waded across waiste-deep rivers, and arrived at the cave entrance. There’s not a life jacket in sight. What was he going to do if we answered “No”? Our guide Lenny was very knowledgeable, but very dry in delivery. I was sort of hoping we’d have someone more charismatic so that it would create some excitement around this caving adventure, but you work with what you get. He was a bit like my niece Allie in a way – no nonsense, and doesn’t mince words unless you get her on the right subject. I pretty quickly learned that Lenny’s subject that he liked and would perk up a little about was history. So I kept asking him background questions about Mayan history and he entertained us for the long walk to the ATM cave. “You’ve got to love this,” I say to Allie, “you’re not the one getting asked a bunch of questions from me for once.”

    Quick Trip to Unspoiled Tropical Paradise: Belize
    A short flight south from the US will get you to a little-known treasure that boasts the second largest barrier reef in the world, lush tropical jungles, and abundant opportunities for adventure travel. And to make it even better, this eco-paradise is the only country in Central America where the official language is English. This shouldn’t be a surprise since nearby Belize was once a British colony. At one time, Belize was home to pirates who sought refuge from the Spanish fleet. After raiding gold-laden Spanish galleons, the pirates would dart through the sharp coral reefs and hide up the country’s many jungle rivers. Life in Belize is laid back and relaxed. In fact, everything is easy here. Everyone speaks English, and you can use your U.S dollars for all purchases. While the Belizean dollar still has the Queen of England on it, all the stores, restaurants and hotels take U.S. currency. Most things are priced in Belize dollars (except hotels), but it’s easy to figure out your bill because the exchange rate is simply two to one. So just divide all prices by two to get the price in U.S dollars. Regardless of whether you pay with Belize dollars or U.S. dollars, they’ll give you your change in Belize dollars.

    Peel shrimp leaving the tail. Then open the back and remove the veins. Season shrimps with salt and black pepper to taste. The tomato is cooked and liquefied with garlic, oregano and seasoning. Fry the shrimp in butter and add the liquid. Roast the peppers, cut into strips and add to the stew with Chihuahua cheese until cheese is brown and crunchy. Serve with white or brown rice.

    Flights to Belize Starting at $299 RT!
    Belize has been a trending destination for travelers from around the world. With the introduction of flights out of Houston, TX being operated by Southwest Airlines, the industry has seen tremendous competition among the carriers that has lead to cheaper flights & easier points of access. We have been keeping an eye on airline tickets to Belize on AirfareWatchdog – airline tickets price tracker.

    • Heat oil in 3-4 liters pressure cooker. When hot, add the meat, season with salt and pepper. Add the onion and garlic and stir and let it cook for half a minute. Add green chili, peppers, carrots, zucchini and potatoes. Stir to mix. Add the tomatoes, tomato paste, ketchup, mustard, vinegar, honey, grated ginger and stir. Season everything with salt and black pepper. Stir ti mix well.

    Finn Kardashian Takes on SouthEast Asia 6.0: The Islands of Thailand (The Thai-slands)
    I am currently in Vietnam and having the time of my life. Sorry for the late post but I’ve been on the road A LOT and Wi-Fi is bad at times. From Airplanes, Trains, Boats, Shuttles, the backpacker life is HARSH LOL. The last 2 weeks, we had been visiting THE ISLANDS OF THAILAND. ANd they are simply beautiful.

    International Sourcesizz

    Stunning, Historic, Mind-Boggling, and Catastrophic: Hurricane Patricia Hits 200 mph
    Stunning, historic, mind-boggling, and catastrophic: that sums up Hurricane Patricia, which intensified to an incredible-strength Category 5 storm with 200 mph winds overnight. At 2:46 am EDT October 23, 2015 an Air Force hurricane hunter aircraft measured a central pressure of 880 mb in Patricia, making it the most intense hurricane ever observed in the Western Hemisphere. The aircraft measured surface winds of 200 mph, which are the highest reliably-measured surface winds on record for a tropical cyclone, anywhere on the Earth. The previous strongest Eastern Pacific hurricane was Hurricane Linda of 1997, with a pressure of 902 mb (estimated from satellite imagery.) The strongest Atlantic hurricane on record was Hurricane Wilma of 2005, with an 882 mb central pressure. Patricia does not beat the record-lowest pressure in the Western Pacific, though, which is held by Super Typhoon Tip of 1979: 870 mb.

    Category 5 Hurricane Patricia Hitting Mexico's Pacific Coast
    Incredibly strong Hurricane Patricia is barreling ashore on the Southwest coast of Mexico near La Manzanilla as a Category 5 storm. At 5 pm EDT Friday, NHC put Patricia's intensity at 190 mph winds. Early on Friday morning, Patricia reached a remarkable intensity of 200 mph sustained winds, which the storm maintained for 12 hours. These are the highest reliably-measured surface winds on record for a tropical cyclone, anywhere on the Earth. At 2:30 pm Friday afternoon, October 23, 2015, a NOAA hurricane hunter aircraft measured a central pressure of 879 mb--the lowest pressure ever measured in a hurricane in the Western Hemisphere. The previous strongest Eastern Pacific hurricane was Hurricane Linda of 1997, with a pressure of 902 mb (estimated from satellite imagery), and the strongest Atlantic hurricane on record was Hurricane Wilma of 2005, with 882 mb. Patricia does not beat the record-lowest pressure in the Western Pacific, though, which is held by Super Typhoon Tip of 1979: 870 mb.

    Belize Defence Force leaders visit Camp Lejeune
    Leaders from U.S. Marine Corps Forces-South, and the Belize Defence Force visited II Marine Expeditionary Force and the School of Infantry–East as part of a three-day visit to Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, Oct. 20-22. The purpose of the visit was to assess the capabilities of U.S. forces, discern opportunities for Belize forces to train alongside Marines, and sustain enduring partnerships between the two countries in their efforts to counter transnational organized crime. “The training we’re doing with the Belize Defence Force right now is we have a security cooperation team of 25 Marines who are currently living in Belize,” said Brig. Gen. Eric M. Smith, the commander of MARFORSOUTH. “Our Marines are training a BDF company of troops in subjects such as land navigation and marksmanship skills.” MARFORSOUTH recently deployed Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force –Southern Command, based out of Honduras, in June. SPMAGTF-SC is tasked with conducting security cooperation, providing training and support to partner nations for Countering Transnational Organized Crime and providing limited humanitarian assistance and disaster relief during the Atlantic hurricane season.

    Welcome to the jungle for the Coldstream Guards and the WMN
    The Western Morning News will be exploring more about the Coldstream Guards’ strong ties to the South West and how Coldstreamers prepare for combat, as they have done on foot, by vehicle and by air in recent times, when the newspaper joins the regiment on a jungle training exercise in the rainforest of Belize in Central America. David Wells, a senior news editor, will be joining Exercise Mayan Warrior, to learn how Coldstreamers train in the jungle, one of the toughest environments on the planet – with Caribbean Sea shorelines to the east and dense jungle inland. The jungle is often extremely difficult to navigate, while finding food, water and shelter is no easy task, so learning to survive and managing military operations under the canopy is an essential skill for troops going out into the field. And when it comes to army training, the jungle of Belize is undoubtedly a tough place to go on exercise – it is hot and humid, in thick forest, with venomous snakes, deadly spiders, and with rivers full of crocodiles, among other challenges – providing a range of tactical obstacles for soldiers to overcome. The modern Coldstreamer has to be equipped with these skills to maintain the flexible nature of the regiment, which has been developed over the centuries, in order to respond to its call of duty anywhere in the world, at any time.


  • Belize Video, 2min. from Living Streams, Dangriga Project

  • Kriol Proverbs of Belize, 1min. The students of Standard VI welcome Belize's Governor-General and Head of State, Sir Colville Young to St. Andrew's School by reciting some classic Kriol proverbs. See if you can pick out their meaning!

  • Hóffy & Curt in Belize, 8.5min. Our diving trip to Turneffe Island

  • Mana Kai San Ignacio Belize, 5min. My home for the next little while...

  • Belize Manatees, 3.5min.

  • The LadySong Show - Oct 22, 2015 - Belize Flood Drive, 14min. LadySong talks to Margaret Usher (President of the Belize Association) and Georgia Brown Gillette (Immigration Attorney) about the Belize Fund Relief Telethon.

    October 23, 2015


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    The San Pedro Sun

    San Pedro to benefit from Belize Mission Project 2015
    For the next two weeks, approximately 100 dental specialists, nurses and volunteers are expected to tend to thousands of Belizeans as part of the Belize Mission Project 2015. The group arrived in Belize on Friday, October 16th and started their clinics on Monday, October 19th in San Pedro. The group is lead by Dr. Frank Whipps, who started the program over two decades ago. On Ambergris Caye, they will be conducting dental services at the Lions Den on the corner of Pelican Street and Barrier Reef Drive. The group of medical professionals includes dentists, physicians, audiologists, and dental hygienist assistants. “This is our 23rd year in Belize, and we always bring up to a 100 medical professionals to provide medical services to the Belizean people all over the country. At different times, we have around five clinics running in different areas as far north in Corozal and as far south in Seine Bight/Placencia area. Here in San Pedro, we are running the clinic from 8:30AM to 5PM. We will be here for two solid weeks from October 19th to October 30th and we expect to service over ten thousand patients, maybe more countrywide,” said Dr. Whipps. In San Pedro the group is providing cavity fillings, cleanings, restorative dentistry, partial dentistry and complete dentures as well. In order to utilize the service, it is advisable to submit your name to the volunteers who issue ticket numbers for residents requiring dental assistance. The services are being provided free of cost.

    Meet your Belize Rural South Standard Bearer Candidates!
    Scheduled for Wednesday, November 4th, General Elections are less than two weeks away. As such, The San Pedro Sun has taken the opportunity to present the Standard Bearers candidates seeking votes from the Belize Rural South Constituency. The candidates were asked to answer a series of questions in an effort to learn more about them and their political perspective. In this issue, we feature the responses from the three candidates representing the People’s United Party (PUP), United Democratic Party (UDP) and the Belize Progressive Party (BPP).

    Lions International holds Leadership Development Seminar
    The Belize Lions Zone 59 recently had the distinction of hosting Lions International Malcolm Kirwan and Carlos Justiniano, who were in the country conducting leadership development training seminars. The seminars took place from Sunday, October 11th to Sunday, October 18th at each of the country’s four Lions Clubs, located in San Estevan Orange Walk, Belmopan, Belize City and San Pedro Town Ambergris Caye. On Thursday, October 15th Lion Kirwan and Lion Justiniano arrived to San Pedro via Tropic Air where they were met by the board of directors of the San Pedro Lions Club. From there, they were whisked to the San Pedro Lions Den for their presentations. In the first session of the training, Lion Kirwan spoke about developing leadership skills and the importance of planning for the club’s sustainability. He further indicated that in order for the local clubs to expand and strengthen, there is the need to have a leadership role in membership growth. Such growth can be easily accomplished throughout the year by introducing a ‘Year-Round Growth Awards Program.’ This initiative recognizes Lions who might sponsor three or more members in a fiscal year, and clubs for ending the year net positive in membership.

    Ambergris Today

    Mooring Buoys Donated for Recreational Area at Mexico Rocks
    A total of 20 mooring buoys were donated to the San Pedro Tour Guide Association to assist in the establishment of the recreational area at Mexico Rocks, which was recently annexed to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. The Mooring buoys were donated by Canary Cove and presented to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve on October 20, 2015 by Gil Nunez on behalf of Canary Cove and The San Pedro Tour Guide Association. Marker buoys have been installed to demarcate the no-take zones of Mexico Rocks and the mooring buoys will be installed in early November to have it ready for the 2015 start of the tourist season. The Hol Chan Marine Reserve management has also scheduled to commence management with the presence of a Park Ranger by late November. For further information please feel free to contact the Hol Chan office on Caribbena Street, San Pedro Town, phone 226 2247. Dive shop owners are encouraged to schedule a "Responsible Tour Guiding Seminar" to become updated with all the rules and regulations of the newly annexed zones of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve.

    Christine Syme Appointed Miss Earth Belize 2015
    Miss Earth Belize Organization announces that Miss Christine Syme of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize, has been designated the titleholder of Miss Earth Belize 2015. She will represent Belize in the international pageant of Miss Earth 2015 and join 80 other delegates from across the world in Vienna, Austria. “Miss Earth, is an environmental event founded in 2001 that channels the beauty pageant entertainment industry as an effective tool in promoting environment awareness, is celebrating its 15th year in Austria - famous for its Danube River, mountain villages, baroque city architecture, imperial history and rugged alpine terrain.” - Miss Earth 2015.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    The National Emergency Management Organization hereby informs that the potential for flooding along the Belize River is being monitored. SHELTERS - In Belize City the only shelter that remains open is the YWCA with 40 persons. Assessments and relief operations continues for people affected in Belize City. - In Corozal, Ranchito Community Centre remains open with 29 persons. - In Bomba the road is impassable due to flooding and is accessible only to high vehicles. Boats are available to assist people who need to evacuate and be ferried to the other side.

    Come on out to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez Polyclinic II on Saturday, October 31st, 2015 between 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon to get a free PAP SMEAR Exam or Breast Examination. We will also be having a DOLLAR DRIVE on Coconut Drive - All proceeds will be donated to the San Pedro Cancer Society. Thank you to the staff of the Dr. Otto Rodriguez Polyclinic II, Annie's Pastries, Sweet Treats and Casa Pan Dulce Bakery for being a part of this cause.

    5K Bullying Awareness Marathon

    Soul Project Halloween Rave
    The Soul Project is having a Halloween Rave, with Evan A. Raver mixing through the night. "October 31st - Saturday, San Ignacio . DJ Moombah-Tong dance party will be playing a unique Halloween set exclusively Moombahton music! Artists from all over the world remix cultural music with extra high and low frequency with the reggaeton beat. Original music too! Check it out, no cover!"

    1st Digital Marketing Summit 2015
    On behalf of the Belize Tourism Board, we want to thank EVERYONE who came out to support this 1st Digital Marketing Summit 2015

    Construction of International Airport on Ambergris Caye Should Mean an Explosion in Tourism
    The Belizean Prime Minister strongly believes that the plan to move forward with the construction of an international airport in Ambergris Caye could further boost the tourism in the country. Provided that the high profile Eco-Resort of Oscar-nominated actor, Leonardo DiCaprio is already in the process of development on nearby Blackadore Caye, the construction of an international airport on Ambergris Caye, is considered to be a good investment plan. The construction plan is anticipated to bring in more tourists to visit the country and an increase in investors who will be interested in the Belizean real estate market. For Prime Minister Barrow, the tourism in the country remains their largest driver, where constant communication about the plans encourages the continuous upturn of the Belizean economy. In fact, much of their attention is focused on enhancing their marketing and quality improvement efforts as well as the expansion of destination infrastructures. And to make this happen, the continuation of the North Ambergris Caye Road Project, construction of another 4 miles of road to provide land access to premier resorts and re-development of Basil Jones Airstrip into an international airport, have become the highlight of the tourism initiatives of the Prime Minister of Belize.

    Check out your Voting Status
    If you would like to know if you are a registered voter or didn't get your voter card you can go on this site to check out your status.

    Caye Caulker Humane Society 500th spay or neuter
    We proudly announce our 500th spay or neuter this week. Actively de-sexing dogs and cats keep the population under control and leads to longer and healthier lives. Thank you to Dr Zeke of course, but all those helpers from around the world who support us and what we try to achieve. Shout out to you all! Call or pm to schedule an appointment for your pet. Remember we are open EVERY Saturday 9-11am for all clinic tings! Park Street - opposite Wish Willy!

    Computer Love
    The Ministry of Energy, Science & Technology and Public Utilities (MESTPU) is hosting a ceremony to officially hand over computers to five education and community-based organizations across the country commencing at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, October 22, 2015 at the George Price Center for Peace and Development in Belmopan City. The ten computers were received through a generous donation from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in support of the MESTPU’s mandate to increase access to information communications technologies, minimize the digital divide, in particular, to vulnerable populations while enhancing the millennium development goal and strategies across Caribbean nations. The five organizations that will be benefitting from the donations include: Stann Creek Ecumenical High School, Immaculate Conception R.C. School of Bullet Tree Falls, Belize Rural High School of Double Head Cabbage village, the National Drug Abuse Control Council and San Antonio Library in the Orange Walk District. In total, these computers will allow hundreds of children to access the internet in their communities.

    World Music Expo
    For the first time in 15 yrs the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) has supported Promoters and Managers of Belizean artists to attend the World Music Expo. To those who were invited but not able to join us let us work together and prepare to make a stronger presence next year. Rest assured we will be sharing all information with you upon our return.

    BEL vacancy for Computer System Technician II
    A vacancy exists at Belize Electricity Limited for the post of Computer System Technician II or Senior System Computer Technician in the Information & Communication Systems Department. Application form available here.

    BEL vacancy for Technician I
    A vacancy exists at Belize Electricity Limited for the post of Technician I in the Transmission & Distribution Operations Department. Application form available here.

    Between Paintings Art Exhibit
    The Wildfire Gallery is having their 1st art exhibit opening this Saturday at 6-ish. Art, Chocolate, and Wine is a winning combination, especially when the artists on display are Amal Assales and Daniel Velazquez. You can check out their new location, which is where The Pharmacy used to be: 24 West street, next to the Ice Cream Shoppe. "our first exhibit in our new space. come on down, enjoy a fun saturday eve."

    Buck Wilson Travel Trade Show 2015

    Channel 7

    Broad Daylight Bridgefoot Killing
    The Belize City swing bridge - it's an iconic location, and for decades in the early history of Belize, it seemed to be the center not just of the city, but of the country. And that's why today, in a city very numb to the news of gun killing, there was something like a collective gasp when news went out that there had been a killing at bridgefoot - right in the very heart of the city. That's just down the street from our studio and 7News was first on the scene - here's what we saw:... Alden Dawson, OC - Police Precinct 2 "Upon arrival they saw a male person who was recently identified as Phillip Barrera, lie on the floor apparently dead." Reporter "What do you guys understand happened? How did he got shot?" Alden Dawson, OC - Police Precinct 2 "As you said the investigation is young. We understand that he entered the business place and something transpired there between him and the proprietor, where he eventually got shot. He was with another friend."

    Monchie And Family Deny Murder Claim
    Last night we told you the sensational news that Ramon Monchie Cervantez had been accused of orchestrating the murder of his own father. The man making the allegation was one of those accused of killing his father, Ramon Sr in July of 2014. Things took an incredible and unexpected turn in Orange Walk Magistrate's Court for the preliminary inquiry yesterday, when Noe Daniel Gonzales told the magistrate that the man who orchestrated the murder was in the courtroom. When asked to point to that person, he pointed to Ramon Monchie Cervantez. In so doing Gonzales also admitted to being involved in the murder. Like we said…incredible…the kind of courtroom drama that you thought only happens in movies. But it happened in court yesterday in one of the most high profile murder trials ever in Belize. Today, Ramon Monchie Cervantez, his mother Vilma and his sister Marisa who were all in court had a press conference in Orange Walk to publicly reject the accusation. Here's what they said:..

    The Southern Blues At Maya King
    Last night, we had a small clip of our visit to Maya King Farm after 6 days of absolutely no production. The Irish company Fyffes International, abruptly terminated all business arrangements with Maya King because it wants to put distance between itself and John Zabaneh, who still has the Drug Kingpin designation. That forced an immediate, no-notice shutdown of all operations at Belize's biggest banana farm since Fyffes is the sole purchaser of all Belizean bananas for export. Apart from the demise of this lucrative company, and cutting off production from a full quarter of the country's Banana industry, the Fyffes embargo on Maya King forced the immediate termination of hundreds of workers.

    700 Maya King Workers Protest Against Fyffes
    So, that frustration you saw culminated with a protest this evening in front of the main office of Banana Growers Association in Independence Village. We counted some 700 Mayan King Workers, their spouses, and their children who showed up to demonstrate just how many people are being affected by the decision that Fyffes has made. Marching with them was John Zabaneh and his other family members, and he told the press why he decided to show up, even though he's not been directly involved with the company for the past 3 and a half years: John Zabaneh - Spokesperson, Mayan King Banana Farm "First of all I just want to make it very clear that I'm not out here to defend either Meridian, Mayan King - not even myself. I'm here on a compassionate support for these workers you see behind there. Most of them I know for so long. 30 or more years and I have a feeling for these people. I have compassion for these people. For me this is an emotional thing here. My family has bent over backwards, frontwards, sideways, in every way possible to try to appease Fyffes. I am not in control of this company. Meridian, My family employed when OFAC designated me.

    Dialysis: A New Hope
    Belize's first ever Dialysis Clinic was opened in Orange Walk Town yesterday. The clinic is equipped with 16 Dialysis machines and has a Honduran Nephrologist in house. 16 dialysis machines in one facility - that's probably more than presently exist all through the country in private and public healthcare facilities. So the opening of the new facility is a godsend, to the many Belizeans suffering from kidney disease who can't afford private dialysis, and can't get a space in the public programme. Managing Partner of "Dialisis de Belice" Carlos Perrera told us they have enough space for patients and that the treatment is very affordable. But Perrera told us that this clinic is more than just an inexpensive treatment facility - it's another chance at long and fulfilling life.

    More Guatemalan Documents
    Last night you heard the news about the PUP Cayo West Candidate Lesbia Guerra and the UDP Cayo South Candidate Ralph Huang - who are both seen in Guatemalan nationality documents. Both the Guatemalan born Guerra, and the Taiwanese born Huang have denied it - but not very convincingly - and tonight there are more documents pointing to their Guatemalan nationality. This is a Guatemalan Tax Registration Document which carries the name Lesbia Lissette Guerra Aguallo. It says she is a Guatemalan with residence in Melchor. The date of birth, 22nd February matches her own. Yesterday we asked her about a Guatemalan nationality document from 2011 with her name and she didn't outright deny it, she only said she would respond to that challenge in court.

    King Swoops In
    On Monday's news we told you about 9 year-old Earl Gentle Jr. who was trapped inside a house on Jasmine Street when it fell during the heavy rains on Saturday. Well, faster than you can say, "elections di cohn", current UDP area representative Mark King swept in with assistance for the family today. 7News was there:... Mark King, UDP Area Rep. - Lake I "So we kept our word to this family that we're going to rebuild their home and we started to drop material on the ground, giving them some cleaning supplies, some food and also some sleeping mattresses and that should start to help them to rebuild a little bit. The family is happy. They know they are seeing that we're not just promising and again if people want to say we are promising, they can see that we are delivering." Reporter "The only reason you respond so quick is because the elections are coming up." Mark King, UDP Area Rep. - Lake I "It's just sad that we had to be giving the help during the election time. But absolutely not, these people are getting the help what they need and that is what's most important."

    NEMO's Update
    According to NEMO, in Belize City only the YWCA shelter remains open with 40 persons. In Corozal, the Ranchito Community Centre remains open with 29 persons. NEMO also reports that the Rio Hondo River is at flood stage and rising and they are on standby to assist residents of the Albion Island and Douglas. But when we visited Douglas today, we saw the Hondo receding from its usual flood mark and was on the customary river bank.

    Taiwanese Support For The KHMH
    This morning the KHMH received a generous donation from the government of Taiwan. Fifty seven medical instruments were handed over through the Global Medical Instruments Support and Service Program. It included a surgery table, an obstetric diagnostic table, an endoscope set, 1 slit lamp, 2 electrocardiographs and a portable ultrasound device. The donation estimated to a little over 66 thousand US dollars. 7news was there for the handing over ceremony. The Taiwanese will also send 3 experts to KHMH from November 9 to 13 to train its medical technicians to operate the donated instruments.

    And tonight we have another I am Belize Profile. This one looks at a coping programme for primary schools which tries to keep at risk young boys from dropping out of school. They are difficult children, inclined to violence and fighting and disrespectful. But, you can't blame the kids, they are products of their environments - and the social work students of UB took these cases on as a challenge:…

    Yes To Surgery In Corozal
    Corozal has a functioning operating theater - and that was proven today when a team of doctors from Mexico performed a minor surgery. It comes just in time for health minister Pablo Marin - who is in what can surely be called a battleground seat in Corozal Bay. He told the government press office why Corozalenos should be happy:.. Pablo Marin, Minister of Health "What we are doing right now is we are working along with the Mexicans. As you can see its Mexicans working along with our people from Orange Walk operating theater team and we are doing 9 operations in total. Starting from yesterday we did 4 and today we did 5. We are doing minor operations which is hernia.

    Channel 5

    Cervantes Family Refutes Allegations Made By Accused Murder
    On July fifth, 2014, the tortured body of seventy-one year old Ramon Cervantes Senior was found in a shallow grave on a farm off the Honey Camp Road in the [...]

    Ramon Cervantes Says There is a High Lever Cover-up
    The vicious murder of a prominent businessman and cane-farmer rocked the community of Orange Walk. So did allegations that Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega, along with the top cop in [...]

    Vilma Cervantes Calls Out for Justice
    This morning as the Cervantes family refuted the allegation against their only son, matriarch Vilma Cervantes took the opportunity to speak – something she has rarely done since the tragedy [...]

    Gaspar Vega Says He Had Nothing to Do With Allegation By Remanded Man
    The only man who logically stands to gain from causing Ramon Cervantes Jr. misery two weeks before general elections is his opponent, Gaspar Vega. Vega is a powerhouse in Orange [...]

    Youth Shot & Killed in Attempted Robbery
    One of three would-be robbers was shot and killed this afternoon in the downtown area of Belize City. It happened just after two p.m. at the Kephawn Pawnshop at the [...]

    Banana Workers Protest Against Fyffes for Pulling the Plug on Meridian
    In the banana belt in Big Creek down south, banana workers came out in the hundreds to protest last week’s termination of a contract between Irish-based Fyffes International and their [...]

    U.D.P. Manifesto Covers All Bases
    On Wednesday night, we brought you one aspect of the U.D.P. manifesto entitled, “The Best is Yet to Come.” That segment, handled by U.D.P. leader Dean Barrow, focused on public [...]

    Wilfred Elrington Blames Media for Guatemala Situation
    During the manifesto launch Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington was also put on the spot where the seemingly heightened Belize/Guatemala territorial dispute is concerned. Elrington, quite amazingly, blamed the [...]

    Said Musa Says Fort George is a Safe Seat
    On the campaign trail today, we headed to Daly Street, one of the main streets in the Fort George division, where the former two-term Prime Minister of Belize and current [...]

    Musa Has Choice Words for His Opponents
    Musa’s hold over the Fort George Division will now be contested by two other persons—the U.D.P.’s Roger Espejo and the B.P.P.’s Rollin Powery, a newcomer to politics. The former P.M. [...]

    Political Newcomer Lloyd Jones on the Campaign Trail
    Next stop was Belize Rural North where Major Lloyd Jones is reporting for duty. Jones is a well-known retired major from B.D.F who is taking on U.D.P. area representative Edmund [...]

    Jones Says It’s All About People, Agriculture & Tourism
    So how does Jones propose to uplift the constituency? He told News Five that the answer lies in his PAT program to foster economic development and tourism in the villages. [...]

    Viola Pook Sentencing Deferred
    Fifty-seven-year-old Viola Pook, convicted of the murder of her common law husband Orlando Vasquez, was sentenced to life in prison in July 2011.  She was found guilty of killing her [...]

    K.H.M.H. Receives Medical Equipment from Taiwan
    The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital today received a donation of fifty-seven medical instruments through the Global Medical Instruments Support and Service Program of Taiwan. Valued at a approximately hundred and [...]

    Healthy Living Looks at the Health Hazards of Flooding
    The Ministry of Health has issued multiple advisories about health hazards associated with the recent floods. Although the waters have receded in most areas, there is reason to take preventative [...]


    Banana Industry In Serious Trouble
    One of the world’s largest Fruit importer, Fyffes has issued a deathblow to Belize’s banana industry by cutting trading relations with the biggest producer in Belize namely, Mayan King because of its links to a local businessman named by US authorities as a drug kingpin. A report from the Irish Times states that and we quote, “Given recent developments where John Zabaneh appeared to speak on behalf of Meridian Farms, Fyffes immediately ceased purchase of bananas from the farms in question”. It added that the Banana Growers’ Association, the local body through which it buys fruit from the Central American country, had confirmed this to the Meridian group of farms. Under the country’s Kingpin Act, the US treasury department in 2012 named Mr Zabaneh as a narcotics trafficker with ties to Mexican drugs baron Joaquin “Chapo” Guzman, his Sinaloa Cartel and Colombian suppliers. Therefore, the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act bans US citizens and organisations from doing business with any person or company that the authorities identify.


    Young Man Leaves Pawn Shop Dead
    Downtown Belize City was locked off at around two this afternoon after a homicide occurred inside Kephawn’s Pawn Shop located in the Commercial Center near the Swing Bridge. It is not confirmed if it was a robbery gone wrong but either way, twenty year old Phillip Barrera did not make it out the store alive. […]

    Cervantes Down But Not Out
    Today Ramon Cervantes Jr. along with his mother, Vilma Cervantes and his sister, Marisa Cervantes, hosted the media at their family owned business in Orange Walk Town. Cervantes Jr. had summoned the press to give his side of what happened in the courtroom of Magistrate Merlene Moody yesterday. As we told you, the murder case […]

    Having Several Passports In Your Possession: Illegal or Not?
    Minister Hulse went on to say that being found in the possession of other passports not belonging to you is not an offense. GODWIN HULSE “Our concern was the Belize passport. This one Belize passport was legitimately issued; it was issued to a Mr. Cabral, properly; it expires the 21st of November 2021. So if […]

    Immigration Minister Dispels Rumors of Additions to Voters Lists
    Earlier we told you of the police report issued on the discovery of several passports in a knapsack this past Tuesday in San Ignacio Town, Cayo District. Since that incident, several politically affiliated persons including PUP Standard Bearers have expressed concerns over the matter, saying that the bag belongs to a UDP operative, Charles Cabral […]

    The Focus of Parties’ Manifestos for 2015 – 2020
    Mid-morning yesterday saw the two main political parties gather their standard bearers and some supporters as they launched their manifestos for the upcoming governing term, 2015 – 2020. For the main opposition party, PUP, a 4-page print document, held promises ranging from education to housing and health with perhaps the most intriguing part of the […]

    Police Confirms Charges of Rapist on Ambergris Caye
    Earlier this week we told you the story of the traumatized 13-year-old girl from San Pedro who had been raped multiple times at gun point by her family’s landlord. We had told you that the well-known businessman, 50-year-old, Alfonso Wiltshire has since been arraigned and remanded at the Belize Central Prison. Today, a report came out […]

    Police Issues Report on Passports Found
    The Belize Police Department has issued a brief report on the passport issue in San Ignacio Town which has led dozens of PUP supporters protesting in that municipality. The incident occurred some forty eight hours ago in which the San Ignacio authorities were alerted of a bag found a business establishment, containing several passports. According […]

    Investigations Ongoing Into Missing Firearms from Police Station
    A police issued weapon has gone missing whilst under the care of the Hopkins Police in the Stann Creek District. In addition to that, a privately owned nine millimeter was also stolen in the incident along with eighteen (nine millimeter) LIVE rounds of ammunition. The weapons were found missing since October 8, 2015. Love News […]

    Vigil Planned for Cancer Victims
    The Cancer Society of Belize is having their Annual Cancer Awareness Candle Light Vigil. The vigil is to remember all those who have passed due to cancer and for those who are fighting cancer. The vigil is set for this evening at the Lion’s Den adjacent to the KHMH. Senior Administrator Heather Reneau spoke on […]

    Blue Creek Bridge Inundated Following More Rains
    The Blue Creek Bridge in Toledo remains impassable to vehicular traffic due to floods. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports. PAUL MAHUNG “With rainfall last night, flood waters rose above Blue Creek bridge during the mid-morning hours. According to Ignacio Coc of Blue Creek, flood waters rose about five feet above the bridge by 10am. All indications […]


    Ramon Cervantes accused of his father’s murder
    Ramon “Munchie” Cervantes Jr., PUP standard bearer for Orange Walk North, told the media today that politics in Belize has taken a new low. That is because Cervantes is now being accused of masterminding the death of his own father, Ramon Cervantes Sr., who was kidnapped and killed in July of 2014...

    BPP calls for postponement of General Elections
    The Belize Progressive Party is calling on the Government to postpone the general elections. The first call of this nature came from the VIP, who in a desperate move to stop the elections, explored the legal possibilities of nullifying the results of the elections by filing a constitutional challeng...

    National dance company forced out of leaking Bliss
    While concerns of personal health and well-being are uppermost in the minds of ordinary Belizeans following last weekend’s floods, the entertainment industry appears to have lost a key cornerstone of its infrastructure. The Bliss Center for the Performing Arts, whose current incarnation was establis...

    Belize’s Verdes FC plays against Panama’s San Francisco FC
    Belize’s Verdes FC plays against Panama’s San Francisco FC tonight at Estadio Marcana in Panama for the second leg of the match against San Francisco. Last month, Verdes pulled off a historic win against San Francisco FC beating them 2 – 1 on home soil, their first victory of the champion’s league. ...

    KHMH receives donation for new PICU
    US$66,182 in medical instruments and equipment raised through the Global Medical Instruments Support and Service Program of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Far East Memorial Hospital was donated today to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) in Belize City. This is in advance of next wee...

    What’s going on with Cayo passports?
    The passports found in the knapsack abandoned in a store in Cayo are still being investigated according to authorities. Police issued a brief statement on the matter today saying that the 8 passports have since been handed over to Major Crimes Unit in Belmopan for investigation assisted by OC San Ig...

    “Signs” of heated General Elections
    During Election Season, flags, banners and billboards of mostly red and blue adorn the streets in all corners of the country. Belmopan is no different. But today, the PUP standard Bearer for Belmopan Patrick Andrews and a handful of his supporters were up in arms against the Belmopan City Council. ...

    The Guardian

    The Best Is Yet to Come Manifesto launched
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s UDP Manifesto presentation did not go the way most Belizeans were expecting. With a Manifesto titled “The Best Is Yet To Come” it was expected that he would paint pictures of the intersection of Alice’s Wonderland and Michael’s Neverland. However, he spoke more like a two term Prime Minister poised for a third consecutive term in office than Party Leader selling dreams to the electorate. Even so, he was the first to admit that his presentation lacked the kind of sexy that has become the norm in Manifesto presentations; however, what the presentation lacked in sexiness was more than made up in substance. Prime Minister Barrow spoke specifically on the UDP’s Reform Agenda. When re-elected, the UDP Government will introduce and pass four pieces of legislation through the National Assembly to reform the public financial management system of Belize. Those are the Public Procurement Bill, the Public Sector Investment Bill, the Public Finance Management Bill and the Public Debt Management, State Guarantees and Lending Bill.

    UDP Nomination Party Insane!!!
    The United Democratic Party hosted the first ever political wet fete on Friday, October 16, when thousands of supporters danced through the streets of each municipality to endorse the candidacy of 31 outstanding candidates. The downpouring from a powerful low pressure system started on Friday. Friday was set by Governor General Sir Colville Young as Nomination Day. Nomination Day is the first fight of every election. It is a day on which candidates are officially veted and registered to contest elections. Each candidate needs six constituents to endorse their candidacy. This means that 186 registered voters are needed to accompany candidates to the nomination centers for each party fielding 31 candidates. 186, that is all that is required.

    Nominations in the Cayo District
    Lamp posts lining the streets in Cayo have during the past weeks been immersed in a sea of red and blue political advertisements as candidates from both the People’s United Party and the United Democratic Party vie to represent the various divisions therein. But on nomination day, Friday it became an ocean of red at least in Cayo Central, where a drone flight revealed photographic images of large numbers of UDP supporters coming out to show their support for the Hon. Rene Montero, who is aspiring to once again become the representative for that division. Daniel Silva, who is the contending candidate for the PUP in Cayo Central admitted on Friday. “If you drive through Santa Elena, you are going to see a lot of signs. Our opponents have us ten to one...” On Friday morning Daniel Silva followed by supporters visited the pre-school in Santa Elena to be nominated as a candidate for Cayo Central. The Hon. Rene Montero followed course on Friday evening by visiting the nomination desks and signing a document, which now makes it official that he is a candidate for Cayo Central. Both Orlando Habet for Cayo Northeast and Michel Chebat for Cayo North, who are under the PUP flag, were also nominated on Friday morning.

    Audrey misinforms people again!
    Imagine you were an experienced trained Journalist turned trained Lawyer moonlighting as a Journalist and you were to report that a child had been ELECTROCUTED by a live wire that was in flood waters, and only to have to come back and report that the child was not electrocuted and did not die, further to that before you were corrected, you were prepared to argue your point to prove that the child had indeed died and there was a cover up by the officials to hide the fact that this child had died .Such was the case with Audrey Matura-Shepherd This was how she reported her story on Facebook. “How come no media house reported about the child who got electrocuted on Antelope street yesterday. Reports are that wires from illegally connected electricity lines were in the water where the child was in the water. He was electrocuted and died. If the police don’t release the details which were never discussed or even mentioned at yesterday’s press conference then I will have to do the reporting. I kept pleading to ppl not to be in those waters and was worried when I saw adults and children swimming and playing in the water”

    Kudos to the UDP and its representatives for quick flood relief
    As we go to press on Wednesday October 22, the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) is reporting that a total of 91 persons are in shelters in Belize City, Orange Walk and Corozal. Of those persons 32 are at the ITVET and 20 are at the YWCA. In Orange Walk 10 people are sheltering at the San Estevan Community Center and in Corozal, at the Ranchito Community shelter 29 people are being sheltered. NEMO warns that in Orange Walk the Rio Hondo River is at flood stage and rising. Residents who can evacuate voluntarily are encouraged to do so. In Belize Rural the river is receding. In Gracie Rock the Sibun River is going down. In Cayo the Mopan River is 2 feet above normal and rising, the Macal River is 15 inches above normal. People living along the Macal and Mopan Rivers must remain vigilant. Challilo Dam is 28.91 feet below the spillway, Mollejon is 3.38 feet below spillway and Vaca is 4.27 feet below the spillway In Toledo San Benito Poite the water is 2 feet of water over the bridge and drivers are asked to exercise extreme caution when crossing this area. However, the hammock bridge remains passable.

    Kingpin designation haunts Mayan King
    Mayan King Banana Farm is currently hemorrhaging because of a decision by the Irish multinational fruit distributor, Fyffes which has decided that they will not conduct business with them. That’s because the company is connected to John Zabaneh, who still has the Kingpin designation that the US Government placed on him. To understand the difficulties that the company is having, readers need to know the current management structure that the company has. Legally, the company is owned by Myrtle Sheeran, Zabaneh’s octogenarian mother. She has hired Meridian Enterprises to run the company by way of a management contract. Meridian Enterprises has a director, Jose David Gonzalez, who has taken over as the general manager of Mayan King Banana Farms.

    Belize to Benefit from the “Southwest Effect”
    “When Southwest comes to town, we take fares down,” says James Ashworth, Managing Director of Customer Support Services at Southwest Airlines. The across the board decrease in airfares associated with Southwest Airline’s introduction to a market is called the Southwest effect. Belize is one of several countries expected to benefit from that effect now that the low fares giant is a player in the fast growing tourism market. The Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture, Hon. Manuel Herredia Jr, was at the Phillip Goldson International Airport along with the United States’ Ambassador to Belize, H.E. Carlos Moreno, and other tourism and civil aviation stakeholders to welcome the much heralded inaugural Southwest Airlines flight to Belize on Thursday, October 15.

    It’s the weather stupid
    Over the weekend 23 inches of rain was dumped over Belize City in a downpour of just under 48 hrs. A rain which had started on Friday night, continued unto Saturday and by Sunday morning some areas of Belize City were under as much as three to four feet of water. The areas hardest hit were the Faber’s Road Extension, Iguana Street Extension, parts of Port Loyola, Collet, Freetown in the Belama areas and the Gungulung Area in Lake Independence. Residents in these areas saw record levels of water pour down causing their homes to be flooded and resulting in loss of all of their personal belongings. Some homes also suffered structural damage due to the flood. Images from our neighbors in Mexico and Honduras also revealed that they had been hit with floods and suffered similar conditions to us. In certain parts of neighboring Chetumal the floods have yet to recede.

    No Bail for Keyren Tzib
    After almost seven weeks of back and forth in the bail hearing for accused killer Keyren Tzib, Justice Troadio “John” Gonzalez denied bail to the former Coastguard officer on Monday, October 19. Tzib is being accused of killing her common-law-husband, Thytis Blancaneaux, 30, on Saturday, July 18. Blancaneaux, a resident of the Spanish Town area of Lord’s Bank Village, was found dead in his home. Initial investigations revealed that the couple was at their home when they got into a fight. The confrontation escalated and became tragic when Tzib pulled a knife and stabbed him in the shoulder. He fell to the ground, bled out, and died in a pool of his own blood. Police retrieved the knife believed to be the one used by Tzib to inflict the stab wound. Tzib claimed self defense but after consulting the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, police charged her with the crime of manslaughter. The lesser charge was levied because there are reports that Blancaneaux used violence against Tzib previously and also just before she stabbed him in the shoulder. There are also reports which suggest that the relationship of the couple had numerous instances of domestic violence.

    Charged for armed robbery
    Abel Amado Lara, 20, is on remand at the Belize Central Prison for two counts of robbery committed with a firearm on September 19. Harvin Valentine and Ruperta Flowers were sitting in a car on Racoon Street Extension at about 9 p.m. when a fair skinned male approached them with a handgun and robbed them of their personal belongings. He took away one gold chain with a matching heart medallion valued at $2,500, one Wesley College graduation ring with initials RD valued at $500, an engagement gold ring valued at $400, a heart ruby gold ring valued at $150 and a watch valued at $40 from Ruperta Flowers. From Harvin Valentine he took away a gold chain with medal valued at $2,500 and a silver and black diamond watch valued at $1,000. The robber then ran off into the night.

    Two men sent to prison for domestic abuse
    Nathan Raymond McKenzie, 36, a labourer of #7310 McKenzie Lane in Belize City was sentenced to six months imprisonment for harm upon his common-law-wife, Marsha Talbert. McKenzie was arraigned for hitting Talbert on Friday, October 16. Talbert reported to police that sometime around 9:45 p.m., she was at home in bed when McKenzie arrived and began to accuse her of having an affair with another man. This caused them to get into an argument. McKenzie became upset and hit her in the face and other parts of the body with a trophy. Talbert was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial where a doctor classified her injuries as harm. As a result, police detained her common-law-husband, Nathan McKenzie, and charged him with harm.

    Another expensive vehicle stolen in Cayo
    Another Cayo resident has become the latest victim to robbery of his expensive vehicle. Nigel Espat 34 year old Belizean Businessman of San Ignacio Town has informed that on Saturday of this past weekend, at about 7:15 pm he and other friends exited Sunset bar situated on Savannah Avenue, San Ignacio Town, whereupon he walked to his blue in color 2007 D-max pickup L/P- SI SE C-01283 valued at $40,000.00 Belize, which was parked on the opposite side of the road. When he walked to the driver’s door, he was approached by a Hispanic male person, slim built, about 5 feet 4 inches tall, dressed in a long jeans and buttoned shirt, who came from the opposite side of the road and pointed a black pistol at him demanding the key of the vehicle, otherwise he would be shot.

    Supreme Court orders compensation for death
    The Supreme Court has ruled that the Government of Belize will have to pay $65,000 to the family of slain police constable, Dean Yearwood Jr. who was shot and killed by PC Glenwayne Grant in September of 2013. According to police, sometime around 1:05 on Sunday morning, September 8th, 2013, they went to an area at the Corner of Nargusta Street and Central Supreme Court orders compensation for death of PC Dean Yearwood. American Boulevard where they found 24 year old PC Yearwood suffering from a gunshot wound to the back. Also found in a yard a few feet away was another man identified as 21-year-old Brian Vasquez. Vasquez was suffering from a gunshot wound also to the back. Investigations indicate that at around 1:00 a.m. PC Glenwayne Grant was riding his bicycle on Central American Boulevard when his attention was drawn to two men struggling at the corner of Nargusta and Central American Boulevard during which gunshots were fired. He pulled out his service 9 millimeter pistol and fired several shots at the men. Eleven expended shells were recovered from the scene.

    Joslyn Chavaria finishes third in the Caribbean Road Championship in the U-23 category
    The 15 Annual Caribbean Cycling Championship was held in Bridgetown, Barbados from October 17-18, 2015. Belize had participation in the Individual Time Trials and the Road Championship in both the female and male category. In the Men’s Road Championship that was held at the Bushy Park Circuit, some 63 riders from across the entire Caribbean participated in the event. At the end of the race, it was Marloe Rodman from Jamaica that captured the Gold Medal in a time of 3:12:25. He was followed by Luis Sablon of Guadeloupe and he was followed by Yolan Silvestre of Martinique in a time of 3:12:26, and he was followed by his country man Emile Demazy in a time of 3:17:41 and he was followed by Darren Matthews of Barbados in a time of 3:17:49 to round off the top five finishers in the Road Race.

    Belize Athletics Association to hold National Track and Field Championship
    The Belize Athletics Association invites all athletes and track enthusiasts once again to be a part of a National Track and Field Championship event. The event will be hosted at the Marion Jones Sports Complex on the 14-15 November, 2015. All athletes 16 years and older can participate in the events. Registration forms can be obtained from and returned to the BAA via email ( or from our Face Book page (Belize Athletics Association). Registration forms can also be obtained from and returned to the National Sports Council’s offices throughout the country.

    Independence Thunderbolt to compete in Elite Basketball League
    The National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) will commence its third annual basketball tournament on Friday 15 January, 2016. Six of the seven teams who participated last season have already committed to be a part of the 2016 season. The teams that will compete in next year’s season are Belize City No Limit, Belize Hurricanes, San Pedro Tiger Sharks (2 time defending champions), Cayo Western Ballaz and the Dangriga Warriors. The new franchise in the league will be the Independence Thunderbolt.

    Money can’t buy you love
    On Fridays during a Nomination day interview PUP Leader Francis Fonseca was asked about the PUP crowd or should I say their lack of a crowd, and as usual Francis did not disappoint us. He gave one of his usual classical answers, that was filled with stupidity . The stupid meter overworks whenever this gentleman opens his mouth. Francis explained that he did not even see the size of the PUP Nomination Day Belize City crowd because he arrived at the staging point for their parade just as the parade was ready to takeoff. How silly that sounds, because their parade started at Berger field. Berger field is located at the corner of Vernon St. and Sarstoon St. so he would have either gotten to the head of the parade form Vernon Street coming from the direction of the tail of the parade because that section of Vernon Street. is a one way street heading from toward Belchina bridge.

    PM and Sedi school Nuri
    On Wednesday at the UDP Manifesto Launch Nuri appeared as if though he was holding brief for the PUP . When it came time for the question and answer segment, first to get up and ask questions was Jules Vazquez. PM Barrow and Jules have a history of many memorable duels when it comes to these events. Jules has a certain amount of sarcasm in the way he frames his questions and the PM being the skilled orator he is, has always been up to the task of duking it out with Jules or any other member of the media. In a way I think the PM enjoys being grilled by the media and more so he enjoys when it is Jules doing the grilling. The PM appears to be in his comfort zone during these question and answer sessions. After seeing the way the PM dealt with the questions from Jules, it should have been a warning to all other Journalist that the PM was on top of his game and he was going to deal with any questions in the same manner he had done with Jules' questions.

    More equipment for the Police Department
    Following up on government's commitment to continue to better equip the police, Minister of National Security, Hon. John Saldivar, handed over 16 motorcycles to Commissioner of Police on Thursday October 15. The motorcycles will be deployed across the city and will be used to improve the department's operational capacity. The cycles are expected to improve the police's ability to respond to crimes as well as improve patrolling abilities.

    There once was a couple named The Nail and The Hammer. The Nail affectionately loved The Hammer, but was fed up with the physical abuse. Wanting to save her relationship, The Nail decided to seek the help of an obeah woman. She explained to the obeah lady that every evening when her loving Hammer came home, that they would quarrel and that she would end up absorbing a beating. The obeah lady fixed her a potion and gave it to her. She was instructed on how to use the potion. Instructions: “Every evening when The Hammer came home, she was to take a mouth full of the potion and keep in her mouth for 5 minute and then spit out.” The Nail followed this routine for a week and observed positive results. Liking the results, she inquired of the obeah lady the contents of the potion.

    Sedi Vindicated
    As I wrote in my article titled INCONSITERATE BUNCH, in the Sunday, October 11, 2015 edition, and as opined by USA President Obama a week later during a segment on “60 Minutes” Sedi Elrington has now been proven right for the stance he took in choosing CLIMATE CHANGE as the focus of his speech at the 2015 Opening of The United Nations General Assembly. At the time he made his speech, those JAWBONES, CAMARA HOUNDS and POLITICAL OPPORTUNISTS were quick to attack him saying he was wrong to speak about climate change. I have personally known and worked with Sedi throughout his political life from the very day he got involved with politics. There is only one instance when he ran as an Independent Candidate that I had not worked with him, but out of the respect I had for his opposing views at that time I did not work in the Pickstock Division, I worked elsewhere. I say that to underscore the point that I trust Sedi and understand that he speaks honestly. He is a man that I would go into battle with anytime. Sedi is a man of impeccable character and a high IQ. He is a straight shooter and doses not sugarcoat things just because it may score him cheap political points. If you want someone who will snow you then don’t speak to him because he is not that man.

    Kafele Garcia, 19, charged for Lord’s Bank murder
    Kafele Garcia, 19, is on remand at the Belize Central Prison after he was arraigned for the murder of Ervin Osbert Franklin on Thursday, October 14. Franklin was stabbed to death on Saturday, October 10, in what police say was a possible robbery attempt and act of jealousy over a female. The incident took place in the Lord’s Bank area near mile 11 on the Phillip Goldson Highway.

    Karl Heusner Jr. Murdered
    Karl Heusner Jr., a 30 year-old descendant of Dr. Karl Heusner, after whom the country’s national referral hospital is named, was killed in a shooting which happened a on Saturday, October 17, a few hours after Michael Robinson and Jamil Betancourt were shot. According to police, they responded to a report of shots being fired at around 2 p.m. at the corner of Albert and Berkley Streets. By that time, the shooter had already fled the scene, and so, all that the officers could do was to rush him to the KHMH. There they found Heusner suffering from gunshot wounds to the face. Unfortunately, he did not survive the trip, and he was pronounced dead on arrival. Investigators say that shortly before he was shot, officers were on patrol in the area, and they stopped and searched him. He’s well-known to them, and he has had his number of run-ins with the law.

    Minor on curfew and accomplice on bail for cellphone theft
    Zane Mckoy, 20, and a 17-year-old minor are out on bail after they were arraigned in the Belize City Magistrates Court for one count of theft. Allegations being made against the duo are that on Wednesday, October 14, they stole a Samsung Galaxy S4 cellphone from Jem Smith, valued at $650. In court, both pleaded not guilty to a single charge of theft. The charge was read to the minor in the presence of a guardian and personnel of the Human Services Department. There was no objection to bail by court prosecutor, Cpl. Christopher Smith, but he asked that conditions be set for each individual’s bail. The Magistrate ordered that Mckoy is to stay at least 100 yards away from the victim and report to the Queen Street Police Station every Monday of the week until the case is disposed of.

    Murder old man…
    Belize City Resident, 56 year-old, Edward Robinson, and 33 year-old Jamil “Lado” Betancourt became the victims of a terrible shooting incident which resulted in the death of Robinson. Police have arrested and charged 2 persons, whom they believe were targeting Betancourt. It appears, at this time, that Robinson was collateral damage in a gang-type execution attempt on Betancourt’s life. Robinson’s brother has told the press that on Saturday morning, October 17, at around 7:49 a.m., Robinson had left their house. He didn’t go anywhere far, as he went to socialize with a group of people who were on the corner of North Creek Street. Also in the area at the time was Jamil Betancourt, and shortly after that 2 men came upon the group and started firing on them. Jamil Betancourt and Edward Robinson were the only two persons injured from the group, and by the time the gunshots ceased, the elder man, had passed away.

    Juan Rubio acquitted of Pomona Village murder
    Juan Rubio was accused of inflicting a fatal stab wound upon 26-year-old Karim Peters in Pomona Village on the eve of Garifuna Settlement Day, 2012, but now he is a free man after Justice Denis Hanomansingh upheld a self defense case put forward by Rubio’s attorney, Dickie Bradley. Rubio’s trial by judge without a jury began on September 16. Crown Counsel Sabita Maharaj called eight witnesses by September 23. Dickie Bradley called two witnesses along with his own client to testify. Rubio told the court that on the day of the incident he was hanging out with his brother when Peters came riding on a bicycle towards them. Peters seemed to be under the influence of alcohol and he without invitation jumped into their conversation. Rubio’s brother told Peters to leave and he did. However, Peters later returned with a machete attached to his bicycle.

    Softball coach to International Coaches Training Clinic
    The Belize Softball Federation is currently being represented by Ms. Ruth Lamb, a former National Female Softball Team player and a current coach on the National Junior Female Softball Team at the Pan American Softball Confederation CONPASA International Coaches Training Clinic entitled “International Coaches Training Clinic-Learning to Coach” that is being held in Guatemala City, Guatemala from October 21-25, 2015.

    The Government led by Hon. Dean Barrow has successfully settled the nationalizations of the Belize Electricity Limited and Belize Telemedia Limited in a case brought to the Caribbean Court of Justice brought by the Former owners of the company, Fortis Energy International and the Ashcroft Allied group of companies and entities. The CCJ case, which was argued extensively by the former owners and the Government, has been halted, and the settlements that the GOB publicized have been formally entered into. That was the result of a teleconference hearing which was held on Thursday, October 15, at the Supreme Court. It was officially entered at the court by an application to stay the case while the conditions of the settlement were being put into effect. The attorneys for the claimants, meaning the former owners, made the application, which was granted, after consideration by the panel of judges, which included President Justice Dennis Byron.

    Accused killer says Monchie Cervantes set up his own father’
    One of the accused murderers of Ramon Cervantes Sr., 71, told the court on Wednesday, October 21, 2015 that the man responsible for orchestrating the kidnapping and murder of the elder statesman is his very own son, Ramon Cervantes Jr. While undergoing a preliminary hearing at the Magistrate's court, one of the accused men told the magistrate that the man who set up the killing of Cervantez Sr. was inside the courtroom. Asked if he could point out the person, the accused called out the name of Monchie Cervantez Jr. throwing the entire court into an uproar and forcing the courtroom to be cleared leaving only the Cervantez family and the accused men in the courtroom. The 71-year-old was found in a shallow grave on an abondoned farm in July of 2014. He was reportedly found handcuffed, his eyes taped closed and with multiple broken ribs and other bones. The senior citizen was tortured mercilessly before he was shot and killed. Shortly after the death of Cervantes Sr., his son called the media to a memorial ceremony and played a tape with the voice of the alleged mastermind of the kidnapping and murder, Manuel Castillo. In the recording, Castillo said that he had nothing to do with the murder and that it was Minister Vega who was responsible.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Ten computers handed over to schools
    The Ministry of Energy, Science & Technology and Public Utilities (MESTPU) handed over computers to five education and community-based organizations across the country this morning at the George Price Center for Peace and Development in Belmopan. The ten computers were received through a generous donation from the […]

    Regional meeting of Agriculture Ministers concludes
    The Meeting of Ministers of Agriculture of the Americas 2015 ended today in Cancun, Mexico, with a declaration containing eight commitments designed to improve agricultural productivity in the hemisphere, with technical support from the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA). The cooperation agenda that was agreed upon seeks to […]

    Accused robber shot dead in Belize City
    A Belize City man was shot and killed shortly after 2:00 this afternoon at the Commercial Center in downtown Belize City. We are told the victim is one Anthony Phillip Barrera Junior, a resident of Rocky Road in Belize City. Reports suggest that Barrera Junior allegedly entered Kephawn’s Pawnshop –located at […]

    Dance Company forced out of leaking Bliss Center
    While concerns of personal health and well-being are uppermost in the minds of ordinary Belizeans following last weekend’s floods, the entertainment industry appears to have lost a key cornerstone of its infrastructure. The Bliss Center for the Performing Arts, whose current incarnation was established in 2003, has undergone some water […]

    Illegal immigrants detained in OW
    Orange Walk police are reporting that they have detained eight immigrants from neighbouring countries for illegal entry into Belize. The group comprises of four salvadorans and four Hondurans of which three are minors. They are expected to be fined for illegal entry and deported to their respective […]

    United Nations Day marks seventieth anniversary
    The United Nations will mark its 70th Anniversary on UN Day Saturday, 24 October, this year by reflecting on its work in service to the global community since its founding in 1945. Monuments and buildings across the world will also be illuminated in celebration of this milestone, and […]

    KHMH receives equipment for new PICU
    Some 66 thousand one hundred and eighty-two US dollars in medical instruments and equipment raised through the Global Medical Instruments Support and Service Program of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Far East Memorial Hospital was donated today to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) in Belize City. This […]

    BPP calls for postponement of elections
    A late evening press release from the Belize Progressive Party (BPP) calls on Prime Minister Dean Barrow to, quote, “give serious consideration to the extension of the election date,” give the aftermath of the recent bad weather that hit Belize. The new party, which is fielding 25 candidates […]

    Sentencing further deferred for Viola Pook
    57 year old Viola Pook has admitted to throwing kerosene on, then lighting on fire, her late common-law husband Orlando Vasquez on New Year’s Eve in 2007. She was originally convicted of murder, but granted a retrial. Now she has pleaded guilty to manslaughter, and the sentencing phase […]

    Suspect shot, killed during attemped robbery in Belize City
    Belize City police are currently puzzling the pieces of a late afternoon shooting in the old capital. According to information reaching our newsroom, Anthony Philip Barrera Junior was shot dead inside Monica’s Pawn Shop inside the Commercial Centre in down town Belize City. Sources say that Philip Barrera may have […]

    Alleged killer accuses ‘Monchie’ of ordering hit on his own father
    Yesterday morning flanked by the family attorney Marcel Cardona, Ramon Cervantes Jr. along with his mother, Vilma Cervantes, appeared at the orange Walk Magistrates court for the first preliminary inquiry since the three men were charged and remanded to prison. The preliminary inquiry was for a committal on solely the murder charge where the court would present witnesses that will be testifying in the Supreme Court in January.


    Clear Skies, Laundry Day and A Walk Around San Pedro
    5 days of rain in San Pedro, Belize is a lot…add in the fact that in many places just a few of those days dumped over a foot of rain and some of the localized flooding has become world-wide news. But I am very pleased to announce that yesterday THERE WAS SUN! And the weather predictions (again, I find Belize Hydromet the most helpful) show more to come… So yesterday I took a walk in the Escalante neighborhood and a bit in the DFC area (both south of town) to find out that the sun was shining and it is LAUNDRY DAY! There are dryers available but they are expensive, and expensive electricity consuming…plus, sunshine is usually an abundant resource on the island.

    3 Ways to Explore Belize Caves
    As we made our way through the caves, I imagined that I was inside a giant, wandering through his veins. Everywhere you look there’s another option, another turn, another dark tunnel. Caving is the ultimate maze with no real guarantee of finding a way out except retracing your path in. Luckily, my niece and I weren’t left to wander aimlessly in the Belize Caves, I had a guide. And most importantly the guide had a light and knew his way around these labyrinths. Without him I would’ve been lost in the giant forever. Caving in Belize is a way to experience the adventure and the culture of Belize at the same time. Caves were the entrance to the Mayan underworld; the portal between the tangible human world and the invisible world of gods and spirits. The Maya performed their most sacred rituals in caves. And it seemed that they preferred to not simply go into the mouth of the cave, they went deep inside the cave – sometimes miles and miles inside. Exploring inside the caves is a way to learn about a mysterious ancient Maya civilization and the geological processes that shaped the region.

    When is the best time to visit Belize
    Is there really a best time to visit Belize? Anytime is a good time to visit. Lucky you—you’ve got your pick of vacation time slots at your office and you don’t mind pulling the kids out of school if a travel adventure can teach them more than sitting in a classroom could ever do. In a sense, the world is your oyster, so figure out what’s important and what’s not—and get your vacation planning underway. We urge you to listen to rave reviews coming from people who have discovered the wonder that is Belize and who wouldn’t think of going elsewhere because the beauty, attractions, pricing and weather are idyllic year-round.

    International Sourcesizz

    Climate change and the Caribbean - Opinion
    This debate surrounding our climate has polarized the world into two different groups for a long time; some theorists maintain that an intrinsic characteristic of climate is that it changes while a large percent of others support the theory that global warming is anthropogenic or caused by human action. There is however, scientific consensus that the Earth's climate system is warming, with average temperature rising somewhere between 0.4 and 0.8°C over the past 100 years. Research on global warming carried out by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has predicted that average global temperatures could increase between 1.4 and 5.8°C by the year 2100. The benefits and costs of climate change on society are expected to vary widely based both on location and scale, however the net effects are likely to be strongly negative as more rapid warming takes place. Hydro-meteorological events including changing precipitation patterns, more frequent and intense weather events, storm surges and flooding as well as sea level rise are all indicators of a changing climate. The increased warming of the oceans means that we also expect to have more frequent and intense tropical cyclones. Implicit in this is the acknowledgment that the Caribbean and in particular, the Small Island Developing States of the region, will be devastatingly affected.

    Caribbean Sea reef system suffering pollution, tourism damage
    A new report from Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (Superior Council for Scientific Research) has placed the Caribbean Sea reef system within the 10 most threatened in the world. The organization says that the reef system is exposed to more than 20 million tourists per year as well as almost a million more who both directly and indirectly, benefit from the system. The World Wide Federation (WWF) did a study that concluded that approximately two-thirds of the Caribbean reef system had already been affected from two main elements, which were overfishing and sewage pollution. According to the WWF, tourism is the largest and fastest growing industry in the world, with major environmental, cultural, social and economic implications. Although tourism can be an opportunity for sustainable development, poorly planned development of hotels and resorts in coastal areas can result in habitat destruction, pollution, and other negative impacts on biodiversity. In the Mesoamerican Reef, tourism-related coastal development is rapidly expanding south from Cancun into Belize and Honduras.

    New World Negotiates on Belize Oil Production
    After a sluggish first half, tourist arrivals to Belize are beginning to surge. The country showed a 6.9 percent increase in stayover arrivals in the third quarter of 2015, compared to the same period in 2014. That was buoyed by a 19.3 percent improvement in arrivals in September, the highest increase ever recorded for the month of September for Belize. Air arrivals accounted for 74.7 percent of total overnight arrivals in the period, and US visitors showed a 28.55 percent jump. America continues to be the largest tourism source market to Belize, making up around 65 percent of arrivals.

    New World gets extension in Belize
    New World Oil and Gas has negotiated a 12-month extension to its production sharing agreement for its Blue Creek project in Belize until October 31 2016. While the expiry date of the PSA is extended, the approval restricts future activity to areas high-graded by New World in its extension application and areas identified as viable drilling targets by the seismic programme conducted in 2012-2013. New World chairman Christopher Einchcomb said, “We continue to analyse different drilling techniques with a view to maximizing our potential chances of success whilst at the same time reducing the net cost to the group should we decide to conduct future drilling operations”

    Guatemalan comic holds big lead ahead of Sunday election: poll
    Guatemalan comic Jimmy Morales should triumph easily in a second round run-off on Sunday to elect the country's next president after the arrest of the previous leader in a massive corruption scandal, a poll showed on Wednesday. Morales, a political outsider given little hope of winning until graft probes engulfed the government of ex-president Otto Perez, is forecast to win by more than 30 points over his opponent, according to a voter survey by polling firm Prodatos. The poll gave Morales, a self-proclaimed centrist with conservative leanings, 58.5 percent support, ahead of ex-first lady Sandra Torres, a center-left candidate, on 27.6 percent. The remainder expressed no preference for either. Perez resigned last month just days ahead of a first round of voting after Congress stripped him of his presidential immunity and Guatemala's attorney general accused him of involvement in a multi-million dollar customs fraud.


  • SANCAS Realty - Christie's International Real Estate, 3min. Learn more about SANCAS Realty, the exclusive Christie's International Real Estate affiliate for the tropical paradise of Belize in this brief video.

  • Nurse Shark Attack in Belize, 2min. Wife attacked by Shark in Belize....someone had been feeding this nurse shark and he was aggressive.

  • Maya of Belize Chocolate Farm with Reyes Chun, 4.5min. Ecotourism Director Reyes Chun takes us on a mlpa tour, and we have delicious creamy Maya chocolate drink (a chocolate atole or champurrado.) The creamy chocolate is made by Chun's mother with homegrown ingredients: ground cacao, corn meal, warm water, honey and pepper.

  • San Ignacio Belize Mayor Speaks about Expats in Belize, 12min. Meet John August who speaks as the Mayor of San Ignacio Belize. Mr. August is now the UDP Standard Bearer for the Cayo North East Constituency. In this segment of Belize Talk Radio he shares his thoughts about people moving to Belize as Expats.

  • Belize Mayor John August in San Ignacio Town, 8min. Belize Mayor John August ( now the UDP Standard Bearer for the Cayo North East Constituency)- talks about the NEW roads and improvements in San Ignacio Belize. Including the new sidewalk in front of Atlantic Bank on Burns Avenue.

  • RAMON MONCHIE CERVANTES JR. AND HIS FAMILY SPEAK OUT ON ACCUSATION MADE AGAINST HIM, 6min. Today Ramon “Monchi” Cervantes Jr., the PUP Standard Bearer for Orange Walk North, broke silence and spoke to the media about what actually happened in court yesterday during the preliminary inquiry into the murder of his father Ramon Cervantes Sr.

  • BWRC Introduction - Vision, mission and activities, 5.5min. The Belize Wildlife Referral Clinic is celebrating 3 years of being open and providing free care to the wildlife of Belize. They are getting ready for their 2nd annual Gala Fundraiser, which will be on November 21st. They have a great video out about their vision and mission which really shows how much they care about Belize's wildlife. "Our menu will feature 'Reef and Beef' including once again the serious but also scrumptious threat to our reef - lionfish. Julian Sherrard has kindly agreed to be this years MC. We continue to receive amazing donations for this years silent auction (check out clinic FB for some images). The ticket price will be 85Bz. We hope you will join us for a lovely dinner with Silent Auction and Entertainment, in support of BWRC's free medical and rehabilitation services for imperilled wildlife and conservation organisations."

  • World Culture Band in Peten, 7min. Cayo's World Culture Band playing at the Reggea Festival in Peten a few weeks ago. There's also one new track played in the video. Great job, Daniel Velazquez! "Live footage of concert in San Francisco Peten Guatemala Reggia Festival 2015, and one new track from new album."

  • Caye Caulker, Belize, 4.5min.

  • Belize, 4min.

  • Placencia, Belize diving the Pompion Wall /Reef, 3min. Scuba diving the Pompion Wall/reef near Placencia Belize on 10-8-15. Splash Dive Center. Guide: Doren.

  • that one time in Belize, 2min. just having fun in Belize.

  • that one time in Belize part 2, 4min. At the Mayan Temple of the Sun God..

  • Belize trip(Rastafarian), 2.5min. Reggae music

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    Helping hands on Rainy Days
    With rainy season in full force, a little tropical depression has brought a downpour of showers across the nation and it’s been raining cats and dogs crocodiles and monkeys! All a part of living in the tropics. While many people can appreciate a little rain to break up the recent heat, Mother Nature decided to be extra generous here with us in the Jewel; so much in fact, that there has been flooding in several vicinities. The good news is, Belizeans, in true Belizean fashion, have united to help out families and people affected in the flood zones….whether it be providing home cooked meals, non-perishable food supplies, fresh water, clothes, shelter or even transportation to evacuate the affected areas, Belizeans have certainly come together to share with their neighbors a helping hand.

    PUBLIC ADVISORY – Update on Water Systems
    The Ministry of Health hereby notifies the public that a number of water systems were affected with the passage of the recent flooding. To date, water services have been restored to all affected water systems with the exception of Sarteneja which needs extensive work. As the country advances the recovery stage in the affected areas, it is important that your drinking water source be monitored to make sure it remains safe. Take note that if your water appears discolored, has a foul odor or an odor of chemicals, it is contaminated and unsafe for drinking. If such circumstances occur, you are hereby asked to notify your nearest health authority, the Belize Water Services and/or your local Water Boards. In the interim, you should stop using the water and use water from other safe sources.

    Belize Armed Forces receive foreign training
    The South Command United States of America Marine Corps are in Belize conducting training regiments with the Belize Coast Guard (BCG). The Marines are on a short-term deployment throughout Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Belize, teaching basic infantry skills. The training is being held in order to build and maintain a partnership capacity with the individual countries through shared values, challenges and responsibilities. Throughout the training, which started in September of 2015, BCG has participated in several tactical and field exercises. The majority of the training took place at the Williamson Complex in Ladyville Village, Belize District. Some of the skills taught as part of the training included camouflage, terrain modeling and marking, field exercises, and security patrols.

    Third Quarter Tourist Arrivals register increase
    The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) has released the tourism arrivals for the third quarter of 2015. According to the statistics reported by BTB, Belize experienced a significant 6.9% increase in overnight arrivals from July to September 2015, when compared to the same period in 2014. This increase in overnight arrivals in the third quarter comes after a 0.8% decrease in the first seven months of 2015 (compared to 2014). BTB reported that the largest increase in overnight arrivals was registered in September 2015, as there was a 19.3% jump compared to the same time in 2014. “September saw an astounding increase; the highest increase ever recorded for the month of September, going as far back as 2006. There were 14,242 overnight visitors in September 2015, which is an increase of 2,299 compared to September 2014,” stated BTB. Every month since June 2015 has registered increased arrivals, when compared to the same months in 2014.

    Southwest Airlines inaugurates Belize flight; tourism arrivals already increasing
    The highly anticipated arrival of Southwest Airlines’ inaugural flight to Belize officially landed on October 15, 2015. Flying out of Hobby International, the flight was scheduled to arrive at 3PM; therefore, formal ceremonies took place at 2:40PM, before its historic landing on Belizean soil. Inside the Philip Goldson International Airport, at the Southwest boarding area, host Karen Pike, Director of Marketing for BTB welcomed guests and speakers, including US Ambassador to Belize, Honorable Carlos Moreno, Jorge Espat – Managing Director of the Belize Airport Concession Co., Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. – Minister of Tourism, Culture & Civil Aviation, and James Ashworth, Managing Director of Customer Support and Services of Southwest Airlines.

    Ambergris Today

    Belize Strengthens Digital Footprint at First Ever Digital Marketing Summit
    The Belize Tourism Board assisted the country’s tourism stakeholders in strengthening Belize’s digital footprint by hosting the first ever Digital Marketing Summit at the Ramada Belize City Princess in Belize City on Tuesday, October 20, 2015. The summit brought together nine international presenters to share their knowledge and vast information on how Belize can capitalize and optimize marketing opportunities on the internet. The objective was to build a stronger capacity within the tourism stakeholders so that they can work alongside the BTB’s ongoing aggressive social media and digital marketing campaigns.

    Young Belizean Artist Holds First Solo Exhibit in the City
    Art - the expression of human’s creative skill and imagination. On Saturday, October 17, 2015, Belizean Artist Rony Jobel hosted his first-ever solo art exhibit "Silence of Emotion" at the Image Factory in Belize City. The private event hosted by the young and talented Rony Jobel was a night to celebrate and appreciate his beautiful and emotional creations of art that surrounded the venue. Ambergris Today's Gerry Badillo was present to show support of the exhibit and interview Mr. Jobel.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Archaeology in the Community in San Ognacio
    Archaeology in the Community, Institute of Archaeology (NICH) Belize, and the U.S. Embassy are at St. Andrews Primary School in San Ignacio today!!!! Check out these photos of students learning about the culture, history and philosophy of archeology! Tomorrow Dr. Jones heads to Caye Caulker - Belize to work with students on the island!

    As the weather improves the rains are decreasing which will likely reduce the potential for flooding in some areas. RIVER CONDITIONS: In Orange Walk the Rio Hondo River is at flood stage and rising. Residents who can evacuate voluntarily are encouraged to do so. In Belize Rural the river is receding. In Gracie Rock the Sibun River is going down. The road is now passable to vehicular traffic. In Cayo the Mopan River is 2 feet above normal and rising, the Macal River is 15inches above normal. People living along the Macal and Mopan Rivers must remain vigilant. Challilo Dam is 28.91feet below the spillway, Mollejon is 3.38 feet below spillway and Vaca is 4.27 feet below the spillway In Toledo San Benito Poite the water is 2 feet of water over the bridge and drivers are asked to exercise extreme caution when crossing this area. However, the hammock bridge remains passable.

    Congratulations San Pedro Lions! 40 years of service!
    The public is invited to attend this very special celebration!

    Three Belizeans Conferred Honours on the Occasion of the Queen’s Birthday
    Three Belizeans were appointed the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire on the occasion of the Queen’s Birthday Honours. The Governor General His Excellency Sir Colville Young conferred the honours on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II at a ceremony hosted at the Belize House. The three recipients who received the honour of Ordinary Members of the Civil Division are Mr. Delhart Luthrel Courtney Sr. for his contributions to sports and the community; Mr. Victor Moreno Sr. for his contribution to music and Mrs. Noberta Pulido for her contribution to community.

    The Ministry of Health hereby notifies the public that a number of water systems were affected with the passage of the recent flooding. To date, water services have been restored to all affected water systems with the exception of Sarteneja which needs extensive work. As the country advances the recovery stage in the affected areas, it is important that your drinking water source be monitored to make sure it remains safe. Take note that if your water appears discolored, has a foul odor or an odor of chemicals, it is contaminated and unsafe for drinking. If such circumstances occur, you are hereby asked to notify your nearest health authority, the Belize Water Services and/or your local Water Boards. In the interim, you should stop using the water and use water from other safe sources.

    Ocean Academy's 1st Halloween Fundraiser Dance!
    Ocean Academy along with OA Student Government presents: Ocean Academy's 1st Halloween Fundraiser Dance! All HIGH SCHOOL students are invited! Tickets on sale- check with any Ocean Academy student or visit our office! $3 for each ticket! Venue: At Allan Chan's Event Room ( Behind Aunty's Fast Food)! Friday October 30th 2015 @ 3:00pm! Thank you to our first sponsors: Mr. Allan Chan, Bowen & Bowen Ltd, Roses Grill & Bar (Amy Canul)!!

    "It's no fun riding your bicycle anymore"
    If we aim to have a happy and successful people, then we MUST invest in them. Now, I am not speaking about being successful where “money” is concerned. I am talking about success in education, success in health, success in the workplace and success in the family. The following photo is reminiscent of village life forty-five years ago. The photo was taken in Progresso Village, Corozal in 1970. Since 1970, things have changed very little for this area in terms of infrastructure development. One must then be crudely reminded that for every one dollar that goes to our Belizean economy, seventy six cents comes from the backs of our farmers, particularly those of the north. After four days of merciless rain and flooding, it has finally subsided and once more all those seriously affected will recount their path and rythm of assessing personal and livelihood damages, start the clean up and in a number of instances many will end up having to beg politicians for help. This is inhumane. The people of the north, particularly in the Progresso, Sartenja, Chunox and Copper Bank Areas have been crying out for years for their roads to be fixed once and for all. They deserve this and better, if nothing else.

    Oceana Macal River Cleanup
    Oceana had their 2015 River and Beach Clean Up, and many Cayo students helped out with cleaning up the banks of the Macal River. Thanks, Oceana! Betta No LItta!!!!

    The Bottle Casting Call
    Another movie is going to be made here in Cayo, and you can be a part of it. It'll be entitled 'The Bottle,' and will be based upon 'The Lost Weekend.' but taking place around Cayo. Remember Kurse a di Xtabai? Many of the same producers and directors will be involved. Get in touch with the Soul Project for information about the audition.

    Images of the Black Belizean Summit in 1991 comes to mind this month on Belizean Legends, as the memory of Belize's Minister of Social Development, the late Philip Goldson, the late Mr. H. Nemhard, and Belizean anthropologist and historian, Dr. Joseph Palacio speaks of the contribution of black Belizeans to the development of Belize.

    In continuos celebration of the outstanding Belizean women of softball who gave Belize a name in the whole wide world of sports today and forever.

    The names Anthony Hutchinson, Rudy Miguel, Noel Gordon, and many more will forever be inducted into the Belizean Legends Cycling Hall of Fame. We celebrate them.

    The National Convention for the Peoples of Belize held its second annual reparations convention in Belmopan Civic Center on October 10, 2015, one year after its first national convention in 2014 at the University of Belize in Belmopan, Belize. The issue of reparations in Belize, after 500 years of slavery, oppression and exploitation of African and indgenous peoples in Belize, appears to be taking a back seat in the manifestos of both of the two main Belize poltical parties, the Peoples United Party (PUP) and the United Democratic Party (UDP). It is hoped that the Belize Progressive Party (BPP) will include this very important issue on their agenda before upcoming Belize general elections on November 4, 2015.

    Belizean Legends honor these two Africans in the diaspora who have reached out across distant shores, and has contributed significantly to the liberation of the black diaspora in Belize.

    Channel 7

    Guatemalans Among Us?
    There’s a lot of politics in the news tonight – but the hottest story in our newsroom is the one about not one, but two mass party candidates who are alleged to have Guatemalan nationality. Now, that’s like a double negative because a candidate can’t be elected to the House of Representatives if they have dual nationality, and they definitely cannot be Guatemalan citizens – in fact, there’s a special provision in the law just for that. But that’s the situation that the UDP’s Ralph Huang and the PUP’s Dr. Lesbia Guerra Cocom find themselves in tonight. Guatemalan identity documents, known as a DPI, a personal identification document that they have gotten as adults. Each situation has its own peculiarities: Huang;s wife is Guatemalan, while Guerra Cocom was born in Guatemala. But, what matters is the document – and we first asked Huang about his one:.. Jules Vasquez "Are you a Guatemalan citizen? I have seen" Ralph Huang - UDP Representative, Cayo South "No." Jules Vasquez "I have seen a cedular, a DPE with your name on it. I have it right here on my phone." Ralph Huang - UDP Representative, Cayo South "Make I see it."

    WHO dunnit!? Ramon Cervantez Sr.'s Murder Trial Takes Bizarre Shift
    And that’s not the only political story coming out of far left field tonight. The other happened in Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court today. It was the preliminary inquiry into the murder of Ramon Cervantez Sr. – the Orange Walk businessman and politician’s father who was murdered in July of 2014. Three men were accused of the crime: 22 year-old Guatemalan Noe Daniel Avila; 19 year-old Belizean Angel Antonio Cardenas, and 28 year-old Belizean Mateo Pott Jr. It should have been just a procedural hearing where Munchy Cervantez, his mother and sister were asked to be in court. But things took a most unexpected turn. One of the accused men turned around and accused Ramon Munchie Cervantez Jr of orchestrating his own father’s murder! Here’s how it went – according to court reports. While one of the accused was on the witness stand, he asked the magistrate for permission to say something. Magistrate Merlene Moody permitted him, and he said that the person who sent him to kill Cervantez is right in this courtroom. The magistrate asked if he could show her who that person is. He said yes and pointed at Ramon Munchie Cervantez Jr – saying he is the one who sent him to kill his father.

    Cops Say Son Killed Father In Stann Creek
    There is a shocking update on the weekend murder in Stann Creek. A man was charged today for murdering his own father! Police found Jose Rodolfo Sanchez dead on Sunday morning at his home on the Stann Creek Valley Road. Sanchez was chopped to the neck with a machete and his 16 gauge shotgun was also missing. Well, police charged 2 men with murder today and one of them is Jose Sanchez’s son – 24 year old Raul Sanchez. The other is 20 year old Raphael Cruz. Now, what could possibly drive a son to kill his own father ?? That’s what we asked police today but they were a bit guarded in their response and told us that they can’t disclose any more information at this time. We will keep following the story.

    PUP Manifesto Makes Sweeping Promises
    Both mass parties launched their manifestos today – and the contrast in styles was telling. The PUP had its launch at its party headquarters, under ceiling fans, while the UDP did theirs at the Biltmore’s biggest conference room under air conditioning. The PUP launch lasted 21 minutes – and they took no questions from the press, while the UDP’s lasted 75 minutes, followed by a press conference. And the difference in styles showed for more than just the event; it’s also very visible in the document itself: the PUP’s is a 10 page document with bullet points on matte paper, while the UDP’s is 40 glossy pages, in magazine style. Indeed a sharp contrast in every way – even in the kinds of promises offered. Here’s what the PUP had to offer at their event:… The PUP Candidates put their best faces forward this morning at Independence Hall - where the party has chosen to have every single public event was packed shoulder to shoulder - a long way from the air conditioned conference rooms of the PUP's past:

    UDP Manifesto: Running On Our Record
    The PUP manifesto was launched at 10:00 am – and so was the UDP’s – although, as we pointed out, the styles were very different. While the PUP went to hit it out of the park with abundant promises, the UDP, seasoned and sobered by two terms in office were far more ground bound in their promise package. Here’s what we heard from the party seeking a third term:… Douglas Singh - UDP Manifesto Organizer "Putting together this manifesto was not an easy task, last time I think our manifesto was 28 pages, and we’re 40 pages this time." And that’s because the magazine style document incorporates the party’s record – which it is running on: Dean Barrow – UDP Party Leader "How much more in addition to infrastructure the UDP has accomplished during the last almost four years."

    PUP: Something Suspicious With Cayo Passports
    And while the manifestos took center stage today – the PUP still had the Cayo passport situation bubbling in the background. As we reported last night, Cayo police retrieved a bag with 7 passports from a San Ignacio business. It had been left there by UDP Cayo Northeast political operator Charlie Cabral. His story is that he had collected the passports while campaigning, and he was going to get visa extensions for 1 Honduran, 1 Guatemalan, 1 American, 1 Belizean, and 4 Salvadorans. But the PUP say it’s highly suspicious so they protested in front of the police station both yesterday and today demanding an investigation. Today, their party leader told the press that the entire set of circumstances is very suspicious:… Francis Fonseca - Leader of the Opposition: "It validates a lot of the reports that we've been getting over the past few weeks about UDP operatives who are engaged in trying to bring in foreign nationals to participate in this election. We are concerned that the binders at the elections and boundaries commission maybe interfered with, that is a concern.

    Lesbia: We Didn't Do It
    And if you follow the logic of alleged binder fraud – it goes right back to the assault of an elections and boundaries officer in Benque Viejo a few weeks ago. 2 weeks ago, we told you about the startling revelation from the Chief Elections Officer that one of her officers were allegedly assaulted late on Thursday, October 8, at Benque Viejo Office. Now, this officer swears that one of the supporters of the PUP in Benque hit her in the face as she exited her office late that night. Now, there’s all kinds of hysteria associated with the election season. And, right now, the PUP are suspicious that because these officers continue working late, some may be involved in election fraud by tampering with the election binders. That’s supposedly what Lesbia Guerra and her supporters were trying to verify. When we asked her about the alleged assault, she staked her reputation on the assertion that it did not happen. Here’s how she explained it:

    Faber on Collet Flood Woes
    As we showed you last night several flood victims are moving out of the shelters and back into their homes. Oscar Palacios is one of them. He left the shelter yesterday morning with his family. But the state of his house isn’t any better than the shelter, in fact as you saw it’s way worse. He and his family only have a few dry clothes and sheets and almost no food supply. This is the situation with many families especially with those living on Antelope Street Extension and other areas nearby like Jerusalem. So what is being done to assist these needy families? Well, a part from the coordinated response and relief plan that NEMO is working on, the UDP Area Representative for Collett Patrick Faber told us today that he and his team have already helped out some families in his area. Patrick Faber - Area Representative, Collet: "When the flood happened early Sunday morning, we were out. In fact I was the one who opened the shelter late Saturday night. We were out trying to signal to people that they should move to the shelter if in fact they were on safe ground in terms of the flooding. People decided, most people at that time that they would stay, that it wasn't that bad. But by Sunday morning early of course you know that situation changed."

    Faber: Kayla Not From Collet
    Another family in dire need of assistance is 28 year old Kayla Stevens and her 3 young daughters. As we told you last night, Stevens’ house collapsed under the heavy rain and flooding and she pretty much lost everything. She told us that she went to ask for help from Minister Faber but that nothing came of it. Today we asked Faber about this and he told us that he can’t go to her and help her because she doesn’t live in the Collet division but that he has done what he can for her. Jules Vasquez: "Kayla Stephens was on the news last night. She says that when she wants for help you gave her 3 boxes of cereal and some other small items; not you personally but your office." Patrick Faber - Area Representative, Collet: "Kayla is one of our constituencies. Kayla does not live; her house is not in Collet. Kayla's house is on Pen Road which is in Port Loyola. I was very dismayed to see that she said I didn't come to her house. I can't go to your house if you're not in Collet. Kayla by right came by my office and reported the damage; you heard me say that we were collecting assessments. Her application is among the others that I am about to submit. But I did not visit Kayla; contrary to what the news is saying, her house is not in Collet."

    The Rage Against Fyffes
    On Monday, we told you about Mayan King Banana Farm had to open a soup kitchen to keep hundreds of workers and their families fed. That’s after the Irish multinational fruit distributor, Fyffes, decided to cut off Belize’s largest banana farms for it’s connection to John Zabaneh, who still facing the drug kingpin designation from the US Government. That’s a deathblow for this company which can hire anywhere upwards of 1,200 to 2,000 workers, and which comprises approximately 25% of the country’s banana industry. The company was already struggling to stay afloat after being devastated by the drought. To appreciate why the sudden embargo from Fyffes affects Mayan King, you first need to understand how Belize’s banana’s are sold. The Banana Growers Association has an exclusive contract with Fyffes which means that all the banana exports - from all the Belizean farms - are sold to them and exported to Europe. So, because Fyffes refuses to do business with Maya King, that farm has nowhere to sell its product. It was already losing millions of dollars, and now, all their bananas that have been harvested, and all the bananas growing on the company’s farms, will go to waste.

    Another System Of Parental Discipline
    For many parents, when you think about discipline the first thing that may come to mind is whipping or spanking. Although corporal punishment has been banned from schools, it’s still widely accepted and practiced in homes. IN fact, it is the first if not the only resort for many parents. Well, foreign parenting experts say there is a more effective approach to guiding and directing your child. And no – it’s not just about giving your child a TIME OUT or counting to 10 – it’s about connecting and building a strong and healthy relationship with your child through a practice called mindfulness. Child Development and Parenting Expert Dr. Karen Putnam explained how this approach works. The conference is called compassionate moments workshop and it focuses on positive alternatives to raising and correcting children. The Conference will be held this Saturday at 9 in the morning to 4 and on Sunday from 10:30 in the morning to 4 at the Radisson. The conference is for parents and teachers. If you are interested you can call Michelle Williams at 610-0882.

    The Barrow Doctrine: Majority Uber Alles
    In the last 15 years or so we’ve seen the rise of the so-called social partners – the unions, chamber, the churches and civil society. They’ve taken a greater role in the senate on statutory Boards, vetting committees and other public interest bodies. And now there’s a school of thought, which says that these social partners should play an even greater role – taking on veto power and comprising majorities in certain bodies. It’s all in the name of transparency and oversight - and we’ve seen overtures from the PUP inviting this kind of inclusion. But, you won’t see that form the UDP. Call it the Barrow doctrine, but the UDP leader is a firm believer in the rule of the majority. Now, that idea is as old as parliamentary democracy – but the Barrow doctrine makes it a hardline. Today in the post manifesto launch press conference, he said, don’t get it twisted, in his house, the majority always rules:…

    Gold Panner Names Names
    The Friends for Conservation and Development, the co-managers of the Chiquibul National Park, are reporting tonight that a Guatemalan gold panner was caught inside Belizean territory. 35 year-old Eliseo Che Mucu was caught on Thursday, October 15, in an area 7 kilometers inside Belize. This gold panner, a resident of Monte Los Olivos, Dolores Peten, was caught in his camp that he had set up. The Belizean law enforcement team found 3 vials containing what they believe to to be gold. He told the Belizean officers that he, his brother Pedro Mucu, and another person who escaped, were digging in the bed of a nearby river looking for gold. He admitted while under interrogation that this is not the first time that he has been caught illegally gold panning, and that he knew that he was in Belizean territory. He says that he was once caught in the Ceibo Chico area.

    Still Flooding In North
    We have reported extensively on the floods in Belize City and the wreckage it has left behind, but what about other parts of the country? Today NEMO sent out its 12th Public advisory discussing the water levels in the North, South and West and what people in those areas can do to keep safe. It states quote, “In Orange Walk the Rio Hondo River is at flood stage and rising. Residents who can evacuate voluntarily are encouraged to do so.” It continues by saying “In Cayo the Mopan River is 2 feet above normal, the Macal River is 15 inches above normal and people living along these rivers must remain vigilant.” The advisory also mentions that the water in San Benito Toledo has risen 2 feet over the bridge. In terms of Shelters countrywide: Belize City Shelters ITVET and YWCA have 32 and 20 people respectively, in Orange Walk the San Estevan Community Center is open with 10 people and in Corozal the Ranchito Community Shelter is open with 29 people.

    Channel 5

    P.U.P. Launches its Power to the People Manifesto
    The two major political parties launched their manifestos this morning within two weeks of the November fourth general elections. Now, manifestos are a traditional part of election campaigns providing the [...]

    U.D.P. Fires Back with ‘The Best is Yet to Come’
    Where the P.U.P.’s manifesto, and manifesto launch are Spartan…the United Democratic Party hauled out all the stops with a forty-page fancy magazine type third term agenda. Their event was held [...]

    Protesters Gather to Demand Action after Passports & Immigration Documents Linked to U.D.P. Operative
    All hell broke loose in San Ignacio on Tuesday when a knapsack containing one Belizean passport and seven non-Belizean passports were found at a print shop.  A known U.D.P. operative [...]

    P.U.P. Leader Concerned That U.D.P. Engaging in Voter Tampering
    P.U.P. leader Francis Fonseca also chimed in this morning on the knapsack passports. Fonseca says he fears that U.D.P. operatives may be engaged in tampering with the voters list and [...]

    Trio Accused for Murder of Ramon Cervantes Sr. Return to Court
    Three men accused of the murder of Ramon Cervantes Senior were back in Court today for what was expected to be just a procedural matter, but that was turned upside [...]

    P.U.P. Says They Can and Will Save the Banana Industry
    A protest is planned for this Thursday at Independence Village in the south where over a thousand persons have lost their jobs in the banana industry. The protest comes on [...]

    U.D.P. OW South Candidate Lupe Magana-Dyck on the Campaign Trail
    As part of our continuing pre-election coverage, today we spoke to U.D.P. Candidate for Orange Walk South Lupe Magaña-Dyck. She’s relatively new to politics and joined the race only three [...]

    Does that Campaign Include Handing Out Goods Confiscated by Customs?
    Since we had the opportunity, we also asked the aspiring U.D.P. area representative about one of her campaign vehicles caught on camera loading up goods at the Customs Department in [...]

    Francis Fonseca Says P.U.P. Will Hit the Ground Running
    If the P.U.P. is successful on November fourth, in addition to the manifesto promises there are a number of hot-button issues which remain unresolved. There is the request for salary [...]

    …Says If Elected, P.U.P. Will Immediate Conduct Countrywide Infrastructure Assessment
    Proper infrastructure is critically important as the flooding and rains showed over the weekend in the city. It was not among the ten priority matters in the P.U.P.’s manifesto so [...]

    PM Barrow Scoffs at P.U.P. Manifesto
    As we told you, the People’s United Party released its manifesto – a much shorter, less glossy version than that of the governing party. Still, it’s full of the usual [...]

    SJCJC Appoints First Female President
    The Board of Trustees of Saint John’s College announced today the appointment of the first female president of the institution in the person of Mirtha Peralta. The new president holds [...]

    Belize City Man Busted By Surveillance Camera
    Twenty-six year old Michael Cowo is in prison tonight after pleading guilty to stealing a computer and accessories from a parked car. But unknown to him, Cowo was caught in [...]

    PM Fires Back at Media After U.D.P.’s Credibility Questioned
    Are political manifestos to be taken seriously? Are they more about politicians telling people what they want to hear, rather than a concrete plan of what can and will be [...]

    P.U.P. OW South Candidate Jose Abelardo Mai on the Campaign Trail
    Incumbent Area Representative Jose Abelardo Mai has been hard at work well before the date for the upcoming general elections was announced.  In the Orange Walk South constituency where he [...]

    Jose Abelardo Mai is Confident of Victory on November 4th
    Mai is confident that he will emerge victorious in Orange Walk South on November fourth and his party will go on to form the next government.  The reception in the [...]

    U.D.P. Collet Candidate Patrick Faber on the Campaign Trail
    On the campaign trail leading up to the November fourth General Elections, tonight we go one on one with Collet Area Representative and Minister of Education Patrick Faber. In that [...]

    Faber offended by Opponent’s Criticism…But Says Victory Will Be Overwhelming
    The criticism by his opponents is that Faber is one of seven ministers, who are in control of Belize City constituencies, yet these are the most neglected areas. Faber and [...]

    P.U.P. Collet Candidate Yasmin Shoman on the Campaign Trail
    But P.U.P. candidate, Yasmin Shoman, is neither fazed by what Faber has to say. Shoman has been on the ground in the division for over a year and says she [...]

    Shoman Hopes to Regain the Collet Seat for the P.U.P.
    For Shoman, the division is traditionally P.U.P. and she hopes to regain the seat for the party after eight years of U.D.P. control.   Yasmin Shoman, P.U.P. Candidate, Collet “We [...]


    Residence Concern About Destruction Of San Felipe Communty Center
    The community center in the Village of San Felipe which stood beside the school for more than 60 years exists no more. That is because it has been destroyed. After receiving several calls from concerned residents we headed out to the village today where we found this heavy machinery at work. Supervising the demolishing of the building was the Village’s Chairlady Cecilia Wicab. When we spoke to some residents of the village we were told they had no idea why the building was being destroyed, after all it was in good conditions. We understand that a portion of the center was once used as a community library but when the Untied Democratic Party formed Government back in 2008, the library was shut down approximately eight months after. In order to get some answers, we approached chairlady Wicab. She refused to grant us an interview on camera but told us that the building was being destroyed since there is a new project for the area. According to Wica, a basketball court and a playground will be constructed. When exactly the construction will begin, when it will be completed or who is financing the project, Wicab was unable to tell.

    Dental Medical Mission Conducting Free Medical and Dental check Ups In Paraiso Village
    Nothing says confidence like a big, bright smile and sometimes there is more to gain from a confident smile than professional success. In assisting citizens of Corozal to get a strong dose of healthy self-confidence the Corozal Organization Leading Culture Heritage and Arts (COLCHA) with funding from Fair-trade has partnered with several entities. One of them is mission Project Belize, a project which is led by Dr. Frank Whips and includes a team of doctors, dentists and other specialists to carry out one mission - to brighten smiles. David Akierman Chairperson COLCHA: “Today we are here partnering with The Belize Cane Farmers Association Corozal Branch, Fair Trade Fund who is our corporate sponsor, the Paraiso Village Council and Mission Project Belize which is in its 25th Mission here in Belize. So Mission Project Belize is a project that started 25 years ago led by Dr. Frank Wibbs, yesterday we had a specialist doing test for our people...”

    FAO Launches Projects Involving Producers On All Levels
    Over the past 15 years, assistance to Belize through the Food and Agriculture Organization, (FAO), has been delivered through approximately 85 interventions, including a focus on policy advice, advocacy and capacity building as well as emergency assistance and resource mobilization for the food and agriculture sector. More recently, resilience building and expansion of market access have become important features of cooperation. FAO’s support continues to be instrumental today, particularly in view of the country’s commitment to achieving food security and rural development. With that comes what FAO calls the Value Chain Approach in Northern Belize. It is a project whereby all producers, input suppliers, processors and consumers are involved from producing, selling and eating. In layman terms “from the farm to the fork”. This approach or analysis looks carefully at each one involved in the project in order to pinpoint any problems which can reduce efficiency or profits. According to Dr. Ludwick Palacio, National Consultant, when it comes to the sheep value chain, the approach is geared towards three different areas which are Onions, Honey and Sheep.

    Elrington Says Belize/Guatemala Dispute Not An Issue For Belizeans But For The Media
    And while the media got an opportunity to ask questions at the UDP manifesto launch, one question was surrounding the unfounded Guatemala claim to Belize. In their presentation, nothing was highlighted about the sovereignty and plan of action for the Sarstoon Island issue. Viewers may recall that the matter has gotten a significant amount of air time on all media stations, but according to Sedi Elrington, candidate for Pickstock, claims that the matter is only one created by the media and that to the Belizean populace it is a non-issue…. Elrington daringly had the courage to say that according to the OAS, the signing of the special agreement with Guatemala was deemed one of the greatest achievements under the UDP. “It is my perception that the Belize/Guatemala issue that is being dealt with at this time is really one of those creations of the media it is not anything that the public has in fact an interest in it is a petty issue for a certain section of the media and when you hear the pronouncement of the leader of the People’s United Party they have said absolutely nothing about it...


    Gaspar Vega Responds to Murder Accusations
    Today in the Orange Walk Court, one of the men on remand for the murder of Ramon Cervantes Senior made an accusation against Ramon Cervantes Jr. The elder Cervantes’ body was found in a shallow grave on a farm in the Indian Hill area of the Orange Walk District last year. Three men, Mateo Pott, […]

    UDP Presents 40-Page Manifesto 2015 – 2020
    The United Democratic Party today launched their manifesto; “The Best is yet to come”. In 40 pages, the UDP has outlined what they will attempt to achieve if they win another term in government. The UDP manifesto touches on economics, social issues, education, tourism and national security. Love News was present for the launching and […]

    PUP Promises Big Things in Manifesto 2015 – 2019
    A manifesto is defined as a public declaration of policy and aims and is usually presented before an election by a political party or candidate. This morning in the old capital, Belize City, two of the main political parties gathered at their respective Secretariat along with their standard bearers and a room full of supporters […]

    Meridian Enterprises Not Mayan King Farms
    In our previous reports we have been mentioning the name of the company, Mayan King Farms; today, however, we got clarification from Gonzalez as to the relations between Meridian Enterprises and Mayan King Farms. JOSE DAVID GONZALEZ “Mayan King farms are practically dormant and the only reason he has chosen to not de-register that company […]

    Opposition Leader Weighs in on Crisis in the Banana Industry
    Yesterday, in speaking with the Minister of Labor, Godwin Hulse, who also serves as the Senator for Business, we were told that there isn’t much that the Government can do since this is a private sector issue. Today, we spoke with the Leader of the Opposition, Francis Fonseca, who spoke on what would be […]

    John Zabaneh – His Role with Meridian Enterprises
    So, just what is John Zabaneh’s role at Meridian Enterprises? We asked Director Gonzalez to explain. JOSE DAVID GONZALEZ “Mr. John Zabaneh is the spokesperson for his mother who is the true owner of the assets and land. His involvement is limited to the things that are not in my contract scope or mandate and […]

    Meridian Says Fyffes Reacted Hastily in Ending Business Relations
    For some time now there have been the talks of the United States of America buckling down on persons who may be affiliated with the drug or human trade and in the last few months we have been seeing just how powerful the USA is as there have been disruptions in the financial sector in […]

    Communication Shuts Down Between Fyffes and Meridian Enterprises
    The group of persons gathered in front of the police station in San Ignacio earlier today is nothing compared to what is expected come tomorrow afternoon at the Big Creek Port in southern Belize. As we told you yesterday, there are over one thousand workers who have been forced to stay home since last Thursday […]

    Fonseca Says UB and SSB Issues Will Be Resolved
    Following the launch of the PUP Manifesto this morning, we had a few minutes with the Party Leader, Francis Fonseca in which we asked him that should his party form the next government, how would he tackle the current issues looming overhead including the University of Belize’s Faculty and Association demanding a salary increase as […]

    Chebat Wants Public Debate with UDP Opponent
    The General Elections is two weeks away and things are heating up as the day draws nearer. One standard bearer who seems to be getting into the thick of things is Michel Chebat for the People’s United Party in Cayo North. Today, we came across a letter he wrote to his UDP opponent, Dr Omar […]


    PUP promises “power to the people” in new manifesto
    The People’s United Party (PUP) today delivered its plan of action for the next four years in a manifesto entitled “Power to the People,” which it says encompasses and summarizes its plans and objectives for the people who it hopes will return them to Government in the next fourteen days. Befo...

    UDP say “the best is yet to come”
    In 2008, the United Democratic Party wanted you to Imagine the Possibilities. Four years later they wanted you in on the Action Plan. Three and a half years on, they promise that the Best is Yet to Come as they seek a 3rd term in office. This morning at the Biltmore Hotel in Belize City, 29 of the ...

    San Pedro Taxi man charged with rape of minor
    San Pedro resident, 50 year old Alfonso Wiltshire was arrested and charged for the rape of a minor. President of the San Pedro Taxi Association, Alfonso Wiltshire, was arraigned last week Friday for forcibly raping a thirteen year old girl at least five times, once by gunpoint. It appears that Wilt...

    Guatemalan Gold Panner Detained
    Joint forces have captured a Guatemalan gold panner in Belizean territory. On the 15th of October, 35 year old Eliseo Che Mucu was found approximately 7 kilometers inside Belize in the Chiquibul National Park. Authorities searched his camp and 3 vials containing what is believed to be gold were fou...

    Knapsack of passports found in Cayo; prompts PUP protest
    A knapsack containing numerous Belizean passports was found at a business establishment located on Burns Avenue San Ignacio. According to reports, someone accidentally left the bag at the business place and upon making checks inside the bag to verify its ownership, the workers found several passport...

    Judge rules Fort Street Tourism Village cannot fetter Stake Bank project
    GOB signed onto an agreement with Fort Street Tourism Village back in 2004, giving the port exclusivity in the Belize District. Years later, Michael Feinstein sought to develop another docking facility through the Stake Bank Project but because of the exclusivity contract given to Fort Street , Fein...

    GOB must pay for police officer’s death
    Supreme Court Justice Sonia Young has ruled against the Government of Belize, the Belize Police Department, Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie and police officer Glenwayne Grant, holding them responsible for the death of Constable Dean Yearwood two years ago. Yearwood’s family took the Government t...

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Churches plan flood relief efforts
    The organizations representing Belize’s largest Christian and other religious denominations have initiated a relief plan to address the recent flooding in the north and east of the country. Today the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches and Belize Council of Churches stated in a press release that, quote, “We […]

    WIN-Belize candidates’ forum canceled
    This evening the Women’s Issues Network Belize announced that the first of its kind women candidates’ forum scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, has been canceled. The organization along with two United Nations organizations had called the forum under the title, “Don’t worry about my GENDER, worry about my AGENDA!” […]

    SJC names first female president
    A lady is now in charge of St. John’s College’s four divisions, including the all-boys’ high school. Mrs. Mirtha Peralta, an alumna of the junior college division of the institution, has been appointed the first female President of SJC, replacing Andrew Lopez. She previously taught at San Pablo […]

    Citrus grower Bill Bowman endorses BPP
    The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) has picked up the endorsement of citrus pioneer and major grower Bill Bowman of the Pomona Valley area. A press release issued yesterday by the party said that according to Bowman, “We need change, change is a must. We have seen the corruption […]

    PUP, UDP present manifestos
    The People’s United Party (PUP) has delivered its plan of action for the next four years in a manifesto entitled “Power to the People,” which it says encompasses and summarizes its plans and objectives for the people who it hopes will return them to Government in the next […]

    Queen’s Birthday honors for three Belizeans
    Three Belizeans were appointed to the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire on the occasion of the Queen’s Birthday Honours. The Governor General, His Excellency Sir Colville Young, conferred the honours on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen at a ceremony hosted at the Belize House in […]

    Fyffes cuts ties with Mayan King farm over Zabaneh; workers protest
    The Irish Times reports that because businessman and accused drugs trafficker John Zabaneh, is acting as spokesperson for Meridian Farms, owner of the Mayan King Banana Farm in Independence, Fyffes UK has stopped buying its bananas, even as the company is in crisis following a drought. The U.S. Treasury Department […]

    ITU makes computer donation to Belize
    Five organizations, including three schools, will be benefiting from a computer donation by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in support of the Ministry of Energy, Science & Technology and Public Utilities’ (METSPU) mandate, which will be handed over in a ceremony tomorrow at the George Price Center for Peace and […]

    Belize Bank supports Crime Stoppers
    Belize Bank Limited recently donated $2,000 to the not-for-profit organization, Crime Stoppers, which works with youth and fights against crime in Belize City. That money was used to transport 150 at risk youth to Cucumber Beach and provide food and drinks, prizes, pay lifeguards, police and medical personnel, for a […]

    Plenty Fun coming to PG
    On Friday, October 16, Plenty Belize, which is a non-governmental organization, and the Punta Gorda Town Council (PGTC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a youth program called “Plenty Fun, Plenty Voice, Plenty Safe.” This program will help children and youth from disadvantaged areas of PG benefit from football […]

    Moisture is decreasing over the area and improving weather continues
    The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting cloudy spells today and tonight with a few showers and isolated thunderstorms mainly along the coast, decreasing tonight. Winds will be blowing from the East at 10 to 20 knots, becoming gusty near showers and thunderstorms. The sea state will be moderate, […]

    PUP promises “power to the people” in new manifesto
    The People’s United Party (PUP) has delivered its plan of action for the next four years in a manifesto entitled “Power to the People.” In it, the party promises the following: Create 25,000 jobs; no to the ICJ, NHI rollout, free education, freehold title to first time land owners, […]

    El Chapo evades capture again but may have been injured
    There are reports that fugitive cartel kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman might have broken his leg during a pursuit from authorities earlier this month. According to a report on CNN, the pursuit came after Mexican Marines and other special forces spotted the Sinaloa cartel chief on October 9th near the town of Cosala, […]


    Recognizing the Seriousness of Our Current Situation
    In order to improve humanities chances we need to recruit more social scientists into the battle to avoid an increasing unsustainable world. It is unfortunate, as Harald Welzer of the Institute for the Advanced Study in the Humanities in Essen notes about those scientists’ failure to deal with climate disruption: “In the social and cultural sciences, it is exactly as if such things as social breakdown, resource conflict, mass migration, safety threats, widespread fears, radicalization and militarized or violence governed economies did not belong to their sphere of competence.” Welzer points out that there is probably no equivalent in the history of science when a documented existential threat “has been regarded with such calmness by social or cultural theorists.” There are of course outstanding exceptions. But with regard to the vast majority of social scientists – indeed scholars in general, Welzer is correct. The reasons are multiple. One, of course, is simply denial. A second is the difficulty of understanding even common attributes of social systems, which are much more complex than systems in the biophysical sciences, and the latter often contribute their complexities to the social world. For instance, aggression, common as it is, itself remains a poorly understood behavior. Another factor is the pitifully poor education in the biophysical sciences to which most social scientists (and most “educated” people) are exposed.

    Belize’s First Digital Summit: Belize…We Have LOTS of Opportunity
    Yesterday’s First Belize Digital Summit, held by the Belize Tourism Board, and featuring speakers from Belize and from the US was perfect. And showed me (and the entire room) WHAT A MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY WE HAVE IN BELIZE. It was an all day conference with a full line-up, from Moon Guide author Joshua Berman to social media and marketing experts from a number of areas. Here are some of the things we learned: YOUR business needs to be on social media. No ifs ands buts…Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Attention spans are SHORT. Do your pictures make people stop…or even say WOW? Looking at the furniture in on your resort’s website? Meh. Next! Tell people YOUR STORY. Belize, to many, is a blank slate. Mike Chatsfield, an AMAZING speaker, who closed the conference, gave us some numbers of a survey he did in NYC. 92% of people hadn’t been to Belize, 70% didn’t know anyone who had been…THIS IS AN AMAZING OPPORTUNITY.

    Meeting the spider monkeys - Kelly becomes a monkey career at Wildtracks
    Months ago, when I decided to explore the depths of my curiosity with wildlife conservation, I knew I needed to look into volunteer opportunities to get my feet wet. As a postgrad, all I could think about was throwing myself into experiences—immediately linking experience with travel. This couldn’t be just any trip, but one that lit a fire under my arse. It was easy to see after some mild scrutiny that Wildtracks was the best possible option. A lot of programs seem to lack affordability and, simply put, they just weren’t as interesting. I arrived at Wildtracks and immediately it was a sensory overload. I met over a dozen people who not only had already developed relationships with each other, but with the animals. After my first day, I found myself constantly questioning whether the volunteers were talking about humans, monkeys or manatees (no joke). A couple of days went by and I caught on that many of them had only been there a week or two themselves. I then received my allocations, working with the spider monkeys and two of the pre-release howler monkeys, and in no time I started to feel the flow of things. I had survived the wrath of the mosquitos (I happened to arrive just after the first influx of rain this season) and I was utterly stoked to be there. I had a purpose, a role.

    Belize Food: Chef Edward Mendoza raises the bar!
    We’ve just received word that The Lodge at Chaa Creek has engaged the services of globetrotting and internationally renowned Chef Edward Mendoza to take the already highly regarded kitchen & Belize Food to “the next level,” in the words of co-owner GM Lucy Fleming. Chef Mendoza arrives at Chaa Creek October 20, 2015, and the excitement has been, well… palatable. The Augusta, Georgia native has been creating ripples far and wide since he graduated university and went on to earn an associates degree in culinary arts in the foodie mecca of Vail, Colorado, where he also gained experience as a line cook. Then it was on to Louis’ of Charleston, South Carolina where he perfected classic French techniques with a southern flair. With the onsite Maya organic farm to draw upon (while reducing farm to table miles as part of the ever – Green, sustainable ethos of the Fleming family), fresh seafood from the nearby Caribbean sea, and the livestock, cheeses and other dairy products Belize’s lush pastures produce, and having a team of enthusiastic young Belizeans champing at the bit to hone their skills, Chef Edward will have plenty to work with.

    Paycation or Payscam: Belize’s New Certified Travel Agency
    Two weeks ago, I saw that a lady posted on Facebook that she had completed a training to be a Certified Travel Agent. She appeared interested in doing bookings for Belizeans. I was a bit puzzled by this. I would have expected that it’s much more lucrative to book tours for international visitors to Belize than being interest in booking Belizeans out of country. Thinking little of it, I just continued scrolling my Facebook feed. Today, I became suspicious when I saw another Belizean posted that he too had completed a program and is now a Certified Travel Agent. I was compelled to do a little investigation. It turns out the certificate are being issued by a company named Xstream Travel operating out of the United States. Upon visiting the website, my suspicions become more acute. I am aware of the general features of website scams and this had all of them, reflecting the handiwork of an amateur. It is a basic website with no substantive content about the company and the training. The sole purpose of the website is to lure visitors in. Users must email them to get superficial instructions to become “Certified” which I did.

    Belize in November – What to do?
    November is a great time to visit Belize. The weather is nice (it’s the end of the rainy season) and it’s just pre tourism high season (December to April) so you might still get a few good deals on tours and accommodations. I’ve written before on how to save on a Belize vacation so make sure to check that out. As for things to do in November, here’s a list of tours and activities. And below are the three main events: Battle of the Drums is a celebration of Garifuna music and culture that takes place every year in Punta Gorda, Toledo. Some of the best drumming groups from all over Belize and Central America gather to compete and showcase their incredible talent and skills. November 19 is a national holiday that celebrates the arrival of the Garifuna people to Southern Belize (known as British Honduras at the time). They arrived in Stann Creek by sea in the early 1800s and now every year there is a reenactment followed by religious ceremonies and cultural celebrations.

    International Sourcesizz

    Sunscreen Could Be Killing The World's Coral Reefs, Just one drop of the stuff can damage delicate corals
    Scientists who conducted their research in Hawaii and the U.S. Virgin Islands found that the chemical oxybenzone -- used in more than 3,500 sunscreen products worldwide, including those by popular brands such as Coppertone, L’Oreal and Banana Boat -- was extremely harmful to fragile coral reefs. "The chemical not only kills the coral, it causes DNA damage in adults and deforms the DNA in coral in the larval stage, making it unlikely they can develop properly," a news release reported. The researchers said even a tiny amount of oxybenzone-containing sunscreen can damage corals. As The Washington Post noted, "the equivalent of a drop of water in a half-dozen Olympic-sized swimming pools" was sufficient to cause harm. Every year, approximately 14,000 tons of sunscreen ends up in coral reefs worldwide. "The use of oxybenzone-containing products needs to be seriously deliberated in islands and areas where coral reef conservation is a critical issue," said lead researcher Craig Downs. "We have lost at least 80 percent of the coral reefs in the Caribbean. Any small effort to reduce oxybenzone pollution could mean that a coral reef survives a long, hot summer, or that a degraded area recovers."

    Hunting the Godzilla El Niño
    As a massive El Niño warming builds in the equatorial Pacific Ocean, researchers hope to make the most of their chance to study this havoc-wreaking phenomenon. The tropical Pacific seemed out of sorts this August, as oceanographer Kelvin Richards and his team cruised along the equator east of the Marshall Islands. Six tropical cyclones had barrelled across the ocean in the previous month, and more were spinning up as Richards' research expedition got under way. The sea surface across the region was abnormally warm, with water temperatures at least 1 °C higher than expected. And when the oceanographers peered below the surface, they found signs of intense turbulence extending hundreds of metres down. The team had found itself cruising through a spectacular El Niño warming event — one that may become the strongest ever recorded. Big El Niños can turn climate conditions in the Pacific upside down and disrupt weather around the globe. The impacts of this one have already been felt. Indonesia has suffered through a withering drought that has intensified fires in forests and agricultural land, and Pacific corals are experiencing one of the worst bleaching events on record. Peru has declared a state of emergency in some regions in expectation of flooding, and farmers in Australia have been put on alert for expected drought.

    Jimmy Morales aventaja por 35 puntos a Sandra Torres
    The "let's take back Belize!" candidate is leading in the Guatemalan presidential elections... Depending on what paper you read (unfortunately) Prensa Libre is his paper and polls are fixed.
    A dos días del cierre de la campaña electoral y a solo cuatro de las votaciones en segunda vuelta, el candidato Jimmy Morales de FCN-Nación cuenta con el 67.9 por ciento de votos válidos emitidos en papeleta simulada, frente a 32.1 por ciento de la presidenciable Sandra Torres, de la Unidad Nacional de la Esperanza. De hecho, este resultado coincide con la tendencia marcada por la tercera Encuesta Libre, presentada antes de la primera vuelta electoral, en la cual al preguntar a los ciudadanos sobre una potencial segunda vuelta entre Morales y Torres, este lograba un porcentaje superior al 50. Los ciudadanos consultados coinciden en reconocer la falta de un programa de gobierno y de experiencia política y gubernamental de Morales, pero aún así muestran preferencia, probablemente porque dicho candidato aprovechó el rechazo hacia la clase política.

    After sunscreen protects humans it massacres coral reefs
    The sunscreen that snorkelers, beachgoers and children romping in the waves lather on for protection is killing coral and reefs around the globe. And a new study finds that a single drop in a small area is all it takes for the chemicals in the lotion to mount an attack. The study, released Tuesday, was conducted in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Hawaii several years after a chance encounter between a group of researchers on one of the Caribbean beaches, Trunk Bay, and a vendor waiting for the day’s invasion of tourists. Just wait to see what they’d leave behind, he told the scientists – “a long oil slick.” His comment sparked the idea for the research. Not only did the study determine that a tiny amount of sunscreen is all it takes to begin damaging the delicate corals — the equivalent of a drop of water in a half-dozen Olympic-sized swimming pools — it documented three different ways that the ingredient oxybenzone breaks the coral down, robbing it of life-giving nutrients and turning it ghostly white. Yet beach crowds aren’t the only people who add to the demise of the coral reefs found just off shore. Athletes who slather sunscreen on before a run, mothers who coat their children before outdoor play and people trying to catch some rays in the park all come home and wash it off.

    Stream2Sea | EcoConscious & Biodegradable Sunscreen
    Protecting the health of our fragile marine environments is our responsibility. Our sunscreen and skin care choices have a direct impact on our oceans, rivers, lakes and streams. Know what those choices are—and how to make a difference. Join us as we work to provide ecoconscious and biodegradable sunscreens and skin care that doesn’t damage our waters or our bodies. We’ll share our lab work, trials, and findings as we take our products through biodegradability and aquatic toxicity tests.

    Biodegradable Sunscreen
    Discussion on TripAdvisor

    Pastor’s work in Belize helps him draw connections to areas of poverty and violence in St. Louis
    Father Matt Ruhl has been exposed to poverty and violence all over the world. One of his first assignments as a Jesuit was to lead a classroom at St. John’s College in Belize. Following that experience, he came to the St. Louis are to serve in urban parishes in East St. Louis and North St. Louis. In 2011, he returned to Belize, serving as the pastor of St. Martin de Porres Parish in Belize City. His time in both St. Louis and Belize City has helped him draw connections between the two, and what more could be done to help people in both places. “In Belize and in St. Louis, the church can’t do it by itself,” Ruhl said on Wednesday’s “St. Louis on the Air.” “The Jesuits can’t do it by itself. The neighborhoods can’t do it by itself. Everybody has to be looking in the same direction. Businesses, churches, governments, they all have to be looking in the same direction. There’s a city-wide collaboration, that’s the only way.”

    Study: global warming will make much of the world poorer
    A new report in the journal Nature gives a dire forecast about climate change: adapting to it is going to be much more difficult than many people think. The reason? The researchers said that economic productivity falls as temperatures rise. Marshall Burke of Stanford University and his co-authors studied the relationship between temperature and economic activity over the last 50 years. And they found that an average annual temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Celsius) was an important threshold. According to a new study, countries whose average temperature is above 55 degrees Fahrenheit or 13 degrees Celsius — like Belize — may see their productivity hurt by global warming. Those lower than that average could get an economic boost.

    Backroads, Coppola partner in Central America
    The Family Coppola Resorts is partnering with Backroads as it expands to offer adventure tours in Belize and Guatemala. Backroads guests will stay at two of Coppola’s Central American properties, Blancaneaux Lodge in Belize and La Lancha in Guatemala, as part of Backroads Belize & Guatemala Multisport Trips, which include opportunities to visit Mayan temples and activities such as biking, hiking, canoeing, caving, swimming, snorkeling and birding. “For over 36 years, Backroads has set the bar high with our expertly curated trips across the globe,” said Backroads Founder and President Tom Hale. He added that with the Coppola partnership, Backroads clients "can relax and recharge surrounded by rain forest and nature after an expertly designed active, fun-filled and action-packed day spent exploring.” Myriam Kournaf, managing director of the Family Coppola Resorts, said “Backroads' adventure-loving clientele are a perfect fit for the remote luxuries our Central American properties have to offer.”

    Year a long time in banana business
    What a difference a year makes. This week in 2014, the management and board of Fyffes were sitting around waiting for shareholders of US rival Chiquita to vote on their proposed $1 billion merger, which would have created the world’s biggest banana company. The Chiquita shareholders defied their board and rejected the deal, opting instead for a tie-up with Cutrale, a Brazillian-backed juice company. Fyffes was spurned, along with its executive chairman David McCann, who was to have led the merged company. When the deal collapsed, it appeared to be bad news for Fyffes. McCann, however, let it be known that it was business as usual and the Irish company would keep doing what it had always done: investing conservatively, growing steadily. No panic, he counselled. McCann was right. The aborted tie-up with Chiquita originally valued Fyffes at €1.22 a share, although its share price fell back to about 94 cent after the deal collapsed last October. Yesterday, Fyffes share price closed at €1.49. It broke back through the €1 mark shortly after last Christmas and hasn’t looked back since, rising more than 50 per cent since the merger fell at the final hurdle.

    Leonardo DiCaprio Redefines Eco-Tourism With New Island Resort
    In his latest project, the “Wolf of Wall Street” is focused on the manatees of Belize. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio plans to turn a 104-acre private island in Belize into a game-changing new model for eco-tourism around the world. When it opens in 2018, the resort and conservation areas on Blackadore Caye will host both tourists and scientists, while creating habitat for marine life, and restoring native species both on the island and in the water around it – including manatees. New Zealand to Create Massive Ocean Sanctuary the Size of France “The main focus is to do something that will change the world,” DiCaprio told the New York Times. “I couldn’t have gone to Belize and built on an island and done something like this, if it weren’t for the idea that it could be groundbreaking in the environmental movement.” Shortly after his first visit to the Central American country in 2005, Dicaprio bought Blackadore Caye for $1.75 million – then spent nearly ten years looking for the right developer to create a new model for eco-tourism resorts.

    Primed for Exploration
    Despite oil's tailspin over the past year, the Northern Latin American offshore is maintaining momentum. Boardrooms in Houston and London are tightening belts to compensate for shrinking profit margins amid the uncertainty, but the recent uptick in Caribbean area activity has yielded two headline grabbing discoveries in maritime Guyana and Colombia. While Belize produces onshore crude from fields like the Belize Natural Energy-operated Spanish Lookout, plans for offshore development has been more contentious. In 2015, the Geology and Petroleum Department, which falls under Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology and Public Utilities, released a draft copy of a proposed Petroleum Exploration Zones and Exploration Guidelines. But Oceana Belize and other conservationist groups unleashed a campaign to halt offshore exploration, claiming the country's reef system would be at risk. Offshore exploration in the near term also looks unlikely. A court in 2013 banned drilling in six Production Sharing Agreements (PSAs) held by Princess Petroleum, Island Oil, SOL, PetroBelize and Miles Tropical and Providence Energy.


  • zipline belize, 4min. Just a short walk from where we ended tubing through the caves was a series of ziplines which Ditsi and I jumped on to have a little fun. Our two guides Oscar and Hector were great which added to the fun!

  • Successful release!, 5.5min. BWRC is lucky to have a number of partners providing rehabilitation for certain species for which BWRC then provides only medical checks, care, sometimes rescue or surgery if necessary, before transferring into rehab. This tamandua was rescued at the Lower Dover Field Station after a dog attack and examination revealed several broken ribs and a moderate pneumothorax (collapsed lung). We stabilised, observed and as soon and we opted to attempt conservative treatment (without surgery) she went into Ella Baron's incredibly dedicated care, and thrived, and recovered faster then any usual mammal would. Belize is very fortunate to have one of few dedicated organisations for the rehabilitation of Tamanduas, and Xenarthans with the Tamandua Refuge.

  • Astrum helicopters to Cayo Espanto Belize, 2min.

  • Placencia, Belize snorkeling near SIlk Caye, 3min.

  • Scuba Diving Ambergris Caye, Belize, 5min. Diving in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

    October 21, 2015


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    Digital Marketing Summit
    Belize Tourism Industry partners are benefiting from the first ever Digital Marketing Summit hosted by the Belize Tourism Board. Participants have enjoyed presentations from travel writers, professional photographers, marketing agents and digital brand strategists. BTB hopes that this forum will help businesses strengthen their digital marketing strategies.

    Help Vote to Win More Travel Awards for Belize
    Voting for the World categories is now open and we ask everyone to go and cast their votes to support our country. The same procedures as before apply for these categories. Voting closes on November 8th, 2015. The Grand Final Gala Ceremony will take place on December 12th, 2015, in Morocco. To vote for Belize, please visit , go to Nominees, then to the World Nominees 2015. 2) Second, Ambergris Caye, Belize, has been nominated by USA Today’s 10Best Readers’ Choice travel award contest for Best Caribbean Destination for Adventure. Winners are chosen by readers of USA Today and 10Best, which “provides users with original, unbiased, and experiential travel content of top attractions, things to do, and restaurants for top destinations in the U.S. and around the World. No Business pays to be listed.”

    Taxi driver Alfonso Wiltshire charged for rape of 13-year-old minor
    In an official report, police indicated that the minor, accompanied by her mother, visited the San Pedro Police Station and reported that Wiltshire had sexual intercourse with her against her will multiple times. The minor reported that the first incident occurred on Sunday, May 3rd when Wiltshire entered her residence and approached her carrying a black handgun. Wiltshire threatened the minor not to tell anyone, or he would kill her. He then begun touching her indecently, and proceeded to have sexual intercourse with her. Fearing for her life, the female told no one. Another incident occurred on Friday, October 2nd at around 1PM, while the minor was at home along with her younger sister. Again Wiltshire threatened her and forcefully had sexual intercourse with her. Following the report, police carried out an extensive investigation. A medical examination was also performed on the minor, which indicated that she was carnally known. The medical practitioner who carried out the exam listed the minor’s injuries as grievous harm. With the substantial evidence, police carried out a special operation leading to Wiltshire’s arrest. He was charged and remanded to the Belize Central Prison until his first court hearing.

    New Dialysis Center brings convenience, lower cost to Kidney patients in Belize
    “DIALISIS de BELICE” announces the opening of their new dialysis facility on the Belize-Corozal Road in Orange Walk Town on Wednesday, October 21 st , at 10:00 a.m. Their new, state-of-the-art dialysis unit provides convenient and affordable in-center hemodialysis options closer to home for patients nationwide. The Facility is now accepting new patients and can accommodate 75 in total for in-center hemodialysis.

    Heavy rainfall causes flooding across the country
    Several areas in Belize remain under water, as a Tropical Depression has brought much rain to the southern Mexico and western Central American region. The inclement weather has been battering the northern region of Belize as of late Friday, October 16th, leaving severe flooding in its wake. The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) has since been mobilized and is assisting those most affected. As Tropical Depression 2 moves out of the region, meteorologists expect that its low pressure will gradually become better organized and will evolve into the next named tropical storm by Thursday, October 22nd. Here in San Pedro, the weather primarily affected the San Mateo, Boca del Rio, San Juan, San Pedrito, San Pablo and DFC area. According to the San Pedro Emergency Operations Committee (EOC) a family of three were evacuated from the San Mateo Area and sheltered at the San Pedro High School (SPHS) until the water receded from their home.The SPHS was opened as the designated flood shelter for all individuals seeking refuge. In an effort to scope out the situation on the island, NEMO personnel along with the San Pedro Town Council and volunteers conducted several tours across the island to identify possible residents in need of help. The EOC also observed severe beach erosion along the eastern beach coastline of the island.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    “DIALISIS de BELICE” announces the opening of their new dialysis facility on the Belize-Corozal Road in Orange Walk Town on Wednesday, October 21st, at 10:00 a.m. Their new, state-of-the-art dialysis unit provides convenient and affordable in-center hemodialysis options closer to home for patients nationwide. The Facility is now accepting new patients and can accommodate 75 in total for in-center hemodialysis. Carlos Perrera, Managing Partner, commented, "We are excited to be able to offer the very best in dialysis care to our patients. We want to provide an affordable service to fellow Belizeans and increase life expectancy. The Facility exemplifies our goal to be the best of the best for people with kidney disease, helping them to live healthier lives, where quality of life is at the highest possible level. We want to help those in need of the service as there is a great demand, and our ability to combine such care with preventative services and education is taking dialysis services to greater heights.”

    Ambergris Caye: A lot of beach washed out to se
    The local weather station shows 9" of rain since the 15th.

    A Little Flooding on Ambergris Caye
    ... Belize City has taken the brunt of the storm. It's not over yet as rain is forecast for the next three days. After a six hour reprieve from the rain, the thunder and lightning suggests we could be in for quite a bit more rain. The cisterns and wells should now be brimming, after months of a very dry wet season.

    Cancer Group Arms of Love Walk
    The Caye Caulker Cancer Group Arms of Love will be having our walk on the 24th October, which is this coming Saturday. Starting from the airstrip at 5 oclock am. All is in invited....Please make every effort to come out and show support to those who have lost their lives, to those battling this diseases and for those who have won the battle!!! Remember we will be having a raffle as well. We are still selling chances only $1.

    Caye Caulker 2nd Annual Kayak Island Challenge

    Cayo Cancer Walk
    The Cayo branch of the Belize Cancer Society is having their annual Cancer Walk this Saturday, starting at 5:00am, and it runs from Running W to the Macal River Park. "Registration for Cancer Walk can be done at BFLA office infront of Sacred Heart Church Mondays, Wednesday or Fridays or at JK Biomedical behind Courts building during normal working hours. Registration can also be done the morning of the walk. Registration fee is $5.00."

    Archaeology in the Community is in Belize!!!!
    With over 900 archeological sites in Belize cultural heritage preservation is paramount. The U.S. Embassy, in partnership with the Institute of Archaeology (NICH) Belize, has brought Dr. Alexandra Jones, founder of the NGO Archeology in the Community, from Washington DC to do a series of interactive workshops with students across Belize. Today Dr. Jones is in Belmopan working with students at Our Lady of Guadalupe High School.

    As the rains continue flooding are expected across the country, in the upcoming days. RIVER CONDITIONS: - The Rio Hondo River is at flood stage and rising. 4 boats and a BDF truck is on standby to assist Douglas and San Antonio residents with evacuation and movement to and from town. Residents are advised to move voluntarily for those who can. - The Belize River is rising and residents of Grace Bank; St. Paul’s Bank; Willows Bank; Double Head Cabbage; Bermudian Landing; Isabella Bank; Flowers Bank; May Pen; Burrell Boom, Lord’s Bank and Ladyville need to make the necessary preparations to protect life and property. - The Sibun River is receding in Gracie Rock; however water remains across the road, which is only accessible to high vehicle. In Freetown Sibun the water has receded and the road now passable to vehicular traffic.

    How much rain?
    The rains seem to have gone for now. The clearing began this morning. Breezes are gentle and everything is very soggy. There is standing water in some areas on Ambergris Caye as photos below illustrate. Reports on rainfall vary by area, but we seem to have had over a foot in this neighborhood. The water taxis from the mainland ceased operations for a day, airlines were having a challenging time. Belize City flooded worst of all. Some areas chest high in water, others not flooded at all. Waters are draining off fairly quickly now. Lots of property loss, but no loss of life. Schools were closed yesterday. Most re-opened today. I understand that a transformer was blown in the Tres Cocos area during the Sunday night electrical storm. Some trees and larger ornamental plants tipped over due to hyper saturated ground. Buildings that "never leak", leaked.

    Paradise Theater in San Pedro
    Playing this weekend! We've got a bunch of horror movies coming up in the future for the halloween season ..

    One of Belize's most legendary footballers, Mr. Anthony "Garrincha" Adderly
    Today I had the pleasure of meeting one of Belize's most legendary footballers, Mr. Anthony "Garrincha" Adderly. Mr. Adderly said his roots are proudly from Caye Caulker. His grandfather, Mr. Simeon (I think) Norales, was the first person to be buried in Caye Caulker's oldest cemetery. According to Mr. Adderly, his family used to live "to the right of the main pier." That's where I now live, so I invited him "home" for a visit. During the time his family lived here there were only eight or so families living on the island.

    Ocean Academy being recognised beyond our borders
    Happening tonight in London, England: Beyond Sport Awards Ceremony. Ocean Academy is shortlisted for the Barclays Sport for Employability Award alongside three other amazing projects. Winners will be announced later this evening so stay tuned.

    I painted this the other day but sold it and forgot to take a picture but this is the inspiration for Thursdays paint party.

    Noche de Cuenta Cuentos 2015
    Want to hear some thrilling stories? The Benque HoC will be doing their annual Noche de Cuenta Cuentos on October 30th, starting at 7:00pm. "The Annual Noche de Cuenta Cuentos, thrilling supernatural stories of Benque featuring our communities tales & apparitions, by our very own story tellers, make it date! October 30th, 2015 starting at 7:00 p.m."

    Oscar Burke at Soul Project
    Oscar Burke played at the Soul Project. Great music, with a lot of Reggae. Amazing burgers too, courtesy of Bauce Burgers. "Not only was Oscar Burke at the Soul Project, but they had some amazing hamburgers there too."

    Benque Marimba Youths at Benque's 111th
    The Benque Marimba Youths played at Benque's 111th celebration. Always great to see, and hear. "Benque Marimba Youths, Benque at #111 Municipal Anniversary, Centennial Memorial Park"

    Belize Raptor Center Inspires
    The Belize Raptor Center has been busy educating and inspiring the youth around Cayo and Belize. They've educated 1240 students in the last 2 weeks! They have a crowdfunding campaign, if you'd like to contribute to their worthy cause. Thanks, BRC! "We have had a very busy week!! Talking to over 700 students in Belmopan and Orange Walk in 3 days at 5 different schools. The feedback we have received from teachers, students and parents has been incredible. It reminds us that what we are doing works and is helping change the attitude these children have for all birds. Educate. Inspire. Protect."

    Channel 7

    "Bag Of Passports" - Could It Be Backdoor Immigration Business?
    This afternoon, it caused quite a commotion on social media when news went out that San Ignacio Police had "confiscated a bag of passports". It even led to a spontaneous political protest from PUP supporters who suspected that a crime of some sort had happened. We can confirm tonight that police were handed a bag, which contained 8 passports, and right now, they're investigating their origin. What we know for sure is that at around 1 p.m., the owner of Studio 7 Printing Press in San Ignacio called police when he found a suspicious bag in their business place. The officers responded, retrieved it, and that's when they found the passports: 1 Honduran, 1 Guatemalan, 1 American, 1 Belizean, and 4 Salvadoran. All the passports were in different names, and so at this time, police are looking into them to make sure that nothing illegal was involved in their procurement, or nothing illegal was intended for them going forward.

    The FSTV Monopoly Is OVER. What Next?
    The legal battle between the Feinstein Group, the Government, and the Fort Point Tourism Village is over, and, now, the landscape of cruise tourism in the Belize District is set to change - in a big way. Justice Courtney Abel today finally made a decision in case, which has been ongoing for months now. He struck down the FSTV's monopoly in the Belize District, thus paving the way for Stake Bank. You might remember how it all started: Developer Mike Feinstein sought to challenge the monopoly that the FSTV has over cruise tourism in Belize City by claiming that the head tax collected from each passenger, and the way it is shared up, is unlawful. While this case was taking place, however, the Barrow Administration amended the Cruise Ship Passenger Tax Act, and it blocked 3 of Feinstein's grounds for challenging the legality.

    No Bail For Keyren Tzib
    After an entire month and 2 days of waiting, Keyren Tzib, the Coast Guard officer accused of fatally stabbing her common-law husband, finally heard the decision of the Supreme Court. Her application for bail has been denied, and she will have to remain in prison while she awaits trial. As we told you, Psychiatrist Dr. Richard Alovera took the stand and gave the court the report of his assessment of her mental health. He diagnosed her with bipolar affective disorder. After consideration of the submissions of both the prosecution, the defense, and the doctor's testimony, Justice Troadio Gonzalez ruled that he will deny bail. He concluded that he found the doctor's testimony to be contradictory and confusing. One of the strongest factors to bail being denied, however, was the Judge's concern that Tzib may be a threat to herself or to society. He noted that he was not convinced that she wasn't, and that's why he decided to deny bail.

    56 Year Old Was Collateral Damage In Petty Inter-gang Feud
    Last night we told you about the murder of 56 year old Edward Robinson. He was killed on Saturday morning when a pair of gunmen went after Jamil Betancourt in the area of North Creek. Betancourt was only injured but Robinson was killed - collateral damage in a gang war. Well, police were quick to wrap up the investigation and announced this morning that two men had been charged. The interesting thing is that they are both form Supal Street - and so was their intended target, Jamil Betancourt. The lead investigator told us more this morning: Insp. Alejandro Cowo, CIB Precinct 1 & 2 "So far police are conducting an investigation into the matter where several persons were interviewed and statements were recorded and as a result, 2 persons were detained yesterday. They are Ryan Alvarez and Devon Sankey, both of the Supal Street area. At present they are being charged and they will be taken to magistrate court sometime this afternoon. They will be charged for murder, conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder on Jamil Betancourt."

    Police Called In Rival Gangs
    And while southside police have stepped up patrols in gang areas with the help of the GSU - half the work is not on the ground but in the conference room. That's where mediation sessions occur - and that's what police had to do in the case of the murder of Karl Heusner. First an update on the search for the killer:.. Supt. Hilberto Romero, OC - CIB, Belize City "In regards to the murder of Heusner, we are doing follow up work at this time. We are reviewing video footage from the area, we are interviewing persons and that investigation continues."

    Picking Up The Pieces After The Flood
    Is the situation any better for flood victims? Can they return home? That's what we went to find out today. As we showed you yesterday about 10 inches of rain fell on the city during the weekend. The city was inundated - and residents had to walk and even float through the flood waters to get around. Many had to be evacuated and taken to shelters because their houses were completely flooded and belongings destroyed. While the water has receded on some streets, others are still flooded and the forecast for more showers pose the threat that water levels could rise again. That is the main concern for Antelope Street Extension resident Oscar Palacios. We spoke to him yesterday at the ITVET shelter but he and his family went back home this morning. We met him and his children cleaning up the house and trying to salvage the little they had left after the flood.

    Mother Cries Out
    These floods have also forced the public to confront the ugly truth that there are many city residents who live in very impoverished conditions with very inadequate housing. We met one such resident today, when 28 year-old single mother Kayla Stevens called the media out to the building that used to be her home. It was not much, but it was all she could afford for her 3 children...and this weekend it all came tumbling down in the heavy rains and flooding. Daniel Ortiz visited her today and he has that story: Daniel Ortiz reporting 28 year-old Kayla Stevens and 3 young daughters, ages 10, 6 and 4, used to live here, at this house on Neal Penn Road. But like other southside residents, her home was among those hardest hit. The floods caused it to fall. Walking around her humble living space, the water damage was evident. It was clear that it barely protected her and her girls from the elements.

    Court Orders 65K For A Cop's Life
    In September 2013 Police Constable Glenwayne Grant shot and killed a fellow officer, Constable Dean Yearwood when he was allegedly responding to a robbery in progress. YEARWOOD'S family sued the government to pay financial compensation for his death. Well, today Supreme Court judge, Sonya Young said the Government must pay the Yearwood family $65,000 dollars in compensation. On the stand during the trial, PC Grant maintained that on the night of the fatal shooting when he shot and killed his colleague, he came upon a shooting and identified himself as a police officer and fired after the alleged culprit. Phillip Palacio represented the Yearwood Family while the Government was represented by the Solicitor General's Office Triennia Young and Agassi Finnegan. As to whether they will appeal the court ruling, Young said she cannot say at this time until she reads the ruling in depth.

    Toledo Weed Burned
    On Monday morning, Toledo Police found a marijuana plantation about five miles East of San Miguel Village. The one acre marijuana field had already been harvested. There were about 20 plants about 3 feet tall and all of them were uprooted and burned. Checks were made in the surrounding areas where police found two bundles of 119 marijuana plants which were also burned.

    Expanding The Digital Footprint
    In the old days, a Belize ad in a glossy magazine or a 30 second spot on some obscure channel would be considered the gold standard in advertising. But, the truth is unless that ad appeared in a top magazine like Vogue, or a highly rated television programme like Monday Night Football - the way ads for Mexico and Jamaica do - it probably wasn't reaching an optimal audience. But, digital marketing has kind of leveled the playing field, providing high-end opportunities for low budged marketing efforts. And that's what Belize's first Digital Summit is about: optimizing marketing opportunities on the internet. The event is organized by the Belize Tourism Board who has brought in some top names to talk about subjects like Social Media marketing, and Search engine optimization. For Belize, whose digital imprint is still small and growing, it's an important step and BTB's Digital Marketing Manager Maynor Larrieu told us more:..

    Beached Manatee
    Yesterday, residents and conservationists found an injured Manatee on the Hopkins Village beach in the South. Information of the animal is limited at this time, our information is that it was discovered yesterday afternoon on the Beach. We are told that it was suffering injuries on its back, which are suspected to have been inflicted by boat propeller blades. The manatee was rescued and handed over to the conservationists for rehabilitation.

    The Return Of Raincoats
    If you were out in the rain as much as we were this weekend - you might have noticed that Police officers don't have any rain gear: no rain hats, no rain coats, no boots. And those polyester uniforms don't hold up too well in the rain…so what happened to the raincoats you might have seen the cops wearing if you grew up in the 80's or 90's? The commander Southside told us that those have been on a 15 year rain check:.. Sr. Supt Chester Williams - Commander, Eastern Division Southside "Police officers do not have the right equipment to be able to deal with the type of weather conditions. In the past we were issued with raincoats, but of recent, going back to at least about 10-15 years we have not been issue with raincoats anymore and I think that is something that we need to look at and try to see how best we could procure some raincoats for our officers." The CEO in the Ministry of National Security has authorized Williams to source raincoats for Eastern Division officers.

    Remembering the Rain
    Like we said, we were out in the rain this weekend - for hours on Sunday our news team trolled the city cataloguing the epic flood. We put most of those images on the news last night - but tonight, as we close, and the rains are holding up, we put them all together for a complete look at the city under siege - a scene both sad and entertaining, as many found fun in the floods. We leave you with that tonight. A lot to reflect on… join me back here tomorrow….

    Channel 5

    Who Dropped the Bag With Passports and Birth Certificates?
    Tonight, there is a huge scandal brewing in the west after a knapsack containing passports from various countries, birth certificates, police reports and other documents was found inside a business [...]

    P.U.P. Supporters Suspect Immigration Irregularity…Demand Answers
    Multiple sources have told News Five that the owner of the bag has been confirmed as a former U.D.P. councillor candidate whose passport was allegedly also found inside the bag. [...]

    Supreme Court Finds In Favour of Stake Bank Developer
    Major decisions were handed down today by the Supreme Court. Justice Courtney Abel issued a judgment largely in favor of developer of the Stake Bank cruise port Michael Feinstein today. [...]

    Attorney Says Feinstein Prepared to Work with All Parties
    Senior Counsel Andrew Marshalleck, the attorney for Feinstein, outlined the two reliefs won by his client out of the five he sued for. Most important, he says, is that there [...]

    Keyren Tzib Refused Bail
    Seven weeks since the start of Keyren Tzib’s bail application and after many adjournments, Judge Troadio Gonzalez finally made a determination earlier today and it was not good news for [...]

    Yearwood Family Granted Compensation
    But there was good news for the Yearwood family. A ruling was handed down in the case of slain police officer, Dean Yearwood who was shot and killed in September [...]

    San Pedro Businessman Arraigned For Rape of Minor
    Tonight a well-known San Pedro resident is behind bars after he was arraigned last week Friday for the rape of a minor. Even though we report on many incidents of [...]

    Jerusalem Under Siege From Poverty
    One of the most poverty-stricken communities is Jerusalem; it is located in the outskirts of the Krooman Lagoon in the Antelope Street Extension of the city. The flooding of the [...]

    2 Belize City Men Arraigned for Robinson Murder
    A pair of Belize City men, both affiliates of the Supal Street gang, has been arraigned for the weekend murder of fifty-six-year-old Edward Robinson.  The duo, twenty-two-year-old Devon Sankey and [...]

    Police Stage Intervention With Supal Street Gang
    In the wake of the weekend murder, Belize City police have staged an intervention with the Supal Street gang in an attempt to quell any ensuing fallout.  According to Senior [...]

    No Arrest in Murder of Karl Heusner Jr.
    The murder of Karl Heusner Junior remains an open case despite an ongoing police investigation.  On the heels of the weekend shooting, all efforts are also being made to bring [...]

    Police Step Up Patrols in the City
    Belize City police have stepped up both foot and mobile patrols in the respective areas.   Supt. Hilberto Romero, OC, CIB, Eastern Division “The preventative measures have been taken: the [...]

    Flood Leaves Family of Four Homeless
    A family of four was among the many left homeless as a result of the flooding over the weekend. The head of the family is a single mother of three [...]

    Mayflower Street Residents to Get Assistance
    On Monday, we showed you the deplorable conditions in which residents of Mayflower Street are living.  While the situation had been that way well before the weekend flooding, Area Representative [...]

    First Ever Digital Marketing Summit Held in Belize City
    A digital marketing summit, the first of its kind to be held in Belize, was hosted by the Belize Tourism Board today at the Ramada Belize City Princess.  The objective [...]

    Classes to Resume
    Classes were called off for Monday due to water levels and the use of classrooms as shelters for affected families of the epic floods. A while ago, the Ministry of [...]

    Ashley Needs Your Prayers and Support
    Imagine that moment when you’re told that your child, your pride and joy…your beautiful baby has cancer. There’s absolutely no treatment available in Belize, and treatment overseas is prohibitively expensive. [...]

    Alfonso Wiltshire arrested for rape
    San Pedro Police have arrested and charged well-known taxi-man and landlord Alfonso Wiltshire for the alleged rape of a 13 year old minor. The minor claims that on at least five occasions she was sexually violated by Wiltshire, who reportedly held a gun to her head. Following an investigation and a medical examination Wiltshire was arrested and charged last Friday in San Pedro. He has been remanded. Because of evidence unearthed during the ongoing investigation, Police are also seeking additional victims between the ages of 10 and 14. We'll have more details in tonight's newscast.


    Orange Walkeno Elected As Vice President Of CANQATE
    Another Belizean has been elected to an esteemed position on the international platform. Adrian Leiva, current Dean of Muffles Junior College, has been elected Vice President of the Board of Management of the Caribbean Area Network for Quality Assurance in Tertiary Education. Leiva was elected in the twelfth annual CAN-QATE Conference held in St. Kitts and Nevis from October seventh to the ninth. CAN-QATE was established as a sub network of the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education, in 2004. The network’s focus is to enable members to share information about the maintenance, evaluation, accreditation and improvement of higher education and to spread good practices in the field of quality assurance. Leiva is no stranger to the network as he has served as a member since its inception in 2004. Leiva says with the new position, Belize can have an even more direct involvement in changes and improvement in education in the region.

    San Pedrano Charged For Rape Of Thirteen Year Old Minor
    Again, Wiltshire threatened to kill her if she told anyone and forcefully had sexual intercourse with her. Following the report, police carried out an extensive investigation and according to San Pedro Police, 50 year old Alfonso Wiltshire has been charged with two counts of Aggravated Burglary and two counts of Unlawful Sexual Intercourse. A medical examination was also performed on the minor which indicated that she was carnally known. The medical practitioner who carried out the exam listed the minor’s injuries as grievous harm. With the substantial evidence, police carried out a special operation leading to Wiltshire’s arrest. He was charged and remanded to the Belize Central Prison until his first court hearing. Police are still investigating the incident and believe there may be other victims.

    Fifteen Year Old Female Injured In Traffic Accident
    A fifteen year old female was rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital late this evening following a road traffic accident on the Phillip Goldson Highway. The teen was traveling with her grandparents Manuel Lorenzo and his wife Nora Lorenzo who are residents of Trial Farm Village in the Orange Walk District. They were headed in the direction of Orange Walk in a red four door pickup truck when around 5:15 pm, just past the Mameyal Curve, they collided into a trailer carrying lumber. According to a man who was traveling in the vehicle that was pulling the trailer, he and his son in law Esner Campus were heading to San Narciso Village after buying lumber from Shipyard.

    Belize Celebrates International Day Of Air Traffic Controller
    Today the Belize Department of Civil Aviation celebrated International Day of Air Traffic Controller. The day is observed annually on October 20th and Belize’s Civil Aviation took the time out to pay tribute to dedicated work done by Belize’s Air Traffic Control Officers. In a release, the Civil Aviation said it salutes quote, “their stalwart service to the country and people of Belize. Air travel continues to be a pillar of the Belizean economy, bringing obvious benefits to Belize's tourism product, trade, society and the business world. Every day, hundreds of flights, both national and international, traverse Belizean airspace delivering thousands of passengers and tons of cargo to their destination. On any given day, these hundreds of flights are safely guided through our skies, by our very own and highly capable Air Traffic Control Unit at the Philip Goldson International Airport,” unquote.

    Bag With Passports Found In San Ignacio, Police Investigates
    We are pretty sure that here in Belize most of the population is aware about the Penner Passport scandal. That is why when news broke out today that a bag containing passports was found in San Ignacio, social media went crazy. Around 2:00 this afternoon, San Ignacio Police were called about a suspicious knapsack found abandoned at a printing shop in that municipality. Upon further checks, it was revealed that the black knapsack contained several documents including a Honduran passport, a Guatemalan passport, an American passport, 4 Salvadoran passports and a Belizean passport. Following the discovery, news spread like wildfire and questions began popping up across the country. And tonight still more questions than answers remain as the police are now tasked to decipher who owns the knapsack. San Ignacio police have labelled the find as found property and their investigations continue. And while many questions arise following the sensational passport scandal involving disgraced former Minister Elvin Penner, this evening, the PUP Standard Bearer Cayo Central Dan Silva weighed in on the issue.

    Primary Health Care Becomes Priority In the Corozal District
    As is the obvious the torrential rains experienced over the last few days left Corozal with an unwanted amount of water. And the flooding is expected to get worse since the downpour continues thus bring along the possibility of disease outbreaks. Primary Health Care Coordinator, Doctor Miguel Rivero, told us today the concentration now lies in the areas of preventative measures. “Well finally the rains have settled in and now we are beginning to see the effects of it first of all we must ensure that everyone remains alive that means stay out of the risk of being under water, being on the risk of flooding and once you decide to go to a shelter make sure you remain clean and follow proper hygiene and we need to do any check on any disease that would come out from the water supply or food contaminated supply so we need to focus on a lot of hygiene at this point.”

    Four Old Month Baby Sent To Emergency Room After Vector Control Carries Out Thermal Fogging At Hurricane Shelter
    The family of a four month old baby is tonight claiming that the life of their new born was put in danger when members of the Vector Control Unit conducted thermal fogging at the shelter they were staying in namely the Guadalupe Government Primary School in the Corozal District. “We were at the shelter of Guadalupe school because we got flood here at Chula Vista so we moved and we went at the school we were there from two days and after that the Health Inspector reached all of a sudden and they say that they will spray and told everybody to put their things in plastic bags to take it outside so while we were doing that me and Mrs. Bernadine a teacher from Guadalupe school took the things outside when we were coming back they were sharing clothes then at the time we were there I saw smoke coming out from the classroom where we are so now I left the bag and I ran but at the time the men were at the door so I start to tell them my baby is in there man I started to tell them and you need to take her out and then they say no we cannot go inside and then the principal, the teacher of Guadalupe school and the next people who were sheltering there so I tell them help me and go in and no body didn’t want to go in so now I don’t know how I got strength I just shubbed the men that were at the door and I all I can remember is that I went inside and you lost like in space and then I just grabbed him with the bouncer and I run outside and by the time I ran outside I grab my baby and then the principal of the school saw me while running outside by the gate of the school so that the baby can breathe in and I can give her breathe through her mouth so that she can comeback.”


    Supreme Court Gives Green Light to Stake Bank Project
    In 2004, the Government of Belize had signed onto an agreement with the Fort Street Tourism Village, giving the port exclusivity in the Belize District. Some years later when Michael Feinstein sought to develop the Stake Bank Project which would be another port in Belize City, there were obstacles due to this agreement. The matter […]

    US Kingpin Rule Affects 1000+ Banana Workers in Southern Belize
    Yesterday we told you of the Mayan King Farms and the financial dire straits that the company was in until the international banana distributor, Fyffes, kicked in and began lending financial support to the company as they were going through hardships due to the recent drought and the subsequent challenges in having the growth of […]

    Fabers Road Home Collapses with Child Inside
    The home of 28 year old Stephanie Vasquez collapsed this afternoon. Inside the house, which is located in the Faber’s Road extension in an area known as “Bootsville”, was her nine year old son. He was the one who called her while she was at work. STEPHANIE VASQUEZ “I got a call about an hour […]

    NEMO Gives Update on Relief Efforts Following Intense Rains
    The recent flooding situation around the country is as a result of incessant rains in the last few days and now that the rain is slowing down, it will take more than a few days to get things back to normal particularly for those families who have been displaced or affected in some way. The […]

    Government and Residents to Remain Vigilant in Coming Days
    Meanwhile, as it pertains to the weather in the coming days, Minister Godwin Hulse told Love News that they are monitoring the rivers and that the residents, particularly, in low lying areas still need to be vigilant. GODWIN HULSE “We keep sending out notices and advisories; we are still reminding people who live along river […]

    Minister Speaks on Process for Flood Victims to Get Aid
    While the immediate needs of food and clothing and adequate shelter are being addressed by the various agencies around the country, there are the long term needs that would be required to get people’s lives and homes back to how it was. Prime Minister Dean Barrow did commit to reaching out to all those affected […]

    Country’s Executive Remains While Legislature, Dissolved
    In recent days since the flooding and the activation of NEMO, there have been questions from the public as to the status of Government Ministers and the Prime Minister since the House of Representatives was dissolved the day after the Prime Minister had announced elections for November 4. It is a point we have addressed […]

    House Collapses on Jane Usher Boulevard
    Due to the current weather, floods have been destroying homes and house appliances in vast amounts. The home of Kendra Smith located in Jane Usher has suffered a lot due to the floods. Her home has not completely fallen down, but her front veranda collapsed with her and her little brother while she was doing […]

    Court Finds Government Liable in Murder of Policeman
    In September 2013, Police Constable Dean Yearwood was shot and killed by fellow officer Glenwayne Grant. In July, Yearwood’s family took the government to court and today Judge Sonya Young ruled that Government was liable and must pay the family over sixty five thousand dollars. Her ruling is yet to be given in writing as […]

    Coast Guard Seaman Denied Bail in Supreme Court
    Today Keyren Tzib, the Coast Guard Seaman who is on remand for the death of her boyfriend earlier this year, was denied bail by Justice Troadio John Gonzalez. The bail application has been ongoing for a number of weeks as they awaited a doctor’s evaluation since Tzib’s attorney argued she should be granted bail due […]


    More Rains expected
    Clean up efforts have been ongoing today in parts of Belize City after the flood waters began to recede. However, there is the need to keep an eye on the weather as more rain is expected. We hear from Chief Meteorologist Dennis Gonguez for the weather forecast. Dennis Rodriguez, Chief Meteorologist...

    Police arrest two for weekend murder; still searching for Karl Heusner’s killers
    As previously reported, two men were in police custody in connection with the murder of 56 year old Edward Robinson and the shooting of 33 year old Jamil Betancourt. Today Police say that the two men, identified as Devon Sankey and Ryan Alvarez- both of Supal Street will be charged for Murder, attem...

    Michael Aschroft gravely ill
    News of Michael Ashcroft’s severe illness broke yesterday on national and international media. Ashcroft, a British businessman and politician, garnered popularity in Belize when the Government sold many of its assets to the British billionaire under the last administration. Yesterday, 69 year old As...

    Why Are Numbers Important? SIB Hosts Open Exhibit
    As a part of the Observance of Caribbean Statistics Day and World Statistics Day the Statistical Institute of Belize, the national statistical agency of the country, held an open exhibit at the George Price Center in Belmopan along with its partners including the Social Security Board and Ministries...

    Classes continue in most schools after flooding
    Classes will continue in most schools tomorrow as flood waters continue to recede. There are a few exceptions however. According to the Ministry of Education, in the Corozal District, classes continue in all schools with the exception of Fireburn RC and Chunox St. Viator Vocational High School. The...


    Violent Saturday on the Southside: 3 shot — 2 dead, 1 critical
    Three people were shot on Saturday in the seemingly never-ending violence in the city, and as a result, two men are dead and one man is in critical condition in the intensive care unit at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). Dead are Edward Robinson, 56, and Karl Heusner, 32, while Jamil Betancourt, 33, of North Creek Road, is in a critical condition. The city’s bloody Saturday began with the shooting of Edward Robinson, who was shot in the left side of the chest and left hand at about 8:30 Saturday morning on North Creek Road. He was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, but was declared dead on arrival. Jamil Betancourt was shot on the same Saturday morning. He was shot in the chest and body, also on North Creek Road, and was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he was admitted in a critical condition and is now fighting for his life.

    House collapses on boy, 9; Miracluously, he survives
    During heavy torrential rains, at about 10:00 Saturday night, a one-flat lumber house located on Jasmine Street, which is the residence of the Gentle family, collapsed. At the time when the house fell, a member of the family, Earl Gentle, Jr., 9 years old, was sitting under it. He miraculously escaped unhurt. He was rescued from under the collapsed house by eight men who pulled away plywood; a section of the floor was then opened and the boy was rescued through a narrow opening from under the house. Gentle was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he was examined by a doctor, who found nothing wrong with him.

    US, Asian and South American tourists drive rebound in 3rd quarter
    To date, Belize has received over a million visitors via land, air and sea, and while the first 9 months of the year showed a very negligible overall decline of just 678 visitors, September, the country’s most festive month marked by national celebrations, saw the highest growth in tourism activity, with overnight arrivals during that month increasing by a phenomenal 19.3% over last September with an additional 2,299 visitors coming to Belize, mostly by plane. Statistics released today by the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) said that for the 3rd quarter (July-September) of 2015, overnight arrivals increased significantly by 6.9%, when compared to the same period in 2014. Arrivals peaked in March, when almost 40,000 overnight visitors came, 30,000 of them by air. While overnight tourist arrivals have been down for most of the first half of the year, the past four months have seen consecutive increases, year-on-year when compared to 2014.

    Worst flood in Belize City’s recent memory!
    As we go to press, the roar of the thunder confirms the latest advisory issued tonight by the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO)—that a new tropical disturbance right on our doorsteps will bring more rain and thunderstorms, even as northern Belize, and particular the Old Capital, Belize City, is reeling from what many perceive to be the most devastating flood in recent memory. The catastrophic flood caused by a tropical depression associated with a broad area of disturbance spanning Mexico and parts of Central America, has been described as the largest weather event to affect Belize City since Hurricane Hattie, which hit Belize in this same month in 1961. The Prime Minister of Belize, Hon. Dean Barrow, and NEMO held a press conference on Sunday October 18, to address this high-impact weather event that has affected Belize City and other parts of the country, including the districts of Orange Walk and Corozal. Widespread flooding forced the closure of schools on these three districts in central and northern Belize, including the islands of Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye. There were also reports of localized but substantial flooding in Hope Creek, Stann Creek.

    Lord Michael Ashcroft recuperating from life-threatening illness
    Yesterday evening, Lord Michael Ashcroft was supposed to attend the launch of Call Me Dave, an unauthorized biography of the British Prime Minister David Cameron that he co-authored with the award-winning political journalist Isabel Oakeshott, but when he failed to show up at Millbank Tower, in Westminster, London, the news of his ill-health began to surface. Reports are that the 69-year-old Ashcroft had been in intensive care for 18 days, in an undisclosed hospital in the United States, after he had suffered septic shock, as well as liver and renal failure, but is now said to be out of danger. Lord Ashcroft was hospitalized on September 22, one day after “Call Me Dave” began to be serialized by British newspaper The Daily Mail. The day Lord Ashcroft fell ill, he had just flown from Croatia to Turkey, where he had spent time visiting war graves and battlefields to mark the centenary of the Gallipoli campaign that occurred during World War 1.

    88 candidates will contest 31 seats!
    Today is Nomination Day across the country and all political aspirants in the race to capture seats of government in Belmopan have revved up their machines, as more than 80 candidates for the November 4 general elections paid the requisite deposit and were each nominated to contest the elections by six voters from each of the country’s 31 electoral constituencies. The Nomination Day time-honored tradition is that the candidates of the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) are nominated in the morning, while the UDP candidates, third parties and independents are nominated in the afternoon. Periodic rains this morning could not dampen the spirits of hundreds of PUP supporters who lined up behind the party’s ten Belize City candidates, as they marched, singing and dancing their way to the nomination center at the Charles Bartlett Hyde Building on Mahogany Street. While the candidates went past the police barriers to be nominated, supporters outside kept spirits high, as music boomed out from trucks and they sang and danced, most dripping wet in the party’s blue and white T-shirts, while others sheltered under blue and white umbrellas, with the slogan: “PUP Delivers.”

    SCCL Scene: History, streaks & records
    The 2015/16 Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League’s group stage concludes with three consecutive, days of games starting Tuesday. Since the competition has been on extended break since September 24, gives a tip of the hat to the Week Five’s most noteworthy happenings. Week Five will be one to remember in the history of Belizean football as host Verdes FC recorded its first-ever SCCL victory (after five all-time games), defeating Panama’s San Francisco, 2-1. It was appropriate that Belize international forward Deon McCaulay — the joint-top scorer in 2014 World Cup Qualifying with 11 goals – was the night’s star. The 28-year-old netted both goals (19’, 88’) to complete the comeback win. With another win (or even a draw) at San Francisco on Thursday, Verdes will clinch second place in Group C and could equal table-topping Queretaro with seven points. The Mexican side, though, has already secured advancement to the quarterfinals thanks to having the advantage in the head-to-head tiebreaker.

    Inclement weather postpones majority of BECOL games
    Due to inclement weather, the games that were scheduled for Friday and Saturday night will be played this coming weekend. On Sunday afternoon, game 1 tipped off with SHC and Alpha Warriors in the Under 19 division. SHC narrowly defeated Alpha Warriors, 78-77, in overtime. SHC’s top scorers were Raheem Crawford with 25 points, Orel Neal with 20 pts, and Jovanne Zetina with 12 pts. Joel Montejo was the high scorer for Alpha Warriors with the game high 26 pts, while Gian Bethran had 19 pts, Robert Jeffries sank 17 pts, and Shevan Harris scored 8 pts. In the second game of the weekend, Invaders recorded their first win of the season, as they blew out Eagles, 61-34, in the Over 35 division. Invaders’ top scorer was Kent Requena, who had the game high 18 pts, while Dylon Ayuso sank 17 pts, and Evan Reynolds tallied 10 pts. In a losing effort, Eagles was led by Elvis “Tigre” Usher with 12 pts, and Karim Juan with 8 pts.

    Jex Trophies donates championship belt to boxing in Cayo
    Boxing in Belize has been making a few steps forward in the last couple years, after decades of seeming dormancy. At his boxing promotion in Santa Elena a few weeks ago, Cayo Lions Den Gym manager, Frank Asad Martinez, a founding member of the newly formed Belize Boxing Development Council, was pleased to accept the donation of a beautiful boxing championship belt from Reginald Jex of Jex Trophies; and we recently secured the above picture. We contacted Martinez by phone, and he confirmed receiving the belt at the time of an international boxing promotion on Friday, September 29, in Santa Elena, Cayo. “We plan to have replicas of the belt made for different weight classes,” remarked Martinez, who says the belts should add more interest and excitement to future promotions, especially to the young boxers, as they strive to return local boxing to “prime time” in Belize.

    Elite basketball tip-off sceduled for January 15
    The National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) will commence its third, annual basketball tournament on Friday, January 15, 2016. Six of the seven teams who participated last season have already committed to be a part of the 2016 season. These teams are: Belize City No Limit, Belize Hurricanes, San Pedro Tiger Sharks, Belmopan Red Taigaz, Cayo Western Ballaz and Dangriga Warriors. Of the seven teams, only Orange Walk Running Rebels has not confirmed its participation in next year’s tournament. The NEBL is pleased to announce that Independence Thunderbolt will be a new franchise in the league. Congratulations to Independence for winning the bid to become the new team in the league.

    Editorial: An Amandala quandary
    It may well be that this newspaper should be campaigning for a change of government. In fact, there are those in the leadership of the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) who appear to believe that we are so doing. We are not so doing. The reason we should be campaigning for a change of government is because, should the UDP be elected to a third consecutive term of office, we expect them to launch major attacks on Kremandala. The reason this newspaper is not actively campaigning for a change of government is because history teaches us that we would have no control over, and very little influence on, whichever government we helped to elect. So that, we would have served our own purposes but we would have, to a certain extent, misled the Belizean people.

    From the Publisher
    I was struck by an opinion piece I read in the editorial pages of The New York Times’ issue of Saturday, October 10, 2015. The New York Times is the most prestigious newspaper in the United States of America, planet earth’s superpower. The opinion piece was written by Naomi Oreskes, a professor of the history of science at Harvard, the most prestigious university in the United States. Her opinion piece indicts Exxon Mobil, an oil company, for its perfidy where the matter of climate change is concerned. Exxon Mobil may be the largest, wealthiest, and most powerful business corporation in the United States. If it is not, it is close to being that. I will use my column this week to reproduce Professor Oreskes’ opinion piece, because the lesson is classic: corporations are so driven by their greed for profits that they are willing to sacrifice the good of humanity and the welfare of the planet itself. We saw this in the case of the tobacco industry, which spent decades and billions seeking to deny that cigarette smoking caused lung cancer and other illnesses. When they began losing that fight in America, the tobacco companies started spending more of their advertising budgets in Third World countries to convince our innocent youth that cigarette smoking was stylish, sexy, and cool.

    Why weren’t locals contracted to produce SSB uniforms, which cost over $ ¼ mil abroad?
    It was on Monday, October 5, that the workers of the Social Security Board (SSB) countrywide staged a half-hour protest during their lunch break over the alleged withholding of their uniform allowance by the Social Security Board. The response of the SSB chairman, Doug Singh, suggested that the workers were being unreasonable. On Thursday, October 8, the staff held a press conference at the office of the Christian Workers Union, where it was revealed that it had been previously established under the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) into which the union and the management of SSB had entered, that every 18 months the uniforms should be ready, and if those uniforms weren’t delivered on time, the staff would be paid a clothing allowance to compensate them for the period during which they had to find their own clothing.

    D-Max pickup stolen from owner at gunpoint
    The owner of an Isuzu D Max pickup was held up at gunpoint in San Ignacio by three gunmen, who stole his pickup and escaped by speeding down Joseph Andrews Drive. The incident occurred at about 7:30 Saturday evening. Nigel Espat, 34, a businessman of San Ignacio Town, told police that he and his friends came out of Sunset Bar, situated on Savannah Avenue, San Ignacio Town, and he walked to his blue 2007 D-Max pickup valued at $40,000, which was parked on the opposite side of the road. Espat went to the driver’s door and upon doing so, was approached by a slimly-built Hispanic man who was dressed in long jeans pants and a buttoned shirt who, came from the opposite side of the road. The man pointed a black pistol at him and ordered him, “Give me the key; otherwise I will shoot you.”

    UB prez says no to 14% increase, UBFSA prez resigns
    Amandala readers will recall that October 6 was the date that had been set for a meeting between the president of the University of Belize, Alan Slusher, and the University of Belize Faculty and Staff Association (UBFSA) core team led by Fermin Olivera, who was elected president of UBFSA on September 30. The meeting took place as scheduled and Slusher promised to respond to their request for a 14% salary increase by October 14. What has changed is that Olivera has since resigned effective October 9. Olivera did not go into details; however, he said that his resignation was due to “proper procedure” not being followed by the union.

    More rains as flood waters head west
    City floods have forced the closure of the Cleopatra White Health Center on the north side of town. A notice just issued by the Government of Belize says, “Persons needing urgent attention are asked to visit the Matron Roberts Polyclinic or the Port Loyola Health Center where health personnel from the Cleopatra White Polyclinic have been deployed.” The Ministry of Health expects to have the Cleopatra White Polyclinic back in operations by tomorrow if weather permits. Meanwhile, the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO)’s Monday morning advisory informs that “even though the weather is improving in some parts of the country, the main concern is the water that’s heading down river which is likely to cause the Mopan and Belize Rivers to flood.”

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Well-known San Pedro resident charged for raping minor
    Alfonso Wiltshire, a 50-year-old resident of San Pedro and President of the island’s Taxi Association, has been accused of rape. Wiltshire was arrested and charged on Friday, October 15th for the rape of a 13-year-old female, and his official charges were two counts of ‘aggravated burglary’ along with two counts […]

    Four month baby alive after being thermal fogged
    There are disturbing reports coming out of Corozal Town, where a four-month-old baby is lucky to be alive after being thermal fogged and mistreated at the Corozal Community Hospital. BMG was informed that sometime this afternoon, members of the Vector Control Unit (VCU) visited Guadalupe Government School where flood-victim families […]

    Traffic accident on the Philip Goldson Highway
    Belize Media Group, has been reliably informed of a traffic accident on the Philip Goldson Highway near the Chan Chen junction in the Corozal District. More information will be posted shortly

    How will social media impact the upcoming general election on November 4th?
    Social-media has, and continues to grow in popularity and usage. Social-networking-sites (SNS) such as Facebook and Twitter have becoming the standard platforms for digital-marketing and for disseminating information. More recently, several institutes have started exploring how digital social-media figures into real-world […]

    Young boy survives frightening house collapse
    Over the weekend, flooding in the old capital caused damages to many neighborhoods and cause many homes to collapse, fortunately though, no lives were lost. Some residents though, escaped death under seemingly miraculous circumstances, especially 9-year-old Earl Gentle Jr. who was trapped beneath rubble after the house he was in, […]

    Police confiscate bag of Belizean passports in San Ignacio
    BMG has received reliable reports that San Ignacio Police just confiscated a bag of Belizean passports in San Ignacio Town. A reporter from Belize Media Group contacted the San Ignacio Police Station and Police told us that they cannot release any information about the passports right now until they receive […]

    Maya King Workers to stage protest
    More than a thousand people are being affected by Fyffes International, one of Europe’s largest fruit importers, cutting off ties with Maya King, one of the biggest banana farm in Belize. Fyffes has severed all business ties with Maya King Farm after learning that the company has affiliations with John […]

    Huge croc found in KHMH yard
    A huge crocodile measuring nine feet in length was handed over to the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES) on Sunday after it was spotted in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) compound. The animal is believed to have come out of a nearby drain with the help of the rising waters. The […]

    BEL warns about the dangers of illegal connections
    A press release from Belize Electricity Limited (BEL), issued this morning, serves to inform the public about the hazards of illegal electrical connections and share many of the dangers that were apparent in Belize City during the flooding. BEL requested the assistance of the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) to […]

    Three to face murder related charges
    25-year-old Ryan Alvarez Jr. and 22-year-old Devon Sankey, both from addresses in Belize City, are facing charges for murder and conspiracy to commit murder. As to Edward Robinson he faces charges for attempted murder, dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm against Jamil Betancourt.

    Schools reopen after rains
    The Ministry of Education reports that classes are resuming today, Tuesday, for schools affected by flooding in the Belize, Orange Walk and Corozal District. In the Belize District, All pre, primary, secondary schools resume classes with exception of Pallotti High School, Queen Square Anglican Upper, St. Lukes Methodist, […]

    Conditions remain moist but improvement expected later in the week
    The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting cloudy to overcast skies today with some showers, a few thunderstorms or periods of light rain mainly in the north. Skies will be cloudy tonight with a few showers or thunderstorms mainly along coastal areas. Winds will be blowing from the East-Southeast […]

    Over 1000 Mayan King Employees to stage protest tomorrow
    Belize Media Group has received reports that over 1000 workers from Mayan King Limited will stage a protest tomorrow between 1pm to 4pm because Fyffes has decided to stop doing business with their company and they are at risk of losing their jobs. It is interesting to note that Maya […]

    International Sourcesizz

    Nixon Predicted Trudeau Win 43 Years Ago
    While Justin Trudeau stunned many with his victory as new Canadian prime minister, one long-deceased public figure knew all along that he would one day win: Richard Nixon. According to The Guardian, Nixon toasted a four-month-old Trudeau—son of then-PM Pierre Trudeau—as “the future prime minister of Canada” during a 1972 state visit to Ottawa. He turned out to be correct, 43 years later.

    Rotary seeks donations for Belize school
    For a Rotarian, a vacation is often not just a vacation. A trip abroad yields the opportunity to meet with Rotary Club members in their country, and at times, the seed of an idea for a service project. So it was with Jeff Mason, president of the Fort Atkinson Rotary Club, when he visited Belize last February and March. His interactions with the local Rotary Club in the part of Belize he and his wife, Joan, were visiting led him to a charity school that needs a major kitchen update so it can meet the needs of the impoverished students it serves. “My wife, Joan, and I were in Belize for a month,” Mason said, noting that they stayed in a small village in a rented home, which allowed them to get to know the local residents. “It was one of the best months we’ve had.” He said the locals they met were very friendly and welcoming, with a quick smile and a ready sense of humor. “I found the people to be the best thing about Belize, even better than the great climate and the terrific scenery,” Mason said.

    Fyffes ends imports from Belize producer over drugs link
    Fruit importer Fyffes has stopped buying bananas from the biggest producer in Belize because of its links to a local businessman named by US authorities as a drugs kingpin. Fyffes confirmed yesterday that it ceased buying bananas from Mayan King in Dangriga, Belize, because Mr Zabaneh has been acting as a spokesman for its owner, Meridian Farms, which is in crisis following a drought. “Given recent developments where John Zabaneh appeared to speak on behalf of Meridian Farms, Fyffes immediately ceased purchase of bananas from the farms in question,” it said in a statement yesterday. It added that the Banana Growers’ Association, the local body through which it buys fruit from the Central American country, had confirmed this to the Meridian group of farms.

    Pastor’s work in Belize helps him serve students living in St. Louis dealing with poverty
    Father Matt Ruhl has been exposed to poverty and violence all over the world. One of his first assignment as a Jesuit was to lead a classroom at St. John’s College in Belize. Following that experience, he came to the St. Louis are to serve in urban parishes in East St. Louis and North St. Louis. In 2011, he returned to Belize, serving as the pastor of St. Martin de Porres Parish in Belize City. There, he has presided over the funerals of murder victims frequently—Belize is the sixth most dangerous country in the world, seeing an average of 39 homicides per 100,000 residents. While Ruhl’s work in Belize initially began as a mission to help provide students there better education through SLU’s Belize Project, it has now become an exchange of information to aid students in St. Louis who are struggling with poverty and violence in their neighborhoods.

    Standing with the Gods at Altun Ha
    What had once been the thriving urban centre of an ancient trade capital was eerily quiet now, except for the occasional squawk of birds hidden high in the treetops. The view from the top of the main pyramid was impressive. Below me stretched an entire ancient city that had been sleeping here for centuries, undisturbed beneath the sheltering green canopy of jungle that covers all of central Belize. The steep stone steps of the pyramid’s central stairway made getting to the top a tiring, sweaty challenge, but I did it. And now, despite the rising tropical heat and the lack of any breeze at all, I was determined to enjoy the stunning view for as long as possible. I’d made it to the peak of one of the most important Mayan sites in Belize: the place where gods and rulers had once stood above the lost city of Altun Ha. Below, the central plaza was bordered on all sides by stone temples and smaller pyramids. In the distance I could also see a number of still-un-excavated burial mounds. What had once been the thriving urban centre of an ancient trade capital was eerily quiet now, except for the occasional squawk of birds hidden high in the treetops.

    In These 7 Top Retirement Havens, Your Neighbors Could Include The A-List
    2. Belize Cayes: Neighbor: Leonardo DiCaprio DiCaprio bought 104-acre Blackadore Caye off the coast of Belize in 2005 for just under $2 million. He plans to build an eco-friendly resort on the private island. Budget pick: While you can't buy on Blackadore Caye itself, you can get as close as possible with a foothold on neighboring Ambergris Caye. This three-bedroom waterfront villa has a flat roof that gives you an additional 102 square meters of entertaining space with great views. Good income potential as a short- or long-term rental. Price: $299,000.

    Fundraiser for Medical Mission trip to be held
    A chicken-and-rice dinner Medical Mission Fundraiser will be held on Friday, Oct. 23 from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Courthouse Annex in order to raise funds for the Medical Mission trip in November. In coordination with the Caribbean American Medical Educational Organization, doctors, nurses and volunteers will be providing medical care during a week-long trip to several different clinic locations in Belize. During the trip, these volunteers and medical staff will be seeing patients, administering medication, doing diabetes screenings and providing other treatments needed. Donations disclosed, such as wheelchairs and breathing machines, will be shipped off to Belize before the trip and given to the nursing homes. Come out and enjoy good food while supporting a good cause.

    The Most Terrifying Places To Visit In The World
    Our world is so large and huge that maybe a lifetime would not be sufficient to cover it. Of course, it all matters as to where your interest lies. For some, it is nature and for some it is adventurous terrain and for few others, it is wildlife. But there are those places on this globe which are stunningly beautiful but at the same time they are also very terrifying. Here is a look at some of the most terrifying places you should be aware of. If you are a diver then this is one place you would love to visit. Located just about 60 miles outside Belize city, the great blue hole is part of the Lighthouse Reef System. It is considered a paradise for divers and it is the only blue hole which can be seen from outer space. It is in the shape of a perfect circle with a width of 1000 feet and a depth of 480 feet. This is actually a cave which was formed above sea level.

    Top 10 Dive Sites Around The World
    The world is full of incredible scuba diving gems. In fact, there are so many that we just wouldn’t be able to write them all down. So, we have devised a list of the Top 10 Dive Sites Around The World which not only provide excitement and adventure, but also contain all the natural beauty that the underwater world has to offer, with something for every type of diver out there. The Great Blue Hole in Belize is the largest sink hole in the world and offers an adrenaline pumping dive for anyone willing to go down it. With its amazing visibility and vast array of corals sprawling the sides of this gigantic hole, this would be a dream dive for many. The Great Blue Hole is home to many Mako and Sharks. The depth of the hole is 124m and the best time of year to visit is between April and June.

    Those at the launch were also told Lord Ashcroft and Oakeshott “left out a lot of material relating to David Cameron’s private life” from the book. Lord Ashcroft’s Twitter account remained active throughout October he was reported to be in hospital, with the peer announcing on Sunday that he is now supporting New Zealand in the Rugby World Cup. Lord Ashcroft suffered septic shock leading to renal and liver failure and heart damage, a report from Channel 5 TV in Belize reported. Ashcroft, whose condition was compounded by diabetes, is now understood to be in a stable condition.


  • Noticias de San Pedro #1, 1min.

  • Patients at ACES / American Crocodile Education Sanctuary, 3min. In an effort to create more awareness about our patients stories and the sometimes simple ways to avoid getting them, or yourself into this trouble. Thanks to Daniel Velasquez for another great educational video. Thanks to Tammy for fabulous narration! Fingers crossed for Sarge the Morelet crocodile's continued recovery.

  • Belize City Flood, October 18th 2015, 5min. Severe flooding in Belize City on October 18th, 2015. Severe damage to the city, some lives were lost or altered.

  • Belize In America Miami Carnival 2015, 6min. Belize In America covered Miami Carnival for the very first time. In this video, you will see clips from events (Miami Carnival weekend) before the official carnival that usually takes place on a Sunday. These events were hosted and organized by the Belize Association of South Florida.

  • Wildtracks, a Belizean Adventure, 16min. This is a mini-documentary I made about my time in Belize working at Wildtracks in early 2015. They rehabilitate injured wildlife, mostly primates and manatees.

  • Belize Trip 2016, 7.5min.

  • Ressa, A journey to Belize, 6min. This video is a short film of a trip to Belize and the Mayan temples in 2012. The Mayan calendar was to end on December 21, 2012. The video was shot on December 20, 2012. This trip was shared with our Daughter and the video was made for her 4th grade class whom was studying ancient civilizations. What better way to teach kids history than to let them see and touch it.

  • Flood Montage, 3min.

  • REPIC Solar Off-grid Project in Belize, 2min. A Proof of Concept by ZENNA AG, Switzerland,

  • Belize, August 2015, 5min.

  • cavetubing Belize, 6min. n one of our last days in Belize we went cave tubing with Butts Up with Jimmy as our guide.

  • Dj Loona, Club Elite, Belize city, 2.5min.

  • A Week in Belize, 3.5min. Threw together some of the GoPro footage I took during my trip to Caye Caulker, Belize.

  • Dive Into Belize, 3min.

  • Starfish Villa, Placencia Belize (Sunset Pointe), 6min. Our digs between 10-3-15 and 10-10-15. A nice 2 bedroom, 2 bath seaside villa located on Sunset Point in Southern Placencia Belize. Owner's are Paul and Gail.

  • Belize and Cave Tubing, 14min. Cave Tubing. getting on intertubes and floating through a cave. Great adventure and exciting time.

  • Dangriga Pride In Belize City, 15min.

  • Cahal Pech Ruin Belize, 2.5min. Short Vid from the Mayan Ruin of Cahal Pech (Place of Ticks) in the town of San Ignacio in Belize.

  • Open Your Eyes Belize - Care for Child Development Dr. Jane Lucas, 50min.

  • Placencia Belize Village, 6min. A ride through Placencia Village in Belize, C.A..

  • Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 First Landing in Belize!, 9min. First landing in Belize for Southwest Airlines on October 15, 2015! With a water cannon salute too!

  • (VLOG 1) Belize: Day One - There's A Gecko In My Room!, 10min. Getting to Belize was interesting. I co-piloted a plane. Well, not really, but I was close enough to co-pilot. Then, there was a Gecko terrifying me in my room! All of this and more on Belize: Day One.

  • A rainy view in Chetumal and Corozal, Belize, 3min. Belize got more tuesday October 20, 2015. I got a highlighted video clip about how the next Low pressure came in.

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